Crazy Sexy Gentle: How to Cleanse in 2013


Hi Sweet Friends,

It’s about that time. The ole “New Year, New You” push. Like many, you may be feeling pressure to totally renovate your body, fit into smaller jeans, reverse the hands of time and grow shinier, thicker hair. I know I feel pressure to improve. It’s been awhile since I cleansed. I hear the silly voices of “should” in my mind. “Kris, you know you should clean it up a bit.” Heck I wrote a New York Times bestseller that talks about the importance of periodic tune-ups (ahem … Crazy Sexy Diet, a terrific book if I do say so myself). But to be totally honest and real with you, I have zero desire to start a big program. It’s just not where I am right now in my life. I’m sure I’ll cleanse again in the future. Right now the only thing I want to do is go to your house, sit around in PJ’s and talk about my feelings! I want to marinate in my desires and heal my heart where it is broken.

However, (didn’t you feel the “however” coming?), the start of a new year presents us with wonderful opportunities to gently improve our lifestyle habits. So let’s try something new and totally daring. Instead of giving you a full on overhaul plan, I’d like to encourage you to test drive a few simple shifts this month. These easy upgrades have the power to sustainably improve your life if you consistently hang out with them. Change doesn’t have to be intense. Your life is already pretty packed, too packed if you ask me. But a periodic health inventory will identify where your sails are soaring and sagging.

Looking back on my self experimentation (victories and failures) and my coaching practice, smaller changes equal big wins, especially when you stick with them. And listen up perfectionist, you don’t have to stick with them 100 percent of the time to be successful. Pretty revolutionary stuff right? Not so much. It’s actually quite obvious and yet we keep searching for the grand system, the metamorphosis plan. For the majority of us, when we start from an extreme place and seek extreme results, we set ourselves up for extreme disappointment.

Simplicity. Elegance. Stability. Let a turtle be your mentor. Slow and steady my friend. From a spiritual perspective there is no race. There is no “there” when you get there.

Have you ever looked through a fashion magazine and stumbled on one of those what’s “in” and what’s “out” lists? Well in my Crazy Sexy fashion rag quick fixes and cut-to-the-chase answers are definitely a 2013 fashion faux pas. Put them on your don’t list and move on sisters and brothers!

Kind and gentle tips for a healthy 2013. Pick one or two points to focus on this month. If they all resonate, go for it. I’ve kept this short, sweet and doable. Keep in mind that these suggestions are not about “never” doing something ever again. I want to set you up for success, not bloody falling-off-the-wagon accidents followed by self-flagellating. If you slip, congratulations! You’re HUMAN. Ask yourself why and listen carefully to the answers. Growth-a-go-go. If these tips work for you, keep them going, one glorious day at a time.

1. Kiss yourself each morning.

Start your day slowly and with love. Here’s how I kiss myself each morning: I wake up when it’s still dark, light a candle, read spiritual text, and take long deep breaths. I make tea and write if I’m moved to. That’s it. Even if you have to get up 15 minutes earlier. Choose a time when your home is quiet and you’re the only soul awake. Or ask the waking souls to shhh so you can have your personal space. This step is worth it. You don’t have to choose monk-like activities. Do what your kiss beckons you to do.

2. I’ll have a green juice and a side of coffee, please.

Green juice will give you a great sustainable boost of nourishing energy. If you love coffee (I hear ya!), instead of giving it up, peel back to one cup and have your green juice first. Give your body a healthy burst of nutrients, alkalinity and antioxidants, then sip the joey.

3. I know you love sugar, but you are sweet enough.

Instead of grabbing that last christmas cookie, choose a ripe piece of fruit instead. OK, I know it’s not as stimulating as Grandma’s frosted cut-outs, but we’re trying to create some new healthy habits by deprogramming your addiction. If you crave sugar this month, choose fruit as much as possible. Move from baked and processed treats to a serving of nature grown goodness, preferably organic. If extra weight is your issue, just watch the pounds fall off with this one simple step. Once your palate gets reset, most sugar will seem too sweet. You’ll take two or three bites and move on. Easy, breezy satisfying.

Remember, your sugar cravings are not always about the sugar. Sugar is a mental trip too. It only becomes a physical trip when you overdo it. If you’re a habitual (and powerless) cookie gobbler, ask yourself what that urge is really about. Do you need more sweetness in your life? A time out from anxiety and stress? Some love? An apology?

Try this: Dust off your imaginary crystal ball. Look into the futuristic glass and picture how you will feel after the binge. Is this how you want to feel? If the answer is “no.” Thank the crystal ball and then slowly back away from the cookie. Do not make eye contact. Do not make any sudden movements. Get out of the room and call an adult. If the answer is “yes,” ask yourself why. Next, unpack the why. Your healing potential lives in the why.

Does this work always have to be so deep? Can’t you just have a frickin’ cookie and chill the frick out? Of course! But if you sense an addiction or a compulsion to drown your pain in confections (or cocktails), then you clearly have a spiritual assignment. Will you blow off your homework? Hint: It won’t go away. The universal teacher has a looong memory. Suck it up, and get it over with. 2013 is the purrrfect time to free yourself.

4. Cut animal product consumption in half.

If you’re eating dairy (ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc) or meat (lamb, chicken, steak, fish etc) cut your consumption in half. Do you eat animal products twice a day? Try once a day. You may want to keep a food journal to keep track. Sometimes we think we know what we’re eating, but we really have no idea. You don’t have to go all the way. Cutting back is victory enough. If you stick with this tip throughout 2013, I bet your cholesterol, heart (and hips) will thank you.

