My first Crazy Sexy Blog!


Every day I get letters from so many people around the world, letters that make me laugh, weep, blush and roar. Crazy sexy fans are quite an outrageous, outspoke, and revolutionary crew! You stomp with fire and grace and it’s just so exciting to watch this movement take root. Each of you inspire me to continue creating, learning, sharing and above all, pushing boundaries! Thank you, deep bow, thank you my friends. The next few weeks are going to be pretty nutty, so please keep checking the website for details.

On 8/27 my book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips will be giving J.K. Rowling a run for her money. Ha! On 8/29 our (me and the hubby) documentary film Crazy Sexy Cancer blazes on The Learning Channel (TLC). We are so proud and excited! It’s been like waiting for christmas, like having a baby (twins actually) and washing and re-washing my hospital outfits.

Since our premier at the SXSW film festival in March we have been on a disco roller coaster. Oodles of survivors with all kinds of experiences – not just cancer, even regular ole life (cause damn it’s complicated sometimes) have been joining the bandwagon. Why? Because I think we tapped into the sweet spot, the place in each of us where possibility meets human potential. Where curiosity hugs “why not?” Here’s the deal, cancer is a just a silly metaphor, like it or not, it’s in each of our lives in some way. For me it’s tumors for you it may be a bad job, your weight or a dead end relationship etc, etc. It’s spooky but it doesn’t have to be taboo. It’s just life, so we have to wake up to it! Some skeptics have asked “what’s so sexy about cancer lady?” My response: the women who have it! We are crazy, sexy, whole, loving, surviving, delicious women, so get out of our way! Granted, it’s not always easy to be positive but more often it’s a pain in the butt to be blue.

What do you fabulous cancer cowgirls and fellas think? Flood the inbox! And sweet dreams …

Kris Carr

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98 responses to My first Crazy Sexy Blog!
  1. I just turned 30 and I “thought” my life was staggering. You are inspiration. Thank you so much. :-)

  2. was put off by the title of your documentary, at first, but after reading your website i am in awe of you. i had cancer this past year and wish i knew about you ad your book/film when i was going through the trenches. i am so glad others will benifit. you seem to be such an inspiring and uplifting soul. i hope everyone catches your wonderful infectious attitude.
    God bless you on your journey and thank you. michele

  3. Hey, I saw a clip of the documentary on TLC last night, and then ran to the calendar to mark the date- I’ll be there!

  4. Hi All! I am sooo looking forward to this. I just lost my best friend and inspiration for life, my Mother, to cancer. She had the BEST attitude, and a LOT of fun. Watching her, challenged me to become a better woman. Cancer is part of life. It runs in my family. When she lost her hair, she felt sad for a minute, and then she just went on, usually not wearing a wig, and she was beautiful. I have always felt she was soo beautiful going through her sickness. Now you lovely ladies are putting a face on this disease – and I am very excited to see that happy, beautiful, crazy and sexy face. best wishes. I will be back.

  5. Just heard about this today. I was diagnosed this May with cancer..I am 42 and have 4 kids. I have been such a naturist all of my life so I was shocked. I’m thrilled to read and see your experiences, especially on the holistic end. I am taking high levels of the chemo crap and high doses of a glyco nutrient. This has proven to strengthen, and feed the good cells even to the point of taking over the cancer cells. Anyway thanks for the great title…because I’m not always feeling crazy or sexy, but my husband treats me like I am. I’ve marked my calendar!!!

  6. Just saw your ad on TLC….I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in December…I am at chemotherapy number 7 of 12…with radiation treatment to follow…I am a Dad with a 6.5 year old and 2 year old twins …it is important for people to realize that cancer is just a word and not “a sentence”….a sense of humour is so important when dealing with this…your family needs to see your sense of humour…
    I look forward to seeing your film.
    All the best…

  7. I am 39 years old.April of last year (2006)I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was determined that this would not take e away from my 3 year old triplet girls! Cancer has been “my guru” and my curse.
    Thanl you for saying all things I have not had the guts to say about cancer. My cancer has been gone since July 2006. However, the many scars still exist…emotionally. I ordered the book, and I am having a viewing party of the show! this will be my healing.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  8. A friend forwarded your site to me. I’m a 12 year survivor and can’t thank you enough for inspiring anyone who has to experience this disease. You inspire. Live every day.

  9. Hi! I can’t wait to see the documentary! My son is a crazy tumor, brain surgery survivor…in a wierd sort of genetic cancer world. It’s a diagnosis that’s changed our lives. Many ways for the better.
    So I can’t wait to see the film!

  10. I have to tell you, when I first saw the title of this film I thought “Crazy yes, but sexy…” But then I thought about it and it is all in the definition of the word. My hat is off to you for putting this out there, and for making it real and not sugar coating it.

