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My Crazy Sexy Team Reveals Their Deepest Desires


Hi Sweet Friends,

It’s about that time. Another year is coming to a close, and it’s a great opportunity to look back and take stock. 2012 was full of new beginnings for me. I had ups, downs and everything in between. You probably did too. And like me, you probably have a lot to be grateful for, what a year!

Instead of launching into a lengthy list of resolutions and goals, I’m reflecting on how I want to feel in 2013. What emotional threads do I want to weave through every aspect of my life — including my business? And I’m not stopping with me. I’ve asked the spectacular women who work with me to share their feelings too. You don’t get a glimpse at my mavens very often. So today I’m peeling back the curtain and revealing a whole other side of my life.

As my company grows, so does my unicorn stable. And each Crazy Sexy unicorn on my team is unique. They all come to the barn with full lives — they have families, responsibilities, dreams and bright futures. Each person has a variety of strengths and weaknesses (so do I!), and it’s my job to guide and nurture them as best I can. Truthfully, these women make me a better person. Despite our differences, and in part because of them, we come together each day and work toward a common vision — bringing greater health and happiness to everyone who reads my books and visits Kriscarr.com.

Kris Lauren NatanyaLately I’ve been asking myself the following question as I reflect upon 2012: How can I be a better leader? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself the same thing, whether you’re trying to be a better boss, teacher, mother, mentor or one of the countless other types of leaders we have out there in the world. In my humble opinion, management of any person in any capacity is one of the greatest challenges one can take on (and also one of the most rewarding).

Let’s be honest. We’re complex, emotional beings even when we’re at work. How many of you have cried on the job? Yelled? Cringed? Blushed? Puked? Ripped a phone out of the wall and smashed it to pieces (Oops, did I really share that? Tis true. I have witnesses). We’ve all been there in some way. And I say this to myself and to you: It’s OK. Sometimes the pressure mounts and blows. If you’re feeling any shame or willies around those memories just shake them off and breathe them out.

I’ll start  …

“I forgive myself for losing my temper and melting down in front of my team. I have compassion for myself, and I know that I’m doing the best I can and that it’s enough. Ahhh … ”

Before I go on, I should say that I didn’t come to this ah-ha alone. Many of you know and follow one of my best friends, Danielle LaPorte. She recently launched The Desire Map — a revolutionary way to identify, engage and launch your deepest desires. The book comes in two parts: Book One carries the wisdom, the guidance and the heart of Danielle’s teachings. She gives it to you straight and doesn’t waste your time. While reading Book One, my desires started stirring, whispering and peeking out from their hiding places. Then I dove into Book Two (the workbook), and I kept thinking about my team.

Danielle’s writing exercises tap the source. She’s psychic, intuitive and a touch spooky. Long story short, this work really helped me feel present, plugged in and clear about what I wanted. And I think one thing a leader really needs to understand is what they want AND what their team wants too. What floats our boats? Rings our bells? Lights our boards? If I had a better idea of our desires, and I could help everyone ignite their fires through our work at KrisCarr.com … well, look out WORLD.

The Desire MapThat’s why I assigned each of my team members some Desire homework. I was a little nervous when I opened up the document. Would I be able to offer them opportunities to fulfill their Desires through our work? After soaking in their responses, I realized that their desires were relatively simple and straightforward. My mavens are looking for what most of us want: Peace. Health. Passion. Space. It wasn’t so much their differences that popped out at me, it was their similarities. I was reminded of how much we’re all striving to make room for self-care and to create authentic, juicy, joyful lives. And I realized how easy it is to help them (and myself!) make space for those things.

When we communicate better, work smarter (not harder) and support each other, everyone experiences less stress and less late nights on the job. When I kick off our Monday morning meetings by taking ten minutes to check in with them, we move forward with our work day with more understanding, inspiration and commitment to each other and our work. And when I stop everything to talk one-one-one with a team member who is having a particularly stressful day, they feel heard and our business grows stronger.

Do we have big picture, logistical, day-to-day aspects of our business that need work? Of course! But at the core of every business are people. People with DESIRES. I know that I’ll continue to use The Desire Map as a personal tool AND a business tool. Can you imagine if more companies started tuning into their employees’ feelings? Can you imagine how much more powerful, efficient and impactful our world could be if we took a little more time to be present and tap into our passions rather than our spreadsheets? I bet we’d be a heck of a lot healthier too.

Here’s an inside look at my team’s Crazy Sexy desires. See if some of their responses resonate with you or stir something up. Then, check out my question for you at the end of this post. My hope is that this simple exercise will empower and inspire you, bringing you a step closer to your desires. I know it has done just that for me and my team.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Contentment
2. Creativity
3. Connected

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Slowing down and turning off when the day is over. Embracing my weekends fully and not allowing work to seep in. Spending more quality time connecting with friends and family at our farm. I also want to deepen my relationship to the Divine. To go on a spiritual retreat and learn from new teachers (even if it’s just a weekend workshop — that I’m not teaching!). Lastly, I love animals and plan on spending more of my free time in service to them. Animals instantly connect me to each of my core desires.
  • What I’m doing this week: Journal (which I did by candle this AM — heaven!). Read & soak. Let this one day be a sponge day, rather than an outpouring from me, take in some other wise words. Yoga. 15 minutes. I promise myself 15 minutes!
  • What I’m no longer doing: Overcommitting.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Cherished
2. Free
3. Abundant

