5 Tips for Crazy Sexy Manifesting

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You know those women who seem to get absolutely effing everything they want? Admit it. Even the most enlightened of us have moments when you see another chick’s success and think “Lucky blank!” Am I right?

Whether it’s the abundant lifestyle, glowing yoga body, hot boyfriend or just the shiny hair you covet, you have just as much chance as the next girl of getting “lucky” too.

Take it from someone who has manifested bank errors in my favor, unexpected scholarships and 6-months- all-expenses-paid travel around the world (after struggling and being generally unlucky for years). Manifesting is just a muscle, and anyone can learn to be lucky.

Here’s how you can experience even more of those “OMG; guess what I manifested?” success stories for yourself:

1. Keep shedding that baggage.

It’s easier to manifest when you’re convinced at a cellular level that you deserve it. The truth is – everyone’s good at manifesting (it’s not an arbitrary lottery system), but despite your best efforts, any lingering emotional baggage will muddle up your cosmic order.

Dig into dream boards, EFT, meditation, affirmations, afformations (not a typo), past-life regression, juice feasts, kinesiology, The Work, The Journey, Landmark, therapy, counselling, life coaching, energy healing, Reiki, forgiveness …What’s the best thing to do?

Everything. Try it all, and keep trying.Throw everything you’ve got at freeing yourself from your past. Some things will work for you better than others – we’ve all got our own complex set of insecurities and problems. One tool might loosen your heart; another might tug free a complex chain of memories, and each will help in its individual way to lighten you up and leave you free to consciously create a beautiful life.

By the way – forgiveness is non-negotiable. If you’re frustratingly repeating shitty patterns or relationships, forgiveness is the biggest gift you can give yourself. It will change your life, and your resulting manifesting ability will blow you away. Trust me.

2. Get ridiculously literal when you make requests to the Universe.

Sending out a vague and random request just leads to a random result. You’re not going to go to the juice bar and ask for a “nice juice” because everyone has a different interpretation of “nice”. You gotta be careful what you ask for!

Ditto if you’re merely asking for a “new job” or a “nice guy” to come along. Even just asking for “more money” might result in finding a few coins in the street which is probably not quite the flood of abundance you had in mind.

It’s OK to be specific.In fact, be like a spoiled little kid with an unlimited Santa wish list. If you want the new man, list out everything your heart desires in your soul mate. Spell out every perk you want in your new job (even down to the length of the commute or the relaxed dress code) — you might not manifest everything on your list, but you may as well ask, right?

3. There will always be someone who thinks you suck.

Seth Godin calls it “The mathematical impossibility of universal delight” – you can’t achieve any level of success while being 100-percent loved every second of the day. But it doesn’t mean we won’t try, right? Have you ever tried to convince some random person on the internet that you’re actually a really nice person? Frustrating, and it’s never going to happen. Some people won’t like you, and some people won’t be happy for your success.

Asking the Universe for the big dream but on the proviso that you never ruffle a single feather is not only unrealistic; it delays the manifestation of your real desires.

If a public criticism sends you into spirals of crippling self-doubt, do yourself a favor, and limit your exposure to it. Or celebrate your first hater as a sign that you’ve arrived! Send them a big thank you – it will confuse the hell out of them.
If it makes you feel like crap, don’t read it. Total denial? Not necessarily. It keeps you feeling fabulous about yourself, and when you feel good, you’ll manifest like a mo-fo.

4. Become a “reverse paranoid.”

Decide that the Universe is conspiring to create miracles for you. Every random coin in the street is proof of your incoming shower of cash; every positive blog comment is proof that your message is resonating with the right people; and every kind stranger is playing his cosmic part in the fulfilment of your dreams.

Even “bad” events can be interpreted as a sign that the Universe is looking out for you – money drama is a gentle nudge to sort out your taxes (so you can accept more), a minor car accident just a sign to slow down and a health hiccup a good excuse to get juicing again.

5. There’s no “lucky” time, so don’t wait.

Don’t wait for the full moon or a sign from the heavens, because the day you actually do it is your lucky day, and action is always rewarded by the Universe (especially when you have a big, clear intention behind it).

