I have a BIG announcement to share …


Hello Dear Friend,

Today is my birthday. I’m 41 and proud! As part of my birthday, I’m compelled to reinvent and rebirth. And so I have a BIG announcement to share. After much consideration, I’ve decided to fold all my existing web worlds into one new site, Kriscarr.com – The Home of the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution.

My new digital sanctuary — KrisCarr.com — will launch on September 17th, and I can’t wait to share it with YOU!

Let me pause and really take that in. Wow, does that feel great … I wish you could see my SMILE. A big, bright, feels-so-right smile shines from me.

If you’re a Crazysexylife.com die-hard: All our previous content will be accessible at the new site. To put it in perspective, that’s more than 1000 powerful blogs and 150 recipes! We’ve been working on this plan for about six months, and I really think you’ll love what we’ve created!

If you’re a member of my free online community, my.kriscarr.com: Your world will stay the same (with a mini spruce-up). I hope you continue to thrive in our totally free and 100-percent member generated and moderated collective. It’s a very unique and special place.

What’s to come: Instead of a daily article from a breadth of contributors, you’ll get one video or blog from me each Monday. Why just me? Because I’ve heard your requests (more “Kris” please!), and I’ve missed you. I love connecting with my readers through my newsletter, and I drink in every letter of gratitude. But to be honest, managing my growing business and writing books, while creating a dynamic platform for hundreds of bloggers over the years, has made it difficult for me to find time for my own blog content (AKA voice). There just aren’t enough hours in the day, and I’d rather connect with you one-on-one. If anything, this rebirth will bring me back to where it all started: me & you.

Crazy Sexy Life has meant the world to me. I am truly honored to have hosted all the talented writers, doctors, survivors and innovative thinkers, and I’m equally grateful to all the stellar copy editors who’ve helped our bloggers shine bright. What started as a little cancer blog morphed into a gigantic wellness movement for patients and people interested in prevention alike. Over the coming weeks, we will be powering this grand lady down. And while that will be sad, it will be balanced by all the excitement surrounding what’s to come.

I am grateful. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing your love and fire and for your devotion over the years. While our time in this space is coming to a close, our next incarnation will be unequivocally Crazy Sexy.

I am great-ful for your support and so excited for my timely rebirth. OK, off to blow out 41 candles!

Peace & change,

Kris Carr

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158 responses to I have a BIG announcement to share …
  1. Happy Birthday, Kris! Looking forward to visiting your new site! Have a lovely and crazy day!

  2. Woha! YES! Huuuge Yes! This feels so good to read/hear, Kris! the KrisCarr-site will without doubt be marvelous (just like YOU!).

    This transition feels so dynamic and great! New energies and vibrations are flowing all over so this announcement feels like it´s certainly in line with todays Blue Moon – magic.

    Best of luck during these final weeks of transition!

    LOVE /Elenore – your official tree hugger and sassy health gal <3

  3. Sounds just about perfect. =)

  4. Happy Birthday Kris!
    I really enjoy reading all your newsletters and information! Can´t wit for more!

  5. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
    What a wonderful, exciting plan – sounds simply amazing!
    XOXO – J

  6. Happy Birthday, Kris!

  7. EXCITED!!! I’m implementing ’90 days of change’ up to my birthday in December. Your new website will fit in just beautifully 😉
    Birthday’s RULE as catalysts of change.

    Love you lots, thanks for being around!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  9. Thank you, Kris! Because you’ve changed my life and bring me to life when I was leaving all.

    And now I’m waiting to see you in Italy!


  10. Happy Birthday, Kris! You’re brilliant!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday, Kris! You’re brilliant!

  13. Aw, Happy birthday Kris! I cannot wait for the new blog. What an exciting new adventure…and so happy we will get more of you and we will get to experience the growing and evolution of your own Voice. This is a super exciting news. I will be following every step of it.

    Yeah for exciting changes!



  14. Happy Birthday, Kris. I love seeing this emerge for you! This feels right, and good. Congratulations, and way turn 41!!

  15. Happy Everything Chris and many thanks for your care and love of your online community

  16. Happy Birthday!!!! Can’t wait to meet your new baby.
    Lots of love & Enjoy!

  17. Oh no! We are going to miss all the great daily content, Kris.

  18. Happy Birthday! Thank You for all your great information. I would love to meet you some time.

    Diana in Maine

  19. Happy Birthday! Just got your book and LOVE IT! I’m new to all this and it really explains everything and is very motivational!!! Have a great day and I look forward to more great stuff from you. Thank you for being a great inspiration to so many.

