It’s time to say good-bye …


Hi (& hugs) dear reader,

Today will be the very last blog post at Crazysexylife.com as we know it. (Read
the announcement here and the inspiration for KrisCarr.com here) It’s been five
glorious years and once again I want to thank all the visionaries and copy
editors who have shared their words in this sacred space. This post will be up
all week.

Next Monday, September 17th, we’ll reveal a brand new site that I hope
you all will adore. Please update your bookmarks accordingly, but if you forget,
no worries. Crazysexylife.com will redirect to Kriscarr.com.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, all the top-notch content at Crazysexylife.com
will be archived and easily accessible at our new location, Kriscarr.com.
However, instead of daily articles from guest contributors, I’ll be posting (my
own) content once per week on Mondays (twice a week when I feel utterly wild).
This new schedule will allow me to bring my love and thunder to you on a regular
basis, like I have been in my popular newsletters.

For the remainder of the week, I have a request: If you’ve received
a soul nugget, holy shitake awakening or even just a “humph” from
Crazysexylife.com over the years, share a comment below.

It could read something like this: Crazy Sexy Life has helped me feel more whole.
Crazy Sexy Life has taught me how eat better. Crazy Sexy Life has encouraged me
to be more compassionate. Crazy Sexy Life has opened my eyes to environmental
issues and animal welfare. You get the picture.

It’s nice to celebrate when we say goodbye as we welcome a bright new chapter.
That’s what we’ll be doing behind the scenes all week. And we thoroughly hope to
chat with you in the comments daily. In fact, my entire team will be reading the
love and soaking in the good times. Until then I want to leave you with my
deepest thanks. Without you this world would not exist. You built it as much as
I have, and I am over-the-moon proud of US.

Chat soon AND see you next week at KrisCarr.com!!!

Pssst … In addition to launching my new website next week, I have another GINORMOUS announcement to make.

Peace & celebratory good-byes,
Team CSL: Kris, Brian, Tina, Corinne, Lauren, Maria, Lola & all of our wonderful volunteers over the years

Kris Carr

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213 responses to It’s time to say good-bye …
  1. Crazysexylife has nudged me to remember that eating healthy & green is not punishment or a restriction, but love for myself. It’s taking care of myself, it’s a treat.. Thanks so much for that.

  2. Crazy Sexy Life has helped me stay my course. :)

  3. Crazy Sexy Life has inspired me to BE MORE ME!
    To nourish and love myself with food, friends and thoughts that lift me up and make me happy.
    Kris Carr is one of my favorite little miracles workers on the planet.

    Really looking forward to the new site!

    Love and Gratitude


  4. CrazySexyLife has got me juicing!! Daily! (for over 2 years now). And eating better. And having more faith in my ability to heal. And to know that having a health condition is one thing, but that you never ARE your health condition. Thank you so much Kris. You are amazing.

  5. Thank you Kris for helping me change my life!!!!!!! It has been great! All endings are just beginnings….I have a feeling about your ginormous announcement and I hope I”m right….more miracles like no other….wishing you and your staff all of the hope and love you’ve shared and more!

  6. Hi,

    You have inspired me to embrace health and happiness. You are an amazing person! You inspired me to buy a Vitamix and begin drinking veggies and fruit. Even though I do not have any health problems you have affected my life in many ways. Thank you, thank you!!


  7. Crazy Sexy Life – Thanks for teaching me to Juice…which led to me stepping away from animal protein for good, and towards delicious conscious eats :)

  8. Kris, I first encountered your documentary late one night after my sister had died from Ovarian Cancer. I was impressed by your story and your humour and your determination to not sit back and let your own experience take you over. 5 years later when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I re-discovered you through one of your little books sitting on the shelf at the cancer center. I soon become known to the nurses in the chemo-room as the “green juice girl” who would bring my own healthy lunch and my own green drink to the infusion room instead of drinking the sodas and eating the sandwiches offered by the wonderful volunteers there. I am proud to say that I am now 26 months cancer free. I don’t know where things will go with all that, but you have remained a huge inspiration to me and I can’t wait for your cookbook! Thanks for all of you that you have given us over the years. I applaud the changes you are making – for us AND for yourself!

  9. Hi Kris & all,

    I only came across this blog a little over a couple of weeks ago and it blew me away. Your story, Kris, what you’ve been through, and the courage to move on and not give up are truly inspiring. I particularly am drawn to the prevention aspect that you so much emphasize here. It’s much cheaper and easier to prevent than heal. I’m looking forward to the new face of your blog and the good stuff that’s coming along with it. Best of luck! :)

  10. no words can describe… <3

  11. CSL introduced me to Delicious Green Juice and a fabulous way to eating to stay healthy! Thank you for inspiring health, peace and veggies!!

  12. Crazy Sexy Life has been my guru of glow – thank you!

  13. Dear Kris and Crew,
    Besides inspiring me in innumerable ways, you have also introduced me to other fabulous women who have changed my life. I am beyond grateful! Thank you!

  14. My holy shitake awakening from crazysexylife: That having it ‘all’ can get too much, that white space is good :) And also… that it won’t turn out how I expect, but better :0 Thanks Kris and everyone else who contributed to the amazing articles on this site!

  15. I stumbled across your Crazy Sexy Diet book a year and a half ago looking for a different way to eat that would energize and revitalize me. I am so happy I bought your book. A year and a half later I’m happy to report not only do I feel and look better I am a different person. This has led me down a path that I kind of knew all along was there but just needed someone to show me the way. I can’t thank you enough for writing that book and sharing your very blessed life. You have made a huge impact on people and started a movement. Looking forward to the next chapter in your life book. Again thank you and God bless!!

  16. Crazy Sexy Life has made such an impact on my views about nutrition, lifestyle choices I want to make for myself and my family and has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration to make the best of every moment.

  17. Your book and site have blessed me. I have bought so many copies of your book and shared them with my friends who have been diagnosed with various cancers in hopes that they will embrace getting their greens on. I am so blessed by your journey, having been a twice cancer survivor myself. I will be joining in on the new site and using your information in our Cancer Care Ministry.

  18. your blog always added a smile to my day :-) hope this change to be for the better 😀 greater smiles!

  19. Crazy Sexy Life changed my entire life. From the moment I saw Crazy Sexy Cancer and said “I’m going to work with that lady!” to meeting Kris in NYC to helping her build CSL to re-joining the team just in time for KrisCarr.com to be launched, I’ve become a healthier, braver, WHOLE person. Words will never be able to describe my gratitude for being part of this world.


  20. CSL has become my go-to filter for diet advice and tough love. I’m so grateful for the work you’ve done. And will continue to do.

  21. Kris,
    I look forward to your personal blog stories; your posts have always been my favorite, your writing style is so uplifting! Your blog has affected me such positive ways! Like right now–I am going to go take a crisp New England morning walk after reading your energetic post–thanks for passing on some good energy! xo

  22. Kris, I’m healthy, happy and positive. However even for people like me, you and your blog have provided endless inspiration and sometimes a gentle kick up the patootie to live each day with love, laughter and good health. Thank you for the gift you have given to so many. And can’t wait to join you on your next adventure! Love from Australia xxx

  23. Your light has been shining over the ocean and it reached me in Europe. You go girl, a glass of green juice in your hand and a pink arrow in your hair, you are the winner and the world announcer of good news full of hope. Kris Carr cares…..