When you cut down on animal products, you can look forward to less mucus, better poops, glowing skin, less inflammation, less gas, and more freedom (aka less addiction to certain foods — ahem, cheese!). In “Breaking the Food Seduction,” Neal Barnard, MD discusses the addictive nature of dairy. Ready for some science? During digestion, casein breaks down into opiates known as casomorphins, giving you warm fuzzy feelings (there are high levels of casein present in cow’s milk for their nursing calves). Cheese has the highest levels of these casomorphins, making it the most difficult habit to break — it’s not in your head, you really are addicted to dairy! But don’t worry. As you add more plant-based foods into your diet, your cravings for dairy and other animal products will lessen. And if you’re concerned about calcium intake, have no fear. Dark leafy greens, beans, almonds and non-dairy fortified milks are fabulous sources.

You’re also probably wondering about where you’ll be getting adequate protein in your diet. Don’t sweat it. It’s easy to meet your daily protein needs with a varied plant-based diet (even the American Dietetic Association agrees!). In case you’ve picked up on the “complete protein” myth that’s been floating around for years, there’s no need to worry about eating certain combinations of foods in order to consume complete proteins. As long as you’re eating a variety of veggies, beans, and grains, you’re supplying your body with the amino acids that it cannot produce on its own. Amino acids are the building blocks of our cells and there are nine essential amino acids that your body needs to absorb through food — easily found in a plant-passionate diet. Ready for the bonus round? One of the many benefits of plant-based foods is that in their natural, organic state (aka not deep-fried), they’re free of the saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, chemicals and antibiotics that come along with a hamburger. Score!

But what will I eat in place of animal products, you ask? Let’s get real. You’re probably not going to find the vegan equivalent of Brie or beef tenderloin, but you will find plant-based recipes and whole foods that provide the creaminess, saltiness and tastiness needed to fulfill your dairy and meat-inspired cravings. When I wrote Crazy Sexy Kitchen with Chad Sarno, I didn’t know how the meat and potatoes crew would react. I’m still overjoyed every time I hear from a skeptic who has embraced plant-based foods because they can’t believe how delicious Crazy Sexy Kitchen’s veggie-inspired recipes are! In addition to vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, seeds and fresh herbs, you also have an abundance of vegan convenience foods available when you’re in a pinch. It gets easier each day to let go of animal products and embrace whole, plant-empowered, nutrient-dense foods!

5. Worship The Daily Ten.

Full disclosure: I have a gym membership, but I haven’t gone since I started to write Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Total waste. But it’s no shock. I’ve written five books now, and I always fall into the same patterns. So this year I joined, an online mecca of yoga class videos by some of my favorite instructors. I also started working out with my friend Erin Stutland. She’d send me ten-minute videos to keep me moving while I was writing for you. Working out in ten-minute bursts has made a huge difference in my life. Now that I have more time I do longer sessions after work, but I still love my ten-minute bursts during the day. They energize my body and stimulate my creativity. If you’re having a hard time jump starting a workout program, can you move your body for just ten minutes per day … consistently? Walk your dog (2013 is a great time to adopt a doggie!), dance, jump rope, do ten glorious sun salutes. Just do it.

Baby deer rescue mission after mama deer was hit by a car.

6. Cultivate what nourishes you BEYOND food.

Your plate doesn’t contain all the answers. Your job won’t always fill your well. What would light your spark in 2013? What’s one thing you could do that would be all yours and would bring you lots of happy memories and smiles?

I’ll go first: Directly working with animals. If you’re on my newsletter you know that we post a different animal adoptions each week. I love that section. My heart doubles in size when someone writes me to say that they saw a little furry being in my email, and they scooped him/her up. Folks have actually flown across country to rescue their new family member. All based on a picture! This year I want to take my virtual passion into the real world. I’m currently marinating on how and when, but the decision to just do it is made and I can’t wait to dive in!

Healing Special Credit:

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, break the trance of negative self talk and the behavior that follows it.

First: Bear witness to the negative self talk. Notice the chaotic noise, the ever-changing stories. Now pause and remember that the voice in your noggin isn’t you. You are love, you are holy. And get this, the real you isn’t even you. You are beyond all knowing and attachment. You. Just. Are. Pretty trippy, right? But we forget this golden pearl when the mad, wild voice holds us hostage. Notice the voice but don’t adhere to it. Give it a shape and a nickname if you need to. Anything to show you how separate that voice is from you.

Second: Have compassion for yourself. A few weeks ago I wrote that I used to buy into the notion that suffering was optional. That was before I had a deep and layered experience with suffering. Let’s be real, suffering is a natural part of life. We can’t avoid it. We’re not robots. The trick is to acknowledge your suffering and then bear-hug it with compassion. Compassion is the medicine. Once you apply compassion you will be able to take the lessons and move through the discomfort. Residual ouchies may remain, but they won’t petrify you. We all have scars. They give us character. I have old scaly wounds on my knees from bike crashes and canoe flips. They’re just a part of me now. Neither pretty nor ugly, just there. Make sense?

Breathe. Smile. I love you. You love you.

Peace and gentle upgrades,

Kris Carr

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158 responses to Crazy Sexy Gentle: How to Cleanse in 2013
  1. So, so, so beautiful! Beyond words. I love you, Kris! :)

  2. You are more than welcome to hang out in your jammies and heal at my house anytime :) Thank you for the morning inspiration!

  3. I hope you know how inspiring you are! Thank you for common sense tips that give us hope! We love you right back.

  4. You are sexy awesome, Kris! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Your post just made my day! I really hear you on the sugar front because I am a cookie decorator and have given up sugar and gluten and feel like a million bucks (my blog is called the enchanted oven – can I say irony?). Just got your cookbook and I am in love with it. Thank you many times over!

  6. Beautiful! And I would like very much to have you in my house in PJs and all. Talking, laughing and crazy-cozy. Thank you. Love you!

  7. Beautiful words. Thank you so much. I didn’t make any specific New Year’s resolutions this year (one year I made a list of ten resolutions–I didn’t stick to any of them. No surprise there), but I do have an intention. I just want to have more compassion for myself this year and let go of what does not serve me anymore. I’m cleansing my palate, my mind and my body with some homemade green juices for a few days and after that I will try lots of recipes from Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I’ve bookmarked nearly every page in this book, they all look so good! Thanks again for all you do, Kris, you are a daily inspiration to me.