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Strengthening my faith by nurturing my spiritual practice.
  • What I’m doing this week: Taking 30 minutes to do something for myself each morning before jumping into the day. Breaking up my daily routine by doing at least one thing out of the ordinary each week. Listening to an abundance meditation CD.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Ignoring my needs.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Energy
2. Clarity
3. Love

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: I’m being patient and creating more space in my life by having faith that I don’t have to work on every dream TODAY.
  • What I’m doing this week: Making 32 oz. of glorious green veggie juice. Waking up at 5:30AM so that I have two hours of writing/work/organization time before my kiddo wakes up. Wine and conversation with my husband, extra hugs and reading time with my daughter.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Saying “yes” to every opportunity.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Juicy
2. Celebratory
3. Alignment

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Putting my action items into a calendar, so I know I’ll have time set aside to take action on each desired feeling.
  • What I’m doing this week: Making a vision board to hang in a prominent place in my house, so I’ll see my desired feelings everyday. Moving my body! Whether it’s a walk, a run, a brief solo dance party, or a bit of yoga. Acknowledging the good stuff today. From the itty bitty to the mighty. Journaling to discover my Truth today. (So I can act from that Truth tomorrow).
  • What I’m no longer doing: Overfilling my schedule.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Cherished
2. Nourished
3. Expressed

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Cultivating a sense of community in my new town. Teaching more yoga. Building free time into my calendar. Moving my workspace out of my bedroom.
  • What I’m doing this week: Taking a bath with essential oils. Wearing clothes that inspire me and feel great. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Journaling each morning.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Rushing through lunch, missing the gym and skipping my morning routine just because I work from home.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Calm
2. Content
3. Confident

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Deepening my yoga and meditation practices, taking time to be grateful each day, and being proud of my accomplishments and my good qualities instead of focusing on what I think I lack.
  • What I’m doing this week: Yoga, meditation, and spending time nurturing my passions (aka what I am good at!).
  • What I’m no longer doing: Judging myself for where I think I should be, rushing from point A to point B, and living in the future.

Dearest Team Crazy Sexy: Thanks for sharing these feelings with us all and for allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. I’m going to place your Desires on our company vision board. Keeping them close as I continue to improve our workflow and business.

Now I want to hear from you.

I invite you to list your core desired feelings and answer these same three questions in the comments below. I also encourage you to come back and periodically read the responses. You may be blown away by how similar we all feel. I can’t wait to get a glimpse inside your heart. xo!

Peace & dazzling desires,

Kris Carr

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81 responses to My Crazy Sexy Team Reveals Their Deepest Desires
  1. Well this just made me cry! It is so easy to look out and think that everyone else is doing ok and I’m alone in my daily challenges. I have the most awesome life but everyday it takes strength to keep going, to push through the negative bullshit that creeps to the surface. Thank you Crazy Sexy ladies for helping me feel connected today. PS I’m saving The Desire Map for 31st December when I will be lighting candles, sitting down to devour and discover. Love to you all. Jayne x

    • Hi Jayne,

      Thank you so much for sharing your perspective! We love hearing from readers. Enjoy The Desire Map. I know you’re going to love it:)

      Creative Director @ KrisCarr.com

  2. It is great to meet your team and what a inspiring post to begin the New Year. I am going to think about my own 3 core desires today.

  3. I *love* this.
    My three core desired feelings are:

    What I’m doing in 2013: Making time for myself first. Nurturing my budding spirituality by adding yoga & meditation practices into my life. Creating a living space that allows flow rather than stagnancy.

    What I’m doing this week: Clearing out my living space-eliminating all the meaningless shit weighing me down.

    What I’m no longer doing: Overextending myself and undervaluing my own capabilities and worth.

    • Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I love your de-cluttering pledge. I’m going to be doing that in 2013 too :)

      Creative Director @ KrisCarr.com

  4. My 3 Core Desired Feelings are:
    – passionate
    – cherished
    – peaceful

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way:
    aligning my passions with my daily activities. consistently tracking my direction so that I am more regularly engaging in things that bring out my passions. taking more time to cherish myself so that the universe can reciprocate. be still and quiet everyday so that peace becomes a state of being that permeates every moment.

    What I’m doing this week:
    free dancing or dancing Nia for an hour a day. eating my delicious green smoothie every morning. giving myself a glorious foot scrub and natural pedicure.

    What I am no longer doing:
    worrying about what other people (my bosses) think of my work – I know I am doing my best and that is enough. judging and comparing myself to others.

    thank you, Kris.
    I needed this today.
    Endless Rainbows of Love!

  5. affluent
    I’ll add grateful and juicy for the fun of it : )

    thank you, Kris, and all your team. you make magic and change people for the good. happy you are alive.


  6. My 3 core desired feeling:

    What I am doing in 2013 to feel that way: I will appreciate living in the present moment with my family and friends (Love). I will have fun with my creative projects, and not judge myself only be proud (Creativity). I will treat my body with respect, and take care of my mind, body & spirit as with it were one of my children (Strength).

    What am I doing this week: I will enjoy hanging out with my kids & best friend without stressing about my to do lists. I will appreciate the time I have to take pictures & cook. I will run a little faster and longer knowing it will only make me stronger.

    What I am no longer doing: Stressing about what others think about me.

