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Hello Curious One!

So I got my hydrochloric acid results back.  I FLUNKED with flying colors.  Yahoo!  Now I can do something about it.  The test was actually much simpler than I thought.  No string, just a little metal transmitter pill (you poop it out later).  I swallowed it and within a few minutes the location signal popped up on the computer screen.  The technician then measured the pH of the acid in my stomach; it was very low – about 1.0 – like it should be.  Our stomach is the only place in the body that makes acid. And boy do we need it, especially when digesting protein.  Check this cool factoid out: If one little drop were to escape from your stomach it would burn clear through any organ that got in it’s way.  That’s some sexy danger.


Next I drank a half a cup of sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda).  Zoom!  The pH shot up immediately.  For over an hour we watched as my stomach struggled to re-acidify.  They had never seen it take so long.  I felt proud, uniquely messed up.  I just wasn’t making acid.  No wonder I have a hard time digesting my food!


Many of you suffer from constipation, heartburn, burping, gas, and belly pain.  If you’ve already adjusted your diet, ditched the animal products (especially dairy), refined sugar and processed carbs then you’ve probably seen a big difference.  If not, the step would be to experiment with removing wheat & gluten.  Of course all the while we’re consuming lots green drinks, green smoothies, salads, yummy raw foods, good fats, taking enzymes, probiotics, B12, superfoods, aloe, getting colonics, drinking alkaline water, and exercising.  Wow, you’re busy!

Well, I’ve been doing all of this and more for years now and I still get the belly stabs.  I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m convinced this test holds a key to my healthy digestive future.  The protocol is really simple.  Once my 21 day fast is over, I’ll need to take hydrochloric acid supplements before each meal.  No biggie!  Hydrochloric acid before, enzymes after.  DONE!

Ask your naturopath or holistic doctor about this procedure.  Who knows, perhaps you are in the same boat and will feel great relief.  I am told that you can also experiment on your own.  Basically you start with one tablet before meals, if you DON’T feel a warm sensation after taking it, then you needed more acid.  Increase the dosage till you do feel warm in the tummy, then back off by one.  From what I understand, most folks dealing with this need between 2-4 caps per meal.  I’ll keep you posted with more info once I get going on my own. Again, I’m not your doctor, I’m your Kris! ?  Check with the OPEN MINDED white coats, get on the university of google and then play.

Peace & a sane tummy,

PS.  Today is day 12 of my fast.  I’m more than half way there.  AMEN.
PSS. My hand looks so granny! Sheesh.

Kris Carr

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  1. Very interesting about the Heidelberg Test, Kris. Do you (or anyone reading this) happen to know if hydrochloric acid supplements are vegetarian or of animal origin? Maybe I can poke around online and find that info….
    P.S. I’m still curious where you are doing this fast–maybe you said already (sorry if I missed that) or maybe you don’t want to reveal; I would SO love to do a 21 day supervised fast– what a great thing to do for yourself (and us, since you are keeping us posted along the way) keep up the great work!

  2. do eating disorders make it hard to digest food after someone has stopped? or during it?

  3. Hey! Good question about whether or not the hydrochloric acid is vegan. I suspect yes. The place that prescribed it for me is stricly vegan. I’ll let you know the brand. And I’ll find out for sure. If I don’t get back to you – post this question again.

    As far as where I am – well I promise to let you all know AFTER I’m done. PROMISE. I do need a little privacy but I don’t want to keep anything that would help from you. Plus, I really want to evaluate the entire experience first hand before recommending. I’m pretty picky and when I give a green light I REALLY mean it. Note: there are many places where you can do a supervised fast. Check out our resource section. Wellness centers-a-go-go! The place I’m at does so much more and they mostly deal with people recovering from illness.

    Eating disorders that involve forcing yourself to throw up… Well, I’m not a dr. but it could make sense to me. Draining your hydrochloric acid probably isn’t a good thing! Plus, any disorder throws our bodies out of whack. Check into it.


  4. Kris – you wax your eyebrows don’t you? They look awesome. Hooray for tummy acid though :)

  5. Thanks, Kris. I totally respect your desire for privacy while you are there, and I really appreciate that you want to wait until you are done there before you evaluate the entire experience.

