The Benefits of Juicing

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TV hosts such as Dr. Oz have taken juicing and green smoothies to mainstream America, and the popularity of juicing has soared. It’s catching on with all sorts of people – from soccer moms to busy executives, stars and athletes. That’s because it’s a quick, easy and economical way to get healthy and stay fit. Many stars eat raw food and juice to prepare for a role or an appearance. Some athletes power up their performance with the high-energy fuel of raw juice. But for most Americans, it’s a way to energize their day and get healthier.

People who embark on a juicing-for-health program often get excited because they lose weight so easily. But after the initial thrill of the pounds melting away without a lot of effort, they usually say weight loss became secondary to all the other great health benefits they experienced.

It may seem too simplistic that what you eat or drink could have a profound impact on your health. But a recent study, which evaluated surveys of 500 people on a living foods diet, showed amazing health benefits from choosing raw foods. (Freshly made juice is the supreme raw food). The study showed that more than 80 percent of the people surveyed lost weight. But that was only the beginning of their transformation. These people reported marked improvements in immunity, digestion, allergies, women’s issues, and chronic illness. They enjoyed better sleep and the need for less of it.

They also described improvement in many skin conditions such as eczema, skin eruptions, dryness, oiliness and susceptibility to sunburns. Their hair grew thicker, stronger and more lustrous, with decreased thinness, weakness, oiliness, dryness, dullness and dandruff. Nail strength improved. Body odor decreased sharply while eyesight and sense of smell improved. There was a marked increase in energy, and a significant decrease in addictions and use of medications. Results also showed a substantial decrease in allergies. And, the vast majority of respondents (87.5 percent) reported better mental, emotional, and spiritual health.1

So what’s really going on when people consume live juice that could offer such stellar benefits? When you consistently drink fresh raw juice, especially vegetable juice that includes plenty of dark leafy greens, along with eating lots of vegetables and fruit and a very healthy diet, your whole internal environment changes. Juice, which is rich in antioxidants, cleanses the body of stored wastes and toxins that interfere with the proper functioning of cells and organs. This garden-in-a-glass offers an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants – a cornucopia of nutrients that increase the mirco-electric potential of the cells. This improves the body’s use of oxygen so the muscles and both the muscles and brain are energized.

A healthy, vibrant internal environment is a key to optimum health. This means our cells, organs, and systems are able to do the jobs they are designed to do. A healthy bio-terrain also requires plenty of enzymes, which are abundant in raw juice. Further, vegetables and fruit are very alkaline, which helps to balance a diet that is often quite acidic for most Americans.

Raw juices are also replete with biophotons – those light rays of energy plants get from the sun. When we pasteurize juice (all commercial juices are pasteurized even the ones in store refrigerators) those beautiful rays of energy are destroyed. The latest research by Professor F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli shows that, in addition to the chemical composition of our food, light energy (biophotons) is an important factor in food value.2

The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown, sun-ripened, fresh vegetables and fruit are rich in light energy. Therefore, the capacity to store biophotons is a measure of the quality of your food. Stored energy from the sun finds its way into your cells via food in the form of these minute particles of light. They energize cells by supplying fuel for the mitochondria (the energy furnaces of your cells that pump out adenosine diphosphate, the fuel that is used by cells). Practically speaking, this means you feel more energized and your metabolism revs up.

Often, people who can’t lose weight because of toxins, find that fat just melts away on this diet, which includes two glasses of vegetable juice a day along with a low-carb diet that is rich in living foods. One reason juice facilitates weight loss is because it’s concentrated with nutrients. Along comes the antioxidant-rich juice that binds up toxins and carries them out of the body. Then, the body can let go of fat cells that were storing toxins to protect delicate tissues and organs.

People often report that when they change their diet to include plenty of live juices, their body undergoes a transformation similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. They start feeling better, lighter, and more energized as time goes on. Sleep improves. Energy kicks up a notch, and mood improves. The mind becomes more alert and creative, while disorganizing brain fog fades away because all the nutrients in fresh juice help the mind and body revive.

