Body and Mind Remedies for Eczema and Other Conditions

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In the past couple of months I experienced an unprecedented bad case of eczema. What started off as an innocuous patch of dermatitis, contained on one of my fingers, spread angrily all over my chest and stomach and onto my back, and finally, to each of my four limbs.

It wasn’t pretty, and it eventually got me really down, which obviously did not help!

Since becoming an almost organic vegan, my diet has been more or less in first gear over the past few years, so I knew that the eczema was caused by the stress I was experiencing in my current living situation. So much so, that the only thing that finally cleared it up was taking a few weeks away from the environment. No amount of fresh green vegetable juice seemed to help clear this completely, affirming my theory that your mental health can manifest in your physical health.

While I tried to get my stress levels under control, a good friend told me about bathing in oatmeal to sooth inflamed skin. The porridge bath, as I now like call it, is cheap as chips and really easy!

There are just two easy steps:

1. Take the leg of an old pair of pantyhose, and fill it with about a cup of oatmeal.

2. Tie it off, and immerse it in a warm bath

Make sure that you keep the bath water warm, as lounging in hot water warms your blood, which, if you are prone to eczema or psoriasis, can further inflame the skin.

The water will become milky after a few minutes, and the ball of oatmeal will drip with a thick porridge between your fingers when you squeeze it.

The thick, syrupy-like oat milk feels amazing when massaged into your skin and (even if you don’t have eczema) is an excellent natural moisturizer in its own right. Plus, it’s cheap enough to regularly bathe in.

The Mind and Body Connection

In addition to your physical self, the bath is also beneficial for your mind. It’s the perfect time to meditate and let go of any stresses that may have caused unnecessary worry during your day or week. Visualize what happened to cause you to feel how you do, accept it and then try to let it go.

I have a few meditations that I have used to help relieve stress and ultimately my clear skin, but my favorite technique for letting go is the visualization technique. Unlike other meditations, the visualization technique requires you to envision what you want. Not only did I want peace of mind, but I also wanted clear skin.

I have three meditations that helped me to achieve this:

1. Visualize yourself breathing in grey matter, or the worried feeling you have, as you inhale through your nose. As you exhale through your mouth, visualize yourself releasing the worry, in the form of pink or golden sparkles.

2. Visualize your body as the color red, which represents the rash. Concentrate on watching the angry red slowly change to an alkalizing green color, which starts at your toes, and then slowly extends all over your body, until it finally creeps up to your head, where any red remains are released with each exhale.

3. Visualize the steam coming off the water as representative of your stresses, and watch it dissipate into the atmosphere. This is basic, but effective.

The scenarios are limitless!

I realize that to some people it might sound a little bit crazy, but it really does work!

This technique was inspired by a colleague with whom I used to work. She told me that when she had cancer, she would spend days meditating by visualizing her body as a real-life game of Pac Man. Her good cells were represented by a hungry Pac Man who would go around her body, slowly conquering all of the cancerous cells, until they had all been swallowed and destroyed.

Eventually, along with a few other fundamental life changes, she was declared cancer free.

Pretty impressive!

The mind can be as powerful a tool as we choose it to be. Just as we exercise our bodies, we also need to exercise our minds by way of meditation to create the lives we want: healthy, happy and stress-free.

Caitlyn Smith is a music- and veggie-loving wayfarer who discovered health and wellness after a cancer diagnosis in 2006. She lives on the north coast of Australia, and is committed to revolutionizing the way we approach food, health and our busy lives.

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12 responses to Body and Mind Remedies for Eczema and Other Conditions
  1. Hurray for oats!
    I suggest adding one more item to the bath: oat straw infusion! Oat straw is a lovely herb that acts as a nerve tonic, calming the physical as well as he emotional and mental body. Ahhh.

  2. I’ve been struggling with acne for about 4 years now.Sometimes it’s really bad and makes me hole up in my flat and hide from people as I think I look disgusting and I feel my life is worthless.As you can imagine it causes even more stress which doesn’t help in dealing with the issue.For so many years I’ve been trying to solve the problem:diets,cosmetics,antibiotics-all of those things would work but only temporarily.Reading Caitlyn’s story and so many others on this blog feels almost like reading my own.Letting go of stress seemed really difficult in the beginning but when you make a really honest effort the benefits will blow your mind.These days i just don’t let the little,unnecessary worries bring me down like they used to.And it’s amazing how my body responds to my new healthier attitude!thank you Cailtyn for sharing your story!

