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My Crazy Sexy Soma Water Filter & Carafe Giveaway


Hi Sweet Friends,

We’re into our third month of 2014 and I’m thrilled to announce March’s Crazy Sexy giveaway—the super sexy, sleek and sustainable Soma Water Filter! I have one on my desk right now. Having accessible, filtered water at arm’s length keeps this gal hydrated all day long. Three lucky readers will receive this oh-so-chic filtration system plus a free two-year supply of filters. Holy hydration! (Update: this contest is now closed)

If you’d like to check out Soma water filters directly, find out more here.

I want to take this opportunity to talk to you guys about hydration and water filtration because it’s such a simple and powerful way to support your health. I looked back at Crazy Sexy Diet to brush up on my water knowledge and added a whole lot of new information and resources. Let’s get started!

Why is staying hydrated so important?

Drinking purified water is like taking a dip in the fountain of youth. Not only do your insides get a refreshing bath, but water also helps flush toxins from your cells, regulates body temperature and replenishes nutrients to all your vital organs. Our bodies are made up of over 70 percent water and our brain is nearly 80 percent water. Remember, you’re electric—when your cells don’t have enough fluid they lose their conductivity!

Being fully hydrated also boosts to your metabolism, which means that people who drink enough nourishing water throughout the day burn more calories and have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, not to mention they have more energy.

Sleep and mood are also greatly affected by how hydrated you are. Dehydration reduces melatonin, which means you’ll have a more difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep. So, if sleep is an issue for you, definitely drink up. (Just don’t drink your days-worth right before bed!)

What else does dehydration lead to? In a study of young women, mild dehydration led to a poor mood, less ability to concentrate, and increased task difficulty (meaning that these ladies were more bummed out, had trouble focusing, and everything seemed harder than it should have). Isn’t it amazing that just drinking more water can help prevent these things and improve your overall well-being?

How can you calculate your daily water needs?

Ideally, you should consume half your body weight in ounces of pure water per day. So for a 140 pound person that means 70 ounces (nearly nine 8-ounce glasses) in a 24 hour period. If you’re consuming lots of veggies and green juices you may not need as much. Just remember, it’s important to listen to your inner thirst goddess and obey her commands! (Hint: if you’re thirsty that means you are already dehydrated). Your pee is also a good measure of your hydration. It should be a pale yellow. You really have to squint your eyes to see fully hydrated pee in the toilet.

What’s up with tap water?

It takes some research to determine the quality of your local water. Luckily, organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Food and Water Watch provide reports and guides to help consumers understand what’s in their water supply. Check out the Food and Water Watch’s Guide to Safe Tap Water to find out how to track down the most recent water report for your area. You can also use EWG’s National Tap Water database to learn more. The most common tap water contaminants include potentially DNA-damaging chloramines, pesticides, lead and other heavy metals, as well as pharmaceuticals. Hello, water filter!

What about well water?

To be safe, I recommend having your well water tested. Most times, well water is very similar to tap water minus the chlorine, so depending on how your water checks out, you may want to filter it. The lack of chlorine definitely helps well water taste better, but it still may contain undesirable contaminants.

Is bottled water a better option?

Probably not. Increasing reports are coming back showing bottled water is often sourced from tap water and that most bottled water contains a variety of pollutants we’re trying to avoid in the first place. Bottom line: Don’t believe what the labels are telling you. According to the Environmental Working Group’s survey of 173 bottled water brands, “18 percent of bottled waters fail to list the source, and 32 percent disclose nothing about the treatment or purity of the water.” In addition, chemicals lurking in plastic, such as BPA, can leach into bottled water. No thanks! Lastly, I think we can all agree that plastic water bottles aren’t doing our planet any favors. One simple solution is buying a BPA-free reusable water bottle and filling it with filtered water from home. Voila!

What makes Soma water filters so smart?

Soma’s genius lies in its award-winning filter, which reduces chlorine, lead, selenium and arsenic. Plus, its filtration formula produces a crisp, clean taste. To top it off, Soma filters are made from all-natural coconut shells, four layers of fine silk and plant-based materials (jackpot!) to keep your filtration system sustainable and stylish.

Learn more about Soma’s filters in this quick video:

There are a lot of water filters out there, so if you want to check out how yours stacks up, use EWG’s Water Filter Guide.

Is filtered water really that big of a deal?

Hands down, yes! Here are just a few of the benefits filtered water provides:

  • Removes contaminants that compromise your immune system
  • Reduces the amount of chlorine in the water (which may reduce your risk of colon, rectal and bladder cancers)
  • Works as a barrier between you and those nasty disease-causing agents
  • Decreases your exposure to chemicals and other man-made toxins
  • It usually tastes better so you’re likely to drink more and stay hydrated more easily!

Peace & happy hydrating,

Kris Carr

Water Filter Note: The Water Quality Association (WQA) tested Soma to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 requirements for materials safety, and chlorine, taste and odor reduction. PACE Analytical tested more specific contaminants both at EPA contaminant regulation levels and at NSF Standard 53 levels. The Soma water filter has been third-party verified to reduce lead, selenium and arsenic levels as well.

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1,279 responses to My Crazy Sexy Soma Water Filter & Carafe Giveaway
  1. I actually don’t stay very well hydrated. Trying to change that – thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My kids and I love to crush up fruit and veggies to add to our water! Cucumber, mashed orange and strawberries. We also add herbs when we feel the urge. It becomes a treat for the whole family and the kids like to sell it door to door!

  3. I stay hydrated by having a green juice, then water and teas all throughout the day! (and would love to try this water filter!)

  4. I stay hydrated by tracking my water intake each day, it’s motivation and keeps me accountable!

  5. Fave way to hydrate is pure ol’ coconut water. (AKA: the lazy hydrator’s savior)
    2nd Fave way: When I’m sick or working in intense situations, I fill up one of those smart water 1 liter bottles (aesthetically, just feels like the perfect size, dynamic.) and try to drink one an hour to an hour, 15 minutes. Lots of potty breaks, but well worth it for off the charts energy + glowing skin!

    • I also love adding fresh fruit and veggies to my water to make them “flavored”. Coconut water and a wide variety of flavored teas keep me looking and felling my best at all times. I also have a water bottle that reminds me to drink and keeps track of my water consumption each day.

  6. I bring a 40oz. water bottle to work filled to the brim! Also love coconut water to stay hydrated!

  7. I am learning to stay hydrated but I just don’t like water. I just ordered a water cooler for my home because I think that may help me to drink more. But I am not too sure about the safety of those plastic containers the water comes in. I would love to win the Soma because it sounds like a great way to get healthy water daily. Thank you Kris!

    • Beverly,

      I don’t know if you have already tried adding a couple cuts/slices of fruit to slightly flavor your water. This or adding one tiny drop of an edible essential oil (like DoTerra lime, peppermint, or lemon oils) may help with the “taste” of water. Again, I don’t know if this will help you, but just some suggestions.

  8. i drink a *ton* of water (okay, not a ton, but you know what i mean) during the work day, so really excited for this giveaway! :)

  9. I love to put a slice of lemon, cucumber and a sprig of mint in my tall iced water! Refreshes me all day!

  10. I enjoy drinking hot water in the evening. There is something comforting about it!

  11. I like hot water and lemon juice with a little stevia to make an afternoon tea and liver flush.

  12. I know I should drink more water, but I try to at least hydrate with a full glass of water first thing in the morning.

  13. I drink plain water. At work, we have bottled. At home…well, I’m a tap water girl. We have pretty decent water in our city; our water comes from a beautiful lake that is actually a protected area.

    • Ceil Hook,

      That is great that you have a source of natural clean water! I looked up to see if we had a clean, natural source nearby, but do not. Our water is so full of chlorine. I can smell it as it runs from the tap, shower, and bath. On the bright side, at least it is not contaminated with parasites and such, so I can’t complain too much!

    • Ceil Hook,

      That is great you have a natural clean source for your tap water. Here in San Antonio, TX, the water is heavy with chlorine. I can smell the chlorine as the water runs from the tap, shower, and bath. On the bright side, at least we have “safe” water without parasites and such. Not every place on this beautiful Earth has that luxury, so I cannot complain too much!

  14. I try to have at lest one green juice and then supplement with filtered water and tea. Seems easier to stay hydrated in summer! This filter in my studio would make it super easy to keep up the fluids!

  15. I drink a large amount of water right after I wake up in the morning! Gets things started and reminds me all day to stay hydrated!

  16. I LOVE drinking my filtered water with a little bit of citrus essential oil added. This way I stay hydrated while also helping my body flush away toxins. The citrus also helps awaken the body from that mid-afternoon slump.

  17. I keep my wonderful glass water bottle with me at all time. Hated the taste of any water bottle except glass. It has to taste good to make yourself drink it!

  18. I love adding in fresh fruits and buying cute water bottles get me to drink more water!

  19. What’s your favorite way to stay hydrated? Currently I have to use my Britta water filter at home to cart my filtered water to work… not the best option. I love my decaf green tea with a knob of ginger, and my random juice combination of the day.

  20. I always have a travel mug that I fill with water. I can’t drive anywhere without it. It goes to exercise class with me, skiing, everywhere. It seems I am in the car a lot, and so is the water.

  21. I’m with Autumn- I don’t stay hydrated enough! This year I have went vegetarian and juice every morning for breakfast but I know in the afternoon I get dry and don’t pay much attention when my body is telling me to drink more water! This would definitely help with drinking water that would taste better! Thanks!

  22. To stay hydrated throughout the day, I carry multiple water bottles to work. This carafe would be wonderful to keep at work!

  23. I’m lucky because I genuinely enjoy drinking water. I have at least a litre on my morning walk and have two more litres during the day with 4 oz of organic cranberry juice in it to keep my body in an alkaline state. I’d love to have a Soma on my desk! Thanks for the chance Kris.

  24. I have a Stantevia system. Beautiful water. I try to carry my water bottle with me and I drink herbal tea as well!

  25. Chocolate mint tea from Field Apothecary and soups in the winter and watermelon and frozen grapes in the summer.

  26. Thanks for this information. It is amazing how such a small action of drinking more pure water can actually make us feel so much better! My way of getting enough pure water is purchasing a reverse osmosis system from Costco installed easily at home. No more liter cases of H2o from Trader Joe’s to be lugged around. Even with this I wonder how pure it is? I will explore your Soma as an alternative as well. Also will use your link to find out more about my local water supply. Also having a number dedicated water bottles at home and for travel or hikes somehow makes me drink more. Like having a baba around at all times. primal- ha!
    Been wanting to know. so Thank-You!

  27. I used to be much better at hydrating. Have fallen off since the filtered water line in my refrigerator broke. This SOMA would be great!

  28. My favorite way to stay hydrated is by keeping a big glass Ball jar filled with filtered water and a few slices of lemon and ginger. Not only does it taste delicious, but it keeps my system flushed and happy!

