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February is turning out to be fasting month!  Hey, wasn’t that a great post by Natalia yesterday?  I can’t wait for part 2!  Today is day 10 of my fast.  No more hunger pains, no more tears, no more fights with my mind.  I’m learning tons about myself, and my body.  Check this cool ditty out.  Our God pod comes with drains. When we eat the SAD diet, breathe in the earth dump or mainline stress and God dammit!, they get clogged.  If we keep on truckin’ we back up.  Like a stuffy septic tank, the toxins spill out onto our physical and psychological lawns.  They have no other place to go.  Pee-u!

Speaking of Pee-u, our biggest pathway of elimination is our colon.  By removing old waste through colonics, enemas, even the temporary use of certain natural laxatives, we allow our lovely livers to dump (gosh does that phenomenal organ need a break).  Here come the dominos!  Once our livers dump, our lymph system has a go at it.  After the lymph system says AMEN, then our cells receive the invitation.  It’s all so magically organized.  Virgos love that!

Our body, being the wizard chamber that it is, does everything possible to protect itself from the onslaught of acids and poisons.  It continually tosses the toxins away from vital organs and into the tissue and streams.  What happens next?  Sick, fat, pimply, tired and glass half-empty mentality settles in.  Then?  Dis-ease.  Remember, we are what we eat, drink, think and don’t poop.  Genetics plays a role in this for sure.  But current research suggests that the role is much smaller than we previously thought – about 5-10%.  Now that’s food for thought!

Imagine eating meal after stuffing/puffing meal (and snackies), and never properly eliminating.  Clearly, we back up and shut down.  We bloat and float.  The mind gets mad, the moods flip-flop, our sex drive withers, our jeans look lumpy.  Enter the self-esteem prison wardens.  They SUCK!  Never a nice word passes from their chapped lips.  No matter what you do, you are never enough.

Have you been taught that abuse is love?

Whether we do it to ourselves or give others permission to flog, this learned behavior is a byproduct of our twisted domestication.  If we are pure sunshine and God breeze then why on earth would we allow anyone (including ourselves) to trample the glow?

Perhaps the road back to the house of health is long.  Big whoop!  You can do it.  But as I have learned, and you have witnessed in my rants, it takes a willingness to be exposed.  Shedding hurts.  Shedding makes you shiver.  Shedding sloughs the barnacles and reveals the cherry red vintage mustang.

Are we really protecting ourselves by staying same ole same ole?

Drink your green juice ladies and gents!  If you’re feasting today remember to stay on schedule.  Check the previous “Goddess” posts for more details.  4-5 quarts of greens with a little lemon, apple or pear (if you need it for taste).  Keep it light and bright but nourish yourself.  Drink lots!

Peace and nudity,


Ps.  If the delicate butterfly always worried about protection it would never travel thousands of miles home.

Kris Carr

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17 responses to Goddess Group – The Word for the Day is “Protection”
  1. “We are what we eat, drink, think & don’t poop”
    I love it! So true!!

  2. Still going strong on the green juice! Maybe this is a silly question, but do you make fresh juice throughout the day, or make a big big batch in the morning for the whole day? Not sure whether it keeps well (even for a few hours…). I am a bit lazy: don’t care for cleaning the juicer more than once a day!

    Thanks for the inspiration Kris! By the way: my first colonic is sheduled for next Monday. That’s another first (the green juice was a first too!)

    Your website and blogs make me feel that true health IS possible. Even if it’s a long haul. Thank you for that!

  3. Kris, your posts during the fast so far have been so helpful. Your journey lights the way for my journey (although I am not fasting right now, I’m on a mission to get healthier on all levels). At this point in the fast, do you already have a sense of how your diet and lifestyle might shift at the end of the fast? Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights with us.

  4. Pure sunshine and God breeze! Ahhh… I am going to meditate on that one all day. Love love love u.

  5. Ambidee: Since I am at a clinic they make the juices for me. I have a juicer at my office as well as home so I usually juice twice per day. In addition to the Breville juicer, we have a Greenstar. The juice from the GS lasts much longer. It’s a twin gear so the enzymes stay in tact through the entire day. You sound like you are doing GREAT!

    Karen: At the end of the 21 days I will need about a week to slowly transition back to whole food. For every 3 days that we fast it takes 1 day of transition. So I will start by adding some blended foods, smoothies, soups and then finally salad, nuts etc. I’m thinking I want to go 100% raw after this. My diet now is 80/20. Since I get overwhelmed easily I’ve decided to take it 30 days at a time. :) 30 day cleanse, 30 days raw – then we shall see… xoxo Kris

  6. Hi Juicy,
    I agree with you.. and it’s so simple, it’s hard to fall back asleep when you awaken to the truth of the body’s wisdom!
    love you

  7. Kris Carr…you are a GODDESS of inspiration!!! And the recent blog additions have been so WONDERFUL…thank you!

  8. I love your blog!

    I’ve been reading it for….over a year and appreciate all your pearls of wisdom. You are very open and that is sooo refreshing.