  8. One of the best lessons I’ve learned is nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. Cravings are one of those things because it’s usually about something other than the food.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a day hanging out in our pjs together??

  9. Exhale. Sigh. Breath. Thank you! <3

  10. thank you!! love it, love you and all that you share with us!! You da bomb!!

  11. I would love to have your cooking classes. You stated they are only available if I bought your book online. My husband (of 43 years) bought me your wonderful book months ago at Costco. Please make your classes available. I am slowly trying to convert our family to healthy eating & need help. (I look forward to your your blog daily!!!!)
    With love & light, a caring wife, mom & ‘MawMav’)

  12. Thank You for this morning reboot. What a fantastic way to wake up today.
    I’m on my way to my meditation pillow.

  13. hi Kris!
    the one think that is really inspiring me this year is that my book will be launched in a few weeks… I decided last year to write a book on how yoga, meditation and a plant base diet have all helped me live a healthy life despite my multiple sclerosis diagnosis years ago…. thanks to you and your healthy plant base diet friends I found THE solution to my health problem… and I can’t wait to talk about it now!!!
    thanks you, thank you, thank you,

  14. Thank you for these wise tidbits to bite off in 2013 and your cookbook with recipes of actual tidbits- both are delicious and nourishing – I am so grateful.

  15. Hi Kris,

    I want to begin with a big ol’ THANK YOU. This post made me cry. You know why? “You love you.” I’m 34 years old, and while I’ve lived a big, crazy, adventurous life so far…but, I’ve also mistreated my body during much of it. As a kid, I was a little overweight, and that slowly became who I was. Now, at 325 pounds, I’m tired and my body is giving up (though it tries SO hard to support me, bad decisions and all).

    For the past month, I have been doing yoga 3 days a week before work, and I’ve slowly been adopting a vegan diet. I received Crazy Sexy Kitchen for Christmas and your spirit just resonated so deeply with me.

    I’ve been juicing and/or smoothie-ing every day for the past 2 weeks and I feel more amazing than I have in years. It’s just frustrating being in a body that needs so much work. As a caretaker, I prefer to put everyone else’s needs before my own, so putting time aside to work on me is scary.

    This blog post, this permission to be patient, both lifted me up and broke my heart. Because I know it took me years of neglect to reach this place, and it will take years of nurturing to find my way to a healthier me. It’s both freeing and terrifying.

    Keep up the amazing work. Your grace inspires me.

    Much love in 2013,


    • Hi Dawn! I got choked up reading your comments about “you”…..You are an inspiration….
      It will not take you years of nurturing to find your way to a healthier you…You have already started!!
      And I am very clear (again) after reading this enlightening post that Chris has written…..that our “needs” are sometimes “embedded” in food…..She has such an encouraging way to reach out to anyone who wanting to change their “relationship” with food and LIfe! :))
      Thanks again for sharing your story…..
      The best to you in 2013 and Beyond!

    • Wow. Not only was I tearing up over this blog but now over your message. I can completely identify. I am pretty much in the same boat and this journey seems terrifying but I know something needs to be done and this is the year to do it. To plant good seeds and uproot the bad.
      I am 31 and weigh 324lbs. High blood pressure, diabetes and cancer runs in my family. I recently buried my sister over the holidays and my mom and dad have both passed.
      The good news is that I am determined to make a better and healthier life for myself. The bad….it’s not going to happen overnight. But I am glad that I read this blog that reminded me to act like a turtle and be kind and patient with myself. I look forward to sharing my success story one day.
      I love you even though I never met you and keep up the great work. YOU CAN DO IT!
      God Bless.

      • sat said on March 3, 2013

        I too have many pounds to lose. Think of them in 10 pound increments-that makes them more manageable. The ten minute exercises are really important too. You are every young, do not let your life slip away. ‘Get to steppin’. Let me know how you are doing. I feel with you.

  16. Thank you! God bless!

  17. Great words of wisdom & inspiration. I was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer this past October. My good friend Dana Brody told me about you and you’re amazing story. I can’t wait to be healthier with your help. Here’s to a Happy & Healthy 2013!

  18. I feel like this was written especially for me. I’m going to print it out. Thank you so much, Kris.

  19. Kris, to say that you are inspiring, beautifully spirited and so darn awesome is the largest understatement of the year. I love all the wisdom and love you share. You are living out your soul’s purpose and we are all benefiting. Love you!

  20. Your beautiful spirit is such a gift, thank you for sharing it with us! This is a wonderful newsletter to receive! Thank you so much!

  21. Nice post. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Very beautiful post today. Perfection is over rated and this post speaks to that. Thank you for your always quirky, fun loving brilliance!

  23. Of all mornings to check my email and find what felt like a personal message from you, I really needed this.
    Just finished treatment 3 months ago, and well I can’t put into words what this meant to me right at this exact time.
    Thank You Kris
    I am glad I found you.

  24. Good thoughts & ideas for the New Year, on the way to a New You! or a better version!

  25. Love your post Kris. Had my glass of ‘green’ this morning. As a high protein, high fat metabolic type, I’ll give number 4 a miss! I used to eat less meat and more veg and was in very bad shape.

  26. Thanks for the thoughtful reminders, Kris!

    I especially needed to hear your “The trick is to acknowledge your suffering and then bear-hug it with compassion.” — For the past two weeks, I’ve been sick with that silly-virus-cough-thing that’s going around, but when I read your words about bear-hugging your suffering… it was like there was no cold, no cough, no fatigue. Thank you!

