Healing With Love

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After 20 years in family practice, and the last 10 years of an integrated approach, I now wonder if all healing can occur from a space of true, compassionate and unconditional love.

Can love truly heal all illness?

Can love heal depression? Chronic fatigue? Multiple sclerosis? Diabetes? Anxiety? Obesity? Can love heal every ailment we hear of in medicine?

I feel it can. I now work teaching people how to release and allow true love to enter their lives. Love can heal all. This is a brief summary of what I teach; hopefully it will get you onto your path of allowing love to enter your life.

When we are born, 99.9 percent of us are completely healthy and well. In this blog, we are going to focus on this large population.

We are born in that space of complete health and love. When we are born, we are truly connected to our source, our spirit, our humanity. That space is of complete love and connection.

There is no fear, anxiety, anger or resentment being held onto. Because of this special, perfect place, the little ones are so much more connected to source and well-being than adults are. This is the one of the reasons children do not often develop the chronic diseases that adults are prone to.

Children are aware of the soup of love that they sit in. They can see invisible energy and can literally take the love and guidance from this invisible energy into their little bodies. Within this space of invisible energy lie the healing and love that can enter into all of our bodies and lives. There is incredible healing here. Some people call this invisible energy Spirit, Guides, the Universe or whatever name you give it. What you choose to call this is irrelevant. Simply knowing it is there and allowing it to penetrate your body is all that is important.

Every human being, regardless of what they have done in their life, can be connected to the same infinite space of love, life and well-being. That infinite space is the energy around us that truly supports us. We are all in a soup of love, well-being and potential.

As humans, we have ultimate free choice, so we have a choice to connect to that space or not.

I work with people on allowing them to enter this space of love. While doing this work, I teach them that we all have two messages within us at all times. One message comes from our mind — our thoughts, our worries, our concerns. Then, we have another voice coming from our heart or spirit. The heart is capable of connecting to the invisible energy around us. The heart is guided by messages from this invisible space. Those messages are always guiding us; in general, they are positive, reinforcing and loving.

These are two distinct messages. In our society and schooling system, we are taught how to strengthen our mind. Unless you work on it, the heart voice doesn’t get any stronger than what we are born with. Just like the mind or the bicep muscle, the heart voice can be strengthened. It just takes patience, diligence and regular maintenance. Regular practices like yoga and meditation are the fastest and most efficient ways to strengthen the heart’s voice. Through these practices, we can tap into the multitude of invisible energies around us that want to guide us and help us to heal.

Often, the message from the mind is very different than the message from the heart or spirit. The heart or spirit’s message will never veer us off track. The heart’s message is always full of love, compassion and beauty. It is encouraging and never lets us down. The heart message is always driving us toward our best, highest potential.

The mind, on the other hand, tends to hold onto anger, resentment, worry, jealousy and rigidity. We are trained in our society that this is perfectly acceptable and sometimes even commendable behavior.

Many times, the message the heart/spirit is giving you is the opposite of the message the mind is sending. The key here is to sit in meditation, feel and be with the heart message. Then, using the power of our thoughts, work on shifting our thoughts to better feeling spaces so gradually our mind’s message matches the spirit’s message.

It is important to understand that our mind is just composed of thoughts that we think. Those thoughts are nothing other than that which we put our focus on. The thoughts can be changed by changing our focus. It is that simple and that powerful.

This is simple but it is work. It takes diligent, step-by-step, daily work, but the results are incredible! To be truly in the space of spirit/heart is to truly heal through love. Releasing anger, jealousy, resentment and allowing ourselves to go into that magical space of unlimited love is the most amazing experience in the world.

Sometimes when we are so trapped in our mind and living in a space of fear, anxiety or negativity, it is very difficult to start this process and often impossible to hear the heart’s voice or know how to start. This is where working with an intuitive can be helpful.

As a medical intuitive, I can tune into the voices and guidance of the spirit world, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to shift and release the bonds that you may be in. Then, over time, you will be able to tune into your own spirit voice, and release once and for all into the healing space of love.

Love truly does heal. We all have the capability and capacity to do this work. It is with deep love that I write this blog, hoping it will enter into your lives like it has mine.

Dr. Divi is a medical intuitive and a family doctor. Using her gifts of intuition, she helps people heal with Spirit and Love. Dr. Divi uses her own Spirit Guides to help guide clients in safe, loving and effective ways.

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8 responses to Healing With Love
  1. Ani said on May 29, 2012

    Thank you so much for this beautiful blog post. Being in a state of love and allowing love, receiving love is so powerful. This has certainly helped me with my lupus journey. I recently wrote an e-booklet on learning to love yourself as a first step toward living in a space of love (please see my website for more information).

    With loving wishes
    Ani xx

  2. u hit the nail rite on the head. when we don’t love ourselves, we can’t truly love others. when we regret who we are, what we’ve done or haven’t done in our lives yet, or think we’re stupid…fat…ugly. all of that creates anger which we turn inward & i do believe that alot of that anger causes sickness, physical & mental & emotional. loving unconditionally means no matter what u do in life or someone else does, u r not going to get tangled in a web of regret ( i feel there’s truly no purpose in regretting your actions, u need 2 learn from them & leave the past where it is, in the past. otherwise u r never in the moment), u can fogive yourself for your mistakes & forgive others for thier’s. i think what Marianne Sampson relays in the book “a return to love”, is that everything, but love keeps you down. love IS the ultimate healer…..

  3. Wonderful article! Thank you so much, Ani!!
    I believe this is also the key to healing addiction as well. When we begin to do things that nourish the spirit (heart), we can start to recognize the difference between what our mind (conditioning) is telling us about us and who we truly are. We are connected to the great Love and power of the Universe! Healing, joy, peace and freedom is truly ours when we accept and believe the Truth.

  4. Thankyou for your notes… I love all of the posts! What an amazing journey you have been on Ani – to heal yourself and to write.. to share is such a beautiful journey.
    I often find the more people who do this work, and can share their experience, the more people that may listen and perk up to the possibilities!
    Spreading and shifting health and healing one person at a time.. Warm Hugs to you all… Dr.Divi

  5. Thanks for your post. I still wonder, – if people still feel bad, still struggle with their mental healt despite loving and being loved, – are you saying that is because they (or their loved ones) don’t love enough? I love my husband and he loves me, but he has still struggled with his mental health, – and the same is true for other. Here is a post from him about that, http://www.sociophobics.com/can-you-be-happily-married-and-suffer-depression-and-social-anxiety/

  6. Thank you. Beautiful and timely.

  7. Thanks Thora. Am I able to send you a private message?

  8. I feel the love that you are talking about. It is all around me and I am taking it in like a sponge. Love is everywhere. It flows as an eternal waterfall. We only have to be open and accepting to this wonderful limitless suply and we can be constantly filled.
    Blessing to you,