The Source of Wealth: Upgrade Your Mindset to Upgrade Your Wealth

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In a seminar several years ago, I heard the speaker read a quote: ‘The world moves out of the way for him/her who knows where they are going.” I’m unsure of the author, but several years later, I still remember the quote and how it moved me to tears.

Imagine the world moving out of the way for an idea or goal that you have. Imagine being able to achieve the perceived impossible. Imagine the unlimited possibilities if your mind, heart and skills are aligned in one goal.

What could you achieve? What would you make possible that seemed impossible?

A person that has a wealthy mindset brings their dreams into reality, always gets what they want, never judges or criticizes others and understands the underlying truth of life: that our purpose is to fulfil the highest expression of our true self as human beings here on planet earth. A person with a wealthy mindset does not believe in lack because they understand the laws of the universe. They understand that everything and everyone is energy, and that if they align themselves – mind, body and soul – in the pursuit of joy, they will receive it in abundance.

The media has a hold on society, very often conveying bad news, talking about fear, destruction, famine, recessions, war and illness.

If you are tuned into these frequencies, remembering that everything is energy, your mind, body and soul will be out of alignment with your pursuit of joy and with your goal of fulfilling the highest expression of your true self.

You will always be able to easily spot a person with a wealthy mindset because, whenever they enter a room, it is as if a light has been turned on. When they speak, you feel the words touch you and move you to think. They add to the lives of the people around them and you will notice that the people that they associate with are of the same wealthy mindset.

The question you may be asking is right now is, “Well, how can I tap into this source of wealth? How can I have a wealthy mind set?”

The answer is inside you; as woo-woo as it sounds, you hold the keys to your exciting future. Somewhere inside of you, maybe hidden behind years of frustration, lay the answers.

However, here are some practical steps to tap into the inner source of wealth:

1. Stop watching the news. The law of attraction says that what you focus on, you get. You may say that you just want to be kept informed of worldwide events, but my question would be: Why do you want to fill your mind with fear, destruction, famine, recessions, war and illness?

2. Get a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. On the left, write down any activities or habits that you are going to stop doing that make you unhappy. On the right-hand side, write a list of activities and habits that you are going to start doing. I can’t take all the credit for this, as Danielle Laporte wrote a blog about creating a stop-and-start list.

3. Go to the bookstore, get a nice plan journal (A4 size) and start adding things you want. Cut out pictures from magazines, print out pictures from the Internet and when you are out and about, take pictures on your phone, print them and add them to your book. This is something I have been practicing for years and let me tell you, it works! If you don’t want to use a book, you can stick pictures on your wall also; just make sure it’s in your daily view.

4. Part of a wealthy mindset is being thankful. Every day before you leave your bed and every night before you fall asleep, list everything that you are thankful for. Be truly thankful from the heart.

5. Run away from misery. If you ever are talking to a friend or a family member on the phone and they start complaining, politely end the call. Remember that everything and everyone is energy; as you are hearing negativity, you start to focus on and then experience negativity. Think of it like this: If you have a naked candle in the middle of a windy street, within seconds it will blow out. But if you put a case over the candle, it will stay alight. Don’t let anyone take your light.

6. Before you do anything, check in with yourself. Whenever you are offered anything, also ask the internal question: “Does this make me feel good?” Nine times out of 10, you will get a clear no or yes answer. Don’t say “yes” when you want to say “no.”

I hope you enjoyed this post and please ask me any questions in the comment box.



Sophie Gold is the creator of Wealthy Women Inc. that helps women look great, feel amazing, have joyful and fulfilling relationships and become rich. Sophie has recently put together a retreat in Costa Rica called Reinventing and Redefining You that helps you to start living your life your way and start charging what you are worth. Sophie blogs regularly at you can follow Sophie on twitter.

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16 responses to The Source of Wealth: Upgrade Your Mindset to Upgrade Your Wealth
  1. Just what I needed to hear at this moment. Sometimes we all need a little reminder. Thank you. :)

  2. I love this post!!! This is going to be part of my New Year’s resolution. I am going to print this list and start practicing this. Today I am thankful for this information!!

  3. I’m heading out to buy my journal! Great post.

  4. @L.J Thanks for commenting and you are right sometimes we just need a little reminder. 😉
    @Susan So glad that you found it useful Susan 😉

  5. Fabulous piece. Sophie! Such wisdom – and simple action steps. Love it!! Thank-you!

  6. I’m particularly disturbed by the selfish tone expressed in numbers 1 and 5. If people had responded to me by getting off the phone quickly when I ‘complained’ about my new cancer diagnosis, then I would have become depressed and lonely. If we all turn off the news, then how can we direct our help to those who need it and change the world? Although I agree that we are responsible for trying not to take in too much bad energy, I’d rather help out at the soup kitchen than be snapping new household items on my cellphone for a wish-list book like a bride-to-be. Please don’t encourage the wealthy to turn from the poor, either as individuals or nations- humanity has too much to lose!

    But maybe we just have a different definition of what it means to be ‘wealthy’. I feel rich right now: well supported by loved ones with time to pursue my art; a (small) home but with the mortgage mostly paid off; joyful, appreciative, imaginative children . . . the list in my gratitude book goes on and on.

  7. Hello Emily, thanks for commenting. In regards to running away from misery your case is different there is a difference between complaining about life and talking about an illness. If you are calling someone and talking about an illness you are not calling just to complain but instead you are looking for support. But also if a friend of mine called me and told me she had cancer I would not allow her to just sit on the phone and complain, instead I would get her to think positive and be proactive in her health. It is scientific that ”just venting” does not cure but instead can be more harmful to someones health. I hope this answers your first point.

    In regards to your point about the news, how much of the news is actually telling directing people to change the world? Most of it at the moment is doom and gloom about the economy.

    And in regards to changing the world,people should start with themselves, then their families, then their road, then their town, then their city, then then country etc. You don’t have to watch the news every day to find out information. If you start becoming active in your community then you will know how you can help.

    I believe that in order to have the human experience that we are here for money is needed, you can not experience everything that life has to offer if you are strapped for cash. But everyone is individual and it depends of the experience that you want to have.

  8. Thanks Nicole for commenting and reading 😉

  9. I really loved this post today. This was the perfect start to my day and I am thankful to you for sharing such a wonderful, enlightening message. I look forward to learning more at Love & Light, Mia

  10. Thanks Mia for reading and commenting, my site is currently being migrated but in a few days you will see more at

  11. Thanks for the post, Sophie. I am entering into a transformative year and these suggestions are just what I needed for beginning my journey & journal.

  12. Your website hasnt been working all week.

  13. @Amy Thank you for reading and commenting.
    @ NA Yes I know as we are currently changing our servers.

  14. Sophie,

    Thank you for sharing the simple and positive wisdom that we often forget while navigating the wonderful, but complex whirlwind of life!

    It often becomes second nature to say “yes” to experiences (whether friendships, social situations, job duties) that tax us physically and tire our spirit, and your words of wisdom remind us that, by (sometimes) saying no, we can save a little of ourselves to devote the joys of life.

    Thank you for the “gentle reminder” to find our joy everyday!

    Peace & Love & Warmest Holiday Wishes!

  15. Hello Katherine, thank you for reading and commenting. Each time we put ourselves first we raise our internal vibrations that feed back more wealth. Holiday wishes to you too! 😉

  16. Hello Everyone, I am happy to report that my site is back on line take a look. Have a great weekend 😉