My Annual Cancer Scan Results & Baby Update


Last week I finally hauled my assets to the hospital for my annual cancer CT scan. I was a bit late this year—like by six months! But I needed to push the limit. To stretch and spread my wings further. If all went well, perhaps my oncologist would give me more time between check-ups. A girl can dream. Plus, it’s been nine years! If I’m going to continue to live well with cancer (fingers crossed, green juice galore) then more time between scans would a major gift. In fact, listen up Santa: All I want for Christmas is a longer grace period. The vegan cookies and almond milk are waiting for you. Love, Kris.

So off we went. But wow did it feel different this year. Like an old shoe. Worn out but reasonably comfortable. No sharp edges. No tight swelling. Very little scan anxiety. That feeling alone was a great improvement. I guess I’m doing my personal work and practicing what I’m preaching! On the car ride we talked about movies and horses, our renovation, the beautiful wedding we attended the night before (we love you Ann and Andy), how funny Lola is and what we’d do if we won the lottery. Oh, and we also talked about kids. To me, this was the make it or break it scan. I’m not getting any younger (Well, actually I am—but my lady parts aren’t.) Where did the time go? Wait, I know. I was busy being a “young” woman on a mission to help myself and others. Poof! I lost a decade.

So there you have it, the backstory …

Now for the results: Solid. Stable. No growth. Holding firm. The tumors are still asleep. All good under KC’s hood.

Thank you baby Jesus Santa Elvis Buddha—the whole crew and especially me + my body. Thank you, me.

Before I get to my next point, I really want to revel in the good. Because it’s so easy to just check it off and move on. My oncologist reminded me that my disease can change at anytime and that we have been very blessed and lucky. I made a flippy comment about how he always says the same thing and can’t we just record his voice and play it once per year? Save the veins (mine get pissed) and the trouble. Ooh child, spanky time! “I never take your continued good health for granted. Though you live with a slow-moving cancer, it still can be deadly.” Got it. Ouch.

I am lucky, very happy and blessed. And I hear you, Dr. D., loud and clear. Cheers!

Now for the bummer: This time around my trusted oncologist wasn’t keen on the idea of having kids the good old-fashioned way. He gave us a brilliantly terrifying metaphor, and now I hate rocks.

It went something like this … Your health is like a rock. It’s balanced at the top of a mountain. If the hormones generated during pregnancy tip that rock so that it tumbles down the mountain, we can probably stop it at some point, somewhere along the tumble, but I don’t know if we can get it back up the mountain. That’s a lot to risk.

Damn rocks.

And yet, who’s to say. There’s no real evidence because there aren’t many cases to compare me to. In addition, there are other ways to become a parent (through adoption, surrogacy, miracles, etc.) or to more sweet animals or possibly just birthing books and beyond. No matter what, I’ll be creating and thoroughly embracing life. This unicorn will gallop.

And all that is why life is messy and brilliant, gorgeous and staggering, crazy and sexy. Remember the last line from my film? It still applies.

Love you.

Thank you for the global hugs I constantly feel and sometimes fold into.

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Peace and endless soul adventures,


P.S. I did get more time. I will get scanned every 1.5 years now. Cheers!

Kris Carr

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54 responses to My Annual Cancer Scan Results & Baby Update
  1. Wonderful news, Kris! It’s so wonderful to hear that you are still well and in remission <3

  2. I’ve doubt if I have ever commented before, but just want to shout out and say WOW, you have inspired me on my path and continue to do so…..deep gratitude for your wonderful news, for me there simply couldn’t have been any other! Love and huge hugs to one hell of a rocking loving warrior goddess :-)

  3. God bless Kris!
    Here’s to positive energy for now and forever!
    Thank you reminding me to treat my body with more respect and to look after like a temple!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    much happiness and peace


  4. Aaaah Kris….
    So happy to hear that you are doing well!! :)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
    Tamila XXXXXXXX

  5. Great news! You are an inspiration! Blessings, Nanci (Cary NC)

  6. You are so filled with Love & Light. Thank you for another inspiring message to us all. Happiest Holidays to you and yours.

    Highland Lakes, NJ

  7. Blessings Kris. You are an inspiration to Millions of people around the world. Thank you for being you.

  8. Kris,
    Thank you for your bravery and sharing your journey. Your story is so inspiring. I’ve never had cancer but have been struggling with infertility for 10 years…I just received bad news again on Friday and have felt very discouraged. But after reading this I remember what you say is true…we can birth many things, not only babies and there are other paths to parenthood. I wish you the best on what ever path you take. Much Love and Gratitude, Sara

  9. Loved your movie when I saw it years ago, love where your journey has taken you for the benefit of so many. You are a blessing to share yourself with the world. Yes, there are many, many ways to become a mother. I struggled for over a decade to have children, being told it would not be possible. As a mother of 5 now, three adopted, I can tell you love is love is love. When that baby is placed in your arms, there is no difference where they originated, under your heart or in it. If you like, I shared my adoption story here; http://mammasteblog.com/2010/11/16/im-a-believer-an-adoption-story/ . All good things my dear.

