Capricorn New Moon: Visioning, Renewing & Making Goals

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December 24, 2011—This past Saturday a new moon moved into traditional, persistent Capricorn. We wondered: Is it gonna be a greeting card Christmas, with families gathered ‘round tree drinking wassail, caroling and waiting for the first snow to fall? (Even as Jewish girls, we’re not immune to this fantasy!) Well, with a Capricorn new moon joining the Sun and intensifying Pluto, we might just get a touch of that old-fashioned experience this holiday season.

Capricorn is the strategist, the five-star general, the manager, the CEO. It’s the mountain goat climbing the rocky trail, stumbling, getting up again, forging ahead. Persistence is the Capricorn specialty. And let’s face it: It does take persistence to get through the pressures of this season for some people. Family dynamics, shopping, traveling—it can take a lot out of you. The Capricorn new moon urges you to remain calm and conserve your energy. Make “don’t sweat the small stuff” your mantra this season. For real.

Capricorn is ruled by restrictive Saturn, so on the downside, it can make us hard on ourselves and each other. Make sure you don’t veer into Scrooge-ville. A little self-restraint is good for the constitution, but deprivation isn’t. If you ate every candy cane on the tree, don’t beat yourself up—ride that sugar rush like it was Santa’s sleigh. We all need pleasure in our lives (for great tips on keeping the fun in the holidays, check out Mama Gena’s “Radical Holiday Pleasure Diet.”)

May you have a joyous Christmukwaanzakah and a festive New Year. But first, nab a little Capricorn new moon magic with these tips:

Picture yourself a year from now. Capricorn is the long distance runner, not the sprinter. Imagine where you’d like to be next Christmas Eve. (Don’t worry, you can get back to living in the moment in a sec.) You can meditate or marinate on this one for the next week. But start jotting down the simple, practical steps you’ll need to take to achieve this vision. Capricorn is all about business. Appoint yourself the CEO of your life and roll out that master plan.

Start fresh with your dad (or an important man in your life). Capricorn rules the zodiac’s tenth house of fathers, men, masculinity and authority figures. God, that sounds a little foreboding, doesn’t it? Today, pay tribute to the 50 percent (or so) of the population that sports a Y chromosome. Is there a man in your life who you could personally thank? Can you find a way to appreciate your dad, even if it’s just for giving you life? If you’re not on good terms with your father, or have no idea who the guy is, perhaps you do a small “forgiveness and release” ritual to free both of you from any karmic pain or bitterness. New moon, new Visionyear, new focus!

Open one present. Make one resolution. Go ahead, rename “resolutions” into something softer and inspiring all you like (dreams, wishes, etc.). Resolutions can be so intimidating. But to goal-oriented Capricorn, it’s okay if a desire feels a little challenging. In fact, it’s better. That’s how wise Cappy energy sorts out things that really matter. If it’s not worth working for, it might not be worth doing. Capricorn specializes in being realistic, so take that approach, too. Create a resolution that’s not so impossible you’ll quit after a day, but not so easy it doesn’t challenge you to grow. Feel free to make a long list of steamy desires. But ‘fess up to one part of your life where you know you could stand to step up your game a bit—a reap the rewards of your commitment.

Be nice to the Earth. Capricorn is an earth sign, one that’s quite savvy at minimizing carbon footprints. Christmas has become a time of mindless excess, and our planet pays the price. Even if you indulge, be mindful to reduce consumption and take a “waste not, want not” attitude. Compost your leftovers. Recycle your gift wrap. Give new but unwanted gifts to a shelter.

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2 responses to Capricorn New Moon: Visioning, Renewing & Making Goals
  1. Love the element of visualization in your post–I’m a big believer in the idea that if you can’t see a goal, you’ll never be able to reach it!! The next year component is great too b/c in my experience goals really don’t happen without a deadline–otherwise its a vague notion in my head.

    Thank you for sharing this with us :-) I’m a new follower and really enjoying your posts!

  2. Thank you for you realistic down to earth posts. Happy 2012 to you.