  24. Crazy Sexy Cancer and CSL was there for me during at time of my life that was most painful, recovering from thyroid cancer surgery. A friend recommended me the book and I rented the documentary. WHOA baby did it all open my eyes to a new way of life. Today I am cancer free, vegetarian and eat very little dairy. As I write this I’m sipping a green smoothie! Much thanks and love to Kris and the team for everything they have done to help people make better, life saving choices. XOXO

  25. To one crazy sexy soul you have found your home, looking forward to your new site.

  26. Kris,
    Your blog and book have helped me completely change my life! And in turn, help the lives of many family and friends. You are truly an inspiration to so many! I have created my own website and FB to share tips and healthy recipes with others, especially woman healing from fibromyalgia. Keep spreading your love and light, I will follow whatever blog you are on!
    All the best,

  27. Thank you Kris- though that is not enough. Crazy Sexy Life has opened my eyes to a whole new level of being and feeling healthy and a simple thank you just won’t do. Reading your book and then visiting the site frequently was how I was introduced to veganism and green juices in my life. I had frequently read about being vegan but your book was the one that made things click for me. I applaud you and your zest for sharing the treasures you discovered. I also want to applaud the guest contributors and their wisdom on the site – I have learned so much from them too. Thank you for providing them with a platform. I wish you all the best, thank you deeply – inadequate as the words feel as I repeat them -, and look forward to some more nuggets of wisdom from kriscarr.com: once a week sounds about perfect.

  28. CSL has made me laugh, made me cry, and has heled me take myself less seriously. I needed that! And now I love more openly, forgive myself more often, and am committed to my daily green juice.
    Hope all of you at CSL celebrate this transition.

  29. Your book and site have been a bright (green) light in my life. I completed your 21 day Adventure Cleanse and haven’t turned back! Recently hit by an unexpected heart attack while going in for routine surgery, you can imagine that green juicing is an integral part of my healing. I continue to share your story and your site with all my friends. My dream is to bring on the green to others healing from surgery and heart conditions. My co-workers have gotten used to my ball jars of green and 12 year old son loves his green smoothies in place of bacon and eggs! Can’t wait to follow you to your new site!

  30. Encouragement, confirmation, confidence in my atypical nutritional path, strength, passive group therapy, fun, laughter, love all from 5 post-cancer years reading the CSL blog. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  31. I will keep this short so there is room for others-
    Found you through Frank Lipman…shared you
    with a family member who has a brain tumor,
    who is doing very well with your “script”!
    Lots of juicing, green juicing! Now when my
    husband or I hear of a friend or family member
    with cancer, we don’t send flowers-we send all
    your books and DVD. Thank you Kris!!!

  32. CRAZY SEXY LIFE has reminded me weekly of what I truly love and want! :) Constantly banging on my emails door! Saying “Heyyyyyy you in there get off of youtube and go make a green juice!” CSL gave me an 18 year old girl a sense of SUPPORT when it comes to treating my body sacredly and not taking my youth for granted, but instead flourishing and feeding my soul and cells. Thanks CSL! You rock my freaking socks!

  33. Kris,
    I’m not a cancer survivor, but-with the knowledge you’ve shared in your books-perhaps I can hope to completely avoid the big C all together! You have definitely introduced me into a healthier, more enlightened lifestyle. Thank you much!

  34. Kris… CSL inspired me to get my kids to “drink” their vegetables!!! And, me too, of course! Rock on at your new site! xo

  35. Waiting with bated breath for the link to your next site. Thanks so much.

  36. I just discovered you and CSL not to long ago and I have already made important healthy changes in my live. I can wait to see what you are up to on the new site!!! ;-))

  37. Kris, After stumbling upon your documentary and this amahzing website earlier this year, I realized that at 25, I didn’t want to wait for a diagnosis to inspire me to change my life. I’m ecstatically celebrating my 6-month vegan birthday this Thursday (and will be celebrating with many a vegan cupcake) and I just want to thank all the soul-baring and sparkly people I’ve encountered on your website. Can’t wait to see the new site!

  38. Your 3-weeks cleanse was what I started this year with. It set the tone. My whole life it’s been about being slim. Now it’s about health and gratitude and love and appreciation for this wonderful body of mine. You couldn’t have given me a greater gift! Reading your words of wisdom is always a reminder for me. It triggers something deep inside. So I thank you with all of my heart! I know your new site will rock and I wish you health, peace of mind, balance, joy, love, laughter and happyness! Lot’s of love! Anett

  39. Kris, Brian, Mom, Dad, Sis & wonderful team! Crazy, Sexy gas inspired me! Thanksto you U, I am on a journey to live my best life and honor my body! I hope to do well & share the love too!!

  40. I guess with all the greens & veggies, ot very well could be “crazy, sexy gas” but I meant it has inspired me. Freudian slip of the fingers :-)

  41. Much love, Kris. You inspire me and the info here is helping me with the changes I need (mentally and physically) to combat my family’s history of health issues. Looking forward to the new site!

  42. Hi Kris,
    CrazySexyLife has given me hope that at any point we can change our path.
    I’m looking to create more meaning and joy in my life.
    When I see your sparkly posts, I get inspired to be in gratitude and shine more.
    Thank you for the beautiful reminders.
    Bit by bit…it’s all possible!

  43. kept me going and then inspired me to aim higher. thx and congrats on new road.

  44. I ran into your book at the East West bookstore, picked it up, and proceeded to read a lot of it at the store. I had a few hours to kill while hubby was working and planned on perusing the whole store. I basically spent the whole time reading your book! And then ordered it upon arriving home. Have recommended it to so many and adore your crazy sexy diet book, as it is a lifestyle that is a diet for the mind, body, and spirit. Just adore you and cannot imagine anyone taking that kind of lemonade and then basically transforming it into a major blessing, of making a documentary, authoring a book, helping countless people navigate terrifying experiences in all aspects of their lives. Thanks you so much for your gift. You are wonderful and are changing more lives than you can even imagine.

  45. You changed my life, health and spirit… all for the glorious better!
    You totally ROCK!

  46. Crazysexylife showed me I could be brave in the face of my autoimmune disease, and taught me self forgiveness when I was incapable of the same bravery. Xoxo

  47. Congratulations Kris, I’m super excited for the new site, even though we’ve all loved CSL :)

    Have had many an uplifting moment at this url!

    Lots of love, peace & veggies your way chikky babe, can’t wait to hear the other BIG news too!!


  48. What a great world you have created Kriss ! Thanks so much for all your love, energy and green sexy power!!!

  49. I have learned so mich from you in such a short time. Our love affair of wellness has just begun and I am looking forward to continuing the journey on your new site. Peace and good health to your my virtual friend , you mean so much to usM

  50. CSD and CSL had given me tools -FUN tools!- to have more glow and more boundless energy in my everyday life!

  51. You gave me hope! <3 Much love

  52. You are such an inspiration to others and such a great testimony to what a healthy diet can do! I wish more people could hear your story and take the kind of action you have and turn their lives and even illnesses and disease around. Too many people rely on medication that is only putting them into deeper ill health. I hope that you can continue teaching people how they can take control of their health by making changes in their diet and lifestyle. The world needs more people like you! Looking forward to your new journey and learning more from you and your team! Thanks for all you do to help educate us!

  53. When I first read your blog I had just been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. It was before Crazysexylife. You had just a handful of followers. I never commented but I read everyday. You saved my life. You showed me a new way to live.You led the way and made me feel like I was not alone on my journey. I will be forever grateful.

  54. Thanks Kris! I juice because of you. And believe it has contributed to my healthier body. Wish you all the best at the new place. xo Stacy

  55. I’ve certainly enjoyed the blogs and the emails and the recipes and on and on… you guys have done fantastic work! With regards to the new site and the new direction, bring it on sister!