    Perhaps I should skip work today and just re-read this blog all day until it all sinks in and becomes a part of me! 😉

  27. Crazy Sexy Awesome Kris, you ROCK! I totally needed this email this morning. Thanks so much for sharing your Gifts with us. And you can come to my house with your PJs anytime. I love sitting with friends and Just Being. xoxo

    • Kris, I finished my last treatment in August and I was so excied to come out of this experience called cancer running. I found myself doing just the opposite. I’ve gained weight and became quite sedentary. I then found my mind and spirit spiraling to a place I am not comfortable with. I have perked my head up and began doing something very simiar to your post and this morning your post reinforced what I have been doing. Thank you for suppporting me today! 2013 will be a year of succeful growth, but I’m okay if I trip along the way. The key is getting up after the fall. Thank you for your story!

      • Congratulations! I also finished my treatments in August . Back then I thought I had it all figured out but in the span of 5 months I’ve also gained weight and become sedentary. In all honesty it’s good to know I’m not alone. I wish you the best of luck.

        Thank you Chris for your inspiring words.

  28. This information is so helpful! I appreciate it!

  29. Feel like you opened up even more permission for this natural urge in my body to slow down and hang out in PJ’s. Still grabbing my morning green juice, still cutting back on animal fat, and watching my negative “talk” while surrounding myself with more positive people and settings. Great enough!!

  30. Your words this am really helped me to put things into perspective. I was having a bad morning with a mild temper tantrum. I read your post and I stopped and breathed a few deep cleansing breaths. Thank you for your beautiful words and thoughts .

  31. HI Kris, Spot on as always <3

    We need to be super kind and gentle with our resolutions. I'm noticing the push this year in so many places to lose weight and get healthy – but the push is so so so unrealistic.

    We need to remember we're spirits in a body and "feeling good" cannot be achieved by tending to the outer appearance only… it's never about what we look like.

    True transformation comes from doing the inner and outer work.

    Thanks for all you do Kris! Hugs and love,

  32. You should do nothing other than what you do.

    That’s to say, (as if you couldn’t already tell), you’re perfect.

    Thank you for being as such, Kriss, that is to say, yourself. It allows others to be theirs.

    I don’t know you, even as I know what to type for your name, but that couldn’t make one trick of difference.

    When you write like you do you don’t necessitate being met, you reveal the separation for the chimera it is… You are me, you are us, and you lift the family up one serious fucking notch.

    Thank you.



  33. You should do nothing other than what you do.

    That’s to say, (as if you couldn’t already tell), you’re perfect.

    Thank you for being as such, Kris, that is to say, yourself. It allows others to be theirs.

    I don’t know you, even as I know what to type for your name, but that couldn’t make one trick of difference.

    When you write like you do you don’t necessitate being met, you reveal the separation for the chimera it is… You are me, you are us, and you lift the family up one serious fucking notch.

    Thank you.


  34. Thank you.

    Kris, thank you for making your difference in the world. Because you have stretched yourself and are willing to put it all out there in posts like these, people like me can wake up on a Monday morning and truly sit in self forgiveness, happy rest-of-the-week outlooks, and simple surrender to what is… and how it can be even juicier.

    I truly appreciated reading this post this morning (connected via your newsletter).


    Jadene Ferreira

    Contemporary Choreographer & Performance Coach
    ‘discover your own performance style & win from within’

  35. Hey gorgeous you look so happy in that photo with the deer it just makes me want to hug you. I wonder why you are feeling heartbroken? :-( I hope everything is ok with you. Thank you for another compassionate and inspirational message. I can never have to many reminders to love myself and give myself a darn break. That negative self talk sure is persistent….xxxxxxxxxx

  36. Love you Kris:)

  37. I have been decluttering every aspect of my life, including my inbox. Seeing 50+ enewsletters a day just stressed me out because I never had time to sit and read the beautiful words from such inspiring people. Your email is the only one I currently get. I felt compelled to read it this morning and this part stood out the most:

    “Simplicity. Elegance. Stability. Let a turtle be your mentor. Slow and steady my friend. From a spiritual perspective there is no race. There is no “there” when you get there.”

    It’s something that it said a lot, but today it especially made me stop and think and I’m surprised I hadn’t before. Over the past year I have made ginormous changes in my life and oddly fallen in love with turtles (boyfriend’s family is from FL and we go to turtle hospitals and sanctuaries every visit, plus I grew up where they didn’t roam). I have turtle everything and I didn’t even think about how subconsciously I’ve made these beautiful creatures my mascot and spirit guide. I’m a 100% or nothing kind of gal, but I KNOW those small changes are what stick rather than a complete overhaul. Kind of fun to make that realization this morning. :) Thanks!

  38. i just want to thank you sooo much for your wonderful words.You are an inspiration to me since i am trying to heal myself from a rare autoimmune disease and i feel i need all the inspiration i can get.Thank you!
    The way you express yourself is so beautiful that i feel you are sitting next to me and we are having a cup of tea together!
    love and light from Greece,

  39. Thanks so much Kris for some wonderful insights, perspectives, and soon to see recipes in Crazy Sexy

  40. This only backs up the shift that began to happen inside of me last year. I am feeling the need for a gentle year living in the moment , ,rather than being a slave to lists and ambitions that do no serve me!

    Thank you for this lovey affirmation :-)

  41. Thank You, What a great way to start off 2013. Take small steps to bring myself back in line to my health goals. I got way off track late 2012 and this will help me to get back on track and focus.

  42. loved this post. Beautifully intertwined health tips with mindset tips and gave me the perfect reboot to being compassionate and gentle with my monkey mind. xo

  43. I love what you said about the “shoulds” floating around in your head. I’ve had that same experience. A feeling of “it’s the new year, I “should” be making some big resolution, doing a cleanse, training for a run….”, yet I’ve not felt in-spired to do any of those things….yet. I love that you helped me give myself permission to let go of the shoulds and just do what FEELS right and good, and what I am inspired to do, because that’s what’s perfect for me. thank you for that. love and light to you :)

  44. “Right now the only thing I want to do is go to your house, sit around in PJ’s and talk about my feelings!”

    ME TOO!!!

    And all I want to do when I see all those posts & articles about a bigger, better, newer you/lifestyle/business for 2013 is hide my head under a cushion…!

