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You are what you eat, but you’re also what you put on your skin. Everything we lather on our pores is absorbed into our bloodstream! So if you wouldn’t gobble it up, think twice about rubbing it on your beautiful bod. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your beauty products? Can you even pronounce half the words in the ingredient list? My pal, Stacy Malkan at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, has helped to open my eyes to the dangers of the chemicals in our makeup bags, showers and bathroom cabinets.

It’s time to vote with your dollar (and trash bin while you’re cleaning out the junk that may be lurking in your home) by investigating everything from your mascara to your bar of soap. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database is super helpful in weeding out the yucky stuff. Just type in the brand name of a product and voilà! You’ll get the facts on what to keep and what to toss. It’s so easy!

Here’s some food for thought, the average consumer babe uses between 15-25 personal care products per day! Many of those products contain hundreds of dangerous synthetic chemical compounds. Chemicals like parabens, which are synthetic preservatives found in shampoos, make-up foundations, shaving gels and even food, have a chemical structure similar to estrogen that interferes with production of the body’s natural hormones and more importantly, containing potential links to cancer.

Unlike (most of the) food and drugs we ingest, the cosmetic industry requires NO pre-market safety tests, monitoring or labeling. That’s right, due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually ANY ingredient into personal care products. The European Union has made major advances in the regulation of cosmetics in the past several years and has banned the use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction in cosmetic products. Unfortunately, the US hasn’t yet followed in these footsteps! With statistics like 1/3 of all men and half of all women will have cancer by 2050, it’s important to investigate how exposures in our daily lives increase the risk of cancer.

Here’s some of my fave natural beauty products. Add yours in the comments section so that we can educate each other on what’s hot and healthy!


-Peace Keeper Causemetics Lip Paint & Gloss
-Lavera Mascara
-100% Pure Mascara
-La Bella Donna Lip Gloss & Eye Shadow
-RMS Cream Eye Shadow
-Glo Minerals Medium Concealer
-Vapour Foundation & Concealer
-Larenim Powder
-Cheeky Lip Balm & Lip Gloss


Face & Body:
Nutiva Coconut Oil (perfect body butter post-shower)
-Simply Divine You Glow Girl Body Butter
-Dr. Alkaitis Makeup Remover
-John Masters Pomegranate Nourishing Facial Oil
-Alba Botanica Sea Salt Body Scrub
-Farmaesthetics Nourishing Herbal Cream
-Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-in-One Baby Soaps
-Pangea Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Body Oil

Nail Polish

No Miss Nail Care
Almost Natural Nail Polish Remover
Acquarella Nail Polish

scissors and comb

Hair Products:
-Nurture My Body Shampoo & Conditioner
-Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Pomade
-Korres Shampoo & Conditioner
-Giovanni Natural Mousse
-Intelligent Nutrients Finishing Gloss

Making a commitment to finding the healthiest products for your body impacts many different areas of our lives. In addition to being good for you, natural products are better for the planet! Plus, natural products aren’t tested on our animal pals. Pooches, bunnies and other loving critters will thank you too!

What healthy products do you love? Please share with your fellow crazy sexy sisters!

Peace & lip-smacking gloss,
Kris Carr

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Kris Carr

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38 responses to Love List: Hot & Healthy Beauty Products
  1. Hey everyone! There is a gorgeous product from Norwex Envrio Products. It’s a special cloth that removes make-up, cleans your face, exfoiliates, etc., with just water. The other health products rock, too. Changed my life. Thank you for the other suggestions. Always looking for great make-up that is safe. xo

  2. Thank you, Kris! I’m new to learning about safe cosmetics. I appreciate the list you provided of the products you like. It’s a good place for me to start! Peace. XO

  3. Love Clark’s Botanicals facial cleanser (pricy, but lasts forever)! Thanks for the list, Kris! You rock!

  4. Great info Kris – you are such an incredible inspiration! Also check out this great line and more to come. These ladies are wonderful and their products are too! I especially love the lip balms!

  5. I like Giovanni’s Magnetic Energizing Shampoo and Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild soap. I also like Bella B Tummy Honey cream, but I don’t have stretch marks!