  56. Kris, this site has been such an encouragement to me. Your triumph, your willingness to step outside of convention and focus on food and emotional balance help me to do the same. I had thyroid cancer 6 years ago and sometimes the reoccurance bug creeps up in my thought process. Your site inspires me to eat healthy and focus on a positive vision. In fact, I’m cleansing this week and using the daily Kris Carr green juice recipe every day for myself. Thank you for sharing your life and your knowledge and for being another crusader in taking your health into your own hands! You are empowering and a great inspiration!

  57. I’m new to this community, but in love already. Can’t wait to go along for this next part of the journey!

  58. Kris thank you so much for your inspiration and your wonderful sharing with us all. I love to see your beautiful smile and look forward to many more smiles.

  59. Kris helped inspire me to begin juicing and eat more plants. Then I saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and went all the way, I am on day 47 of a juice fast. I have lost 23 lbs, my blood pressure is down 30 points and I feel much better. My goal is to get off of my lifelong asthma medication for good. It has been hard to trust my body after a liftime of dealing with this illness (obviously not cancer, but stll has affected my quality of life), but reading and seeing Kris helps keep me going when I think it won’t work and I will be sick forever. She has inspired me to have faith in my body and natures medicine (food).

  60. Hi Kris! I watched the CSL documentary after my 24 year old cousin was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. She was inspired by your story, and so was I ! I have been a vegetarian for 4 years, and vegan for most of it…and I have been so encouraged and challenged by the stories and ideas on this website…green juicing, feeding your soul, helping others, and reaching out for more in life no matter how scary it is :)
    I am looking forward to having second healthy baby in Oct, and starting to do some more juicing then!
    Baby #2 already drinks green juice with me:)
    Thank you for all the work, dedication, and sparkles, Kris!

  61. Kris, Your inspiration, emails, and your way of making everyone “wake up and smell the roses” attitude to life. To just learn to feel great about themselves! by just simply looking after their well being. Your emails and topics are very encouraging to all that read them! You give great advice Kris with your no nonsense approach to recipes, health topics etc; Keep up the great work Kris. Thanks again! Anne x

  62. i just looked at your wonderful smoothies,discovered i had all items in fridge.thanks for a most delightful b-fast

  63. It was your cancer that ignited the spark, but it is your passion and zest for life that has kept that flame burning bright! You are an inspiration to me as travel my own journey with a stage IV cancer. I’m so excited to see the next chapter of the Kris Carr movement. You are a huge part of my healing team (along with our fellow cancer warrior, Dr. Block!), and I can never thank you enough for forging this path, making wellness creative, exciting, and so friggin’ fun! WIshing you nothing but continued spiritual growth and an eternity of happiness from your fellow warrior in NJ!

  64. You are such an inspiration and hero to me <3

  65. Kris, you’ve made it super chic to be into what i once considered kinda far out there stuff (like chia seeds, colonics, emotional detox). love you not only for the content but also the format (your accessible, hip writing style) and delivery of it all. your work has changed my life dramatically!!.. much love and an extended lifetime of thanks xoxox

  66. CSL helped me in my recovery from an eating disorder

  67. Thank you, Missy! I will forever be always grateful to you Kris! You shifted my life on a new and possitive path of good health. I feel amazing! You’re a true inspiration, girl! I look forward to reading and watching your videos on a regular basis. Now I’m even more pumped to see your NEW site, KrisCarr.com. Nourish Love thru Mind, Body and Soul ?

  68. Kris, my girlfriend gave me your Crazy Sexy Diet book a couple of weeks ago and I am devouring it-figuratively of course. I’m in remission – one year from ovarian cancer. I’ll be 69 in a couple of weeks and I’ve been green juicing for several years. After reading your book, I’m now adding some additional veges to my morning smoothie. I’m so glad I discovered you and your website. I’ve got you in my favorites and look forward to Kriscarr.com. Your continued passion will bring you continued health and well being. And P.S., please come to Northern California some day.

  69. Nourish Love thru Mind, Body and Soul (heart). The question mark on the end of my last post….should have been a heart symbol…but it does not display it here..

  70. Dear Kris, Thank you, thank you for your website. Your love, honesty and encouragement has helped me in my personal journey so much. The information and community on your website has been invaluable to me. I first saw you on TV doing a jucing demonstration. I had always wanted to get back into juicing, so I bought your book, thinking there would be some good juicing recipes. Little did I know that there was so much more. Your have truly inspired me to go on and seek the beauty and wonder in life. This has been a very difficult year for me after loosing my husband to lung cancer last year and going through 2 reconsturctive breast surgeries this year without him. You have my gratitude and admiration. I particularly like your e-mail newsletters. Your message always resonates with me.

  71. Crazy Sexy Life has been a part of my life since it’s beginning. I remember watching the film when it was first available and being empowered to seek my own healing. I have watched you grow and explode girl. I absolutely adore you and appreciate your transparency. You are a friend. We are besties and you don’t even know me! Hee hee. I guess the big thing is, you have inspired me to inspire others. I love loving others and empowering them to make healing choices. People love a good story and yours is just that! All the bumps in the road included. I have a good story too and I owe a big thank you to you for being part of it. Keep on doing what you do sister!

  72. I always felt like a sitting duck…just waiting for the day when some disease would take over my body. I didn’t feel like I had much control….until I found you! THANKYOU

  73. When my dad was diagnosed with upper bile duct cancer about 2 months ago (he passed away August 26th) I needed to do something healthy for me and my family that made me feel like we have some control over our lives. CSD was my first foray into the KC world and I’m hooked. You are inspirational to those that are sick and also to those that are well and plan on staying that way. In your own, unique, non-preachy voice you spread love, wisdom and positive energy. Thank you.

  74. I attended your workshop at the Hay House “I Can Do It!” conference this weekend, and saw you deliver one of your fantastic talks. I was especially impressed with your humor and composure as the lights flickered off and on, weird fire bells half went off, and people in the room grew uneasy. Your calm and inspiring presence kept us all focused while the staff figured out what was going on (60 mph winds were causing havoc with the hotel’s electrical system, but we were all safe inside.) We managed to take home your story – and that of one of the audience members who has had success defeating Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) with juicing and going vegan.

    Kris, you are a fun, loving inspiration to myself and so many others. As a cancer survivor, I appreciate your message and am working to incorporate more of your important live-saving and life-giving messages into my life. Thank you!!!!

  75. I’ve been sitting in the background. I don’t have a cancer story. I am now vegetarian and enjoy many raw meals. I just had the desire to be as healthy as I could and I somehow heard about your film, watched it, and then logged on to check out your progress. I am now vegetarian and enjoy many raw meals and juices. I’ve been inspired watching your growth year after year and whenever I need a pick me up of my own, you are there in my in-box with some great stuff, honestly, humility and up-to-date awesomeness. Thank you!

  76. Dear Kris, you have no idea how powerful your books have been for me. After being diagnosed with stage 2 b Her 2 positive breast ca & feeling hopeless & blindsided, it was your own story of courage that shook me to wake up & know that I have a power inside to do something! After all that chemo & radiation did its magic, I kept reading Crazy, Sexy, Diet. I was vegetarian for over 12 years & needed fine tuning. You inspire me to use my own healing ability and keep moving forward toward life. I green juice every morning & am completely Vegan. When I feel fear comes back to haunt my thoughts, I say a prayer, or get into my “God Pod” & re read portions of your book to ” kick my ass” . I also can’t wait for that cookbook of yours.
    I will be forever grateful for your willingness to open your heart & share your life in the ways you do.
    You give me much hope, more then I can express. You have made a difference in my life!
    Big hug !