  7. My three core desired feelings are:
    1. Loving
    2. Connected
    3. Empowered

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel this way: Slowing down in every way and trusting that the more I relax and allow, the more aligned I am and the better the opportunities and experiences are that come my way. Focusing on connections, nurturing my relationships and making time for the people I care about. Asking the question ‘how can I be of service right here, right now?’ over and over. Breathing.

    What I’m doing this week: Finish final work week with excellence. Take a yoga class. Have a bath.

    What I’m no longer doing: Stressing about whether or not I “should” do things. Spending time with people who drain me. Thinking I need to figure it all out on my own and plan and strategize my way through.

  8. Three Core Desired Feelings
    1.) Motivation
    2.) Love
    3.) Vitality

    What I am doing in 2013 to feel this way . . .
    I am going to create a morning ritual to put some energy into my day! To stay motivated I am going to continue to network and schedule time to do the things I need to do to really get my holistic health practice off the ground. As for love, this isn’t only for my relationships but for myself. I am going to make it a habit to express my love to the people I love on a regular basis whether that is in a love note, buying their lunch/dinner when we get together, or letting them know I am thinking of them. I am also going to increase my spiritual practice with meditation, journaling, and reading.

    What I’m to do this week . . .
    I am meditating everyday even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Exercising five times this week. Making green juice at least three times this week. And spending some quality time with family and being present with them :)

    I am no longer . . .
    Being mean/criticizing/comparing/judging myself.

    This is so great! Kris, you and your team are a huge inspiration to me! I want to be doing what you do. Inspiring people to live the best life they can live :)

    <3 Lauren

  9. Hello!
    I hope that I can participate in this study at some point. Until then, I have made a powerful commitment to remove from my life anything that I don’t use over a period of 90 days. I had NO idea how much “stuff” was around me, claiming my space, my mind, in focus. I didn’t make this commitment lightly and it is VERY challenging. I am cognizant of the fact that this is only a slice of a larger process and so, in some ways, is very off-balance as the majority of my time is focused on this one, freeing action. But it feels really, really good and does require a lot of discipline and attention. At this very moment, I have almost a pick-up truck full of items sitting in my driveway waiting for the local homeless shelter to pick up. I feel so HAPPY that others will be able to use what I was only storing, holding for no apparent reason except for some vague sense of security. It was an ackward, vulnerable feeling to remove so much stuff, but almost immediately gave way to a light-hearted feeling. I believe I am 75% through this project! I’m looking forward to see what my open space is going to make way for – and for the day that I can participate in the Desire Map process! Thank you Kris and staff for sharing!!!

    • Fantastic Isabelle! I know how hard this exercise is. I’ve moved multiple times in the last ten years and I still have both a storage unit and a BARN (full) of stuff. Keep me posted. I’m working on this too. xo kc

  10. My three core desired feelings are:
    1. Energy
    2. Love
    3. Authenticity
    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Beginning my day with warm lemon water instead of coffee, journaling, at least 10 minutes of yoga and/or meditation each day, forgiving myself, refraining for over indulgence
    What I’m doing this week: getting enough sleep, exercise and veggies, setting boundaries, smiling
    What I’m no longer doing: berating myself for less than perfect moments, judging others, zapping my energy by practicing poor self-care
    Try this exercise for yourself.

  11. My three core desired feelings are:

    1. Confidence
    2. Trust
    3. Happiness

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way:
    Reminding myself of all the beautiful things I have in my life and what I have already accomplished, trusting that I am on the right path. Continue to look after my body and mind by nourishment, stay present and be who I am today. Believe that i am worthy of love, abundance and happiness.

    What I’m doing this week: Running, Surfing, Laughing, Keeping a thankful journal,

    What I’m no longer doing: Seeking appraisal from others for my own confidence and happiness.

  12. 1. Cherished
    2. Confident
    3. Grateful

    Doing in 2013 to feel that way: take time for myself and getting in touch with the divine in me. Acting from that space. I need to cherish myself before I expect it from others.
    Doing this week: Meditating each day, exercising everyday (no matter how small). Celebrating myself when achieving things on my list.
    What I’m no longer doing: taking the responsibility on my own shoulders of how others feel, not speaking out my feelings and ideas.


    • “I need to cherish myself before I expect it from others.”
      Profound wisdom. We all need to read that. x

  13. Great to meet the team and think about this.

    My three core desired feelings are:
    1) Abundant (love, friends, time, money)
    2) Engaged
    3) Peaceful

    What am I doing in 2013: letting go of too much activity (dropped a class that was taking too much time), meditating twice a day, yoga daily for myself (not just when I teach others), journal writing, time for creativity (painting, drawing, collage), time with friends, quiet time.

    What am I doing this week: looking at 2012 realistically, letting go of the disappointments (where I think I didn’t measure up), contemplating what I need to learn and bring with me to 2012.

    What I am no longer doing: expecting perfection.

    • I loved that you said “not just when I am teaching others” — whether it’s yoga or self-care etc. It’s easy to lose our practice when we teach. Great to be mindful of that and re-connect/commit. x

  14. Such a beautiful practice, thank you! As a single mom of two children who are being raised with presence, I recently recognized how much we have each individually grown, so went through a similar practice with my children…with the intent of offering love, appreciation, and support within our family at this “new level”. Already the feel is wonderful!

    I can see how creating in such a way within business would feel enriching in all realms. It is beautiful to read each response and see how similar our desires are, and how different we might express them. I love that!

