Embodied Spirituality

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A new and soulful orientation to personal growth is taking root in our collective consciousness where the high ideals of spirituality are becoming more and more grounded into our bodies and our lives. This merging of spirit and matter is called embodied spirituality.

In order for spirit to be embodied, it has to have some weight. These days we’re looking to soulful stories, authentic laughter and good old-fashioned gut instinct to guide us along with the lighter, and sometimes fainter, voice of intuition. You may not hear your intuition whisper that the guy you just met is Don Juan on steroids, but your gut will turn inside out and scream at you to run in the other direction – if you’re in your body and heeding its unfailing wisdom.

Here are four ways to give your spirituality some roots:

Know your body and follow your gut. Your body is your best friend. It is the vehicle that allows you to experience the world in all its glory. Develop a relationship with your body so that it can guide you. Don’t let your dog be smarter than you! Dogs are so brilliant because they actually follow their instincts. Everything you need to know is either in your gut or your heart. Sure, your head has wisdom too, but the gut and heart know first. So why not start there?

Detox. Listen to Ms. Carr when she tells you to drink your green juice. The energy of life contains information, but if it’s buried under a pile of fast food, you don’t even know it’s there. Try juicing for an entire day and see what happens. The spirit in each of your cells awakens. You realize that you are in need of nothing that you don’t already have. Unburden your cells and allow life to flow through you, energize you and inform you of the next step on your fabulous journey!

Get grounded and stay there. Electricity can’t move through wires that aren’t grounded. So how do you expect life energy to move through your body if your feet aren’t even on the ground? Start your day with meditation. It can be either a traditional sitting meditation or a walking meditation. No matter, just quiet your mind and breathe. Your day will be better for it – trust me.

Weed out negativity. Space is required for spiritual energy to penetrate your cells. Any negativity we entertain takes up space in our bodies and minds. These lower energy vibes feed on like energies in order to survive and thrive. Purging ourselves of complaining, gossiping and negative thinking creates space for pure life energy to fill us up and radiate outward.

Embodied spirituality is powerful indeed. As we grow high into the sky, our roots dig deeper into the earth. Everything that sprouts from this strong union of spirit and matter is more resilient and radiant. Most importantly, growth has finally become fun! We simply purify our minds and bodies and then enjoy stories that come from the soul, laugh out loud with love ones and appreciate this beautiful journey we call life.

Kimberly Kingsley is the author of “Portals of Peace: A Path to Inner Peace and a Healed World” and “The Energy Cure: How to Recharge Your Life 30 Seconds at a Time.”

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9 responses to Embodied Spirituality
  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Embodied spirituality – beautifully put, I LOVE your post. In my work, supporting women choosing to explore their emotional eating patterns, I often find that the eating is almost like a call to ground back into the body, a call that has been mis-interpreted as a call to eat. I use my qualifications in nutrition and psychosynthesis as a support system to delve into the body and spirit.

    I love that you write “As we grow high into the sky, our roots dig deeper into the earth. Everything that sprouts from this strong union of spirit and matter is more resilient and radiant” It seems so relevant to my work

    Loving regards
    Ani x

    • Thanks Ani! It sounds like you are doing great work. I totally agree that many people are misinterpreting the need for grounding as the need for food.

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for the post.

    My takeaway from this is tip on getting grounded. I like the symbol of electricity needing to be grounded – I like the idea that we too need to be present and grounded in order for energy to flow within us.

    The other way I stay grounded throughout the day is to stop when I catch myself spending more time in my head instead of where I physically am. I look out the window at the sky, or listen to the birds or maybe even look around me and find something to remember to say thanks for.

    I find that the more I practice this, the quicker I get a flood of pure joy washing across my body and I feel amazing again – and of course, more grounded!

  3. Really amazing post.

  4. Hi Kimberly,
    I enjoyed the clarity of your post. Very helpful. On the topic of getting to know our bodies and learning how we react energetically or intuitively to things: when I was beginning to develop these skills, I first began paying attention to how my stomach and chest physically felt in various situations. I learned that my stomach felt hollow and my chest felt tight when I was anxious (or had too much caffeine, which creates the physiology of anxiety), and that my stomach felt light and my chest felt warm and expansive when I was feeling love (or high vibration). As my body awareness progressed, I was able to discern more and more subtle sensations in my body, allowing me to hear quieter “whispers” of intuition. I’ve learned that the more I listen intuitively to my body, the more I hear. I’ve also learned that staying away from negativity–either within myself or coming from another source–is very important to my physical well-being. Recognizing low or negative vibration is another skill that I had to learn. It’s a bit hard to describe, but for me, I experience low vibration as an energy drain and an impulse to pull back from someone or something. I also have to catch myself being negative and stop it. I will literally say out loud, “STOP” if I notice I’m dwelling on some negative or anxious thought. After I STOP myself, I look at the sky or the trees if possible, and thank the universe for the beauty and love all around me. That moment of gratitude results in a rush of warm tingles along my back and neck, which is my body’s signal of high vibration. Thanks for the extremely helpful post.

    • Hi Jennifer – sounds like you’ve really got this down! I love how you describe the different sensations in your body. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Wow! The insight in these comments is overwhleming. Love the descriptions of how you get grounded and also how different vibrations feel in the body. Thank you for the comments and wisdom you’ve shared!

  6. Hi Kimberly,
    I love the power yet simplicity of this message. The process does not have to be difficult. I have been working on meditating more and I am inspired to increase my green drinks. I love the idea of unburdening my cells and hearing the message my body has to offer.