    I found out last May that I have brain cancer… and to put it lightly it has rocked my world. I am 32 years old, the mother of 3 (one who has autism and received a heart transplant at 4 months). I thought I knew the meaning of the word “hope” but I didnt, until recently.

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will watch this documentary and have encouraged my readers to do the same.

  11. Can’t wait to read more. I totally loved the movie and know it is going to rock this world. People have no idea!

  12. I am telling every woman, child and fury creature to tune and watch Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC.
    You are an inspiration. Not just for facing cancer head on, for facing life head on.
    My mantra is, “do not define your life by your hardships, instead define yourself by how you handle them”.
    Hugs, love and so much awe

  13. Erin told me this morning about the blog… congrats babe on everything!! As one of the “crazy, sexy, cancer girls” I just want to say that doing the film was such a great experience… thank you! I am looking forward to the big TV debut…:))

  14. I am a 55 year old lady and thought I had seen a lot and read a fair amount – that is until I saw your movie and read your book. As a co-survivor you have brought light and hope to a place that was dim and scarry. As you say “nothing tastes or feels as good as happy.” I know that your message will ripple to every shore and bring the courage and hope so needed in our world. So thanks for reminding us that life is the most exhilarating adventure to be ridden fearlessly on a bucking bronco! Have you thought about next year’s campaign trail? We need a big honcho or rather honchess willing to speak her truth and make our world greener.

  15. My mother is a cancer survivor (less than 1% chance of survival, so forget the odds!), and my grandmother was too. I have to watch out for colon cancer because of their experience. I can’t wait to see your documentary. The word “cancer” has this dark and scary connotation, and I love how you are taking it back with the title “crazy sexy cancer”. You are shining a light onto the disease.

  16. Hi gang! Kris here. Ok, here’s the deal, you are rocking my world! Thanks so much for all your comments. Time for a new post! Hmmm. So much to write about, where to start? Ok, I know, attitude! More in a hot minute…

    Big love! Kris

  17. Kris,
    I read your post and feel your positive energy! I love it! Here is some back at you! I am not only crazy and sexy but a 2 1/2 year breast cancer survivor as well. I think the world needs more goddesses and I think we should be “crazy sexy cancer goddesses”. Why not, let’s have fun with what life brings. Here’s to celebrating EVERY day and my adopted personal mantra of “Wake up and Live”!
    Looking forward to your movie and book!
    Amy the Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess

  18. Amy! You just kicked it up a notch girrrrl! Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess, Purrrfect! Look out world. We’re going to roar, run for office, renovate health care, raise beautiful leaders and dance on tables till the sun come up! Right? Who else is in?

    Hell yeah and lots of love!


  19. Kris,
    Thank you for being our voice and for showing people that it’s ok to talk about cancer without whispering it. I’m 29 and have been in remission for almost five years and while chemo wasn’t the most fun time in my life, I still have stories about funny things that happened then…just because you get diagnosed with cancer doesn’t mean you stop living.
    Good luck to you…I’m looking forward to your documentary!

  20. I am a 39 year old colon cancer survivor. Had my surgery in January. Haven’t read your book but I plan on watching the documentary.
    I want to find out what makes cancer “sexy” as I definitely did not feel that way.
    Can’t wait to find out more.

  21. Howdy!

    As a 2 time cancer survivor, I was so happy ro see your bolg! Yeah, cancer way sucks. but you have to choose if you’ll let it rule you’re life, or if you’ll rule it. WHen I had a particial vulvectomy,, I took a pen and showed my ONC how to make a better “designer twat”– lol. I chose my battles.. and fought.. and hell,laughed a lot, too! I’m linking you to my blog!

  22. It’s crazy to see all these cancer survivors and current patients on here and to know the intensity that each individual brings to cancer’s smorgasbord. I was diagnosed with a terribly aggressive cancer in April and luckily lived to see my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago.
    I just found out what this Crazy Sexy Cancer business is all about today and Kris- I wish I could cling to your side for strength today. I need some cancer love and I hope the documentary provides it.
    So thankful you shared,

  23. kris,
    looking forward to seeing the documentary and locating one of your books! as of november of 2006, i am a cancer survivor. yay!!
    i have such a profound appreciation of my blessings in life and i learned so much about myself throughout my experience. and my ever-so-straight hair came back curly!
    through any adversity, a positive attitude is essential and i applaud you for showing this to the world.

    heather marks

  24. You totally inspire me and I cannot wait to see the documentary! I’m 20 and have a “terminal cancer dx” but it’s stable for now so I’m more focused on just living. Seeing you overcome the odds makes me think that maybe if I keep pushing hard enough then possibly I can beat this. Thanks so much for your book and documentary! And your blog!!

