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This Crazy Sexy healthy lifestyle is all well and good at home, but how the heck do you take it on the road? Answer: forward thinking and planning ahead. I don’t know about you, but my job requires lots of travel. I have a choice: I can let my health fall apart, or I can do my best to stay balanced in unfamiliar territory. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of bum f@ck nowhere, it can be a mind-bending challenge to keep clean and green. Check out my top tips that help me care for my love-a-liscious self while on the go.

1. Amazing Grasses: If you can’t get a green juice, this tasty powder is your next best option.


Amazing Grass

2. Magic Bullet blender: This little blender is the perfect size for your suitcase. Roll up to the local grocery store or farmers market, grab a few smoothie items and whirl.

magic bullet

3. Vegetarian smart phone apps: There are so many cool ones to choose from. My favorites are VegWeb (for simple & delicious recipes) and Vegan Steven (helps me locate veg-friendly restaurants and grocery stores anywhere!), and VeganXpress (helps me find vegan dishes at a variety of restaurants).

Veggie Cafe Restaurant

4. My supplement case: I adore the Roam Wellness Travel Pak. It’s so perfect for travel.

Wellness Pak

5. Jump ropes and yoga mats: Call ahead to see if your hotel has a gym. If not, come prepared. Even 15 minutes will do and you will feel much better and brighter.


Jumping Rope

6. Substitutions: Politely asking the waiter to pull this side from that entrée and use this dressing from that salad… Charm will get you everywhere. Asking for the restaurant to meet your dietary needs does not make you annoying – it’s HOW you ask that counts. Rude folks get spit and lard in their soup. FYI, ethnic restaurants always have the best options. Also, don’t forget to ask for a vegetarian meal on the plane and if the food is crappy – just skip it all together. A little fasting never hurt anyone. Plus, did you know that eating while flying can make ya stuffy, aka constipated? Make sure to stay wicked hydrated and just say no to soda and pasteurized juice. H2O is the way to go.


diner receipt

7. Sleep: No matter how crazy my schedule gets I never compromise on sleep. Bring a leopard eye mask and hit the pillow for your nightly 8 hours.


Sleeping Mask

8. Super Witch Bath: My friend Ellen, (the most amazing cranial sacral massage therapist and so much more) gave me this dynamite recipe. I use after coaching sessions and travel. Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt, ½ cup of raw apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and a few drops of lavender in a warm tub and soak your cares away. Great for removing acid and anything you’re holding onto emotionally. Just ask for it to melt away…ahhh…


Bath Tub

9. Chiropractic adjustments and a deep tissue massage: There’s nothing better to set me right after trains, planes and automobiles. In fact, I worship my gals at Woodstock Integrative.


Massage Table

10. Spice Packs, Cooler & Utensils: These odds and ends help me insure that I always have the tools I need when I need them! If my meal needs some pizzazz at a restaurant, I have my trusty spice packs on hand, which I keep in little recycled spice containers. Usually, I’ll pack some sea salt, garlic powder, Spice Hunter’s Zip Blend, and Stevia. I keep them together in a plastic bag and store them in my purse. I also keep a small cooler in the car for juices and smoothies on the go. And last but not least, I bring my to-go ware in case I need utensils. That way, I can eat my chow anywhere and I’m giving some love and respect to mother earth by skipping the plastic guys!


11. Chlorella: This super duper little supplement is great for detoxing radiation après flying. I up my dose when hurtling through the air in a metal tube.



12. Sauna: I gave myself an infrared sauna for a birthday present a few years ago. It’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving (and reducing cellulite!).


Photo Credits: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Peace & the open road,

Kris Carr

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29 responses to Love List: Staying healthy on the road…
  1. I could SO live in that sauna during a long VT winter–with my “Magic Bullet” blender. Happy, happy.

  2. I just purchased the same sauna above and can’t wait to try it out! What a great gift to yourself :)

  3. I will be spending time in it today for sure (sauna). Happy sept 1st!

  4. Great tip about the chlorella: Thanks!

  5. I’m curious as to what dosage of chlorella that you take when you are flying vs. normally. I fly more than I’d like so I’d like to help my body out a bit, not to mention my kids who travel too. Thanks Kris. Your posts are excellent!! Pam

  6. Everything sounds great to me! :) I could go for that massage right about now! :) I hope you had a great bday! XOXO

  7. OMG – these are awesome tips!!!! I will use these for my travel days – even if they are going to be reduced! Thanks!!!!! :)

  8. This is a wonderful post. I am reading them all and the vlogs.. I cannot wait to have my own not basicmissions computer to keep in better choice. Sept starts on the road time for me so I am so grateful for you good infor. Miss and love you all. Callie