  45. Thanks for all the great suggestions. My weight is at an all time high and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever really turn it all around. Small, daily, consistent steps. Reading Wheat Belly and becoming aware of the workings of gluten intolerance and how it contributes to obesity is a real eye opener. Highly recommend. So happy about your involvement in pet adoptions. That must feel amazing. Sending gratitude and love vibrations your way❤

  46. How refreshing to read my thoughts! :) as I sit here typing in my sweats, slippers and robe thinking I need to go for a run!

  47. Kris – the love, time, and devotion you put into writing this does not ever go unnoticed. Thank you for doing it. You have changed my life is subtle but profound ways. And by subtle, I guess I mean very dramatic. :-)

  48. When I open my email your smile on the screen gives out lot of healthy life along with important information to live. Kris keep up the good works to improve the world to a healthy way of living.

  49. Great stuff, so insightful and practical, and nurturing, love it! X

  50. So beautiful but my fav: “If you slip, congratulations! You’re HUMAN. ”

    It’s so easy to think we need I get it right all the time. But for Pete’s sake we’re not meant to!

    So needed this reminder, Kris. In fact it’s going on my fridge with my other ‘I love me’ affirmations.

    You rock.

    Much love,

    Ps. Love your glowing pic of you + your deer friend (a pun too!)

  51. OMG ! I am so inspired ! Felt like Kris was talking directly to me. Diet questions answered. No more dairy. No more meat. I am a new subscriber But I am here to stay. Thank you Kris, you are changing lives in such a positive way. Hugs to you !

  52. This article is amazingly aligned with both mine and my friend’s goals. It is reassuring to know that it IS always possible to improve oneself, and it works even better if you put a little Love buzz behind it. You rock Kris!

  53. Thank you Kris for your inspiration today. It’s hard for me to stick to rigid rules, and just hearing from you that a little imperfection is ok made my day. The part about a side of coffee made me especially happy!
    Looking forward to a healthier 2013!

  54. Thank you so much for really being a shining example of how to have compassion for ourselves and others. I do find myself a lot if the time telling myself to try harder, do better, toughen up! When actually a big bear hug of compassion might actually be much more effective. Your radiance, vibrancy, strength and compassion are an inspiration to me. Thank you so much and many blessings to you this new year:)

  55. Thank you Kris! You have made me change my life!
    Tons of love to you from me.

    /Ebba Johansson Sweden

  56. Beautiful as always Kris! Specially this last part…Thank you!

  57. This is just what I need it! Thank you Kriss! :)

  58. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s exactly what me and my friend are constantly saying to one another. We must be gentle on our sweet selves! I decided to make this the year of “little victories” too, celebrating them throughout the year. On Jan 1st I stopped drinking coffee and eating gluten and I’m going strong! But it took me a long time to get to that point. I’m not saying i’m not gonna have coffee or gluten anymore, but it’s the little victory of choosing to try and have less in my life. I’m hoping for many more of these on a monthly basis :)

    A different friend of mine and I used to try and stop saying SHOULD too. It’s a bad word, so much so that we coined the phrase “should-talkin”. “hey, you talkin should over there?” lol. It’s fun, but it started to make me realize how much pressure that word puts on us, and how we command others on a daily basis by using it. It’s nice to try and say things more gently like ” you might try….” or “i found luck with….” there’s many ways other than YOU SHOULD DO THIS!

    lovely blog as usual Miss Kris, thank you for it! <3

  59. Thank you Kris!

    I’ve been reflecting on this idea a lot lately: it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Every move towards taking care of yourself counts! Desire over duty, ease over effort. I also loved your shout out to the amazing Erin Stutland! Her class is life changing.

    Thank you for your work + words.


  60. I love the idea of eating more fruits and veggies, and less sugar. I eat meat but in small portions. I’ve stopped drinking milk but I still have an occasional bit of yogurt, cottage cheese or cheese. The confusing part for me is where we talk about moving away from processed foods. Pastas and most grains are processed foods and not natural for our bodies because of what we have to do to them in order to consume them. I can’t see just eating fruits and vegetables only but it gets harder and harder to find things to eat because it’s either processed and man-made (not natural) or in some way bad for us. I’d love to see healthy options without the grains and processed foods that just turn to sugar in our bodies anyway.

    I’m definitely intrigued by your thoughts and I’m looking forward to reading more and learning more this year about being healthier, cleaner and overall happier.

    Thank you!

  61. KRIS,
    Every time I see your beautiful smiling face and read your heartfelt soulful blog – I always hear myself saying “I just love you, Kris!” So today, felt prompted to express my love and appreciation for all you do, say and be.

    Thanks for your beauty, inspiration and wisdom. You truly are fulfilling your great and sweet mission here in life and bring light into ours What a way to live!

    Much love and gratitude,

  62. Wow, your words are exactly what I need today. After a really rough couple of years, am struggling to release and let go, even though I know better! You have just given me some valuable tools to help me do what I know I need to do, but for some reason seem to want to stay licking my wounds and feeling miserable. Your beautiful Crazy Sexy Kitchen recipe book is coming off the shelf and I am going to get back nourishing my soul, my heart, me. Thank you for caring! x

  63. Hey Kris,
    I am so glad I stumbled over your webpages when looking for inspiring vegetarian recipies. I have been reducing meat from my diet for a couple of years, but after making your acquaintance, I want to try the next step, which has so far felt like more than I could take: halving my dairy. I have a habit of not buying anything the first time I see it, but to wait for several weeks or months so as not to pile on more stuff. Your books have, however, put me in the dilemma of whether to break one good habit in order to adopt a new good habit… Until I get my hands on your books, I will be ticking off the receipies on your webpages…

  64. Thanks for sharing you story. You are immensely inspiring!

  65. Thank you, Kris. You always seem to say exactly what I need to hear. I wish you love and success in 2013.

  66. Thank you x

  67. Today’s blog touched my soul to the core. I love, love, love the wonderful messages that you share with all of us. I thank God, the Universe, All that is for your presence in our lives.
    Keep up the wonderful work, it IS appreciated.

