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Hi Sweet Friends,

Happy (almost) Anniversary, darlings! It’s hard to believe that we’re already sneaking up on the first birthday of, which will be in September. Time sure does zoom. Next month, to really get in gear and mark the year, we’re going to kick off a massively fun Prevention Month, complete with all kinds of interesting posts, wellness tips galore, giveaways and goodies. It’s been such a thrill to share my life with all of you—from juicing to releasing Crazy Sexy Kitchen to renovating our farmette and chasing my rescued pup Lola around the yard. There have been so many good times since we kicked off this here hub o’ health, food and fun!

Each week I get so excited to see what resonates with you. There’s nothing better than seeing our space aflutter with comments, questions, ideas and love. So, I took a look back through the last 11 months and pulled together the posts that you adored most. Here’s a handy retrospective on our first (almost) year together at and collection of my 11 most essential wellness tips to springboard you into the next year of amazing health!

My 11 Top Wellness Tips

1. Quell the Fire!

No, not your soul spark—the fire of chronic inflammation that’s waging war on your precious systems. When your body is in a constant state of fighting itself, it can open the door to pesky problems and make you more susceptible to chronic disease. From the kind of moisturizer you put on your face to the kinds of foods on your plate, there are a number of ways to reduce chronic inflammation.

2. Talking Sh*t, Literally.

When your bathroom visits are less than inspiring, it can indicate that your tooter isn’t working at its best (and that it’s time to talk about it!). Maybe you’re not getting enough fiber or water or exercise. Or perhaps you need to investigate deeper. Whatever the cause, this scoop on your poop will help you on your way to figuring it out.

3. Go Easy on Yourself

When embarking on a cleanse, try to avoid driving yourself into a tizzy and getting overwhelmed. You can’t always do everything at once. Maybe instead of jumping from the Standard American Diet to a hardcore 30-day juice fast overnight, you enjoy a delicious green juice each morning before your cup of joe. Only you really know how much you can handle at once. Listen to your body. It’s the best coach of all.  Ease is the name of the game, my friends. Making space to try out new things might mean taking little nibbles of them at first. And that’s ok.

4. Plan & Prep

If you haven’t taken my Crazy Sexy Meal Plan for a spin, um, what are ya waiting for? It’ll save you a lot of empty-fridge frustration, whittle down your grocery bill and help you eat more healthfully. Even beyond those big-time benefits, there’s the priceless practice of planning and prepping. When you attack any project, whether it’s your weekly meal plan, a house renovation or your next book, sitting down to figure out exactly what you’ll need sets you up for success. Sure, sometimes life throws in a wrench or two, but that’s ok. You’ll adjust, keep jammin’, and plan again for the next meal.

5.  Celebrate the Milestones

As many of you probably remember, back in February I celebrated 10 years of living (and thriving) with cancer. A decade. What made it even more momentous was that way back in 2003, when I was first diagnosed, the docs gave me ticking timer set for this year. Clearly, I couldn’t be happier that they were wrong. Find out about all this and more with my 10 biggest takeaways from the past 10 years.

6. Supercharge Your Fridge

Guess what happens when you have wholesome, yummy ingredients right at your fingertips? Yup, it’s about a zillion times easier to create delicious, nourishing meals instead of stuffing yourself with junk. My fridge volunteered to be a guinea pig, so yours needn’t be shy! Come and take a peek at what’s inside my refrigerator doors (and learn why!) …

7. Go with Your Gut

Did you know that your gut really does have “feelings?” There are nearly as many neurons in your intestines as there are in your noggin! Your incredible digestive tract is one of the body’s most important systems and the bacteria living in this delicate world need to be in balance to maintain tip-top overall health. Eating whole plant-based foods, keeping stress in check and adding some probiotics into your regimen are a few simple ways to support your glorious gut. Find out other ways you can get your gut in shape and how a healthy digestive system can revitalize your entire well-being.

8. Eat Greens & Garnish (with Greens)

You guys seemed to really dig getting a peek at my plate in this video. Finally, I answered the question y’all have been asking me for years and it was so much fun (not to mention, totally delicious) to pull it all together just for you. Is it any shock that there were ample servings of green juice? Nope. You also won’t be surprised to see greens featured heavily in all of my meals, whether in a salad, side dish (sauteed with garlic!) or garnish. If you’ve ever been curious about my favorite meals, this is the place to start!