Empirical studies on the phenomenon of “luck” show that those who are self-identified as being lucky generally are luckier than others – it’s the self-fulfilling prophecy at work. So luck is so much more about attitude than timing (or the Universe “giving” you anything).

Lastly – it’s totally ok for you to be that extraordinarily lucky woman. When amazing things happen to you, share how you manifested it and shout it from the roof-tops. It gives everyone else permission to manifest even the craziest dreams too.

No lottery ticket required.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a biz + life coach and author of ”Lucky Bitch.”

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69 responses to 5 Tips for Crazy Sexy Manifesting
  1. Great post!
    This reminder came to me at just the right time :)
    Thanks you x

  2. Great Post Denise! You always inspire me and come out of the woodwork at the right time. I Love the reverse Paranoid idea – it totally works all the time. Even the bills – you can say yes thank you universe for proving I have money!

  3. I love it. Especially the bit to see what works for me. Everybody IS different and never knows which part makes it finally sink in.

  4. Becoming reverse paranoid and exceptionally literal are great ideas – very fun. Expect everything to be an opportunity, and ask for exactly what you want from the universe (and from others too). I like it!

    These are the sort of messages that tie in perfectly with the work that I do with women daily, and help them reach that place where luck is manifested.

  5. I loved this article – It was so strong and positive. I feel ready to tackle the day and move forward towards my dreams. Thank you!

  6. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning! Reminded me that I am in charge of the energy I bring into my life. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks ladies – so glad you liked the article!

  8. Great, grounded, and none too sober obervations and suggestions for joyful living ~

  9. I love your down-to-earth wisdom to getting what we want. Reminds me of this quote… “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson
    Thanks for your insight!

  10. Denise ~
    As I’ve been practicing my abundant thinking and acting (“every time I turn around, there’s another check in the mail” — this one works like crazy!) I see coins on the ground ALL the time. When I used to have more money, I wouldn’t bother to pick them up. Now I do, as I believe I’m honoring all amounts that enter my life – but you’ve added the perfect garnish! From now on, I will look at each penny, nickel, and dime as evidence of an incoming shower of cash, opportunities, and clients. Thankyouthankyou! xo

  11. I love this Denise!!!! Given me a kick up the butt to get more specific when asking for things. Great reminder

  12. Ani said on July 25, 2012

    Wonderful post Denise, thank you so much. Just what I needed to read today and a great reminder to get more specific with my requests – in my business life and life, life!! Thank you, loving regards Ani x

  13. Denise – you are a rockstar. Talk about setting an example. I particularly love this recommendation “2. Get ridiculously literal when you make requests to the Universe.” On it! :)

  14. Roo said on July 25, 2012

    LOVE the reverse paranoid idea. Such a great way of putting it and so helpful in turning our thoughts around. The universe is conspiring to give us all we want we just refuse to see it. Thanks Denise.

  15. Love this! Thanks!! I really love the concept of “reverse paranoid” and reframing so-called negatives into another sign the Universe is with us, not against. I hadn’t really heard it put like that before and I am going to use it!! Thanks! xoxo

  16. Like others here, the “reverse paranoid” idea resonates with me, too. Maybe because such a natural mindset–one we’ve been conditioned to think–is that things are conspiring against us? Because that gives us an “out.”

    I love that idea!

  17. I think the universe conspired to make sure I read this article today. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this. I’ve been freaked out by the amazing things I’ve been blessed with this last year and realized how deeply I am reacting to the good stuff from a place of major anxiety. I took a couple of steps this week to start feeling like I deserve to be happy. This is just so wonderful and timely. I’m going to buy your book. :) Thank you again!

  18. “The Universe is conspiring to create miracles for you!!!” That should be made into a poster! Love it.

