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In this week’s vlog I give you a mini pH tutorial. It’s important to remember that your body is a bank account. You want to make more deposits than withdrawals. Why? Because its awesome to be wealthy and healthy! The more acidic foods you push into your god pod the more you dim your shine and pull energy from your bank account. So if ya wanna get in the pH zone, I recommend a 60/40 or 80/20 diet. Meaning 60% of the foods you eat would be alkaline, while 40% would be acidic and so on. Inflammation sucks. Alkalinity rules! I mention a few books in this vlog casue there’s a lot to say about the subject. Education is sexy my friends. Devour books and kick ass.

The pH Miracle

The Ultimate pH Solution

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

Peace and pH-abulousness,

Kris Carr

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  1. Woohoo! trotting off to the juicer….!!

  2. Watching your vlog is my new Friday morning ritual. I need to try and get to that 60/40 diet and who know….maybe even 80/20 – Thanks Kris!

  3. I love your vlogs!!

  4. Nice Video

    What’s your thoughts on Fulvic Acid?

    Keep up the great work Paul

  5. These monthly vlogs keep me on track, yummy sexy reminders to take care of this hot body!

  6. PHabulishous!!! Gonna go make my green smoothie and get my hands on some cell food today!!!
    Thanks sugarplum!

  7. I had trouble viewing the vlog this time. It kept freezing. More veggies thanks so much Chris!

  8. Great vlog, Kris, thank you! You never cease to inspire me :-) HUGS!!!

  9. Barbara, what I do that helps the vlogs not freeze is click Play then Pause so it starts streaming and do its thing, then I come back to it in a few minutes when the video is ready for me.

    Thanks Kris for sharing what you know about pH; a deliciously inspiring way to start the weekend!

  10. Thank ya! I just froze a big batch of juice in mason jars. If I do that every two weeks I’m set! I just can’t juice every day, but I can certainly drink it every day.

  11. Love the video/vlog!
    Thank you Kris. My journey to reclaim my health after 5 years of chronic pain began with acid/alkaline awareness and a book called The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.
    Made my alkaline Green Goddess smoothie today –

    1 cup plain coconut water, plus ionized water as needed
    1 fresh mango, flesh only
    3 frozen organic strawberries
    ½ organic cucumber, peeled
    4 large handfuls organic spinach
    1 rib organic celery
    2 organic medjool dates, pits removed
    1 tbsp ground Hemp seeds – complete protein
    1 tbsp ground Chia seeds – highest plant-based source of omega-3’s
    1 lemon, rind removed


  12. omg you are the smartest person i know!!! you are just one big plethora of love info!!! keep it comin’

  13. Great summary of pH – love the chart! Would you share the rest of your diet, beyond the two green smoothies (or juices) – one each AM and PM? Do you eat a salad for lunch also, or is the smoothie all you have till dinner? And how about that dinner?! Thanks!

  14. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to seeing you every Friday! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Fridays are now fabulous because of these vlogs!

  16. I love your vlogs! I count down to each of them every Friday. Granted, I watch them while enjoying my café au lait … but it’s ok! 80/20 or 60/40 is how we roll! Thank you, Kris!

  17. I just adore you! :) Anyway, great post, lots of good info. I bought PH strips a few months back and I even use them on my pooch! LOL! Funny thing is, she has a better PH then I do! I take that it’s her stress free, sleep all day, life! :) XO

  18. What about tomatoes? I found a table with acid and alkaline-forming foods, but didn’t see tomatoes. I assume they would be acidic. We have tons of tomatoes coming in from the garden right now — maybe I should scale back my consumption a bit?

  19. i love it! accessable Ph healing love. grace xxxx

  20. LOVE it! Thanks for the breakdown and easy explanation…can’t wait to up the greens!

  21. Kris–Loved the blog! I have been juicing since seeing your movie about 8 months ago…green lucious juice everyday! ( or most days!) I have always wanted to pack a smoothie for an afternoon snack, but I had heard exactly what you talked about from the juice nazi’s. The last thing to share–you are so fun! I love your uplifting spirit! ps, green drink is my super ingredient for dealing with infertility.