In the process, overall health improves. Ailments and chronic diseases begin to heal for many people. Then, a person’s whole life changes because they have the energy to accomplish their goals.

Cherie Calbom earned a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition from Bastyr University. Known as The Juice Lady, she is author of seventeen books about health and nutrition and has appeared on scores of TV shows including CNN and Fox National News.

1 Raw Food Diet Study Accessed April 22, 2011.
2 McDonald’s and Biophoton Deficiency Accessed April 22, 2011.

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Originally published April 25, 2011

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63 responses to The Benefits of Juicing
  1. I would love to juice properly. I purchased a vita mix recently and I’ve been trying to get a juice routine, but I haven’t been successful. The juice is thick, almost like baby food consistancy YUCK. I’ve added water too and that helped a little. Do you have any suggestions, also I’m juicing just for me so it’s hard to find recipes for 1 serving. why is that?
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Michele! You might need to get a juicer vs. a Vitamix. A juicer extracts the juice from the vegetables and fruits vs. the Vitamix blends all of the ingredients. (I am describing this technically correct…. but hopefully you catch my drift). Go to Kris’ website…. and she has tons of info on what the difference is and some simple recipes to start. I started with a handful of spinach, a handful of kale, a couple of carrots and an apple… voila! You have one serving of juice. I serve it over ice too. Hope this helps!!!!

  3. @Michele – I would call what you are doing making smoothies instead of juicing. You could strain the mixture in a nut milk bag, but I would recommend getting the Breville juicer Chris recommends. I got mine for $99 on Amazon. I make fruit and veggies smoothies in my Vitamix in the morning for breakfast with Hemp protein powder, rice milk, ice sprouts carob powder and chocolate Dynamic Green powder, frozen fruit, romaine lettuce and chard leaves every day. The fruit and rice milk balance the veggie taste. Frozen bananas and blueberries work well. Then I drink two of Chris’s green juices a day as well. I can’t handle making juice every morning, so I make five batches every Sunday and freeze it. I am sure it isn’t as good as completely fresh, but at least it isn’t cooked like the commercial ones are.

  4. Question about fruits and juicing. I read in your CSD book to eat fruit alone and 1-2 hours before or after any other foods. Are juicing fruits/vegs together the exception to this rule? Thanks!

  5. How much juice can one drink in a day? Sometimes I find myself drinking a lot of the stuff (like 16-32 oz.) throughout the morning and wonder if there can be too much of a good thing. I don’t juice a lot of fruit, maybe 1/2-1 pear in the blend, but I sometimes wonder about kale (and other cruciferous vegetables) on a daily basis.

  6. I do cucumbers, kale and parsley with water in my blender and drink about a large mason jar (800 ml) everyday. I like the blender versus the juicer because 1) it’s easier and faster, and 2) I get to keep all the fiber.

    I feel wonderful!

  7. I would say that eating whole plants and blending is better for you than juicing, although jucing is obviously better for you than not consuming those plants at all. The reason is because juicing removes the fiber from the fruit and veg and that fiber is surprisingly good. Not only is fiber good for your digestive system, but it helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

  8. The reason juicing is good is because all of the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream without any digestion. Any time the body gets a break from digestion its a good thing. You also ingest alot more nutrients than you would from eating the veggies/fruits whole because you use alot more of the them when juicing. For example, when I make a juice that is about 20 oz, I will juice 1 head of lettuce, and about 8 carrots and half of a cucumber (its a great combo by the way!). If I was to eat a salad, theres no way I would consume all of that. So with juicing you are getting a bunch of nutrients very quickly and your body doesnt have to digest anything! When the body is resting from digestion, it is healing and repairing itself. Eating veggies is great and so is juicing them!