    What I especially love is, your understanding of “falling off track”. No one is perfect, we all just practice the best we can.

    Your blog reminds me of what I know and teaches me new things all the time. And, it inspires me. My problem is, my head does not match my heart/stomach when it comes to food. I know the better choices, and the reasons why, but I still make the poor choices all too often. Rinse, wash and repeat.

    Thank you for being.

  9. I agree…”shedding”/detoxing is one of the most important components of healing, especially with all the “non-nutritive stuff” (aka crap!) we put in our bodies & toxins we are exposed to daily.

    Awhile back there was a story on the news about how a certain city’s garbage collectors went on strike & the news programs were showing images of garbage piling up on the curbs. Of course it looked hideous, but this is a GREAT image to keep in mind relative to things like our colon & lymph systems…cause that same process is goin on inside us when we don’t poop & move with regularity!

    Congrats on reaching half-way!
    xoxo Michalene

  10. Honey bun you are so right. We are what we think, breath, send Elvis Gods of rock my world I went whole nut lets say instead of whole hog, wheatgrass enemas and enemas weekly, colonics, the whole million intestinal yards and I still battle on. I am fasting with you today and keeping wednesday as my Sabbath. It has been that way for years but adding the fasting adds a bit of spiritual clearness and an alertness to self has been peaking its head out like the first flower of spring. I have often thought that the air we breathe and the food we are life but it is so true that oxygen and hydrogen are so vital and the green juices are our super highway of getting them straight to the cells. I also think that we must we must we must repsect the poo. My family says I have bowels on the brain.. but everything from migraines to mood disorders can be affected by how much toxins you carry daily. We would no more put sugar in our gas tanks of our beloved cars but we pour in into our bodies and wonder why they are sluggish and sallow, and fat and underfunctioning and riddled with disease. But then I could go on forever.. he longest journey begins with the first step even if you have to take that step day after day……they add up. SO Brava on your progress and we are right here with ya. Hugs and peace and veggies and halfway is amazing.. you are doing great. Love ya sugar plum callie

  11. Sorry for the confusion of the entry…. I meant that when your program came into my life I jumped on faith and this action has proven itself over and over to be the right move. I also meant we neet a way to get the mega nutirients and vitamens in and out.. so sorry for the babble.. I cannot do two things at once.. but what is new.. love you all callie:)

  12. Hi Kris,
    Thanks so much for your great posts! They are helping me and my 84-years old mom to stay on top of new supplements, diet, and treatments (like this current fasting plan, colonics, etc) -we truly appreciate very much your posts. My mother got really healthy this past year by following a modified Gerson, incl. lots of green juices, etc. I read to her every single post you write on this website as she is very much interested in your latest experiences with raw lifestyle and supplements. If only you could see her eyes getting bigger and bigger when I read to her about the supplements you recommend, etc. For example, based on your info we started to take DR. Ohhira’s Probiotics and the digestive enzymes, too. Wow, they are great, indeed, far better than what we have been taking thus far. Also, we started to take E-3 Live in our green smoothies, as you recommended. Just great! Thank you for helping us to get better and healthier – you are awesome!! : )
    Mary and Mom (Sophia)

  13. Great post! Everything you wrote was so inspiring. I need to do a fast..maybe next Wednesday! :)

  14. I am so happy to be with you in spirit today Kris. What an amazing idea. I am so glad you liked the name “Goddess Group” and decided to use it. We all are goddesses and need to remember that. Everytime we invest in our bodies (i.e. juice feasting/fasting) we say a big ‘HELL YES” to our inner goddess energy.

    I couldn’t do it the last 2 weeks. My daughter was in the hospital for week 1, and week 2 I was in CA with no kitchen.

    Today rocked and your post was sooooooooo motivational. Love you..seriously. Live your mission Kris… you are freaking fantastic

  15. Oh Kris, I wanted to mention about your plan to go 100% raw… follow your gut (no pun intended). I was 100% raw for 18 months and am prob the only person transitioning back to cooked whole vegan well-combined food. I felt ungrounded and was so sick of eating 89 ingredient dehydrated “mock” foods. I find that I am healthier, more grounded, calmer and fitter. I still juice like CRAZY…do my enemas and the whole raw sistar* gammet.

    You rock and I am SO inspired by your presence here on Earth. ROCK ON!

  16. Great post! I try to challenege myself every day, to learn and grow every day, to change EVERY DAY. That’s the point of life! Personal development never ends.

  17. I joined the Godddes Groop this past Wednesday for the second time but I fast on water and it was easy for me than juicing. I locked the kitchen and enjoyed my day. Kris, thank you for inspiration.