Kris Carr's July Picnic Palooza Contest

July’s Picnic-Palooza Contest & Prize Basket


Hi Sweet Friends,

This summer, I’m on a personal mission to get you jazzed about your kitchen and the majestical outdoors. That’s why I created the Crazy Sexy Picnic-Palooza contest — a sunny celebration of plant-based foods, friends, family and good ole fresh air.

My kitchen is the heart of my home. Nature is my church. Put them both together (shake, stir) and voila! The ultimate summer reboot. So to get you excited about noshing in nature, I’m sweetening the deal by giving away a phenomenal prize basket filled with goodies that’ll light you up like zippy little fireflies.

But gifts and contests aside, Picnic-Palooza is really just about F-U-N. Life can be intense, so let’s get our cute butts outside, eat some darn good food and relax. Read on for all the delicious details (and stop thinking you won’t win! Either way, it’ll be a hoot). Viva la dolce picnic!

How to enter July’s Picnic-Palooza

1. Subscribe to my newsletter here. (If you’re already subscribed, then you’re done with step 1!)

2. Cook, juice or blend any recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen and take a picture while enjoying your plant-based dish or drink outside. Your entry can be as simple as a glass of green juice or a full-tilt-boogie 5-course meal!

3. Post your picture online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or Pinterest) with the hashtag #PicnicPalooza.

4. Post a link to your picture in the comments below. Take a moment to bookmark or Pin this blog post right now, so you remember to get your tail back here before July 31st to enter the contest.

Picnic-Palooza Contest Pointers

  • You can enter the contest with new photos as many times as you’d like, but you only need to subscribe to the newsletter once.
  • Grab my attention by going the extra mile. Here are some ideas: Invite friends for a Picnic-Palooza Potluck and take a group shot while chowing down, feature the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook in your pic, or use the Beautiful Mess app to add some razzle-dazzle to your photo (I love this app!)
  • If you want to put together a feast, check out the magnificent menus in the back of Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

July’s Picnic-Palooza Prize Basket

The lucky winner will receive (drum roll …):

Pretty cool right? I told ya I wanted this to be fun!

Picnic-Palooza Inspiration

Whet your appetite by feasting your eyes upon some of the phenomenal, fabulous submissions from June’s Picnic-Palooza.

June Picnic Palooza Contest Winner and Runners Up

Once you sign-up, keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll be packing my newsletters with recipes and tips to supercharge your soirees all month long. I can’t wait to give another jam-packed prize basket to one lucky winner! Psst … Even if you’re not sure you want to do it, you should probably sign-up ‘cause you don’t want to miss all the juicy exclusive content you can only get in my newsletters this summer.

The fine print

The contest is only open to residents of the US or Canada. If you’re in another country, you’re welcome to play along with the #PicnicPalooza fun — but you won’t be entered to win.

Read the official rules here.

Your turn: Submit your Picnic-Palooza contest entry below! We will announce the winner on August 5th.

Peace & grass-covered blankets,

Kris Carr

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88 responses to July’s Picnic-Palooza Contest & Prize Basket
  1. WOW….. looks like it was hard to choose…… all the pics in this post are amazing!

  2. Looks Awesome!

  3. I’ll bring the sauerkraut, doctored with some organic mustard and peppercorns. Anybody got a good recipe for making it at home?

  4. Emma said on July 8, 2013

    Fabulous! Is this open to readers in the UK too?

    • Hi Emma,

      Unfortunately, the contest is only open to US/Canada residents, but we hope that you’ll still join us for food and fun!

      Creative Director @

  5. OOOOOOOoooooooo I should’ve taken a pic of my curried nada-egg wraps & green juice I made last weekend on a beautiful (and very warm) Summer day here in the Eastern Townships (I live in picnic heaven).

    Just purchased a Vitamix (yay! zumba dance!) and my next recipe will be the Aztec Spirit (looks sooooooo yummy!)

    I’ll be coming back to post my pic! Does having a smoothie in the pool count for a picnic? 😉

  6. Joel said on July 8, 2013

    I need help with #picnic palooza entry on my iPad.

  7. Hello Kris, Win or lose, I am excited over reading your news letters when they arrive in my mail. Here is what I said to everyone I sent this to. Giving everyone a chance to join this wonderful contest from a good friend of mine. Kris is a complete joy to have visit your email. Her information is filled with life changing tips that are easy and her humor is glorious……………..