  25. My daughter is 28 and the mother of my two grandchildren age 5 and 3. In May of this year she was diagnosed with Sarcoma in her heart. Inoperable and incurable the doctors say. Her tumor doubled in two months when on chemo and she is now going to start a trail this week. I am also taking her to see someone about alternative medicines. I’m sorry to say she is very depressed most of the time, but I stay hopeful and well never give up trying for her. I hope I can get her to watch your film. Thank you for your inspiration and God bless, Joan

  26. I am so inspired! Keep the blog coming… I will add it to my list.

  27. Cancer is not the end of life! I had thyroid cancer in 1981. Now I am going through chemo for breast cancer. I am 45. I will survive. I have a blog on my journey as well: I loved your trailer and plan on watching your moving on TLC. Glad to see your positive attitude – it will take you a long way.

  28. I found about your website from Erin’s blog – watched the trailer and I’m hooked. I’m in love with your attitude and outlook on life, you are a crazy sexy inspiration!! Can’t wait to see the movie. Much love, I added you to my list of heros!!

  29. I just had my tumor removed…stuck on the couch…yet again…watching bad day time tv again…and i saw this commercial for Crazy Sexy Cancer! I was intrigued right away and went right to the internet to check it out. How inspiring, how wonderful, how uplifting! Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to this, someone finally had to tell it like it is. It really helps! I wish you the best of luck on your book tour. Ill be watching 8/29 9pm! Teri

  30. Kris, is your documentary going to be available on DVD ever? We don’t have access to TV, so I can’t watch it when it premiers, but I’d love to see it and share it with people afterward.

  31. I’m gonna get my copy of your book ASAP! A holistic cancer surviving goddess here….I kicked butt on Stage 3 colon cancer 6 years ago using only alternatives (post surgery). Can’t wait to read your story! Cancer can give us a voice. All we have to do is open our mouths.


  32. Hi Kris, I read about your blog and documentary on Erin’s blog. I am a 32 year old mom of 2 and was diagnosed with CML this past May. I have to admit that when I was first diagnosed I didn’t think that I was going to make it to see my kids turn 6 & 8 this past month. But after talking with Erin and now reading your story, I have a completely different attitude. You are both so inspiring and I am proud to be part of the “crazy sexy goddess” club. Thanks and I will be watching on August 29.

  33. I wish that I would have had access to your book and site while I was going through radiation for stage 1 liposarcoma of the left thigh.

  34. Kris
    I am a 22 year old cancer survivor. I have been in remission for 3 months. Your story is so inspiring to me, just watching the clip of your documentary brought me to tears. I am so excited for the book and I will be at your book signing in DC! I can’t wait to meet you. The world needs to wake up and kick cancers ass. There are too many intelligent wonderful women (and men) whose lives are lost to this horrible disease. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, as I begin my senior year of college.:)
    Hope,Faith, Love
    Sarah Delaney

  35. Miss Thing,
    You are wild..I’m in awe of the photos on the website and ALL that you have done in the past year! Whew…You are making me so happy.
    I wish you loads of success in the upcoming week with the big date AUG 29 and hello(!) AUG 30..nice work.
    Adore you miss you and sending a blogger hug!

  36. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor. The road is long. Sometimes I’m pissed, sometimes I’m happy. I am always crazy though. Good luck fellow Goddess.
    :) Maria

  37. I’m 51 with prostate cancer.2 kids age 4 and 7.Coincidentally,I go in for surgery the night your show premiers.I’ll make sure I watch it .God be with you.

  38. Hey Kris,
    Thanks so much for the documentary, I hope it sheds light on ehe and hopefully they will learn more about it and find a cure. I was diagnosed in 1990 with ehe in the spine. I have 3 kids and was shocked and scared to death. But I never thought I was going to die and never prepared for it. I was going to do whatever it took to get better. Now my kids are grown up and I have a grandaughter that is one! Other people around me at that time treated me like I was going to die and it pissed me off!! The key is don’t give in and don’t let the negetivity affect how you feel inside. I knew I was going to be fine even though the doctors make you feel different. I will be watching!!! Thank you sooo much!

  39. Hey Kris,
    Thanks for sharing your story in such an honest way. I look forward to seeing your film and book.
    Be Well

  40. Yes! Be so very proud of yourself! This is such a welcome, joyful, outstanding accomplishment! You are touching so many people’s lives and helping them immensely to live, fight and love. I can’t wait to watch the show. Can not wait!

    My daughter is 5. She is an awesome, crazy, funny kid who battles cancer with grace, humor and sweetness. The other day, when I told her it was time for her oral chemo, she sang out, so sarcastically, “ooo, goodie! More pills! I love pills! Don’t you wish you could take as many pills as I do, mama?”

    I hope she grows up to be as intelligent and wonderful as you.

    Big Love!