  68. I want to THANK YOU for helping me get off the all or nothing wagon. I’ve been trying to do a quick fix this New Year – thinking that it would erase everything that I ate last December. My body knows though and it went on its own imperfect and gentle path. I tried doing the 3-day Hungry for Change Detox but instead of three consistent days of just eating what’s on the diet menu, something inside me was tweaking the recipes according to what I felt I needed. The more I fought myself – you got it right with the self-flagellation – it is a pattern, huh- the tweak became large servings of my sister’s apple cake. One of my key night time dreams lately was the clear echo of loving myself which includes gentleness, self-kindness, forgiveness, real genuine LOVE and there I was doing the opposite thing by attempting to do the usual quick fix. Your article made me see the daily miracles of my life: body brushing when I remember to do it, kind words, giving, joyfully washing the dishes, walking with my son, eating a bit of fruit, enjoying my Biehler broth, brown rice, not enjoying processed meat anymore, eating a bit of chicken when I feel I want to, more raw veg, juice stock in the freezer, lemons in my water, catching the excuses and the blame, more action. The small bits, they do add up don’t they?

    Oh, I also want to heal my broken heart – you mentioned this in your blog and I was wondering if you have any advice. Maybe these little steps will help me release the broken one and grow a new one.

    Thank you so so much Kris for your honesty, it’s like a blanket of warmth when I am running around headless and unsure,

    Satya (Manila)

  69. Hi Kris and CS Team,

    First thanks for the inspiration to start juicing. It’s taken a couple of months but I’m up to 1 sml glass of cucumber and asparagus juice. After my next surgery I will be adding a bit of apple and celery. I’ve also been able to tolerate a bit pure coconut milk each morning. I can’t tell you after years of severe food intolerances how big these steps are…little victories! My doctor is very happy.

    One question, I’d really like to give your Juices and Succulent Smoothies book to friends. Will you ever offer it in paperback or hard cover form?

    Thanks and best of success and health to the whole Crazy Sexy team!


    • FYI…I’ve also been staring my day whenever I’m up to it with inspirational reading, including personal affirmations and quotes, and now my juice. My hubby calls it my quiet time. He knows I don’t allow any news or electronics in my space until after I’ve had this time. Once I’m feeling better I hope to add yoga and a walk.

  70. Love your writing!

  71. I agree with you completely! It’s so much nicer to make small changes that come from a place of self-love and kindness toward one’s body. I love your triad: Simplicity, Elegance and Stability…you’re one wise chick, Kris!

  72. wow, it’s pretty cool you have a baby deer in your back seat (not cool that it’s mother got hit by a car–this happens too often–slow down people!!)
    Do you know how it is doing? It looks pretty calm in the picture, was it freaking out?

  73. Am just starting out on the BC journey with first chemo on jan 17 so the tips were very helpful . Starting on the green juice right away and giving my Xmas cookies away!

  74. Kris,
    I so enjoy reading your writing. I feel like we are soul friends. I would call you “mother earth” if I had to describe you. That is what I told my therapist last week, that I wanted to be an old hippie, mother earth person. Hopefully between you, her, and myself 2013 will get me where I want to be. At least I now know I am on the road. Peace out Baby.

  75. you are such an inspiration I just love you

  76. Omg number 3 is awesome, I feel really calm just from reading it. I never thought that cravings or urges to overeat could be seen as a Spiritual assignment, that’s awesome, ty so much :)

  77. Kris – whenever you have a low moment yourself – just go back and read all your incoming emails/responses, and remember how many souls your little sexy angel wings are touching. There’s always one angel in every crowd that outshines, and leads the others. Girl! – you’re that one – you’re the one!!!

    • Toni, thank you so so so much. Great advice.
      I lean on you all as much as you lean on me. I feel very lucky and grateful. My readers are truly special! You are my spiritual family. Lots of love… kc

  78. I bought Crazy Sexy Kitchen in November. Since then I have cut out all meat and dairy. Meat wasn’t too hard because I have never really liked it. I juice every morning and it has become a time I look forward to each morning. Almost meditativI have given CSK as a gift to at least 2 people.

    I still struggle with sweets and alcohol but the change you inspired is phenomenal. I still have some detox symptoms. Cant wait until I get more past that stage.

    I work 2 jobs so it has been a challenge to committ to changes like these but I am so happy I did.
    I have also signed up for local Vegan cooking classes. I am so excited!

    Thank You

  79. Fantastic!! Brilliant. Thanks for the words I needed to hear:)

  80. You’re the best :)

  81. Inspiring ideas! My favorite headline ‘I know you love sugar but you are sweet enough’. :-)

  82. Thank you for being you, Kris. LOVE.

  83. Thank god this seems to be the current theme for this year’s resolutions!! All my sources of inspiration are telling me to slow down, and make subtle changes each day that make you feel good and bring you back to loving yourself, not shoulding all over yourself.

    Loving that we’re finally letting ourselves be, rather than pushing to be someone ‘better’!

    Thanks Kris, your posts make my week :)

  84. I LOVED this. especially number one, and, it makes so much sense dairy is addicting!

  85. I love everything you write, you give me goose bumps every time!

    Thank you for your beautiful words.


  86. We can´t be grateful enough. Thank you, thank you! Your book Crazy Sexy Kitchen is awesome too ! We love You! <3 Greetings from Slovakia ! 😉

  87. A great post in its entirity Kris, thank you for sharing. No.6 is beautiful, for me it epitimises what makes you so satisfying and whole to read – your wholistic approach and loving realistic energy. Happy New YEar lovely lady! xxx

  88. Fascinating info about the addictive properties of dairy. Thanks for sharing this information which was totally new to me!

  89. Are you planning to work on a spanish version of Crazy Sexy Kitchen? I hope you do! I would looove to share it with my mom and aunties, but non of them speak a word of english!

