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This Meatless Monday we’re happy to introduce vegan blogger, Laura Beck. She’s here to share her love of blogging and the enormous amount of vegan knowledge and community at your fingertips!

I don’t want to sound totally nuts but seriously, blogging has changed the world. Blogs are our newspapers, our travel guides, and sometimes our best friends. (I’m not speaking about myself with the best friend thing, of course, I totally have two best friends. Only one is a dog.) But blogging has changed our relationships and given us a better chance of interacting with like-minded people. This is a really good thing for vegans. Before, you might have been adrift in a sea of “Go Vegan” pamphlets without a friend to turn to (or a friend who wasn’t all, “OMG. Where are you going to get your protein? You’re going to die!” Thanks, friend.) and that’s where blogs come in. Any vegan with access to a computer can find a community. Having a safe, non-judgmental space in which to talk about being or becoming vegan, if only on the internet, is important.

When I first became vegan, there weren’t really any San Francisco vegan blogs. Lacking the upstart to create my own at the time, I started writing reviews on Yelp. On Yelp, I wrote about vegan restaurants, meat-mouth restaurants that catered to vegans, and sometimes, restaurants that were straight jerks to vegans. Pretty soon, I was getting emails from vegans all over the San Francisco Bay Area, thanking me for my reviews and asking my opinions on other places. After that, I was the most popular person ON THE INTERNET. I kid, but I was the most popular person on Yelp, in terms of page views and “fans” (people who follow your reviews). Yelp even contacted me because they couldn’t believe that the person with the most fans was a loud-mouthed vegan lady. I knew I had to take this show on the road and start my own San Francisco vegan blog.

Running a vegan blog is ridiculous amounts of fun. I highly recommend it. You can write about whatever strikes your fancy, and there are people out there who will relate to you. And another cool thing? You quickly find that there are vegans in all corners of the world! Traveling to Texas? Check out Walking the Vegan Line. Want to read about delicious food being consumed daily? Read Cafe VegNews. Want to get information about the latest vegan news? Look no further than Combine these blogs with message boards on VegWeb and the PPK, and you’ll be learning about new places to eat, destinations to travel to, and foods to cook, all day long. Put all that together and you have the world’s best guide. Forget you, Lonely Planet. There’s a truly mind-boggling amount of information in the blogosphere. You begin to develop your own tastes. Who do you think is funny? Who’s got the best recipes? Who’s totally insane?

Now is one of the most exciting times to be(come) vegan, even if you live in the middle of nowhere. Because there are other vegans who live in the middle of nowhere and together you forge a tribe of amazing vegans who can take over the world OR START A VEGAN BRUNCH GROUP! This is a great way to meet (in person! scary! but awesome!) other vegans in your area and try each others’ recipes. The power of social networking via the internet makes this possible. Congratulations, you’ve just learned to survive (and thrive!) where you live. It’s inspirational and exciting to learn there are other fat vegans, gay vegans, vegans recovering from cancer, vegans who hella love fashion: whatever you are, there are more of you. And there is definite power in numbers: it strengthens your faith, it helps you fortify your beliefs, and it makes it easier to say no to your grandma’s award-winning lasagna.

One of the other exciting things about vegan blogging is that it draws in those who are vegan-curious. They might be too shy or nervous to approach a vegan and ask them what it’s all about, but they can read a blog and learn about how awesome vegans are. (Because it’s true, we are awesome.) It’s a great form of outreach, and it’s something you can do curled up on the couch with your dog or cat next to you. In fact, it’s practically mandatory for a vegan blogger to have a rescued cat or dog so I suggest you get to the shelter fairly soon. More advanced bloggers might consider investing in a vegan cupcake tattoo but we’ll get to that next class.

So right now this very minute, go to Blogger, or WordPress, or Tumblr, and start a blog. DO IT. Especially if you live in Toronto, because I’m dying to go there and need to know how to eat the whole city empty.

Laura Beck blogs at Vegansaurus.

