Fill Yourself Up From the Inside

By Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy   |  11Comments|

Fabulous and fresh thinker —

Do you know how to love yourself and feel loved each and every day, in a consistent way?

Definition of self-love: You loving you, so you can love the world more.

I’m inviting you to live like a “full cup of self-love, sharing the overflow with the world,” and not like a half-empty cup trying to get filled. And when you do feel half-empty, to use your transformational practices and processes to fill yourself up- from the inside.

This practice will allow you to be self-sustaining and self-nourishing.

Many people try to “fill themselves up” with something outside of themselves: Another person, material objects, foods, drinks, work.

This means that you’re always subject to emptiness in some form because the outside is always subject to change.

He or she doesn’t call or text, the job falls through, food effects wear off, whatever we buy isn’t “enough.”

This is because we are meant to fill ourselves up first- from the inside. We are like succulent plants. A succulent gathers water and nourishment from the environment and feeds itself to itself– from the inside. This allows us to be self-sustaining.

We can be like this too.

Experiment with this in your life by using this perspective when you make your decisions and interact with others.

Ask yourself; “Am I in a centered and filled up place inside myself, in order to respond, and what would help me to feel that way?”

Another way to fill yourself up is to start your day hugging yourself. Your endorphins will rise and you’ll get out of bed feeling like 10 good friends have hugged you. You’ll be overflowing with love and ready to share it with the world.

Experiment with ways to fill yourself up from the inside, and know I am practicing right along with you!

Susan (aka SARK)

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11 responses to Fill Yourself Up From the Inside
  1. Ani said on June 8, 2012

    Aaaahhh, SARK I was reading paragraphs from a stack of your books last night and I felt such gratitude for having found your words. Through your books you have been a friend to me for many, many years now. It seems beautiful to have found your post here this morning since last night I was thinking that I wanted to contact you to say thank you. The synchronicity doesn’t stop there, I wanted to contact you to see if I could send you a copy of the e-book that I finally wrote (with the help of your tips and micro-movement ideas) – the book is about self-love!! I completed the book about 8 weeks ago and put it up for sale on my website (which I aim to use to help women who have been diagnosed with auto-immune conditions). So far I have sold 8 copies which makes my heart sing, I hope in time that number will increase. Anyway, thank you for this beautiful post, please do contact me via my website so that I can send you a copy of my book! Much love, Ani x

  2. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Sark!!!!!!! You are my all-time fave author and inspiration.

  4. Just the inspiration I needed. Especially…
    “This means that you’re always subject to emptiness in some form because the outside is always subject to change.”
    How true!!
    Love the idea of hugging yourself in the morning but what other advice do you have for filling yourself up from the inside out? ESPECIALLY when the guy doesn’t call, job falls through, etc.?

  5. Jade said on June 9, 2012

    That’s truly a beautiful analogy!

  6. What if you depend on God to fill you up? He is outside yourself. I feel like I get the most “filling” when I pray and speak with him. I have that cup overflows thing. Just a thought. It is important to love yourself for sure though:)!

  7. Beautiful words, thank you!! I have been trying this recently – each morning I begin the day by saying into the mirror “I love you, I have everything I need, my life is full of love and I am lucky to have another precious day to spend how I want to”.

    More people need to hear this message :)

  8. Victoria God is NOT outside yourself. God is the inner core of your whole being.

  9. Ilahinoor — Amen! (no pun intended)

  10. M said on June 12, 2012

    You have said succinctly what I have been trying to formulate from countless articles myself. Thank you for the succulent plant metaphor.

  11. Googling “fill yourself with Love” I ended up here.. The description here is the closest to my experience the latest days.
    From knowing that I AM Love, I imagined a Love pump inside of me, pumping it up from deep inside of me – like oil pumps I have seen on TV…
    Helping with my breath, I just insisted on pumping Love into my body and existence… knowing/believing that inside of me is the center of the universe, which also is an eternal source of Love. I did this for hours.
    Two days later I can report that it worked / works.
    I became filled with Love.
    I found that I had to pump again after a while…
    Being out in the world made the level go down from “filled” a little.
    Then imagining that the pumping is an initial stage… Actually this is supposed to be a self-sustaining fountain… So I started expecting THAT, and it helped… Back to being filled again.. Then checking… Pumping a little.. And visualizing thanfountain…
    Then for the latest day, all kind of things happen inside…
    No wonder… All things in me with the feeling of LACK is now coming to the surface… As being drawn up from a magnet (the Love).
    My body is going into processing, I become very tired and have all kinds of signs from having the greatest therapy…

    Feeling like I have solved one of life’s MAIN problems…