  6. Oh stop… Your hand looks WISE! :)

  7. Kris – The posts on your site have been outstanding. Clearly, it is pointing me in the direction of cleanse, cleanse, more cleanse. I think your paragraph 3rd from last right after the test chart states it all. After being picked and proded for tests – don’t you just wish that you could stick your finger in a socket of somekind and have a full body/blood,acid-levels, enzyme, etc. analysis done!! You are the greatest detective going through this all – it is about mindful discovery. More power to you ! Your message is rubbing off on me and to those who read this site. Half way there and still going –
    Peace, Love and Powerful Energy.

  8. Kris, I discovered your web site three months ago. While, I do not have cancer, I have struggled with health issues like most people. I have learned so much from following your blog! Thank you! I was thrilled to see your new blog recently with the focus on LIFE. Your journey and energy is inspiring I think you are truly amazing. You are at the crest of change that is unfolding in health and medicine. You are giving people so mujch to consider when it comes to health and a voice to many topics that were not openly discussed until now. Bravo!

  9. Hi Kris. Great that you found out definitively about the HCl. They say that many people are low in stomach acid & supposedly, in people with cancer it is very common. If you are doing enemas regularly, this condition shows itself in the toilet with pieces of undigested food, so the “poor man’s version of this test” is to do as you suggest, gradually bumping up the HCl & see if the residue in the toilet looks more & more digested… It is nice though to get a test that validates things like this…good for you!

    It is my understanding that most Betaine HCl supplements for the hydrochloric acid are made from Beets!
    xoxo Michalene

  10. Kris! Thanks for sharing all this info with us along the way. It’s very useful. I have a hard time with digestion and already am gluten free. hmmmm. yes, I will check out Google University (I already have ONE PhD) and see if adding the hydrochloric acid helps.

    I have a minor from undergrad in Biology and BOY OH BOY have I been using it these past few years.

    Good luck gyrl and I will be juicing with you again next Wednesday.

    Peace and coconut oil hair grease,

  11. Rock on Detective Kris! xo

  12. Hi! My wonderful friend, Julia turned me onto your site.

    During a Ta-Chi seminar that I took, one of the Masters told us that it is essential not to drink a lot of liquids before or after eating because liquids dilute the acid. They suggested not to drink liquids 1 hr. before or 1 hr. after. If one does drink liquids they suggested a couple of baby sips, acidic juice was their favorite.

    I don’t have anything to really verify if this is accurate but was reminded of it and thought it would be good to share and see what your ideas are. I’ve been doing this for a while and find it has not caused any problems that I’m aware of. Of course, it is important to get enough fluids so I have to be aware of proper hydration throughout the day. I eat a ton of fresh fruit so that also helps.

    Thanks for getting my brain and fingers moving today!

  13. Granny hands?!! You’re too much….at least they don’t turn blue like mine do!! Awesome news about HCL, I’ve taken it in the past and it really does help. Some enzyme formulations have HCL built in! And you arealmost done with the fast…I’m beaming with pride and can’t wait to hear ALL the details about the place =)
    Luv ya sweet pea!

  14. I am utterly thrilled that this website exists, and that you wrote your book. You utterly changed my outlook on how I was accepting and dancing through my emotions (pas de deux, with three alternating emotions–fury, humor, depression) and reactions towards cancer.

    I have found LOADS of information on healing that I NEVER would have been exposed to at the clinic–absolutely nothing was said to me in terms of diet and so forth (granted, I didn’t think of asking). It seems so logical, and so simple (taking care of yourself diligently), but the utter power I felt! That I can have control! Yippie! Thanks!

    I need to get this test done. I am a super-farty and burpy girl for being on the small side (I weigh 120 but my burps have the soul and spirit of a 300 pound man). I’ve been a vegan for a longgg time, so I just assumed I “processed” things quickly because I poop like a champ too.

    Where do you go to get these tests done? I shall google it, but I’m scared of going to a quack. I tried this one Chiropractor, but high-tailed it out of there because his office was utterly unsanitary :(.

  15. Jesus! I wrote a lot, sorry!

  16. sweet thang, you do not have granny hands. but I do!
    So awesome that you got this figured out.. it is like a puzzle, we just have to find all the right pieces.. and yeah, it takes time!
    love you mucho!
    deb xoxoox

  17. Kris, you crack me up!

    I would like to look into this too, I am new to veganism and slowly transitioning into the raw food diet. I had the whipple procedure last yr and have had to take Zantac ever since. I can’t seem to get off these meds but would love to.