  77. Crazy Sexy Life has helped me feel….. that somebody care ::)))
    bigbigbig hug = stor kram -love from Sweden

  78. Kris, you motivate me to keep juicing and eating healthy! I have your DVD and book and can’t wait to buy the new Crazy Sexy Juices! I always tell your story to people that need it and tell them to juice, juice, juice!!

  79. dear Kris,

    i am a huge fan. i have been ever since i saw your documentary {which i now own} on TLC when it first aired in 2007 {i think it was 2007?!}. i love + own your book “Crazy Sexy Diet.”

    i wildly heart your voice + i dig the way you express Love/Life/Spirit through the vessel that is your God pod.

    over the years i have come here to drink from this well + receive your generous offerings. in my my life + work i have referred people here again + again. my fav offerings have always been your vlogs + posts.

    thank you for being.

    i look forward to coming to KrisCarr.com + cherishing this space, too.

    honoring + celebrating with you,

  80. crazysexy changed my world. eating better. living better. kris, thank you, you’re my hero

  81. I feel a little sad, like I’ve missed out on something really great. I just found this site less than a week ago. :(
    Still, I wish you great success and joy on your new endeavor.

    Peace and love.

  82. My life has done a complete 180 . . . . . . . “Kris Carr for President” !!!

  83. I have been truly inspired by Kris Carr and Crazy Sexy Life ever since I found her website… I was introduced to the playful side of eating healthy and loving myself, and now I would have it no other way!

  84. Kris, I needed someone positive to turn to when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. So many of the books, articles, etc. were scary with folks talking about the depression, sadness, pain, sickness etc that they had to get through. I admired every woman who had gone before me for sure but I wanted mine to be a positive story…an uplifting story…a journey of positive change. Was it tough? Absolutely, but because of your story, your kick butt attitude, your cheerfulness, I was able to with stand my treatments and move towards some serious life changes – which included running a marathon with my 80 year old dad. The first for both of us! Thank you for inspiring me to believe that anything is possible and to utterly enjoy every minute of life. Can’t wait for KrisCarr.com.!

  85. From the moment I met you in NYC , oh so many years ago, you’ve been a true inspiration. From my heart, thank you.

  86. Kris and Crazy Sexy Life team – your courage and determination has inspired me to embrace my own challege(s) – mainly living with Type 1 diabetes for the past 25 years – and try to find my own voice, my own path and help myself first before I can start helping others. Not only do your posts resonate with me far more than anything else I can remember reading, but your positivity shines – and is addictive! I can’t wait for your new and exciting adventure so I can indulge myself and share it with so many others. From the bottom of my pancreas (had to throw in a pun), thank you. xoxo

  87. Look forward to the new format. Love, love, love your inspiration and positive energy that you send our way.
    Peace and RAW Health,

  88. I am honored to have been a part of the CSL team once upon a time. I loved every second of being a part of something so magical. Kris introduced me to juicing and motivated me to be my best self. You have inspired me in so many ways. I’m so lucky to have met you in person and see you gorgeous light glow! Through MyCsl, I have mad countless of friends and we have connected in the real world. I’m so grateful for that!! Thank you Kris for doing what you do! Can’t wait to see this next chapter unfold! Xoxoxoxo

  89. Hi Kris,
    I discovered your documentary and online wellness community about 4 years ago, thanks to a catchy little article about you and your documentary on yahoo news that caught my attention. At first I thought, “Crazy Sexy Cancer?? What is that??” Little did I know –and words cannot express–how much you and this community have helped me on my healing journey, after the death of my infant son, due to a rare liver malformation. It wasn’t cancer, but it was a death sentence for my baby, me, and my family. You wouldn’t believe all the toxic emotional s*** that ensued. Actually, your life, your positive attitude, and your amazingly supportive community helped me grow and stretch beyond the toxic s*** to something far more creative, compassionate, and cleansing (emotionally, spiritually, AND physically)!!! And, yes, juicing and green smoothies were involved!!! What else can I say? Kris, thank you. Kris, I love you. Kris, I can’t wait to hear the GINORMOUS news. God bless all the crazy sexy healing warriors out there!!! xoxoxo

  90. I thank you from the bottom of heart for your encouraging words and knowledge. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago and struggled to be back to feeling like myself until this past year. I was able to follow your Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse and continued on my way of life. I have lost 30 lbs and gained more energy and clarity than I felt in years! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  91. I’ve had 2 cancer scares in the past 10 years, and your film, books, website and emails have all kept me on track with a positive girlpower vibe that made me a stronger woman. Thanks Kris, peace and love, Elizabeth xoxox

  92. I have learned so much from this site! And met so many wonderful people. To say that I love you all is an understatement. So excited for next week. We’re tweaking and primping and editing like mad – but with so much joy. Thanks for sticking with me & my fabulous crew. xo kc

  93. Kris as a mother of healthy 19 year old up till 3 months ago when our world came crashing down…… From an extended right colectomy to stage IV colon cancer that has spread to a rare liver disease. Your books and websites have helped keep me grounded and given me hope! On top of trying to figure this whole diet thing ( oh did I forget to mention he also has Crohn’s) so eating raw can be very tricky. Just trying to figure it all out in this CRAZY life I am living. I look forward to reading your post each and every week.

  94. You and your site helped me so much when I first wanted to go vegan. My whole family is still vegan nearly three years later and I am putting out my own kid-friendly vegan cookbook this fall! Thanks so much for this space and all of the inspiration!! :)

  95. It is people like you that give inspiration to many people like myself. I learn so much from you far beyond foods and health. The best on the new web site.

  96. I have learned a lot more about nutrition through CrazySexyLife and I want to thank YOU for this wonderful site! It has also been a bright spot among all of the negativity in life, when I see the newsletters and visit the site it makes my soul happy :)

  97. Thank you Kris and crew. You have provided inspiration, love, truth, wisdom, honesty, compassion, and community. Your juicing love has taken my health to a new level of Goddess-shine, and I have been blessed to shine your light forth to friends and family. The highest level of gratitude I can give all of you is to shine like crazy, and beam the blessings into everyone I meet. Thank you thank you thank you.

    All love and bright blessings,

  98. Yours is a unique voice: sass and spirituality. No one talks about life and surviving cancer like you. Thank you.

  99. CrazySexy has given me hope… Hope and knowling that all will be well. Knowledge, insight, awarness and sometimes just a good old hug that comes through virtually from Kris’s wise words. Thank you for helping to stay focused and knowing that where ever I am, its exactly the right place… BIG LOVE, Jo xoxoxox

  100. Kris, you’ve been saving my emotional life since I was diagnosed with a super rare follicular dendritic sarcoma May 2011. I remember praying to God to please, please if it has to be cancer let it be something that doesn’t require chemo or radiation. Well…..it doesn’t respond to either so the only treatment I can have is either surgery (if it’s a place that allows it) or go green, green, green.
    Your kick ass therapy–words of encouraged (cancer thriver not survivor) has made a HUGE difference. Life has always been one day at a time for everyone on the planet. and your film, books and blog reminds me to include beauty and joy in each day no matter how small.
    Love, hugs, love, hugs, love, hugs and 100 years of health to you.

  101. Crazy sexy life has brought me hope …. Humor …. Strength to keep fighting ….. Keep filling up my well … Keep reaching for health in the face of a rare genetic mutation that has led to breast cancer and now probably kidney cancer ….. Kris, I keep fighting, living, rejoicing in gratitude in large part because of you…. Thank you!

