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Thanks for all your great questions. Remember, I am not a doctor or a scientist but I am a patient and a survivor and today I feel great! I still have canSer but the laundry list of other ailments is GONE. If you have concerns check with your doctor or, better yet, a nutritionist or naturopath. Don’t expect your surgeon to know all the latest stats on your chow. In fact, sadly, many doctors believe that if they didn’t learn it in med school it ain’t important. That’s not their fault; it’s just the way it is. Doctors get ZERO nutrition in med school. Let me make something else clear: I am not about separating East and West. I adore my doctor and I believe in my integrative path. If there was a treatment for me (which there isn’t; I take no medicine) I would do it. You’ve all heard me say this before: whether it’s the nature of my disease or the nature of my choices, what difference does it make? I feel better, healthier, and empowered! So love your doctor and love your healer. There is so much to learn. Don’t fret, make it exciting, and be patient loves.

I cut and paste most of your questions. If I missed one, post again. Don’t take my word as GOD (or Goddess). These are just my educated opinions and this is what helps ME. Here we go!

I can’t seem to find fresh wheat grass in my area however at the local health food store, they have frozen wheat grass in cubes…is this better than no wheat grass at all?

Sure, it’s better but you can also grow your own. It is very easy! Go to and you’ll learn how. Check out our resources for great companies that deliver right to your door.

You recommended a book to me, “The Raw Foods Detox Diet” by Natalia Rose. Do you know of another food-combining book that’s in-the-know out here called “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates?

Donna’s book is great and very helpful. I don’t eat meat so I skip that portion but her other recommendations are sound. Natalia and I are very much in sync and her book is easy breezy. Also, the pioneers of this whole movement are the folks who wrote “Fit for Life.” Great book. “The pH Miracle” by Robert Young. Anything written by Brian Clement is awesome. He is my teacher. Get his book “Living Foods for Optimum Health.” xo

In your holistic travels, have you come across any non-toxic hair coloring products or procedures? How can we do blond in a healthy, non-toxic way?

Girrrl, I wish! Does someone else know? That’s one way I still pollute myself. I have heard of some products but never tried them out. Now I try to do it less – like twice a year instead of four times! Whenever I take in toxins I sauna. Xo

Do you eat any of the frozen soy products such as Morningstar or Boca burgers?

I eat very little soy –small amounts of tofu and/or tempeh. Soy is still acidic. Boca burgers – vegan only. I also make sure the majority of my food is 80/20. So 80% of my plate is salad, 20% cooked, and it is always properly food combined.

Do you take a multi-vitamin?

Yes. Please only take vitamins that come from whole foods. Synthetic vitamins are toxic.

Do you exercise in the morning or evening? Does it include yoga, walking, weight training?

Yes, yes, and yes. I exercise five days a week and morning is best for me.

Can you share what a typical day of eating would look like? (i.e.: breakfast = banana & smoothie with kale, broccoli, etc.).

SEE BELOW. Although my smoothie would be cuke, banana, sprouts, avocado, spinach, stevia, ice, coconut water, and cinnamon. YUM! I’m making that when I finish this post.

Do you ever drink red wine?

Occasionally, but wine is VERY acidic and the key to vibrant health is an alkaline diet. xo

How do you maintain your diet when you are traveling, going out to eat, going to dinner at a friends, etc.?

It’s easy. I find a juice bar wherever I go. I juice in the morning. That’s my breakfast and it works for me. Or I make smoothies. Then I eat 80/20. You can find a salad and a side dish anywhere. Flip the portions. Salad biggest, sausage smallest. xo

Do you cut the wheat grass off at the dirt line (which is what it looks like you’re doing in the film)?

Yes, cut at dirt line. The white part is very POWERFUL. Email Hippocrates.

Do you test your pH everyday with pH strips for urine or saliva? Can any doctor look at your blood for acidity/alkalinity?

