Tearing Down the Walls


Dream Builders,

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, we began demolition on our new (yet very old) farm! That’s right, we bought a little Carr/Fassett family compound with three buildings (OK four buildings, but one collapsed!) on 16 acres in lovely Woodstock. This gem has been neglected for a very long time and needs lots and lots of Crazy Sexy Love. Brian and I don’t know much about green building/restoring, but boy are we learning fast! In the process of tearing down walls to see what we’re dealing with, we discovered there’s actually a small house trapped inside the main house. Wha? The ole gal was originally built in the 1800s (ghosts! boo!), then the 1980s came along (a wacky time for fashion and architecture) and gave her a very bad makeover. Someone literally boxed her in and built weirdness around her. Here’s a little vid of us tearing down the walls. Crash. Smash. Boom. It was very liberating! Sometimes to create something new you’ve got to clear out the old. I love freeing diamonds …

Peace & crowbars,

Kris Carr

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65 responses to Tearing Down the Walls
  1. That’s lovely Kris! What a great place.

  2. Wow.. I´m sure it´s gonna be an even more amazing place when you guys are done with it! Perfect for the amazing You : )

  3. What a peaceful beautiful space…remember to cherish and preserve any old wallpaper and mouldings—reusing the old stuff—that’s green too!

  4. Hi,

    I’ve just watched your vid. I’m sure the end result will be amazing and I will keep reading your blog to find out if everything turned out OK. It all looks so lush and wild, just my kind of thing (I live in the Jura mountains in France). Did you really see a bear?

  5. It’s going to be so lovely when it’s finished. You are going to have to give us a house tour upon completion!

  6. Yes, a bear! We have lots of them. Bob cats, coyotes, you name it. I doubt the garden will come this year because there is so much work to do but our mega dream is to grow our own food! I may even host a few small retreats there. Plenty o’ room! Mama needs a Yurt. :) xo kc

  7. you look so happy! love to see that. :-)

  8. Looks like the most fun renovation has ever seen! The place looks amazing. I’m excited to see where you take it!

  9. I’m so excited for you Kris! Congratulations.

  10. yes please to the retreats… you’d have people clamoring =) love the new digs. i’m dreaming of a yurt myself… mama needs some studio space!

    so overthemoon for you. xo ~a fellow RHH b-school babe.

  11. How cool! So happy for you guys! My hubby is a builder and our house was built in the early 1900’s so we did a lot of green renovations. Still doing them, 3 years later..ah, being the wife of a builder..lol!

  12. Fantastic!!! Best of luck to ya!!!! :)) <3

  13. Love It! keep posting the action videos! Renovation is hard work but also fun and rewarding. Do a lot before the real heat sets in! Yeah! The property looks wonderful.

  14. Bad 80s makeover! Sounds like the house in Beetlejuice! Make sure you check out the attic!

  15. Seems like a great place to call HOME!

  16. How do you find the time to edit such great videos AND renovate AND write AND Omega AND… your life is vibrant and loving and thanks for the inspiration! I enjoy your videos, informative yet pure fun! I hope you have new warm walls up in time for winter…

  17. Hi Kris! You are one busy lady!!!!

    If you need any green building supplies and advice, check out worldclasssupply.com or call us at 302.737.1441 and talk to Reid–he is a wealth of information on green renovation. We bought an almost 200 year old barn and made it our house–we live there now and it is a very green home (we still call it “the barn”! Now we sell the products, a natural progression! Mythic paints, non-toxic, NO VOC’s–you can sleep in the room the day you paint it!; bamboo and all kinds of flooring, recycled paper countertop materials (very cool stuff!), you name it! And Reid loves to talk about it, so do call!!

  18. Congratulations on your new, very exciting adventure!! I wish you the best!

  19. kim said on May 27, 2011

    Beyond cool! Congratulations! A place I used to work at used recycled blue jeans for insulation…if you need info, let me know.

  20. Ron said on May 27, 2011


    Could I assume that these renovations will include a pretty elaborate “Juice Bar”? :)

  21. Love that you’re able to do this which is clearly a dream of yours and I’m so excited to see more. Thank you for the video & filling us all in.. much appreciated! :)

    P.S. Love Brian’s “got veggies?” shirt!

  22. You really are a Crazy Sexy Gal!! Of course in the best way possible, you are one of the BEST!!

  23. Joan said on May 27, 2011

    I live in CA now, but we lived in CT until I was 10 and I remember picking wild blueberries in the woods and my mom would make pie. The tiny wild blueberries are so much better than the big mushy ones you get at a lot of the stores. Congrats on your new digs!

