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Hi juicy friends!

This week I am honored to have a super special guest, my hubby Brian. He’s the Master of the House, the Pharaoh of Breville, the Vitamix Whisperer and he’s here to give you some special tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy and have a brilliant weekend tootsies….

Peace & family kitchen time,

PS. We forgot to mention that we use purified water or coconut water or even almond milk to blend our smoothies. Lately we’ve been enjoying some almond butter in place of avocado in our blender disco. Oh my, it’s good. xo!

Kris Carr

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45 responses to The Juice & Smoothie King
  1. This vlog was SO much fun! LOL Love you two together – great team. :) Can’t wait to try Brian’s tips today juicing – love how he figured out how to get more out of it – I always feel like I have all these veggies and very little juice – very cool tips! Thanks – :)
    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Love this video!! You got me juicing, and you keep me juicing. Thanks!

  3. I look so forward to these.. I’m here at 6am watching you two..with my herbal coffee (good ph) and I’m having a blast.. you brought a little tiny tear of joy to my eye! Thank you – Happy Friday!

  4. Kris, you and Brian are too funny together…I loved it. You two beam off of each other. Great way to start Friday ( :

  5. What a cute couple! I can see that Brian prefers being behind the camera though. I can relate! Anyway, these are good tips. I never thought of rejuicing the fiber left over. Also, didn’t know you could put water into the juicer. Fantastic!

  6. Great tips! But my favorite part of this video is how adorable you two are. ^_^

    Thanks for a peak into green juice and smoothies!

  7. Thanks for sharing Kris! Already wrote down my new shopping list :)

  8. I just wanted to say that I have a hubby named Brian and work together in the morning too. He juices wheatgrasss and I make the green juice. Such a great tip to preserve it in a mason jar…saves so much time. Thanks a banana bunch! Love & hugs Amy Chase

  9. Hello, you guys were meant to be. what a “pair” both of you are. I enjoyed listening to you both and love the new idea on the frozen honeydew. I am on my to get juicing.

  10. You 2 are just too cute together… really an awesome crazy sexy couple…
    Thanks for the honeydew tip… it’s genius…I’m on my way to cut some up and freeze…
    Hugs to you, and of course to Brian and Lola too. xoxo

  11. Good to know I’m juicing the same combo. I love Swiss Chard in my juices. I think I will do pear instead of apple next week.
    I LOVE your t-shirt Kris!
    Happy Friday U2!

    LOVE IT.

  13. Hi Kris, Thank you! thank you! I make smoothies and juice just about every day, and need to mix it up up a bit, so as not to get the green juice blahs.

    Thank you and your “blender whisperer” special guest Brian.

    Love Kiki

  14. Thank you!

    Are you doing juice 2x per day in addition to a smoothie each day, or do you alternate so you have two glasses total?

  15. Keep my fingers crossed ALL WEEK hopin for a vlog and YAY there was another awesome one today! Yall are the best juice motivators of all time! Im steppin it up this next week.

  16. Great video! We juice and “smooth” every day, too! I always forget to juice romaine – good call. What kind of juicer do you use? I have a Breville and have read that the nutrients are at their best up to 15 minutes after juicing. Does putting it in the canning jar “preserve” it? Just curious because you keep your juice all day and I’ve been wondering if I need to look at other options when I replace my juicer down the road. Thanks!

  17. LOL, best v-log ever!!! You two are so cute! Mmm and now I want some juice!!! Thanks Brian for joining Kris!!!

  18. What kind of juicer do you use? My juicer has a harder time with leafy greens. I’ve done some research, but there are so many it is a little overwhelming! Thanks!

  19. Loved this vid; can’t wait to show it to my husband! We love juicing and making smoothies and raw soups together too. cheers, nancy, greater toronto

  20. Absolutely love this post …you guys are soooo cute together! Great tips too!
    Much love!xo

  21. wow. thank you so much!


  22. So much fun to watch you two sweet people. Thanks for sharing. Don’t smoothies suffice for the day? What is the reason you also juice? Just curious.

    Thank you!

  23. OMG – you two are beyond adorable and inspiring. Kris, I have been juicing/smoothying twice a day as per your recommendation and MAN does it make a difference! I’m never going back!

    Thanks for the love!


  24. Enjoyed watching the two of you – you’ve inspired me to try some new smoothies (I’ve been burned out)!!! I, too, love the honeydew melon. Try it with avocado, romaine/spinach and ginger!!!!

  25. What kind of juicer do you two use?

  26. love this video…..thank you so much! :)

  27. Love, love, love the vlog guys! You rock!

    Hugs, Tina

  28. AWESOME !!! I’m going to share this with all my friends and family. You two are great and being new to making smoothies [ I bought my first Vitamix a few weeks ago] I am still learning how to add different veggies/ fruit. Thanks for the info.
    Nice to see Brian. You are both such a FUN couple.