  8. I would love to win a picnic palooza prize basket. I love surprises. I hope that I am a winner!!!

  9. another fabulous smile here, thanks Kris! starting the day with one of your notes gets me in a great space.
    I received the contest info via the newsletter, so I’m already subscribed I think. Do I subscribe again?
    BIG love to all, Lizzie in Tucson

  10. This is such a great idea! I have a silly question though, I’m reading this is your newsletter right? But the rules say to subscribe to the newsletter. So do you want me to re-subscribe? Or is there another newsletter I’m not subscribed to?

    • Hi Danna,

      If you’re already subscribed, then you’re all set :) Can’t wait to see your entry!

      Creative Director @

  11. Would love to win this! I’m fighting stage 4 colo-rectal cancer and this would really give me a boost!

  12. My 4th of July spread: Green salad with carrot miso dressing, kale slaw, rice salad, red white and blue potato salad, and homemade veggie burgers.

    Finished with my famous vegan flag cake (layers of cake and coconut whipped cream with strawberries and blueberries inside).

  13. LOVE AVA ANDERSON PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Great pick!

  14. This will be a great boost to my 100 challenge to good work habits, good health, no more good intentions only. Action steps will include a picnic for our anniversary instead of eating out at a restaurant.

  15. Looks so great!

  16. This picnic set looks terrific. I’d especially love the signed cookbook since I don’t have a copy yet. Your newsletter rocks my world and has inspired so many positive changes. Thanks Kris. I love my green juice!!!

  17. I have a lot of weight to loose and we went camping this weekend and everyday was a picnic! We had lots of fruit a yummy spinach salad with strawberry’s and nuts and dates. The second day we did a big salad with every veg known to man! For Breakfast we did a whole wheat wrap with almond butter, homemade granola and strawberries and banana,,,.,.yum! one night a did a chili ( not meat) it was sooooooooo good! It has been fun knowing that I can eat like this for the rest of my life: for me this is a life style not a diet.

    We had a fire at night and did not even miss the marshmallows!

  18. I have been vegan for a few months I have a lot of weight to loose so this has been a new concept for me. WE went camping this weekend and had several picnics! One day we did a yummy spinach salad with strawberries, nuts, avocado,dates. The next day I made a huge green salad with Kale, romaine lettuce, and just about every veg you can think of in it. One night I made a vegan chili over the camp fire instead of the normal marshmallows! We even made a vegan corn bread over the fire. For breakfast I did a Whole grain flat tortilla with almond butter, homemade granola, strawberries and banana then rolled it up was so deli-sh…. I love the newsletters please keep them coming! I also have the new book and the recipes are to die for…..I hope I win

  19. Love having Sweet Greens for breakfast!

  20. Avo Toast is so simple yet so yummy! My favorite quick snack.

  21. Inspiring breakfast, and when I came home I saw the contest in my inbox in the newsletter – perfect!
    #picnicpalooza …

  22. Is it possible to private message Kris or a staff member?

  23. Eating my Lentil Salad outside on this beautiful summer day.

  24. As always, Kris, your blog and insights (and pics) are GORGEOUS! I will definitely whip up a CSK recipe and take a pic of the tasty take-along! On the thread of picnics, I just did a piece for Vegucated all about plant-based, earth-loving picnics that you guys might be in to. So many cute things out there to make a picnic extra special.

  25. HI! and Thank you!!

    I am back on the juice-detox bandwagon and feeling 150% better than I did when I saw you in NY. I was on this crazy diet that I knew was NOT good for me. Since I started Juicing again and going through your detox, I am SUCH a happy camper. Even my two youngest sons, ages 16 and 12 have to admit “Kris knows Juice!”

    ((Hugs)) Peace, Love and Veggies…. Janice

  26. Awesome contest, Kris, I’ll be sure to share with my network!

  27. I love you Kris Carr and all your fabulous work!!

    Loving life outdoors with your green juice:)



  28. I’m ready for some PicnicPalooza!

  29. Well, I’m gonna pass on the contest because it looks like too much hassle.. but I absolutely love your two latest books.

    Stopped by today to see what you have going on.

    Your smiling face always brings a smile to mine!