  6. My kids use piggy paint nail polish, and I sometimes use it too.

  7. I really love Arbonne products!

  8. Have you ever tried using plain old olive oil as a body moisturizer? It’s so awesome! And doesn’t leave an oily residue! So good :)

  9. Nails:



    Other skin co’s
    Living Libations
    RMS Beauty
    Dr. Alktaitis
    Tata Harper

  10. Oooh, I love this post! I am such a beauty product person! :) I love 100%Pure’s stuff. I could literally eat their body washes and lotions and the makeup is awesome! Oh and Zoya nail polish, the colors are fab!!! :) Thanks for the tips, I am going to check out some of this stuff! XOXO

  11. Great post. I pass this info around all the time!! It’s a must! Loving you Kris!

  12. Wonderful awesome post with some great recommendations. What about hair color? I’m not ready to let the gray out quite yet…:-)

  13. Amazing! Keep the suggestions coming gals. We’ll update this post accordingly — so great that we can share the knowledge to help our sisters create a healthy beauty regime!
    xo k

  14. I am also a big Arbonne fan as well. BTW – I tried the Giovanni deep conditioner the other night. Wow! It left my hair so soft and got rid of all the frizz – way cool stuff!
    Love all the new product ideas – I will be trying them out for sure!
    J :)

  15. Organic Rose Hip oil around the eyes and on the forehead is a fabulous wrinkle smoother. It’s also great for minimizing scars!

  16. I use Tressesntals face wash, it’s USDA organic, smells sweet and will event remove make up. Gives me a squeky clean feeling without over drying, only problem I have with it is it’s made on the east coast and I like on the west coast!
    I’d love to try Dr. Alktaitis, but it’s so expensive!

  17. my favorites are anything by Pangea Organics and Tilvee has the best lip balm ever (tastes like chocolate!)

  18. There’s a new company in Chicago with great soap, body wash and lotions. The scents are incredible – no perfumes, not too strong. And the lotions sink in without leaving you too goopy!

  19. I don’t think they sell makeup yet, but Bubble & Bee is great for body products!

  20. Thank you Kris for your beautiful self and for being such a tireless champion for health and truth!


  21. Hi I love this site they sell natural extracts and they teach you how to make your own cosmetics….the only problem is that is in french and spanish….sorry for my English but I am from Chile…big love and life to all

  22. I love Etsy for vegan, chemical-free products. Lots there and it’s nice to support sellers who care about having your business! :)

  23. You should check out the Intelligent Nutrient line of products by Horst Rechelbacher.

  24. I’m wondering what hair dye, if any, you are using Kris. In addition to your beautiful blonde hair, the pink stripe in your hair is very cute; are they derived from natural products?

    • I too am looking for a natural hair dye!!??

      • Yes i would also like to know about her hair color. I am in the beauty industry and am pretty sure the blonde is not all natural, sooo i hope she will share her source for blonde hair lightening. I have all of Kris’s books and just ordered her new cookbook, she is an awesome inspiration to many. Just got a crapola biopsy that has confirmed a new second breast cancer ,so i am re-visiting all of Kris’s books.

        • Hi Green Cowgirl,

          Did you ever get a reply to your question regarding natural hair dye?

          • I’m very surprised that this question has never been answered. I feel that perhaps it’s being avoided. Maybe Kris will shed some light on this after all this time.

            Pssst… hey Kris… some of us ladies out here would like to know about the hair dye that you use, cuz if it’s good enough for you, I bet we’d like it too!

  25. This is *just* the kind of post I’ve been searching all over the internet for. I’m trying to revamp my bathroom drawers with natural products but have had trouble finding solid recommendations for brands to trust and try.

    Thanks for insight Kris! This is fantastic!

  26. Hi Kris,
    I just successfully completed treatment for breast cancer. I’ve have been working hard to overhaul all the products I use on my body and in my home. ‘m over whelmed with trying to find non toxic products that work. I love this list but was wondering if you could provide an updated 2013 list.
    I’m most interested in:
    make up- mascara, foundation, eyeshadow etc.
    Hair- shampoo and conditioner
    face products- moisturizer, eye creams etc.

  27. Great list! Curious.. What is your go-to product for dry, winter-skin hands? Thanks for all you do! xo

    • I have have been using Clearly Natural® Essentials “Vitamin E Pure and Natural Glycerine Hand Soap” this winter (the coldest in some time) and have had great success with the eczema on my hands. While they are still somewhat dry at times, I believe this soap has helped to prevent the deep and painful cracks on my fingers that I normally get this time of year. I purchased it at my local natural health food store for under $5.

  28. Liz said on April 3, 2014

    This is a topic most women are interested would be great if you can fill us in with more affordable options for us to be beautiful the nontoxic way :) especially hair dye

  29. Hi Kris! Thank you for sharing all of this amazing advice…it is wonderful receiving this advice from someone we know we can trust 110%! I would be very grateful to see an updated list of your favorite products..I am looking to makeover all of my products! Thank you in advance! Lots of love! <3

  30. I know this comment is rather late to the party, but I can’t find anywhere where you talk about safe “perfumes” or some kind oil, etc. that can be used as perfume. I’m desperate to find a line or a couple manufacturers who create this. Can anyone help? I guess there used to be a maker called Agape & Zoe naturals but they seem to have closed shop because their website is gone.