  22. Yahooooo!!!

    Tomatoes – some peeps with arthritis, joint paint, inflammation have a hard time with night shades. From what I understand raw toms are more alkaline – cooked are acidic.

    What I eat the rest of the day… Smoothies or juice in the AM. Lunch 60/40 – 80/20 ratios of raw to cooked food. So a big salad with a smaller portion of lets say, quinoa with lentils or baked sweet potato with tahini or veggie burger and brown rice or gluten free pasta with pesto sauce or tempeh or tofu scramble etc. Does that make sense? I follow that 80/20 – 60/40 ratio for dinner as well. I’m not 100% raw and I’m not on a liquid diet (boring…oh god…snore). Water with lemon or cell food, E-live (awesome to put in smoothies) and even some wheat grass or frozen wheat grass when I can’t get the regular stuff are my go-to liquids. But I Love food. I love cooked food. I love ethic food big time. I just make sure I’m getting my veg (most raw, big salads but also some steamed or sautes). Make sense? I can circle back and discuss this next week to clarify if ya’ll need. Just let me know. xo

  23. herbal teas too. I do like one cup of black tea in the AM or 1 cup of green tea. If I could drink coffee all the time I would but then I’m be wild and stressed and dead so I don’t drink coffee regularly. I’d say maybe 1-2 cups per month.

  24. Thanks Kris for the details of your diet. I have been really trying since our consult to do better – I feel SO much better when eat at least 60/40… still working on the coffee, sister – that is one monkey that is clinging to my back like white on rice. I am doing half caf now – and only one cup. Slow and steady wins the race – damn that Starbucks slut! LOL
    Hugs – J

  25. Thank you so much!!! I love these vlogs. I know that green tea is EXTREMELY beneficial to your health. But, because of my GERD issues, I am hesitant to drink it. Is it okay to drink it if you have GI problems?

  26. Elizabeth – I would stay away from green tea if there’s issues. Green tea is good but also acidic and has caffeine and what’s best – no caffeine. So you ain’t missin’ out toots. Us die hard coffee drinkers need to move to something. Maybe white tea would be an option for you. I’d ask though. Just to make sure. Mint tea is really my favorite. I mix it with cammomile – a bag of each in my mug. Lovely.

  27. Hey there!
    A bit confused about tea – I am really trying to kick the coffee.. Is black tea the best for PH then if green tea is acidic – what about those coffee subs like Yerbe Mate? What about decaf green tea?

  28. Hey Jeanne, just to chime in, have you tried Teechino? Amazing stuff! I had to stop coffee when I was diagnosed with crohn’s and teechino saved my! No caffeine, but it gives you the flavor and comfort of the real stuff. You can mix half with half coffee and slowly wean yourself too! Okay, I’ll stop promoting the stuff now! HA HA! They should pay me!

  29. Goodness, my diet’s been sub par these last few weeks – my well I’ve been doing A LOT mode thing. Before I listened to this vlog I also sneezed hard like 5 TO 6 times. My excuse was mold allergies but I’m realizing that I’ve slacked on veggies too. Love your poignant vlogs xox

  30. I have been eating a lot of healthy foods, but not enough calories. :/ Any advice? Its hard for me to eat TONS of a vegetable or fruit. I suppose I am modeling the 80/10/10 diet (because it is the most convenient way to eat).

  31. Lauren – thanks for the tip -can you by it at Whole Foods? I need to get some.. :)
    Love ya – J

  32. Black tea and green tea are both acidic. But Coffee is the most acidic. You don’t have to remove all acids from your diet. 1-2 cups of green tea or a cup or 2 of black tea could be fine depending on your health goals. I think they are good transition drinks from coffee. Coffee has the most caffeine but it’s not just about the caffeine, it’s the way the beans are processed and the oils (on the beans) that go rancid during roasting. Yerba Mate is a good transition, so it white tea. Lauren made another great suggestion – tecchino. Make sense?