  41. My wonderful nurse forwarded your site to me. I am inspired by your story. I was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. It happened again the following year and last year a brain tumor was treated. I’m 37 years old with cancer and looking for answers and support everywhere. Your book is on my list to read and I will look forward to your movie too.
    Take care of yourself. Nicole

  42. Hi!
    I have been mesmorized by your message! I caught a glimpse of a commercial for your TV show before I went to sleep the other night and I couldn’t get it out of mind. I had to flip on the light and write it down so I could check into it more.
    I’ve read your blog and seen the preview of your book (love Skirt! by the way)….I keep thinking about your message and your approach.

    I don’t have cancer in the traditional form but as you suggest – it’s a metaphor and I’ve had it in other ways…the job, the marriage, etc….I love your life life now and to the fullest – celebrate you, find your joy in everyday ways.

    Cheers to your success and your bliss!

  43. I came across your story in Glamour and came to your site. I was really drawn to your picture and your smile, you seem like a real out of the box person who knows how to live life to the fullest. Keep doing what you’re doing, your smile and story is a true inspiration.

  44. I saw the promo for your documentary recently and as a breast cancer survivor of a 1.5 years I was at first insulted. I got the crazy part, but the sexy was hard to swallow. Either way, it led me to your site to watch your trailer out of curiousity and my own unfinished business with my diagnosis with c.

    You got your news on Valentine’s Day. I got my news a week after my 39th Birthday. I’ve also been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 5 years prior to that and am back to trying to conquer that problem. It’s been 7.5 years of illness and I’m tired in every way a person can be tired. Without my husband I don’t know how I would do it.

    I identify with what I saw on your trailer and am eager to see it. I’m not big on the whole “Cancer Culture” and support groups didn’t work for me. I just didn’t feel like anyone was being honest – everyone seemed to be putting on a brave face including me. And I was terrified, rattled to my bones, and too scared to sit around talking to others who were also in some sort of denial.

    I’m glad you did this documentary, it gave you a voice, a place to express yourself and an outlet for your experience. I felt so alone and alienated from people. They all seemed very scared to talk to me about my cancer, so I ended up taking care of them instead of people lifting me up. And I was early stage, which made me feel too guilty to complain to people who were worse off. I was and in still am stuck in a black whole with illnesses people don’t understand.

    The why me? is the toughest question. The answer I have so far is why not me? I never questioned when good things happened to me, why question the bad. I have to believe there is a bigger plan that the universe has for me that I can’t even imagine. That somehow this experience will bring me to a place I need to go or be or will somehow serve a higher purpose.

    I still grapple with what this all means especially when I’m feeling more exhausted than usual or spendng too much time alone because of my fatigue. All I know is that I’m different now. I have a compasion for people I did not realize I didn’t possess before. I ran from other people’s scary problems when I didn’t know what to do.

    Now I know a hug and knowing that someone loves me and is praying for me is the greatest gift I could have ever received. And being the brave happy-go-lucky cancer patient is totally overrated.
    People won’t comfort you if you don’t seem like you need comforting.

    It’s normal to feel negative about having cancer, it doesn’t mean you’re giving up as people who don’t have it would think. The holistic head game of negative emotions cause illness still plagues me – there has to be a less superficial answer than that.

    I have so much to say on the subject but I will leave you with a big cyberhug from me and know that I truly am praying that you stay healthy and healed.

    I feel like your documentary will speak for a lot of us.

  45. Hey, I’m not sure but I think maybe you’re the one who contacted my girlfriend in chicago awhile back to do this. She was going to do it, i was pushing her to but things came up and she couldn’t. It’s a great thing though. looking forward to seing it. have to make sure she does too as well as I may get the book for her if she does not already have it. great inspirational story. she’s doing great considering all shes been though and going through!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I saw the commercial for this last night and I have to tell you my immediate reaction was not great. In fact, I was offended and a little stunned. I don’t think there is anything “sexy” about cancer. When you watch people you know and love waste away and take their dying breath because of it, that is not sexy. The struggles of cancer patients, traditional medical treatments, and what the friends and families of those people go through – also not sexy. I guess you wanted to catch people’s attention with the title, well it worked, but again, the immediate reaction was disgust as I thought about the above mentioned items. If you were going for turning the negative connotations of cancer around I’m sure a less offensive term could have been found.

    That said, I think beyond the title what you are doing and have done is outstanding. I’m a firm believer that positivity brings positivity and am also a major advocate for natural health and alternative medicine. There are cancer cures out there. I wish you all the success and health possible.

  47. I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer on July 17th. I had surgery on July 25th. The whirlwind of shock and terror gave way to more hope when the biopsy pinned it at Stage 1B. But by far the most hopeful thing I have encountered in all my internet research, talking, etc., is your fine book. A friend told me about it, my mother took me to buy it, and I can’t lay it down. It is like a best friend that doesn’t go home at night….
    God bless you and your positive gift..