  9. Recently, I was finally able to switch from coffee in the morning (a ritual for years) to juicing…yes a noticeable difference. And yes, after a couple of weeks, I feel lighter. Juicing first thing (breaking the fast) for me has the same effect as a cup of joe. Cucumber, celery, carrots, sometimes a granny smith…

  10. Such great, informative post. Love it and gonna try it!
    Suzanne Williams

  11. For 3 years I’ve been breaking my fast with freshly juiced beets, celery, kale, lemon, apple and lots of ginger. As Cherie states the fruits and vegetables have SO many vitamins and enzymes and many energizing and detoxifying benefits. Once you try it, you won’t go back!!

    I’m so busy most mornings (with a 5 year-old child) that I found that juicing enough for a week at one go really works for me. I freeze the juice in single serving containers and defrost one every morning. I know I may be losing some of the benefits from the freezing and defrosting, but I always feel amazing after drinking it. Again, as a busy mom, this system works great for me!

    Thanks again, Cherie, for a great post!

    I started juicing several years ago

  12. Thank you for the post!
    We bought a juicer after watching Cris’s video about how she makes juice. We found that we love fruit juice in the morning and vegetable for the dinner. We are making fruit juice every morning, varying fruits and berries. Pineapple and papaya are very good addition to apples, oranges, kiwi, and other fruits. And a lime is essential, a whole lime with say one apple, one pear, two oranges and ten strawberries — that makes plenty of juice for us two. We eat all the pulp too for the breakfast, alone or with oat bran. For the dinner we like ‘hot’ juice: vegetables can vary but we always add garlic, a whole lime and a bit of jalapeño. And our favorite combination: one raw beet with greens, 3-4 carrots, a half of a huge cucumber, two tomatoes, a half of a celery head and some other greens and herbs (to make life more interesting:). We also sometimes use the vegetable pulp to make burgers (just mix the pulp with oat bran and grill or fry the burgers) — they are tasty with flax oil (without ban or anything else). Just for two months of the vegan diet and one month of juicing Ed’s diabetes has improved tremendously.

    We love you, Cris, and wish you all the best! You are our inspiration!

  13. Thank you so much for such an informative post! You’ve definitely convinced me that I need to start eating more raw foods and drinking raw veggie juices asap! I can’t afford a juicer at the moment, so do you know if I could have the same results using a food processor?

  14. Such great, informative post. I would love to juice properly. Juicing first thing for me has the same effect as a cup of joe. it helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Thanks again,for a great post!
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  15. After reading everyones posts I have a question! Quite a few people said they make their juice in bulk and then freeze – is this okay? I would love to hear a YES as I’m trying to get kids out the door in the morning and having frozen juice would be awesome!

  16. I started juicing this year in March. I have been drinking just one serving instead of two. My skin is glowing and I already feel good. I can’t wait to switch to twice a day, I can only imagine how much better I will feel!

  17. Hi! I just wanted to say that this site is inspiring and informative. Thank you for sharing!
    I am new to juicing and the RAW food diet but so far it’s been a pleasant experience. In my journey for healthier eating/living, I am also reading a book called “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. It’s about how your blood type can determine the way your body absorbs foods, responds to stress, weight loss, etc. I was wondering if you’ve heard of the book and if you think juicing is more appropriate for certain blood types (A perhaps, since the book recommends people with this blood type to be a vegetarian.) I’m a type O which the book recommends to eat meat (or hight protein and low carbs)… :)

    Sorry for the long comment but hope to hear from you!

  18. Quick question to those who freeze… what do you freeze the juice in? I’d love to start doing this, but don’t want a freezer full of burst glass jars or exploded plastic containers. Thanks!

    • I freeze in mason jars but instead of the typical metal rings and lids I but the plastic mason jar lids that are especially for freezing. There is no worry of exploding glass jars this way :)

  19. I just started juicing and testing out new recipes which has become a hobby in itself. Without a juicer I probably wouldn’t get my daily intake of vegetables because it’s not nearly as tasty as creating a juice creation.

    I like your supporting arguments in the article. Well written.

  20. I have also read Eat Right 4 Your Type, and I am struggling with the ideas in it. I just started reading Conscious Eating: Second Edition by Gabriel Cousens. He proposes that the original findings that Eat Right 4 Your Type are based upon are flawed. If I am interpreting correctly, Cousens believes that the original humans were primarily vegetarian. Although those with certain blood types do have to be careful of certain foods, a vegetarian lifestyle should be the primary goal.

