I’m writing a new book!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I started writing again. A new book, from me to you. Ready for the title? Crazy Sexy Woman. Tingles… Truthfully, I think this will be my most personal book. New stories. Fresh teachings. And a whole lotta humor. It’s already pushing me to deepen my spiritual practice and hopefully become a better writer. But for all you creatives out there, it’s not always thrills n’ chills. I’m human and beautifully flawed. I freak out, doubt, and distract myself with sock sorting and dog bed purchases–because six beds really aren’t enough (for 2 pooches!). Pacing, procrastinating, you name it, I do it. Though I do less of it when I’m inspired.

I leaked the Crazy Sexy Woman news on Instagram last week (thanks for all your support!). So naturally, folks started asking me what the book is about. At this point it’s too early to put her in a pretty box but it’s safe to say that I will not be teaching you about your vagina (while I have one, I’m still mostly clueless). Although, there will be lots of discussion about overall self-care and resilience, which would naturally apply to your vagina as well. Sorry dudes, this one’s really for gals. However, if you want to understand us more, you should probably grab this book, or borrow it from the library if you have commitment issues :).

I’d love to share this journey with you as it unfolds. I’m sure I’ll have some ideas to run by ya! I also want to loop you in on how I’m approaching this big project. In the past, I’ve written on brain-breaking deadlines. I’d churn out the proposal, get the deal, and then put blinders on for about 8-10 hours per day, all while running my business, and doing my best to care for myself. 6 months later, it’s done (and I’m usually over cooked and in desperate need of a manicure).

This time, I’m taking a different approach. I’m giving myself time. Time to marinate. Space to explore. Permission to excavate at my own melodic tempo. Going with my grain, not against it. And celebrating along the way. Wow, I wrote one sentence, par-tay! What a concept. Know thyself, honor your needs and be kind. It helps to have a compassionate editor too!

Hourglass Approach

The Hourglass Approach to writing

Check out this adorable hourglass (pink sands? Now THAT’S Crazy Sexy! Thank you, Corinne Bowen). The hourglass method goes something like this: Wear sweats, sit your ass down, write, don’t edit, don’t whine or be judgey, stop when the last sand drops, repeat the following day. If you have nothing to say, look at old journal entries or read inspirational text. Fill your well or excavate. If you want to drink vodka, have green juice first. You probably won’t want the vodka after that. This strategy keeps me on track and helps me avoid dragging my feet and overwhelm. Believe me, there are other writing deadlines that don’t allow for this luxury, but Crazy Sexy Woman isn’t one of them. I’m protecting her like a fierce lioness protects her cub.

So far I’m writing about a page a day and that’s enough. If this trick applies to a project you’re working on, use it. Before you know it, your masterpiece will be done and ready to birth into the world. PS. I know you’ve got something great it in you. Stop waiting. Join me.

Crazy Sexy Woman isn’t due till next December. Can you feel my shoulders relax? Can you hear my deep breaths? Ahhh. I basically have a year to write this wise lady and I know that this freedom will allow me to give you my all. I don’t have a locked outline yet, (also new for me), I’m just letting my intuition move my fingers across the keys. Naturally the Virgo in me is wondering what drugs I’m on and when the “F” I’ll get serious. She’s quite ruffled by this experiment. She prefers control, metrics, plans. She likes lofty goals and despises walking on slippery things like ice. Clearly, this approach is the medicine she needs too.

The Desire Map

The Desire Map

A big motivator in this roomy creation method is my dear friend Danielle LaPorte. Fire Starter. Visionary. Inspiring word chef. I lean on Danielle for advice and beloved friendship. Plus, I’d trust her with my passwords and my dogs. Naturally, as soon as her new book The Desire Map came out, I bought it for myself and my company. In fact, I didn’t just grab the book, I purchased the entire KABOOM or as Danielle calls it, The Jackpot. This gold mine includes The Desire Map (print & digital), a delicious workbook, an irresistible daily planner (who doesn’t love a good planner?), plus two audio experiences to guide you on your Desire Map journey.

We went through The Desire Map process as a team last year and the results were pretty amazing. It brought us closer and gave our goals meaning and context. The Desire Map also helped us get clear about what we wanted to accomplish and what we didn’t. If the process of creating the content—whether it was a tweet, a blog or a program—didn’t feel good, we knew we wouldn’t give it our all and that you (my readers) wouldn’t really benefit from it either! This shift in our thinking made it easier to say no to things that zapped our creativity and yes to opportunities that would help us soar.

“You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.”– Danielle LaPorte

My Core Desire feeling (which have changed slightly since I last did the program)

  • Energy
  • Ease
  • Excitement
  • Whimsy
  • Simplicity
  • Strength

The Desire Map process matches my goals with my inner life. For the most part, I’ve been connecting how I want to feel with my how I live for some time now, at least in regards to my physical health. But I’ll admit (as I did above) that I haven’t always aligned my desired feelings and my writing process. With Crazy Sexy Woman, I want the writing, editing and launching process to give me energy rather than draining me of it. I want to feel ease, excitement and whimsy. Through simplicity (not making it so damn complicated) I want to go much deeper, wider. And in the end, I hope to be stronger as a result of sharing more of my story. I’m not as concerned with the outcome, I’m more interested in the nurturing emotional threads that weave through every aspect of my art and my life. Gotta say, the whole thing feels very refreshing!

To be continued. But for now, thanks in advance for all your support!

What are your core desired feelings? Do your goals support those feelings or are you going against your own internal grain?

Peace & keyboards,

Kris Carr