August Picnic Palooza Prize Basket

August’s Picnic Palooza Contest & Prize Basket


Hi Sweet Friends,

Boo-hoo! Summer is winding down. Luckily, we can still make the most of August’s lazy days by unfurling our picnic blankets, plopping down on a spread of grass, and enjoying those extra sunlit hours while they’re still here—with a couple of delish plant-happy dishes, of course. And this month’s Picnic Palooza contest is my last-ditch effort to get you to do just that. As I’ve said before, you don’t have to throw a full-on blanket bonanza—you can create your own personal mini-picnic just by stepping outside for a scrumptious snack.

Since this is our last Picnic Palooza for the year, I’ve sweetened the contest. The rules for entering have changed (as in, they’re even easier this time!), and the prize basket just got a whole lot more awesome—for the both of us. Why? August’s Picnic Palooza winner will get a 30-minute Juice Jam sesh with me (I love connecting one-on-one with y’all)! You + me with our green drinks, gabbing via video Skype. Bingo!

Wanna learn how to join the fun? Read on …

How to enter August’s Picnic-Palooza Contest

1. Subscribe to my newsletter here. (If you’re already subscribed, then you’re done with step 1!)

2. Cook up your dream picnic menu from the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook and take a pic.

3. Share your photo on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest) using the hashtag #picnicpalooza. You can enter with a different snapshot as many times as you’d like.

That’s it!

August’s Picnic-Palooza Prize Basket

The lucky winner will receive (drum roll … ):

The fine print

Sorry Charlies (and Charlenes), the contest is only open to residents of the US or Canada. If you’re in another country, you’re welcome to play along with the #PicnicPalooza fun — but you won’t be entered to win.

Read the official rules here.

Submit your Picnic Palooza contest entry below before August 31! I will announce the winner on September 2.

July’s Picnic Palooza Winner & Runners-Up

The Crazy Sexy Kitchen eats featured in our July winner’s photo made our mouths water. But it was the work that these amazing people do every day — not to mention the participation of their enthusiastic equines! — that made our hearts swell.

July Picnic Palooza Winners and Runners-up

Your turn: If you could sit on a picnic blanket and drink a green juice with anyone (croaked or kickin’), who would it be?

Peace & summer lovin’,

Kris Carr

Thanks so much to everyone for picnicking with me this summer! Picnic Palooza is now finished, but sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date with future contests and fun!

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35 responses to August’s Picnic Palooza Contest & Prize Basket
  1. Such a fun contest and the prices are so juicy!

    I have been invited to the biggest and chicest picnic in the world (Diner en Blanc, it happens in many cities around the world) so I will most likely submit a pic from this event as my menu will be entirely crafted from Crazy Sexy Kitchen except instead of jars the green juice (and wine) will be served in crystal :)

  2. Hot dogity veggie dog! My juicer is in the mail! I will need the help.

  3. What a fun contest! This is inspiring me to get my bum in the kitchen and start cooking! :) Thanks for posting, Kris!

  4. Thank you Kris for all your inspiration and giving heart! This would be perfect to get me started on my path to taking better care of myself and being an example for healthy living for my 11 year old daughter, Landry! I would take her on this picnic! Sending love, Annamarie

  5. Hi Kris! This is not about your contest (but it looks like fun and I will be entering!).

    I know that in 2011, you named 3 brands of juicers that you liked. Would you be so kind as to update that information? I currently have a Breville but am not so impressed with the way it’s juicing and have thought about getting an Omega but am not sure. I’ve researched and researched and ughhh, there is obviously not one “fantastic” one out there, other than the all-powerful and very expensive Norwalk. Can you please advise? Thank you!

    • Amber, I am obsessed with my Omega 8006! I’ve had it for over a year and it juices greens so great. I’ve suggested it to at least 10 of my friends…they’ve all bought one and are loving it!

  6. Your picnic basket is full of the best goodies for living wholesomely.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  7. wow kris you radiate with an abundance of glowing vitality and your energy transforms everything into a feast of delectably, delightfully, dandy, delicious divine bliss of pure festive bliss:) luv & light linka:)

  8. Hi Kris,
    I was all set to enter your contest, but then realised that because I live outside the US and Canada I was not eligible, and I just wanted to say that it would be great if you ran a competition including the rest of the world, or a separate one just for us. If the only thing in the prize was a Skype session with you, well, that would be the thing that would prompt me to enter. The other things offered are lovely, but I considered time talking to you the major prize.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation.

    • Thank you for sharing your feedback, Marianne! We will certainly take this to heart. Wishing you well.

      Creative Director @

  9. I have the Kindle version of your book “Crazy Sexy Kitchen” not a hard copy. Can I still enter this contest?


  10. I just returned from a tour of Equine Voices in Amado Arizona, your July winner. What a wonderful service Karen is doing for all the rescue horses!

  11. enter me to win!!

  12. Picnic at Fullersburg Woods with my parents and dog, Frida. :)

  13. Hi Kris!! My mother is a cancer survivor, and has been a huge fan of your recipes, documentary, and newsletter throughout her recovery! Four generations of my family got together today to celebrate #picnicpalooza, and posted the photo on social media. My mom is our hero, and now, she has inspired my 93 year old great-grandmother, 71 year old grandmother, and 26 year old self to follow in her footsteps as daily juicers and Crazy Sexy Kitchen chefs:) We all love you, and thank you for illuminating our paths to a richer, healthier, and longer life. Mucho amor desde Miami:)!
    Namaste, Sofia

  14. Hi Kris
    We received the box of pressed juices and they are delicious, each and every one of them!!
    Thank you and we look forward to the next package!!!!
    PS – Gulliver says “hi”!

  15. I have been feeling like my body needs a kick start and this could be it!!!

  16. EXCITING!!!!

  17. I have a juicer and rarely use it as I don’t know what to put together that will taste okay. Don’t want to waste a whole lot of produce!! I need help and don’t think I have any recipes, though. But, I would love to win!!

  18. This sounds like a fun contest and would love to win all the items what would come in handy to have a picnic with my friends and family. Hope I am the lucky one!!

  19. Am very interested in winning the basket its full of things that could teach or at least give me more ideas of things to eat now that I’m learning how to give up meat.

  20. My son, because 11 came too fast and I’ll never get enough time with my “baby”.

  21. Q: If you could sit on a picnic blanket and drink a green juice with anyone (croaked or kickin’), who would it be?

    A: My grandmother (croaked :/) – we were so close and spoke everyday and all she ever wanted was for me to be happy (read: married). Well, now I am and I’d love to tell her and have her meet my hubbie :) It would make her so happy! We have so much to catch up on….

  22. A skype session with you would be phenomenal and I’ve been itching for the Strawsome Straws!

  23. Fermented and pickled veggies + cheese + chocolate + green drinks + best friends + #brandicarlile at the zoo = best picnic ever!

  24. Love this. I;m all about alleviating suffering and girl this is step numero uno.

  25. Hello! I am working on juicing more & would love to have a picnic w/my beautiful nieces drinking green juice made w/ingredients from their little garden. They are truly my little superstars & take after their mommy when it comes to appreciating garden delights. They are most certainly kickin’ at ages 4 & 1! They love green juice-it’s a riot!
    I particularly enjoy juice from a whole lemon, add cucumber, 2 apples, cilantro, parsley and Dragon kale. Here is a snapshot of my entry for August’s Picnic Palooza (hopefully in time!)

  26. Hi Kris,

    Wow, thank you so much for inspiring our Crazy Sexy Summer Picnic Soiree! You prompted getting a group of hardworking moms together for a sunlit picnic celebration on a grassy piece of vineyard overlooking the lake before sunset. It was epic!

    We kicked things off with jars of Crazy Sexy Goddess Smoothie (so delicious!) and later savoured tasty plant-happy dishes from Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Shoes + our favourite wine were optional.

    This was so much fun & a delicious treat for all of us, we’ve decided to make it an annual event!

    I love Crazy Sexy Kitchen and my family is loving what we’ve been creating and serving up on our table or taking on our outdoor adventures (even my boys…ages 4 and 8)!

    With Big Gratitude + Love,

  27. We are Plant-Empowered in Cattle Country! “Crazy Sexy Kitchen” inspired us Okies to venture into the produce aisle of our local grocery, and to spend time in the kitchen with our daughters.

    For our Picnic Palooza the girls and I made a super-yummy brunch of Morning Glorious, along with Cornmeal Banana Walnut Pancakes drizzled in agave syrup, and Chopped Salad (who knew we’d adore chickpeas?) served with pitas and avocado. So delicious and satisfying… we never even missed the “moo”!

    My kids inherited a family bloodline that includes 3 kinds of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Sincere hugs for showing us a healthier path for our children!