  9. great tips Kris! i have the tribest small travel size blender that i take everywhere with a cooler full of greens too! j :)

  10. Ooh, great idea for a post! I’m a gypsy at heart, so this is a familiar predicament. A girl can only survive on dehydrated food and sunflower seeds for so long. It’s important to be self-reliant and bring all essentials. Some other stuff I’ve found helpful: travel spice kits, coolers (road trips: I bring a big one and refill it w/ ice, stopping for essentials at grocery stores), a water stash/water bottle, tupperware & your own utensils (to avoid take-out necessity). I also keep emergency snacks in the glove compartment, for when I’m miles from nowhere and starving. Who wants a Slim Jim in that situation? Bleck. Speaking of middle of nowhere (at times, my favorite place): I think that veggie cafe (in photo…Ojo Caliente, yeah?) no longer exists. Bummer! The, though, springs are still steamy and fabulous.

  11. Great post – I needed to read this – I am leaving for Italy on the 17th! At least now I know I can keep myself in tune while crossing the Atlantic – thanks so much!

  12. 😛 My brain is wrong. I saw the words Magic Bullet and didn’t see the word Blender… I thought probably does make a good stress reliever for travelling…Sorry! :)

  13. This stewardess greatly appreciates these tips..I often wondered how you did your juicing..bravo

  14. love this list! so very helpful. do you use any oils (lavender, rosemary) while on a plane? just curious b/c i heard they help as well. xo

  15. Thank you so much for a wonderful list with wonderful tips!

  16. I love my magic bullet! It is so much fun and i jump at the opportunity to make smoothies with it! Thanks for this love list, very useful and as always its an awesome read. much love!

  17. Awesome !!! My traveling days are pretty much over but am always running around town rescuing feral cats and can’t always find healthy places to grab a bite to eat….I bookmarked the Green Super Food/ and Magic Bullet Blender. I plan to buy both.
    Adorable shot of the sleeping pooch.

  18. Oooo, the bath sounds DIVINE!! Now I just got one question: When you say lavender do you mean in its fresh version, dried version or the essence?
    Thank you!! <3

  19. Love the iPhone app tip.

    I got a Tribest but that needs an electrical outlet. I would so love to get a Magic Bullet since it is battery run – 50 blends for one charge…that is prob enough for even a two-week trip to somewhere that has a different voltage from your own country.

    You write the best advice, Kris.

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these tips and for sharing them right NOW, when I am off to NYC and London from SFO very soon. I was planning to try fasting on the overseas leg and am just going to DO it already! My mom SWEARS that fasting on the plane stops her jet lag, too. 😉

  21. Does anyone know a store on upper west side, NYC, where i can buy a Magic BUllet for my visit there in a week? It’s too heavy to carry in my suitcase! thanks

  22. Thank you! These are extremely helpful for me. I am great at prepping meals but always struggled with what to do on the road. The Magic Bullet is a fantastic idea and I love the idea of keeping a cooler and utensils in my trunk! I’m new to the vegan lifestyle so this is an immense help;)

    Lorri Weisen
    Greenbody Greenplanet Organic Hair Care

  23. Pleaase send me instructions for a detox and send me your newsletter… Heard about you from Yvette Ulloa!!!


    Lorraine Morales
    Tucson, Az i85715

  24. These are fantastic ideas! But what if you’re living abroad? Like in China. I want to adopt this life style soooo bad but I just don’t see how it’s possible. Of course there are tons of veggies and fruits everywhere. But who knows what chemicals are on them. I’ve never noticed organic foods in the grocery store. I know organic is prefered but what if it’s not possible? I’m moving to a bigger city in January and I’m hoping it’s a bit more western and civilized. Fingers crossed!!

  25. Wow! I had no idea I’m being exposed to more radiation while flying. I had to look it up.

  26. Wonderful list! I’m heading out on a trip in about a week, and came across this while reading the “Crazy Sexy Manifesto.” Thanks!

  27. Good tips for flying. Thank you Kris.

  28. I love you Kris Carr.

    What are your takes on stevia, by the way? I’ve read conflicting material, but I am completely free of all refined sugar and have been for a long time. Would be nice to have the stevia option, I’ve gone back and forth on it. Love this piece, btw, thanks for sharing your glowing light and contagious vibrancy :) wellness and love to you!

  29. Hi Kris. I am so enjoying learning, reading and meeting you on the web…via my laptop. I would love to sign up for your ebook…but I don’t own an e-reader. I don’t really enjoy spending a lot of time on the laptop…I have a new job that requires computer interface all day.
    Question: Other than my tiny iphone and the tiresome laptop…is there any other way I can read your ebook?