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Today I turned 40. Yes, 40 and proud! And thanks to my Crazy Sexy Diet and lifestyle, I still fit into clothes from high school (however I no longer wear neon and sport a perm – thank God). At the start of an important decade, I find myself reflecting on the notion of aging gracefully. The word graceful makes it seem easy. Like if I embrace linen, simple makeup and tie my hair neatly, elegance will be mine. Hmmm, not sure I buy that. Aging gracefully takes more dedication than many of us think. Aging gracefully involves a healthy diet, green juice and smoothies, hydration, sleep, stress reduction and a good dose of love and mental health. Forgiveness. Gratitude. Joy. Clearing the unfinished business in our lives. All this important work makes grace deposits into our aging bank account.

But that’s not all it takes, and it’s also not the focus of today’s blog post. Today we’re talking sweat. I don’t know about you, but I really want to look great into my 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. I want to hike steep mountains, take challenging and adventurous expeditions, and dare I say it – look cute in a tiny bikini long after I’m “supposed” to wear a tiny bikini! Therefore, I need to stay deeply connected to fine-tuning my physical body.

This summer I’ve done just that. After my last book tour I was tired. I mean to-the-bone tired. In addition, we bought a farm that was in pre-foreclosure. Renovations-a-go-go! Days turned into weeks, turned into months of very little exercise. I joined a gym and never went. You know the drill. By July, I snapped and ever since I’ve been totally dedicated to my afternoon workout sessions, especially my beloved yoga practice.

How about you? Have you been diligent or delinquent with your God pod? Excuses are your enemy when it comes to working up a sweat, so let’s get rid of a few more. Don’t have time? Too expensive? Bad weather? Sorry folks, these handy hall passes don’t work when your gym is your living room. You don’t need to leave the house to get a kick-ass workout from head to toe!

Recently I polled my Facebook Fan Page community to see what kinds of workouts ya’ll are doing. Wow! I love your suggestions and have added a few of my own to the following list so we can all boost our arsenal of digital love. Behold, the ultimate Crazy Sexy Fitness guide:

Tara Stiles Jane Fonda's Workout DVD


Tara Stiles’ Jane Fonda Yoga Workout
Sometimes I’m all business, which means I want to skip the spiritual talk and get straight to the squats. That’s when I turn to my wonderful friend Tara’s DVD. She’s super friendly, but she also kicks your butt. Lately, it’s my go-to yoga routine, and I’m seeing killer results. Not only has it lengthened and toned my body; Tara’s moves have helped ease injuries that my chiropractor has been working on! Psst, Tara also has created a couple DVDs with Sir Deepak called Yoga Transformations–more must-haves!

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis
When mama Marie Forleo mentions anything fitness related, I’m all ears. You could bounce a quarter off that smart ass and she credits Metamorphosis! I’m a big fan of Tracy’s mat workout, but it sounds like this 9-disc package takes things to a new level with a cardio-strength training combo. If you’re a fan of intense programs with fast results like P90x, this series would be the perfect way to switch things up while maintaining a high impact regimen. It’s certainly on my radar. There’s even an online Metamorphosis community!

Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD


Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred & Shred It with Weights
Jillian keeps her workout fresh and fast, while still managing to help you shed pounds within 30 days. The workout is only 25 minutes, but you better be ready to shake your booty nonstop. Plus, I love that there are three levels on one DVD, so you can keep ramping up the challenge as Jillian whips you into shape. If you’re curious about kettle bells (one of the latest fitness trends), check out Jillian’s Shred It with Weights for a good introduction (level 1) and challenging routine (level 2). Both are only 30 minutes, but you’ll get your heart pumping and your lymph moving!

Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy
Mandy keeps things interesting by mixing yoga and strength training. Although I should mention that I’ve heard this workout isn’t a good fit for hardcore yogis, and I don’t totally feel connected to her teaching style–but damn did my thighs burn! For those who need to sneak in a shorter workout on workdays, but have more time on weekends for a lengthier experience, the 35-minute and 55-minute options are a big bonus.




Tony Horton’s P90x & Insanity
After a week of P90x, I fell in love with Tony! My lovely pal, Lauren Nastasi, did P90x postpartum with her hubby and they’re working on Tony’s newer workout program, Insanity, now. She’s seen fantastic results! Work out with your family and friends, people. Group support supercharges your success.

The Firm Total Body TransFIRMation System
When I asked my Facebook buds about recommended DVDs, The Firm was mentioned time and time again. Don’t let the hot pink case turn you off! Amazon reviews agree that this cardio/strength training system packs a punch and has changed a lot of lives. The kit includes everything you’ll need for the program, including DVDs, weights and a manual.