    I did the niacin test, and reacted very strongly. As I result, I am struggling with how to balance protein with other elements in my diet.

  21. Lyn said on July 24, 2012

    I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have been a mad on green juice and smoothies and it gives me great energy and my skin is so clear but lately my IBS has been playing up. I have a green smoothie everyday and am been telling everyone I know to do the same. I recently went to see my brother who practices Chinese medicine and he advised against raw as in Chinese medicine raw is not good for the liver and spleen for someone with IBS. It causes dampness in the body (or something like that) – I forget the actually chinese term). I hate to admmit it, but ever since I started the green smoothie my stomach hasn’t been great. I think it’s too much fibre for my IBS to handle. Does anyone have this problem. It’s so hard to know whats right when every one has different philosophy’s!

  22. so ive been juicing 2-3 times a day with my ninja blender than straining thru our cheesecloth. we plan on purchasing the omega vert juicer. anyways the transformation and benefits are astounding. one question i have has anyone had improved mensyraul cycle? i have almost an absent period. slight cramping on and off for a few days i do yoga dail. day before yesterday felt a little hormonal but previous, last month ven on 90% vegan dairy free diet very heavy, crampy , clotty periods. now i eat seaweed, fresh, plant based ,even significantly cut back on vegan frozen foods. everything i juice is not organic. ive read more raw vegan you are the shorter and lighter and reduction in symptoms.
    you can find me on fb yummy mummy not so skinny vegan

  23. @Lyn… I have the same problem at the moment… I use to do lots of smoothies, sometimes they would sit well, sometimes not so well, then a couple months ago my gut really went wonky (not the smoothies fault) and I finally pulled my juicer out of the box it”s been in since we moved into this house almost 2 years ago. Juice is the ONLY thing that helped my IBS… if I drink a green JUICE in the morning, my guts are happy and settled and almost invinvible once I avoid gluten and dairy. I figure if I juice daily and eat simply (less super fibrous stuff, sort of my own pescatarian version of the Body Ecology type diet with some SCD/GAPS type influences) for a while I should be able to go back to salads and smoothies soon enough. I think candida is a big part of my issue so juices are better for me than smoothies now anyway because trying to make a smoothie without sweet fruit (bananas!!!) is just wrong : ) But green juice with leafy greens, celery, chayote squash, green papaya and lots of ginger and a little turmeric with green pepper or green apple or brocolli stem every now and then for variety… very, very doable, surprisingly yummy and full of tummy healing goodness. (Cucumber is probably better than chayote but I don’t like cucumber and have an abundance of chayote). Hope this helps.

  24. I have been juicing for over 5 years now, and it changed my life. Lets be frank, a AUTHENTIC, REAL fruit and/or vegetable juice is the one you bite into or turn it into fresh juice. It should be fresh to the point that you still remember holding a solid and minutes later you are sipping, not biting into it. Juice exposed to oxygen destroys the nutrient value, also keep your juice away from metal (like a metal cup, or container. Anything on shelves lost its potency, that is why manufacturers enhance its juices by adding vitamins made by a person who wears a white long robe, safety glasses, and uses beekers. Another words, you are not doing youeself or the loved one any favors by buying juices feeling confident they will do the trick. They are full of preservatives, sugar, enhancer, and for God sake never buy in plastic!
    Few years ago I was addicted to over the counter sleeping pills (Diphenhydramine HCl) also used for allergies. I ate them like candy 24 pills in one shot twice daily. I built up my tolerance, I dont think anyone would survive such a dose at one time, maybe I am wrong.
    I finally had enough, it made me careless, numb, was destroying my health, realized I will die.
    I did lots of research, and one thing kept popping up, fresh juice. There are many ways you can cleanse your internal body, like teas, herbal remedies, but he one that I found easiest and exciting was juice. I went out bought a Mackdaddy of juicers, which uses low squeezing technique (not the typical hi rpm spinning metal basket one which produces heat and kills some of the nutrients), this this will extract every ounce not only from typical fruit or veggie, but also leaves, soy, nuts. The leftover pulp is very dry. Each day morning and night, one glass. My addicition WENT AWAY ALMOST OVERNIGHT. I felt energized, light, clear headed,and opened my own business, no coffee, great sex life, hi engurance. What it says above and then some. Sometimes I feel bad when I see a poor soul reaching for that crap on the shelves. Everyone deserves to be healthy, juicing is not a brainer. Especially in the US where people eat unhealthy, should balance all the crap out with a good nutricious juice that wil counter-balance all that acidic fat, get it!!