  24. I live in Albany and would love to come out and do chair massage or thai massage for you and your crew any time. If you do retreats, I would love to come….what’s a yurt? did I miss something?
    Congratulations on your (pH)abulous journey.

  25. A lovely place! I can’t wait to see the end result. You mentioned rescue horses….a worthwhile pursuit. We have rescued and rehomed 5! Having to outbid the meat buyer at auctions for them, then bringing them home is such a rush! They truly are beautiful animals!
    Enjoy your newly expanded sacred space!
    Best regards,

  26. Thanks everyone! I feel totally overwhelmed and over joyed. Brian is really rising and shining. Blue jean insulation? Soy? Wow! Who knew there were so many cool options out there. Craigslist has an awesome “materials” section… Yurt? Oooh, google it. So darn cool! Not a first tier priority but I think every gal needs a sacred womb (with a chandelier and groovy rugs) to howl and heal and do ceremonies in. :) ox kc

  27. You are a Crazy Sexy Gal! Thanx for another home for more beautiful animals!
    You are ~~ “Simply the Best”

  28. Super cool Kris! Continue to rock on with your bad self!

  29. You are one Crazy Sexy Gal, you are move’n & grove’n with your new place! Another place for more beautiful animals to feel safe…love ya for that!

  30. you are one Crazy Sexy Gal! Thanx for giving a future home to more animals…Bless YOU!
    Keep move’n & grove’n on your green land!

  31. you look so happy! love to see that.

  32. Hey girl!
    Awesome! I am SO HAPPY for you! I have a close friend, Karen, who left her career and started her own green building business two years ago because of her passion for the environment. It is called Green Conscience Home and Garden. She recently helped a family build a “green house” in the Saratoga Springs area. You can check her out at her website green-conscience.com (yes, there is a dash in the address). Karen is a wonderful person who is a wealth of information, so give her a call!
    Enjoy your new digs! xoxoxo

  33. Oh yes, and I LOVE the video footage! Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

  34. WOW, Kris! The property looks amazing! What an incredibly beautiful life you are making for yourselves. Thank you for showing us how it can be done!! You really are so inspiring on every level.

  35. You can’t make omelette without breaking eggs Kris! this is the start of creating something beautiful with yours and Brians personalities written all over it. How exciting. Lots of Love from New Zealand

  36. I’m so jealous in a major I’m-so-happy-for-you way! And so are my dogs — they loves their deer poop! Canine caviar! And yurts totally rock. I’ve been trying to decide if I want a screened-in gazebo or a Japanese tea house in my back yard. Maybe it should be a yurt! Congratulations!

  37. Fact: Blueberries = Bears. You’ll have to post a blackboard by your window to track your cool nature sightings! I’m sure there will will be many excited moments of “Brian, come look at this!!!”
    I can’t wait to hear more stories about the building process. Hmm….. perhaps the makings of another book? :)

  38. Wow, it’s beautiful! My dog is sooooo jealous! Okay….. so am I! : )

    Your dog is lovely too btw.

  39. So awesome…..and what a great place for animals too! best wishes on your new adobe building :).

  40. Can I bring my two “puppies” ( 8 & 9 Years old) to come play with Lola! Addie would be in HEAVEN…deer poo and all! LOL Elliott would just hang with the people…but what a gorgeous place!!!!!! When I get thru my radiation treatment I need a getaway!!!! :) (Hint..hint!) Can’t wait to see more of the “house inside the house”. Not an uncommon thing with these very old farm houses….alot of them started as log cabin structures that were built around as families prospered and grew. Keep the videos coming!

  41. Amazing demolition work!!!! Love the property and “dwellings”! Congratulations and good luck. Can’t wait to see more progress and hear more about the “greening” of home renovation….quite an undertaking. Lola looks like she is loving life on the farm as do you and Chris!!! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!

  42. I’ve met you in the last couple of months, but I feel like I have a new fried in New York! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing… looking forward to the updates.
    xoxoxo veggies!


  43. Go get em Kris! From your fan in Scottsdale az who misses the freedom of walking outside and picking veggies from the garden! Any tips for going green in 110 degree heat would be appreciated! Luv ya

  44. Once again – you inspire! Thanks Kris!

  45. Go Kris! How fun – you continue to inspire and amaze me Sister with all the projects you take on. Perhaps I’ll come up and visit one day. A fellow canSer Babe!

  46. Hello Kris, I believe your gonna need a stained glass window out there! Send ideas and measurements! be well, edie

  47. you guys are uber adorable! congratulations on such a beautiful new space!

