Connecting to Your Divine Spark

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How has your divine spark been winking attcha lately? Are you winking back? Maybe you’re flirtin’ with the sacred on a daily basis and consider yourself quite “spiritual.” Awesome. But remember, no matter how many divine winks you receive or yoga classes you take, self-help books you read, meditations you practice, mystical experiences you have, spiritual workshops you attend, energy work you do, or positive intentions, vision boards, and prayers you make – there’s always room to draw closer to your own divinity.

Why is creating a more intimate, expressive, and deeply conscious relationship with your divine spark (aka: your Soul, your Self, your God/dess Source, your Inner Badass, the You of you) so important? Because our relationship with our divine spark directly affects everything else in our life – our career, finances, life purpose, relationships, sexuality, health, clothing choices, spirituality – and, is actually the relationship our hearts crave to experience more than anything else. It’s the very reason we’re alive.

It doesn’t take a religious doomsdayer or a news anchor or an environmentalist or an economist or a political strategist or an oil reserve or a psychic or a whale or a Mayan Calendar to tell us that the shit is hitting the fan on this planet. In this day and age, more than any other time in history, you need to be igniting your divine spark as much as you need to be breathing air. When times get rough, She is your truest compass. When the news is slamming into you with relentless fear and stress, She is your peacemaker, your wisest advisor, your truest leader, communicating the best course of action for you and this planet. These days, learning to follow internal divine direction is not just a frou frou spiritual ideal, it’s about human and planetary survival.

A few years ago, the Dalai Lama reportedly stated, “Western women will save the world.” While I’m not sure if I entirely agree with him, he was onto to Something. Because many of us in the West are graced with the time and the means to consciously ignite our divine sparks, it has become our sacred responsibility to do. It’s not only a privilege to get up close and personal with our divine spark, it’s our duty.

So. If your divine spark hasn’t been a priority lately, now’s the time to make it one.

A Red Blessing
May health high five your cells
May serenity slide down your spine
May pleasure punch your panties
May you remember that it is All divine
May trust meet your every corner
May beauty smooch your every curve
May life remind you It’s now or never
And that you were created to Serve
May forgotten deities paint your eyelids
And giddy angels spank your ass
May your heart tell you to Bring It
And your Soul declare it’s sass
May fire claim your false
And courage nourish your true
May laughter pump your belly
And passion usher in your New
May authenticity suck your toes
And fear forget its’ name
May you unleash your Red Hot and Holy power
And may this planet never be the same.

Sera Beak is a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative religion, a Spiritual Cowgirl and Redvolutionary. If you want to create a more intimate and expressive relationship with the universe, check out her upcoming tele-class, based on her book: The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark. 

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9 responses to Connecting to Your Divine Spark
  1. Ani said on June 6, 2012

    Thanks Sera, I love your Red Blessing! x

  2. Our divine spark will always be our truest leader, our best friend, our loving and protective brother, the greatest advisor, and our guide. In my life, He is the best and truest FRIEND I have.

  3. Love this! I have been asking a lot of people about “soul purpose” lately, and ya know not a whole lot of us seem to be intouch!

  4. I love this as well…… I need and want to be in touch with my divine soul. I have been on a search to transform my life and i keep recieving pieces of my life puzzle. A big part of this journey has to do with Kris i am blessed to have recieved her book through a friend. And thank you Sera for that inspiration.

  5. love as always!

  6. Oh this is great! Love the poem, so fun to read, very creative and playful use of words, and put a big smile on my face! I had never heard that quote by Dalai Lama, it certainly gives me a lot to think about. Thank you for this article, Sera!

  7. Talk about amping up my enthusiasm for getting back in touch with my divine spark! Sing it sister, and blessings to you! That’s some seriously wise speak!

  8. LOVE this! I wanna make it into a beautiful sign/artwork to inspire me in my studio!

  9. I’m a Christian, the good kind, not the crazy gay people hating kind. Just wanted to add the disclaimer;)! Anyway, being Christian is having a personal relationship with your divine spark as you say. It was encouraging to read this. Sometimes I feel guilty for all the time I have to concentrate on myself and my relationship. I feel guilty doing yoga or working out or writing my blog. This article helped me remember that it is a blessing and should not be taken lightly. While so many suffer we can connect and build up and go out and do good for others. I will remember that next time the guilt crap starts to hit the fan:)! Much love!