    ~darlene :)

  30. This Picnic Palooza Prize Basket is full of crazy, sexy awesomeness! What a treat for the wnner!

  31. What an incredible idea: First, you generously give free inspiration to all, then you top that off with an inspired award! You (and your fabulous team) ROCK, Kris! Look for my entry later this week. Really psyched to try those Juicery juices!

    Peace, love, and veggies to you my friend!
    Carolyn Mycue

  32. I love Crazy Sexy Kitchen – so many delicious recipes… cashew cream cheese is one of my favorites! Here’s my entry from my breakfast picnic this morning:

  33. Looks like a great basket!!

  34. Hey Kris! My friends and I had so much fun today preparing for and enjoying our picnic. Thanks for the inspiration

  35. My hubby and I had a backyard date night! The Farmer’s Salad and Hummus from Crazy, Sexy Kitchen were delicious! Keep the awesome books and recipes coming!

  36. – I posted my Smoothie pic on your FB page!

  37. Thank you for the chance to win an awesome picnic basket. We are hoping for staycations this Summer as I am expecting and we have ongoing home renos. I will be preparing a baby’s room next month or so as little one is due late Fall. Would love to win such a fabulous basket of goodies for our staycations. Twitter fan@plumerea


    Think I am doing this right. We’ll see!
    Kale smoothie with sunflowers in front yard!

  39. Loving juice during this heat wave!

  40. Finally made a smoothie from the crazy sexy kitchen. It is very tasty on a 95 degree day. Enjoying this today, the blueberries really make this drink pretty good. Added in a tsp of wheat grass and dash of cinnamon. This drink will take me all day to drink. :)

  41. The weather was amazing this morning so we took our breakfast outside. Your Crazy Sexy Goddess Smoothie was awesome, it was my first time using avocado in a smoothie… I’m hooked! And the Chai Latte was a nice refresher. My raw super cereal had rolled oats, steel cut oats, pumpkin seeds, flax meal, chia seed, walnuts, berries and Basic Cashew Nut Milk. Thanks again for writing Crazy, Sexy Kitchen! It’s used every day in my house!

  42. My hubby and I took our long run to the Black Hills and brought along some yummies for after. The pasta salad was made with your Basic Italian Dressing and our potato salad was made with your Cashew Aioli! So delicious!

  43. Thank you Kris…. I have learned so much from you!

  44. We love Nana’s Marinara in our house, we use it on so many things! Thanks for sharing it in Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

  45. My family loves your Hummus Pinwheels and you can’t go wrong with a Berries and Greens salad! You’ve inspired me to make dinner “prettier” and now we take it outside as much as possible.

  46. Winning would be a dream!! Check out my Crazy Sexy Picnic from this weekend! We made a huge farmer’s market salad and avocado toast from your your book & drank sparkling coconut water and did yoga after. I love you soooo much!

  47. Hi Kris
    We have sent photos and video to you for the July Picnic Palooza contest… please visit our Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary Facebook Page at
    Gulliver and Deuce love you Kris!

  48. Here’s my contest entry! My cozy backyard picnic for 2 inspired by Kris!

    On the menu:
    – Beetroot ravioli with cashew cream cheese and shaved asparagus (recipe from the book)
    – Sprouts and broccoli slaw on gluten-free two types of Soba noodles (black rice & pumpkin ginger) with Kris’ asian dressing recipe from the book)
    – Fresh kale & red pepper juice
    – Fresh carrot juice
    – Delicious banana/coconut jam muffins (my own recipe :)

    Of course everything was eaten before Ruby Dooby the pug-pit bull could have a taste. But she did have her all-time favorite carrot juice pulp LOL!

    Thanks for the PicnicPalooza initiative, what a great idea to get us outside!

  49. I had such a great time trying some new recipes for #PicnicPalooza! I have to admit the veggie maki was a challenge to keep together. Here are some shots from today’s picnic by the lake:

    Thanks, Kris, for launching this contest. I’m loving all the entries.

  50. COOL BEANS! Goodness Goddess!
    Such a bounty of creativity & inspiration. Rocking products, meaningful reading, good food…all for the health of it. Excited & looking forward to more excursions!

    My #PicnicPalooza entries are via Flickr link (hope it works!)
    Thanks Kris and team for the opportunity to share!