  25. I have been juicing for a while now and I must say its really enriched our recipes. In fact, since we have a travel company, we normally invite our visitors to a mansion farewell dinner and mixing them some amazing African juices, has always worked for us. Great Insights.

  26. Could you clear up some of the negative beliefs that follow the juicing habit.
    Like, drink the fresh juice within 15 minutes of expressing it…
    Different kinds of juicers…
    Best first thing in the morning.

    These thoughts cloud up our minds as we try to schedule them into our day…


  27. I started juicing and continued probably for almost 2months. I recently stopped and was told by my doctor (who believes in natural remedies) that you need to be careful of juicing because of all the pesticides etc. You get a huge concentration of the pesticides because you have to use so much of the vegtables and of course the are raw. I’m very concerned as i was using watercress a lot in my juice and found i contracted a liver fluke. Now i’m scarred to juice (so sad) I know organic is better but i cannot afford organic vegetables. I of course wash them first and even added agresept to the water which is supposed to be an antifungal. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with juicing? Is there anything specific anyone uses to ensusre their vegetables are free of pesticides, bugs, parasites etc before they juice?

  28. I juiced for about 2months. my doctor (who believes in natural remedies) said to be careful because you need a lot of vegetables and it is very concnetrated so the pesticides and parasites will be very concentrated. Of course i wash my veggies first and use agresept in the water to hopefully kill anything. I cannot afford organic vegetables especially for juicing since you need so much; does anyone recommend a really good way to clean the vegetables first before juicing?

  29. @ cheryl – i wash my veggies with a dilute solution of citric acid (comes as a powder, pretty cheap)… don’t know if that kills everything but it’s comforting esp living in a tropical climate… also peeling veggies helps if pesticides are a concern and just not juicing the things with high, high pesticide burdens e.g. celery… there are lists online of the top 10 veggies for pesticide contamination.
    what about growing and then juicing watercress sprouts if that’s what you like? even without space for a garden, sprouts are manageable and seeds and sprouting trays cheaper than organic veggies… good to know about the parasites though had thought of pesticides but never really considered flukes and all that… good luck!

  30. I have been juicing daily for 32 days – 1 cup romaine, 1 cup kale, 1 cucumber, 2 apples & half a lemon & I have noticed that my stomach is bloating & just doesn’t seem to want to go down. Is this normal for adding a juice to my daily routine/healthy eating regimin???

  31. Very informative post! I strongly agree that juicing is very beneficial to our body. I love juicing and my family too.

  32. Michelle and Kara–that concept (that blood type should direct your decision to become veg/vegan or not) is not scientifically sound and is not based on any high-quality evidence. It is a strategy that goes hand-in-hand with the false concept of “humane meat”–a rationale to let people eat animals and animal by-products without guilt.

  33. Hi Lisa,
    We have been juicing for years now but recently came across the NutriBullet. I bought it thinking that drinking the pulp would be beneficial. I cannot find any information on the internet that would compare the benefits of juicing with the pulp or without. It has only been two days using the NutriBullet but we are considering returning it since we – so far – prefer juicing without all the pulp. Can you please tell us if it’s healthier and more beneficial to drink the pulp or not…or does it even make a difference getting all that fiber?