    Dotty – ya know, I have the 80/10/10 book but haven’t read it. A few colleagues aren’t really that keen on it. With 60/40 or 80/20 you’re also getting more grains, beans, nuts, seeds, sauces, pasta, gluten-free bread or ezekiel bread, tempeh, tofu, sweet potatoes, blue or red potatoes, veg burgers, and even some of the healthier faux products like Field Roast or Gardein brands. Daiya cheese is a nice alternative to use to make yummy veggie quesadillas. x

  33. Adding a little raw cacao to your green smoothie is another good transitions – or making hot chocolate with hemp milk and some stevia or agave. :)

  34. Jeanne, yes, Whole Foods has it! They even make little tea bags now so you don’t have to brew it or use a French Press! Love the stuff with a little stevia and almond milk. I haven’t tried coconut milk creamer, but I know people love that! :) Let us know how you do! XO

  35. Hey Kris and Lauren,
    Thanks SO much for all the awesome suggestions – I am going to Whole Foods later and will get a couple of different things so I can experiment and see what works for moi! The hot cocoa idea sounds super yummy too – made a green smoothie today with raw cacao and it was delish!
    Hugs – J

  36. Hi Kris,
    I’ve always read about how soy products should be avoided, so I’m wondering what your thoughts are? It looks like you eat tofu and tempeh…I would love to know how much is okay to eat? Thank you so much!!!

  37. Jill,

    I don’t them often and I don’t eat faux meat soy products. I’d say I eat tofu about twice a month when we go out to eat and tempeh once per week. Tempeh is better than tofu. Also, I don’t have an estrogen sensitive cancer. When I recommend soy I always suggestion in moderation – condiment portion etc. So it really depends on your specific health goals/needs. There so much conflicting evidence on soy. One thing we do know is that processed soy can create mucus etc.

  38. thanks for your sharing !!!!!

  39. Hi Kris! Thanks for your amazing vlogs and info! I am a little confused though…on the InnerSelf blog she lists coffee/tea as alkaline. What gives? :)

  40. Ok friends…here I am, oncology nurse, and want to eat deliciously healthy. And I can. But, it seems like it only lasts a few days until I crave and crave something ridiculously sweet and lots of stuff that isn’t good for me. On top of it all, I work 12 hour shifts 7am to 7pm, so it’s really hard to eat lunch at noon and wait until 8 o clock at night to eat again. I just want to know what you guys do when you want the damn cupcake :)

  41. Jeni – that’s the thing, so many different charts etc. But when you learn more about pH you’ll be able to know what makes sense and what doesn’t. Coffee is not alkaline – no way. Some teas are some aren’t.

  42. Molly – you have the damn cupcake from time to time but it ain’t the main event. Consistency is what matters. Can you bring your green juice or green smoothie to work in a small cooler?

  43. Definitely a thought..I will try it :) Any sugestions on what to store green juice or smoothie in? Also, any good green smoothie recipes? Thanks!

  44. Hey there Kris, love the blog as always! You brought up cacao in one of your reponses-so curious about that. Just bought my first bag and have been adding 1Tbls to a hemp shake-TONS of energy, which acutally makes me think I might be using too much cacao-can I use too much too often? Is this above moderation?! I wasn’t expecting this response to it! I certainly wasn’t aiming for a coffee replacement, just flavor! Thanx so much!

  45. A week ago, after watching your vlog, I bought ‘The Ultimate pH Solution’ used off of Amazon, and just got it in the mail today. I am happily digging into it now. Thank you for posting about this. I am a raw vegan and balancing my pH will just add to ‘the glow!’ Thanks! :)

  46. I am confused on the use of coconut oil. I was using this oil to cook with. My husband alerted me to the fact the Dr. Oz stated that this oil is bad for you and that it should not be used as a healthy oil.

  47. What did Kris think about the use of coconut oil? thanks

  48. On her movie, Kris eats dried coconut, young coconut, and coconut water. I would like to hear her thoughts on coconut oil, though, as well…