  29. Hi Kris! My favorite ways to stay hydrated is water and fresh herbal tea. I use water from the tap, filter it in a Pur large sized filter with spout, then boil the water in a stainless steel electric kettle, that also has a filter on it, THEN put it in a glass carafe. Yeah, I know, a lot of work. I do this all day long, as I work from home. Then when I want tea, I use fresh organic loose teas in a family heirloom ceramic pot, boil the already filtered water in the electric tea kettle and pour it in the teapot. Then I pour the tea over a stainless steel filter and into my favorite tea cups or glass mugs. The mindfulness it takes to create my drinks are like a ritual to me and remind me, that such self care brings a certain mindfulness for each day in all that I do. In the summer I make organic spritzers and fruit flavored water as well. Happy Hydration! :)

  30. I like to drink water to stay hydrated!

  31. I don’t drink nearly enough fluids as I should. For some strange reason I’m NEVER thirsty, so I have to consciously remind myself to drink! Maybe this water filter would help :)

  32. I like to have a big bottle (not plastic) on my desk at all time. I add a couple of berries, a squeeze of lemon/lime/orange, or a slice of kiwi!

  33. I stay hydrated by drinking water and tea throughout the day. I add some fruits to my water and it’s yummy!

  34. As a creative and a designer, I’m happier when my on-the-go stainless steel water bottles are decorative. They become a fashion accessory (and something of a personal branding tool) while keeping water ever at hand

  35. I love to drink 2 glasses of water in the morning….great way to stay hydrated and make it a routine

  36. I need to do a better job of staying hydrated. I do enjoy green juices almost every day and I know that helps!

  37. I take a reusable water bottle with me everywhere. I usually squeeze some lemon or lime juice in it before I head out, and refill throughout the day. I take hydration very seriously!

  38. I have a big glass mug of ice water on my desk (has to be ice). But my cats have decided they like my water even when I give them their own dish of ice water on the floor. I have to carry it with me if I leave the desk:) This would be perfect.

  39. I love warm water with lemon, and my other trick is to eat water-rich antioxidant loaded foods like celery,cucumber, watermelon, oranges, grapes, as snacks when hungry.
    I would love to win this water filter!

  40. I stay hydrated all day by drinking water at my desk all day & having a green tea in the afternoon. I also think my white & red striped straw sticking out of my nalgene makes for a fun way to drink up!

  41. Coconut water. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  42. Keeping my glass water bottle constantly at arm’s reach! And eating/drinking ultra hydrating foods- think cucumbers, apples, celery and more!

  43. I fill up my water bottle daily with water and lemon and walk around the house with it. It helps me remember because its always with me (like white on rice) : )

  44. Always have water with me, either a glass by my side or a platypus water bottle on the go. Would love to have one of these filters and love the auto ship on the filters!

  45. I don’t know why but I drink more water when I use a straw so I always carry a large, insulated cup of water with ….a straw. : )

  46. I like to make myself take a drink of water every time I pass the sink (I have a filter on it). I leave a glass there so it’s a no-brainer. I also keep a glass water bottle in my car and next to my bed and on my desk. It’s always right there. (I also have cut up lemon in the fridge every day so it make the water taste better and helps me keep my body more alkaline.)

  47. my way to drink enough throughout the day: in the morning i boil some water with a cinnamon stick in it, let it boil for a few minutes (the water gets brown/red).. at the end (when the heat is turned off) i put in some thyme for 3 minutes (not much longer because then the thyme looses all of his good stuff)! That goes in my thermos!
    lovely to drink something warm at any time (warm drinks are also better for the body)

  48. Kris,

    Thank you for the reminder about how important it is to drink enough water. And, thank you for all of your inspiration (and good laughs!!) to live a healthier lifestyle!! I was a near-vegan prior to my breast cancer diagnosis in 2013, and I maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle. But, reading your book & blog has helped me see how I can clean up my act even more! I’m almost at my first “cancer-versary,” and I’m working my way to “thriving!”

    Keeping a refillable bottle of water with me all the time, and making sure I drink at least two bottles-fills per day makes all of the difference! On days when I get too busy to drink enough water, I just don’t feel the same.

    :) !

  49. My husband and I have hot lemon water every morning and every night before bed. It’s a nice way to start the day and end the day doing something together that we know is good for us. Getting more water during the day is generally a bit harder because I don’t love tap or bottled water- prefer filtered and that’s not always available. Xo

  50. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with a big mug of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning! It is so relaxing and energizing to sip on as I get ready for work

  51. It might not be my favorite way, but for me it’s most effective. I just chug a huge glass of water right away in the morning to get it out of the way.

  52. my favorite way to stay hydrated is definitely water (duh!). however, i love adding lemons & fresh herbs to jazz it up a bit! also, i’ve found chia seeds to be really hydrating so i eat alot of chia puddings to feel gooood :)

  53. I stay hydrated by drinking water first thing when I get up in the morning. I have trained myself to drink water (at least six ounces) every three hours during the day. I take my last water at bedtime. This works well for me. I never feel thirsty (dehydrated) and my skin looks and feels amazing!

  54. Lovely!

  55. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink copious amounts of water. Some with lemon juice or just plain.

  56. I’ve been drinking tap water so I am needing to change for my health. I’m excited to hear about this new Soma Water Filter. I would love to feel the difference with this Soma Water!
    Thanks for wonderful giveaway.


  57. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to always have my water bottle within reach!

  58. I like icy water, so I put it in the freezer a bit before drinking it. YUM!

  59. I love drinking filtered water–i never buy bottled. Right now we have a Britta–but I’d love a Soma.

  60. At work, I fill a beautiful quart-sized glass carafe in the morning, and make sure to drink at least ONE before I leave at the end of the day. I drink out of my favorite pint glass at work too, from the restaurant where my husband and I had our first date. This keeps me connected to memory I love. I start the day with green juice at home, and I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. I’d LOVE to try this new water purifier — the design is beautiful! And I love that it is glass!

  61. I’ve recently started tracking how much water I drink. I’ll sometimes drink a cup of hot water with ginger and lemon (trying to get out of the habit of drinking coffee).

  62. Kris you inspire me daily with your blog, facebook posts/sayings, or just by looking in your books when I am home. So blessed to have you “in” my life. thanks :)

  63. I stay hydrated by keeping a glass of water (and sometimes lemon) at my desk and in my car!! I also try to drink 8oz before each meal!

  64. The best way I stay hydrated is to get more exercise. That way, I crave water after and drink a lot of it. Also, I drink green smoothies, hot tea in the afternoon. Another trick I learned is to put water cups in every room that I am in most of the time. So I have one in the kitchen, my office and car. That way I see it and take sips throughout the day.

  65. I like to stay hydrated by keeping a tall glass of purified water at my desk right next to nice warm cup of tea. I sip all day. I also like to have my water in a wine glass! I’m fancy and I know it! :-)

  66. I keep a jar of Vitamineral Green in the refigerator at work. This is next to the water cooler that I use regularly. I do need to find out what filtration system is used in the cooler. I have asked before but nobody seems to know.

  67. My favorite way to stay hydrated is just to drink nice cold water all day! Thanks for a chance to win!

  68. I love to add lemon or mint to my water – so good!

  69. Pure water from my ROI system when I’m at home, or herbal teas. This gets a little more challenging when I’m at work (where I spend most of my day), since there’s no good filtration system. Having this at my desk would be amazing! :)

  70. Drinking water has the added benefit of making one feel full as well as just fulfilling a hydration requirement. It is a great way to check and see if one is really hungry and get hydrated at the same time. I am a big girl trying to get smaller, so i use this technique to actually see if what i am feeling is hunger and ir has helped to greatly increased my H20 intake. Thank you.

  71. I drink water all day – filtered either in a glass cup or stainless steel bottle

  72. To stay fully hydrated, I need to drink about 5 – 32oz Nalgene bottles a day! Needless to say, reducing the amounts of contaminants in my drinking water would greatly benefit me!

    My favorite way to stay hydrated is to have my Nalgene in my field of vision while I work. That way it’s always on my mind, reminding me to stay hydrated! Thanks Kris!

  73. I drink water with lemon and eat/drink plenty of fruits, veggies, juices, and smoothies! :)

  74. I love to stay hydrated drinking hot water with lemon or seltzer water! I am a big athlete, so drinking water constantly every day is very important!

  75. water, green tea, & coconut water

  76. Two of my go-to ways to stay hydrated include (1) sparkling natural mineral water with a twist of citrus; and (2) cold, filtered water with a twist of citrus or a few thin slices of cucumber. The perfect refresher and brain-waker-upper! <3

  77. If I drink water withing 15 minutes of rising, it is nearly effortless to drink all day long. If I don’t then I have to think about it all day long.

  78. I carry around a water bottle but tend not to drink it! I hope to win the Britta filter craft. It’s so pretty!

  79. I ALWAYS keep a cup, travel mug or reusable water bottle with me at all times. That way whether I am in my car, at a client site who doesn’t have cups or even just out for a stroll I have something to put some water in!

  80. Good old water, hot tea when it’s cold, and iced tea when it’s warm!

  81. I always keep my water bottle handy.

  82. Perfect timing! I am moving to an new office and have been researching water systems. This would be perfect!!!

  83. I like anything with a straw. It’s a habit i developed as a child- I can mindlessly drink for hours if I have a straw. Oral fixation?

  84. Water, water, fresh fruits & veggies,& more water. My keys to hydration.

  85. I always carry around with me a glass water bottle from LifeFactory that has a handle and keep sipping and filling it throughout the day. Also just switched to herbal coffee to have that mental morning fix and pleasure but cut out the dehydration and acid. :-)

  86. The best way for me to stay hydrated is to make water fun. I either steep fruit, vegetables, or green tea in my water for subtle flavor. Additionally, it’s all about the container….. a goblet, a hand-painted glass or a precious hand-me-down from my grandmother. Make hydration enjoyable!

  87. Clean water, clean water, clean water ….. raw coconut water and lots of fruit and veggies

  88. I stay hydrated by always making sure my water glass (or water bottle) is full. Whether I’m thirsty or not, once it’s empty I fill it back up again (I started doing this when I gave up Diet Coke). Now it’s such a habit, that it bugs me if my water glass is empty even for a few minutes. Because I always have water next to me, I drink a ton of water each day.

  89. I stay hydrated by keeping options handy – I drink a lot of water, but I also make herbal iced tea and hot tea to mix things up a bit.

  90. Deb said on March 4, 2014

    As I filter water first thing in the morning, I drink about a liter of water. A 3 liter hot water dispenser sits on my kitchen counter, keeping the temp at one of three levels for drinking tea all day long. The tea is specially grown and fermented for a local supplier nearby.

  91. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink water with mint leaves and cucumber slices in it. I usually make it pretty in my fave glass, while Im making dinner or lounging on my deck in the summer time.

  92. I love to have awesome water bottles that I carry around that make it fun to drink out of!
    I’ve also found that I drink more when I use a straw or a CamelBak

    In the Summer, Watermelon Keeps me Hydrated!!!!