  34. Pulp versus no pulp it the basis of proper juicing providing you the ver best benefits of juicing! Either way will be OK but no pulp is by far superior. Why? No pulp is what a Juicer is designed to do. When you drink a freshly home-made vegetable juice the nutrients are absorbed by your tissue and blood making all of those nutrients instantly accessable for new cell manufacturing and giving you more energy. You actually by-pass the digestive system. For more on this see the article at: hope this helps!

  35. I post on Facebook 6 days a week just on Juicing. If you want to check it out go to:

  36. I can so attest to the improvement in mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am currently on day 24 of a 30 day juice fast. I began this journey not to lose weight or have amazing skin, although both have happened as a wonderful benefit. Nope, I went on this juicing journey to help my mind, heart and spirit who have all taken a beating these past couple of years. And the journey has proven to be exactly what I needed. If anyone is feeling depressed and miserable and stressed, I HIGHLY recommend filling yourself with this natural light.

  37. Hey Lisa.. I have been juicing since I graduate.. and I enjoyed a lots.. :) But when I became a employee as you said busy executive I couldn’t give so much time to prepare. And juicing habit I got from my mom, she looks very pretty at the age of 60th. And also I would like to mention Dr. Oz’s that I follow especially their Weight Loss Center.
    Now a days, I fasting 2 alternative days with no food I prefer Energy Drink. Anyways your article is very much impressive and convenience to other too..

  38. I have been juicing almost daily since April 30th and have noticed that I actually gained about 5-7 lbs and noted belly fat which I have never ever had! I practice hot yoga 5-6 days a week, and have an extremely healthy diet. My weight has been stable for 30 years. I feel bloated and gassy as well.

    I usually include kale, cucumbers, celery, carrots, lime, and ginger. I also tried to add a small amount of coconut oil and found that it turns into wax in the juice. I try to get organic when at all possible. I eat Greek yogurt with live cultures for probiotics. Please advise.

    • Hey! well actually I think it could be a number of things causing the weight gain. Don’t be so sure that it is fat though…
      What is your diet besides the juicing and yogurt?
      Have you had past experiences with eating disorders?
      It could just be water weight.

  39. Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

  40. Awesome blog you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about in this
    article? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get responses from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!


    • I’m not her, but I am on the page fat, sick and nearly dead, daily on facebook. Lots of juicers on there and it’s a very encouraging and knowledgeable group on there. Hope you join us!

  41. ‘People who embark on a juicing-for-health program often get excited because they lose weight so easily. But after the initial thrill of the pounds melting away without a lot of effort, they usually say weight loss became secondary to all the other great health benefits they experienced.’

    You are so right! Angie and I juiced off 70 pounds each through juice cleanses. What we both did in conjunction with juicing was exercise. Since then we have both been promoted in our careers and have so much more mental clarity.

    For those of who you need some inspiration feel free to check out our before and after photos above.

    Keep up the good work Kris.

    • I am doing a 15 day Reboot from the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and am on day 6 today and have lost 11 pounds already. I am trying to get down far enough so I can exercise better and go running. This is awesome! I do feel so much better even though i am going through the detox stage of all the junk I used to eat before. Every day is better than the one before. Juicing is Awesome!

  42. Hi – I bought your new book and love the recipes!! I was wondering if I can make the juice and store it in the fridge if I don’t finish it all in one serving? Thanks!

    • Fresh juices last if stored in an air tight container like a canning jar. Maybe only a day or two though, but lose some of the flavor. Many people that juice and follow the page on facebook for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” make their juice for the day in the morning and bring it to work etc with them in air tight jars like this. I bring mine to work in 20 ounce bottles which is a serving size, 16-20 ounces.

  43. Again, I believe you only get the full benefit of juicing by using raw organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  44. Great article and I have seen my health inprove with juicing and smoothies and eating fresh and roasted veggies. It is especially helping my hypothyroid problems.