    My three:
    1. Nourishment
    2. Celebration
    3. Resonance

    What I am doing in 2013: My theme for 2013 is collaboration with Love. I am cultivating space and presence through daily sunset walks at ocean’s edge. I am remaining open to, and cultivating, surprise. I am vesting energy in whole-body nourishment through yoga, meditation, gratitude, creative expression/connection and food choices.

    What I’m doing this week: practicing self-forgiveness and removing clutter in all realms. Serving from my heart.

    What I’m no longer doing: dimming my light and people pleasing.

  15. This is a great post. Three things I would like are
    1. Clarity
    2. Freedom
    3. Authentic Happiness

    There are things this year that happened that really helped me begin to focus on these things. I love this post what a beautiful place to contribute work where the leader truly has their teams best interest at heart. How can one contribute work to this wonderful Crazy Sexy place of greatness? So much gratitude for this post it confirms a lot for me. I can’t wait to get started on the Desire Map. Blessings to each of you xx

  16. What a refreshing way to look at the new year. I’m planning to create a video course on my business because I want to feel confident and a sense of self love and I will do this through empowering others.

  17. my core desired feelings:
    1. calm
    2. nourished
    3. joy
    what I am doing in 2013
    -the desire map program:)
    what I am doing this week
    -getting massage & acupuncture & eating warm veggie soups from my crockpot, & giving inexpensive simple small extra gifts to coworkers
    what I am going to stop doing
    -over scheduling & negative self talk regarding how “productive ” I am

    Thanks so much Kris for sharing this blog!

  18. Thanks Kris and your team for sharing, it is very inspiring and a great exercise!
    My 3 core desired feelings are:
    -Passion + Creativity

    What I am doing in 2013 to feel this way: Creating a practice of journaling and goal-setting to bring clarity to my desires and create steps to act upon them quickly. Building my schedule around my desired feelings, allowing time for creativity and connection to flow. Opening up to my needs and expressing them so that I can feel cherished. Also learning to cherish and affirm myself first, before seeking this from others. Daily meditation practice to reach my optimum levels of clarity and creativity, as well as productivity. Making the time for these things on a regular basis!
    What I am doing this week: Daily meditation. Regular yoga classes. Journaling at least once to get in touch with feelings and negative thought patterns that limit my passion and creativity. Getting clear on what I want, begining to build my schedule around these key desires.
    What I am no longer doing: Overstressing myself, saying yes to everything, trying to please others, while not myself.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. Thank you everybody for sharing your feelings. It is a very inspirational blog:

    My three core desired feelings are:

    What I’m doing in 2013: Continue taking care of my health by educating myself about healthy nutritient and by continuing practicing yoga and meditation. This will help me to focus on myself and find my spark again.

    What I’m doing this week: I do min. Yoga every morning with at least 10 minutes of meditation before starting my day. Then eat a healhty breakfast.

    What I’m no longer doing: Overeating and worrying about the future.

  20. 1. Content
    2. Peaceful
    3. Balanced

    -What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: letting go of fear, rediscovering and deepening my yoga practice.

    -What I’m doing this week: Relaxing into the beauty of Christmas break and being thankful for all the wonderful things tht happened this year.

    -What I’m no longer doing: Living in fear, doubting myself or the Universe, letting food take over.

  21. Affluent

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel these ways:
    Meeting with a financial advisor, dancing & moving as much as possible, feeding my body great quality food (and staying away from dairy / sugar and other stuff that irritates my system), treating myself to nice things (like skincare products), continuing to save money in my “six month buffer” fund

    What I’m doing this week:
    Hula-hooping in my living room, taking a warm bath with essential oils, buying myself The Desire Map

    What I’m no longer doing:
    defaulting to the deflating mantra of “I don’t know what to do!” when I come up against something hard (like chronic / recurrent pain).

  22. Thank you Crazy Sexy team for sharing your desires (and everyone in the comment section, too!). This was such a beautiful exercise. It made me feel supported and somehow so much less alone in my own desires. I feel like I am moving into my week and my year focused and renewed in a way I haven’t in a long time. I feel like I can actually do something with my new year’s resolution (or rather, this new year’s roadmap) this year! Thank you, love, and light, Debbie.

    My three core desired feelings are:
    1. Balanced
    2. Healthy
    3. Free

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Not procrastinating. Setting goals in work and school and sticking to them! Setting personal goals and sticking to them, too! Making time for me (for my health, my wellness, my creativity, and my spirituality), for the people I love, and for doing what brings joy into my life. Keeping a gratitude journal. Keeping a “best of 2013” jar to open up January 1st, 2014. :)

    What I’m doing this week: Getting my last bit of semester work done. Writing my Christmas/New Years cards. Making a plan for winter break (work to get done ahead for next semester, health and creativity schedule for break, people I want to see over break, etc.). Taking a deep breath and enjoying my free time! Doing fifteen “feel good” minutes of yoga, meditation, whatever every day.

    What I’m no longer doing: Taking on too much. Putting things off. Ignoring what I really need in my day every day. Worrying. Ignoring what is good about my life and myself. Ignoring what is good in everyone around me. Living in the future or the past. Holding on when it’s time to let go.

  23. – WHOLE
    – GRACE
    – PLENTY

    In 2013: Write. Tell stories that shed light on the truth of being human, our connectedness. Create a home that soothes, nourishes and grounds me. Have my stimuli be intentional. Remember that joy is holy, and make a space for music, dance, and singing.