  48. Response to jv media: As a ^c^ survivor myself, I really appreciate the “sexy” reference. For me, that answered a very basic question: Is it remotely possible that I would ever feel that way again? Just reading the book makes me feel vibrant and yes, even….

  49. Hi Kris U sexy thing U! :) Just dropping in to say g’day from Melbourne Downunder! (in case somone is lost that’s in Australia!)
    Just heard about you and your documentary from a friend; took a quick squiz and wow..just loving it and you! Totally awesome and cool! I was diagnosed with this same canSer back in sep05 and was totally devastated! I am married and a father to 2 gorgeous children who are my life! Like you I stay positive in life and continue to work hard and especially play just as hard!! I dont know life any other way. I have so much to say but i dont want to leave an essay either lol…cant wait to see the film! keep up the smiles babe.

  50. C said on August 16, 2007

    I am 36 and just finished with treatment after 11 months! Ugh! I saw the ad on TLC for you movie- I am pretty excited to see it. I am telling everyone I know to mark it on their calendars!

  51. Amazing…the power of choice -better yet – the freedom of choice. Thank you Kris and all you Crazy Sexy Smart Courageous and Inspiring Ladies for the ever-so necessary reminder that everyday starts with a choice: to either win (live) or lose (die). I’ve been sitting around feeling all sorry for myself because of a knee fracture…I’m rightfully embarrassed. Thank you for the perspective and the message that we can all benefit from during life’s challenges. xo

  52. I’m going through chemo at present (second time around). In spite of my many scars, the little bit of hair left on my head, my colostomy, etc. – damn I’m sexy. I go to a tanning salon and get a spray on tan (have a monthly contract). I strut myself around with cute earrings, my tennis player/swimmer fake tan, light blonde highlighted super short hair, lipstick and a killer attitude. I can deal with cancer, care for a child with disabilities, do it even after my husband of 25 years has left me. I’m a warrior with cancer.
    Thanks for the book. I can’t wait for the series. At present I dance and sing to the music like I am crazy. And when I look in the mirror at my nakedness I think I am beautiful.

  53. I’m going through chemo at present (second time around). In spite of my many scars, the little bit of hair left on my head, my colostomy, etc. – damn I’m sexy. I go to a tanning salon and get a spray on tan (have a monthly contract). I strut myself around with cute earrings, my tennis player/swimmer fake tan, light blonde highlighted super short hair, lipstick and a killer attitude. I can deal with cancer, care for a child with disabilities, do it even after my husband of 25 years has left me. I’m a warrior with cancer.
    Thanks for the book. I can’t wait for the series. At present I dance and sing to the music like I am crazy. And when I look in the mirror at my nakedness I think I am beautiful.

  54. I’m going through chemo at present (second time around). In spite of my many scars, the little bit of hair left on my head, my colostomy, etc. – damn I’m sexy. I go to a tanning salon and get a spray on tan (have a monthly contract). I strut myself around with cute earrings, my tennis player/swimmer fake tan, light blonde highlighted super short hair, lipstick and a killer attitude. I can deal with cancer, care for a child with disabilities, do it even after my husband of 25 years has left me. I’m a warrior with cancer.
    Thanks for the book. I can’t wait for the series. At present I dance and sing to the music like I am crazy. And when I look in the mirror at my nakedness I think I am beautiful.

  55. Thank you for the film, book and show. I have only seen the TLC ad, but I immediately thought this gonna be a changemakin’ thang.

    I don’t have cancer, but know all too well the “trenches” and the need and essential power of carrying my bliss and joy with me.

    I was feeling quite anxious about starting the new school year (I’m an art teacher) after some notable challenges and concerns last year, but now that I’ve experienced the crazy sexy cancer vibe I feel better about things. I say bring it baby…I’ll just float over to my glass of organic champagne and have a good giggle.

    Thanks Kris Carr

  56. I saw an ad for your show on TLC and immediately went out and bought the book. All I can say is that you have helped light a fire inside me. I was diagnosed last October with an incurable cancer at the ripe old age of 25. I feel like I am just waking up from that hellish ride and am ready to take control. I can’t thank you enough for your openness and your humor. I caught myself laughing out loud every five seconds while reading the book. We are all in this together and laughter will help us get through it.
    P.S. I am ordering all the books on your reading list and can’t wait for my juicer to arrive.
    Canser does suck!!

  57. i don’t have cancer and im thirteen i saw the commercial im excited because i want to be a medical oncologist when i grow up. my cousin died from cancer and from all those sleepless nights made me want to help. so i can’t wait for the show


  59. I can’t wait to see your documentary. I’m 39 and was diagnosed in April with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (follicular) which is considered incurable. I have two children ages 6 and 3 and am determined to try to stay around as long as I can for them. I absolutely will see my youngest graduate from high school. Your positive attitude is wonderful. I already have the DVR set to record it and hope to look back on it when I need some inspiration!! God bless.