  90. You are my hero for just being you and doing what you do. Everytime I read one of your notes, I can feel the energy in it. I also thank you for giving me the advice I just needed to kick start this year on my right foot.

  91. Really inspiring post! I will keep many of these tips in mind for the upcoming months, especially the morning kiss idea and the daily ten objective. Your writing and books are amazing!

  92. Kris Carr! You are such a cool chick. What you said about compassion really struck a chord with me. Thank you for that!

  93. Your are contagious. I feel better and I feel motivated to be better just reading your words. Thanks!

  94. Kris,
    You are a very bright light in my life. Your book I’ve gotten for several people because I know you are on the right path. My wife, Nancy, and I became vegan in March ’09 after reading “The Face on Your Plate”. Discovery of Truth especially about how we have all been taught (wrongly) how to live by our parents and the “authorities disinformation” is priceless. Keep up the great work. I love you.

  95. Kris, you are inspirational! Thank you for shaping minds of this world in a possitive, loving and healthy way! Love you back! :)

  96. You are so inspiring and fantastic to follow! Namaste!

  97. You make me…happy! I love reading your thoughts!! They are funny, inspirational, endearing, uplifting, truthful and full of love. Thank you for taking the time to share all your wonderful goodness with us, you help us heal and become stronger everyday!! Hugs!!

  98. Hi Kris, Wow! That really hit the spot. I’m so inspired by what I just read. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us in the form of these very moving blog posts. They are truly words to live by – and compassionate to-do’s. Santa bought me Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen for Christmas and I haven’t been able to put them down. Between your books, these posts, and your Tweets on a daily basis – it’s shaping up to be an excellent start to 2013. Thank you for ALL you are doing!

  99. Thank you for offering some alternatives to the traditional “resolutions” that pressure us to revamp our whole lives in one month. Now I see that has been the reason I always feel like a failure…because it’s totally unrealistic! Duh!

    SImple small steps. Now I can handle that.

    Namaste! :-)

  100. Thanks Kris again for your great sharing.
    Today I received my “Crazy sexy kitchen” book and I´m so agog to start with the recipes.



  101. You are so inspirational…reading what you wrote here made me feel so much better about myself!! I try so hard to to everything right, and I am so imperfect…you give me hope that I’m ok, I’m not a failure….Thank you Kriss from the bottom of my heart!!! <3

  102. Kris + fawn = priceless. But somehow totally unsurprising– of course you have a fawn in your backseat…

  103. Kris,

    This is great. Thank you! Remembering these words kept me from going into an all out ‘binge’ on sugar when I slipped in my new year’s aspirations of cutting down on the sugar in my diets. Also, how amazing is the green smoothie/juice for breakfast?! Knowing I am having that in the morning is such a grounding action of self-love.

    Thank you for your inspiration,

  104. Looking to start green juicing and my question is what is the best juicer to purchase? Best = most nutrients + ease of use + ease to clean?

    • Erin, did you get the answer to your question about best juicer? I want to start juicing too!

    • Erin, did you get the answer to your question about best juicer? I want to start juicing too!

  105. You are an angel Kris, thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to all of us!
    Lots of love from Canada!

  106. Hi Kris! Love how you start your mornings! Thanks for passing on the wisdom! xxoo

  107. This blog came at the right time!! What a treat for my email box. I have been in a “beat-myself-up” mode since attempting to eat a high-fruit, low fat diet over the past few months. I’ll make it a day or two and then binge on awful vegan junk food. Your reminder to go easier on myself has been a godsend. Thanks!!

  108. Dear Kris, I am so grateful for your all the inspiration, encouragement, wisdom and love you share…
    you are priceless. Thank you………love and light, Rachel

  109. Kris,

    Thank you for shining your light for all of us! I appreciate your kind and thoughtful insight and inspiration…your words are balm for the soul.

    Gratitude & Blessings,

    Denise :)

    p.s. “The Myth of Finding Your Purpose” was BRILLIANT! And, such a powerful reminder for me. Merci! :)

  110. Thank you for my inspiration for 2013! God bless you Kris.

  111. Kris, I have sent so many your way….I think I first heard of you during an Oprah interview. Thanks for being the cheerleading Wellness Warrior we all need. Many many hugs & much love! (:

  112. Ah, this is awesome! Firstly, I love the idea of reading by candlelight first thing in the morning. I’m fascinated by people’s morning routines, and this one sounds so scrumptious! I imagine I’d want to sit there all day :)

    Second, your note about wanting to work with animals reminded me of my boyfriend. Animals and conservation are his BIG passions. He’s in a job that’s far from lighting him up right now, and he’s also marinating on exactly how he can move into working more with animals in 2013. I hope the dream comes true for both of you :)

  113. Hi, I love your book crazy sexy diet. I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritus in knee , would a totally raw diet help with pain etc.

  114. Hi Kris,

    I really appreciated the practical advice about slow and steady. I have been on this path for four years now and the results speak for themselves. I am really looking forward to finding a way to incorporate green drinks on a regular basis!!

    You are so right, how we speak to ourselves can make a tremendous difference. I constantly coach myself back to a balanced internal voice. Best wishes for the day!

  115. Thanks to Kris Carr my husband and I are green smoothie fans. Growing up in a Puerto Rican family, our meals never consisted of greens except for iceberg lettuce. My taste buds are exploding with the fabulous smoothies I am making. I am a true follower and want to learn more about eating healthy and making a difference in my body, mind and soul.



  116. Thanks I needed that! I have a minimum of five books on weight and exercise I’m reading all with different takes on what to eat. I’m very confused. I’m also very overweight. I like your idea of slowing down and that’s gotta be better than what I’ve been doing.

  117. Hi Kris!
    I want to first thank you! Your words are so full of truth. They are exactly what my mind needed to see and my heart needed to hear. Approaching the end of my first year of plant based living, your post has been full of inspiration. With the stress of everyday life, I tend to neglect my own needs, specifically spiritual. I am going to try to take your advice with 15 minutes in the morning to try and reconnect. You were an inspiration in “Hungry for Change” and I am so glad I found your web site! Thank you!!

