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Animal Lovah,

Today I’m sharing something that fills my heart with joy–the adoption of our dog-daughter, Lola. I’m sure many people have similar stories of finding a best friend/comrade in a dog or cat they found at a local shelter. These individuals have sweet souls, unique personalities, and infinite buckets of love to give. Lola has brought us more fulfillment than we ever could have expected when we brought her home from the Ulster County SPCA. Watch the vlog to meet the super pooch and visit to find a friend near you. Puppy mills suck, adoption rules! “Don’t you agree Lola?… Woof, woof, wag, wag!”

Peace and puppy love,

PS- Please share your pet adoption stories in the comments section!

Kris Carr

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  1. Cute dog!
    I’ve promised to ‘reward’ myself to finally get a dog at the shelter,once I get all my issues sorted out.
    From childhood I’ve always had this feeling,that if I ever were to have kids it be through adoption,since there are so many children in the world who need a loving home. So,the same definitely goes for animals!I’m gonna ‘adopt’ a dog hopefully soon too.
    Good luck with your newest familymember!:)

  2. Oh this is wonderful, I love it! Lola is so beautiful too :-) We have a rescue dog Bertie (and rescued guniea pig Eugene). Bertie was a stray on the streets and came to us with lots of sores and fur missing but now all his sores are gone and his fur is actually growing back in all the places it was missing from! We are so happy. He sees the homeopathic vet as well as the regular vet and he is healing too. When we first went to get him we thought he might be scared of the wheelchair or whatever but he jumped straight up on my lap and went to sleep and wouldn’t move…oh am getting all teary…he looks after me and won’t leave my side when L is out and once held me up in my wheelchair when I was falling and sillily didn’t have my seatbelt on or my panic button with me and he stopped me falling. He gets excited when we do yoga. He is going to be trained as a therapy dog and a service dog too. We love him our Bertie Bear! Love an hugs and looking forward to hearing all the rescue stories! Grace and Linus and Bertie and Eugene xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I have adopted stray cats and dogs from the street directly but I just wanted to say that for people who cannot commit to caring for an animal full-time, for their lifetime, you can make a difference by starting up Trap Neuter Return projects to help control stray populations who would otherwise end up gassed by animal control. I did my first trapping in Japan and it was stressful but easy! I wrote about it on my blog a couple of days ago but if you don’t fancy clicking through just google and you’ll find all the info you need.
    Adopting a pet is a beautiful thing to do, conducting neutering “expeditions” will help prevent those poor animals ending up in shelters in the first place.

  4. I have to rescue dogs, Jack and Faith. They are the heartbeat that greets me when I come home. I love them with every fiber of my being! I meet people in the street all the time and when I suggest they rescue and/or adopt from shelters, I always mention “the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner!” Lola is awesome, but that’s no surprise…so are you!

  5. vic said on July 30, 2010

    Hugs to sweet precious Lola. All our pets are from shelters. :-)

    Thank you so much for all that you do for all of us!

  6. sg said on July 30, 2010

    Adopt a pet and SAVE A LIFE! There is nothing better. Thanks Kris, this is a topic near and dear to my heart.
    NY people:

  7. Awesome blog – I had a beautiful adopted greyhound who passed away right before my diagnosis. Before she died, a sweet lost kitten wondered into my life who is now my joy. Animals make the world a better place – great message – adopting a pet saves a life!

  8. BTW – Lola is BEYOND adorable!
    Hugs – J

  9. Hi Lola! You are beautiful! And so are you, Kris! Thanks for the vlog. We desperately want to adopt but we live in a top floor apartment at the mo so it wouldn’t be fair. One day though :)

    Anyways, thank you! xxx

  10. Thank you Kris… I loved this weekly Vlog…
    My husband and I have 2 rescued cats and 2 rescued doggies and feel the same way.. They bring us MUCH Joy..
    Blessings :)

  11. Awww!! Lola is adorable!
    She seems so comfortable with you.You’ll both have piles of fun together.

  12. So true! Unconditional love from an animal is the best healing of all. I have two shelter kitties and my oldest, Lily, is quite a stunner. She’s part Siamese and has beautiful brown markings and big blue eyes. People are always asking me “what is she?” and their jaws drop when I tell them she’s a shelter kitty. Shelters are like Goodwill, you never know what treasures you will find there. My beautiful girls are proof of that!

  13. Oh, Lola! You know how I love her! Thanks for showing her sweet face. Rescues are just the best, most grateful creatures. I now have four – having just added Bella, our 2.2 lb ball of kitty mischief and we couldnt be happier with each of our four-legged kids!

  14. Thanks Lola and Kris!

    When I adopted my cat-daughter from a local shelter I made sure to ask which ones had been living there for a while. It breaks my heart that only the cutest or youngest pets are taken home. When we took her home she was first pretty jaded, probably from living with so many cats for so long, but within weeks she became the most loving cat ever!


