Crazy About Composting

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I am crazy about composting. Each time I toss veggie scraps into the little ceramic compost crock on my kitchen counter, I am thrilled that every little morsel is going to good use.

We need good topsoil – the planet is desperately in need of it, which is why in countries like Sweden, composting is mandatory. It’s amazing to realize that topsoil is the earth’s skin and we are entirely dependent on it for our food supply. Over the past fifty years, much of the healthy soil that we used to have, due to intensive/conventional farming, has been rendered devoid of all the nutrients it needs to give us beautiful and healthy food. This is why so many of us now have to take a plethora of supplements. The crazy amount of veggies that you virtuously devour, are likely devoid of many of the minerals and vitamins that their ancestors possessed.

The best way that we can create the highest quality topsoil imaginable is to compost. All those scraps decompose into odorless brown gold. If you have a garden, you’ll be able to grow veggies bursting with goodness, and if you don’t have a yard, you’ll find someone who’ll take your compost in a jiffy.


So which compost bin is the best? I get asked this question weekly and I have honestly tried almost every model on the market. There are pro’s and con’s with all of them, however the Ecomposter is my current favorite and hard to beat for all it’s incredible attributes. It’s a bizarre looking globe on legs, which looks like something from outer space (in a cool way.) First and foremost nothing can get into it – so no more nasty furry surprises for those of us who have a few pesky friends running around our neighborhoods. Little finger like tubes direct oxygen right into the deepest recesses of the actual compost, which considerably speeds up the process. You’ll get good, rich compost in just 4-6 weeks. When you’re ready to get the compost out, you just roll the big green ball to the area of your yard where you want the compost, unscrew the lid and empty it out. It’s made of recycled plastic and is just fun to spin around every time you walk past it.

My husband and our stray cat Zoom were extremely cynical at first. My husband had had his fill of strange bins, “digesters” and worm towers appearing weekly in our yard, and Zoom was very partial to my old big black bin because of the hole in the back that had become the backdoor for a extended family of rats. After a few weeks, my husband was delighted with the new “space ship”, as nothing can get into it. Zoom, however, has abandoned his perch above the old bin. He has to content himself with chasing the sassy squirrels.

Now that I’m juicing daily (totally inspired by Kris,) I can empty the dregs, along with the paper filter, straight into the compost bin and know that this time next year, all that shredded carrot and beat mush, will be fertilizing my heirloom tomatoes – heaven!

Happy Composting,

Sophie Uliano

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4 responses to Crazy About Composting
  1. Well written! I’m composting for the first time…I found an abandoned composting bin…black plastic…I finally have garden space and am growing food. Someone gave me raw horse manure and I’m adding that in layers with decomposed leaves and straw and kitchen scraps. there are lots of insects in the bin to help speed up the decomp process. Can’t wait to spread the new dirt on the garden. Happy composting to you!

  2. Bought a compost tumbler this summer & LOVE it! I’ve been composting for many years, but this is the fastest I’ve gotten a finished product. It reallly only took 2-3 weeks, although it was really hot here. It felt great putting the compost on my garden. Finally putting all that juice pulp and used wheat grass flats to good use!

  3. Hi Sophie! Fabulous looking compost ya got there! I am living in Toronto, where we have pretty severe winters. I started a composting system last Sept. in our 20-unit co-op, and it’s just amazing to see the rich brown fragrant-smelling stuff start to appear. Those balls look amazing, but how many do you think we’d need? Any recommendations for composting over winter? We’re currently okay by switching between two of those black plastic earth-cone type composters. Where do you get them?

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you can recommend any other type of container for composting like something people may already have at home or something that is inexpensive.