Love List: Crazy Sexy CAT scans tips


Hi Spiritual Marathon Runner!

This week’s Love List is all about the simple things that help me make a shitty day (canSer check-ups) a little easier. I bet lots of you know exactly what I mean. On Friday, I’ll be vlogging about the best tool I’ve found to cope with the fear. Until then I hope you enjoy my list! Share your tips/tricks if you’re moved to do so…


1. The flowers that Brian picked and placed in the car for our very long drive. Just when I thought he wasn’t romantic – bam!

2. Sports bras with no metal so I don’t have to strip down to nothing and wear a gown. Plus, ya ever notice how cold the CAT scan room is? Headlights galore!


3. Trash magazines. Who the heck can focus on a highbrow novel while sitting in the waiting room at the canSer hut? Not moi! Bring it J-Lo. Hola Snooki.

4. A nice hotel with a King size bed and really expensive movies. We make scan night in Boston date night – a fancy dinner and a room with style help take the edge off (bathtub included…ahhh Epsom salt and lavender).


5. Red Super Girl underwear with stars. Um, need I say more? I think not.

6. Bringing an extra green juice for after my scan. The shit they pump into me sucks, but the greens I pump into me when they’re done help move the garbage out.

Dana Farber

7. My amazing oncologist who continues to help me cope with living with canSer. Seven years later, he’s still suggesting that I do nothing (meaning no conventional treatment). Many oncologists would have pushed drugs by now. No thanks. Make juice not war baby!

8. The fabulous (and more than likely gay) tech who suggested I take a few Ativan and listen to Streisand if I ever find myself in need of an MRI (they take longer). What a wonderful way to kill the time!


9. The post scan vacation Brian and I took with the whole Fassett clan in Cape Cod! My nieces and nephews ROCK.

Off for a run…

Peace and nuclear medicine,

Kris Carr

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27 responses to Love List: Crazy Sexy CAT scans tips
  1. Hey Gorgeous!
    Awesome list! Just had my scan two weeks ago and man, do I need those Supergirl underpants! LOL Loved all your tips – scan day totally unnerves me, but next time I am going to go for it totally prepared Crazy Sexy Cowgirl style – so glad you had an awesome vacation. :)

  2. Ahhhh I love you! Your posts just make me so ‘up’ its amazing. I love your energy.

  3. you are such an inspiration. I love that often times its those little things that matter the most especially in retrospect and this just reminded me of how to shift my focus and see those I love lists in every moment, savor each moment. thanks goddess!

  4. so inspirational… Love your style!!

  5. Thanks loves! Hey, if you need those panties they are made by a company called Isis. :)

  6. inspiring really, thank you.

  7. What a wonderful list. You’re truly inspirational; thank you for blessing us through your journey :) xxx

  8. LOVE ya sooooooooooo much Kris…
    I love your list and your tips… The super girl underwear are awesome but your Brian is #1 and the flowers in the car just melted my heart… he is so sweet. Please send him a big big hug for being so wonderful to you!
    can’t wait for your Friday vlog. xoxo

  9. On scan days I usually drive out to the beach (substitute gorgeous natural setting of your choice as appropriate). Sometimes I just sit in my car and watch the water until I feel more human again.

    And trash magazines. Trash magazines definitely fit the bill on scan days!

  10. I go to MD Anderson, and my cousins live 5 miles away from there, so I stay there. They help me chillax. While they aren’t on the health kick I am, it does help to have an occasional mixed drink afterward since I don’t get the results for a few days afterwards. LOVE the supergirl undies. I also agree with the trash mags. I also like to play celebrity look alike with myself. It helps having a scan if I can make the tech look kinda like George Clooney or Andy Garcia.

  11. Congrats again on a great scan! I had to get a few in my life with Crohn’s.. Don’t you love that feeling of having to pee during the! Or maybe that’s a CT scan..? Or are they the same? I need google!

  12. What a beautiful and inspiring way to move through fear…

  13. I am totally getting those panties – thanks for the company info, Kris!

  14. Would LOVE to know the name of your oncologist at Dana-Farber. 23-yr-old son just got diagnosis; we may want to head to D-F for second opinion, treatment. Feel free to reply offline. Hugs to you on CAT scan day.

  15. You are such a bright person.

    Lots of love to you!

  16. Ah the joys of contrast dye! Getting a CT next week so thank you for the reminder to make some extra green juice for AFTER!

  17. Yay you!! This is the best news and list!! Luv ya!

  18. Im laughing my ass off – I too HAVE super girl underwear and I put them on whenever I do something “scary” ( I have multiples!) Too funny! And yay for BF and romance :) I have an MRI in my future and you can bet I’ll have the SG undies and the Ativan/Babs cocktail! Love you! Thanks for the list, lots of good, positive stuff, girl.

  19. Have to get the panties! So the next time I say ” I am putting on my big girl panties and dealing with this.” I will have these to wear. I just wish we could read a magazine in the MRI machine.

  20. Awesome list!! I love your approach to this stressful time!! You rock lady and I’m so glad to hear it all turned out fantastically!

  21. Kris – I love your style. This is a wonderful post and I love the super girl panties. I will get some too.

  22. I love Belleruth Naperstek’s guided…..I just see those little suckers disappearing!Her voice could walk u off a cliff willingly!!

  23. Thank you for the list Kris. I will review it before I go for my mammogram and on to the oncologist. Hoping for 2 years cancer free. Then again in October when I head for my liver scan. (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis)

  24. Thank your for the list dear Kris. You continue to inspire us all. Thank your for sharing your wisdom with grace and humour. I am also expecting good news on my upcoming MRI (brain).
    Lots of love, ma chérie!Hoping to see you in eastern Canada some day!

  25. I have scans on Monday and am freaking right now! Thanks for the list.

  26. Beginning my juicing journey, and hoping that is buys me some time….thanks Kris for the motivation!

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