    This week: Write at least one hour every day. Move my body. Drink my Crazy Sexy Juice. Create a vision board on Pinterest. See a movie. Read a new book. Watch an uplifting lecture or meditation.

    No longer: Push the boulder uphill. Bulldoze others with my idea of how things should be. (Instead, surrender. Allow Spirit to unravel the knots.)

  24. I am loving the Desire Map – it’s very thought provoking.

    My three core feelings:

    What I am doing in 2013 to feel this way: choosing work that nourishes me. choosing to work with like minded colleagues who share the same vision. writing my book. saving more of my earnings. focusing on things, hobbies, people and work that makes me happy. more wine, less whiners. more renovating on my house.

    What I am doing this week: as cheesy as this sounds I am doing some work on my home – electrician and plumber are both coming. and I’m visiting an orthodontist which gives me all sorts of glee.

    What I am no longer doing: allowing debbie downers or mean people to dominate my thoughts. over and out with that nonsense.

  25. My 3 Core desired feelings:


    What am I going to do in 2013: Continue to de-clutter, my home and my mind. Work on daily meditations and finding what I’m grateful for each day. (This (gratitude) has been extremely hard for me so it’s a huge goal for 2013.)

    What am I doing this week: Juicing, exercising, journaling (another toughy for me!)

    What I’m no longer doing: I’m not allowing others to control my emotions. I won’t allow anger or hurt or frustration to rule my day.

    Thank you for posting this. I wish I could afford the Desire map, but my financial situation doesn’t allow for it.


  26. I’ll have to thank Danielle for pointing you out! I am part of the Desire Map group on Facebook and I too noticed how we are all so much alike in our desires, yet how unique we are in our expressions of it. Maria’s statement “no longer…living in the future” stops me; there’s something there for me as well. Three of my core desires are Confident, Relaxed, and Clear. In 2013 I will do more of what I want to do, and make more choices than decisions. This week, I am canceling work because I will have to spend more than I will earn, and that IS being responsible for myself. I’m also doing a lot of creative writing and doodling and jewelry making. What I’m no longer doing is putting myself last, making myself responsible for everything and every one all the time, doubting my feelings and thoughts, or feeling guilty about my past, present, or future choices.

  27. My core desired feelings are:
    Saltwater Afterglow
    Generous Enough
    2013: Staying true to my course, desires guiding my way.
    this week: sitting out in the sun for 30 minutes a day
    not doing anymore: judging myself inadequate, getting off the beat up bus.

  28. My three core desires are
    1. Supported.
    2. Grounded.
    3. Happy.

    What I am doing in 2013:
    Only putting things in my schedule that make self-care sense and are financially sound. Reaching out to my family, friends, and audience to ask for the support I need as a musician and artistic soul. I have always been whimsical and uninterested in the daily grind and modern pace. It is time to celebrate that and ask others to join me in supporting my creative process as well as the fruits of that process.
    Also, doing my best to seek out situations, friendships, and activities that deeply nourish and relax, so that I can sink into grounding. I don’t know how it will manifest, but I also want a home base and somewhere to collect the possessions that populate my life. Also, finding a way to stay rooted in this community even if work takes me abroad.
    If I can do all this, I think I will feel quite happy.

    What I am doing this week:
    Reveling in and appreciating my temporary home, which is so close to ideal it’s unreal. Going to a wonderful free Kirtan event with my soul sisters. Hugging everyone I greet.

    What i am not doing anymore:
    hectic travel, any kind of intensive recording or performing, for FREE unless I feel an energetic exchange somehow. I must lead as an example of self care in the music industry.

    Thanks Kris and wonderful team! We are all in this together. To 2013 and beyond!

  29. I agree with Jayne…I always love your positivity and you put a smile on my face but right now I’m feeling overwhemled and not good enough. I don’t know if it’s the recent plunge into unhealthy foods, (although healthier than years ago and still getting more greens in my breakfast than what I used to consume in a full day) some overindugence and nasty dietary habits are in full force…the holidays are just an excuse but I’m taking it!
    I want to be able to tell you my 3 core feelings but right now I’m feeling numb…sorry to be such a downer but honesty and true feelings sometimes need to be shared to clear the clutter.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  30. This has been one of the most inspriational posts I have ever read, and I read a lot! Kris, thanks for all you and your team do!
    My three core desired feelings are;
    1. alignment
    3. vibrance
    What I’m doing in 2013–Continuing to detox my food, cosmetics, and home. Starting a meditation and home yoga practice. Planning for and taking deliberate action on some financial goals. Planting a garden (after I learn how) to grow some organic food (beyond just herbs).

    What I’m doing this week: Sitting for a few moments before bed with a lit candle to do some meditation. Using the EWG website to research cosmetics. Decluttering and organizing.

    What I’m no longer doing:
    Hanging on to things that serve no purpose.

  31. This is such a beautiful idea! It’s a great way to get in tune with ourselves and help build a better community/ workspace/ life.
    My 3 core desired feelings are:
    What I’m doing in 2013: Continuing an inspiring and meaningful morning routine. Creating time and space for my own needs and self-care. Cherishing my time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. Working smart to achieve my goals and make moves in my career.
    What I’m doing this week: Yoga. Meditating. Nourishing my body with clean, nutritious foods. Organizing my living/ work space. Finding clarity in my mind and compassion for myself. Focusing on my successes and strengths, as opposed to dwelling on what I have not yet accomplished.
    What I’m not doing: Judging myself or being hard on myself for not being where I want to be in my work. Not sweating the small stuff or stressing out over insignificant matter. Not comparing myself to others.