  60. Kris,

    I have had cancer on/off for 4 1/2 years. Colon/lymph node/liver and now possibly lung. I have to tell you that I found 2 things that have saved me from all the ‘awful’ nausea and ‘on the couch 24/7 fatigue and severe diarrhea that I have had through my chemo/radiation treatments. I would highly recommend both. No, I am not a Dr. just (was) a suffering patient, but my days now are almost completely nausea, fatigue and diarrhea free or just slight. I am on chemo 21 days a month still. Oh and one the most important things that happened within drinking these, my platelets came back up into the normal range an have stayed there ever since. My Oncologist is very amazed and told me to keep drinking them. :-)

    Here are the products:


    Mangoseed Juice:

    I bought your book today and I am on my way to the porch to relax and read it. Also, I saw you on the Morning Show–you look great and are helping so many of us with your inspiration. Thx, Sue

  61. I was Diagnosed with Colon Cancer May 8, 2007. I am 33 and there is a 10% chance of someone under 50 getting it. I always have to defy the odds.LOL I am all of a sudden fighting for my life, when in reality the best part of my life is just beginning. I have 4 kids, ages 3, 5, 13, and 14. The hardest part is looking in their faces and wondering what the future holds for you. I smoked for 14 years, and at my most I was at a pack a day, but after my first daughter with my husband was born 5 years ago I had cut down to only a few a day. Not to mention I stopped with every pregnancy. So apparently you don’t have to be a pack and a half smoker for 30 years to get cancer. I’ve had surgery to remove my lower third of my colon, my appendix, 21 lymph nodes, 3 had cancer in them, and a complete hysterectomy. Chemotherapy could last 6 months to 2 years. There is a good chance it will be longer because there is a good chance the cancer has reached my liver. Right Now I a confirmed Stage 3 Colon Cancer. I take it a day at a time with the thought of what an adventure this will be. God is on my side and regardless of the outcome it is a win-win for me.

    After the last three months have come and gone, I find myself realizing this is just a part of my life, although sometimes I feel too tired to be a mom sometimes, too tired for Cancer, too tired to get up, but I know I want my life back..Thank you soo much for putting out a program that will help others understand what we deal with, maybe it will touch those that I haven’t been able to reach yet.

    Tiffany Hartman
    Survivor of Colon Cancer since May 8, 2007

  62. I learned of my girlfriend Maurine’s Ca Dx over 6 years ago, and was her primary caregiver for 7.5 months until we both ran out of money. We hoped our story would be as happy as yours, but we went through a lot of what you went through.

    Odd thing is we could not get ahold of her records, but we were told she had ovarian cancer and PCD (paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration), which rendered her highly ataxic, unable to care for herself, with limited abilities to feed and groom herself, use the bedside commode privately, answer telephone, use remote, turn lights off/on, all with difficulty.

    I wrote a book of our experiences, but I lost my job, house, vehicle and had to start all over with my life about 7.5 months after she passed into a higher vibration. Her cancer was sexy and crazy too, but your story makes me feel good that we tried so many positive things that you also tried and that they do work for some people like yourself.

    Congratulations on surviving and getting married. He is one lucky guy. And thanks for telling your story and others, which offers hope to others, which is a great thing to have when you are sick. It was a roller coaster ride, but we had some fun before it all mercifully ended. Surely your tale will be a healing gift to others, and I cannot tell how happy I am for you, and that what Maurine and I did was not a waste of time, money, and energy, though I would have done it all anyway to whatever extreme that I could. It is a shame that the fight sometimes has to end because of monetary issues. Thank you again.

  63. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

    Yes to life!!! Always.


  64. Hi i loved the show really needed it too thank you so much for sharing this…i was diagnosed yesterday and i told them to stop talking to me like they gave me a death sentence …i’m fighting to live not waiting to die so there.

    brilliant stuff…

  65. Hi! Many many blessings to you! ( and For about a million reasons and one of them being that seeing the trailer of your film and yyour living! is so helpful to me right now. I lost my best friend this summer to a rare and rapid-monster- fast growing cancer. Everyday, whatever I’am doing I’ve felt so distraught. She really wanted to heal. Even though it didn’t happen fast enough for her, in the collective of sisters, of people, that you have found a way into the center of it all and into the healing light there for it to thrive in you, is soooo hopeful AND because of it, we all heal!! Even she (who is no longer here) can celebrate in that! You’ve done it for all of us! What a gift of joy –to the world! to the collective energy of love. I can’t wait to see your film. Thank for this gift today. :) I really, really needed it. Best wishes, and lots of love, Jane Allen