Physique 57


Physique 57
Physique 57 is also a Facebook favorite, and I’m tempted to take it for a spin. This is another good choice for those in a time pinch, since they provide 30-minute express workout options. Supposedly, you’ll see results after eight sessions. The Physique 57 approach uses your body’s own weight as resistance to achieve a long, lean and fit bod. You’ll need a small exercise ball for the workout, which is included in some of their packaged deals.

This 90-day, 10 DVD program looks intense! If you love to dance and want to sweat off the pounds with lots of cardio, Turbofire might be for you. There are certainly a ton of workouts to choose from, so I can’t imagine getting bored!
For 18 bucks a month (free 15-day trial!), you’ll have access to unlimited online yoga classes taught by some of the most renowned yoga teachers in the world, including the lovely Elena Brower. Since classes are categorized by teacher, level, style and duration, you can find a class that’s perfect for you at any time. Yogaglo is even accessible on iPads and iPhones. So how do you keep fit and fab?Share your success stories and most loved workouts in the comments! I’d love to hear them while I eat some vegan b-day cake!

Peace & power push-ups,

Kris Carr

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  1. Happy Birthday! Keep on rockin’!

    Warm wishes from Germany,

  2. Happy Birthday Kris! You are definitely fabulous at 40 :)

  3. Happy Birthday Kris! You are one of the most amazing people and can’t wait for you to kick butt for another 40+ years!!! Lots of love! xoxo

  4. Happy birthday, Kris! :) thanks for the shout out! 😉 xo

  5. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking for a yoga dvd to add to my repertoire.

    I’m a runner, so I try & supplement that with good cross training. I swear by Tracy Anderson’s Postpartum dvd for abs & her mat DVD for arms. Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones is the bad shit for getting a ripped booty & legs.

    Happy Birthday! I want to look smokin’ like you when I’m 40! Much love! <3

  6. Happy birthday Kris! Thanks for the yogaglo recommendation. I saw it on your Facebook, and am now a member. Love it!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!! What kind of vegan cake are you eating?? My turn for the big 40 is Monday and I am NOT as spiritually advanced as you, as I am quietly dreading it!!!! Love all the video suggestions. Hate it when I start to do a video and it just isn’t the “right fit”. Lately I have discovered that we have Exercise Tv, free on demand on our cable and a lot of the new workout videos “debut” and give free month screening periods. Along with a lot of resident peeps at Exercise TV. Fun when you just want something different, and keeps me guessing. Love Jivamukti but often I have little time and I just want my forty year old butt to BURN!!

  8. Happy birthday!! I would also recommend Great variety of yoga, pilates and relaxation videos. Also an online community, articles and informational videos. :) It seems similar to yogaglo. Another site that I belong to is Jennifer has a great positive feminine attitude and it’s short dance videos. :) I did the P90x yoga the other day and it was great!!! Now I want to go work out! Haha

  9. Happy Birthday, Kris! And many more…in that tiny bikini, of course! 😉 You, go, Girl! What an inspiration you are to MANY! Thanks for the run down on all these cool workouts. I, too, press PLAY with our friend, Tony Horton. After all, who believes in A-G-I-N-G…not me!!! Enjoy your special day and INDULGE in the fact that you are a gift! xoxo

  10. Hey Kris, Happy Birthday, and thank you for the lovely workout suggestions! I, myself, am going back and forth about how to stay in shape, and a lot of these routines sound good.

  11. Happy Birthday Kris…”you are smokin”.
    Thank you for the suggestions on the dvd’s…I purchase them, use them once and that’s it. I give up too easy and I know that I’m out of shape because I’m sore for a week after a great workout.
    I’m always inspired by wonderful people such as yourself.
    Burn Baby Burn…
    have a great day

  12. Happy birthday Kris! Yes, you are fit and fabulous at 40!! Thanks for the recommendations – of of our “healthy mammas” is a huge fan of Tracy Anderson -to see her lets you know that it works! I, too, am joining the 40 “club” in December, so thinking about getting ripped with Jilian to push me over that “edge”! :)

  13. Happy Birthday girl! You do look amazing, and have inspired many people including myself. Enjoy the Vegan B-day cake – I’m virtually eating a piece with you!

  14. Happy birthday, Kris! I also turned 40 four months ago. I’m loving the getting older and wiser thing. Thanks for all of the great advice here – it’s been wonderful. *hugs*


  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday my lovely friend! Welcome to the club!

  17. Happy Birthday, Kris!

    I’ll turn 40 in September. I love the way you are embracing 40 and using it to move forward. You’ve inspired me to do the same!!!

  18. Happy Happy Day Kris! 40 was one of my favorite Birthday’s! Hope you find much beauty today as this was the day you were brought into the world. Wish your Mother Happy Birth Day as well.

