All About FASTING! (Part II)

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And now more on fasting from Natalia Rose!

3. The difference between a cleanse and a potential cleanse?

All fasts and anything that is billed as a “cleanse” or “detox” product is only a POTENTIAL CLEANSE. The cleansing part only occurs when the dredged up waste matter LEAVES the body. Fasting is not synonymous with cleansing unless waste leaves the body. Do you see the critical difference?

In my extensive experience with detoxification, even people with the strongest bowels cannot eliminate the quantities of waste a fast dredges up without the help of colonics, enemas, saunas, sunbaths and body brushing. The newer waste may leave but the denser older waste that may be loosened and stirred up cannot exit easily without the help of good colonics.

For a listing of colon therapists in your area, I’ve developed a directory on my website.

4. So what is the best way to fast? If you have decided to fast, the best approach is a predominantly vegetable juice fast. You can mix any veggie juice combinations you enjoy but I recommend making at least half of the juices green-based such as the Green Lemonade or a simple carrot-romaine combo. The other juices could be citrus or fresh pressed fruits (in small quantities best diluted with water or green juices like romaine lettuce or spinach). You may also enjoy herbal tea with stevia or fresh vegetable broth (very useful when fasting in colder months or for a fasting “dinner”). I also love pure carrot juice with pumpkin pie spice which I like to drink from a mug! Somehow this gives me the satisfaction of soup without the fiber. Just be sure all your juices are well strained as we are trying to avoid all fiber so that digestion is never stimulated during the fast.

When you fast on vegetable juices you feed your cells enzymes, chlorophyll (sunlight), life force, vitamins and trace minerals ensuring that you are feeding the cells all they need and more so they can powerfully go about the business of awakening and releasing as much accumulated waste as possible (again with the help of gravity method colonics). The ideal fasting approach is to eat clean, Quick Exit foods as a daily experience and then juice fast a few times a year to go a bit deeper. This is the way to make real headway on the accumulated waste in the system and prevent your body’s “assembly line” from ever running amok again!

5. Will I lose weight on a fast and will it stay off? Will my metabolism slow down if I stop eating breakfast? Does fasting slow the metabolism like people say?

Yes, you will lose weight on a fast – usually around 1 lb. a day. The weight that you lose during a fast can easily be kept off by eating Quick Exit foods when you return to eating and juicing until lunch (as I noted above, this is a general prerequisite for long term health and weight management to begin with). Of course, if you return to eating less ideally, you probably will not keep the weight off. Weight is accumulation of waste matter in the body. When we remove the accumulation through cleansing, we remove the weight. In order to keep it off, we simply must prevent against re-accumulation of waste. We do this by ensuring the food we eat leaves our body as completely as possible. This is the point and effect of Quick Exit foods and eating no more than two meals a day (once one has transitioned at their level).

6. How much juice is recommended and how long should I fast?

You can enjoy as much liquid as you need. As with eating though, it’s never a good idea to over-consume. A good gauge would be 8-16 8-ounce juices (including broths/teas) each day. Some pure water should always be taken when juice fasting.

If it’s your first fast and you have already practiced “juicing ’til dinner” several times or have made that a daily or weekly habit, you could try a 2-4 day juice fast. If you would like to do a longer fast (only recommended if you have access to well administered gravity method colon hydro-therapy), you could go as long as 8-10 days. But only continue a fast if you are releasing copious quantities of waste matter (either on your own or with colonics). If you are not releasing and you keep on awakening matter you will not progress and you could get sick (as I mentioned above; remember un-passed matter gets reabsorbed into the tissues and blood stream re-poisoning the body with the awakened waste matter). The body was not designed to pass 1984’s Taco Bell meal back when you ate it and you cannot expect your body to pass it today in its post-putrefactive form. (This is why good gravity method colon hydrotherapy is so essential when fasting – your body needs help passing this old waste)!

There’s a reason that so many of our great teachers throughout history fasted. Now, I leave it in your hands to explore this ancient method of healing your body and connecting with your divinity at the level that is right for you.

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18 responses to All About FASTING! (Part II)
  1. Thanks Natalia! This blog is becoming the Mecca of fasting knowledge!! Its so important to be educated on fasting before diving in. Today is my fourth day of fasting and I am reintroducing blended smoothies (spinach, banana, and cacao!). I’ve been taking lots of digestive enzymes and probiotics to keep my tummy happy. I’ll continue with the enzymes and probiotics after the fast, but probably at lower doses. I had a colonic yesterday and WOW did it make a difference. I felt like a million bucks afterward.

  2. Natalia,

    I am not finding your directory of colon therapists on your website.

    The link you provide only drops me on your home page.

    Where do I go from your homepage to find the directory of colon therapists?


  3. Shannon – check out the resources here. We link to directories as well. xo Kris

  4. Thank you for this great info.
    I am still trying to do the wednesday cleanse…Baby steps!
    Did I read you well in saying that it is best to only have juice until lunch? With children and work I am not sure I could do that.