  66. I am a 40 year old single mother of 2, 3-1/2 and 5-1/2 years old surviving breast cancer for the 2nd time in 2 years. The first time I simultaneously dealt with divorce from an a– of a husband who chose to spend time at a bar instead of help even his own young children (1 and 3 at the time), let alone his wife of nearly 6 years, deal with the situation. During that time, in an effort to make good from the bad, I developed a line of cancer awareness note cards to share my hope with others and to “give back” (10% of the proceeds from each pack of cards is donated to patient care foundations and cure research funds) to those who helped me throught the first slew of treatments (check out the cards on my web site and spread the word!!). I am in a safe and happy place now, with my children and parents at my side every step of the way, and I’m determined to beat this disease and help others doing it (keep your eyes on my web site, as it will be updated shortly to include many helpful tips for enduring cancer, info on supportive organizations and links to other helpful and supportive cancer sites such as yours)! Kudos to you, Kris, and keep up your great work! I’ll follow you every step of the way.

  67. Dear Kris, My name is Michael. Although I don’t have cancer, I do have 3 other disabilities I have gotten in the last 10 years though, but I am tough also and have a very positive outlook towards things. I saw you on the CBS news today and I was so impressed with you. You are truly a beautiful person, inside and of course out, lol. I just wanted to tell you, God bless you girl ! I hope you keep doing what you are doing. Helping yourself and in return helping others. It was nice to see something inspiraltional on the news for a change. Take care, Michael

  68. Hi Kris,
    I felt compelled to stop in and tell you how much your TLC documentary touched me. I am so glad that you put all this information out so that others can learn from it. I am 33 with two kids 10 and 13. My younger son actually watched the program with me and was equally touched and asked many questions. We have never had to deal with cancer however we feel the information you shared touched a broad range of people. My son has even asked about adapting a more healthy lifesyle. Can you believe this…..he wants to try wheat grass juice! I am hoping your book contains some information on the diet you followed. We were also very intrigued at how different your blood cells looked after being on the special diet. You have really been an inspiration for all. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I send you many blessings, love and ((hugs))

  69. Hey there –

    Just saw the documentary last night. It made me feel hopeful, sick, sad, happy all at once. I’m in the middle of treatment for breast cancer, and I could certainly relate to much of the film.

    And your blog is great – I may have to pass some of it on to my friends, who are always surprised by how upbeat I stay. Like you, I just feel better being happy. Being sad or stressed takes too much energy, and doesn’t come naturally to me.

    Everyone’s got their S*** to deal with, ours is just in the form of a gnarly disease. Doesn’t mean we need to stop living.

    Thanks for all you’re doing, and rock on with your crazy sexy self!!

  70. Hi Kris,

    I love your attitude, way to go! you have a right and a responsibility to lay claim to what touches you and effects changes for the future. A life is full of celebration and yours is a rich one.

    Reach for the stars!! because I am reaching for one!



  71. i met kris at hippocrates. kris is a wonderful human being that only deserves great things in her life.
    she is a kind hearted person with only love and hope to give.

    lots of hugs –

  72. i met kris at hippocrates. kris is a wonderful human being that only deserves great things in her life.
    she is a kind hearted person with only love and hope to give.

    lots of hugs –

  73. I just want to say that I had the fortunate opportunity to spend
    quality time with Kris at Hippocrates and she is an amazing
    person. Everyone in their lives, deserves to have a friend like Kris.
    She is a very appreciative person who brings hope to everyone she meets.
    She is very good natured and doesn’t judge anyone. I suffer from severe
    Anxiety and she has helped me with not only accepting it, but embracing it.
    She has taught me that embracing your challenges will bring positive strategies.
    She has taught me to love my anxiety, because that’s all anxiety needs, is nurturing love.

    Kris Carr, I told you this at Hippocrates and I will tell you again here:
    “You are a gift from GOD”

    Lots of thanks and hugs –

  74. Hi,
    I just wanted 2 say thank you for saying what a lot of people think and/or are 2 scared 2 face. I just turned 28 w/ no kids and was diagnosed w/ uterine cancer in Jan 07, which unless God blessed me prob wont have kids. So far it hasent been that bad on me, or at least I thought until i saw crazy sexy cancer. Your realness and emotions just hit me so hard, although i have total trust in God and the alternatives hes put across my path, i hold in my feelings and fears. My mother who is my best friend has been here since the begining and when u were in the backseat sayin “I wonder how my parents feel taking their little girl 2 a cancer clinic” just hit home and I worry about that daily. Along the way friends have thought I was just “crazy” lol because 2 them it seemed like I didnt care, and it wasent that, its just easier 2 keep working at getting rid of this crap in your body then gettin depressed and faith has been the biggest part in not being depressed or “giving up”. Never the less like I said I dont show feelings so that I wont turn everyone around me into a basket case 2 .lol After watching crazy sexy cool and seeing you, a strong, vibrant woman show your feelings and fears just really hit me and well after thinking about it I cried for the 1st time since I was diagnosed and not just a few little “girly” tears, this was more like a river…lol Thank You SOOO much 4 putting your life and journey out there 4 us, some of us out here dont feel so alone! and the F*** cancer thing ROCKS!!!! life dont stop because you have cancer :) ( sorry this was so long lol)…..God bless girlie!!!!

