Letting Love Shine In From All Sources

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One of the most awesome things about love is that there are so many different kinds. The love we feel for family, friends, pets, fellow human beings we don’t even know, ourselves, those we’re in love with, those we used to be in love with, and on and on. With all this love around us and in us, it’s amazing that somehow it seems so easy to let troubles within the realm of our romantic world overshadow the wealth of love flowing from all other areas of our lives.

It’s definitely painful when we go through a breakup, a separation, or when we love in vain. But changing our perspective a bit on this could help make it much easier to get through, and help us to clearly receive the gifts and lessons offered from a particular situation. It may also help to heal a situation you thought might have been unfixable, simply by helping you to see it in a different way.

If you’re like me, when you love, you love big and without holding back. That’s not always easy. It can be tempting to get so swallowed up in romantic anguish that we fall short of seeing how much great love is all around, all the time. Been there, done that. But I’ve learned that when we feel heartache, that’s the time to be even more open to recognizing and receiving the wealth of love that is always available to us from so many places, especially from within ourselves, to support us and guide us.

I had my first big breakup the day I graduated from high school (yep, the timing was a major bummer). At the time, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to breathe again, let alone love anyone. I felt completely empty and unlovable, and stayed in that place for almost three years. When I look back on it now all these years later, I can completely see how, in the midst of my heartache, I was totally oblivious and closed off to all the other love in my life that was present for me. I can also see how I did the same thing several more times on a smaller scale throughout my 20s, before finally learning what those experiences were there to teach me. I seriously missed out! Had I allowed myself to be open to seeing and feeling the abundance of love that was in my life in so many ways, things would have been so much easier, and I’d have come out of the dark a lot faster.

Last summer, I jumped last-minute onto a flight to Hawaii with a super cool flight attendant friend and spent two days sitting on the sand, swimming in the ocean, and exploding with pure joy every time the sun hit my face (seriously awesome!). I was facing some difficult decisions within my romantic life, and needed to take some time to catch my breath, and to allow myself the freedom and space to sort through a few necessary messes I was creating (sometimes making a complete and total mess out of something can be the right way to fix it).

While in Hawaii, my friend allowed me to ramble on about what I was working through, and really, really listened to me, without judgment, which was pretty amazing. We laughed, talked for hours, and acted a little on the crazy side. I felt infinitely loved and supported, which was exactly what I needed. I also felt empowered and loved by myself for having taken the trip to begin with.

I returned from my beach jaunt with a more open heart. I began to again breathe in the love that was present in every area of my life. I felt super joyful and full of gratitude. Once I found myself back in the space of recognizing the abundance of love in my life, all the other crap I was sorting through seemed to work itself out like magic. Funny how that happens!

There is so much joy to be found if we learn to allow even more love to shine in to our lives from infinite sources, and if we learn to more openly and freely give our love on a wider variety of levels. Focusing on this has also allowed me to open my heart and mind to feeling big-time gratitude for all the love I’ve experienced throughout my life, including lost love (which is never actually lost). I’ve been able to create awesome, positive change simply by shifting my view so I actually see love coming at me from all directions, and by allowing myself to take it in. I’ve also become even more open to the idea that everything always happens exactly the way it’s meant to, and in its own time.

I now choose to look for and allow in the huge, glowing light and love that is all around and within me, all the time. There are few things more uplifting. If you look, you’ll see it everywhere. Give. Receive. Feel the glow. Let all kinds of love light up your world.

Kristi Blicharski is a happiness and success catalyst working to help others create joy and live their happiest life. She’s a speaker, writer, and empowerment teacher, and offers online classes, articles, and more good stuff.

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4 responses to Letting Love Shine In From All Sources
  1. Wow. Kristi..this is a great piece written with sincere love, which is exactly the point from my perspective. Amazing I needed this. As a friend who needs love and as a friend who shares love, I needed to hear this. I hope we see more from you.

  2. This couldn’t have come at a better time, Kristi. Today would have been a seven year anniversary, had I not decided to end a relationship several years ago. Thanks for offering an expanded and uplifting perspective. While I am pretty good about holding one myself, it always seems that the universe provides extra support when we wobble a bit — and today I was feeling a tad wobbly, until I read your post. Thanks for helping me stand strong in my decision and in the new possibilities that await :)

  3. Thanks Cory & Wendy! So happy the post was good timing. Love is everywhere! xo

  4. Loved this, Kristi! Love seems to be a reaccuring theme for me lately too. It seems everywhere I turn, love is being talked about and embraced. Clearly, I’m hanging with the right folks these days! Love simply and wholly. Love thy neighbor. Love yourself (most importantly). Love the annoying lady in the check-out line.. and so on. Keep up the great work! Love YOU!