  19. Happy 40th Gorgeous! I love saying i’m 40. It sounds so much sexier than 39! On my 40th I did an indoor rock climb. It was the best total body workout I have ever done. Not to mention it was such a crazy rush. Enjoy your day, spoil yourself!

  20. Happy Birthday Kris. You are such an example to everyone that knows you. Hope you have many more big birthdays! Thanks for the video tips. Namaste.

  21. Happy 40th Birthday!!

  22. Happy 40th Birthday Kris! Welcome to the club

  23. Happy birthday, you crazy sexy goddess!

  24. Happy, Happy Birthday Kris!

  25. You are the epitome of grace and style girl, and may your birthdays be strong in numbers. Peace and love my friend.

  26. Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such an inspiration! For my 40th I ran my second marathon then a few months later did my first ultra. The 40’s ROCK! Enjoy every moment!

  27. Happy Birthday Beautiful you!!
    Wishing you great health, happiness, sunshine and joy…. So glad you were born!

  28. Happy birthday! :) I love Yogaglo and taking stroller walks with my one year old. :)

  29. Hey Kris,
    Happy crazy sexy birthday!!!
    You are an inspiration in my life and have helped me improve my physical and emotional health in more ways that I ever could have imagined.
    I used to love cardio and sculpt classes at my gym crunch, but lately I’ve been doing yoga in my apartment with Tara Stiles routines and the results are insane! I also run every few days in the park which has been challenging. Im not much of a runner so I’m a newbie with that :)
    I never really “got” yoga before but I think I have the yoga itch now and I wake up thinking about my practice. It has helped me in my meditation practice and does wonders for my asthma as well. Must be all the deep breathing.
    Much love and light,

  30. Kris! Happy Birthday! This was such a perfect day for you to post on this topic. I did yoga this morning for the first time in over a month. I find my body craves it, and my back pain increases the longer I go with out it. I’d like to try running to help get some weight off, but not sure about back pain with running. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips for that?
    I turn 34 in a couple of weeks, and have just put together a modified version of Kris’s 21 day cleanse for myself (including recipes from Dr. Furhman and a couple of other great people!). I’m hoping I can actually follow it for 21 days, and beyond. A couple of years ago I made myself a goal of wearing a bikini on a beach (and not looking ridiculous) before I reach 40 – I have never once in my life worn a bikini, I’ve been overweight my whole life. Fingers crossed I can do it!

  31. Happy Birthday, Kris. It only gets better from here! Thanks for passing on all your wisdom and light.

  32. Happy Birthday Kris!
    Awesome blog! I work out at home 5 days a week as well as practice yoga. Some of my fave go to workouts are THE FIRM – lots of variety, tons of fun and tough… Thanks for the awesome list of DVD’s – I am looking forward to adding something new to my collection.
    XO – J

  33. What about Shiva Rea? Her prenatal and postpartum yoga dvds are wonderful, but I just discovered her yoga trance dance dvd and I’m hooked! I never put yoga and exhilerating in the same sentence before but now they are partners in a relaxed, energised me!

  34. Happy Birthday, Kris – this time from Ghana, West Africa! May the coming year be as bountiful and productive as those that have gone before. Thanks for 40 years of sharing your spirit with the world.

  35. I think you need to find an activity or sport you love. That way you will stick with it. For me thats dance- I do it because its fun!

  36. Happy Birthday, Kris! I’ll be 53 in November, so 40 looks really young to me; hopefully with CSL one day I’ll be able to look at 53 and think they’re just babies! Hope your 41st year is all you hope for; raising a green drink to toast you a wonderful year!

  37. Happy Birthday, Kris! I’ll be 53 in November, so 40 looks really young to me; hopefully with CSL one day I’ll be able to look at 53 and think they’re just babies! Hope your 41st year is all you hope for; raising a green drink to toast you a wonderful year!

  38. Felt so strongly that you’d have a Happy Birthday I had to say it twice!

  39. Happy Birthday Kris! I just watched your documentary last week and absolutely loved it! You are such an inspiration that I am dedicating my next newsletter to who else, but you!!! :) Everyone needs to get on the Kris Carr train to healthy living!


  41. Happy Birthday Sweetie. How grateful I am for you.

  42. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
    Blessings and joy for your year and always,
    Love Grace and Linus xxx

    Today I kept fit and fab gardening! Getting out the old plants and sowing new winter veg, clearing and pinning and harvesting, oh my. Our garden is adapted, but it is still a super work out. Bone building, muscle moving, salad growing fun!

  43. Happy Birthday Kris! You have inspired me beyond words. I just turned 58 and feel better than I have in a very long time. You’re one of those people who get better with age!

  44. You betta party like it’s yo birfday! So happy you were born. xo

  45. What a great info filled article thanks.

  46. Happy Birthday Kris! Wishing you a fantastic year!
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Enjoy your day!

  47. Happy Birthday Kris! Wait til you hit 50! Trust me, it’s even better and you have so much to look forward to. Keep your alignment in shape (body, mind and spirit) and keep on rockin those boots! Anything wrong with the right bikini, the boots, a good hat and a little line dancing at the cabana??

  48. Happy Birthday! I’m a few years ahead of you!

    I would love to try the Tara Stiles DVD. I have to add that to my list.

    I like to mix my Yoga and Pilates DVDs, so I get a little bit from everyone. I think that variety helps with overall fitness and alleviates boredom. We have to take care of ourselves!

  49. Happy Birthday Kris! Hope it is a restful, rejuvenating green veggie kind of day! This post is excellent. Spent time with Tony Horton today at lunch! Working on legs! This gives me more options for a great workout! Gotta keep moving! Thanks again!

  50. Welcome to the 40’s. I loved that decade of my life and it sound like that with your positve fun attitude you’ll love everyday of what ever age you are. I’m 56 and I walk. I also honk for health, but that’s a post I haven’t posted yet. A sense of humour goes a long way to keeping you healthy.

  51. Thank you everyone! I had a really special birthday. :) xoox kc

  52. My good friend sent me this wish for my 40th and now I’m sending it to you, crazy fabulous Kris. “Life begins at 40. Make sure of it.” I hope you know how much you share with and motivate so many people with ur lovin green goodness. U r truly beautiful, keep shining @-}–

  53. thanks for your suggestions! you’re definitely a testament to the phrase “beauty grows with age”!

  54. Rock climbinggggg! As an avid climber, I am always hiking into crags, lugging around heavy ropes, and getting a badass whole body workout on the wall. Bring some friends to an indoor gym near you to learn the basics and use muscles you didn’t even know you had.

  55. I’m a cancer survivor, a new mom, and one of you’re fans. Any tips and advise you give…I listen. Happy Birthday! You rock!!

  56. Hmmm, I own half of these but what really has to happen is that i have to DO them! THanks for the 40 year old push. I’m 44 and I’m ready to feel physically fab again. It is time and I miss having lots of energy. I loved the Physic 57 workout, but the instructors, although very positive, sort of yell at you the whole time. The great thing about exercise DVDs, if you don’t love them you can sell them back on Rock on, lovelies!

  57. Eat right because it’s the right thing to do. Exercise because it feels good. Maintain a spiritual practice. And then, don’t worry about it. Take the focus off your glorious aging God Pod and put it on others; how you can be of service and a source of pleasure and inspiration to those around you. Then nobody will care about the rest…including you!

  58. Kris, i finished reading your book about a week ago and LOVED every ounce of it…. i’m starting an organic 3 ate an ice cream sandwich at the beach! lol… so much for the “pre-cleanse!”

    i love all of your suggestions here… i actually already have most of them, but will definitely check out the ones i am missing. I just shot a DVD of my new yoga program called Xen Strength that combines yoga with weights- i will send you a copy when it’s finished, so you can add it to your collection.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY…. may you have a year full of much love and happiness!

  59. oooopss- that was supposed to say i am starting a 3 day juice cleanse tomorrow, but just ate an ice cream sandwich! lol

  60. greeting dear kris, this note has nothing to do with your fitness tips. i’m just a bit lost as to where to send my question! reading your birthday doings ( joyous birthday!!) you mentioned having a glass of champagne. i am confused. . i have liver disease and my doctor told me if i drink it will make it worse. it could lead to death.(.even i glass wine every few days.) i am not scolding…i truly thought you couldn’t drink alcohol anymore. i thought it make liver cancer worse…sincerely confused.
    God give you joy and abundant birthdays to come!

  61. Kris, your birthday is the same as my husband’s. He’s in good company! This information is timely, thanks for inspiring me. Happy belated birthday!

  62. Happy Belated Birthday to one happy crazy sexy chick ! All the best to you XXX

  63. Hey Kris,

    I really recommend Bikram Yoga for “All of the Above!”


  64. Turned 50 on the 25th of August. Ouchie. and I am ready for more!
    Time to re-eval of course! 10 years on ya Kris …but I have to say you are going to love your 40’s…
    I had no idea how much was in store for me! Adopted a beautiful son at 47! Yep, right here in Maine. Soo, guesss what … Life is just starting girl friend!!

    Love your message Kris. Thank you to the moon.
    Jacqui P :)

  65. 40’s ROCK my love….so

  66. oops!

    xo (not so, as indicated in my post above) <——- over 40 here and typing with no glasses on…..damnit!

  67. Happy Birthday Kris and I hope your having a awesome day and thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your knowledge.

  68. I’d love some suggestions on facial exercises — is there a program out there you recommend?