  20. Happy Birthday Kris! New site sounds fantastic, I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring into the new chapter of your life. So exciting xx


  22. Happy Birthday, you crazy sexy lady 41 and marvelous!!!

  23. You have been quite the busy little beaver! Hard work pays off in so many ways and all of your readers are the ones to be grateful–grateful for you!
    Happy, happy birthday to you! I am grateful for people and events coming into my life at precisely the perfect time. God is good!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  24. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you xxx

  25. Happy Birthday Kris! I am looking forward to the new site and looking so forward to more Kris goodness! More Kris = Yay!! You have been such a huge influence on my life, I cannot express how much your story, your books and your outlook on life has helped me get on the track to be my most healthy happy passionate authentic self! Love you girl! Thank you!

  26. Happy Birthday Kris! Congrats on another year.

  27. Bonne Fête – Happy Birthday I am gratefull for you Kris thank you for being part of ma life !!! longue vie , amour………….:) x0xx0x Lise from Québec/Canada

  28. Wishing you a happy, heathly birthday! I can’t wait to see the new site!

  29. Happy birthday Kris! So inspiring to watch you grow in new ways. I’m with you all the way! Now go eat some cake!

  30. Happy birthday Kris!! Exciting times, looking forward to the new space :)


  31. Happy Birthday Kris. I hope you have a wonderful year. Looking forward to the new site. You are my hero!!! xoxo

  32. Have a beautiful & blessed birthday, Kris! So looking forward to the new website and hearing more from you!

  33. So excited for your weekly appearances! Happy Happy Birthday!

  34. Happy birthday, Kris!

  35. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your new site!
    Peace :)

  36. Happy, Happy Birthday wonderful lady. Looking forward to spending more time reading about you and getting to know you. Have a truly fabulous day x

  37. Happy Happy Birthday to you! We are grateful to have you in the world and the web-world, very excited about the new site!

  38. Happiest Birthday to beautiful you, Kris! Kudos to you for your new and improved web site. Wishing you abundant health, blissful fulfillment and looooooove galore!!

  39. Happy happy birthday, beautiful! I know you probably hear this all the time but…41?! You look amazing. Yay for green juice! :)

  40. Happiest of birthdays, beautiful one!

  41. Happy Birthday!! Will you share your exact birth time and place so we can look at your birth chart??

  42. Happy birthday, Kris! You have been such an incredible inspiration to me and those I love! Have a crazy sexy day!

  43. Happy, beautiful, and sexy birthday, Kris !
    You are a wonderful woman, so lovely and inspiring :
    I wish you hope, I wish you love and tenderness, I wish you strength, I wish you dream and happiness…

  44. M said on August 31, 2012

    Happy happy birthday dear Love-infused& inspired Kris! Love and admiration, M-Kingston ON Canada

  45. Happy Birthday Kris!!!!

  46. All the best especially today to someone who gives so much to so many. Blessings and joy in abundance on your birthday!

  47. Wishing you a most wonderful birthday and many, many, many more to come.

  48. Happy Happy Birthday! Here’s to a day filled with joy!

  49. Happy Birthday, Kris! May you always be blessed with Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Abundance and Perfect Health!

    Love & Light-

  50. Yet another birthday wish. You go girl!

  51. Thank you for everything! Happy Birthday! I look forward to experiencing your new site!

  52. Happy birthday!!! Happy life!!!

    So glad to hear about your combined site. Congratulations on all your success and your ability to reach so many people.

  53. Happy birthday kris. Thank you for your courage and inspiration, kindness and love. May you have many many many more happy and healthy birthdays to celebrate!

  54. Happy Birthday Kris! Looking forward to the new format and to hearing more of your voice. Thanks for all you do.

  55. Happy Birthday Kris! I’m raising my green juice to YOU this morning! :) Can’t wait for the new web site.

  56. Happy Birthday! What awesome news – you are simply amazing and so inspirational! Can’t wait for this new beginning xo p.s…you still look 29!

  57. Happy Birthday Girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!! and even happier ones to come for you!!!!!!

  58. Happy Birthday!

  59. Happy Birthday to you, Kris! Moving forward in a healthy way sounds like a great plan for us all. Thank you for being a joyful, crazy and meaningful voice for us all. Your birthday is my 5 year anniversary of life after canser and I’m celebrating with you. Namaste.

  60. Happy 41st birthday to you. My 40’s were my fave years. Looking forward to Sept 17th and your Monday video’s/ blog. Change is great.

  61. Happy Birthday Kriss!! Love you ; )

    You have helped me in so many ways…


  62. Happy, happy birthday Kriss! And many more to you! Thanks for everything you do and are!

  63. Happy Birthday Crazy Sexy 41 You! Have an amazing day. 41 is awesome, I just turned it myself. I promise you will love it! I will be in DC next weekend all the way from California! Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful Hay House people! Happy Birthday!!

  64. Happy birthday Kris! I can’t wait for the new site and learn more and more about prevention and healthy living from you! I also can’t wait to become a registered dietitian (hopefully plant based dietition) to start helping people just like you have :) yay!

  65. Wonderful news! Thank you for all you do and for helping me with my journey of prevention!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  66. Happy, happy birthday – hope the year ahead is full of LIFE, Happiness and Prosperity – you deserve it girl! Looking forward to the new site and seeing how you’ve brought it all together!


  67. This is wildly exciting, so happy for you Kris!


    Xxo Shakaya

  68. Happy Birthday! You are such a lovely and positive ray of sunshine in our lives. Thank you!

  69. Happy Birthday– Today is my Dad’s birthday!! You share it with an incredible man! My dad passed 15mth 5 days ago– but who’s counting…. me :) Love Virgos… they have tremendous strength in a quiet way… enjoy your day!

  70. Happy Birthday! May you continue to have good health and other success in your crazy life. I am glad your freeing your personal space and letting others continue to flourish on their own. It is a wonderful community you have created.

  71. Happy Birthday lovely lady! Such exciting news about the new site. VERY much looking forward to it. I am grate-ful today to be in remission again!!

  72. Happy birthday, Kris. This is your day to shine. Your bright light of love and profound concern shines so brightly on us all. Thanks, Kris. Your one of a kind. Have a wonderful day, and many more.

  73. Happy Birthday Kriss! Here is your gift…you changed my life. Have an amazing day!
    Lots of Love!

  74. Yes, it will be sad, but all things change and grow anew. Chapters close and new ones begin! Happy birthday and congratulations on the new site. We’ll be there with ya.

  75. Happy Birthday, Kris! I’m on Day 11 of a green juice wellness fast/cleanse/detox/reboot, thanks to you and your inspiration. My world wouldn’t be the same without the Crazy Sexy Wisdom you provide, as well as some of the other teachers you’ve pointed me to through your website. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So many of us are very glad you were born :) Happy Day!

  76. Happy Happy Birthday Crazy and Wonderful and Full of Life Kris. So happy that you have your website and soon-to-be new site. I am grateful for you today because without you, I would have missed out on all my Crazy Sexy Iron Butterfly Babes. May you continue to grow in strength, love and hapiness.

  77. Happy Birthday Kris! I’m a Virgo too – we Virgos ROCK. I love the idea of the new website, very easy to remember, can’t wait to see what’s coming!!

  78. Happy, happy birthday to you!!!! I think it’s a great idea. My Crazy Sexy Life is huge and I thought it must be difficult to maintain and interact with it all. I like that you will be there more often. I have wanted more interaction, but I didn’t say anything because I know how busy you are.
    Way to go girl!
    P.S. Thank for including women of all ages. I saw in your book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips that you strongly felt the need to reach out to young women. That is very moving. I also think it is great you widen your admittance to your site so I, someone very youthful in attitude (and personally, I feel I am youngish), to you website. I think it is nice for both younger and youngish persons to interact. Yea!

  79. Kris, happiest of Bdays! I hope your cake is delish and you have a glass of champagne too!
    Your new venture sounds fab, yes, more YOU!

  80. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! We are your Crazy Sexy followers, and would be pleased to follow you wherever you go. I think I speak for many people when I say a congratulatory, “WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!”

    Love and Veggies,

  81. M said on August 31, 2012

    Happy birthday Kris!!! I´ve been following your steps since 2009 and it´s so inspiring to see how much you´ve grown and what a beautiful community you´ve built. Sending all my love from Mexico! :)

  82. Happy Birthday, darlin’! You are the Bestest in the Westest, and there is not a moment of a day goes by without my deepest gratitude for your existence in this world. You have not only changed but most likely SAVED my life, and I’m sure this goes for many others. So here’s to another 41 years of Kris Carr on this beautiful blue ball of wildly spinning love and beauty we call Earth!!!!! So much love from the SW corner of Montana….xoxox

  83. Kris,
    I want to say thank you for all you do and your positive sharing with all of us out here.
    Happy Wonderful Birthday! Sending you hugs.