  15. Lola baby girl’s story is similar to our Oliver’s story. Ollie is from St. John’s Parish, La. He was in a kill shelter. A woman who fosters dogs loaded up her truck with as many dogs as she could. She had one free cage left, and knew she wanted to go back for him. We adopted him 7 yrs. ago from an adoption event at a pet store. I think Oliver is an appropriate name because of his story…from the streets (er..woods) to major sofa privledges, and when he looks at us with that “Please, sir can I have some more” look, we just melt.
    Wouldn’t trade him for
    a million, billion, gazillion
    Puppy toe high five to Lola,

  16. I love the lady in the van!!! Rescue pets are the BEST pets!
    Our Lovey Dovey was a white boxer that was rescued as a “bait dog” that was being used to train other dogs to fight. She was a nervous wreck, but when we met her, she sat right in my lap and refused to move. Love, love, love! We had her for almost 10 years before she passed away — a brave, loyal, loving, wonderful friend to the end. She may be a hard act to follow, but we’ve started watching the shelters again … :) Thanks for the great message about adoptions!

  17. Kris, you rock and what you say is SO true. I adopted my beloved pit bull, Isabelle, from the amazing last year and ever since that moment my life is filled with more laughter and joy than I could have ever imagined. And come ran or shine I’m out every day running around with her and we both get lots of exercise–good for doggie! Good for body! Good for soul!

  18. Oops! I meant to say “rain” or shine, NOT “ran” or shine!

  19. We adopted our bunny two years ago from someone who was holding onto him as someone else couldn’t take care of him.
    He is snow white with blue eyes and he’s smaller than most bunnies. He is the sweetest most amazing bunny ever! He has ruined all our baseboards and eaten more laptop cords than we can afford but he’s so worth it. He shows his love by running around you in circles. He follows me into the bathroom in the morning and waits patiently while I do my makeup. He reminds me so much of what God must see us as – these fearful little beings that just don’t see how loved and protected we are. You don’t realize how important pets are till you find a special one- he is our special one!

  20. Lola, La, La, La Lola!

    I agree, my pup makes my life so much better and when I am sick she is always right by my side. A true friend!!

    At the end of this video when you cal Lola your “beautiful child” the sun shines brighter on you! It’s so beautiful!!

  21. Yay for Kris and her pit bull mix – they are totally undeserving of their reputations.

  22. My two rescue kitties, Thomas (or as Kris calls him- Tee-Paw) & Sweet Pea, are an integral part of my little family. I smile 10 times more everyday because they are in my life. Adopted Pets=Joy=Health. xo

  23. ana said on July 30, 2010

    thanks for bringing up such an important topic! Our dog Pepper is from a shelter, she is originally from Turkey and because she is so shy we sometimes think she wears an invisible veil…
    btw we have three kids and adopted Pepper after having them, I know many people are scared of mixing shelter dogs with kids but there’s no reason for fear…

  24. Omg!! Love this vlog!!!! I have that same rockin shirt. We adopted our bloodhound daughter Julia from the Dutchess county SPCA. We are beyond in love with her. She is the most amazing rescue dog ever. Adoption is the ONLY way to go! Adopt don’t shop!!!!!!

  25. My Australian Cattle Dog was rescued from certain death at a Nevada high-kill shelter. She has been with us since 2002 and is the light of our life. My three cats are also strays that we rescued and brings us constant joy. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone adopted from their shelter or rescue organization. Kudo’s for adopting your pooch….Lola is adorable. This is a topic that touches my heart deeply as I’m involved with cat rescues every day for our local no-kill cat shelter. I TNR cats and am a huge advocate for spay/neuter of all pets.

  26. We adopted Betty, a Rhodesian ridgeback/dalmatian mix from the animal rescue league in Grafton NH when she was 7 years old many years ago. She was “on special” as no one wanted the “old” dog, and her write-up said she wasn’t good with kids or other animals. We found her to be as sweet as her name, and she was with me through my cancer diagnosis. After I finally started feeling better she died, at age 17! We had her for 10 glorious years. When our vet told us about a pointer/dalmation mix that was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia we had to go see him. I thought he wasn’t what we were looking for (we wanted another Betty, and he was only about a year old . . .) I am so glad we brought him home. Every day I marvel at what a joy he is to us. Just like Lola, he waits for me to finish on the laptop early each morning, then it’s out to the woods for our morning hike. 365/no matter the weather – it’s our time to run, jump, chase and play. He was named Miles, cause he traveled so many miles to be with us. And our Miley has transformed from boney and scared to strong, muscular and proud. He is a joy, blessing and encouragement to us every day.

  27. Dawn- Thank you so much for sharing your story. I teared up!

  28. Thanks for the great video! has all sorts of rescue animals up for adoption! :)

  29. Thank you for spreading the word about shelter and rescue animals. I’m about to start my Cat Days of Summer promotion which will include adoption awareness. Shelter animals often make excellent pets!

  30. Hi Lola and Kris

    This is my third time watching you video. You are very good bout health and wellness. thanks to your educational videos and thoughts..

    Check out Denver Chiropractor for our healthy tips and wellness.

  31. You have been the 9 year drive for my healing and fight!!!!
    I have started a Org due to your insperation!
    ‘I’m Crazy Enough To Win!