  32. Desired feelings:

    1) Grounded
    2) Confident
    3) Energetic

    What I’m doingin 2012 to feel this way: Scheduling time with my God, my friends, my family and my husband. Taking time to workout, eat healthy and local and do some detoxes. Finding time to write down all the things that inspire me throughout the day.

    What am I doing this week: Waking up at 5 am to send my husband off to work with a healthy lunch then spending time getting organized! Scheduling future get togethers with friends.

    What I’m no longer doing: Letting myself get so consumed with work that I have no energy for the rest of my life. Oh and procrastinating spending time with the important people in my life.

  33. My three core desired feelings are:
    1. Connected
    2. Abundant
    3. Healthy
    What I’m going to do in 2013 to feel that way: Continue attending church, Bible study and MOPS and really listening when people are talking to me — being of service to others even if just in that way is something I crave. To feel abundant, I need to work on trusting, having faith and appreciating my body — I plan to use strategies from Danielle and Kate Northrup to help me get there in the new year. And to feel truly healthy, I think I need to slowly cut ALL sugar out of my diet.
    What I’m doing this week: Sending messages to my other mom friends to tell them I appreciate them & why; adding to my gratitude journal; returning the big bag of refined sugar I just bought at Target for Christmas cookies & luckily didn’t use.
    What I’m no longer doing: Judging and criticizing myself and my body; not speaking up out of the fear of how others will react; thinking about abundance in terms of dollars and cents.

  34. 1. Clear
    2. Joyful
    3. Creative

    I’m bringing new awareness to relationships that feel stifling, breathing more deeply and more often, I’m spending time outdoors every day and watching less Hulu Plus so I can write instead!

    This week I’m going on a spending fast so that I focus more on being with my family at home, cooking and doing good deeds for the people I love. I’m doing at least 15 minutes of yoga a day and continuing my hour-long writing practice daily.

    I no longer will drain my energy into the black hole of negativity. Each situation has two sides and I vow to cherish the light to help me navigate the dark parts.

  35. What a great article and as you share good things will come.
    I started the book with 4 desired feelings and when I finished I added one additional feeling. In talking to my husband he is coming up with “words” of how he wants to feel! I’m over the moon!

    My core desired feelings are:

    living in gratitude!

  36. This is a beautiful exercise. It has made me stop and think about what I should have done in 2012 and what I can do better in 2013. My life has been turned upside down as I have become my Mother’s caretaker. She suffers from dementia. I feel like by defining my desires I will more likely try to achieve them. Thank you!

    My three core desired feelings are:
    Authentic Happiness

    What I’m doing in 2013:
    Acknowledging that I can’t do everything on my own, ask for help. I will ask for help when I need it. I will take care of myself to be a better version of myself for the others in my life. I will exercise daily, whether it is structured exercise, a solitary walk, dancing at home or whatever mood strikes. I will allow myself more time for my spiritual practice, including praying, yoga and meditation. Removing the last of the negative, toxic people from my life.

    What I’m doing this week:
    Remembering the true meaning and reason of Christmas. Allowing myself the time to restore physically, spriritually, mentally and emotionally.

    What I’m no longer doing: Thinking I have to do everything and do everything on my own. I will ask for help when I need it instead of waring myself down both physically and emotionally. I will no longer forget to take care of me!

  37. My three core desires are to feel

    What I’m doing in 2013
    Continue cultivating meditation and yoga practice. Replace negative feelings with love. Be more real about myself and drop old stories.

    What I’m doing this week
    Accept and lighten up and don’t indulge in negativity re pain re difficulties between my sons. Enjoy (in joy!!) in love what we do have.

    What I’m no longer doing
    Feeling overly responsible for other peoples feelings and getting too heavy and not making ANYMORE snidely comments to my hubby about his mom. }:-/

    Kris, Ive had breast cancer this year and having you in my life has made all the difference, you’ve been my inspiration and green drinks have gotten me thru SO! And the cook book… For ever … Thanks, love.. And giggles :-)) happiness and blessings to all…

  38. Thanks Kris and CS Team, I am writing and journaling my desires and will get back to you. You have all helped me with acceptance and truth. Talk with you later. XoxoMarsha

  39. Gosh! I so want to work for Crazy Sexy Wellness, LLC! What a fabulous way to let your team know that they are valued, creatively nurtured, and proud of their work (my top 3!), and put those desires into action! Thank you for sharing, all!

    • Well now I just have to fully participate!
      My three core desired feelings are:
      – Valued
      – Creatively nurtured
      – Pride in my day to day

      What I’m doing in 2013:
      Checking in with myself to stay present and figure out what I really want – lots of nights, I do want to get gussied up and dance into the wee hours of the morn! But lots of other nights I want to hang out in my jammies, light some candles and get goin’ on my novel/fantasize about what I want my life to be/meditate/cook/sing/read for fun. Just an example :) Allowing myself to dream. Deepening my own wellness practices, and hopefully guiding some pals who want to get their green juice on with me!

      What I’m doing this week:
      Cherishing my little sister while she’s in town. Letting my mom know that I’m grateful for her. Filling myself up with veggies instead of vegan Christmas cookies and gearing myself up for a tough decision in the coming weeks by listening to gut… not by worrying about the future.

      And on that note… I’m going to stop living in the future! My life is so fly – I need to live and love it while I’ve got it!