  10. Thank you! This article originally ran in our newsletter last Friday — we posted it again here to include more of my readers. As always, I really appreciate the love and e-hugs. How did I get so lucky?! xo kc

  11. Now that’s what I call a great Christmas gift, for me and you!!

  12. We love you, Kris! Thank you for all the work you’ve done over the past decade. And, thank you for sharing all the wonderful information you’ve learned so that we can all do our best to be healthy. You are an inspiration for so many reasons and we wish you the very best!

  13. Love you Kris and love your perspective! Because of my disease now I can’t have anymore children (we have 2 little cute stinkers ages 6 & 8) But, we just became certified to adopt! It’s pretty crazy that I wasn’t feeling the urge to have another child until all the doctors said I couldn’t, haha. OH no they didn’t! Nobody’s gonna tell me I can’t do something! I can’t help but think of this future child somewhere out there and be thankful for my disease because without it well, we wouldn’t be considering adoption. So excited for the future and a life of healing, joy, gratitude and miracles. xo DaNelle

  14. Love you Kris! Always a rock star no matter what the circumstance. I wish I could have even one ounce of your coolness when getting tests done.
    Rock on and big hugs!!

  15. Kris, you are absolutely amazing. You are so full of positive energy and it is so infectious. You seem to be doing all of the right things as far as health protocols to support a healthy body and keep your cancer in check. I wonder if you have expectations that the therapies that you have done over the years can actually shrink or eliminate the cancer cells? If you believe that is possible, do you ever find yourself getting discouraged that your scans remain consistent? Thanks for all you do! Pam

  16. Love this and you Kris!! I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves to have babies the “right” way. There are many ways to have children and we should start embracing the joy of sharing that kind of love.

    Here’s to your good health and to the babies you will have someday:)

  17. Yuu are an inspiration .Brave and strong and full of love.Thank you for always sharing your journey with us.

  18. Kris, humans make plans and God laughs. He has a greater plan for your life than you could ever imagine (I think you already comprehend that from all that you’ve accomplished). I wish you blessings and courage as you explore the less traveled paths of life. You were born for adventure. Your life inspires me – I’m eager to put my cancer to sleep too (am well on my way). Merry Christmas, kiddo!

  19. Kris….thanks for sharing your inspired challenging life with all of us. You are an inspiration. Babies are divine little vibrations of love that choose us…..they don’t have to come through our bodies to become our beautiful children…….

  20. Kris….thanks for sharing your inspired challenging life with all of us. You are an inspiration. Babies are divine little vibrations of love that choose us…..they don’t have to come through our bodies to become our beautiful children…….

  21. I am very happy for your continued good news. It is hard to find uplifting stories dealing with cancer. Thank you for sharing your life stories with us all.
    I am going in for a PET scan this afternoon, it has been almost a year since I was diagnosed with cancer. I refused treatment then and I hope and pray that was the right decision

    Stay positive

  22. Wonderful news, you Rock!!

  23. Hi Kris,
    I ‘ve watched your documentary back then when you came to see the amazing lady O’, although I didn’t have cancer then nor thought about getting it .
    But 3 years ago that “C” word entered my life too, and started to change it. I was coming to Dana Farber in Boston too, 9th floor for the dr’s appts, 10th for treatments , I had the same “delicious” white drink with following fun ride into CT scan machine at Brigham. I didn’t have a big support group with me, just my husband and your book.
    When my treatment was finished I knew I don’t want to do it again in a few years, I have to do everything possible to prevent cancer from coming back. And I knew where to start , I ‘ve heard you.
    I thanked you so many times already, for being brave and open, for sharing your experience with so many, but I also wanted to tell you my thoughts about having a baby.
    Look , cancer came into your life to change it, and you have got that message ( from Santa Elvis Buddha :) ? ), you have changed practically everything to be able to continue to live . At the same time you meet a wonderful man.
    What do we come into this world for? I suppose we all have some “mission” to fulfill, maybe not even one.
    You are absolutely right, there is no other case like yours in healing cancer to compare with , but there are some cases when pregnancies healed different conditions. Our body is created amazingly wonderful, we just need not to mess up with the Mother Nature.
    I think there is a baby sitting next to baby Jesus up there, waiting to come into this world, and that baby has Kris +Brian set of DNA.
    You will teach him/her everything you have learned yourself and you will learn even more together. Adoption is a wonderful thing, and lots of fur babies are awaiting to be loved too, but maybe it is worth to try to have your own child first ? Think about what YOU want here, in THIS life .
    You will catch that rock, and balance it again, you became strong and got experience.
    Love you Kris, wishing you all the best :),

  24. So happy for you! You are so inspiring. Thanks!!!

  25. You are truly an inspiration!
    I am six weeks into a vegan diet (44 yrs omni and I went cold-turkey…no pun) really trying to stay close to the whole foods-plant base and am loving it!
    I am trying to spread the word without being preachy, I can’t believe how unknowledgable the world is as a whole(myself included)…
    It’s people like you that change the world, you could’ve crawled in a whole and given up…and yet you took charge and took control!
    The rocks do suck but I have a feeling that you will find a way to hurdle that obstacle as well!
    To your continued health and happiness!