    You granny hand made me LOL Everyone (who doesn’t know me) seems to think I am 15 yrs younger than I am but I say if they looked at my hands, they would know that can’t be. My face looks young but my hands OY! What is up with that!!!!!?

    When you figure that one out, let me know. The question “How to reverse aging of the hands” :)))

  18. Hey!
    Is there a link to find your previous blog entries? I dont know how to read your older posts. Sorry maybe its a faq, or just my faq!!

  19. Hi Melanie,
    If you click on “Archives” in the Blog Roll box (left column) you’ll find all of the past blogs:)

  20. Love your energy, spirit, and posts! You rock gorgeous!!!

  21. Hey Love,
    This is so interesting. I find that we eliminate so much acid from our diets with the vegan no cancer no sugar or white flour glutien thing.. that sometimes when you eat subthing substancial and on the diet your stomach can go haywire. I went to a new kind of holistic dentist and he said that your teeth can be a good indicator of whether you have good acidic levels in your body or not.. to high you will have lots of dental problems to low and you will have losening and grinding and then he talked about the ph.. we all know about that. I am in process of having all the metal in old fillings taken out and the entire mouth reworked before going back on the road and he chatters away like a chi chi bird.. but I am learning. Ok.. go to it honey bean.. and take that little supplement I think it is made of beets.. Hugs and thanks for the info. Callie

  22. You are a wonderful, inspiring woman.

  23. This is really interesting. Thanks for all the great info!!

    Be well sunshine!

  24. Awesome–thanks. Any advice on good naturopaths in NY?

  25. I’ve had fatigue after eating that was so bad it felt like I was drugged. Coffee, speed pills kind of helped but not as much as they should have. I also had loose or hard stools, and almost instant gas. A friend suggested Beltane HCL, after it had made a huge difference in her life. Wow! What a instant difference. I never get tired after eating (that’s huge for me). I have so much energy I don’t drink more than one cup of coffee a day. Sometimes not at all (no more energy drinks, energy pills, etc…) Stools are always the same, no matter what I eat. No more sickness I feel young again. I am not afraid to eat anything (except roadkill). If you have suffered after eating give this a try. You can buy it anywhere for about $10 per bottle. I take one before every meal. Nothing but positive results.

  26. Mike said on May 15, 2010

    If you have a sensitive stomach like I do, taking the HCL can cause pain and heartburn. I find that a digestive tea (or coffee) 15-30 minutes before a meal increases stomach acid great so I can digest my food and not suffer constipation. I like ginger or peppermint tea but there are dozens of other herbs that work.

  27. Kris:
    Hi. I´m in South America. I want to take the Heildelberg test in Los Angeles (I´ll be travelling there) and I´m don´t know where to do it. Do I need to get a naturopath to prescribe it first? How much is it without any health plan/out of pocket? Thanks,

  28. hi. what i want to know is where or what hospital / center her in philippines ,that hiedelberg test can be found.
    thank you

  29. Hi, have been trying to find a place to do this test, my GI Doc won’t do it. Where did you go to get it done? Thanks..

  30. why do you need to do a 21 day fast?

  31. Hello

    I am sending you to just ask a question if you can help me. My name is Nick i am from Greece-Europe and i suffer from chronic fatigue.I know that gut issues are importand for my Health condition and i decided to get tested for hypochlorydria.
    I want to do the Heidelberg test for stomach acid.I have seen that u suggest it as the most accurate.My question is do you know where they do that?it is very difficult to find doctors WHO do this test especially in europe.Do you have any suggestions?

    any help will be apreciated


  32. TD said on April 8, 2015

    Do you know a doctor or facility in NYC where I can go to get the Heidelberg test (or write the prescription for it)? I already asked mine and he said NO. The traditional MD’s turn their noses up at it and think taking Nexium is the answer. We know that is wrong! THANKS.

    • TD, Did you get the Heidelberg test? I am from NYC and just got mine like 3 weeks ago with Dr Richard Ash, MD at the Ash center in Manhattan. My results were low stomach acidity…

  33. Hi, what happened to the aftermath of all of this? Hcl? Did it work? With or without pepsin?
    Right after u start eating or b4? Symptom change? Please apprise.