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21 responses to Blog Power
  1. Oh God, I absolutely loved this! I laughed, I felt inspired and it makes me want to start working on my blog again ( Let’s bring the vegans out to party!

  2. The day CSL posted this blog: I transitioned from a vegetarian to a vegan and never looked back. Blogs are powerful and they do change lives!

  3. Laura is awesome! More from her plz!

  4. Thank you for the great post! It’s important that vegans have a strong online presence. It’ll (hopefully) make veganism more mainstream.

  5. I’m not a vegan, in fact I’m not even a vegetarian, so maybe you’ll block this comment, BUT I love Laura! She’s funny, witty and she almost makes me want to go vegetarian! Excellent blog post Ms. Laura! Where do you vegans get your protein from?

  6. This is awesome! I’m a huge fan of vegansaurus and am so happy to see this post. Hope to see more from Laura in the future!

  7. Vegansaurus is awesome!!!!! I am not a vegan but I have some wild allergies and a lot of vegan friends and Vegansaurus is a great resource. You don’t have to be a die hard vegan to love delicious, animal friendly food. Yay Laura!

  8. I loved this post! I love this site! I am inspired to start a blog for San Diego vegans because we don’t have anything. That I know of??

  9. Great post! Blogs are extremely powerful and they are really affecting lives in a very positive way. You’re so right about giving opportunity to people who may not know where to look or what to ask-my daughter is transitioning to vegan, she has a million questions-I’ve referred her to all my favourite blogs. I’ll have to add vegansaurus to the list!

  10. In Toronto, eat at any Fresh restaurant! Cool vegan chain.

  11. My “Cheaty Kitchen” blog is all vegan. I added it to my main blog as a way so I could be active as a vegan without alienating my mainstream readers. Through it, I’m able to gently encourage them to try vegan recipes.

    So, yes, vegan blogs are incredible tools for community and inspiring the mainstream to go veg!

  12. Forgive my major typo(s) in the first line. TIRED vegan over here! But, I wanted to comment again — since I live in Toronto — to recommend that you go to FRESH and RAWLICIOUS and LIVE (Food Bar). Anapurna is also supposed to be good, but I haven’t been there, yet.

    Please email me if you need any more recos or deets on these restaurants.

  13. This is a great article! I’ve been reading Laura’s posts since she showed up on Yelp and have always loved her writing! Great to feature such a unique voice. Maybe I’ll even start a blog…

  14. I am a homeopathic physician in Toronto; HIGHLY recommend eating at any Fresh restaurant during your visit (as another commenter mentioned). There are a few others such as LIVE, which is vegan and raw; Fressen which is entirely vegan, mostly tapas and serves organic wines; Vegetarian Haven and a great many others. Perhaps it is time for a Toronto Vegan blog…

  15. laura rules in life and in the blogosphere! crazysexylife, you’re all over this one!

  16. I really enjoyed this blog post! My interest in raw foods began just as I was moving across the globe from my hometown, and the greater raw blog community is what keeps me going (and keeps me inspired) on many a day! I love what you wrote about blogs being a vector for like-minded people to interact. So true!

  17. I was new to SF and new to yelp when I found Laura’s reviews–she saved my vegan life! I will follow her all over the internet.

  18. Great blog! enjoyed it!

    also… if you are traveling to Texas…live in Texas.. check out my.. Humble Vegan blogsite! Mine is only a little over 3 months old. And I started the ONLY vegan -vegetarian group in this part of Texas called “Vision Voice Veg*n’z for the Brazos Valley”…check out that blog site too!!!

    Thanks for showcasing Laura’s blog!!

  19. oh, yeah,.. PS… I just subscribed to Laura’s blog and added it to my list of fave blogs on my blog site! YAY!!! ALong with CSL, of course!!

  20. You’re retarded. You don’t eat anything that was “once alive”?
    How about fruits and vegetables? So what do you eat, just dirt?
    You are the kind of stupid whackjob that makes people so disgusted with vegan hippy-dippy douchebag nitwits like yourself.