  75. Thank you Kris,
    I was a bit skeptical when I saw the name of your show on TLC last night, but decided to give it shot and am so very glad I did. I must have raved to a dozen people today already (and gotten misty most times – in a good way). You are a treasure and although I can’t relate to your trek, your tenacity and humor are an inspiration to me. Thank you for what you have done. I am buying your book this weekend and passing it along to a step-sister who is a 5 year breast cancer survivor, knowing you will inspire her as well.
    Thank you for just being you!

  76. Put the word canSer in a sentence, and say …I canServive! Or..I am a canServivor!! giddy-up :)

  77. Kris –

    I have never blogged anything in my life, but you are such an inspiration that I had to remind you. Even for those not living with cancer you have the ability to remind all of us that it is up to us to choose happiness. I wish you all the best and will be watching and reading to see you advance. Thank you for your inspiration, your story, and your gift. You make the world fast dance!!

  78. Saw your film tonight. It really hit home. I’m 56 and dealing with a slow growing spinal cord tumor for 14 years. Radiation twice a day for 6 weeks, two surgeries and 19 months of chemo over the years. When the symptoms increased 16 months ago I went alternative treatment and mixed the Gerson Therapy (carrot juice and twice a day coffee enemas) with eating according to your blood type and green smoothies. Last week I had my annual mri and got a report that my tumor had shrnk in half. The first time it has shrunk in 14 years!! Diet is where it’s at!

  79. Oh…. I forgot to mention the most importnt things. Determination and Prayer are the real keys. Without them I would have never been led to the diet.

  80. What a beautiful and honest documentary. I too dislike the term survivor; who wants to be a victim? Please add dragon boating to your list of post-dx pleasures. With affection from a 65-year-old paddler.

  81. I was diagnosed at 45 with Stage IIb breast cancer. It’s been a very scary bumper-car ride so far but (as we say in cancerworld) I’ve been dancing with NED (no evidence of disease) for over 2 years. I’m more than happy to share NED with anyone else on this journey. Thank you for reminding me that I’m still a sexy woman and that canSer (very cute) doesn’t own me. Sprinkle us all with fairy dust…

  82. Thank you so much for all that you have done! My boyfriend Jeff watched the documentary , which gave him a better understanding of all that I have gone though and continue to go though with cancer. I want to read the book and hope that the documentary will air again so more and more people can learn from it.
    Thank you and keep up the good fight, as I do everyday. :)

  83. I am inspired as many other are by your experience. Thank you. I hope to spread your message to as many people as possible. I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old. I do not have cancer and no one in my family has ever had cancer. But you are right. “Cancer” is just a word. We all have something in our lives that we wish were different. This minute, I am starting to work on my obesity. It is my cancer. I will find a way to work at it enough to feel satisfied with my life. The words Thank You are not enough to express my appreciation for you sharing your story.
    Gratefully Yours, Maria

  84. I LOVED your documentary and I picked up the book just the other day at the library.

    I am blessed to not have cancer, but your story inspired me to take action with my own disease. The past year has been a year of growth and change for me, and I add your documentary and your book (gonna have to get my own copy!) are just two more tools to use in my own unique recovery.

    Except the grass enemas. Sorry, just can’t do it. *lol*

  85. i’ve used everything on this site, with a positive attitude in the past and am now 27 and very ill, very in pain and essentially getting personal care permanently because I am so ill. I am a singersongwriter for charity music at and it would be awesome if someone in my status and circumstance could post back and we can talk about near death experiences and serious code blue’s! ‘Cause sometimes no matter how hard we try, the body still resists even if you have the utmost positive attitude and respect for the body you have!

  86. thaaaank you my dear :)

  87. WOW! I was flooded with emotions when I started reading about your SHTUFF…its crazy I love itand INSPIRING…I am a writer also..needed this for my life tooo


    SERIOUSLY?!?!?! NOW they tell me???? AFTER I had my lymph nodes removed, in which they severed the nerves in the process, which is now causing me intense sharp pains on a daily basis?!?!?!?!?! They couldn’t of come up with this LAST year WHEN I WAS DIAGNOSED??!?!?!? AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!!!!

  89. I just read all 136 pages of this Crazy Sexy Blog. I think I’m in love! There is so much powerful and inspirational information on here! I am inspired to become a wellness warrior and beat my own chronic condition!!

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