9. You’re Alright Already

Ok, I’ll be honest, this was my favorite post. It’s so easy for us to judge ourselves. If we don’t have the “right” career or the “right” education or body or whatever the heck else, we often slip into a thick haze of unworthiness. I thought I had a pretty good thing going with the work I do and the Crazy Sexy sense of purpose it gives me, and then, blammo, life took me for a loop. After a soul searching, I’m learning to let go of my attachments to outside markers of achievement. Valuing ourselves from the inside out can drastically change our level of happiness. Try it!

10. Don a Detective Hat

You know that I love playing Sherlock. When symptoms pop up, it’s important to try to figure out what’s behind them (and not just think, “oh, sure, I’ve been lethargic for four months straight but it’s probably nothing!”). Apprehending the culprit behind your body’s clues can lead you in directions that might otherwise go unnoticed, like adrenal or thyroid issues. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you will help keep you in ship-shape and also help you recognize when things are off kilter.

11. Say Sayonara!

Toxic relationships, whether they’re with people, food or even yourself, can be difficult to get out of your life. But! Think of it this way: do you feel like you can take on the world after a solid night of snoozing? Imagine how much more effective, happy and free you would feel if your relationships recharged you like a good night’s sleep. Living with toxic relationships is like living with chronic insomnia. It can take time, but the ROI for creating space for healthy relationships in your life is off the charts.

There you have it. A list of my web home’s all-time must-try wellness tips. The smashing Emily Post said that the 11-month anniversary is the wellness anniversary, right? Thank you for being the best part of and here’s to many more blissful, interesting and healthy years together!

Peace & celebratory milestones,

Kris Carr

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36 responses to’s 11 Most Popular Wellness Tips
  1. thanks for putting it all together in one place Kris! I’ve been following your blog for awhile and have had a peak at most of these posts, but I really like the one on PURPOSE as well. Good quote 😉 “folks are like plants – we all lean towards the light.”

  2. Congratulations on your very celebration-worthy milestones! Great roundup of tips here. One tip I really need to put into action is meal planning. I’m always in a last minute scramble to make a meal, so I will definitely be taking a look at your Crazy Sexy meal plan! Look forward to reading more :)

  3. I love your top 11 tips; a quick and easy way to get back to what is essential.
    Tip #11 might one of my favorite…

    Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen has had a huge impact on my life and my health. I have to be fully energized and super clear to do my work and a plant empowered diet certainly does that.

    Most afternoons when I’m with clients via Skype they ask me : “what green juice are you drinking now?!”

  4. That was a great list thank you

  5. Kris,
    Just wanted to wish you the happiest of anniversaries and continuing on the path of wellness. You are truly an inspiration to others and your zest for life comes right across the page. I look forward to all of your newsletters, tips, and gusto for life. I just bought your book and am so excited to read it and make some of your awesome recipes. It’s beautiful and you can see the time, effort and talents that went into making it the masterpiece it really is.
    I was salivating at the prospect of “hiring” when I saw that but realized that I’m not qualified for that job with my lack of tech savvy. I so wish I had it as being part of your team would be a dream come true. I’m sure you will find that special person to be added to your team and they will be one lucky person.

    Thank you again for all you do. I hope to be a wonderful health coach and share some of the knowledge you so willingly share with all of us.

    Peace, love and cheers to your great health and happiness.

  6. I love all of the info graphics you + your team have been making lately. They’re so great to share with my fans!

    Thanks for the great reminders, too. xo

  7. Wow. Thanks for bringing all of this together in one place. What a great resource, and a great wealth of resources.

  8. Kris,
    Thanks so much for the tips. You are a breath of fresh air!!! Just love reading your blog, it brightens my day. Looking forward to the next year with you.

  9. As always, excellent summary and kick ass outline to heal ourselves. Thank you so much for all that you do. I was very confused for a long time about which supplements I should and should not take, and you cleared the air. Since following your recommendations (and both books) I feel 200% better. I’m not totally gluten free, vegan or alkaline yet (just vegetarian), but I’m there 70% thanks to your help. We love you!!! Once again…super happy your doctors were wrong. P.S I’m loving the Spotlight Crash Course and thanks again for introducing us to Marie Forleo :-)

  10. Life’s a journey, right? My journey to better health through healthy eating began with you nearly a year ago, Kris. I can’t remember how I heard about your website, but I found it. And, it has since lead me to a world of information I never knew existed. And, here are the results: I’ve lost 35 pounds; gone from an irregular EKG (two years ago) to a perfectly normal one; fasting blood sugar from 105 to 67; A1c was 5.3 (no benchmark); overall cholesterol (with meds, which I hope to be off in a couple of months) from 160 to 116; and CRP (inflammation) was 0.9 (low risk of heart disease and stroke). Oh, and I feel great, too (bonus). Can’t thank you enough, my hero. Best wishes for a long, happy and healthy life.