  26. God BLESS you Kris! I am a two time breast cancer SURVIVOR. 2 times in 3 years. Last year right before Thanksgiving, I had a double mastectomy, and after a couple more surgeries (for reconstruction) I had another “scare” which turned out to be “nothing to worry about”. I am doing everything that I can- including to eat like my life depends on it, AND remaining OPTIMISTIC. I relate to this article- the experience of going for check-ups (or as I now call them “stays” of ………). Thank you for being there, and guiding us (the sisterhood) while we learn to LIVE with cancer! STAY WELL AND STRONG!

  27. Beautiful Kris, I just wanted to say that even though you haven’t given birth to your own child you are a mother. A mother is always there when you need her, giving good advise, there when things are good and bad, setting a good example, putting others first when needed, and learning sharing and teaching young and old. You are certainly all of that and more !!! Whatever your path is you are certainly an exceptional person with so much to offer to all. Thank You!!!

  28. Sweet Kris…How bitter sweet…Theresa said it well! You are a mother and sister to so many people, not only giving good advice but really showing that you CAN turn around this dis-ease and setting a wonderful example. BRAVO! I too have done this (as you know) and I have been free 15 years! Congrats on living your life the healthiest you can..mind body and spirit!

    Can you see and feel that rock melt and soften?

    Sending you palace of possibilities!!!!

  29. Hola Kris!
    Happy New Year!
    I hope you and ur loved ones (all Carr´s included) spend a beautiful time during Xmas and beyond :-)

  30. Kris, such wonderful news! Your spirit is inspiring and contagious. I often say it’s those who have met the greatest challenges that help most in guiding the rest of us along the way. Always know and remember how blessed we are to have you. I know you feel the same about us.

    Keep smiling – it lights a glorious path for us all!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  31. You are truly a breath of fresh air! Congrats on your great news!

  32. for life is not a paragraph :)

    Wonderful news, to all of us that watch you and inspire us to kick some ass.


  33. That is such wonderful news! I have followed your story since the beginning. I am so inspired at all you have accomplished and how strong you are since your were first diagnosed. If only others could be as strong and determined as you. I wish you all the best! You are such an inspiration.

  34. Big big CONGRATS! saw your newest post on the way to my next to last “Elmo” (won’t call it chemo) apt…in the process of kicking stage 4 colon cancer’s butt (hmmm that’s kinda funny)! you have certaintly inspired me with your books and posts as I’ve traveled this journey. the ick “C” for sure changes your life…but its up to us to decide if it changes it for better or worse! love love the crazy sexy cancer cowgirls out there!

  35. I am so happy for you! I know just how scarey it is to go the doctor and then wait to hear the news! You are an inspirtation to me because no matter what you are facing you always have a upbeat attitude! You have helped me to look at my cancer through different eyes! I thank you for that too! Life only gets better each new day as I realize what a awesome gift each new breath is!!! You are amazing and I am praying you have a very blessed New Year!!!! and Merry Christmas!!

  36. Fabulous news (except for maybe the rocks, but you can build things with rocks, ya know?)

    More time between scans is always a welcome prospect. Your good news comes as I round the corner into what I *hope* will be my last year of cancer follow-up scans in Q3 of 2012 after a 2005 NET diagnosis….. more juice, please! :)

  37. HOORAY — nothing like a doctor’s visit that displays STABILITY. I have one coming up on Thursday and I’m trying to stay positive and upbeat and not play out the possible scenarios in my head. I can’t control the future…as much as I try occasionally, I’ll admit.

    And I can really truly relate to the baby issue. I contend with the same decisions, similar (but not the same) reasons I’ve been warned off of being pregnant myself. I’ve miraculously made peace with it. I suppose it helps that there is so much adoption in my husband’s family already. If/when we’re ready to add to our brood, we’ll probably go that route.

    Thanks for your inspirational words and your honesty!

  38. I Can add my happiness for my recent scan (very goooood results!) to yours!

    In Italy we use to say: “Aiutati che Dio t’aiuta” (Help yourself and God will help you!) so now I know that this motto is real!

    Thank you so for your example and inspiration!