  5. Thanks for all this info.

    I drink only juice till 1pm and have being eating mostly raw for five months. I have tried a one day fast a few times but each time the next morning I have felt very ill, not the “I feel a little weak” but heart racing, cold sweats type of sick. It takes a couple of hours of my boyfriend bringing me juices and eating bananas before I can get to a lying position to sitting and than onto the couch.

    I am going to try drinking a little salt water next time, but I am a little worried about trying it again. Could this be the problem> It does feel a little like low blood pressure or low blood sugar, not that I have suffered from these.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks once again for all this info.


  6. I love Natalia’s book. I have “The Raw food detox diet” and LOVE it. I went head first back in November to ALL raw, and couldn’t handle it. But with Natalias book it has been more of an easy transition, and I even added some Salmon to my diet (NO Meat or poultry). I had never had Salmon before and it is delish!! I juice, drink herbal tea, and water till about 1pm. I then have a HUGE salad, for snack maybe some nuts and then I have a semi cooked dinner. I have lost 20 pounds… and I cannot exercise as I am dealing with a 2 year illness (neurological lyme disease) but have had such a difference in health since starting this lifestyle.

    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information!!!

    Peace & Health

  7. Bernadette – the salt sure helped me. Without it my blood pressure tanked and I felt very faint. Even after drinking apple juice I was unable to recover. Then I took 1/2 tsp of sea salt and boom – I felt great. Now I take it twice a day. 3 would be best when fasting. I just hate getting it down. Putting it in a small cup helps more. It’s like doing a shot and then chasing it with yummy green drinks. That’s my 2 cents. A good naturopath will help. xo K

  8. I am loving these daily blogs. So informative. I have a silly question though. When you guys talk about colonics, you’ve said things like, “here come the mummies” and Natalia said something about finally passing a taco bell mean from the 80’s. I don’t understand how it’s still in there. I man how does the waste that we pass everyday get around it? lol do you know what I’m saying? I’m just visualizing a normal looking poop up there from the 80’s. Is it not like that? Is it more like a coating on the colon walls? Everytime I see those colonoscopy video’s I’m so amazed at how clean the inside of the colon looks. You never see any poopy buildup, or at least I haven’t. Can someone explain this?

  9. Natalia, Regarding Gooney’s comment about colonoscopy….aahh the joys of turning 50…anyway, does the prep for a colonoscopy really get the colon clean? I have heard two sides to this one.

  10. Joy, I just want to thank you for your helpful comment. I can’t wait till I turn 50 and know everything too!

  11. I, too, am wondering about the colonoscopy prep. I’ve had to have them annually and wonder how clean the prep gets the colon. Thanks!

  12. Gooney, Cheryl, Do you think that we will get an answer to this?? I was hoping that Natalia might comment…

  13. Cheryl,
    I don’t know. The few colonoscopy video’s I’ve seen, the colon always looks clean. Where are the mummies? I need to do some more reading on this topic. I’m also wondering, isn’t there good bacteria and whatnot inside the colon? Would doing colonoscopies flush out the good with the bad?

  14. I love the Crazy Sexy website, however as a health professional I cringe when I read misinformation that will alienate educated people. Weight gain is not caused by waste stored in the colon it is caused by excess calories stored as fat in fat cells. My best friend assists at colonoscopies and the inside of the colon is smooth and clean like the inside of your mouth. Please learn about physiology so you can more effectively spread the word about the health benefits of a high raw vegan diet. With respect and admiration. Linda

  15. Joy,Gooney,Cheryl, & Linda~

    Linda i totally agree with you!

    Joy,Gooney,Cheryl~ Most of my family is over 50 and colonoscopys abound!lol! And so do their squeaky clean live colon videos after drinking the magnesium citrate. (that by the way you can purchase a 10oz bottle at any grocery store/also drug store for under $3.) but for a colonoscopy the docs give way more lol

    also my grandma had to take magnesium citrate 2-3x a month, because of her polio and a massive prior side hernia she was not able to poop naturally. sooo magnesium citrate to the rescue :)…. eventually i started to give her “smooth move” made by Traditional Medicinals…

    for the fact that theres alot of sodium in that mag citrate- and since my gram had to almost live on that stuff, all that sodium was too much…so we decided to switch to a poop tea lol,but that smooth move tea worked wonders!!! almost just as good as the mag citrate, but much more natural and healthy because it uses a God made wonder leaf called senna lol! :)

    my aunt is a nurse too, for about 20 years, and says that most doctors prefer that people use senna just because its so natural,and pretty safe.
    on a personal sidenote- i believe God has made our bodies perfect as they are, fully fuctional, and self cleaning if we treat our bodies with the respect they deserve 😉

  16. typo! 10 oz lol! as in ten ounces! above it looks like one hundred oz! that’d be crazy!!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your insights Natalia! I just finished a 9 day cleanse (5 days liquid only) which included plenty of rebounding, meditating, sweating in saunas, and a visit to the colon hydrotherapist. I felt such a sense of accomplishment by completing this (on day two I thought I’d never make it, but by day 3 there was no turning back–it really does get easier as each day passes) and my body continues to thank me!

  18. I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading very slow
    for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem
    on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still

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