      • Happy contemplation: I hadn’t considered how this experience would lead to more conversation w/my loved ones. It has rejuvinated my enthusiasm for taking pictures and now more than ever, I want to include green juice in all of my pics! It reminds me of “Where’s Waldo” only w/green juice! Family has become more interested and curious as to what is on the menu as well as what is involved in foraging, prepping and appreciating the effort from the ground up.
        Again, much gratitude on so many levels.
        >Updates to my contest entries are included in my link above. Hugs and many adventures ahead :)

  51. I am new to this web site and really like it.

  52. I enjoy a daily green juice since finding your site and book.

    Love everything Crazy Sexy! Gave my Mom your book and she’s loving it. Recommended it to a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

    Thanks for guiding me on better health.

  53. Here is my post from one of my favorite days of all time. Thanks for the morning inspiration!

  54. Thanks for the morning inspiration and one sweet day. Here is my post-

  55. I am subscribed to your newsletter and am enjoying it thoroughly!
    Thanks for the beautiful giveaway!

  56. LOVE YOU…your energy and love reading your blog over others. Thank you for your humor, realness and being such a positive contribution to my world. XX

  57. Had a lovely picnic today, inspired by the Picnic Palooza. The rainy storm clouds even parted just long enough to enjoy some sunshine! I love the newsletter, every Monday there is a special treat in my inbox setting my whole week up right. I also love CS Kitchen and the new juicing e-book!

    Here is a link to the picture:

  58. I think it’s wonderful that you have turned your illness into a positive outcome. Your research has led you to answers that have helped you as well as others. Your writing style is informative, direct upbeat and just plain human. it has stretched far and wide and continues to do so.

    Thank you for your endearing ways.

    Wishing you a happy and healthful life.


  59. Hi Kris Have most of your books ,,,love them ,,, I have been useing all you book s through out my sickness since 2010 ,,,now healthy 2013, just trying to get used to changes probably should take some of the cooking classes when I have time… Thank you Kathy

  60. Jen said on July 30, 2013

    My little guy and I had a delightful breakfast picnic this morning! His first smoothie–Crazy Sexy Goddess smoothie. He finished his, half of mine and cried when it was gone. LOVED it! Three awesome pics as they were too cute not to share!

  61. I would love to win your July Picnic Contest. I follow your blog and you have great ideas! My husband and I are vegan and you have given us many, many great ideas on cooking! Thank you for helping to make the transition a smooth one! A picture of us on our picnic at the beach with your smug salad A picture of my Mojito juice I make from your site. I have it every morning before I run, my husband loves it too! Were training for a 20 mile run in February.

  62. Thanks Kris for an awesome contest and all your wonderful books! I’d be lost on this journey without them – truly grateful!

    Enjoying a little post-op recovery: reading, journaling, and a green smoothie picnic next to my crazy sexy garden with my pup! Life is good :)

  63. I like mixing smoothie recipes from my Kris Carr E-book. One last post of view taken of city after hike.

    Thank you again for insightful stories & fabulous info.. I am hooked!

  64. Howdy! Check out our #PicnicPalooza pics from our recent picnics at the cliffs and the farm:


  65. Hi Kris,

    Here is my entry into the July #PicnicPalooza. A healthy metal bottle of green juice, lots of veggie love, fruit and nuts for energy. No impressive glass wear to show off the green juice as glass is never permitted on canoe trips to keep the environment clean and safe.

    I love the stone figure known as Inukshuk which means “in the likeness of a human” in the Inuit language. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.”

    Fitting for a quest for health and getting outdoors to enjoy nature on a day canoe trip.

    Jo-Ann Blondin


    We start everyday with something green! Since our wee ones first started with table food, we eat something green at every meal. What better way to start your day than with a yummy greens smoothie, some cold, crisp watermelon and a bright golden sunshine! #picnicpalooza all the way!

  67. The products look awesome! Thanks for offering this chance to win!

  68. I missed the part where you leave the comments and links here. Whoops. I posted some on Instagram not sure what link to send for that but my Instagram is @awisa and I # #picnicpalooza & #crazysexykitchen. Hope it’s not too late! P.S. I just finished your adventure cleanse a month or so ago and have been using the crazy sexy kitchen cookbook an love it! Never thought I would be vegan, you are to blame Kris Carr 😉 & Thank you!

    ❤ Alyssa