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One of the most amazing things that happened to our father’s male heart patients while on his Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease diet was not that their cholesterol numbers went down, or their blood pressure numbers plummeted, or their weight dropped effortlessly, or their type 2 diabetes went away — it was that another part of their body was doubling in size.

I could not believe this HUGE piece of evidence was not gaining more attention in the medical field.  What a motivational kick in the pants. Seriously, some patients need the proverbial skillet to the head announcing, “Stop eating all that penile artery-clogging grease, meat and cheese, if you want to get it up past the age of 40!”

Sure this is a message for men. But I jumped at the chance to write this because I am a woman. A married woman. And we married women depend on our men for some things in our crazy sexy lives.

A current estimate of the number of men in the United States who experience erectile dysfunction is 30 million. And not all cases are reported, as you can imagine.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can vary from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, to smoking, neurological damage, depression and even certain medications.

The plant-strong approach to eating can combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction for the aforementioned disease states, as well as the disease states themselves.

Here is how.

First, a snapshot of a healthy anatomy and physiology.

Our vascular system is everywhere in our bodies and is made up of an intricate network of blood vessels (also known as arteries and veins) that carry our blood throughout our body. The innermost lining of every artery is called the endothelium – a smooth, slippery surface that is spectacular for a number of reasons. We are going to focus on the endothelium’s ability to release nitric oxide, which when released dilates arteries.

Did you catch that? Nitric oxide can cause the small round tubes that carry our blood to expand – get bigger.

Nitric oxide is a gas.
Nitric oxide dilates arteries.
Nitric oxide is amazing.

So, in a healthy body when the brain sends the blood vessels a neurological message of, say …

“There is a tiger, run!”
“Save that child who is heading into traffic!”
“What just went bump in the night?”

… this causes the arteries in the legs to release nitric oxide, which dilates arterial walls, provides an increase in blood flow and the power to sprint to safety.

The same goes for the penile arteries – the ones that provide blood flow to the penis. The brain sends a neurological message of … say …

“Oh, the mood is right.”
“Hey, the kids are all at sleepovers.”
“Hey, the kids are all at college.”
“Thanks, for doing the dishes, honey.”

This triggers the arteries of the penis to release nitric oxide, which dilates arterial walls and provides increased blood flow to the corpora cavernosa (engorge-able) tissue of the penis.  The engorgement of this tissue does something essential – it presses up against, compromises, sort of cuts off the flow of blood in the penile vein. This blocks drainage of blood out of the penis creating a blood-filled erection, a boner, a stiffy, a hard-on, you name it.

Now a snapshot of the unhealthy physiology.

The Standard American Diet (otherwise referred to as SAD) hardens and thickens the lining of the arteries.  The fact that this plaque-y build-up within the arteries comes from eating a meaty, greasy, cheesy diet is widely known. Yet, lesser known, is the injury to the endothelium – that smooth, slippery innermost layer of blood vessels that releases nitric oxide. This is where we are focusing once again.

Day after day, meal after meal, bite after bite of highly processed, fatty foods injure the endothelium’s ability to function correctly. This sort of diet compromises the endothelium’s ability to release nitric oxide (gasp).

Dr. Vogel, Director of Clinical Vascular Biology from the University of Maryland, performed a brilliant experiment that showed how quickly the endothelium loses the ability to release nitric oxide after a fatty, processed meal. The insult is almost immediate.

Any male eating the standard American diet, pay heed if you enjoy your erections: No nitric oxide means no dilation – which means no increased blood flow – which means no squashing of the penile veins – which means no blood build up in the penis – which means no erection! Which means no …

The uplifting news is that a plant-strong diet filled with whole grains, greens, fruits, veggies, beans and berries literally cleans out the plaque coating the endothelium of the vascular system and repairs the endothelial cell’s ability to release nitric oxide.

My brother Rip ran a few pilot studies while writing The Engine 2 Diet. After eating a plant-strong Engine 2 Diet for 6 weeks, guys in the 30’s and 40’s reported back to Rip with exciting news:

“I am back to my high school blue-steel down there!”
“I have got the diamond-cutter back!”
“This diet has me gaining in other ways.”

These guys did not have any diagnosed diseases, but the self-assessed changes down there have convinced them of the power of plants.

So raise the flag!

Supply the blood-bank!

Keep it up!

Make that crouching tiger a hidden dragon!

Go plant-strong and be a pant–strong man so when your heart goes pitter-pat for your partner, you will not get angina, but vagina!

Jane Esselstyn RN is a nurse and a married mother of three. She loves presenting about disease prevention through nutrition and is a sex ed teacher to middle school boys and high school girls. They get the plant-strong message, respectfully: If you want a life filled with all those new erections you are experiencing, steer clear of a greasy, cheesy, meaty diet. And you will keep both your breasts at their best if you steer clear of cow’s breast milk.

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11 responses to Plant-Strong Keeps You Pant-Strong
  1. She makes a great point about the impact of healthy arteries on sexual function but I am dismayed that this entry is focused on the penis, as is a lot of the buzz about healthy sex organs. My guess is that the same process affects the clitoris AND female sexual functioning, which tends to get sidelined in the public discussion about sexual health. I’d love to see this research expanded to the ladies and our lady parts-Especially given the fact that it is a heternormative generalization to say that married women depend on men for the sex in their crazy sexy lives. Straight and queer, married and unmarried folks all stand to benefit from a pants-strong diet.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this informative article. Thank you very much.

  3. Very cool post! I like the way you wrote this, Jane, and I think it will grab a lot of people’s attention. After all, if cancer, heart disease and other ailments don’t freak you out, the thought of losing an erection surely will.

  4. Very helpful, I hope I can show this to my guy & have him a lot more convinced to cut more of the dairy & meat out of his diet… 😉

  5. Love this. Had a heyday with Greger’s video yesterday on my blog.
    I made myself belly laugh!

  6. This is Jane responding to Jayne. Thank you for your comment. I am with you – I was curious in the same way about whether or not nitric oxide activity in the arteries to the clitoris play any role in a woman’s sexual pleasure/ ability to climax. From speaking with OB/GYNs and proctologists, it seems there are other forces involved – lack of blood flow does not seem to be the issue in that arena.

    For more on this topic see the film, Orgasm Inc., and the books: Bonk, the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, and Finding the Doorbell, Sexual Satisfaction for the Long Haul.

    As far as your comment about “married women depending on men for sex in their crazy sexy lives”, I fear that may have been your interpretation of what I said. What I did said was: “we married women depend on our men for some things in our crazy sexy lives” – meaning sometimes we need to take things in our own hands.

  7. Not to be too, um, well, dirty. But I did want to mention on the part of both male and female, I’ve found that when we omit the animal foods from our diets, our ummm… well, let me put it this way…oral pleasure tastes more pleasing. For both partners. This isn’t really health related but it is a nice way to know that your body is happier, I think.

  8. Thanks for this article! I hear over and over again from men that they “need” to eat a meat rich diet and seem to look down on men you don’t as being feminine. This information seems to indicate quite the opposite! Fortunately for me, my husband is a vegan!

  9. Cheers to having some “vagina” rather than “angina.” Classic Jane. Brilliant. This will inspire us all to take it down on the fat. Your educational humor is so effective.

  10. I met Jane at an Engine 2 Immersion and she is a “hoot” to say the least. Great article!

  11. Nancy-I totally agree. Jane is awesome and cracks us up!