  39. Kris, I’ve been thinking about your post for days. I feel your pain about the kiddo news. Infertility was my cancer. I struggled with it for years before I was able to throw it out to the God’s and accept that whatever will be will be. I’m so happy to hear you are doing the same.

    Now I am living a wonderful life sans kids. Primo support systems, tons of faith, and care and feeding of the God pod still offer many other awesome benefits. Keep running the race, girl, it is so worth it!

  40. YAY!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!! Love you Kris!!!

  41. Bravo! . . . very happy for you Kris and all those in similar shoes who you inspire.

  42. congrats on the great news!! here’s to health, happiness, holidays, and green juices : )

  43. There have been a few couples in my life who have been like “second parents” to me. My memories have been so very fond of their love and friendship over the years. I hope you find the joy of “adopting” people. Also, I wish you could have come to my wedding, we would have loved to have you as our guests!

  44. If I were in your possition I would go straight to Tlacote,Mexico and get some free
    healing water.Its just very pure water that is 10% lighter than normal water.
    It has cured 1000’s including Cancer.

  45. So Good To Hear The GREAT NEWS>>>>>> and you are looking healthier than ever.
    On The Kiddo issue:
    I did finally adopt myself…and truly it is my soul mate Baby… best miracle ever…TRULY a gift…
    He is 3.5 yrs old now and I just turned 50. Voila! :)

  46. I just discovered you, and so glad I did. You’re movie is just gorgeous. I cried when your mum had a few tears before the wedding. I can’t even imagine what she must have been thinking.

    We are all so very lucky to have such a brilliantly inspiring woman like you in our lives.

    Thank you

  47. Hey Kris,
    I am a three year breast cancer survivor and a friend recently turned me on to your work. I love it and it has helped me continue on my journey to optimal health after cancer. I will be graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in a few weeks and your work has helped me focus the direction that I want to take my holistic nutrition counseling practice and that is to work with cancer survivors. Your book Crazy Sexy Diet is fabulous and I have been recommending it to my clients.

    I also wanted to tell you that I have two beautiful girls that I adopted from South Korea in 1996 and 1998. At the time that I was going through infertility, I could not understand why it was happening to me but now I know – my two girls were meant to be with me. It was not an accident. I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope you find peace around the “baby” issue!

  48. Oh so Fabulous news Kris! I knew it would be so! As far as being a mama, I send you much love and many blessings as you think about your decision.

    I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of my Crazy Sexy Diet book! In the meantime, I’ve been juicing like a crazy woman and have cut out the sugar. I already feel so much better even after just 5 days. Whoo Hoo!! Thanks so much for all you do.


    Mary Jane xo

  49. It was so good to read this post, and that you can be so open and honest about your journey. I unfortunately missed my window for having children, due to coping with and through a long health crisis. My husband and I discussed alternatives, and have decided to remain as we are (except for ongoing menagerie of fur babies!). Both of us work with children, adolescents – he, as a social worker; myself as a psychotherapist who works with eating disorders. He teaches guitar, I dance. Our lives are full and happy! I may have a few bad days..mother’s day to name one; but I know how to move through difficult times, the struggles we have had made us stronger individually and as a couple. Only now, a few years out..am I starting to actually see some gifts from the experience..although like I think you said in the documentary..I would never call the experience a gift, cause I wouldn’t want to ever give it or wish it on anyone! Best to you and however you precede.

  50. Hi Kris,
    My sister was diagnosed with EHE 2 months ago and just had a below the knee amputation a few hours ago. I started reading about your journey with the disease. I look forward to reading your book( and hope my sister will do the same)! She loves/lives to work and her diet needs much improvement. I feel that no matter what I say, she has to be the one to say “I’m going to live life differently.” God Bless…. Your outlook is very inspiring!

  51. Thank you Kris for the encouragement. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4. I just turned 31 years old. I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old. I wanted to ask you if you did any conventional treatment during those 9 years? I am juicing too but I wanted to ask you what else can I do to overcome this situation. I have two small children. Ages 7 and 2.

    Please let me know you thoughts.

    Thank you

  52. Kris, You are one of the most amazing and inspiring human beings I have ever encountered! I see you living a very long, healthy, happy inspiring life! Seems you agreed to be the forerunner, the cheerleader for so many souls who need your beautiful words, your beautiful face to embody grace and courage. Love, Maureen

  53. Dear Kris,
    The well you feel, is not lucky, is that you took your time to help others. and that is what matters the most.
    I am very glad I was directed to your videos.
    We all have a mission, and you took yours at the very best.
    Please, keep it going.
    Thank you

  54. Hi Kris, I am glad everything is good with the scan. You are an amazing woman. When your first book came out, crazy, Sexy Cancer I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer with 10% tall cell variant. Needless to say I was really scared but you and all of your books have helped me tremendously. It has been 5 1/2 years since I was diagnosed. Thank you so much and have continued good health. I’ll keep you in my prayers, Debby