  45. Hi, I purchased an Oscar Neo 1000 Jucer about three weeks ago and have been jucing vegetables with a little fruit twice a day. I can’t believe how much better I’m now feeling, I’m now eating less meat, eating more fish and veg. When I go shopping now I go straight to the fruit & vegetable section almost as if I’m being drawn there by some magical power. When I get up in the morning I can’t wait to get that fist sip of fresh living Juce, it’s the best way to start the day. I really feel sorry for the poor folk sitting in their cars at the drive thru of the big fast food chains, that’s all in the past for me now.

  46. I am day 6 of juicing Reboot. I have lost 11 pounds already and feel great mostly. I am still detoxing and getting rid of the cravings for food i shouldn’t be eating, but it’s coming a long. This is the best thing I have tried to this day for getting healthier and for weight loss. I have tried almost everything out there, but surgery and had lost all hope. I am so glad and thankful that my husband put the movie on “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for us to watch (per his mother’s suggestion because they watched it and lost weight and got healthier too) it has changed my life and will his and our kids lives too. Juicing is Amazing! Don’t get me wrong though… it is not easy to get started doing these things, but so very much worth it! God bless!

  47. As an avid juicer I(or I should say new avid juicer) I must say I enjoyed this and will be returning. I really have only begun to juice as I was turned on to it from friend. I am amazed at how quickly I began to feel better!

  48. I would be interested in having you as a guest on our radio show, the ELEVATE L.I.F.E. Wellness Hour.

    You can listen to the show live on at 5:00 pm CST on Sundays.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  49. Hey
    I recently purchased “Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies” and I gotta say, I’m pumped to start juicing.. I want to do the one day juice fast to kick start my juice journey, so I wanted to ask, if I don’t have a juicer (which I don’t, yet, just a good ol’ blender) can I still do the “Juice” fast or does the fibre content defeat the whole purpose of a detox? Cuz I’m a little confused right now =/ on the upside I don’t think I’ve consumed so many veggies in a day before!!
    Thanks in advance. Lots of green love!

  50. I have been juicing for few months now and I’m really enjoying it so far! I definitely feel the difference and can’t complain about the extra nutrients I’m adding to my diet. I have found that the important thing with juicing is that you do it as a supplement to your health plan and not live off of it entirely. I see how a juice cleanse can work, however like with everything in life you need a healthy balance. Too much of anything is not good! One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it allows you to try several vegetables that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat and consume it as a tasty juice with other ingredients that enhance the flavor. Most importantly though, juicing is a positive step in you taking control of what you eat and usually leads to healthier choices regarding food and exercise.

  51. Great article. Healthy and interesting.

  52. Ann said on July 31, 2013

    Is it possible that juicing can make you *too* alkaline? I’d been juicing once or twice a week for a few months until about 3 weeks ago, when I wanted to detox. I’ve been juicing every day (though also eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts in solid form) — juicing a combination of kale, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, carrots (occasionally added), apples, lemons, and ginger. Today I visited my naturopath and discovered that I was too alkaline and it was making my kidneys and liver having to work harder; additionally, some of my thyroid processes related to metabolism aren’t functioning optimally. Has any one else had this issue? She recommended juicing only 4x/week for me so that I can have maximum benefits without stressing my system.

  53. get the best suggestions to lose fat fast

  54. I’ve been juicing for a few weeks now and the digestive issues I’ve been having since gallbladder removal surgery have all gone away. I’ve been making a green juice and make enough to fill four 20 oz bottles. I drink these up in 2 days. My whole body feels better, I have lots of energy and I sleep like a log. It’s been a good experience for me.

    Our dogs are benefiting too. I’ve been adding the pulp to their food each day. They love it too.

  55. I need your help please. I’m a 65 year old diabetic on and insulin pump. I have digestive problems and chronic constipation, high blood pressure, and being diabetic I have to watch my sugar.
    I purchased and Nutribullet and started this morning juicing a few veggies and a little fruit since I have to watch the sugar.

    I only eat veggies once or twice a week, until now. i have 7 grandchildren and I have to get healthy so I can see them grow up.
    Can juicing help me
    Please help

  56. Thanks for finally writing aboht >The Benefits of Juicing – <Loved it!

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