  93. I love to keep lemon water with me all day long. The citrus-y taste is addictive.

  94. My favorite way to hydrate is putting sliced fruit in my water, especially lemons

  95. Best way to start my day is hot lemon water with tumeric and fresh ginger. This gets my tummy settled and happy. Then throughout the day I take breaks from writing and editing by getting glasses of water to replnish my body and to reset my mind. On super cold days, of which we have had many in NYC this year, I also drink lots of herbal teas. Yum!


  96. I keep a wine decanter on my desk full of filtered water and a wine glass, so I can drink all day in style! I also carry a Berkey portable water container when I go out. I made a commitment to drink a certain amount of water a day so if I don’t go to bed without drinking it – and it has worked wonders for my hydration habits.

  97. My favorite way to stay hydrated is through infusion! I take my favorite berries, and fruit, slice, smash and love them right into the bottom of a pitcher, add chia seeds and then pour water over it. I then put in in fridge and let it infuse overnight and wa-la!!! Yum!!!

  98. I cleanse once a month and love how happy my body is because it is getting drenched in fluid. I find these cleanses increase my hydration habit for the rest of month, because I want to keep that ‘glowy’ feeling in between!

  99. I drink bottled water but need to change. I can taste the plastic. Yuk

  100. Zoe said on March 4, 2014

    My favourite way to stay hydrated is to add some emergen-C to one glass of water a day – it tastes yummy (yes, there is a little sugar, but hey, Vitamin C!) and it encourages me to drink even more water!

  101. I drink seltzer water – I pour it in a cocktail glass with ice and lime. I got tired of people giving me a hard time about not drinking a real cocktail – now it looks like I am, but I am the only one who feels good the next day and can drive home at night!!

  102. In the high desert of central Oregon staying hydrated is essential! There’s nothing better than yummy water and this is an awesome way to have handy filtered water – thanks!

  103. I try to stay hydrated but slide occasionally. I use a Mavea filter pitcher at home and my work provides “filtered” water but I don’t trust it! LOL This would really be great at the office on my desk. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  104. I actually have not been doing the greatest job of staying hydrated lately – so I feel like this might help!

  105. My favorite way to stay hydrated is just to drink one full Klean Kanteen worth of water each morning, afternoon, and evening. It’s much easier during the week when I’m at work; I often fall behind on hydration on the weekends.

  106. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to start first thing in the morning! Right when I get out of bed, I fill a glass with filtered, room temp water and the juice of half a lemon. I also love to add some ginger when I have it on hand. It helps me remember to drink up all day and gets my digestion going right.

  107. I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well as eating fruits and vegetables.

  108. Tea helps me stay hydrated. I love tea, hot or cold rain or shine. Also remembering to keep my water bottle with me at all times helps remind me to drink. I have to stay proactive about it otherwise I forget and the day just rolls along without hydration.

  109. I drink water and tea all day long. I like to use a glass for my water for some reason it feels better…and a fabulous Nissan thermos for on the go hot tea!

  110. I have a special water mug I use to get my water in every day. Mostly.

  111. Lots of Water and the occasional green smoothie keep me hydrated.

  112. I aim to drink 1 gallon a day and have a water bottle in my briefcase, a huge cup on my desk and then another at the gym :)

  113. kat said on March 4, 2014

    I love to infuse water with fresh lemon, cucumber, mint. I’m also into a couple drops of essential oils in my hot water for a mock tea. #happyhydrating

  114. I drink 16 ounces of water with lemon first thing in the morning, followed by 8-16 ounces of green juice, then another 16 ounces with supplements, I drink teas and more water throughout the day.

  115. I constantly drink water throughout the day but I love adding lemon or cucumbers!

  116. The only way I could find to get the amount of water I required was to buy a container sized to the ounces I required and make sure that I finish it each day. Randomly drinking water was not doing it for me. Now all I need to do is fill up the jug and drink away.

  117. I love to add cucumber slices, mint, or lemon to my water– it’s pretty and adds subtle flavor. Sometimes I serve it up in a wine glass to make it extra pretty!

  118. I d love to try this new one. Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  119. Thanks for reminding me to drink more water. This purifier looks great. IF I keep water in front of me, I will drink. But lots of days, I fail to do that. I will drink more water!

  120. My favorite way to stay hydrated? Huge glasses! I buy the biggest glasses I can find so that I have as much water at my desk as possible. When I use a normal glass I sometimes get lost in work and keep telling myself, one more minute and I’ll get up and get another glass…an hour later I realize it’s been forever since I had a drink! Plus, my big, heavy glasses help me work my arms a bit. :oP

  121. I’m currently pregnant and staying hydrated has been a main concern for me. I try to make sure I get half my body weight drank by having herbal teas and coconut water. I make a strong batch of tea in the beginning of the week and then I add it to four different water bottles. This helps me to make sure I drink enough water and gives the water a bit of favor and helps me get the herbs that I need too.

  122. I am truly awful at staying hydrated. My closest friend gave me the most beautiful water bottle to encourage me to drink more water. My loving companion will fill the pretty bottle with water brightened by squirts of lemon and lime juice. And yet another friend will annoy the ever-living-#%&* out of me until I down one glass in front of him daily. So, perhaps my favorite way to hydrate is in the company of others who remind me taking care of them means taking care of me, too.

  123. I love to stay hydrated by sipping herbal teas all day long. I have a plug-in kettle that I use at work. It’s awesome!

  124. I like to start my day off with a warm cup of tea. The rest of the day I try to keep my water bottle full so that I always have some water with me to drink!

  125. My favorite way to stay hydrated is lemon water & my yummy green juices. Would love to win, as I am battling breast cancer & have changed my whole life to fight it with an all organic vegan diet & know how very important good water is for you. This is one thing I do not have but have looked into them. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  126. The water where I work is not so good! It is always cloudy, treated with chlorine, and gosh knows what else. Since I am here at the office 5 days a week, I have brought in my own water from home. I bring them in mason jars and put them in the fridge in my office. I love to add lemons and limes to the water! Another way that I stay hydrated daily is by drinking green smoothies or juicing( depends on my mood). The greens give me energy and help me to stay hydrated, as well as skipping on products that will dehydrate me such as caffeine products!

  127. I have a 1 liter cup I drink my water out of. I try to fill it up twice a day! I love my water….I NEVER drink anything else!

  128. I do my best to stay hydrated by drinking water as well as eating moisture rich foods.

  129. I like to drink warm water with lemon in the morning and iced lemon water throughout the day.

  130. I do well to get down a couple of glasses of water each day, often with some lemon added to it. Obviously, I NEED TO DO BETTER! I’ve learned so much from the other comments. Maybe the Soma Filter/Carafe will help me to help myself to healthier!! :)

  131. I always carry a CamelBak with me – that’s my favorite way to stay hydrated!

  132. My favorite source of hydration is lush, juicy, flavorful greens and more greens…and clean, pure water, of course.

  133. My favorite way to hydrate is with coconut water! Coconut water is pricey around here though, so my second favorite way it is add fresh cut up fruit to my water to jazz it up and drink it from a jar. :)

  134. Jen said on March 4, 2014

    I stay hydrated by filling my 700 ml water container before I leave the house and finishing it before I arrive at my destination.

  135. Green juices and just plain water. :)

  136. I use a giant mason jar with a handle… fill it with water a few times a day and it reminds me to keep drinking!

  137. Constantly carry a BPA free 32 oz. nalgene bottle with me every where I go. I try to fill it up at least 3 times day. It really helps me stay hydrated no matter where I am, plus reduces waste from using small paper, plastic cups or plastic water bottles.

  138. I try to mix it up sometimes by adding fruit to my water bottle, For every drink I consume, I try to equal that to my water intake.

  139. Work in a setting where I am prohibited from drinking or eating anything. Makes it very difficult to stay hydrated.

  140. Water water, water! I love jazzing up my filtered water with citrus slices and mint!

  141. Lately, I’ve been drinking two glasses of water with half squeezed Meyer’s lemon in it. Regular lemon was giving me a stomach ache. I love that and then the rest of the day, it’s tea.
    Thanks for the reminder and challenge to try and hydrate better mid-day, afternoon and evening… let’s see if it helps the sleep!

  142. i like sparkling water, but I’m afraid it’s not good for me. ; (

  143. I don’t stay hydrated quite like I should, but I’ve started using coconut water in my green smoothies and I’m loving it!

  144. How do I stay hydrated? Huge glasses! I buy the biggest glasses I can find so that I have tons of water at my fingertips. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in work and my glass is empty and I find myself saying just one more minute, after I finish this I’ll get up and get more water….before I know it an hour has passed and I haven’t had any water! Plus, my big, heavy glasses give my arms a bit of a workout every day. :oP

  145. 1. Water with lemon – sometimes w/ limes, basil, cucumber slices or ginger. (usually a carafe by the bed or on the desk).
    2. Green juices & smoothies every day.
    3. Kombucha

  146. My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking refreshing………WATER!!! :-)

  147. I keep a bottle of water with me at all times, plus I eat alot of raw bok choy which has alot of water in it, as well as celery sticks and any fruit that I can get ahold of. Staying hydrated keeps my migraines in check.

  148. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink water with doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil, it keeps me hydrated and detoxed all day long :)

  149. I love soda stream water, no flavoring just the carbonated water. I drink 4 of the 32 oz bottles per day. I love Perrier but the soda stream makes fizzy water for almost free. Of course I use filtered water – usually from my refrigerator dispenser; it is filtered with a Britta filter.

  150. I try to juice once a day. Drinking 32oz of greens and fruits taste better then 32oz of water anyday!

  151. I have been drinking just water now for quite some time. I totally stay away from any type of sugary soda. But my favorite water drink is taking fresh home filtered water and adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to it. Delish! When I’m at a restaurant, I ask for the same. So far every place I eat has been able to provide me with crazy sexy water + crazy sexy lemon juice.

  152. I take my water bottle and put a piece of white masking tape on it. Throughout the day I make a mark each time I finish the bottle until I reach my goal! I could really use a bpa free filter carafe to make it even easier!

  153. kat said on March 4, 2014

    lots of water! had to learn to love it to keep my kidneys working at their best. 😉

  154. A tall glass of water sits next to me as I type away! Keeping it topped up keeps ME hydrated! I buy filtered water {refill station @ whole foods} but it would be great to be able to filter the water I have from my tap with the Soma Filter and then just use the filtered water jugs for cooking!

  155. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with an abundance of lush, juicy, flavorful greens and more greens…and of course pure, clean, fresh water.

  156. To stay hydrated I try to drink as much water as possible and load up on fruits and veggies.

  157. I start my day with a 12 oz. glass with water and organic juiced lemon juice. The rest of the day I used tap water. We have a well with a filter but not sure how pure the water is. I also use organic fruits and vegetables in my water. I love a cut of Tulsi tea in the afternoon or evening. Would love to win this Soma water filter.

  158. Jen said on March 4, 2014

    I stay hydrated by filling my 700 ml water bottle before I leave the house and challenging myself to finish it before I arrive at my destination.

  159. The best way for me to stay hydrated is to drink lots of water throughout the day with my handy dandy 100oz cup. That cup holds me accountable for my intake for the day :)

  160. I use a water bottle with a filtered straw already, but I don’t always like the straw. This filter is perfect!

  161. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink water with lemon or lime. It tastes great and the more I drink, the more I get to get up and walk while at work!

  162. Ivy said on March 4, 2014

    I stay well-hydrated by making sure I always have a healthy beverage within reach! My staples are tea (green, Yerba mate, ginger) and water (plain or with lemon)


  163. My favorite is just a simple lemon water :) Never gets old!

  164. i keep a gallon of water on my counter and make marks with a marker as goals all day . i try for a gallon a day when im super active

  165. Whole family tracks water intake on dry erase board on fridge… beside each name is the number of glasses we aim to drink based on the formula you mentioned.

  166. I love making lemon water in my camelbak bottle. Sometimes I get a little crazy and put fresh lime juice, orange juice, basil, or mint to the bottle. When I want a “cocktail” I replace my water with Topo Chico, an awesome mineral water.

  167. I love to use my Sodastream to make sparkling water – filtered of course!

  168. My new favorite way to stay hydrated is either pure organic coconut water or water flavored with wild orange essential oil. I never liked drinking water because of the taste and will only drink it if it is filtered. I would absolutly love to win this filter.

  169. I started carrying water with me everywhere i went about 7 years ago because I was having breathing difficulty and upon googling, i stumbled on the book Your Bodies Many Cries for Water. Which i found to be a great resource. I stay hydrated by drinking filtered water throughout the day!

  170. Sam said on March 4, 2014

    I love to cut up some lemon and toss it into my water for a little zing!

  171. I try to drink water when I get up and before each meal. Then I sip water through out the day. I even drink a glass before bedtime. Its hard some days but worth doing.

  172. I put organic lemons, cucumbers and herbs in my water bottle and then fill it up and let it sit over night. I will also refill the same bottle through-out the day. I never drank water before – but now with these mild flavors accenting my water…I drink up to 80 ounces a day! Yippee!

  173. Jen said on March 4, 2014

    I fill my water jug before I leave the house and challenge myself to finish it before I arrive at my destination.

  174. I’m a straight up water kind of gal, room-temp, but I absolutely know I should be drinking more of it. Thanks for the informative article and running the giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  175. I just always have a water bottle (Camelbak reusable) with me for work, carpool line or class. I try to make my water fun by adding a sprig of mint, lemon, lime or cucumber – depending on what’s fresh or available in my yard, neighbors yard or my fridge.

  176. Love my warm lemon water in the morning. After that it’s smoothies and green/herb teas. I definitely need a way to drink more during the day. Thanks for this offer!!

  177. I drink water before each meal and sip it all day long. Some days are harder than others but its worth it.

  178. I keep two glasses of water at my desk at all times. :)

  179. I never think to drink water til I’m thirsty…so carry around my stainless steel water bottle with me every time I leave the house to force me to think about hydrating. I’m starting to drink more green smoothies though, and am adding lemon wedges to all water to make it more inviting. : )

  180. I stay hydrated using my water tracking app. I can tick off how many glasses I drank!

  181. my favourite way to stay hydrated in the colder months is by drinking hot beverages all day long… roasted dandelion root tea, ginger tea, or hot lemon water

  182. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to semi freeze coconut water and place cucumber slices and lemon inside of the mixture. It’s just like a healthy slushie instead of the ones I use to get at Sonic on a hot summer day.

  183. Coconut water fills up my cells and makes me well. xxxx

  184. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink cold clean filtered water with a squizzz of our organic meyer lemons, peel and all. The AZ desert is aaiiiii! HOT and our water is not the best, so filtration is a must. Would love to join you Kris–this system looks wonderful! <3

  185. Amy said on March 4, 2014

    I alternate between water with a little lemon juice added and iced green tea.

  186. I drink a big glass of lemon water every morning and then (try to) keep a big glass with slices of lemon with me all day. Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  187. Water and eating food with high water content (veggies/fruits)

  188. My favorite way to stay hydrated is water with crushed ice. Kids and I also carry our water bottles everywhere we go.

  189. Lemon, lime and mint infused water is my favorite!

  190. I have a cute insulated cup with a straw that I refill several times a day. It’s easier to drink lots of water with a straw, for some reason.

  191. Love to drink hot water instead of coffee or tea

  192. I like to keep a stainless steel water bottle on my desk and refill it at least twice during the day

  193. I stay hydrated by filling a pitcher of water with strawberries and/lemon and keep it at room temperature near my desk as I am working thru the day. I also discovered white tea and all the benefits- keeping hydrated for me is quite important since I suffer from chronic urinary infections .

  194. I currently use a Brita filter and have my glass right at my desk and drink it all day!

  195. glass water bottle filled all day, everyday!!!!

  196. The best way for me has been just drinking glasses/thermos of water. Will incorporate more water based fruits and vegetables.

  197. I started this habit about 2 months ago: when I first rise I drink a glass of water. After my shower, I drink another glass of water, then proceed with drying my hair, make up and so on. As I prepare my breakfast, I drink another glass of water. I drink my 1 and only cup of Java, after eating my breakfast instead of before and during breakfast. I drink 1 glass of water at mid-morning pee-time and another as I prepare lunch or just before I eat my lunch. I make sure I drink 2 glasses of water in the afternoon by drinking 1 glass after each pee-time. I drink a glass of water while I prepare supper. I drink 1 glass of water before bedtime. I have been surprised at how thirsty for water I have become. We also buy smaller bottled water when we are on the road or at meetings to ensure we drink our minimum 8 glasses of water a day. A filtering system would ensure we are both drinking the best quality water for our wellbeing. On our strict monthly budget we cannot afford such a system so it would be like an early Christmas present or special BDay gift coming up May 4 – what a health gift it would be! Thank you for this opportunity and your generous spirit – you are an inspiration!

  198. I LOVE drinking water with a couple of orange slices or grapefruit essential oil added in for flavor! It’s so delicious!

  199. My favourite drink is filtered water – cold!

  200. Thank you for the offer, the Soma Filter & Carafe looks amazing! My favorite way to stay hydrated is to put a little lemon juice into my water.

  201. I wake up and have a glass of water then a glass of warm water with lemon. I love drinking a green smoothie or juice every morning for breakfast :)

  202. To stay hydrated I try to keep track of my fluid intake. I looooove hot lemon water with cayenne! It’s a favorite!

  203. My favorite way to stay hydrated is water, water, water! Infused water is my favorite – lemon water, cucumber water, strawberry water – YUM!

  204. I make soups and drink water. I’m not sure if I am always full hydrated. Probably not. I don’t have a filter, at present, so thank you for the reminder. If I don’t win one, I will certainly get one soon.

  205. I drink water with a squeeze of lemon all day long.

  206. I still like the tried and true lemon water best of all. Not only am I drinking more water but I am also helping digestion, cleansing my liver, balancing my ph, cleaning my teeth and freshening my breath, etc…… The list goes on. I also discovered liquid chlorophyll a few years ago. It is an antioxident, also aids digestion and ph balance, and is an effective source of magnesium, just for starters. The brand I use has a very nice mint flavor. I love it when the weather gets hot, it is so refreshing.

  207. I drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day, keep it beside my desk- love to put lemon or phdrops oin it to keep it alkaline

  208. Due to the lack of good drinking water at work, I always fill 2 large BPA Free reusable containers of filtered water to bring with me (courtesy of our filtered water pitcher at home). I also make sure I am armed with fresh veggies and fruit.

  209. I’ve learned to be smart when it comes to staying hydrated, especially during road trips. In the past, my not-so-smart idea of hydrating, consisted of chugging bottles of water without regard of being sedentary, but that all changed when I finally arrived at my destination looking like the Michellan Man’s sister. I couldn’t fit into any of my cute shoes comfortably, go for walks, nor play volleyball without Saturn’s rings making their own personal appearance. So prior to departure, I packed plenty of cucumbers to eat, lemons to add to the water I would be drinking, and some fruit (melons, berries and grapes) for fiber. Hope this helps.

  210. I love my green juice and filtered water but my entire family and I are addicted to seltzer. It is a staple in our household. I make it at home and it’s fun to add that extra tingle to water. The best part is I’ve formed a habit that it’s the first thing I grab when I get that “I’m hungry because I’m bored” feeling. It fills you up. I add fresh lemon, lime or oranges (or all three!).

  211. I have a baby and am breastfeeding, so I constantly carry a glass of water, tea, smoothie with me everywhere I go! The Soma Water Filter would make it even easier for me to make sure I’m getting high quality H20 for me and my little one. :)

  212. I start my morning with 16 oz of water upon getting up and then do a green smoothie for breakfast. Throughout the day I drink chilled or warm herbal tea depending upon the time of day and the weather. I also drink another 8-16 oz of water before I go to bed.

  213. I carry a reusable bottle of water with me constantly. I only drink water after my morning coffee & green juice. Sometimes I’ll add a slice of lemon, lime, or orange to it for a bit of flavor … but mostly I drink room temp water from dawn til dusk!

  214. I drink my first 16 to 20ozs of water, hot with a wedge of lime in the morning. After that I fill my two BPA free 32 oz bottles with filtered water and they go everywhere with me.

    It’s rare that I drink anything other than water, outside my one cup of coffee everyday. I’d love to keep a pitcher of water at the ready.

  215. Being Irish, I drink a lot of tea, black, no sugar. That keeps me hydrated.

  216. I stay hydrated by drinking water and tea throughout the day. I have a water bottle that I use at work and that helps. Having the water filter would definitely help with that!

  217. i have a blender bottle filled with water everywhere i go!

  218. Kim said on March 4, 2014

    I love a cold bottle of water with a squirt of lime or a hot mug of lemon water on cold mornings

  219. By drinking water with lemon!!

  220. I drink tons of coconut water to stay hydrated but don’t drink nearly enough filtered water! Thanks for the giveaway!

  221. Always filtered water in a glass bottle! This little gem would be perfect desk-side and bed-side!!

  222. I like drinking water with a drop of Lemon or Peppermint essential oil added. I take my water with me in a stainless steel water bottle.

  223. I stay hydrated every where I go by keeping a water filter pitcher at home and work and keeping a glass refillable bottle everywhere I go; there is one in my office, one in my car, several at home.

  224. Lots of herbal tea – ginger or vanilla rooibos are my favorite in winter & mint in spring. My Earthlust water bottle is like my 3rd arm. It’s always with me and I prefer to drink my room temperature water in between meals so it doesn’t interfere with my digestive fire. I also love to get my hands on Essentia pH balancing water whenever I can – especially if I”m flying or feeling dehydrated. I also love my local tonic company Gouter for their alkaline water based superfood drinks!

  225. I find that during the winter time it is harder for me due to the cold. I try to increase my hydration with juice infused sparkling water. But, still have a difficult time… Have a great week Kris… Mary

  226. When the weather is cold, I find staying hydrated even harder to remember. But I’ve recently started drinking warm water to warm me up and it’s become a nice little habit that I enjoy!

  227. I like to make a quart at a time of water, sliced cucumber, a slice of ginger and a squeeze of lemon!

  228. I like to stay hydrated with green juices, water with fresh lemon and herbal teas throughout the day!

  229. I promote the following guideline for water intake:
    16oz upon waking
    16oz b/w breakfast/lunch
    16oz b/w lunch/dinner
    16oz at least 1 hour after dinner/before bed

    I am fortunate to have spring water at home and the filter would be useful to keep with me at work. If I have to purchase water, I love Fiji water.

  230. I always have a glass next to the fridge. Every time I walk by I fill it up and drink it down! So excited for the giveaway! My fridge doesn’t filter too well!

  231. Adding lemon and ginger root to my water makes me drink more.

  232. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink 1-2 glasses of water upon rising each morning, another glass a half hour before each meal, 1-2 glasses after the physical activity for the day and then 1 glass before bed. I often have a mug of warm water with lemon sitting at my desk all day at work as well. So excited about this giveaway – the only filtered water we have at work is out of a big plastic jug – 😐

  233. I keep my Nalgene with me all day and I try to aim for two of those! I Also keep some morrocan mint with me at my desk. Mmmh

  234. I start off in the morning with a glass of water by my bedside, then either tea with breakfast or a green smoothie (water added) as breakfast. I bring a large bottle of my Britta filtered tap water to work and drink all day. I find I want to stay hydrated, especially in the winter with the heat on all day, I feel the need. In the evening, soups help (lunchtime, too) and I do fill up a beautiful glass with water to have as my appetizer, “wine”,and/or dessert, usually with a slice of lemon, lime or a frozen fruit of choice (blueberry, strawberry), I had fresh raspberries last night. Pomegranate or cranberries are pretty, too. I fill up my water decanter by bedside before sleeping, have some, and off to sweet dreams I go.

  235. I’m not very good about keeping hydrated as a priority, but when I have a straw it always seems easier. Adding fresh lemons or cucumbers help too!

  236. Hey!

    You are so generous and sweet!!not only do you share all your knowledge but also have these amazing give aways:))you rock!! And thank you for that! For me, I try to stay hydrated by always knowing where my cleanest and most pure water is at the time. I also love to mix that up with some amazing green smoothies:)) Anything that is pure and has ingredients I understand and know will make my heart sing:)
    Have a great Tuesday everyone❤️

  237. My favorite way to stay hydrated is filling up my 1000ml pink Nalgene and seeing how many times I can finish it off. (It’s usually only like 1 & 1/2 times) Thank you for everything you do Kris (: come back to Jackson Hole soon!!

  238. I love to add a few drops of doTERRA citrus essential oils to my water – lemon, lime, grapefruit and sometimes a little Slim & Sassy.

  239. I love to drink warm (or room temp) water; or warm water with lemon juice or a drop of therapeutic grade essential oil. Yum!

  240. I love to stay hydrated by putting several squeezes of lemon in my filtered water and adding a bit of Stevia. :)

  241. I start the day with a cup of warm lemon water and then a green smoothie. I rarely feel thirsty, so I have to make a conscious effort to drink water and caffeine free teas throughout the day. I know I am still not getting enough hydration. This Soma Water Filter would definitely help. Thanks for the giveaway, Kris!

  242. I stay hydrated by drinking bottled water from Contigo with a crystal in it. Soma Water Filter Sounds great.
    I take a water bottle wherever I go.

  243. My favorite way to stay hydrated is Brita filtered water with a wedge of lemon.

  244. I Love water with a splash of lime ! Excited about the giveaway! Thanks:)

  245. Warm or room temp water with some lemon juice or a drop therapeutic grade essential oil, such as lemon or peppermint.

  246. I stay hydrated by using my day planner/journal and checking off a box for every glass of water I drink throughout the day. Shows me if I am behind or on track. Plus herbal tea/lemon as well.

  247. I love drinking out of glass. Any kind. We even keep old jelly jars and drink from them.

  248. Jen said on March 4, 2014

    H favorite way to stay hydrated is drinking fruit or mint infused water out of a big ol sassy wine glass! I makes me feel like I’m hanging with the girls!

  249. I love drinking filtered water throughout the day – to me it’s more satisfying and delicious than any other drink!

  250. I love to hydrate with my juices and smoothies!

  251. I adore green juices and smoothies, but my favorite way to hydrate is with some plain ol’ filtered water!

  252. Hydration is extremely important to me. I get frequent kidney stones and have been told the only way to stop getting stones is to up the water intake. I keep track of how many ounces I drink throughout the day. I love fresh lemon in my water!

  253. I try to keep a glass or re-usable bottle of water with me at all times to remind myself to drink water.

  254. When we leave the house I try to remember to grab our water bottles and fill one up for everyone in the family.

  255. My favorite way to stay hydrated is purified water with lemon slices! So refreshing!

  256. I like to drink water, filtering required with our town’s water!

  257. Very simply, I always have a bottle of water with me.

  258. My favorite way to hydrate is with green smoothies.

  259. Lj said on March 4, 2014

    Have recently discovered water with raw, unfiltered ACV. Feels so very refreshing iced.

  260. Good reminder! I am inspired

  261. In the fridge, we always have a pitcher of filtered water with fresh fruit cut up in it – it seems like we are having a little “treat” throughout the day!

  262. I try….but also don’t do very well in the winter time. I keep a bottle by my desk and try to drink at least 2 of them a day!

  263. I take water with me everywhere I go, and I rarely drink anything else during the day. If it’s convenient, I like large glasses of water than I can grab and drink quickly while working – when I’m in the zone it seems like time and effort to uncrew a cap! :) I love lemon, chlorophyll, or a sprig of mint in there too!

  264. I drink lots of water with cucumbers and lemons when I’m feeling sassy…I also like green juices or smoothies with coconut water for its hydrating properties. Thanks for the giveaway!

  265. Thanks for the great giveaway, Kris! I stay hydrated by starting each day with a glass of water and making sure I drink a glass of water before every meal as well as throughout the day. Some days are better than others…but the ‘before meal’ glass really helps!

  266. I try and stay hydrated, but sometimes slack. I do best when I keep a big pitcher of water in my fridge with cucumbers and mint juice added for a little flavor. I will do the cucumber and mint/lemon before I juice the rest of the goodies for my morning juice and then our it in to the water.

  267. I am always looking for ways to drink more and more water. Since I finished my chemotherapies I have kept trying to drink as much water and sometimes it helps to add lemons or cucumbers to vary the flavor. If I have my water bottle with me I am more likely to drink water but it comes and goes. I think this water filter would make it even better!

  268. I live in upstate NY – BBUURRRRR!!! I stay hydrated in winter by drinking copious amounts of warm water with lemon and lots of green tea! When the weather is warm, I fill my big tervis with lots of water! My husband drinks his straight out of a gallon jug – he pees a lot more than I do! 😉

  269. I like to flavor my water with fresh fruit

  270. best way to stay hydrated is to drink water and eat fruit.

  271. My favorite way to stay hydrated is using the Water Logged app on my phone.

  272. i always make sure i have water with me when i leave the house. you can drink a lot of water driving to and from work, school carpool, kids activities, errands, whatever. I also like to flavor my water by tossing in fresh fruit, veggie or simply tossing in an herbal tea bag. when it’s time for some immunity boosting 1 teaspoon of black elderberry syrup is a treat in your glass of H2O. Happy Hydrating :)

  273. This nursing mama keeps hydrated with water and sometimes tea all day long. I always have my water bottle with me!

  274. Drinking herbal tea.

  275. Water is always refreshing and satisfies my thirst. Water with lemon or lime is my favorite drink. Or switch it up with any number of fruits or veggies added for a fresh flavor.

  276. Besides drinking water, my favorite way to stay hydrated is through juicing, and eating more vegetables and fruits. Drinking water alone does not seem to hydrate me enough (the evidence being dry skin, etc.). The “water” in vegetables and fruits are a must for me!
    I look forward to reading other hydration ideas this community shares! Thank you Kris!

  277. I love staying hydrated with my favorite mind/body healing modality BodyTalk! Its a healthcare system and it has a technique to balance your cells to water. It encourages them to really open up and let the water in, which is also symbolic for letting joy into your life!

  278. Love to drink water, I carry around my bottle every where I go, love to infuse different fruits and rosemary.

  279. I stay hydrated by linking glasses of water to already established habits:
    1) 1 glass with my homeopathics while I make breakfast.
    2) 1 glass with my vitamins after I eat breakfast.
    3) repeat for each of 3 meals = 6 glasses
    I figure I get the rest of my hydration from fresh fruits and veggies. I never actively feel thirsty unless I’m out hiking (I get so lost in thought on my dayhikes that I forget that 1/2 the weight on my back is for me to drink!)

  280. I am a sucker for a brand new water bottle, and I’ve been lucky enough to get several free BPA free bottles from fundraising events! I keep one at my desk at work, in my car, on my coffee table and at my bed side. Makes it easy to have some hydration wherever I am through out the day!

    • My favorite way to stay hydrated is by adding a Grape Ultima packet to my water bottle .. they are delicious! Sweetened with stevia and full of electrolytes! I also sneak in some MSM and vitamin C and and shake it all up!

  281. My favourite way to keep hydrated is to keep a refillable water bottle on my desk. Mine has graduations marked in oz and ml so I can keep track of how much I’m drinking. My goal is to drink two per day while at work which would be 48 oz. So far I’m struggling with one but only because I forget to drink! lol

  282. This is so helpful! I’ve been having such a hard time sleeping lately and I now think it’s because I’m not hydrated! Wow!

  283. I stay hydrated this time of year with ginger tea. Each morning I make up a pot, pour it into a thermous and sip it throughout the day. Here is the recipe I use I usually make 2x this recipe.

    Ginger tea is a powerful cleansing drink that mobilizes toxins and restores balance to the body. It also benefits the digestive system and helps diminish cravings for sweet and salty foods. It increases the production of hydrochloric acid so you metabolize proteins more efficiently. Ginger decreases inflammation and alkalizes you body. It’s easy to make.

    1-2 Tb grated unpeeled organic ginger
    2 cups filtered water
    Lemon optional
    Stevia optional

    Bring water to a boil add ginger, turn down and simmer 2 minutes. Let steep for 2 minutes more or you can just leave the ginger in, it will just get stronger.
    Strain or let the ginger settle at the bottom of the cup.

    • Yes!!! Ginger tea is the BEST!! It has been used in Asia (& elsewhere) for centuries (if not longer) to cure and tonify—& it’s also yummy! So thank you, Ingrid, for sharing the recipe!

  284. I stay hydrated by keeping a glass of water on my night table and drinking water throughout the night.

  285. I make green tea unsweetened of course, and chill in fridge my whole family loves it.

  286. I like to drink filtered water with cucumbers and mint added!

  287. I start each day with warm lemon water followed by a green tea, 30 minutes later. Throughout the day, I down water, herbal teas (my favorite is refreshing mint tea), and cold pressed juices. I can always tell a difference in the afternoon if I am lagging behind on my daily intake of fluids – lower energy is the most noticeable sign! Cheers!

  288. I keep a reusable plastic container with a straw in it at my desk. I tend to drink so much more if it has a straw! :)

  289. I love my Kale, cuke, celery, green apple, pineapple, tumeric and ginger juice (16oz.’s per day) plus fresh filtered water as my Yummy way to stay juicy!!!

  290. I try to switch it up by adding lemon or other fruits to my water.

  291. I recently got a pur water filter on my kitchen tap. It’s very helpful in making drinking waste more convenient…. and saves money. I hated buying bottled water but always got caught in the cycle.

  292. I stay hydrated by drinking H2O in my glass water bottle and green juicing it as much as a busy working momma can!!

  293. I’m getting better at drinking more…. I find if it’s at hand I will drink it. THIS would be wonderful to have – thanks for letting us know it’s out there!

  294. My current favorite way to stay hydrated is by bringing my own water with me in a stainless steel water bottle. (Would love to be able to drink filtered water when I am in a restaurant. without having to pay for it!)

  295. My favorite way to stay hydrated by drinking tea throughout the day and always carrying a water bottle with me.

  296. Right now I’m digging organic decaf green tea…I often go to Starbucks with my dh (who orders coffee) and my own cup. I order just a “vente hot water,” which they give for free, bless them. I bring my own tea bag and enjoy a warming, hydrating cup of antioxidant goodness.

  297. Okay, sadly I don’t qualify here in Canada … so sad. I wanted to mention as well allergies. My friend had half of her thyroid removed over a year ago and shortly after developed a horrible cough that she could not get rid of not matter what she took. We had been getting a lot of rain that year and run off going into the harbour. The water tasted … moldy. I suggested she stop drinking her tap water and drink filtered and the cough disappeared completely. After a while it did come back but as soon as she put in a new filter the cough disappeared.

  298. I drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated!

  299. Good ol’ filtered water! With ice :-) I drink 1 C room temp first thing in the morning and try to sip water throughout my day. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mummy to a busy nearly 5-yr.-old I’m famous for filling my glass and then leaving it behind somewhere in the house. Hopefully this would help me keep track of it!

    I’m also big on juicing and eat a mostly raw diet, so lots of hydration from fruits and veggies – but I do believe water is best! I have MS and definitely feel the difference when I’ve starved myself of water the day before.

    Thanks for another fabulous giveaway, Miss Kris. You are an angel!

  300. Amy said on March 4, 2014

    I add lemon juice to filtered water or sometimes drink juiced vegetables, but staying hydrated is truly a daily challenge. When I was a kid, I was spoiled by the best drinking water in the world (I think) which came from an artesian well. No water since then has ever tasted that good to me! Regardless, drinking water is essential to health and if the Soma Filter & Carafe help me to drink more water, then I’m all for it!

  301. Water is my family’s favorite way to stay hydrated, sometimes with a little lemon!

  302. I have a re-usable water bottle with me at all times, so I can constantly sip on water throughout the day. I also usually finish each meal with a cup of tea! I lost my motivation to keep replenishing my filters but I’d like to get back into it!

  303. Ooo put Goji berries in your water!
    It flavours/sweetens it & you can eat them after :)

  304. I realized that my cat Salvador drinks water quite frequently, so I challenged myself to drink water every time he does or asks for it… a safer drinking game 😉 Holy Hydration! It’s hard to keep up but Sal keeps me on my toes and I’m more hydrated than I’ve ever been. Bonus is that I get to share “water cooler break” with my little furry buddy :)

  305. Sue said on March 4, 2014

    I like putting sliced fruits, berries (fresh or frozen) or fruit ice cubes – great for things like watermelon – into the water that goes everywhere with me.

  306. It seems to be easier to stay on the drinking water/hydration train throughout the day on the days I start out with a green juice. I totally respond to psychological cues! If I start out with a coffee my mind feels like I’ll be playing catch-up all day and I’m more inclined to waver in my commitment, say f#@! it and end up dehydrated by nighttime. Have had my eye on the SOMA filter for months. Would love to win one! If not, it’s time to just buy one. Thanks for the reminder Kris ; )

  307. Keep a water bottle at my desk and refill throughout the day!

  308. My favorita way to stay hydrated is by drinking water with every meal, sometimes I add natural lemon juice or I toss a piece of orange to give it a different taste. After workouts my favorite way of hydrating is drinking natural coconut water

  309. I have a couple of ways. :) First, on my grandmas property which ideally I get to monthly, there is thee most amazing tasting spring! Water has never tasted so crisp, pure and true. Since I can’t suck on the spring on the daily, I would say my favorite is juicing! Juice from cucumbers is like little wrapped presents I’m handing to my cells and they open em and they’re all “omg, you shouldn’t have, how did you know I love hydration?” haha So yah, fresh juice! In the summer months I’m all over the watermelon juice! slurrrrrppppsh. Thank you for introducing me to this lovely sexy water filter! I’d love to have this lil number on my counter or desk- always nudging me to drink some more of the good stuff 😉 xoxo

  310. I stay hydrated with lemon water and drinking lots of smoothies:)

  311. Kim said on March 4, 2014

    My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking a glass of water right after I wake up. This quenches my thirst and seems to make me “crave” water for the rest of the day. It really works!

  312. Water, Water, Water.
    All I need is Water.
    I do not nor have I ever drank soda.
    I never did even as a child.
    My children did not have soda and therefore, never learned to like it.
    You have found the greatest products!
    Thanks so much.

  313. i really need to drink more water – this carafe is awesome ! Love it

  314. I have a hard time drinking water, but I find that if it’s super cold & filtered, I’ll drink more of it. Thanks for the give-away :)

  315. I’m terrible at remembering to drink water. I bought some stainless water bottles to take around with me and that helps a little. Now to remember to drink water when I’m at home.

  316. I have filtered water at my fingertips all day long. Everything in Kris’s blog is true. I have a BPA free bottle that I refill all day long. I love drinking water, it make me feel clean and alive.

  317. Lemon in my water, lots of lemon in my water!

  318. I make sure to drink 8 ounces of water 1/2 hour before every meal and/or snack, and also after any activity that makes me ‘glow’.

  319. My favorite way to stay hydrated? Go to Miami! Kidding, sort of.

    I’m a mom of two with little number three on the way, and I chug water daily to keep hydrated. Sadly, I am being stalked by the Polar Vortex that has decided to never ever leave Chicago, where we live—the temp has been hovering around zero for 3 months! Yikes.

    I birthed my other babies in Miami, where I had no troubles staying hydrated. But here in Chicago, where water just seems to escape my body faster than I can replenish, it has been another story. I just can’t seem to stay hydrated!! So, the water-chugging continues.

    As a pregnant mama, I know how important it is to provide natural organic food and fresh clean water to my little human-in-training. So, here I am, drooling (uh oh, there goes more hydration!) over this SOMA Carafe and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to chug my water straight from coconut shells (rather than plastic filters!), yes, thank you very much!

    But, my grad school budget doesn’t allow such splurges—did I mention that I am a mother of 2 (almost 3) in grad school? Brains need water too! Between babies and brains in overdrive, I wonder if I’ll ever be hydrated again! I am a design aficionado and a nutrition freak, and I would LOVE to make the design-savvy, all natural SOMA my new favorite way to ( try to ) stay hydrated!

    Thanks so much for all of your great nutrition advice, Kris! You are a rock star!

    Hiding from the Polar Vortex,

  320. I try to start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon.

  321. Taking water with me on the go is the best way to ensure I’m hydrated. Thanks for the blog post; I truly need to stop buying bottled water.

  322. I drink warm water with lemon in the morning, filtered water throughout the day and tea in the evening! I just did a 3 day juice cleanse and realize I’m probably not drinking enough water normally as I felt I was getting much more cleansed drinking all those liquids all day. Will keep trying. This carafe looks awesome!

  323. Water all the way (sometimes hot, sometimes room temp and sometimes cold) even better with a squeeze of lemon or lime or a few cucumber slices. :-)

  324. My favorite way to stay hydrated is hot lemon water in the winter and cold lemon water in the summer!!

  325. My husband, kids and I stay hydrated throughout the day by filling up our water bottles in the morning and taking them to work and school! We sure would get a lot of use with that water filtration system. And I love that it is portable so we can take it camping with us too!!!!

  326. I try to have water accessible everywhere – I stack up at the office and at home so it is always available

  327. Let’s see…. hydrated…hmmm. ok.


    Pros: Hydration Heaven! Toxins and fat flushed AWAY! Bah bye!
    Cons: Frequent “potty” visits…just deal with it :)

    Oh how wonderful it would be to be blessed with this AMAZEBALLS SOMA WATER CARAFE AND FILTERS!
    Just sayin’…


  328. I try and drink water all day ever day. I try and drink 16 oz in the morning when I wake up, before having anything else. Then, when I’m at work, I keep a bottle on my desk that I refill all day.

  329. I LOVE to stay hydrated with cucumber water! A few slices in a cold glass of water makes for a delightful drink… I also love iced herbal teas in the summer. http://www.davidstea.com is my absolute favorite place to buy tea – TONS of amazing options !

  330. I stay hydrated by drinking water and consuming lots of fruit and veggies.

  331. I’ve only just started the CSD, and we don’t have a filtered water system in our home. Inspired, I found a self-filtering water bottle that I can take with me to work! Now I can be hydrated all day long. I really wasn’t drinking much water before. Now I pee like a race horse!

  332. I do much better in the summer when eating more hydrating fruits and veggies like watermelon and cucumbers. I am dehydrated more often than not. This would be cool to try. Thanks

  333. I LOVE the carafe! The way I stay hydrated is to sip, sip, sip all day long. Cold filtered water, or organic herbal teas, hot or cold. And I STOPPED drinking pop! the bonus is I finally have my ankles back that I haven’t seen since my daughter was born!

  334. I stay hydrated by keeping liquid in hand at all times. I go to work with a smoothy cup in hand, then I transfer to a water bottle, then a thermos cup of herb tea and once I’m home a big ol’ wine glass of green juice. By keeping it on hand and keeping a routine I don’t even notice how much I’m drinking… Well the washroom breaks keep me pretty conscious I guess. ; )

  335. I love fruit and herb flavored water. I was a soda junky and have worked hard to kick that habit. Thanks much for the giveaway!

  336. Add a slice of cucumber. It feels like I’m pampering myself instead of glugging down water. Thanks for the chance to win a Soma!

  337. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things for me, it affects my mood and makes me feel dull if I don’t drink enough water! I always carry a bottle around with me!

  338. I try keep a glass or bottle(

  339. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to source out local spring water and add a twist of lemon.

  340. I like to slice up limes or lemons (or both!) and put them in the water… gives it a fresh, interesting taste! :)

  341. I stay hydrated with water throughout the day and coconut water in my smoothies.

  342. Hmm.. I’ve gotta say… filling up a bottle of filtered water with ice and taking that baby everywhere! Also, when I’m watered out.. fruit and veggies are om nom delicious!

  343. I drink water from the minute i get to work with a squeeze of a fresh lemon with each glass! I do worry about the bottled water our office has – so that is why a Soma water filter would be perfect!!!

  344. water, water, H2O!!!!!

  345. I always drink water and tea…never coffee or soda. Fruit and vegetable-infused water is refreshing in the summer time.

  346. I love to stay hydrated with my Dyln Water bottle. I put purified water in it and it alkalizes the water to 8ph. Awesome stainless steel bottle that holds 25 ounces so it is easy for me to keep track of how much I drink daily.

  347. Purified water infused with fruit like lemons or even slices of oranges and limes. Sometimes over shaved ice. Surely got me off of soda (Coke Cola especially) which was a big big downfall for me but not anymore.

  348. pat said on March 4, 2014

    Being hydrated means no headaches!! Yay!

  349. Tea! My favourite is a mix of roasted dandelion root and gynostemma tea.

  350. I stay hydrated by drinking water all day! I need this for drinking better, good for me water. I lost 56 pounds and a lot of it was because I gave up sodas and switched to water!!!

  351. I like to put lemon slices in my Contigo water bottle! I sometimes use frozen fruit too for color :)

  352. I love to drink warm lemon water! It’s awesome , especially because it is so cold in NY!

  353. I drink water as my main beverage throughout the day. If I am hungry, I will drink some water first because that usually means that I am really thursty, not hungry.

  354. I am doing my best of being mindful to hydrate! I imagine how good the water will taste going down, and how happy my body and soul will feel! I imageine I’m watering a plant! Lol I really don’t care for water so need to be creative!

  355. Awesome giveaway Kris! Thanks! Water is so important. we should be drinking it all day and sometimes clean water isn’t accessible…..this filter looks groovy!

  356. I love this blog post! One way I like to stay hydrated is using a water filter, adding some ice, and a slice or two of lemon. Sometimes I’ll put it into a fancy glass just to sproce things up :)

  357. Lis said on March 4, 2014

    I love cold, cold water, so I put water in the fridge and feel cooled off and perked up after I drink my 8-ounces. I do this many times during the day, and I think it is helping my energy level.

  358. We stay hydrated with lots of water – cucumber, lemon/lime and strawberry infused are our favorites! Teas and green juices are also an everyday all day thing. But, as a huge fan of bottles Smart Water this may just be the thing to change how we hydrate!!

  359. My favorite way to stay hydrated is of course, green juice, green smoothies, eating my veggies, and drinking my herbal tea! THANK YOU KRIS! YOU ROCK!

  360. What about well-water? I live very high (over 10,000) feet in the Coloroado Rockies. I have well-water and it is delicious! Would you still recommend having it checked? Do I need to worry about filtration?
    Thanks as always, for your great resources!

  361. WOW! wouldn’t it be great if my insomnia, forgetfulness and dropping a few pounds could be helped by increasing my water intake. I am an active person and I know I don’t drink the amount of water you recommend.
    Thanks for the incentive! I’ll be my own experiment.
    Bottoms up!

  362. I stay hydrated with h20 and adding some Kampuchea with ginger and lemon ,a healthy way to flavor my h20 so I can drink more of it !

  363. I try to drink a small bottle of water every 2 hours by adding lemon juice to my bottle….would love to try this filter.

  364. Watermelon water with some cucumber and a spritz of lime if you’re feeling feisty!

  365. plain room temp water for me

  366. I love to hydrate with lemon ice water when it’s hot and mint herbal tea when it’s cold. Green juices are a newfound favorite way to hydrate. I even pull the kids in by having a morning green shot.

  367. I hydrate w h20 by adding kambucha with ginger and lemmon,it really quenches my thirst

  368. Carry around a BIG bottle of water and DRINK IT ALL DAY. Refill. Repeat.

  369. I love ice cold water after a hard workout, fresh fruit-infused water too, right now I love what I call Tropical Refresher: Orange Slices, Grapefruit Slices (both peeled), and a few Mint Leaves! Also iced green tea. =)

  370. I keep a glass of water by my bed, so I can drink it right when I wake up!

  371. I make sure to ALWAYS have a big water bottle in my car!

  372. My fav way to stay hydrated is by having reusable travel bottles of water in the frig ready to grab before leaving the house. With a little planning, it’s an easy way to ensure my kids, husband & myself don’t get parched while out and about!

  373. I love drinking water with a splash of lemon, infused with mint, or blended with some real cranberries!

  374. I love adding slices of lemon, strawberries or just frozen blueberries to my water.
    I use a water app to keep track of the ounces I drink. This gift would be a great treat!!!
    I am also starting a juice cleanse which will definately hydrate me back into shape :)

  375. How do I stay hydrated?
    Any way I can – filtered water, coconut water straight from a young coconut, and decaf tea. I don’t drink sodas or any sort or artificial flavor or flavorings or anything like that. 99% of the time I hydrate with pure straight yummy water. I drink at the very least 64oz of water daily.
    I’d LOVE to stay hydrated by using the SOMA Water Filter & Carafe! Now that’s Crazy Sexy! :-)

  376. I try to drink lots of water throughout the day. Most days I’ll also make a big pot of tea and have that, as well. I do need to invest in a filter though. I’ve been getting headaches and feeling lethargic lately. The last time that happened to me was when I was consuming high amounts of tap water and the city had increased the chlorine levels for some time for whatever reason.

  377. I add Kampuchea flavored with ginger and lemon to my h2o !

  378. I love eating celery to hydrate, I crave it especially on days I do long runs!

  379. cucumber water! mmmmmm :)

  380. I have a glass of water every time I eat something.

  381. I fill up a nalgene water bottle and make myself drink two a day. That way I know I’m automatically covered. One of my favorite ways to enjoy water is with lemon or lime or cucumber slices in it. So refreshing!

  382. Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway! I’m so excited to have a chance to incorporate this Soma filter and carafe into my health regimen.

  383. I live in NYC and am always on the go, so I carry a Bobble water bottle that filters regular tap water for safe drinking! I also get my green drink on every day!

  384. As a two time ‘c’ survivor – becoming a thriver (yea!) – and as a new mom at 44(!) I am determined to upgrade our fridge filtration…soon! Thank you for the great information and the inspiration, Kris!

    I add cucumbers to my daily green juice and carry my own water bottle everywhere.

  385. I like to stay hydrated with smoothies and homemade carrot-apple-beet juice!

  386. My sister calls me the water snob…which is funny because over all I’m not a picky person. But when it comes to water, I am. I can taste a difference. My favorite way to hydrate is room temp water. I also drink tea, rice milk and healthy smoothies.

  387. I drink water to stay hydrated.

  388. I stay hydrated by drinking tea in addition to water everyday! But I still can’t seem to get 8 glasses a day in, I’m working on it.

  389. I stay hydrated by making art out of my water with fruits and mason jars!

  390. My favorite way to stay hydrated (cause I couldn’t find anywhere else to answer your question)…

    …is to drink, drink drink! I drink about/at least 4 liters of water a day (usually filtered tap but alkaline bottled water in non-BPA bottles, when I can afford to do so…yum!)…

    …& then there’s the water that goes into my 3 green drinks/day. Cause I’m fighting the “good fight” (metastatic breast cancer) I know VERY well how important it is to stay hydrated!
    Thanks for giving these away!
    Fingers and toes tightly crossed!!!

  391. green juices and jazzed up water keep me hydrated. I like to infuse my water with citrus, berries, and herbs.

  392. My pretty glass bottle and a slice of lemon! So fresh n so clean!

  393. I use huge mason jars as my cup for drinking water throughout the day. If I need to go somewhere, I just pop the lid on!

  394. Do you know if the water from the refill stations at grocery stores that say are reverse osmosis treated worth it?

  395. What’s my favorite way to stay hydrated? I have water drinking contests with friends or coworkers! If we’re traveling we may try to see who can finish a gallon in a day or set a goal of XX amount of glasses by 3:00pm. Everything’s fun when you make it a competition! :)

  396. Love love to hydrate with flavored water from fresh fruits, cucumber, citrus, and essential oils added to water

  397. After my third or fourth glass a water, I need a little flavor! I love adding Cholofresh chlorophyll drops to my water. Has a little minty taste and it’s a boost of energy!

  398. Super cold water!

  399. I like to drink naked coconut water to stay hydrated but it gets pricey. The soma filter would be a great alternative.’

  400. I always…and I mean ALWAYS have a water bottle at my side (re-usable, of course!). I add lemon or sliced cucumber or fresh mint to keep it interesting and I have a couple of favorite bottles that I’ve put stickers on from favorite vacation spots. I try to use filtered water most of the time – but at work I have to drink tap water if I haven’t brought enough from home.

  401. Deb said on March 4, 2014

    I love to put fresh herbs or a few rose petals in my jar of water just to add their wonderful essence.

  402. I love to drink alkaline water with orange and mint! Flavored water allows me to switch it up and keeps me from getting bored.

  403. I keep a water bottle with me where ever I go. I fill it up as least 3x daily for at least 63ounces total. Plus I always bring w me to gym!
    Exercise helps keep me wanting more fluid too!

  404. I stay hydrated by mixing water and coconut water together or I add chia seeds to my water. Im currently using tap water… and i can sometimes smell the chlorine when I put my nose to my cup! Soma sounds like an amazing product to have!

  405. I love to add extra cucumbers to my smoothies, always have a bottle of lemon water with me and exercise often with a Camel bak!

  406. I drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning and lots of water between meals. Other than green juice, I don’t drink any other beverages except water!

  407. My favorite way to staying hydrated is plain and simple- drink lots of water. My mom used to make me drink a big container full when I was younger and I remember hating it (prob because it tasted like tupperware :) ). But over the past 10 years, I’ve become a water addict. In fact, just the thought of not being able to have it makes me thirsty. Sometimes when I need an extra boost of energy or to lift my spirits, I also like adding Young Living Essential Oils (esp Lime, Lemon, Citrus Fresh, and Peppermint). Thanks for this opportunity :)

  408. I love to put lemon, cucumber, and mint in a pitcher of water and refrigerate overnight. It is so refreshing and delicious! I usually drink the entire pitcher each day!

  409. Carry a water bottle with me as much as possible!

  410. I make it a goal to drink one 64 oz Kleen Kanteen of water plus tea and green smoothie on a daily basis. I would love to know if anyone has a recommendation for a whole house water filtration system.