  118. Crazy Sexy Kris,
    I have been a fan since you appeared on Oprah years ago and your spirit has fueled my own journey in wellness and quality of life. Your incessantly positive words always serve to remind me of staying focused on what really matters. Your nutritional advise keeps me inspired in the kitchen. I love love love what you are doing for humanity with your crazy sexy self and soul! Just wanted to say thanks – Be well, Be whole, Be happy!
    Crazy Sexy Jujoo

  119. It’s funny how things and people show up in your life just when you need them. I can hardly believe that I’d never heard of you before a week ago. You’re fantastic and this article is just what I needed this morning : ) Thank you!

  120. Kris, I was so excited to see your intention to do more with animals! I love it as that is also my main intention this year – to figure out how I can turn my love of rescuing/working with animals into my everyday life instead of just a hobby. I wanted to share an absolutely beautiful sanctuary in Thailand that I know about and donate to. Gemma, the founder, is such an inspiration and just goes to show how much light you can bring to the world when you just decide to do something. If you or any other Crazy Sexy Lifers get the opportunity, please check out the Thai Animal Sanctuary ( Here’s a little video they made about their 2012 accomplishments.
    PS – Is there anything cuter than your pic with the little doe! :)

  121. Hi Kris, Just heard about you from the Prevention Magazine this month so I logged on to your website. I like your excitement and passion for life. I do can be impulsively passionate so I like the excitement I sense from your writing. I’m looking forward to your newsletter and trying your recipes, etc. My husband and I just started a daily green drink about 3 months ago and we love it!!! Thanks for sharing your life and your passions!!!

  122. I must say that you always help me with the “bad” self talk and self forgiveness. Just when the little voice starts saying “my butt is too big” or I eat a piece of chocolate. You remind me that I am good and lovely. That eating chocolate is ok. That being human is ok. And tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it……yet!!!

  123. Love this Kris, I am ready to do my cleanse next week, green juice love here i come! ps- Love the pic with the baby dear!

  124. I just wanted to say that I have recently lost 200lbs, took me a year to do it and I am working on losing more, I watched Food Inc the other day and saw you on the show. The point you make about one of the important roles for being healthy is spiritual health, that is so true. People forget about this part and fail to fix the reason why we over eat. I believe obesity is a symptom of something missing in our lives.

  125. I feel motivated!

  126. interesting

  127. Oh geez! what self-indulgent, narcissistic crap.

  128. Great Post, I always have more clarity when I read your posts. Thank you!!

  129. All about the green juice! My favorite one is Kale, Cucumber, Green Pepper, and Apple. So freaking delicious! I just got into coffee for the first time and it’s not bad! Not quite as refreshing as my juice, but then… what is? Thanks Kris!

  130. Great Article. I love hearing these things, I am a dietician for the US Army and my life has revolved around educating healthy living. Thank you for letting your voice be heard and do know your hard work saves lives! XOXOX

  131. Thanks for this! I’m a new vegan and am finding your books and resources extremely valuable in my pursuit of clean eating. Awesome tip on the yogaglo website. I’m checking it out now.

  132. Thank you – I needed this motivation today!

  133. Bear witness to the negative self talk. The voice in your noggin isn’t even you. Wow! I think I just had a aha moment. I listen to that voice too much! Thank you so much!

  134. I am so eager to get started. I eat vegetables and drink lemon water all day. Is that healthy? Is there something I can get delivered to my home. I have fibromyalgia with arthritis. I am bipolar and I also have insomnia with disk problems in neck and lower back. I have migraines as well as all over body swelling and female problems. What do you suggest? Do you have a book that I can get by mail also. I’m 38 and I am 7 ft 8 inches and weigh 176 lbs. I don’t get much exercise. Always in pain. I enjoy your recipes.

  135. Love the Cleanse for 2013 blog … Thanks!

  136. Love this! So well said and much needed. Thanks for the guide. I started sitting quietly at night after I work out. It took a couple of days but the rest of the house to stop banging on the door but they have. It’s been lovely. Peace and quiet. Just the other night I added a candle to my nightly ritual. It adds just the right zen, relaxing atmosphere to the room. Even my husband noticed and it’s a nice setting just before bed. It’s funny, too, because I just started reading a book about how the voice in my head isn’t me – exactly how you said it. I think it’s called The Unteathered Soul. I just started it and it’s an interesting thought. Thanks again! I just found you the other from Marie Forleo and you both have been so fabulous!!!! I aspire to be like the two of you. Successful and happy.

  137. Thank you Kris. As usual, insightful gentle and kind, and funny!! I feel better already. My daughter and I enjoy sharing your blogs. You’re a big part of our growth together.

  138. This is just what I needed to hear in a way that others wanting to shift will understand. The part about the sweets is getting so much easier although they do call me. Thanks for the advice and I am in process of taking a closer look as I practice what I preach–clean nutritious food.

    How much better does it get?

  139. Hi Kriss!I love all your articles they make me smile and to be positive,unfortunately what im going through now its really hard,ive been diagnosed with lupus and it made my pacreas inflamed also joints pain ,terrible headaches,ive been trying to do a juice fast but im failing all the time is there any good advice that you could give me ?it would be fantastic,im looking forward to your replay.
    With lots of love Andrea.

  140. Hi

    I am running a massive psychic fair at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane Qld this coming september 2013 and I love what you do. We would love you to have a stall or give a talk at the event.

    If this sounds like something you are interested please contact me on 0409 639 848

  141. Thank you so much just the picker upper I needed to jump start a “new me”. Article was empowering. I can now do all things I thought I couldn’t or didn’t want to do.

    Thank you so much.

    Claudette Gentle

  142. I’ll definetely cut my animal consumption by half next year. Good advice!

  143. This website definitely has all of the information I wanted about thijs subject and didn’t know
    who to ask.