Yes, I check my pH with strips. Urine is the test I use and it is just a barometer. Our bodies change all the time, but at least I have a direction of where it is or where it is going. 7.365 is optimum so I know where I am and where I need to be. You will always be slightly more acidic in the morning. The only blood test that reveals the quality of blood and terrain is dark field microscopy OR what they call Live Blood Analysis. Western doctors do not use this method. I have had it done at The Tree of Life in Arizona, with Dr. Young in San Diego, at my home away from home – Hippocrates. Go to your local health food store and ask around. Here’s the deal: you will notice how good you feel when you are alkaline. That should be your gauge. When I am alkaline I don’t get colds. xo

What exactly did your fast and diet consist of?

I am not advocating that you all fast. If you do fast it is important to do enemas AND/OR colonics too (in my humble opinion). If you want to fast, FAST WITH NOURISHMENT. Water fasts with sugar and cayenne (some of you know what I am talking about) are nuts! When I fast now (like what I did after my tour), I do it for one to three days (over a weekend) and I juice, make green smoothies, and puree veggies into soups. I use avocados for good fats, etc. Basically, I still get top quality nutrients; I just let my digestive system get a break. xo

Can one eat raw without doing the juicing? If I were to do the frozen wheat grass along with a fruit in the morning and then do raw throughout the day and maybe some chicken for dinner, would this get me by or does juicing have to be part of it?

Juicing is best. Why frozen wheat grass? How about a green drink instead. Juice cukes, sweet pea or sunflower sprouts, celery, or anything green. Juice moves mountains. Tell me why you don’t want to. xo

One thing that I think you should make clear though: raw foods are bad if you’re having chemo. Foods need to be well cooked when you have an impaired immune system!

As my pal Beth said, foods need to be organic (as much as possible) and well washed when you have an impaired immune system, or just don’t eat the outer skin. You can also buy food grade hydrogen peroxide to wash the veggies. I recently spoke to a highly respected oncologist (who knows a heck of a lot about nutrition – how refreshing!) and he agrees. Get this: cooked hospital food has tons of bacteria! He knows because he tested it! Look into this further because it’s really important to get good nutrition during this time. xo

What would a typical day diet be with the raw /processed food, if you do not mind me asking?

NO processed food love. I do 80/20. You don’t need to feel deprived. You should eat! Good fats, olive oil, avocados, nuts (like almonds – very alkalizing), and fish (if you like, I don’t). I do raw till noon (juices, smoothies, and low-sugar fruit if I’m hungry). Then I have a big salad and a cooked side. I do this for lunch and for dinner. What are some average sides for me?

Avocado sandwich on sprouted grain bread, millet, tempeh, quinoa, soups, lentils, chickpeas. The list is long… Just proper food combining. I never feel deprived and I do not eat like a rabbit! I love chow! xo

Hope this helps!

Peace and Veggies!

Kris Carr

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  1. New Question:
    When drinking greens, do you use the green powder + alkaline water combo or do you prefer fresh greens? To be honest, powder sounds pretty gross.

    Not sure if the question askers read this, but to the person looking for fresh wheat grass. Amazingly enough, they sell it at Ralphs (which I believe is a part of the Kroger line of grocery stores). I had my mom check, and they have it at Krogers, too. It’s kind of funny, I didn’t find it at either of the organic markets I go to, but found it at the normal grocery (it’s placed by the Brussel sprouts, snow peas, spinach, and the other veggies they never put in the same row as the celery, and lettuce).

    I hope that helps, no wheat grass or frozen wheat grass sounds icky. :(

    Also, Kris, I found my answer to my last question regarding alkaline water by reading further. I admittedly skipped my medicine to stay awake so I could read more. If anyone is curious (which someone posted about it), here goes.
    Alkaline Water: For each liter of water (either distilled or ionized), add 16 drops of 2 percent sodium chlorite, or 2-3 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate (aka: baking soda!) or sodium silicate.

  2. Thanks Kris, you rock!!!!!

  3. Hi Kris , I loved your documentary and truly wish you all the best .

    I am trained in conventional medicine and practice it – however as you said the holistic /alternative medicine is not something we understand well .
    I know though through exercise and yoga one of my patients needs one less antihypertensive pill .

    It is alternative i think that reinforces healing and aids attempts to offer a cure . I believe the two fields compliment each other .

