Crap In. Crap Out.

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Crap in, crap out. It’s just time to stop eating crap. I know it’s obvious, but what you put in affects what you get out, and I am not talking only about your bowels. When you eat dead, processed, sugared, preserved crap, how could you possibly expect to feel good, lively, clear-headed and brave? It just doesn’t match.

Although I know you are all shaking your heads in agreement, here is what’s really going on underneath your initial “Amen.”

(Warning! I am not going to be nice here about your excuses for eating crap, so don’t read this if you are hungry or otherwise “not in the mood.”)

1) Doesn’t she know eating crap is FUN?!

Yes, most of us have positive experiences and memories associated with certain foods, and they are triggered by eating them again and again (no matter how sick you feel after). Social occasions often center around certain “decadent” foods. I am not saying it is easy to learn to make your own fun (without lots of crappy food), but you can.

You have no idea how fun it is to feel fantastic and love your body. As someone who was a size 14 and happily ate a pile of spaghetti and cheese for dinner and washed it down with a pint of ice cream every night in my twenties, I can tell you I have tried all kinds of fun. You don’t know what real fun is until you’ve mastered yourself, learned to eat live foods and enjoy them, and sculpted for yourself the exact body you want. Don’t knock it ‘til you try.

2) I need it to calm down, feel better, entertain myself, reward myself.

Oh, baby, been there! Celebration and reward are completely associated with crappy food in my family. You? You learned these habits from your parents, your siblings, your culture and your TV. I understand. But that doesn’t make these connections real or true. Be a pioneer. Think and act differently than everyone else. Learn to make yourself feel better with exercise, self-care, regular sleep and healthy, nourishing food. The icing on the feel-better cake is to also have excellent conversations with honest, kind people, to tell the truth about what you really want in your life and make plans to get there. All of that will calm you down, entertain and reward you better than any food ever can.

3) Nobody ever taught me right.

Duh, you are here to teach those who came before you, and those around you, not to mention teaching yourself. That’s why you are reading this blog. Nobody else is coming for you, to save you, but you. And here you are, ready to make a change, ready to show and teach others how it’s done.

It is very easy to learn the dos and don’ts of healthy eating, but much harder to stick to what you know is right. Check out our three-step process for fulfilling any dream in the “Dive into the Promise of You” teleseminar.

4) The peer pressure is insurmountable.

Remember, if you are reading this, it’s because you are the leader. You are the one who is supposed to show the others not only how good you can look when you eat clean, but how good it feels and how easy it is. You become the peer pressurer, but this time, it’s positive pressure!

By the way, you love to focus on those who don’t support you, or those you imagine don’t support you, because that justifies continuing to eat “fun” crap. The truth is, almost everyone would totally support your healthier eating if you honestly and seriously asked them to.

5) It’s so hard and expensive and time consuming to eat well.

Are you sick of these whiny voices in your head yet? Oh, let’s go one more round, shall we?

It’s true. Picking up prepackaged processed foods, or eating whatever someone else is serving or having, is the path of least resistance, and what “the man” wants you to do. But that’s not your highest ideal, is it? And you want to live true to your highest ideal, because that’s what gives you self-respect. So yes, you may have to put in a little more thinking, planning, communicating, budgeting and discerning. But guess what? It’s worth it! I promise.

I am not trying to make it sound easy. It’s not, especially without support. I am asking for a pioneering spirit. I am asking for a revolution. There are plenty of forces working against you, so do band together with like-minded people.


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16 responses to Crap In. Crap Out.
  1. Oh, I needed to hear that. Going to make a green juice right now!

  2. Loved the post. I feel like every one of those excuses are all in our heads, or maybe just mine… It has taken me what seems like forever to have self control and discipline (what this article is all about!)

  3. Great article! We all need reminders that we are more amazing and beautiful and worthy than those voices in our heads–the ones advocating for the “path of least resistance”–would ever reveal. It’s an awesome thing to be pioneering a new way of eating and living, and it’s brave to embrace radical self-care amidst a world that sanctions self-destruction. So, if it’s hard, that is perfect–it wouldn’t be an amazing, courageous choice if it was super easy. Thanks for bringing me back to this perspective!

  4. love this, thank you! in an office where everyone but me ducks out to buy pizza or macdonald’s at lunch, i feel out of place with my brown bagged quinoa-and-leftover-roasted-veggie salad. but i stick to my guns, and when people ask me what i’m eating, i answer proudly! and it’s even convinced a few people to start bringing their own homemade lunches too :)

  5. I needed that positive reinforcement!

  6. I so needed this too! I’ve been feeling like crap for a while and well aware of my food choices and how poor they have been. This is a good kick in the butt!

  7. Loved this! Hoping that all of my wonderful friends will read it and start thinking about eating better now and eating well for GOOD!

  8. LOVE IT! Thanks for posting!!

  9. Love this, thank you Laurie!

  10. Most people should need to read this post. In a world of unhealthy choices and where excuses can be made to forego healthy diet, we need to be constatnly reminded why we should let the crap out and stay focused into developing a fit mind and body.

  11. Thank you for the advice. Well done.

  12. I want to have a day a week when I just drink juice, fruit juice, vegetable juice, smoothie…
    I like juice, I don’t have a problem with that, my problem is that I like the consistency of the food, I like to chew on food, good foof, healthy food. Any ideeas?!

  13. Fantastic article!!! Keep the info coming. We all need to cut the excuses and get the “JUST DO IT” attitude to become the wondrous Wellness Warriors that we are designed to be. We must always remember that life is a journey, not a destination.

  14. Yep – I needed that!

  15. I totally agree..I think I would add that going slow helps too. Like don’t try to radically change everything overnight…I mean in some cases it might be advisable…like if you find out you have bad allergy to something. Ugh…but giving up anything you love eating is so hard….so hard…

    on the flip, i’m glad i have more energy and less acne and better sleep! yeah! still working toward my health goals! this article was great reminder!

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