  3. I couldn’t help but comment on this post. Yes, stress does play a role in eczema I don’t believe that is always the case. Reducing stress in your life is always a good thing, but sometimes, as with children, eczema just rears it’s ugly heard out of nowhere. I have found a proven, simple inexpensive way to treat and prevent eczema and I had to share with you. It is all natural, chemical free, and absolutely wonderful! It is called Renew body lotion by the Melaleuca Wellness Company. It is clinically proven to clear up eczema and it just an amazing product. I am a rep for the company and I can tell you countless testimonials of how this product has changed people’s lives. From a little boy that wouldn’t smile because his face was cracked and so sore from eczema to a mom who couldn’t bath her children or wash dishes because he her hands were so red and cracked and itching. It’s miserable but this actually works!!! It has been proven to be 7x better than Eucerin, the #1 recommended product by doctors to treat eczema. In fact, if you use Renew daily and then stop using it, even after a full two weeks your skin will be more moisturized than if you had just started using Eucerin! It is that good. You can check it out at, or feel free to email me ( with any questions you might have. It is a wonderful company that has over 350 natural, chemical free products, many with patents but Renew is one of the very best. Best of luck to you!

  4. Oh Caitlyn, I wish I had enough hope left to feel any kind toward a new suggestion for a cure. Your story is lovely and inspiring. After 10 years of trying anything and everything, my eczema has simply broken me. An organic vegan diet did not budge it. Green juice helps but does not diminish. I don’t even have the strength to list all the herbs and concoctions I have allowed my ND to pour down my throat. As a dietitian, I understand what food can and cannot do within the realm of the body.

    I will try your remedy because, let’s face it, I can honestly say I have nothing to lose except whole days of intense depression, bleeding skin, and a constant feeling of worthlessness. Thank you for coming and sharing with us, it helps so much just to have someone reach out and explain they truly KNOW what it feels like too.

  5. Good on you, Caitlyn! As a holistic anxiety coach/motivational speaker/self-help writer for young women with anxiety, the cornerstone of what I teach is the mind-body connection and how your mental health manifests in your physical health. In actuality, your physicality is there as sort of a “drawing board” to show you how your mind is faring at any given time – cool stuff!

    I, too, love meditation; right now, I do a 15-min./day Kundalini meditation by Osho; it’s sensational! I am also a big believer in visualization to manifest your deepest desires. Clearly, you are living proof that this stuff works, so thank you for sharing your testimonial with all of us!

  6. Omaya said on May 8, 2012

    I got my first flare up of eczema more than 1 and half years ago. It took a while to find what worked for was all related to stress, and I had a whole lot of it. One thing that really helped was using Neem oil on my painful spots as well as taking Neem pills. I had used Neem pills in the past for my adult onset acne. I also got rid of all lotions/ washes that had fragrance and essential oils. My problem area were my legs and living in Southwest AZ was problematic: you are wearing shorts a good chunk of the year. With continuous use, my spots disappeared. I keep the oil and pillls handy nowadays just in case.

  7. Dear Caitlyn : thanks for your story . Yes, stress plays a role with eczema and yes, the mind / body connection is key. But eczema is complex and misunderstoodbbybthe western medical community and often mistreated. There is no real cure, but as I have experienced, the potential for real management. Diet is key. Supplements(omega 3’s , D, C , B complex, D etc) are critical. Skin care products must be carefully chosen and productively used. In addition to your oat bath, try moisturizing with organic coconut oil , extra virgin olive oil and when in a flare, bathe with a cup of apple cider vinegar. Long soaks with sea salt can help heal patches. The key is consistency and consciousness.

  8. Love this article…. I am a hand hider when I have bad flare ups. Eating Happy Hemp seeds daily has really helped with my skin, but also my level of stress… which is the gasoline.
    Thank you for all the great tips!

  9. The skin is such a reflection of our emotional state, its not even funny. The mind as a powerful tool? Absolutely! I love your meditations and visualization. It made me feel calm just reading and i am going to give it a shot for calming the nervous system. I like the use of colors. It’s great to hear you’ve had such success with clearing up eczema through stress relief techniques. Thanks for the article!

  10. People underestimate the power of the Body and Mind connection. What happens inside your body always reflects on the outside. So stress less and breath more. Namaste.


    Here a site that can help eczema suffers understand the connection between detergents and eczema.

  12. The oatmeal bath is such a great and simple idea:) Thank you!
    I don`t have eczema and I only get flaky skin on my hands and cheeks and feet when the weather is cold so I don`t know what it feels like to have eczema. For my flaky skin a gentle homemade oatmeal cleaner has done wonders in that after patting it on and washing off my skin has been like new and felt softer. And it can be done in five minutes before going out, if only for face and hands. If you want to try it, you can find the directions here: