How I Found My “Soul-Mate” Job

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By Maya Gottfried

Many of us seek soul mates in relationships, but what about “work soul mates”? What about the work we do that helps complete us? That takes us to the next place spiritually? For me, writing Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuarywas a soul mate job.

At age 35 I learned about Farm Sanctuary, a national organization (with shelters in Watkins Glen, N.Y., and Orland, Calif) that rescues and advocates for farm animals. I soon became (healthily) obsessed, attending NYC activist meetings, volunteering in the area of publicity, and participating at demonstrations. It was “work,” but with a spiritual aspect, fulfilling in ways my regular job as a publicist was not. As a child, I wanted to help animals by becoming a veterinarian when I grew up. I swiftly changed my mind after discovering some details of what a veterinary education entails. Though I hadn’t found my way to veterinary school, I had somehow managed to use my skills to help save animals. I felt alive.

I explored Farm Sanctuary’s website frequently. All of the animal residents had a name and a story. Truly, every story was proof of the subject’s strong spirit. These beings each had a family, a soul, thoughts, fears, quirks, and loves. In the places they had been (factory farms, stockyards, etc.), most had been abused, confined, separated from family members, and treated like soulless commodities of the food industry. Now they were free in the sun, lounging on the grass, and splashing in the water. And as one of the most amazing testaments to their enduring spirits, many of them now trusted humans.

I realized that Farm Sanctuary was a children’s book, it just hadn’t been written yet. There was a great truth here. It was a truth of peace and love and compassion. The book was (and is) the most important piece of writing I’d ever worked on. Unlike my other work, it had the power to save lives. If people saw what I saw, I hoped and believed they would be inspired to protect farm animals through veganism and other forms of activism.

Once Farm Sanctuary granted me permission to do the book, I found that the reality of writing it had grown truly intimidating. How was I going to know I had successfully portrayed the individuals living at the shelters? My other two books used poetry in an effort to communicate the soul. For this reason, Our Farm was composed of poems written in the animals’ voices. I dove in.

Then I found out I had colorectal cancer. The world stopped. I remember the bright white recovery room, sun pouring in, the uncomfortable doctor, and my mom’s look of uncertainty when I told her. I didn’t cry or start screaming or become overcome by any sort of hysteria. It was more like a message flashed in my brain, “Urgent: Your time may be limited.” After telling my Mom I had cancer, the next thing I told her was that I really wanted to do the book.

In Anatomy of the Spirit, written by Caroline Myss, Ph.D., the author quotes a Native American woman’s words on completing your work before dying, “…you cannot leave one part of your work unfinished before you die. Otherwise, you leave a part of your spirit behind.” When it is not possible to finish, the responsibilities are passed on to someone else, but not left undone. I think back to my desire to be a veterinarian as a child. That same soul, that same mind that began life wanting to help animals, now given a potential deadline, wanted to get that done before leaving.

I had chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is indescribable. It’s beyond words. My feet and fingers tingled, I could barely eat, and I couldn’t leave my apartment for weeks. I could feel the chemo when I cried. I practiced restorative yoga and drank green juices, which helped. Shining bright on my horizon was the book. It was bigger than chemo. It was bigger than cancer. It was close to God. A channel. My own personal ray of sunshine that I had been given to transfer joy, truth, and life to other beings. I focused on it during those horrible, nauseous, dizzy days of chemo.

When on breaks from chemo, I would visit the Watkins Glen shelter to get to know the animals better. Once chemo was done, the chemicals withdrew, and I finished the poems.

Through the eyes of the Farm Sanctuary residents I experienced the world anew. As I put myself in their sweet, innocent bodies and minds, I imagined what it was like to be happy and in the sun after so much meaningless pain. I saw the pure beauty of nature and the peacefulness of their new homes as they might see them.

I also learned from other people like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who podcasts “Vegetarian Food for Thought” and Natalie Bowman at Farm Sanctuary. The organization’s president and co-founder Gene Baur’s book, Farm Sanctuary, caused me to re-examine the true nature of human relationships with animals. As children, people have an innate connection with and love of farm animals. I wanted to support this in my book.

As with any job, there were days of struggle, days when I didn’t know what to write, or how to communicate what I wanted to express. But I never doubted that writing the book was something I wanted to do, something I needed to get done.

So now that the book is out and I’m cancer-free, does that mean I have nothing left to do? Of course not! The book has brought me to a new spiritual place. I feel stronger, more truly accomplished, and more connected to the beauty, love, and joy that exist in the world. I know I can help others and I want to do MORE! Everything I work on doesn’t have to be a life-saving endeavor, but I look forward to meeting my future soul mates.

Maya Gottfried is an animal-loving writer of poetry and prose for children and adults, as well as a publicist. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with two fabulous cats, and drinks a lot of vegetable juice.

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29 responses to How I Found My “Soul-Mate” Job
  1. I love this post..thank you

  2. An incredible story reminding us all that we have important work to do; that we all meant to contribute with our unique gifts, talents and love. Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey! Jacqui xox

  3. Hey darling, what a wonderful post. I’m so happy you and the book are doing well. Sorry to have been so out of touch, it’s been a crazy and exhausting year. Will call soon. xo ricki

  4. truly inspiring. thank you for this post and all that you do Maya!

  5. Maya’s story is totally inspirational, and Maya is an incredible person. I loved reading this blog entry, and I loved reading Our Farm.

  6. Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Maya!!

  7. Wow! As a person who has been “stuck” in a soul-draining job for almost 20 years, this story hit me like ton of bricks. I’ve gotta stop wasting so much of my time! Thank you for the inspiration. I wish you continued good health and happiness!

  8. What an amazing story…those of us who do not have any specific ills/disease have no excuse to get off out duffs and help the animals! You are inspirational!

  9. thanks!!. I’m passing this along to

  10. Thank you for all of the love, everyone. I can feel it!

  11. I remember the first time I saw “Our Farm” in electronic form before it went to print. I had just gotten back from maternity leave and was reaquainting myself with the hustle and bustle of activities that engross all of us who work here at Farm Sanctuary. As I clicked through each poem and illustration, tears of joy welled up in my eyes. I had finally found a way to communicate all that I feel about this place and these animals to my newborn son. You found a way to package the heart and soul of this place, and I thank you. Maya, I will always hold your book dear to me, and I am grateful for the voice that you gave to these animals.

  12. Okay, I cried. This testimony is wonderful and powerful. Thank you for being so transparent and unselfish in sharing this with us.
    God Bless You girl.

  13. Thank you so much for your post. I’ve been in a job I can’t stand for some time. I’m wasting so much time, but need the insurance.

  14. What an inspiring post, Maya!Thank you for sharing with us!Good health to you and lots of love, xoxo

  15. Oscar said on May 4, 2010

    Maya! Amazing & inspiring post. xx

  16. So beautiful Maya! Thank you for sharing your light with us! XO

  17. Grace said on May 5, 2010

    what a beautiful and inspising post, thank you! Am printing it out to put next to my ‘service to the world/ work’ vision board – a a reminder of all the good we can do, and the joy. love and thanks grace xxxx

  18. Beautifully written and inspiring post — what a long and meaningful life you have ahead of you, and how fortunate the animal kingdom has such a queenly advocate!

  19. Thank you for telling your inspiring tale, I loved reading the blog and look forward to sharing Farm Sanctuary with our little girl when she’s old enough!

  20. Sassy said on May 6, 2010

    wow! fabulous post! i think we are very similar. i too wanted to be a vet to help animals, but became a writer instead. i recently quit my corporate job to find myself and one of my goals is helping animals…and one of the things on my to-do list is take a retreat to the Farm Sanctuary in NY. i have thought about buying this book – now i definitely will!

  21. What an amazing and moving post, Maya. Beautiful. You’re a special lady! XOXO

  22. Beautiful & inspiring, Maya. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  23. Thank you Maya, I was very moved by your story. The animals are lucky to have you as their soul-mates,
    Julie (your mom’s friend)

  24. What a wonderful story! Maya, you are a true inspiration in how you have overcome cancer and yet managed to help animals – thank you for what you are doing!!

  25. Mick said on July 9, 2010

    Keri – did you ever have a strange, breif soul-mate conversation with someone in a variety store in Toronot, Canada around 1990?

  26. Incredible and so inspirational!! Thank you so much for this article. So beautiful.

  27. wow broavo to you maya thank you for sharin this article with me, and the world. ya know,…. huh….its people like u that set this world straight. not polititions, or religious leaders…. but good fuking(non egoic people like u that help the insanity of this world by just being your;self. man… propts to you mRS. PROPTS TO U.

  28. Hi Maya,

    Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story with us!

    God bless you!

  29. This article, “How I Found My “Soul-Mate” Job – KrisCarr.
    com” ended up being amazing. I am making out a reproduce to demonstrate to my associates.