    I think this coming era is where we should see the healthy merge of both fields.I know i would like to devote part of my career to that with clarifying the myth and the realities of alternative medicine.

    thank you for the answers and sharing you experience

    you are in my prayers for more success and a long healthy happy life (God willing )

    keep it up !you rock :)

  4. hey Kris, you may just cause me to pull out the juicer from the back of the cabinet – the one that I have a love/hate affair with, because it is so time consuming to clean! I bought it four years ago, when I was first diagnosed, and was pretty diligent for a couple of months. But once I got back into my normal work routine, I really slacked off.

    I know you referred to a juicer you really liked in the documentary – can you post what it is? And the all-important questions: how easy is it to clean?

    many thanks, Stephanie

  5. Maybe this is in your book/film and I apologize if it is, but I have not read or seen either – YET! In the mean time, for someone who knows NOTHING about all this stuff, how do I get started? What books/websites/other resources are your BIBLES? I am also interested in the excercise side of things.

    I am a breast cancer survivor who is 1.5 years out from diagnosis and 1 year out from treatment – and I still feel like sh#t. No energy and no motivation. I am going to a hypnotherapist in a few days to get my mind motivated so I can get myself out of this post-cancer funk. If you can provide some nutrition/exercise resources (and anything else you think I need) to use as my roadmap, I know I can turn this around!

    Thanks Kris, you rock the party!

  6. Hi Kris – Aveda concept salons only use their own natural, organic hair colors. They are safe and my hair health is 100% better and shinier since I switched. I think they are nation wide, check their web site. They are all over So Cal.

  7. Thanks Nana! Ya here that ladies!?!

    Tragicomedy – I put powered in my shake cause I agree, nasty. Fresh juice – nothing like it, nothig can repeat it. Good info about the drops. That’s what dr. young suggests too. Along with some green powder.

    Glomerulife _ Thank you, means a lot coming from you. xo

    Stephanie – Girrrl, dust it off a buy a new one. The appliance in the film is a blender and it is the Vitamix. I just bought a breville juicer, wicked easy to clean but don’t ya know that it doesn’t produce as much juice as my greenstar (with lots of parts to clean). My solution, run pulp through twice, takes no time and I agree, cleaing is a bear and I think that’s why peeps give up.

    Snafu Suz- my nutrion chapter is awesome (if I do say so myself) and I have a long list of books and resources in the back of the book.

  8. Hey Kris, you’re just a doll, the kind of gal that every girl (in her right mind) would love to be BFF with:) You’re docufunparty (I like that more than documentary, cause you’re just so fun!), was inspiring, simply inspiring. Your attitude amazes me and I only hope that I could be HALF the ray of sunshine that you were…are! Congrats on finding love through your project, you guys are perfectly splendid together! Take care, peace and health your way. xoxo

  9. Ok, I’m a bit confused. Powders?? What are you talking about? And I’m glad you mentioned the appliance in the film, because I’ve been meaning to ask, “hey, isn’t that a blender not a juicer?” So straighten me out, do you only juice your wheatgrass and blend the rest of your veggies into smoothies? Or are doing additional juicing that was not depicted in the film? How about a few basic juice and/or smoothie recipes to get us all started? And where the stink do you find coconut water?? I’ve looked in 4 health food stores and can’t seem to locate any.

    Which foods in particular are good brain foods? (I started neurorehab today (gulp!), I would like to augment in whatever way I can nutritionally.)


    p.s. Do you eat brown rice?

  10. Question about PH testing…..does the PH – Arterial Blood Gas done through blood testing represent the accurate PH of your blood? The labs say that 7.35-7.45 is considered within the “normal range”. I’m 7.47 which tell me I’m more alkaline. Isn’t this considered good?

    Thanks for all your insight…

    BTW, we might be close to finding a treatment for EHE. The study I’m in through Sloan Kettering is showing positive results so far. WhooHoo!!!

  11. You are a lovely and energetic inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing and being such a courageous being. You’re helping so many people.

