Alopecia Areata: A Life Journey

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Alopecia Areata has taught me a number of things: Life is too short, and with or without hair, life is good and worth living.

When hair starts to thin, and strands fall out, you think maybe it will resolve itself. Sometimes it can just mend itself, but more times than not, it can lead to further medical problems, and this needs to be dealt with.

Alopecia areata caught me off guard. After years of stress and a severe flu plus a chest infection, my body broke down. If you do not look after your body well, including limiting stress and having a healthy diet, you may see your hair start to fall out in lumps. After a year of recovery, and I now have a full head of hair. So what was done to create a recovery?

First, I had to change the way I thought. To me, hairloss was the end of the world. The patches were embarrassing, and I had low self-confidence. My self esteem was taken away. I would look in the mirror day by day and cry. And then I stopped crying and said to myself, “The more you cry,the more you provoke the condition by being stressed with it. Stop it now.” Time was definitely a healer, as with time I grew to accept what the hair loss condition was and deal with it. Upon visiting doctors and a specialist I found out it was definitely alopecia areata. With this condition you lose patches of hair. You normally have quarter-sized patches of hair loss on different parts of the scalp. The treatment starts with medication: A number of creams can be prescribed to you by your doctor. If the creams don’t show any difference after three months, you may need a stronger treatment. The creams in my case helped but not significantly. I wanted to try an organic, natural option so I chose to change my lifestyle, and it is the best thing I could have done.

Changing one’s diet is one of the most important aspects in treating Alopecia areata, in my opinion. Your body needs to take in the right vitamins, proteins and minerals that help hair growth. I personally incorporated much more Vitamin B and C in my diet through foods and vitamin supplements. I have never eaten so many carrots in my life, but this vegetable contains high Vitamin B. I chose to also take Biotin — a vitamin B tablet — taking this four times a day really did help. I noticed a new growth of hair developing quickly. The patches of hair would grow through with little spikes, and I knew the changes were having an effect. Eating fresh salmon every day for lunch helped my body. The fish oil was very important for growth, and washing this down with 2 litres of water a day actually made all the hair I had look healthy and shiny. It almost feels when you see a slight change in hair growth that a miracle has happened.

What got me through my journey though was faith. I remember walking through the park and came across a church, being scared to go in after so many years of not attending I felt guilty for wanting to go pray for help. God gave me the courage that day to face my problems. I went and said a prayer, then cried it all out on the church bench. It may have been the most embarrassing sight, but I needed someone to talk with, and in that moment, God was my help and my friend. I felt I had unleashed a number of problems in my life by seeking help. Through a release like this I was able to look at myself in a better way, change my thoughts, and also get back to making myself fit and attending the gym again. My body circulated good energy, and to this day, it feels full of health.

During this journey I leaned on my family and close friends. At a time of need, my support unit was the best. Never feel bad about asking for help — sometimes you need a helping hand! I am deeply thankful for what life has to offer and look forward to my next journey!

Jeanna Heeraman is a survivor of Alopecia Areata. At 30, she’s the happiest she’s been in a long time, Living through the hair-loss condition inspired her to help others who may be lost or looking for a cure.Get more advice on Alopecia on her website.

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26 responses to Alopecia Areata: A Life Journey
  1. I am so happy for you that your body is feeling better. You are so brave that you shared your story. It will help give someone else going through this hope.

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    A’blessing for our hearts,

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  4. Glad you are doing better and thanks for sharing the story. How much biotin did you take daily, and are you still doing that?

  5. Had no idea about the carrots. I have hair thinning on the crown. Do you think juicing carrots is more beneficial? I would also like to know how much biotin you took.

  6. Thanks for the story I was Diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when I was 20, that first little patch triggered a complete hair loss and by my 21st bday I wore a hat to hide my bald head. It took 6 months before I saw any growth but it all came back. Now at 32 I’ve gotten a few patches here and there but none like that first time.

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  8. Generally, hair loss in patches signifies alopecia areata. Alopecia areata typically presents with sudden hair loss causing patches to appear on the scalp or other areas of the body. If left untreated, or if the disease does not respond to treatment, complete baldness can result in the affected area, which is referred to as alopecia totalis. When the entire body suffers from complete hair loss, it is referred to as alopecia universalis. It is similar to the effects that occur with chemotherapy…”

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  9. Generally, hair loss in patches signifies alopecia areata. Alopecia areata typically presents with sudden hair loss causing patches to appear on the scalp or other areas of the body. If left untreated, or if the disease does not respond to treatment, complete baldness can result in the affected area, which is referred to as alopecia totalis.

  10. Just started with Alopecia Areata .. Lost 80% of my hair. I thought I ate healthy exercised daily. Became a Zumba Instructor. Unfortunately eat the proper foods to maintain what I was losing by exercising.. My iron became below 7. Stress was very difficult thing for the last three years for me. The end result was taking showers and clumps of hair is falling out. Scared it will never grow back again. Started eating red meat again and stop exercising for a while to destress my body. I am in a doctor’s care which has put me on Zoloft and Xanax. Self-esteem embarrassment now that I have to wear a wig is a very difficult thing for me to do. hopefully realizing that I need to destress myself and not worry too much about things hoping that my hair grows back. Just plain scared if there’s any help you can give me please. Thank you

  11. I have had alopecia universalis for over 10 years. While I am happy your hair has grown back, not everyone can fix their alopecia. I have ate extremely healthy diet my entire life, avoiding chemicals and junk and focusing on vegetables, nuts, fish, etc. I exercise daily, meditate daily and do yoga. I have a very active life. Still, hair fell out and i doubt it will return. Not everyone’s alopecia is curable!

  12. My teenage daughter came out of the shower one day and showed me a well defined hairless spot the size of quarter. I remembered seeing the same on a work colleague. He had it close 6 month before he recovered. When I approached him with my daughter’s condition he guided me through a few steps that had to be carried out. First I was told to consult a dermatologist and carry out a skin biopsy. As soon as the biopsy confirmed that my daughter was affected by Alopecia Areata, I was told to get a treatment called PRO ALOPECIATA from http://www.curespotbaldness.com. Although I was skeptical my colleague gave me the confidence that it would work as he had personally undergone the treatment and it has shown results. Fortunately by the 4th week of treatment my daughter came to me saying the spot is almost unnoticeable. It was a big relieve as we were told that Alopecia Areata could sometimes result in total hair loss. I have to be very thankful to my colleague who had stood by and shared his experience because otherwise I would never thought of using this treatment.

  13. during alopecia best treatment is bio hair treatment

  14. Bio hair treatment provides every type of hair loss solution like alopecia, harmonal changes,

  15. i am 17 years old and i was diagnosed with alopecia 2 years ago. I also have made a complete life change both diet and physically and it has made a WORLD of a difference. Although, as soon as i got off of it, all my patches fell right back out and i became discouraged. Do you have any advise as to how I can get myself back in the “groove” of happy and healthy again? Im glad to hear someone also agrees that being healthy is part of the solution, not just treatment.

  16. hi can you advice me what i should do i also have alopecia areta at the age of 17 i started to oose my hair im now 25 and went through alot of stress last year and now my hair loss is just getting worse my hair is falling all over the head please help me im taking hair essentials multivitmains and i just started biotin a well please let me know how can i have my hair back, im in soo much pain and so embarassed please help me

  17. Thank you for being open and telling the world your story! I’ve been diagnosed with alopecia universalis for 6 years now and it has been such a struggle for me emotionally. I lost my confidence and self-esteem and wanted to literally crawl in a hole and isolate myself from the world. I triied every remedy in the book. Luckily, I found this company called New Hair Technology (www.newhairtechnology) in New York City and it changed my life! I personally wanted to thank my consultant, Janine for making my wig purchase process a lot less scary and ultimately the most wonderful experience I’ve had since being diagnosed. My unit is the most incredible work of art! No one can believe it’s a wig! If there’s anyone looking for going the route of purchasing a wig or hair peice, try New Hair Technology. They make prosthetic hair units for men, women and children. Apparently, they can make hair pieces for any portion of the head (especially important for burn victims or those with surgical scars). Your can email them at hpcreations@outlook.com for more info

  18. Hi Jenna,
    im definitely in your shoes right now. Thanks for writing the letter gives hope. Just wondering, my hair keeps falling while I have spikes growing. What could that mean?

  19. My 7 year old daughter lost all of her hair a year ago as a result of being bullied by her teacher at school. We changed schools and she is now very happy. However no sign of hair. She is such a brave little girl and totally embraces her baldness , but I can see the sadness in her eyes when we see other girls with hair when we are out and about. This breaks my heart. I would welcome any advice you or anyone else could offer. I know your situation was different, but anything is worth a try. Thank you for listening , Sarah

    • I agreed that you saw hair as a life journey. When people came across this problem, many of them are so upset that he or she wants to cover their scalp and searches different kinds of methods to treat it. However, few of them can take actions. I think first we must keep confident, and then see a doctor to find detail reason according to your symptoms. Taking care of life methods, avoid sleep too lately and quit smoking. Only in this way can we have a good recovery.

  20. Reading and ready to a healthier full hair for years to come.

  21. I have been in this state for 3 years from now, i am 22 years old now, and it started when i was 19 years old and still on my college days. at first it was just mild falling hair, and i just shrugged it off cuz i was really too blind about what was happening to me. Then after a few months my condition got worst, i was too busy in my school works it always happen that i forgot to eat meals, I had lacked of sleep and too stress with school stuffs. And then that was the time i started to noticed that my hair loss was no joke, i got worried because all the hair that falls out a lot was on the left side of my head. I started to scan my head to see if something is wrong and then i found out patches of patches. i was so worried and nervous to death that time.

    I was having a hard time balancing my school stuffs and my condition. I was crying my heart out why is this happening to me. I got scared of the outcome to this problem. I was really stress that time, i also have this feeling in my head that gets numb whenever i feel so tired and stress, thats the time i would know if my hair will falls out a lot. I was having hard time washing, drying and brushing my hair.

    we went to the dermatologist and have some treatment, they gave me clove cream and minoxidil 5% solution, to treat my patches and after a month i got worried cuz still no improvements, so i tried another way the, Injections of steroid into the bald patches of my scalp. It went really well cuz after a month or so my hair starting to grow. but still i have to maintain a good health habit. i have been taking vitamins, centrum complete. The other part of my head hairs are staring to grow because with the help of minoxidil 5%, yes it was lovely guyz it helps you a lot.

    i still have some hairloss but not the extent where i have to deal again with those patches.
    but this job of mine i got worried cuz my hair starting to fall out alot again, i am working night shift, being in front of the computer all night. guess i should have maintain a good eating habbit and a good rest too. i’ll start too eat healthy, rest well and don’t stress my life out.
    glad to know that you have created this blog for others to know more about treating this problem:)

  22. >>I had a problem with hair loss 2 years ago, I tried many different substances and suplements Now I can say some of them are complete bullshit …and some of them really works …http://stop-hair-loss.org

  23. Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing your experience and creating this wonderful space for others to do the same.

    I was very fortunate to have came across your blog and had an opportunity to try out a treatment suggested by Lina in her comment below. Although it took more than a month for delivery, especially due to postage procedures, it was worth the wait.

    PRO ALOPECIATA had really helped in my recovery. It has been three months and I’m into my second bottle. It does create a heaty sensation, but the spot is barely visible. I believe this treatment is for real.

    I’m very grateful and thanks sooooo much.

  24. I appreciate what was said here. I also had a similar breakdown. I could hear God saying to me, “you will be healed when you see yourself as I do.”
    It seems like the simplest thing to do, but when you look in a mirror and see baldness or patches where there was once beautiful, shiny hair, it is very difficult. I still try every day to see what He sees and try to remind myself how beautiful I am. It is a very tough journey, but “with God, all things are possible”
    Prayers to you and thank you for sharing.

  25. It was really touching going through your personal experience with hair loss. Your recovery process will surely be a great inspiration for many. People who may be facing similar symptoms as yours can take care of their condition well.