  102. Dear Kris, CrazySexy has inspired me to incorporate natural health into my mental health practice and spread the word about the power of juicing and eating whole raw foods to my clients after I personally experienced how awesome I feel from doing so! It has also given me hope that I can spread to other clients who might be suffering from serious ailments and feel that all hope is lost. You and your site are proof that it is not lost and hope is always alive and wellness is possible no matter what! Thank you and God Bless!

  103. I look forward to emails all the time. The information I have acquired from you and your blogger is instrumental in my life.
    I cannot wait for next week for you to outdo yourself.
    Thanks again and good luck.

  104. Ive been following for about a year and have really come away inspired that I am capable of eating healthy by making better choices every day. That it is never too late to start and that I am not alone. Others are struggling and many have succeeded! Knowing this gives me hope, I can too. ty!

  105. You sense of humor and wonderful community have been a nice hub for me to come back to for healthy thinking and eating and living. Best of luck and thanks again!

  106. Kris – you’re such an inspiration and I’ve loved all the healthy tips, recipes and insights you’ve given us. I can’t wait to find out more at kriscarr.com Thanks for everythng

  107. I had the most amazing honor of having one of my recipes included in your Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothie Book! It was such a thrill be included! I’ve been inspired and wow’d by you, your wisdom, your playfulness and your kick*ss COURAGE!! You truly are a gem! Thank you for everything you bring to the world and reminding us of what’s possible! I look forward to continuing to be part of your tribe! Keep on keepin on!

  108. Kris–The vibrancy, courage, and personality in your first book reached me when I was at a low point in treatment for ovarian cancer. It lifted me up. I have always been thrilled to read that you are surviving and thriving. You bring such great spirit to the cancer community and beyond. THanks for all of it.
    And you also inspired me to write my own book to help the community the way that I could — Active Against Cancer: A Guide to IMproving Your Cancer Recovery with Exercise (April 2011). Keep meaning to send you a copy, sister. activeagainstcancerbookDOTcom
    Congratulations on re-focusing your website and simplifying your life (I think), yet still helping! Rock on!

  109. Crazy Sexy Life made me buy a hula hoop. It’s sparkly and pink and I love it.

  110. Crazy Sexy Life (first with Crazy Sexy Diet and then the website) helped me in my healing and growth after the end of my marriage. Inside and out, mind, body and soul. Gratitude and blessing to you!

    I am looking forward to your new Internet incarnation and seeing you speak at RHH Live in October.

  111. I was introduced to your blog and newsletter about a year ago and I must say I continue to look forward to your newsletter weekly amidst all of the spam that I receive. You have a contagious outlook and it is great to get a good dose of Kris Carr positiveness to keep me motivated. I look forward to your next phase of adventures.

  112. Late last spring I picked up your book Crazy Sexy Diet. Too many of my fiends are getting cancer and other big bad diseases. I began making daily smoothies and small adjustments to my diet throughout the summer and now I am about to begin a nine week RAW FOODS CLASS. I have already listened to motivating raw food guest speakers, and watched some very interesting documentary films regarding illness and diet. Last night I met a woman who had MS in the past and is now 90-95 % cured by changing her diet and lifestyle. That you for sending out your positive spirit to the world and helping us on our journey.

  113. I’m a UNICORN now!!!! Thanks Kris :-)

  114. I found you online after being totally inspired by the documentary and book. I had checked Crazy Sexy Diet out of the library so many times, I finally bought my own copy. My 4.5 year-old begs me to make a green smoothie from your book every day. This website has helped me to cleanse some of the junk out of my own head and bring clarity to my whole being. My biggest job right now is raising my two boys and teaching them how to eat and live to their fullest potential. CSL has given me so much confidence to do so. I am confused, though — it sounds like the domain name is changing, but the content is staying the same? So we aren’t really celebrating the end of anything — just embracing change. *hugs*

  115. Crazysexylife changed my life. I physically feel like a different person because of it. It changed the way I love and nourish my body. It led me to meet you, Kris, one of my most inspiring mentors! Which I’ll always look back on and remember to live my dreams. XO so excited for the whole team and this transition.

  116. Positive vibes blended with real talk. It’s like having a cheerleader on your sideline!

  117. Crazysexylife has kept me motivated to better myself even when I’m not always being the best steward for my body and my life. It’s a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, and it’s a reminder that I DO have the power to be healthier and stronger. Looking forward to the new site!

  118. Crazy Sexy Life provided me with inspiration and answers to questions I didn’t know how to ask. For example, Crazy Sexy Life and it’s amazing bloggers introduced me to the magic of green juice. Thank you for the loving, enthusiastic and vibrant lessons taught here. I can’t wait to see next phase of your adventure at KrisCarr.com.

  119. Each year since my first child was born, I’ve become more and more health conscious. Adding green drinks and learning about new veggies, practicing yoga and eliminating meat from our diets, and most recently, no dairy. It’s my passion. Your blog is an awesome way for me to get a wealth of information while on this beautiful journey. Hopefully we are influencing a few along the way, as you are influencing a countless number, we are in this together. Best wishes!

  120. Crazy Sexy Life has taught me to eat healthy and consciously. CSL has taught me to live life in the moment – not in the past or the future. CSL has taught me to lighten up and laugh more often. CSL reminds me to be grateful every day! CSL has taught me to embrace this journey we call life and make the most of it and enjoy each succulent moment!

  121. Crazy Sexy life has given me hope…. hope that anything is possible… strength to never give up… and a friendly, humorous, strong woman to look up to. I thoroughly enjoy reading the posts, and watching the youtube video’s. I’m thankful that Kris has shared her story and her life with us :)

  122. I noticed your Crazy Sexy Diet Book one day in the bookstore and thought – “Hey that’s the girl from Oprah!” I bought your book, saw you speak both in Chicago and San Jose, dusted off my juicer (which I’ve had since the ’80s) and have never looked back. You inspire us to be better versions of ourselves through our health and awareness of our world. I am now currently a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and want to help others empower their health and the health of the people they love. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us with your special gift of grace, honesty and humor. Love to your whole team at CSL and I look forward to your new home at KrisCarr.com

  123. CSL gives me hope that I will be able to get my cancer under control & have the long enjoyable life that I’m supposed to have as opposed to one that is shortened & miserable. If you can do it, so can I!

  124. Crazy Sexy LIfe has changed my life! Thank you for your inspiration and love and I’m so excited that Crazy Sexy Diet, Life, Juice, Recipe, and whatever you come up with is merging into one great site. Congratulations! BIG TIME! I know I will continue to follow, support, and spread the groovy vibes that flow through you! Rock on…all of us!

  125. Kris, I am pretty new here, and i love your vibrancy and joy. This place has given me courage to change, and laffter, and hope for a better me, and those i love. the women are amazing and brave, and there is so much information, all in one place. I don’t feel nearly as alone.

  126. Crazy, Sexy Life opened me up to the benefits of Green Juice, being mindful and grateful wherever I am at the moment and most important….setting goals for my self, direction on how to reach them and living a authentic life! You ROCK!! Peace and strength to you on your new adventure. I will keep spreading your good news.

  127. Your web site has given me hope as I travel through my own cancer journey. You make things real and give encouragement when it is needed! Thank you for all the wonderful insight and words of wisdom. God Bless!

  128. I always get a smile and an idea – looking forward to your new home on the web :)

  129. You are an inspiration! You have helped me in so many ways. Thank You very much. I am looking forward to the new website. Congratulations :)

  130. Crazy Sexy Life has been my solid ground when I felt like I had no safe place to land. Thank you, Kris and brilliant CSL team! It was an honor to guest blog for you. I’m SO excited to see what KrisCarr.com has in store! Congrats, sister!