    Kristen’s Raw

  12. Hi Kris! Met you Friday nite at the bootcamp in NYC! I was 2nd on the long line for the book signing. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet you…beyond exciting! I found you through i2y when I became involved with them….Matt rocks! I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and when I finished my treatment I really started to look at my life, diet, etc for what I could change to keep myself well with the ever looming cloud of recurrence. It was my way to try to control the fear of the canSer beast I guess. I have been juicing for a few years now and recently bought the almighty Vitamix….Love, love , love it! That machine is incredible! I learned about all this alternative stuff from a holistic healer that I see every week. Never thought about my nutrition before but now I realize that it is what keeps me feeling good. Whenever I fall off the wagon, my body feels it but quick! What I really need to get a hold of is my ever anxious mind! I have a harder time with that. I love your book, and your documentary was great! I am telling everyone I know about your story. I am learning so much more about health and nutrition from you. I look forward to spending time with the crazy sexy posse here on your blog! I also have a breville juicer too….is it a centifugal juicer? which do you think is better….centrifugal or the one like greenstar that is like a press? The cleaning sucks! What about bottled water? I hear all about the plastic not being good for us….My next stop i think will be wheat grass….never tried it.

    Nana….thanks… I have been wanting to color my hair but dont want to use the chemicals..will have to look into Aveda.

    Kris, keep u all your great work!

    You rock girl!

    Sending hugs your way!

  13. Thanks posse beauties..

    Charleen: We shouldn’t get too alkaline maybe your meds? The body maintains a delicate balance, it’s a lot harder to be too alkaline, I would say yours is still ok. If you get over 8, then it is something to look into. EHE cure! Go girl. It is different for all gals with EHE for me (lungs and liver) it acts as a different disease. I can’t do the treatment you are on. Oh well. Don’t worry about your pH yet, if you have a problem, post on the blog and I’ll try to get you in touch with my teacher.

    Beth- Powders, those would be green powders like, Green Vibrance Brand or a product I used for a while called SuperGreens. They are like freeze dried veggies and they alaklize body, you add pH drops and it really helps. I add to my smoothies.
    Coconut water- do you have a china town? If so you can get lots, you will need a meat clever and watch you fingers doll. You can also use water for your smoothie. I do both, I juice and I make smoothies. Smoothies are in the Vitamix, Juice- The Green Star or the Breville. I also like my cheap one from Target! Was that everything?

    Night night, ‘m feeling under the weather! After all that blogging about being superhuman. HA! Mama Posse Cat pushed it too hard…

  14. I’m not in the medical profession, but somebody asked about tofu and soy-based burgers. I read somewhere that too much soy can be a problem with some types of cancers. Soy has been touted as being good for menopause-type symptoms because it contains phytoestrogens, plant-based estrogens. But that might not be appropriate for people with hormone-receptor cancers. Like I said, I’m not a doctor or medical professional, but please check it out before adding lots of soy or those soy-based menopause pills to your diet.

  15. Kris,

    I make tons of delicious (and way too sugary) fruit smoothies. I think green smoothies are icky unless they have fruit. Please share your recipes for green smoothies that taste good.

  16. i love the time, care, and freakin’ amazingness that you put into each question and answer.

    i am meeting up with some rawking women in woodstock NY in the beginning of november and i’m so excited to explore the area that you speak so highly about. we’re coming from all parts of the country (never met!) to meet up for the weekend in a little cottage, eating yummy food and being together, learning. xx

  17. Bav – I found the young coconut at The Whole Food Market. You may have to ask for it, I looked around for 10 minutes for what a normal coconut looks like, I was way off. It was all white and had a funny shape to it. I would of never of known it to be a coconut.

    Kris – It’s not that i’m afraid to juice (o.k., maybe a little) but the cost of a juicer and all those veggies doesn’t fit into the budget after taking time off of work for chemo. Maybe I’ll look into a less expensive one and give it a whirl.


  18. Ahhh, I didn’t realize you were collecting it from actual coconuts. Thought I saw a pic of a jar of it in your pantry in the book, so I’ve been looking for that. Silly me.

    Thanks, Ginger!! I will try again. And I hear you about $$, Girl, I’ve been out of work for 2 years with the canSer, it puts a big ol’ dent in the pocketbook, doesn’t it? I have started small and basic so I can buy organic as well. Once I am back working full-time, then I can get the fancy equipment. It all sounds overwhelming, but keep it simple to start. At least, that has worked for me to get me going on the path. Hang in there!!

    Kris, what was the brand of the cheap juicer you got at Target? I’ve looked there and they have several.

