Scorpio Full Moon: Detox, Dance & Drink Tea

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Who’s up for a transformation, maybe even an extreme one? Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio was a “supermoon,” which means it occurred at the closest possible proximity (perigree) to planet Earth. That makes its lunar effects ultra intense—in a sign, Scorpio, that already is ultra intense. Hang on to your spring bonnets people, because this supermoon can usher in some epic changes.

Scorpio is represented by three animal totems, which symbolize spiritual evolution: the scorpion, snake and eagle. Think of it like the phoenix rising from the ashes. When we are in our lower selves (scorpion), we scurry around on the ground and sting anything that comes too close. Then a transformation begins with the snake, where we ultimately shed our skins and soar above it all like the majestic eagle. Here are some rituals to ensure that your Scorpio supermoon will keep you flying high:

Close The Door … And Keep It Shut
Scorpio likes extreme, “all or nothing,” lay it on the line kind of moves. Forget those fifty shades of grey unless you’re reading the erotic novel (Scorpio loves all things scintillating). Instead, focus on the black or white.  Are you in or are you out? It’s time to choose. Relationships can deepen, with karmic contracts written in permanent ink. We can expect many engagements made on bended knee this Saturday, and business partners who make their joint ventures officially official. But if there isn’t really hope for a higher love between you and a prospective partner, this supermoon says, “close the door and keep it shut!” No more making excuses for other people’s bad behavior or repeated negligence—or justifying our own lukewarm attractions simply because we are afraid of being alone. This supermoon forces us to concentrate on the ties that bind, some of which may need to be snipped.

The same holds true for our addictions and vices. This Scorpio supermoon is a bit like a seasoned 12-step advocate, reminding us that alcoholics can’t enjoy a little nip here and there without spiraling back down that slippery slope. Whatever it is that makes us lose all sense and control—from a vodka gimlet to a toxic lover to a sugar-laden java drink—this full moon commands us to detox.

Ritualistically, what can we do to ease these transitions? Letting go is one of the hardest things to do. Create a ceremonial mourning to say your farewell and mark this important life passage. You might write a goodbye letter to the person or vice that you’re releasing, then, safely burn the paper, scattering the ashes somewhere sacred, like a under a tree in a park or in a body of water. You might create a one-day altar of gratitude for all the things you’ve learned from this person or experience. After all, everything that comes into our life, good or bad, is there to teach us something. Thank this one for its lessons and dismantle the altar as you commit to moving on. A ceremonial purging is also a fine idea. Spend the day, cleaning house, removing all triggers and memories that might cause you to run back to this unhealthy obsession.

Nurture Your Nads, Love Your Lady Parts
The reproductive organs are ruled by Scorpio. When was the last time you visited the urologist or gynocologist? Book your annual appointment to make sure everything down under is in tip-top shape. Drinking teas made of dandelion and burdock root can balance the hormones, ensuring that we aren’t over or under-sexed.

Balancing the second chakra also is said to harmonize the sexual organs. This chakra is located at the base of the lumbar spine, midway between your navel and pubic bone. This is a water chakra, so balancing the body’s fluids can bring equilibrium to this energy center. You might do a day of raw juicing on Saturday or cut out the dehydrating liquids like coffee and alcohol while boosting your H2O intake. The second chakra is also associated with the color orange and foods with a sweet taste. Pass the peaches, apricots, and mangos; blend them into a smoothie with hydrating almond milk. Placing orange crystals on this chakra can open up its energy too, such as carnelian, tiger’s eye, and flame-colored coral.

Secure Your Finances
Scorpio is a savvy sign when it comes to finances, as it is associated with the zodiac’s eighth house of long-term investments. Resourceful and security minded, this supermoon illuminates the need to save for a rainy (or sunny) day. Take one action that can forward your long-term financial growth. This could span the range from starting a college or retirement fund to purchasing shares in a company whose success you can consciously stand behind. If you’re new to the whole fiscal planning world, download a Suze Orman book to your iPad or join an investment club to learn the ropes.

Bring Sexy Back: Dance!
Scorpio is the zodiac’s sex symbol, and this full moon brings a divine reminder to tune in to our sacred sexuality. In our culture of shame, we often cut ourselves off from this energy, which is our lusty life force. This weekend, call forth that bold, bawdy, va va voom part of your personality. Dancing is Scorpio’s favorite way to stir things up. In shamanic traditions, dancing is also one of the purest forms of soul retrieval—a bonus, since Scorpio’s energy loves to dance into the mystical realm. If you’re self-conscious about shaking a tailfeather, you might lock yourself in your room, turn on the music and start grooving in front of the mirror (all the better if you’re wearing little to nothing at all). Release all judgments about yourself as you move around. Yeah, you’re pretty hot, right?

For less-reserved types, how about a burlesque workshop, belly dancing, or an S-Factor (or other pole dancing) class? Cancel those dinner plans and meet friends at da’ club tonight. Rocking out to a great deejay frees up that kundalini energy and gets couples in the mood to go home and get it on. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might check out Lifetime’s “7 Days Of Sex,” a show that documents couples who decide to rev things up by committing to the very thing the show’s title suggests. Dancing the horizontal mambo is absolutely sanctioned by this supermoon.

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5 responses to Scorpio Full Moon: Detox, Dance & Drink Tea
  1. This post is right on time. I started my first ever detox today -nothing but juice. I don’t really know how I feel about it, but I was very proud of myself when I bought tons and tons of organic produce :)
    Does anybody have tips for this wild trip?

  2. May 1 I decided to stop eating meat. I’ve known for a while I am lactose intolerant and about 2 weeks ago I realized (albeit somewhat ridiculous) cheese is dairy! Woot! Now I know and knowing is half the battle. So here’s my battle…no dairy, no meat and eating a healthier diet. So far it’s consisted of some apples, some bananas and some nuts. I think my body is confused…it’s certainly hungry.

    Anyway, the point is…I need a juicer. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  3. Karen said on May 7, 2012

    There is a face book support group for juicing – Juice:) – enjoy!

  4. Great advice for this month! I always look forward to reading your posts, Astro Twins. I was actually told indirectly from an angel reader a few months ago that I need to dance more, so I want to try to do just that. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. OMG- this covers practically everything I’ve been going through this weekend, it’s spooky! Even down to reading Fifty Shades of Grey!!