  29. You made me smile again 😀 Great guest, bring him over more often!

    And thanks for the tips on the green juices. We have been drinking green smoothies practically every day for almost two years. But after some unfortunate experiences, I gave up on green juices. I will try again using your recipe. Will see how it goes.

  30. Just today at work a manager told me she prefures to say feed to birds with one seed, which I thought was really cute.

  31. Hi, Y’all, thanks for all the comments. I blush green. (Hey YouTube, thanks for the freeze frame that makes me look like an eyeless mole pup).

    To your questions about which juicer. I know the purists say the masticating juicers like the Greenstar are the best for extraction, quality, and shelf life. We used one for a long time. Ultimately, though, it collects dust while our Breville ikon get’s the play simply because of the convenience. Centrifugal juicers are much faster than masticators. A bit easier to clean. The mouths tend to be much wider, so much less cutting prep.

    While I imagine there’s some truth to the tale that juice from centrifugals loose their potency quicker, I’m willing to bet it’s not nearly as severe a difference as the masticator salesmen say. To hear them tell it, you’re pouring empty nutrition – nay, poison – down your throat if you wait more than 15 minutes to drink your Breville. It’s also said that centrifugal juicers (and blenders) heat – and therefore kill – the enzymes…. Gimme a break…. ok, maybe a degree or two. But the stuff just came from your fridge! Heat isn’t a significant problem for enzymes until much hotter.

    But not to bash the Greenstar – ounce for ounce, it does get more juice out of most stuff you put through it – (although it blows for cukes). It’s also great for nut butters.

    I’m sure I’ll get barked at by somebody – but ultimately it’s about whether you’re going to bother juicing or not. And if a few minutes of convenience makes the difference, I vote for convenience….

    About the water thing: sometimes I’ll pour a few ounces of water into my pulp before putting it through the second time.

    Most important tip: Clean the damn juicer immediately! I’m sure you’ve all learned what a drag it is to let it get crusty….

  32. Great vlog!!!

  33. Thanks, I had a question about Peeling and Guess what? Your sweet Brian answered that Question! I love your Vlogs, keep em coming! Too cute, the way Brian looks at you in the beginning, such a guy look! love u both..BUGGS

  34. THANKS! Needed a mix-up with the juice/smoothie routine! Will try soon!!
    You guys rock!

  35. So, I am relatively new to blending with only 700 cycles on my Blendtec. What is your criteria for blending vs. juicing, does one machine provide health benefits that the other does not?


  36. Hey everyone! My husband and I are eating a mainly produce, vegan diet and having green juice each morning. To eat this way, we are spending more than $1,000/month on food each month! We do buy organic produce, and sometimes get a treat, but mainly just greens, fruit, sweet potatoes, and one or two packaged items like tortillas and salsa. Is this normal? We really need to reduce our food budget!

  37. Sorry, guys–but I’m totally the smoothie Queen. We should have a friendly competition sometime! Smoothies for charity!

  38. Thanks for the ideas. I have stopped jucing and only make smoothies.

  39. loved the vid… your bubbly personality just make me feel like I’ve known you forever. Cheers to green juice and smoothies! :)

  40. I ran the pulp through again like you suggested and happily saw a bunch more yumminess fill my glass! Thanks!

  41. Ok, well I both agree and disagree on the carrot issue. YES to vibrant green smoothies… keep the reds and oranges outta there! But since I crave fruits and veggies this color I make RED smoothies in the morning (green smoothies in the evening). My base for red smoothies is fresh beets and carrots and to this I’ll add banana, frozen blueberries, raspberries and/or strawberries, cantaloupe, green cabbage, fresh orange and/or lemon juice, ginger root, a smidge of fresh tumeric… you get the idea, whatever sounds good and looks pretty!

  42. What do you think about using a blender versus using a juicer? I have a new pretty nice blender and I don’t really want to buy a juicer right now. Does using one or the other make a difference?

  43. Hey Kris! Love your videos but also love the kale shirt you are wearing in this video. Any suggestions on where to purchase? Thanks!

  44. hello

    may i ask you about how many avocado that we can consume per day ( without have an effect to my weight -.- ( gain ) )
    i am curious because i already take flax seed everyday so i a little bit scared that i will consume too much of fat or not if i added avocado ? i am on plant-based diet . i read the china study and your book which is inspired me to go on this way :) thank you for inspiring me <3

    HONG :D:D:D

  45. Hi Kris! You are a warrior and an Angel to the World Thank you. Ok I used to juice with an extractor juicer the Omega..but then I realized I was losing vitamins …the pulp (correct if I am wrong) . So then I invested big bucks in the vitamix . I am confused please tell me how do I get the Most Nutrients for my Bucks… Peace Love your fan Victoria… Cool video of you and hubby