    Are the powders like Juice Plus? Pills that are concentrated juice extracts or something? Someone gave me info on that somewhere along the way here.

    Kris, brain food?? Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Feel better!!

  19. Kris
    I’ll be having my blood analyzed in November so I’ll find out if the meds have any impact.

    Now why on earth can’t you try the same meds I’m on? There’s another girl with EHE of both the lungs and liver that is in the trial and her tumors are shrinking. Although mine is contained in the liver, where it better stay or better yet, get the hec out of my body altogether! Is there a reason why you opted not to seek treatment, even though it’s experimental? I figured participating in the trial could be a win win….get rid of my crud and help find a cure of other rare cancer babes like us:)

  20. Exercise too! And don’t be intimidated. Just say, “Today I’ll walk for 5 minutes.” We’re not olympians (although we are at heart, arent’ we?!) Anyway, the combo of the greens and the movement has helped me. Still not perfect (cheated with icecream last night-yum), but I KNOW it’s working. Thanks for this blog and your book and your inspiration. I was diagnosed in March in the latest stage (still have a hard time labeling myself) and you have been integral in my belief that I will survive for a long long time.

    Thank you.

  21. Charleen- My girrrrl. My tumors are still just sittin’ around like dumb asses. I chatted with my oncologist and told him about what you wrote and he still thinks I should watch and wait. When I get scanned again in January if there is change we’ll check it out. He had a lot to say and I do trust him. Know that your red alert went to the top of the mountain and I really appreciate the love you show me. Will blog more about this when we’re off the nutrition chat.

    Love you sister!

  22. Hey Kris,
    Loved your documentary! Also love Woodstock, NY! I am a vegetarian already and very interested in your raw diet. I am into all things nutritious. Thank you for all your great info!!! Only one question–what type of yoga do you practice? That is my next step in fitness health. THANK YOU!!!
    Peace & Veggies to you!!

  23. Just tried a juice with cukes, broccoli sprouts, celery and apples. I did it in a regular blender. YUK! Can’ wait for your cookbook…I am laughing though. I am sure it’s a good thing, but honestly…oh well, here’s to our health and our veggies!

  24. Hey Kris
    got your book and love it! I was dg with CLL (chronic Lympocytic Leukemia), am on watch and worry(wait allegedly, for what???) so am trying juicing etc and yoga and sleep. I am going to try TCM after my next blood test.. you mentioned herbs and accupunture.. what do you think of it?
    Also I am doing the relax/ visualization method in the Simontens book Getting Well..3x a day.

    I am a bit older than your vixens, a ripe 48 but I have a 6 year old girl and plan to out run her when I get to 100! My prognosis is 7-10 years..I say that is my starting point cuz I want 52 years!

    all my good wishes to you and all the canSer babies!

  25. Hi deb, my mom was diagnosed with CLL 5 years ago still on W&W with no symptoms other than a slight anemia. I am currently trying to change our diet doing it the Kris Carr way!!! First step for us is to buy a juicer!!! I hope you are feeling ok!!
    Kris ROCKS!!!

  26. Hi Kris

    I wanted to leave a comment here about how amazed I am at your joy for life. I have a book I would like to share with you that is called “Cook Your Way to the Life You Want” by Chrisstina Pirello. I found it intriguing and very helpful. Good luck to all and I hope you all continue to live each day to the fullest.


  27. Kris, I saw you on Oprah. Very inspiring person and I wish you long life. My question to you and others is…..I WANT TO JUICE….but I am so confused at reading all the reviews, I cannot make a decision. I want one thats fast and easy to clean up. Cost is not a factor. I want the best. Which is the best? and does is the best actually a juicer, blender or mixer? Thanks. Rick

  28. My sister was just diagnoised with colonrectal cancer, she starts chemo in two weeks. She had major surgery to remove all of her rectal parts because of a tumor. She now has a bag, the drs said she has tumors in her liver and lungs, but they are not affecting any function yet.
    Why are you not doing any treatmant at this time? I know you can’t advise anyone about what they should or shouldn’t do as far as chemo is concerned, but my sister really fears the chemo and all that goes with it. My family is new to this cancer thing and we just don’t know how to handle it all. I did buy your book and hope it will help her.
    Thanks, saw you on Oprah and you are really inspirational!