  84. Happy Birthday! Your launch date (Sept 17) is MY birthday (i’ll be 43!) so that feels very right! i just am finishing your book Crazy Sexy Diet and love it. I have been on the trail of the healthy life for years but got more serious as a turning 40 quest. I have read all the big hitters in your book and have been raw on and off since last summer. Now i am back and trying to be ON full time! Thanks for the great insights!

  85. Happy 41, Kris!!!! I just want to thank you again and again for the great resource that YOU have been to me over the past few years. Through you, your books, this website and it’s community- I’ve gained knowledge, inspiration, made wonderful friendships, and gained a lot of hope. My life has changed because of you. HELLO! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for introducing us to so many other inspiring people and boss product as well. You continue to inspire and I could not be prouder to be a part of your community. Bring it, KrisCarr.com!! 😉

  86. Happy birthday! I look forward to your emails, thanks for being awesome!
    Cheers to you with a big glas of green juice.

  87. Can’t believe it! Your birthday, and I’m on my way TODAY to Atlanta to attend the Living Foods Institute which I first read about in your Crazy Sexy Cancer book! Have a wonderful B’day!!

  88. Happy Birthday Kris! Can’t wait for the new web page….Enjoy your day!! ?

  89. Happy Birthday Kris! Don’t just make it a day; make it a happy birthday week, heck why not a month. It only comes around once a year and I believe in living it up and extending it out as much as possible. Well wishes being sent from San Francisco, CA.

    Claudia :-)

  90. Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you the very best:) Can’t wait for your new website and everything you have to share! You’re amazing and inspirational!

  91. We will always follow you, our breathe of sunshine and fresh air, no matter where you go, name changes and URL changes because it is Kris that matters to us.

    Thanks to reading about you becoming CEO of Save My A$$ Inc., I have done the same thing and found a clinical trial that is working for me when I was told there were no options.

    Wear that 41 loud and proud, sista! I am sending pink and sparkles your way.

  92. Happy Birthday, Kris!! Thank you for all that you give to us (your crazy sexy community)! May you get all of that love that you give back attcha and then some.

  93. Happy Birthday!!!

  94. Every year is a gift. I’m 45 and crazier and sexier than ever (thanks to your sparkly advice)! Happy Birthday to you Kris! Can’t wait to see your new site. Whooo HOOOO!

  95. Have an amazing happy and healthy 41st!!! Look forward to your new site.

  96. Happy Birthday Kris! Thank you for all your inspiration and information. You have helped me to step up my vegan lifestyle to make it even healthier. I love your new beginning and want to thank you for being a wonderful gift to the world.

  97. Kris, wishing you the happiest of Birthdays! And THANK YOU…because you have changed my life. And even the life of my (somewhat reluctant) family. You’re the best!!

  98. Happy, juicy, joyful Birthday Kris! I’m healing from a recurrence of ovarian cancer completely naturally, and you have been such a HUGE, FABULOUS influence on and encouragement to me! Thanks for everything, and I celebrate YOU today!

  99. Happy Birthday Hot and Rocking Kris. You have been my guru since 2008, when the idea of blogging about green juices, infrared saunas and Ph water machines were thought to be very crazy. Your site gave me some dear friends that were walking with me through cancer, reconstructive surgery, and menopause. You gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts on your Cleanse and start writing a bit for me.

    Kris you are a blessing to me and millions of others. I wish a wonderful 41st birthday and a life filled with more health, bliss and a continued revolution of wellness .

  100. That’s great Kris!!!! Love all the information you send. Your upbeat spirit influences so many people. Have a Happy Birthday!! And thanks again for your wonderful gift to all of us.

  101. Happy Birthday! Thank you for this new site – its gonna rock! We love you!

  102. hallo my name is fetta and i am from kosovo and i miss you too and i my number is this 00377 44489 237 and my add is this fettagashi in facebook.com i like you

  103. Happy Birthday and Rebirth! You are so inspiring, and I check your site every day to read what’s new. I look forward to your site! Best wishes!

