Day 8 of my 21 day fast


Hiya Emerald Queen,

Today is day 8 and FINALLY I feel great!  :)  Hubba Hubby and I had the most chillaxin’ weekend.  We hiked with our friend Julia.  Lady Julia has diamonds on the inside.  She’s a supplement expert, yogi and genuine rainbow warrior.  You’re gonna love her!  Julia will be sharing her vast knowledge with ya in a few weeks.  You seekers have lots of questions about supplements.  Good lord – do I hear ya.  It’s hard to know what’s best.  Not for long!

Speaking of supplements, in a few hours I’ll be getting the test to determine the hydrochloric acid levels in my stomach.  For some time now food just doesn’t sit well.  Burps and other air packets bug me.  My energy is low and stuff isn’t digesting.

Dot connecting time!  The procedure is called The Heidelberg Test.  My naturopath will drop a pH tester capsule down my gullet, check my levels and then yank it out.  I’m so excited!  For, real, no sarcasm.  My glorious inners are down right cool.  Getting to know them better is a joy.  How else can you change what doesn’t work?

When it’s over, I head back to the clinic (not Tree of Life) for my vitamin C IV and a colonic.  Besides the endless needles, the tick-tock-snail-passing time is tough.  4-6 hours per day gets a bit trying.  But hey, I’m on a mission so SUCK IT UP… or sneak in your laptop.

Not sure if I mentioned some of this stuff already (you can always hear it twice), but I have a few more tips for fasting.  Beside the 1/2 tsp of sea salt 2-3 times per day in water to keep your electrolytes in balance, ENZYMES are crutial.  Without them you’ll feel like garbage.  The juice makes a gas super disco.  I take 2 with every juice.  I also take probiotics twice a day – morning and night.

The Enzymes I like are made by Theramedix.  You can also explore Digest Gold from Enzymedica, or the HHI HiZymes (from the Hippocrates Health Institute)

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics 12 Plus – is a great probiotic!  So is the Udo’s brand and Garden of Life.  In that order.

While on the fast I’m also taking chlorella, spirulina, and Marine Phyoplankton.

To move the bowels look into Natural Calm, Colon Max or even a Cal/Mag citrate supplement.  You may not need any help but if you do, it’s out there, for a limited time.  Aloe too!  AND colonics!  For those of you suffering from constipation on a regular basis my advice is pretty simple.  Cut dairy, wheat, gluten and start practicing proper food combining!

Just like life, variety is the spice that makes us sing.  So switch your recipes up to avoid mind-bending boredom!  I’ve been adding tomato and basil at night with my sea salt.  Yum.  I imagine sipping gaspacho in the mediterranean while wearing a tube top.

That’s it for now.  If you’re up to it, join me this Wednesday for the Goddess Group.

Hope you have the best day ever!

Peace and pH,


PS. Tomorrow you’ll hear some wisdom from one of our Blog Posse gals Natalia Rose…  Can’t wait!

Kris Carr

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14 responses to Day 8 of my 21 day fast
  1. Can’t wait for you to share the Heidelberg Test experience with us! I’m jumping back on the juice feast band wagon. Mon-Fri will be juice only. Saturday is Valentine’s Day and my hubs is planning a surprise, so I may have the step off for a pit stop, but then its back on the straight and narrow…Love and Light to you!

  2. Yikes…things down and back up from the pits of digestion! I’m doing the Goddess Group again this week with everyone…keep up the awesome work Kris!

  3. Kris a licious!
    good look with the gag reflex test,, kidding.. but wow, that seems like it would be tickley!
    much love to your cuteness, and Yeah for tube tops!

  4. uh boy, I meant to say “good Luck, not good look?!

  5. Over 30% done & CLOSE to halfway!! Yeeha! Keep on truckin. You’ll be done in a flash.
    xoxo Michalene

  6. Hi Kris,
    I am very glad that you are doing so well: you look fabulous – so healthy, fit, with that special glow!
    Your suggestions re. supplements are helping me tremendously! Your knowledge re. alternative treatments/supplments is awesome and is helping me and my mother to chose the best supplements out there.
    Thank you so very much and keep up the great work! You are the best!!! :—))
    Mary and Mother

  7. Hi Kris. Long time reader, first time communicator…:-) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… where are you getting your IV treatments done if not at Tree of LIfe? I’m coming to TOL for Whole Person Healing and the 21 day fast. My doctor in California say’s I need IV treatment but since I live in MN I haven’t been able to do it. Thank you so much for the info and massive doses of love you share. Aimee

  8. Hi Kris! You look gorgeous in your picture, you look like you’re glowing! :) Anyway, glad to hear you’re feelin great. Can’t wait to hear more about your cleansing adventures. xoxo

  9. Hi! I am kinda new.. how can I find the previous posts? This is great stuff!! I am so excited for you Kris and the journey you are on.

  10. Great post gorgeous! You’re such an amazing woman – inspiring, bold, courageous, brilliant, shining, and wonderful. Thank you for being you!

    Kristen :)

  11. Hi Melanie!
    If you would like to look through previous posts, check out the Archives in the left column. They are in the same box as the Blog Roll, you just need to click on the “Archive” link.

  12. Day eight! Yoo-hoo!

  13. Hi Kris,
    Glad to hear you are having success with your cleanse. Question, have you experience any hair loss? The reason I asked is because I have lost hair in the past when I went on the Master Cleanse and swore not to go on it again. Will Juicing have a different effect?

  14. You look beautiful, happy, and healthy! Congrats on 8 days! I find the salt to be such an important part. I am in a heavy metal detox right now, and I was feeling exhausted! Found out my blood pressure was 68/50 because I was not drinking this nasty salt solution they gave me (ooops). I can’t stomach it without gagging so now I just eat more salt like you are doing. Works great!