  29. “Although my smoothie would be cuke, banana, sprouts, avocado, spinach, stevia, ice, cocnut water, and cinnamon.”
    I’m very new to this whole idea of raw eating. I was wondering exactly what your proportions would be for this smoothie.
    I’m so glad I found your blog today! You are very inspiring!

  30. Hi Kris, I watched csc on TLC last night. You and Brian are amazing and fab. Loved that wedding!

    I am pregnant with our 4th babe, have three lovely children. My husband is an anesthesiologist resident. We are poor right now! We are “healthy” by real food standards, (I know, probably not) I eat and cook local organic meat, dairy, whole grains. I am and have always been interested in the ph level and raw diets, but for me only at this moment, being pregnant, what would you suggest?. Do you have any info. on kids/pregnancy safe raw diets?

    Thanks, I can’t wait!
    Collette Youngblood
    Norfolk, VA

  31. I have been juicing for a few years. I read the book by Dr. Norman Walker that really got me hooked. I have an Acme 6001 juicer that I use filters in that really make clean up easy. Whatever vegetables you like to eat you can juice. It tastes the same only in liquid form. I like celery, squash, swiss chard and green beans, with a little curly parsley. On occasion I add 1/2 an apple or a carrot. Kris, you have brought the subject to so many people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested. I think you will help increase the health of many, many people – including your own! God bless you.

  32. you are an inspiration to us all and i know it hasn’t been easy. i’m dealing with a recent diagnosis of cll and have just found out that there’s a tumour on my kidney. you have definitely been one of the biggest sparks of hope in how i think about ‘canSer’. another person who’s been incredibly helpful is tsultrim allione a tibetan buddhist teacher who focuses on how women heal themselves. she has a cd out that’s called ‘cutting through fear’ where she teaches how to face the demons which keep us from expanding into infinite space/time where we will find peace. the practice of ‘feeding the demon’ is also know as ‘chod’. allione manages to make me feel connected to the experience of ‘all women’ who have to deal with the ups and downs of life in much the same way that this site does. its real time, real life and tremendous comfort knowing that there are others going thru similar stuff.

  33. I watched the documentary last night and you truly inspired me. I too am living with an incurable deasease. Can you tell me more about the fast that you did in your film? Where did you get it from?

  34. About non-toxic hair dye … try henna! It can’t make you blonde, but it can do brilliant reds, browns, auburns, even black. I get mine from Lush – it’s messy, but after a couple of uses you’ll think it’s totally worth it for the amazing color & absence of chemicals.

  35. Kris,
    I’ve been greatly inspired by your documentary and blog. I plan on picking up the book as soon as I can. This might be mentioned in the book, but, do you have a list of books / websites you can’t live without? I’m in particular interested in your favorite cook books. I also am looking for a book on food combining that is worth my moolahhh.

  36. I know so many people ask about juicers. I FINALLY bought what I believe to be the best juicer around. It is pricey though, but I’ve saved up for it for so long and I feel that I’m in the long run saving money by using it. It is called the Super Angel Juice Extractor and it is all stainless steel, no plastic parts whatsoever. It works amazing and cleanup is a breeze. My husband and I juice everyday and when I bought this he was amazed at how great it works, and he is one of those people that nothing amazes him. So this is proof enough for me. I would shout it from the mountain tops but can’t so this is the place to say it.

  37. One thing that I think you should make clear though: raw foods are bad if you’re having chemo. Foods need to be well cooked when you have an impaired immune system! I was shocked to see this…you are the first person to advocate for this through the raw food movement. I am on chemo and I will periodically have a green smoothie but can benefit by vegetarian cooked meals. Thank you for your input on this. I had to find out the hard way about having an immune system not up to par and not eating raw veggies and fruits, not even the dr’s or nurses told me! I am learning lots from you!!!!!

  38. Anyway possible to communicate directly with you? We have an amazing story to share and you are the inspiration
    My name is Rachel Dunn and I am the owner of Organic Tree Juice Bar in Dana Point Ca. I’d love the opportunity to email, or speak with you if you can find the time. I realize you are busy but I promise you this story will be worth hearing.
    Warm Regards,