      Love and sparkle dust to all! Happy New Year!

  40. What a fun (and timely) post! Have been playing around with the definition and “labels” for my core desired feelings. This exercise is revealing a life philosophy! I wanted to share because this community seems like they might be kindred spirits. :-)…

    1. Childish Enthusiasm. A light and free feeling in the body. Delighting in the world and all it has to offer. Curious, open, laughing, optimistic. Expecting the best even though you’ve survived the worse. Open for life with a big “Yes, Come on In” sign in the window. Seeing something good in everyone. Living in the moment. Being ready with a hug when someone needs it or asking for one if I need it. Authentic, truthful, accepting, imaginative and creative.

    2.. Inspired – “In” spirit. Connected to Source where all the thrilling, creative insights come like bubble ‘pops’. This desire feels vibrant, focused, and resonant in my body, like I’m a tuning fork in perfect pitch with the Universe… it sometimes takes my breath away.

    3. Loved – To know and be fully known, To be special and be valued for all I am and all I’m not. This feels makes me feel solid, grounded, and fully present in my body.

    OK so maybe I need to winnow down a bit but this was really fun. Off to work on the other part of the assignment with Childish Enthusiasm. Thanks for the post. Was perfect for the week before the New Year. I’m calling it my warm up week! lol!

  41. Such a timely post! I have been using my down time over Christmas to read your new book, and the Firestarter Sessions. It is so wonderful to see how similar we are in our core desired feelings and that there are lots of yogis in this community. I have spent a couple of days mulling mine over and they are:

    1. Bliss
    2. Connected
    3. Creative
    4. Dynamic

    What I’m doing in 2013: Starting my own business and being my own boss (after working in a hospital for 4 years) – so liberating (dynamic/creative). Making space to yoga (bliss), cook and share my inspirations with other people (creative/connected). Moving my body as often as I can.

    What I’m doing this week: Getting on my yoga mat, spending time with friends and family, creating new meals, working on marketing strategies.

    What I’m no longer doing: Saying yes to everything that comes my way, constantly checking emails, choosing work over movement, ignoring my intuition.

  42. ~My 3 core desired feelings are:
    1) FREE!
    2) Creative
    3) Present
    ~What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way:
    1) Lightening the load … clearing away and simplifying of material possessions, spending less money, giving myself more free time
    2) Putting more energy into my hobbies – gardening, painting/sketching, building, dancing, making music, preparing amazing meals, dressing to impress (myself)
    3) Calming anxieties by continuously bringing myself back to the moment and being grateful and connected and clear in that moment
    ~What I’m doing this week:
    1) a juice feast, reading, some form of exercise every day
    2) organizing and preparing tools for creation (clean up, fix my guitar)
    3) breathing
    ~What I’m no longer doing:
    focusing on what I need to work on

  43. I really liked those articles. The love of animal which I want pass more time with them. Not rushing enjoying everything I am doing. Do more running, swimming. Pass more time in the nature.

  44. My three core feelings are:

    What I’m doing in 2013: Making time to write every day. Spending some individual time with each of my pets each day. Spending more time with friends. Getting out to hear live music more often. Loving myself more, every day. Giving love away freely to others.

    What I’m doing this week: Contemplating, journaling, exercising, dressing the way I want to.

    What I’m not longer doing: I will not should all over myself. Not overscheduling myself. Not talking negatively to myself.

  45. Hi, Zuupdesign here. Your blog is simply great! My plan is to go over with all of your blog posts and get some of your ideas, I will share them with some of my clients! Health is also my business, so I have decided to share some of your stuff here. Thank you for your valuable share!

  46. Peace
    I need peace, calmness and also fun.
    Peace and calmness, meditating in the mornings and yoga.
    finding time for me.
    Keeping a journal.

  47. free

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel this way? Pursuing my Olympic dreams through archery national tournaments and ALL the practice (archery practice, workouts, yoga, eating well and juicing, proper sleep, meditation, and getting to know myself)

    What I’m doing this week: sleeping 8 hours/night, working on Cheri Huber’s 30 day guided retreat for compassionate self-discipline (aka Awareness) days: 7-14: being on time for work, AND juicing EVERYDAY. Thanks for the recipes!

    What I’m no longer doing: ignoring or judging the negative self-talk but examining it in a journal I keep with me 24/7 and then nurturing myself with what I need to hear.

    PS: Reading this blog also made my cry, I felt deeply transformed and connected. Thank you.

  48. Dear Kris and team!

    I think it is simply wonderful for you all to encorperate this aspect of living your core desired feelings in your work lives too!
    I have also been trying on my core desired feelings and living them out as often as I can.
    The one I am most proud of this week:
    I teach Pilates classes here in Bern. I am slowly growing my classes and my business and all the while going through some major transformational stuff in my personal/career life (www.sophiesigns.com). So yesterday morning a small whisper said: you’ll feel generous if you give the 6 ladies a free class today. I thought I was crazy, and if you looked at my bank account you might agree, and then I thought “I want to feel generous! I’m doing it!”
    I indeed felt super generous, and to boot happy, energized and they were very appreciative!
    Have a great day!


  49. hi and I love this!
    My 3 core desired feelings are:
    free &
    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: rediscovering my FUN factor and only taking part in opportunities that have that feel!
    What I’m doing this week: 2 Big things: Preparing to go on a vacation to another part of the world that I’ve get to discover with some kick ass friends and sharing with loved ones and clients my truest essence of being- I am deliberately practicing and BEing authentic!
    What I’m no longer doing: I am no longer procrastinating and/or holding back!