  131. Crazy Sexy Life has given me personal hope and inspiration and fueled my positive outlook on life. I am looking forward to your new website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!!!

  132. Crazy Sexy Life has inspired me so much ~ to understand that life doesn’t have to be perfect, just do the best you can and make gradual changes. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us next! Thank you so much for sharing yourself.

  133. Kris, you have been a part of my life since 2007 when my uterus and cervix were removed. At 32, cancer took my reproductive life, but clinging to my then 18 month old daughter and my fabulous husband, watching you glow through through your documentary, I gained much more. Thank you for changing my perspective. You are, as my now seven year old would declare, a SONIC RAINBOOM.

  134. Your journey with all its twists and turns and the fabulous people who’ve joined you for the ride have completely infused my life with a passion, humor, and vitality its been needing!
    Thanks so much Kris for everything and continuing in a new place, new space with many new things to come. I can’t wait to see the new site:)

    much love

  135. Your work was the initial spark that inspired a whole new outlook on life, and helped me recover my center amidst a lot of hardship with death and illness in the family.

  136. Crazzy sexy life has been me to be more grounded. Thanks a looking forward to the 17th-;)

  137. There are a lot of sites that have information on juicing/health, but yours also brings kindness. Thank you for your book and all that you do. I appreciate you and your way of looking at life.

  138. Crazy Sexy Life has been my personal development sanctuary. A place to learn and reflect and feel safe being human. Can’t wait to discover the new home and all it will bring for us. Love you Kris and the CSL team.

  139. The blend of motivation, inspiration, health tips and encouragement that I’ve found here over the years has been the friend I’ve turned to for advice on many occasion. This is a special community, and I wait with an impatient excitement for the next chapter. Thank you for becoming a part of my life, to everyone involved with this site.

  140. I did have a massive life change becuase of you, me dearest sweetest lady!! I found you when my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given no hope!!! I read your book Crazy Sexy Diet and it changed all our lives! I got her alkaline! She is now hiking 4 days a week, just got back from whale watching in Mexico and at 76 has more energy than I do! Seriously she does…it’s kinda great!!! I became so intrigued and read all I could get my hands on, then left a so fun carrier as a voice over artist for animation and went back to school to study Integrative Nutrition!!!! I just graduated….woooooo hooooooo! In the middle of this, my cousin was diagnosed with end stage breast cancer…what ever that means…we got her alkaline and she too is cancer free and far from
    6 feet under!!!! Her can cancer was breast, lung and lymph! Your book was my tip of the ice burg. You changed all our lives!!! Saying im grateful for all that you do is such massive understatement! I cant put my gratitude into words!!! Now we are making a documentary about this journey and what we learned and also about the crap ass hospital food and how poisonous it is!!!! Sheeez, talk about medical worlds job security eat hospital food! You are an inspiration! You are all that is good in the world! Thank you for keeping my mom in hiking boots, for having her 56th, seriously, 56th wedding this past June and for my cousins 30th and for showing me a new path for my life. No words sista!!! Happy day you!!!! Thank you!!!! xoxo Judy Ben-Asher Hirshfeld

  141. Girly….Your journey inspired me to look at my talents with no doubt!

    We discovered Crazy Sexy Life about the same time my sweet little cousin Breezy was diagnosed with osterosarcoma. At age 10 she decided to amputate her left leg right above the knee so the cancerous tumor would go away and she would have a better chance at being an athlete later in life.

    If you can win and Breezy can win then so can I to rid myself of all the toxins in myt body. Diabetes is almost gone…I almost life a Crazy Sexy Life…still working on it daily…I told Breezy’s parents about you and I know that Mom is working towards a Crazy Sexy Life.

    Kris…the nice thing about this Crazy Sexy Life is that it is not going away…It’s just moving on to a new path and new paths change names…You are still there and all the wonderful love I feel from your postings will not go away…I look forward to seeing what you ALL have in store for us!!!

    God Bless you ALWAYS!!!

  142. Crazy Sexy Life has been a continual source of motivation, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, accomplishment, acceptance, humor and LOVE. Kris, I feel you are a friend, confidant and soul sister. I appreciate every effort you’ve made to keep the discussions lively, upbeat and real. I look forward to your new site, bidding this one a fond, heartfelt adieu.

  143. Crazy Sexy Life has encouraged me to strive for health and positivity as much as I can on my own, even when many of my health issues are still in the process of being discovered by my health care professionals. I don’t have control over much right now, but I have the power to make healthy, positive choices in my life! Thank you for everything!

  144. You have made a difference in this world!!!!!!

  145. Crazysexylife has helped me on my journey to live a preventative life style. Kris, you have taught me that it is just as important to feed your soul as it is to feed your body! (with lots of greens :)

  146. Crazy Sexy Life encouraged me to eat more raw foods, which has made positive, lasting changes to my dining habits.

  147. Crazysexylife has helped me breathe in the juiciness of life more through all of the awesome pearls of wisdom from the contributors. Kris Carr, you have been an inspiration to me ever since I watched your documentary years ago! The light and love that you are emitting through all of your work is a beautiful testimony of what true living is all about! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

  148. thank you for sharing your story with us and for showing me a path to better health! God bless you everyday. Looking forward to your new site!

  149. Dear Kris,

    You and Crazy Sexy Life have shown me how fun and juicy turning up the wellness dial can be! Your website and newsletters have also inspired me to truly be myself on my journey. Thank you for your continuing love, light, and inspiration! Namaste.

  150. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Valentines Day of this year, I was lucky enough to find your first book right after and it was just what the doctor ordered. I followed a lot of your advice and have drank a quart of green juice everyday since. On August 1, I had my follow up PET/CT and the tumor is gone. I’m a fan, a convert and can not thank you enough for sharing all that you share.
    I look forward to the next book and the next and the next. You are a life saver.

  151. I think you are a very smart and inspiring person. Your down to earth approach and easily accesible information and most of all your generosity of sharing that with others is what made me decide to follow your advice. I completely trust you and this is coming from a person that has been in this country by herself for the last 8 years and having a bit of an issue with opening and trusting people after a couple of rough experiences. Your optimism and self confidence helped me see my life from a different perspective, I now juice and drink smoothies and have almost completely eliminated animal protein from my diet. My migraines are gone, I don’t feel bloated anymore, my skin glows and I am happier than ever. Your life has also taught me that love knows no boundaries and it is so amazing to see how one can find love no matter what. I wish you continuous success, tons of happiness and may all your dreams come true ! Cheers to your new beginning, look forward to it !

  152. Just being able to see all the info you have shared with us has been a blessing. I will continue to follow each and everyone on the new awesome to be site, Denise a 4 year Cancer Survivor going for another day of survival.

  153. Crazy Sexy Life… I’m new to your world but loving the discovery! Your juicing and smoothie ebook and Crazy Sexy Diet are phenomenal! Thanks for sharing the love, knowledge, and passion for health and happiness. All the best to you!

  154. Thank you for helping me feel less alone in this crazy sexy cancer of mine!

  155. Crazy Sexy Cancer, what a concept! As a fellow cancer survivor, thank you for bringing such brave intelligence and humor to a dark, depressing disease. I admire how you empower and inspire other survivors to create community. Seeing cancer as “crazy sexy” has helped me grow from a cancer victim to a crazy sexy survivor. Unfortunately, we sometimes pay a price for speaking the truth, making sense and getting results, especially when it comes to cancer. (ie, Dr. Gerson, Lance Armstrong, Dr. Burzynski, etc.) I’m not saying don’t run for Senator, I’m saying I care about your wellbeing.