  11. Hey, Goddess Kris –

    You are truly a mentor/hero/coach to me! You are inspiration personified and I could gush further…

    I’m a natural wellness researcher – writer – copyeditor, working on many series of ebooks (will ultimately go into print…) on topics such as you address – basically everything dealing with natural (organic/plant-strong) wellness of people – animals – planet. My first two books deal with Colony Collapse Disorder and Chemtrails/Geoengineering – working on now…

    I’m also developing a website, blog and dedicated FB page for Studio Luna Press (my writing projects and editorial services) but meanwhile, I use my Natural Wellness FB page (link above) as my blog where I share tidbits from my past 2+ yrs of research – including this wellness “cheat sheet” you created – great stuff! Your talking about the gut reminded me of presentation I attended on-line during past week’s “Psychology of Eating” conference – from Dr. Natasha Campbell-O’Brien about her Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol… She explained the process how our gut works and it can get outa whack and what havoc it can cause as well as how we can reverse with cleanse – “heal and seal” that will lead to the damaged organs (including brain) healing themselves – whata country! :-)

    Thanks for listening – you totally ROCK – I have shared my devotion and love to and for you far and wide and will continue to do so – just sayin…

    Just want to thank you for all you are and do.



    Christine S. Zipps
    Researcher – Copyeditor – Writer – Photographer – Founder
    Studio Luna Press
    Studio Luna Gallery

  12. Can you recommend a water system that will replace my PUR system. It can be expensive replacing the filters, and I’m not so sure of the effectiveness and quality.

  13. There are some real gems here in this list. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. You have such a way of making people feel inspired.. . . even if they are miles away from where they want to be. Yay, Kris! Thanks!

  15. Thank you Kris, and congratulations on your up coming anniversary. Your tips are an inspiration and encouragement to all.

    I am a 62 year old with about 20 lbs to loose and especially around my waistline and hips. Dr. told me I have a fatty liver. I don’t drink, I am not obese and don’t take any drugs.

    I am starting a Fat Flush hot lemon water in the am, and a tsp. concentrated cranberry juice,(no sugar) w tsp. of fiber, before my shake and coffee. Also started the Garcinia Cambogia to help jump start my weight loss and to help get off sugar, which is my biggest addictive habit. I bake bread and sweets, and love to bake and eat it! :(

    Other than that I am pretty healthy, and want to improve with exercise and eating whole. foods. We have a garden and I have a Kale and fruit shake every morning with protein powder. I do T tapp, and walk.

    Any other suggestions or encouragements are welcome. I am wanting to get back to a comfortable size 10, right now I am fighting a 12. I am 5 ‘ 6″s. 160lbs.

    Thanks so much for your tips and encouragements.

  16. Happy Anniversary Kris! Thank you for inspiring me to take charge of my health. I am healthier, happier, and feel at peace with myself. I don’t know where I’d be without you. <3

  17. Fairly new to this site. I am in the infancy of my trying to get healthy. They were very helpful tips. I know I can’t change everything over night. Starting slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed. So glad I found this ste!

  18. Hi Kriss,

    Happy Anniversary! I’ve been following you from the beginning and look how far you’ve come! And congrats on the 10 years of thriving!

    Love Ya!

  19. Your post on Purpose was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you Kris!

  20. Congratulations, Kris! And thank you for putting all of these posts in one spot! You have really been a wonderful inspiration and dose of positivity and wisdom in my life over the last few years, and I will be forever be grateful. Tuning in to your posts and videos can brighten even the toughest of days. I hope you know how special and lovely you are, and how much you are appreciated. Thank you for all you do, and for all you are :)

  21. I was introduced to you by a friend when I was diagnosed with cancer. I love the positive outlook and joy that radiates from your blog posts! It has helped me keep my wellness in mind when I get distracted by life. Kris you are a wonder and thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story/lessons/inspiration/joy with the world!

  22. Kris, I don’t know how anyone could not be inspired by you, not just those of us that have dealt with cancer. I look forward to reading all your tips on living well, and the living with purpose really hits a home run. I have several of your books, and am constantly re-reading them. Plus, your wonderful high spirit shines through. We all love you, too!