  48. Very cool, Kris & Brian! The re-do we’ve done and found it to be very motivational. We are looking for our next 2 to 5 acres for the farming/big garden and places for our rescue critters! So happy to see that Lola has embraced her country self with the deer poo. Wishing y’all have an abundance of joy in the new digs! You continue to be a part of inspiring me to fight my own battle.

  49. My girlfriend and her husband just bought tons of acerage with a few old homesteads on it in Woodstock also. Rumor has it that Uma Thurman is a neighbor. Not that you can see any neighbors with all that property. They are doing the same thing. Had to level the old house and they are in the process of building a new one. You might be neighbors!!!

  50. Hi Kris, How exciting!!! If you need any help, let me know. I love demolition work. It is so energizing!!! Hope to see you and Brian soon.. Love you, Barbara & Philip

  51. Hi Kris, Wow!!! Very exciting…. If you need any help, please let me know. I love demolition work. It is so energizing, as well as freeing… Philip and I would love to see the “Before” so we could be amazed at the “After” We are sure it will be FABULOUS!!! Just like the two of you… Love You, Barbara & Philip

  52. Hey Kris, thank you for sharing whatcha doing on the farm! Looks like all the hard work will pay off tenfold! I want to be Lola! You are so inspirational and this place will look incredible when you’re done!!!! Maybe I can come some day and do EFT with you and your guests???
    Love u

  53. Ok, looks like a fabulous place and a journey that will be ripe with tales, but…I am totally in love with your dear Lola. I have never seen that breed before and she is just so totally unique and adorable!

    Wishing for you a splendid demolition and re-construction!

  54. Kris and hubby, you guys are the CUTEST! Congrats on the new purchase! Keep the safety wear handy, looks like you’ll need it. Make sure no asbestos (spelling?) or lead either!
    Looking forward to hearing about your green building research. Please show us your upgrades. Say, what WAS that yummy burrito looking thing husband was eating???? Please share that too!
    Love to Lola!
    Sequim, WA

  55. God, how I love that kind of manual labor! I’ve done my share of painting and creating, building up and tearing down and the sense of accomplishment is just unparalleled. And it’s so Zen, isn’t it? Be on the lookout for breakthroughs because this amazing phenomenon occurs when you are being all kinds of physical and focussed.. It’s as if your right brain and unconscious mind team up and open wide so that wisdom and miracles and mind-blowing ideas flow in — so exciting!
    I am wishing both of you and your 4-leggers all the best in creating your green and clean sanctuary. I live about 1 hour south of y’all and it would be my pleasure and mucho fun to help :)
    Much love!!!

  56. Dear Kris,

    Good luck with the renos! Green building products abound and are relatively easy to find. No more icky smells! We found caulk that smells like cake batter!

    I know you are one busy super woman, but could you please, please, PLEASE vlog more often??? They clear away the mean reds and lift the spirit.

    Keep on rockin’!

  57. Loving that you are loving life and helping others to see possibilities……thanks for your energy!

  58. Kris that is wonderful! Can’t wait for the next installment. My husband and I are moving into another faculty space and we can paint the house inside- I love the “green paint” we are living in awesome times non?

    Your are such and inspiration! Thanks again!

  59. Brings back memories of a little shack on 20 acres in North Carolina in an organic community that I spent years making it liveable .Also had an old brick fireplace that I took apart brick by brick , it looked like it had been put together with red mud and was covered over with sheet rock .Took out the rotten floor boards and then shoveled out dirt because the floors were too close to the earth and thats why everything rotted.
    Thanks for sharing and let us know when we can come visit !

  60. This is awesome!!! Best of luck with this renovation! I can so relate! We took a 200 year old barn and converted it to a house–what a project I tell you!! But the possibilities are endless. To take a peek, check out pabarn.com.

    Doing that project got us into the green building business since there is so much really neat stuff out there! Check out worldclasssupply.com for lots of green building materials–lots of really cool stuff! call Reid at 302-747-1441–he loves to chat about all things green!!! Be sure to tell him that his wife told you to call!!

  61. Great vid Kris. I enjoyed that and look forward to the next one. I am quite envious of this adventure you are on. The area and structures are lovely with so much possibility.

  62. I LOVE remodeling! There is just something cathartic about using sledgehammers and crowbars…I saw it in the smile on your face…you KNOW!

    Congrats on the new place! Looks like a slice of heaven to me!

  63. I am SO booking in to that guest house 😉

  64. Oya said on June 10, 2011

    Thanks fabulous friends for sharing so intimate a video with us’ns.
    Beautiful land and awesome guesthouse!!!

  65. a beautiful home for rescue horses!