  156. Crazysexylife has been such an inspiration,the juicing,your excitement about health and life in a funny corky way. I love your great book Crazy Sexy Diet, and thanks for making Crazy sexy juicing and succulent smoothies e- book. Kris Carr you amazing! You have made me into a green juice angel. Thanks for all the great tips on skincare and products. Thanks for nourishing our bodies with healthy eating,juicing and love. Congratulations on your new website. Look forward to the new journey Kris carr.com Best Wishes, and Peace and Love to All…

  157. Late at night… when I need some wellness cheerleading and God-Pod inspiration, CSL is where I cruise.

  158. Crazy Sexy Life has inspired me to become aware and to eat with an alkalizing mindset. Lemon juice with water….green drink….to bring balance. I encourage all my peeps to have a routine for drinking alkalizing beverages everyday.

  159. CrazySexyLife has gently reminded me to love myself and to put goodness inside of me and to share it with others. Many blogs have inspired a-ha moments in me… one of my fave’s was from Kris’ sister about our thoughts being OUR thoughts. To this day I carry this with me and it has saved my spirit a few times! love you Kris and team!

  160. Kris girl, God has used you to help people allover the world to live a healthier, better, more joyful life. People like me, a 60 year old who needs two knee replacements, but who believes that eating a plant-based lifestyle can help me not to have that surgery. I’m doing better already. my blood pressure has dropped already and my A!C(diabetes marker) has dropped from 7.0 to 6.4. all of this within 3 months. Months where I stumbled and fell and slipped and went way off course. But, I always came back to plant -based living. Now, I’m going even deeper with another juice feast/fast, hopefully for 60 days.I will get my health back soon. Keep my in your prayers, as I keep you in mine.

  161. Such inspiration, fun, adventure, and enlightenment comes from you Kris – and CrazySexyLife. I can’t wait to see what new adventures await on KrisCarr.com – you rock it every time, without a doubt woman! Love Love Love :) xoxo

  162. I found your book the summer of 2008, just after recovering from surgery to extract the stage 1 cancerous tumor in my salivary gland. It literally popped out of the bookshelf for me! God knew exactly what I needed at the time – to read your first book. Kris, you helped to save my spirit and awaken a glorious transformation within me. Never have I felt more grateful, open, wise, optimistic, and utterly conscious as I am today … You are one of my heroes and I don’t know how I would have made it through without you!!!! Congratulations on a new and exciting chapter in your life, one that we are all looking forward to sharing in. Thank you for teaching us that it is ok to be who we truly are, even if it means going against the status quo. You are a constant inspiration in my life!!!

  163. Crazy Sexy Life has encouraged me to make a change for the better in my health!

  164. CSL has been an inspiration to me, has made me think, has changed my mind, and body, introduced me to new friends. CSL has helped me to WAKE UP! …all with a smile on my face. Love you Kris. Thank you!

  165. I’ve really enjoyed reading and discovering here at CSL. Thank you!

  166. CSL has helped me realize that I am not cancer and anything is possible.

  167. CrazySexy has helped empowered both me and my partner in coping with her stage 4 cancer.

  168. CSL has reminded me that Life is what you make of it, your choice!

  169. I am new to CSL (a couple of months) and am so grateful for your insight, Kris. While sharing Reiki with my clients who are battling cancer, I can now share information on how they can participate in their healing. Thank you!

  170. A friend of mine gave me your Crazy Sexy Cancer Book when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 4 years ago. It’s taken me awhile to integrate some of the good stuff into my life, but I now juice, eat organic, overall pay much more attention to my state of being and my place in the universe. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see the new site!

  171. Crazy sexy life has inspired me and given me hope that cancer and other ills can be cured by treating my body like the temple it is!

  172. Crazysexylife has helped me too to remember that eating healthily & green is not a restriction. It is a way to love myself and I am worthy of that love. We all are. Thank you for that profound message. Please keeping getting that message out there. And I will too.

  173. I have your book Crazy Sexy Diet and your movie Crazy Sexy Cancer and I must say you are the MOST inspirational person EVER! I look at you and think, if she can have a positive attitude, anyone can! You are the greatest! I love this saying – “The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.” That is SO you! Keep up the good work! Can’t wain to see your new website and all it’s goodies!

    P.S. Love, love, love the fact that you are an animal lover and that your work rescues so many wonderful cats and dogs that deserve good homes!

  174. Crazy sexy life has been a good GPS for an anticancer, antinegative, prohealth and prohappiness lifestyle. Ive had cancer and still fear it, but when I found Kris Carr, I thought “she HAS cancer and she’s fine…better than fine… She’s amazing! So I can be too!” You are an inspiration, truly.

  175. I get lots of emails, my heart smiles and I get excited when your name pops up!!! : o) I love reading what you have to say, you are the real deal. I always feel good from the inside out , also you always manage to make me laugh. Love and light to you always.

  176. I just found you today. My dear friend saw you this weekend in DC and raved about you. I am awaiting a diagnosis right now after chest xrays, CT scans, PET scans, and now a lung biopsy on Wednesday. I am happy to hear that you are not leaving the web just moving. Thank you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I look forward to making you part of my healthy journey.

  177. I have loved reading this blog, and I gained a lot from opening up and sharing parts of my own story twice here at CSL. I am emotionally and physically healthier thanks to this website and thank to you Kris. Big thanks to Lauren and the other members of your team who have made CSL what it is. XOX

  178. i wanted and needed more in my life and my goal for 2012 was to try to make that happen. I needed direction so I asked my spirit for some help. My spirit lead me to your website and to your book, which i still read over and over again. Just in case I might have missed something you said! I learned how to cleanse, made my own wheatgrass, learned how to meditate which lead me to Isha meditation. I have a organic garden and I grow my own sprouts. What is really important to me that you stated in your book, and I do this every day is to send out my “blessing to” my family, friends and even my enemies. I have learned so much from you and I will be always greatful my spirit lead me to you.
    Thanks so much Kris!

  179. Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful selves with us! You are the heart & soul of this wellness hub and there would be no Crazy Sexy Life without you. Your kind comments, enthusiastic emails and social media love inspire us every day. Deep bows of appreciation.

  180. CSL has taught me that life is beautiful in so many ways!

  181. Crazy sexy life…. And Kris Carr…. Have saved my life! When I discovered them both five years Ago, I was facing a cancer diagnosis and the end of a relationship . Now I’m cancer( and unhealthy) relationship – free , vegetarian, juicing every day, feeling great and loving my life- thank you, Kris!

  182. Cheers to you Crazy Sexy Gal …. The universe brought you to me at the right time and your story is what gave me strength through my journey over the last 12 mths. I feel the loss …. an end of era so to speak even though I jumped on at the tail end of it … your video posts, blogs, books and interviews have given me a soft place to fall and filled me with hope, laughter and joy …. I share your story with everyone who is willing to listen and pass on the inspiration. I am sooo excited to be a part of the next chapter. Look forward to it. Luv Noula xx

  183. Thank you Kris! Crazy Sexy Life has been such and inspiration, and I will continue to follow you weekly. You have helped make my life so much richer, happier, and healthier.

  184. Kris, you have been such an inspiration. Your pure joy for life is contagious. Because of you, I got hooked on the green juice, lost 50 pounds, started yoga and ballet. Life is just so much more fun. I’m grateful for you every day. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Much Love.

