Aloha Life Lovers,

Ta da! Check out my 2nd Vlog. This week’s topic is perfection and I sure hope it resonates with you. I also circled back to last week’s vlog on rest and highlighted a brilliant comment made on my Facebook fan page. I’ll be checking comments all weekend (in between some learning and healing at Omega and my juice and smoothie demos at CAS). Leave any thoughts, nuggets or ah-has, ’cause you know in your heart that you’re a genius and we can all benefit from your observations. Oh, and if you don’t know that you’re a genius then I’m telling you now. You’re a genius. Capiche?

One more thing, if you’re interested in having a phone consultation with yours truly, I’ll be available for a limited time in June and I would love to chat/brainstorm/guide and manifest health and happiness with you!

See ya next week…

Peace and vlog-a-delic delight,


Kris Carr

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33 responses to Perfection
  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this VLog!
    Very powerful (esp. the topic regarding perfection).
    You rock, mama!

  2. Wow- That needed to be said because I think alot of us wanted that blueprint to follow. Thanks for loving us Kris!!

  3. thanks for this VLog!!!!

  4. This is one of my biggest challenges! I’m working hard at shaking the “all or nothing” mentality. Thanks, KC! xoxo

  5. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for this vlog! This is an issue I have a lot of trouble with. Our beauty is hidden in our imperfections and we really need to grab hold of it with love! Again, thanks. It’s so great to know that we’ll be seeing you every Friday!!! XOXOXO

  6. Kris, What a beautiful way to start the day! Thank you!

    Lazarus – “Our beauty is hidden in our imperfections..” Wow! LOVE this.

  7. Ahh! I love this! So powerful, I love the idea of being perfect as living a beige life. I need to forward this to sooo many people who think being perfect is the ultimate goal. Thanks Kris, I love you, sister! XOXO

  8. Ahhhh – perfection – my constant nemesis! LOL Thanks for really telling it like it is! I SO need to work on this – the rest thing I am pretty good at, but the perfectionism – man, did I ever need to hear this! Thanks so much!

  9. “perfection – SNORE/BORE!” Ha. Thank you, my lovely friend, for a a much needed reminder! Id rather be flaming red in my imperfection than boring beige!

  10. Thanks honey bunnies! Michelle – you are sooo right, flaming red, yes yes! xo

  11. Lovely Kris!! As a (sexy, young!!) fellow survivor you constantly are with me on this colorful journey!! Beige? What beige???!! Thank you thank you for you!!

  12. Kris thank you so much! I LOVE your new vlogs and get chills hearing the truth you speak. with love and gratitude,

  13. You are wonderful, what a delight to see your smiling face today. I look forward to future Friday’s to come!

  14. I love it! I practice by telling my self..’Good enough’. I love to have my house perfect! Leave those dishes and go for a hike! Love you Girl..LoveBug
    PS, I have been Juicing, thank you for telling me..No worries..I am loving on all your peeps..tee hee

  15. Ami said on June 11, 2010

    Love you! Love this vlog! Thank you thank you thank you!

  16. I love your beautiful smile and your attitude in life. And thanks for taking up making these videos. It has been great receiving regular newsletters, but seeing videos with you is different. And so much better : )

    Anyways. I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying. My own diet and lifestyle are constantly evolving as I read more and more. And I also have a blog about nutrition and have already come across people asking about what exactly I do. It is certainly helpful to learn from many different sources and hear many different opinions and then make your own decision.

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the great work that you are doing!
    Lisa A.

  17. love, love, love this!!!! it is nice to have a friendly reminder! thanks!
    lovin’ the vlogs!!!

  18. such a fantastic second vlog! woot woot! Keep ’em coming!!
    I so struggle with the perfection aspect too…but I’m going to say “bore, snore” every time I feel myself going it!

  19. lovin the vlog!!

  20. you are so inpiring!!!
    thank you
    i love those vlogs!
    i will put them in my
    friday routine for sure!

  21. This was great! It’s important to remember that everyone is different and different things work for each of us. Thanks to Kris for all of her knowledge and continued inspiration and insight!! I look forward to more vlogs!!

  22. Thanks everyone! Happy friday night! xo

  23. This is a great topic. On top of the stress in striving for perfection, I often feel guilt when I’ve gone off track. For example, I couldn’t resist going for a caramel-dipped ice cream cone tonight! How about that for an upcoming vlog – guilt. Thanks, Kris! :)

  24. Dawn! Thank you for the idea! Yup, done, it’s in the line up for shizzzzz. xo

  25. You just sparkle on camera, girl. My computer screen has never been more beautiful. Yours was the first blog I ever consistently read. Now you’ve got me hooked on your vlogs. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom. We loves ya back.

  26. Hi Kris,
    This topic is sooooo relevant for me! I’m always searching for the ‘right’ way to do things, thank you for helping me realise that maybe my ways are ‘right’ for me! A total inspiration xxx

  27. What a beautiful Vlog, especially since you are so beautiful and vibrant, Kris. Is that some peppy pink in your hair or was it lighting? Anyway, I’ve been in a slump and it’s because of perfectionism. I’m the sort that will put off doing something because I want to have the time to do it right. I’m always too busy and I don’t take the time to give my body what it needs. I haven’t juiced in months and I want to. Even my 4 year old told me green juice is her absolute favorite and she wants some. Time to just DO IT! Thanks!

  28. Kris,
    Love, love, love your vlogs and of course love you even more…
    You are absolutely incredible and your energy light up the universe!
    If you are still looking for topics for future vlogs may I suggest “dealing with fears”, “stinking thinking”, “scan time” etc..
    Thank you for changing my world…. sending you sunshine and love, xoxo

  29. Wonderful vlog thank you! Its so easy to say, ‘I’ll do it when I can do it properly, when I have enough time/ energy/ money/ equiptment etc” I think to myself, when it is ever going to happen that you think, ” hey wow, I am totally well and have a free two months and loads of money so I can finally begin that project” !? No, make things happen now and step by step working towards them. We are going toe to toe with perfectionism and standing up against it, stride it down! Thanks for all the help and inspiration in this. with love grace xxxxx

  30. Kris! Every time you VLOG the topic is so fitting for my headspace at the time. Love these. thank you!

  31. You are my shero and everything you create makes my hair blow back and brings a smile to my soul.

  32. Oh.. aha ha… Im a genius.. Thanks for reminding us that we are all a genius in different aspects. allow my to comment again, Kris. I was struck by your videos. Actually it is my first time to watch your videos but it captures my interest. If it possible to email me about your weekly vlogs and videos, you can send notification in my email:

    Thank you once again, Kris for this wonderful topic, “Perfection”! We are almost the to perfection, I believe.

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