  23. Your number 3 reason is golden! I’m a health coach and have been for 2 years now but there are still things that I struggle with everyday. I got passionate about health and wellness about 5 years ago and even then I wasn’t healthy all the time. We need to remember it’s a journey not a diet. It will continue and never end! Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    Happy Anniversary,
    Katie :)

  24. I love the check list, great synopsis of all the great finds you have provided to all your readers to arm themselves to live a GREAT life.
    many thanks……………………….Maddi

  25. Is this the cheat sheet? Love the wellness tips!

  26. Great tips & nice to see them compiled. I thought that the prevention month is in November? Are you switching it to September?

    • Hey Rachel!

      Yes, we’re switching to September and we have so many exciting things planned for you all!

      Be well,
      Creative Director @

  27. Hi Kris, July 11th this year I was diagnised with 20 liver epithelial adenomas. Benign tumors that havea tendoncy to turn malignant. Orgrow and rupture causing internal bleeding. Only option is the “T” word. Transplant. They say yku can take on certain characteristics of your donor? Eeeewwwww!!!! What if I wake up hairy and like beer? Not that I wouldn’t be grateful. I have been an “A” student of ykurs for a month now. I’m feeling soooo much better. I’m so focused o my crazy sexy solutions, I don’t have time to think about my liver condition. Thank you Kris for being you. I found your documentary years ago when it first came out. Never thought I would actually live by it and relate to it. Love Kim

  28. You’re Awesome!
    I’m so glad I found you. I really enjoy your enspiring newsletters. They have so much great information.
    I’ve enjoyed your Crazy Sexy Diet book and now look forward to getting Crazy Sexy Kitchen to help me to continue to get out of my food rut.
    Looking forward to another fun year,
    Cheri :)

  29. I particularly like the tips on elimination and meal planning. Usually the fastest way to improve your health is to figure out what you can cut out. After that you’ll have to figure out how to repiece things to recreate your desired dishes in a healthful way and meal planning is so important for that….I’m glad you brought this up.

    If I can add something else: practicing cooking a few meals over and over again really helps. Being able to prepare dishes on autopilot is extremely helpful since it reduces some of the discipline necessary to stay on the up and up.

  30. Some good advice. I would particularly agree with the need to plan and prep. Over the years when I have struggled with my health, it has always been due to eating what’s available rather than eating what’s right. A small amount of time spent on planning your shopping list and preparing your foods means that you’ll never be forced to eat something you’d rather not, just because you’re in a hurry to get to that meeting or to rush to the office. By planning and preparing I know have a handle on my food intake and even if I go to a restaurant now I’ll even check their menu online first. It may sound a bit OTT but it’s helped me live clean and feel healthy.

  31. Love this post, and looking forward to reading the links. Sending you so much love and so appreciate your inspirational content. p.

  32. Congratulations Kris! In your milestones post (#5) you mention finding the best MD’s. I am looking for an integrative Hematologist/Oncologist (HemOnc) preferably in San Diego or Southern California but if I could meet with them by phone or Skype location doesn’t matter. I recently watched your video with Dr. Bock in which you mentioned your Alternative? Holistic? Integrative? (can’t remember the word you used) Oncologist. Could you please tell me who that is? I would love to either see them or get a referral from them if they are not the right doctor for me. Thank you for all you do!

  33. Very impressive post. Thanks for sharing…

  34. Hello Kris, don’t know where to start but love your book about juicing! I went to the local health food store got all the ingredients to start the cleanse and just marvel at how great I feel already even though I have been a vegetarian all my life and vegan more recently (didn’t get the protein requirements down before though.) I am 50 and look like I am late 30’s and got the cancer diagnosis this spring for an incurable sort too. So I don’t really have much of a support group as I am sort of still in denial…

    I had made shakes of veggies and fruits on my own but they had no protein nor really other benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects etc and sometimes they “felt” a little too sweet. I hate cucumbers but enjoyed your Blueberry Lemon-Aid! It was great and I ended up with two big cucumbers in there instead of small ones…

    So through Wayne Dyer books I found you. I guess the teachers come when the student is ready!

    Anyways two tips I heard on is an Ayruvedic recommendation-use organic sesame seed oil on your skin in place of lotions (but not on the face). Secondly, if you want to do a quick foot reflexology get those three in diameter medicine balls and do self myofacial release by just standing and rolling your foot on the ball and it gives a quick energy booster. Anyways got to make another juicing recipe and excited to see what it will last like! THANK YOU SO MUCH! yes I am yelling-but joyfully! Susanne Harrison, M.D.