  104. Happy Birthday!! I started following your blog not long before you switched to CrazySexyLife. Have you ever given thought to linking to your original personal blog–the Kris before the Biggest, Best Website Ever!? Okay, thanks for your work. It really is appreciated and has changed my life and impacted my husband and kids through me.

  105. Happy Birthday Kris. I’m sure your lifestyle and enthusiasm has given MANY people more birthdays to celebrate. Thank you

  106. Happy Birthday to you and your new site (soon.!) We can’t wait to get more of you! :)

  107. Happy Birthday, Kris!

  108. Happy Birthday!

  109. That is great news!! I just introduced your videos to my 28-year old daughter and told her you were her age, so hearing more from you is awesome! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  110. Hope you have a great day, Kris! Happy Birthday!

  111. awesome bday wishes to you … excited about the format changes!

  112. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Kris! I wish you wellness, joy, laughter and happiness always!!!!

  113. Happy Birthday beautiful one!
    Keep dishing up the fun green goodness and love!
    Celebrating you! With love and smiles!
    Peace hugs and chickens!

  114. Happy Birthday! Love all you do! Peace and green juice!

  115. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish you loads of blessings for you and your loved ones!!!
    It’s really awesome to see you’re launching your own website!! I think you’re becoming one of my role models!!! I’m 31 and when I get to my 41th birthday, I’d love to have endevoured such a huge amount of followers, experiences, blogs and ventures!
    Muchos abrazos from Bogotá, Colombia!!

  116. Happy Birthday, Kris! I can’t see what you have coming next!
    Peace out and enjoy your day! ?

  117. Happy Birthday, Kris.

  118. Happy bvirthday, Kris! Love, light, and ultimate greatness to you! xo

  119. Happy Birthday Kris, you are SO loved!

  120. Hello Kris,

    I am thrilled to hear this news. Deepest, happiest, grovyest, funniest, most connected birthday EVER!

    You are a dear light in the world and I am honoured to have met you. I look forward to playing with you someday.

    Happy Soul Sister- Big Hug- Julie Daniluk

  121. Such great news Kris, and happy birthday.

    There are already a ton of websites out there doing the exact same thing (with guest contributors etc), so I am extremely excited to hear you are going to be sharing your unique voice with us. It wil be such a blessing to hear from you and only you, each and every week. Can’t wait.

    Big hugs and lots of love. x

  122. I wish you a very happy birthday, thank you for all the love, information, and inspiration you have given me. All I can say to you is ” . . . and many more.” in my loveliest singing voice!

  123. Happiest of birthdays to you Kris! You deserve big joy!!!

  124. so glad you were born! gladder still that you are so full of gratitude that it spills all over all of us! happy birthday!!

  125. Happy birthday! All the joyful warmth from Manila, Philippines. You changed my life! – C.

  126. Sending you lots of happy birthday wishes from Odzi in Zimbabwe! Kirsten x

  127. Happy birthday and what wonderful news. I’ve been with you since 2005 and watched you grow this site and your concept into an ever more useful and inspiring place. I have been waiting for this! I know you’re a student of Marie Forleo (me too, through you) and you mentioned on fb once that you were checking through websites with a view to recreating your own. I’m very excited to see your renewed site. Congratulations!

  128. Happy Birthday Kris!!! Wishes for an electric and inspiring year!
    Xo! – Stacey S.

  129. The best is yet to come! Hugs xoxoxo
    Happy birthday

  130. Happy birthday gorgeous! Looking forward to the new site and hearing more from you :)

  131. Happy Birthday! I know your new site will be wonderful and I look forward to it. Have a very Happy Birthday!

  132. Happy Birthday Kris! You’re so amazing – I’m so thankful to have discovered your works. Keep doing what you are doing girl!

  133. In the middle of your book and loving it!!! I’m a long time vegetarian and few year old vegan and have watched Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead recently. I feel your book is furthering my journey to new levels of health! So excited to have found you, and Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration to us all. P.S. My lupus went into remission (while I was in chemotherapy) when I was in my late teens- I believe due to the fact I gave up meat and started taking yoga and meditating. Woo hoo! Still in remission at age 38 :) Xoxo

  134. Happy Birthday Kris! You amaze me with your constant pushing to the next level in eveything you do! As I have followed CrazySexyLife for quite some time, I am looking forward to the next chapter of your story! You inspire me beyond measure, and as a fellow cancer warrior, you keep me pushing myself to better places! I’ll be here in NJ anxiously awaiting KrisCarr.com!!!