  185. CrazySexyLife came to me two years ago, while preparing to return to work after chemo. Thanks for your gentle nudges on loving ones self and taking time to enjoy the small things in life. The name itself was inspiring! I will miss saying (reading) those three little words, but look forward to what lies ahead.

  186. I can’t wait to share this new chapter with you.
    Thank you Kris <3

  187. Kris, thanks for being such an inspiration. I have my green smoothies every morning because of your doing and I have never felt better in my life. Everyone in my family gets your books for their bdays and holidays. Thanks for believing in your message and in your vision. The world is a better place because of you sistah!

  188. Reading your book “Crazy Sexy Diet” has inspired me to be a vegetarian. I am nervous that I am not getting enough vitamins and minerals and proteins , but I don’t eat animals anymore because I love all animals. I really hope to be more confident and approach this lifestyle with more bravery. Thank you for your book and your website. I may come back to eating meat , but I will never quit trying to be a vegetarian for the sake of animals, this planet and myself.

  189. 10 pm, Monday night. These comments are the best bedtime stories EVER. :) xoxoxo kc

  190. Congratulations for a wonderful and inspirational 5 years. I discovered your site four years ago and it has made a dramatic different in my life and in those around me (even my 70 year old parents juice and are living a crazy sexy life). You and the amazing community that you’ve built is truly a gift. Many thanks to you Kris and I’m excited for what’s next.

  191. Hey Kris, thank you for sharing your wisdom and allowing others to do the same on this website over the past few years. It has been a joy to read and has helped me reflect on my own life. I look forward to the next incarnation of this website and I will continue to read and share with others what I have gleaned. You are awesome. <3

  192. I cant wait really…….
    I really love ur website
    such a miracle
    so I am here in indonesia can share it with my dear family and friend
    I love you kris

  193. When my son was diagnosed with cancer, I thought my world had ended. On one of the his worst chemo days, he fell asleep on my lap so I turned on the TV to catch the last bit of Oprah. That was my introduction to the Crazy Sexy phenomenon! The next day I purchased your book and have been hooked ever since! My life has changed immensley……….Thank you Kris! Today my son is cancer free! Looking foward to the new site.

  194. Kris you are my “Shero”. When I picked up your book Crazy, Sexy Diet I was already on my journey to health and you drove it all home in a positive and inspiring way. Your words and encouragement have changed my life for the best and I am now pouring that encouragement on to others. Your “Ripple Effect” will go on for a very long time. Thanks and I look forward to sharing in your newest endeavor.

  195. CSL has reminded me of the importance of following a more alkaline diet and as a result I now leave my juicer on the kitchen counter instead of hidden away even though I don’t like clutter (out of sight, out of mind no more), and I make my own sprouts, too! Kudos to you and your team for promoting such worthy and healthy causes.

  196. What can I say? A person who at one time thought people who drank vegetable juice had to be certifiably insane, now juices everyday. Now that is crazy! I know today that God(dess), or the Universe, or whatever, has a kickass sense of humor. S/he is both laughing her ass off and popping champagne corks as s/he watches me drink my greens.

  197. Your silly, carefree, authentic and loving nature is a gift! Thank you for all the inspiration Kris…so excited for all that is to come!

  198. Kris and the crazysexylife Team, I cannot tell you how much inspiration, joy, laughter, introspection, life lessons and last but not least, healthy life affirming recipes I have had the blessing to be privy to from your website. I know you are about to embark on a new chapter and I can see that beautiful spark of yours morphing from a miracuous caterpillar into a butterfly with wings that span beyond a scope that you can’t yet imagine. I can’t wait to learn more, love more, eat/juice more (healthily) and see what you have up your sleeve;). You are loved and thank-you.

  199. Crazy Sexy Life has been a constant reminder to be ME. Kris, your weekly e-mails keep me inspired and remind me ever so spaciously how valuable I am and how precious and crazy sexy YOU are. Thank you, and shine on!

  200. Kris and the rest of the CSL team have helped me become a healthier person both physically and spiritually. I can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us. :)

  201. You’ve been my inspiration for kickstarting a healthy lifestyle. After starting juicing, I have higher energy to enjoy hiking and kayaking with friends. Thank You Kris & CSL team!!

  202. Kris,
    Thank you for all your hard work, intensive research and for sharing your knowledge with the world. Your newsletters are a powerful punch of positive energy and stoked the fire in me to turn on my love light! Thank you for the map to wellness you’ve provided to anyone who is willing to open themselves to the possibility.

  203. CSL gave me joy, faith, laughter, inspiration, direction, and lots of Green Juice! “Make juice not war!” Peace, Unicorns, and permission for pink hair over the age of 40! Thank you sweet soul Kris Carr.

  204. Crazy Sexy Life has inspired me to be a healthier, lovelier, and brighter person. Kris you are a light unto the nation and to the world. Thank you for sharing your Self with all of us. Jai Ma!

  205. Aaaaaah.. Thank you so much. This website made me much wiser in so many different areas. i wish you an your team success, happiness and a lot of fun!!! :)
    Much love,

  206. As a 2x cancer survivor, CSL was just what I needed to help me understand that I could help my body help itself… I can do more to control my own health and make my body the wonderful, blessed vehicle it’s meant to be. Thank you so much for that!

  207. Thanks to Kris and all who have contributed to CSL! My biggest lesson has been moving from simply living life to enjoying it and having the daring courage to grow when the opportunity shows up. It’s a great joy to be a part of this team and to witness and usher in such an exciting transition!


  208. I used to be addicted to caffeine. I stopped on my own and I would feel so sluggish through the day. Then I discovered Kris Carr. Crazy Sexy Life has me drinking green juice everyday and now I have energy throughout the days without caffeine :) Love Kris!

  209. Hi Kris, I just recently bought your book CSD and learned about you. I have Stage 4 Cancer with reocurrence x3 and have enjoyed what I have learned in such a short time. I thank you and will be looking forward to the new adventure with you.

  210. crazy sexy has taught me that we don’t have to be victims, POW! TAKE THAT NASTY CANCER & CHRONIC DISEASE!!
    Thanks Kris :)

  211. Watched your video today on juicing and blending. All I could see was the pure joy in you Kris. I have been battling a rare form of a rare form of lymphoma since Oct 2011 and realize that while I thought I was “living” I really haven’t been. Ready to take on a new way of living and eating. Thank you for all you have given to so many and now to ME!!!!! Marching forward!!!!

  212. Dear, Dear, Kris,

    After starting the year shall we say, NOT on the good foot, IE: in emergency with acute renal failure, (now down to 35% efficiency), followed by two weeks of hospitalization that lead to a diagnosis of a rare and serious autoimmune disorder called, Microscopic Polyangiitis, I have since returned to the blessed nest and so happily discovered YOU.

    Due to being on 9 meds a day including high dose Prednisone + low dose chemotherapy, my now kidney-friendly diet is now even more restricted in order offset the side effects of these treatments, consisting of: very low sodium, no sugars, low sat. fats–animal or plant, no meat, (organic eggs & fish now and then), and low potassium/phosphorus.

    I am now searching daily for foods I can eat that will give me the biggest healing bang for my buck.

    You are a ray of soulshine and I just wanted to say bless you, best with kriscarr.com, (I too recently got my own .com happening!), and hi-fives!

    I would be honored if you found a moment to check out my blog and how I’m handling this new and very different, beautiful life.

    +++the very best of vibes to you, Kris,


  213. CSL has inspired me to find to way to self healing; body, mind, and soul. The world is truely blessed to have Kris Carr to be a light in these times:-) thanks Kris for being the strong optimistic women you are.