  19. I love the part about celebrating and thanking the first hater!! Thanks for this post, I needed this today!!

  20. I soooo needed this today !!T hank-you

  21. I love this post! It’s so simple and has so much amazing info! Thanks Denise for awakening our manifesting radars!

  22. All kinds of love for this and YOU Denise! Perfect.

  23. LOVE this article! I really needed to see this today. Thanks for sharing tips I can put into practice straight away :)

  24. Great post Denise. I agree with all that you said and we are all the best manifesting goddesses!! xx

  25. This post reclaims – for me – the word “more”. It is Ok to want MORE, to be MORE, to love MORE. I think sometimes as ladies we are asked to be happy with what we have and be grateful for that but this post by Denise in the kick in the arse to strive and manifest the very best for ourselves and our community. Thanks so much Denise! xx

  26. Fab post Denise. Love this advice. I would say I’m a B-level manifester: good but not great. I’m taking these tips (and your book) to heart and I’m going for A+

    Sending you and the community love!

  27. Denise, This is fantastic. I have been manifesting my way out of real poverty to prosperity. I love the strategies you share here. Thanks, girl!

  28. Denise you totally rocked this article, luck is truly an attitude and a muscle we have to work-out! I love the reverse paranoid reference, too, you had me laughing. Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Oh yes – the money on the ground – I pick it up and bless it – to thank the Universe for the shower of abundance everytime – I fall short of kissing it though!

  30. Fantastic advice from a true Lucky Bitch!

  31. Fantastic advice from a true Lucky Bitch!

  32. Please stop. You are advocating superstition and an external locus of control. Sure everyone wants to hear that they can be special and lucky, but when bad things happen, as they always will, this underlying belief system you are preaching leads to learned helplessness. Use your reason. Work hard. Cooperate with others. These are much better messages for the real world.

  33. LOVE this! You’re comment about “convinced at a cellular level that you deserve it” is soooo spot on! I have been manifesting so much wonderful sexy crazy abundance in my life lately — the difference is I believe I deserve it. Watch out universe!!

  34. Love #2 especially because not only does it help the Universe understand what you need, it helps YOU understand what you really want and need. And then that clarity is so much more fun to embrace and focus on.

    Thanks Denise for all the energy you bring to the world. You’re sparkly and glowing.

  35. I love the distinction “Reverse Paranoid” – – I’m afflicting myself as we speak!

  36. So great to hear all your manifesting stories ladies!

  37. Love love LOVE this post! Every day I’m opening myself up more and more to the abundance of the Universe, and learning to ask for exactly what I want, with a smile and my arms outstretched ready to receive :)

  38. Denise, this is right on time! Thank you.

  39. Don’t forget the gratitude lovelies. Love what you have and be thankful for all the riches of your life-your family, friends, your home, health, work., the food you eat, the money you have…everything! Count those blessings and then watch them multiply. Thank you Denise!

  40. This is all so true. Thank you Denise!

    I keep a journal of morning pages (a la The Artists Way). On them, I make at least one wish a day, but usually I fill an entire page with wishes! I agree with Jessica about gratitude. I also keep a gratitude journal. (I make entries each night before bed.) When I read over it I always can’t help but believe I am lucky.

  41. Wow! Each point is a gem. I’m loving Reverse Paranoid especially because my history is to run on anxiety. Such great stuff -I’m tweeting!

  42. Sometimes I think I am overly optimistic. I am definitely the “reversed paranoid”. I am constantly grateful that God knows what I need better than I. I am also proof positive of “The mathematical impossibility of universal delight” . Thank you for sharing such great thoughts. I always enjoy your writing. ~Cathy

  43. Denise, I loved this! I especially love your “no shit” attitude. One of my favourite sayings is, “We have no reason not to live as we dream.” Your post here is like a step by step guide to that! Well done, sister.

  44. Dude…I’m totally digging this post. Had no idea manifestation what I wanted was just a few simple practices. Can’t wait to take what you shared and apply it to my life! Thank you!!!