  135. Happy Birthday!! I’m reading your book now while reinventing my own self and it is perfect timing. I’m sure the new site will be wonderful. ~live happily

  136. Happy Birthday!! Just finished reading “Crazy Sexy Diet” and look forward to meeting you next weekend in Washington, DC at the I Can Do It Conference!!!! Love -MB

  137. A very Happy Birthday to you Kris. I am a huge fan. I have followed you since I bought Crazy Sexy Cancer when it was released way back when. I love what you do and am so impressed with everything you do.

    Best wishes to you on this birthday and forever more.


  138. You totally rock! You inspire me everyday in terms of health (this November I will be 5 years out from BC), profession and of course Green Juicing and beautiful compassionate plant based diet! Happy Birthday and thanks for everything that you do!!!!

  139. So exciting! Congrats are in order for making this big leap. Looking forward to following you on this journey.

  140. Hey Birthday Girl ! ! ! Her’s my song for you today…well…it’s mostly a Beatles song actually (Dear Prudence), but it seems so very perfect for you…here goes…I’m singing exuberantly here…so hum along ! ! !

    The Sun Is UP…
    The Sky is Blue…
    Life’s Beautiful…
    And so are You…
    Dear Krissey…have an awesome…day…ay…ay…ay ! ! ! !

    May You continue to Live Your Life Large…savoring each and every delicious morsel of it…and deep deep bows to You (as in forehead towards your toe’s) for inviting all of us along to join You at the feast !

    Much Love,


  141. Happy Birthday, Kris! You inspire me. I’m new, your great video persuaded me to buy your e-book on smoothies and juicing , and I’m so glad I did. You make me smile every day. You are such a positive person. Have a wonderful birthday. Valerie

  142. We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in
    our community. Your web site offered us with valuable
    information to work on. You’ve performed a formidable job and our entire neighborhood will likely be grateful to you.

  143. Happy Birthday Kris!! I just love receiving you email newsletters! You have a wicked fun writing style and your message, info and links are always so relevant and enriching! I giggled a little just reading this newsletter because we have the same Birthday!!! YAY, AUG 3-1! I turned 28 :) Have a great year and thank YOU for all you do!! :)

  144. Happy birthday, Kris! Wishing you another year of awesome, joyful, moments. Thank you for all that you do for me and so many others around the world. You are the original, crazy, sexy…

  145. Happy belated birthday, Kris!!! I hope your day was a wonderful one!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!

  146. Happy Birthday wonderful, beautiful Kris!!! May your heart be filled with all the happiness it can possibly hold. Thank you for all that you do for so very many.

  147. Waahoooooo! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing it. Happy Birthday! Many blessings for another joyful trip around the sun.

  148. Happy Belated Birthday, Kris Carr! Excited for the new format!
    Love your writing!
    I had the honor of having you sign my CSDiet Book in Rochester, MI
    at the Pink Fund event about a year ago!
    Blessings and Creative Sparkles on all Your Endeavors!
    Susan in MI

  149. Happy Birthday Kris,

    I glad to follow you where ever you go.


  150. Happy, Happy Rebirthday!

  151. Happy Birthday to you, Kris!
    You have been a very important part of my crazy sexy life in the past 2 years after my stage IV breast cancer diagnosis. NED scans! I look forward to your new site:)…

    Thank you for being you:)


  152. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, can’t wait to see the new digs!!!
    huge hugs,laurie

  153. Wow! Have a GREAT birthday! You are still so young, not only physically attractive, but young at heart and you have been such a blessing to me and so many people. Thank you!

  154. Belated Birthday Wishes to you, you crazy sexy goddess! You have given me such a new outlook on life and it has changed everything for me. I can’t thank you enough, there is just no way to do it! You made me take an honest look at my life and make some serious and long overdue changes. I am on a path now that I would probably not have taken if not for you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I wish you all the best with your new website. And I wish you balance and peace, friend. You truly are the best…Peace and green goodness always!

  155. Happy Birthday Kris, hope its a magnificent one, just like you! x

  156. “Happy Birthday” I am working at the Urban Zen Store in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons, were we selling your book “CRAZY SEXY DIET” I own it and I love it. I show it and sell it to our customer.

  157. I just realized we have the same birthdate…. not year date but hey… cool


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    I am shocked why this accident didn’t took place
    in advance! I bookmarked it.