  50. Love, love, love this. Wouldn’t it be amazing if feelings were part of everyday, normal conversation? What kind of revolution could that spark? Acceptance. Understanding. Gratitude. Opportunity. Connection. The possibilities are limitless. I am so grateful to Danielle for starting us on this incredible journey.

    My core desired feelings ::: Creative * Free * Grounded * Empowered * Comfort

    What I’m doing in 2013: Trusting the journey. Believing in the harmony of the universe. Grounding myself through self-care practices and love. Empowering myself through my voice, my actions, my intentions. Freeing myself by paying off my credit card debt, creating a foundation of abundance.

    What I’m doing this week: Focusing. Believing in my business and re-designing/re-branding my site so I can launch my Life Coaching & Reiki practice!

    What I’m no longer doing: Rushing. Forcing. Pushing. Overwhelming.

  51. I’m a little late to the party here, but I LOVE this exercise!!

    My 3 core desired feelings:
    1. Authenticity
    2. Flow
    3. Expansiveness

    What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: working hard to develop my businesses (Nicole Carlin Yoga and Bloomva Yoga + Fertility), writing my first book, creating schedules and rituals that nourish & promote flow, staying as warm as I can (nothing stops my flow in its tracks like the cold!), eating healthily and exercising

    What I’m doing this week: Juicing, smoothies, yoga, inspired writing, bits n’ bobs for my business (to get money in through the door so I can focus more on “flow” and creative inspiration)

    What I’m no longer doing: letting myself get distracted, neglecting my own capacity to support myself, eating badly (especially sugar and lots o’ carbs)

    Nicole Carlin
    Twitter @ncarlinyoga

  52. Kris, You inspired me ever since seeing you on Oprah! Thanks for sharing your journey so openly. I wish I had shared mine in the present moment during my worst year at age 50, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but instead I went into isolation and got suicidally depressed. Women, don’t do that! We need each other to get well! My health turnaround came in working with co-active-coaches that got me in touch with my feelings and values that led to my recovery. It was miraculous. I unleashed my desires, did lots of “crazy, sexy stuff” and got well in 6 months! You are so right that we can be a great leader by caring about each others feelings! So grateful! My desire now, as a nurse and coach, is to spread WELLNESS, too and feel of service in a way that honors my heart.

  53. I love this concept! I read it first by Danielle and lately I’ve adapted it into a morning ritual. Each morning I write down my 3 core desires of the day (How do I want to feel today?).
    On a writing/working day it might be: Productive / Creative / Focused
    On a weekend with my kids it might be: Playful / Connected / Energetic
    I keep it where I can see it throughout the day and it serves as a reminder of my desires. By slightly changing them to adapt what I have going on that day, it keeps it fresh and truly does keep me focused.

    What I am no longer doing: Making a daily ‘to do’ list without also including a daily desires list. BEING not just DOING :)


  54. 3 core desired feelings

    Thank you

  55. I may have first heard about CSD via Danielle La Porte or it could have been from MindBodyGreen, a favorite resource of mine. I did complete the 21 day cleanse (last Monday actually)–almost perfectly and am still on a vegan track and trying to go with gluten free when I can. I find I need less sleep and am waking up before my alarm, which is wonderful.
    I have identified 5 core desired feelings, delight, freedom, energy, tranquility, and generosity.
    In 2013, I desire to create true positive impact–make life better for people and reduce impact on the planet)–with my work, social responsibility.
    This week, I’m going snowshoe running in the moonlight.
    I have stopped reading most work email until the afternoon, and I feel more productive.

    • My 3 core desired feelings are:

      1) love
      2) respect
      3) security
      4) creativity
      5) abundace

      wait should I keep going? lol

  56. Kris and Mavens,

    I feel so privileged that I created the space to bring you ladies into my life. Your energy in infectious.

    Ken Ackerman

  57. Thank you, all! I know this is a year too late…but, thank you! I have been struggling BIG TIME the last few weeks/months and this blog has helped with renewing and grounding my perspective once again. Thank you for your words and refreshed vocabulary:) Smiles, Tammy

  58. Well, did this exercise come along at the right moment … I think I will just get right on it.

    My three core desired feelings are:

    1. Joyous

    2. Released

    3. Creative.

    What I am doing in 2014 to feel this way: I need to remember that there are a lot of positive things happening and I can be part of those positives by joyously accepting just those things that are put in my path to do, while trusting that the universe is unfolding as it should. I am accomplishing this by reconnecting to my daily spiritual practices so I can be guided by by my heart, not just my thoughts and ideas. This means walking alone in places where I feel spiritually fed. Dancing often, whenever I feel stirred to do so, while releasing my self-judgments for the weight I have gained this past year. Honing my audio/video skills so that I can really move forward on some creative projects of my own.

    What I am doing this week: I am committed to eating this vegan detoxifying diet so that I can be healthier and ready for my dental surgery in 3 weeks. Working on school projects in a timely manner so as not to have last minute panic to finish.

    What I am no longer doing: Wasting emotional energy on judgments and resentments such as wishing our society wasn’t so screwed up, cause I don’t have to save the world, just stay in a place of compassion and trust.

  59. If you like reading a blog, what kind of interesting things that make you like that blog? Give me your favorite blog links too..