  45. I couldn’t agree more Denise about the use of any and all tools for mental health and physical well being. A little while ago I developed Hashimoto’s disease, not too long after a heart break (coincidence?!) that was complicated and caused me to shut down my heart and emotions for a couple of years. All of a sudden last year I decided to get proactive and have since read almost every single book that has crossed my path, it started with learning about relationships and led me to B-School.. The result of all this has been AMAZING, so I agree! Just suck up everything in your path and learn from it! It’s transformative!!

  46. Denise, I loved this article and your amazing tips!!!!! Congrats on such an amazing article.

  47. Awesome post Denise!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom <3 <3 <3

  48. Awesome post Denise!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom <3 <3 <3

  49. Love this! Thank you.

  50. absolutely fantastic! but, best of all, u broke it down very simply, because it isn’t COMPLICATED, but it can be difficult because of those negative tapes that run thru our heads (“i’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough…”) those beliefs are toxic, but hard to rid yourself of. HOWEVER, you CAN get rid of the negative & there’s nothing more rewarding than to forgive & have the past stay in the past & to be able to forgive on a daily basis too. it’s funny, because when you’re exploring something specific & life changing, & the universe wants you to have it, the subject seems to start popping up everywhere! i love it! that’s exactly what’s been happening to me about letting go & manifesting what i want. i had smile when i saw the subject of your blog :)

  51. Excellent down to earth, nitty to the gritty get your manifestation on NOW. Giddy Up already. Excellent article.

  52. Denise, Awesome and forwarded on to friends that I KNOW would love it. I like your no-nonsense approach to life. My favorite part is about getting LITERAL about what you want to create. Thank you for the reminder

  53. Yes, the very practical stuff is so important – I felt stupid when The Secret came out because I had NO idea what to actually DO!

  54. Thanks DDT for the great reminder to keep chucking the baggage! Love it!

  55. I absolutely agree and believe that the Universe provides everything you need…you just need to see it! Such great information, thank you for sharing!

  56. I really needed this reminder. Thanks so much for posting. People that think you suck or try to bring you down are usually emotionally constipated in some way. Take your fabulosity and move on. :)

  57. Love this Denise, a great reminder I need to print it out and stick it on my forehead – don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait…
    K xo

  58. There’s a secret ingredient to your recipe that appears to be missing. While it’s true that you can manifest whatever you want, there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about which manifestations will bring real and long-lasting happiness. It’s easy to say, “I want more money, more power, more popularity, more health, more stuff, ” blah blah blah. The truly satisfied soul, however, is one who is willing to GIVE UP stuff too. Try manifesting “more simplicity, more peace, more humility, more opportunities to serve others,” and you’ll see the result of greater joy.

    “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”(Proverbs 4:7)

  59. I love, love, love this post. It is by far the best explanation that I’ve read on the topic. A big thank you for sharing.

  60. LOVE this. I connected with each one. I will share with my yoga students little by little as we continue to MANIFEST greatness in 2013.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Peace ~ Amy

  61. Not a big fan of the word “luck” however I agree that a good attitude goes a long way to making a better life.
    AAAANNNNDDDD…doing something for someone else brings it back to me ten fold…….doesn’t seem right, but it is!!!

  62. Love Love Love this! :)

  63. Finally, someone else who is crazy like me! Crazy about achieving the great life!
    You get what you give…so be generous! Thanks for the boost:-)

  64. Really enjoyed your unique take on manifesting. Thanks for sharing!

  65. Hey Hot Chica~ You Rock. Thought I’d share one of the big pieces on my journey to heal myself. Thinking that it’ll stimulate that gorgeous brain you have….http://wisdomofthebody.net/

  66. Great post Denise, love the tips and can’t wait to start implementing them! Being more clear when manifesting is a big one for me :)

  67. Thank you, kris! I’m going to marinate on this.

  68. I love Denise! I discovered her only last month and I am hooked. She’s sparkly and cheerful and a big cheerleader of happiness and love in everyone. How great to see Denise and Kris together!

  69. EXCELLENT post. I love this! I’ve been paying attention to the signs lately that the universe is “conspiring to create miracles for me.” I believe we are all surrounded by good fortune. The universe has a bank account deeper than anyone you’ll meet, and each of us are a beneficiary.