  411. Kris! This is awesome! I’m always looking for a great water filter system..When available, I love staying hydrated drinking fresh coconut water..Alas! it’s just not as practical and readily available as this Soma water filter can be!

  412. J said on March 4, 2014

    I always keep water by my side and drink one liter of lemon water upon waking up in the morning.

  413. Kim said on March 4, 2014

    I drink lots of water with a bit of lemon juice in it all day long. Nothing refreshes like water!

  414. My favorite way to hydrate is to be sure I’ve always got a big bottle of water next to me. If it’s handy, I will drink it. If it is work, I won’t

  415. When I wake I drink a cup of water, but first sending love and gratitude and to each cup there after. With blessings to the water we bless ourselves. We are mostly water, so choose our words and thoughts wisely, positively and with reverence. As we send love, we harmonize and resonate this love out to the water we heal ourselves and heal the world.

  416. I freeze water with a Popsicle stick! Yum and fun!

  417. Yes! My (nurse) mama raised me to drink water ALLL the time, but we need a good filter!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  418. Water is always my go to to stay hydrated, every once in a while I sneak in some coconut water!

  419. I stay hydrated by drinking mainly water and tea.

  420. ron said on March 4, 2014

    I Like a filtered glass of water with lemon in it. That is my favorite way to stay hydrated.

  421. Studies show that people tend to drink more out of a straw- so I have a mason jar with a glass drinking straw :)

  422. I stay hydrated by bringing a gallon of water to keep at my desk! I lug the gallon to home, refill and back to work at least twice a week. Our office tap water is so yucky; I need a filter for my office!

  423. I drink water with lemon, or orange, or lime, or sugar free cranberry juice (just a splash)…water water water… :)

  424. I energize my water with prayer, Angelic Frequency, Quantum Entanglement and Sacred Immersion. It charges me up in many wonderful ways.

  425. lots of herbal tea with purified water

  426. Water with organic fresh squeezed lemon juice or ACV! :)

  427. Water, water, water & tea!

  428. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with filtered water with a spritz of lemon or lime from my citrus spritzer.

  429. I love carrying a water bottle around with me all day. It helps to have it accessible and keeps me drinking water all day. Smiles!

  430. I love drinking water luckily! The elixir of life:) I love it plain and simple ( although I could def use a filter).
    I love it with lemon or cucumbers. I love watermelon and cantaloupe and celery too. Oh and loose leaf tea!

  431. i slice lemon really thinly and let in sit in a jug of tap water, weirdly, it seems to scrub the water or at least make it shiny and appetizing. in the summer, I add cucumber or even oranges. anything rather than plain ole tap h20 . thanks for the giveaway:)

  432. What’s your favorite way to stay hydrated? I drink water constantly!

  433. I love drinking water, so staying hydrated isn’t normally an issue fo rme. However I do love watermelon and some other watery fruits and veggies :)

  434. Plain tap water from the country side near Salzburg. It´s fabulous and after years of practice of drinking I easily feel dehydrated if I don´t drink at least every 2 hours.

  435. I drink Mountain Valley Spring Water. It comes in 1 liter glass bottles. It is very good water but expensive. I spent as much on a month’s supply as your carafe and filters cost for a year so Soma would save me money;.

  436. Because I’m not a big fan of the taste of water I’ve grown used to filling up a large Blender Ball bottle (BPA-free) with water each morning and mixing in lemon wedges and fresh mint. The taste is amazing and it’s a good personal reminder of how much I need to hydrate per day.

  437. Lots of brothy soups in winter, experimenting with your daily green smoothie recipes when it’s not frigid cold here in Maine and starting my day with tall glass of warm lemon water!

  438. I make water my main drink and I love to use my Soda Stream to make carbonated water – I seem to go through a big bottle fairly quickly

  439. We love to add lemon to our water. Any type of fruit is great too. We just like something different instead of plain water. I am sure it would help if I had a great water filter but at this point we just make do.

  440. I love to make green smoothies with lots of greens and fruits!

  441. Mango and Ginger Infused Filtered Water! I can only get filtered water at home though, so this would help at work!

  442. Mainly water and tea but my filter at home has died and I could use a new one.

  443. I love this article! You have a way of making me want to read everything you have to say. I use plant power (fruit, veggies and herbs) to make water infusions and since I’ve started doing that, I’ve found it much easier to stay hydrated!

  444. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to measure out my water for the day and add lemon juice and
    pomegranite juice. I tend to dring a little at a time and am always well hydrated and enjoy the juice flavor!

  445. I drink plain old water all day and sometimes with a little lemon and ginger. i use my fridge filter.

  446. Best way I stay hydrated here in Arizona is to drink plain water :) I love it!!

  447. I love adding fresh herbs into my water – especially mint and basil – or an herbal tea bag to flavor the water. ….thanks for the giveaway!!!

  448. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces with a big squeeze or organic lemon and if I’m feeling a little “off” I put a shake or 2 of pink Himalayan Sea Salt in there! Thanks, Kris, for always being so generous in health! Cheers!

  449. Hydration is my BIGGEST health challenge. I’m brainwashed into believing fizzy terribleness is thirst quenching. So I’ve given up the sodas and am drinking water instead, but still not enough, cuz it’s boring. Smoothies help, and making soups helps me hydrate with my meals. But I’m happy to read these other ideas.

  450. I’ve found that always having good-tasting filtered water and taking sips throughout the day works WAY better for me than periodically guzzling large quantities. Love infused water too… cucumber, lemon + basil, melon… YUM :-) Thanks as always, Kris, for your inspiration and information! xoxo

  451. I am terrible about staying hydrated! I don’t like the taste of the tap water here and I don’t have a filter. I drink bottles water, in a glass bottle from voss. It’s a bit expensive to drink as much as I should every day.

  452. A bottle I fill up at home to keep on my desk at work. I try and drink two of these a day!

  453. I always ALWAYS drink the whole eight ounces of fluids! With two green smoothies per day, tea and of course, blissful water!

  454. My favorite way to stay hydrated is drinking water, juicing, and putting some vitamin C in my water. I love juicing though! Does that count?? ❤

  455. I have a glass water bottle that I bring with me wherever I go. So I always stay hydrated through out the day.

  456. I like stay hydraded by putting a lemon slice in my water or a cucumber slice and a few parsley leaves because I don’t really like drinking water!

  457. I love drinking warm water wth ginger and lemon and turmeric!

  458. I stay hydrated with lots of water and tea!

  459. mag said on March 4, 2014

    a favorite way to hydrate, especially in the coooold winter, is to drink a mug or two of herbal (not caffeinated) tea throughout the day

  460. I always put a slice of lemon in my water. I drink so much more this way than without.

  461. The best way for me, which seems to reduce the frequency of need-to-pee, is to warm the water slightly….maybe to about 100 degrees Farenheit.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  462. I have always loved plain ol’ water. It’s so refreshing.

  463. I filter my water at home. I fill my water bottles for the day and take them with me to work so I can sip all day long! I try to get two 32oz bottles in while at work.

  464. I’m a tea fiend and drink yerba matte at least two times a day. Plus I put a little essential oil blend in my water midday as a natural appetite suppressant so I’m not munching when I shouldn’t be. But I need to drink way more water…wish I didn’t have the worlds tiniest bladder though. I have to pee constantly when I’m hydrated!

  465. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to carry bottle of water with me if its possible or put it near when I’m a t home :)

  466. I try to pour a fresh glass of water every hour on the hour.

  467. I keep a pitcher of “blueberry” water in my refrigerator. I add a few blueberries to the water, then smash them with a potato masher to release vitamins, minerals and other goodies to create a refreshing, natural blueberry flavored water. I also fill my travel water bottle with this so I can enjoy it throughout the day.

  468. Oh, hydration is such a big issue for me since I don’t believe that my body regulates the hydration/mineral balance very well. I’m guessing this is all somehow related to my blood sugar problems. I try to consume filtered water as much as possible, usually buying it in gallon containers from the grocery store. Here are some ways I try to keep myself hydrated:
    * The simplest version: adding a few drops of liquid minerals to a glassful of pure water
    * Adding a small amount of pomegranate, cranberry, or tart cherry juice concentrate or fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice
    * Herbal teas, often with a combo of dandelion root, burdock root, and nettle leaves
    * Strong tea with ginger root, tumeric root (sometimes the powder, but I prefer the actual root), and lemon/lime juice

  469. I stay hydrated with tasty herbal teas and pretty glass water bottles that make me want to drink more water.

  470. a said on March 4, 2014

    I keep learning about new nutrients and items to put in my water to avoid ever again drinking soda pop, and to
    minimize any store-bought fruit juices. Just started adding lemon from Chris’s info.

  471. my favorite way to stay hydrated is old school: keep a glass of water everywhere i go: my desk, my bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, i even take a water bottle with me on the go. it’s great to be able to reach over and hydrate wherever i am! :)

  472. Ana said on March 4, 2014

    my favorite way to stay hydrate is by carrying a glass water bottle with me at all times!

  473. My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking fresh-pressed apple, ginger, carrot juice right now. My favorite juice switches from season to season.

  474. I carry green tea (decaf) and or water wherever I go!!

  475. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink water and juicing.

  476. I love plain and simple water with fresh sliced lemons!

  477. I eat lots of raw organic fruit and veggies plus juice veggie juice every day to help stay hydrated

  478. Lemon water, green juice, more lemon water and herbal teas! Currently looking for a good water filter 😉

  479. I stay hydrated by starting my day with green tea + then green juice! xo

  480. I stay hydrated by drinking water all day. I also have an app on my phone with Tibetan chimes that I set for every hour to remind me to drink water. Otherwise, I simply forget. The benefit is that I’m reminded to drink my water, plus I get to hear the beautiful chimes and take a moment to relax too.

  481. I have a giant Tervis tumbler that I fill up with water at least 5 times while I’m at work. I make green juice in the morning and have green tea instead of coffee. I also drink a crazy amount of water after I work out. The Soma Water Filer & Carafe would be an incredible addition to my hydration situation! :)

  482. I keep my Kleen Kanteen with me at all times. And we have RO water at home for drinking and cooking.

  483. One thing you’ll always find in my fridge: lemon wedges! I like my water with lemon, and a squeeze of lemon also has great health benefits. This is how I stay hydrated, along with fresh juices that I make!

  484. I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go. It helps me to stay hydrated all day!

  485. One of my favorite ways to hydrate is to simply be mindful of the beauty and energy of water. If one thinks about that, can you honestly not embrace the honor of having clean, fresh water to drink? It’s my favorite way to hydrate; to make it mindful.

  486. I start my day off with warm water with lemon. I have at least one green tea a day and try to remember when I am hungry too much it is probably because I am not drinking enough water.

  487. I stay hydrated with a water bottle on me at all times. My sister calls it “my entourage”.:)

  488. My favorite way to stay hydrated: drink warm water with lemon first thing in morning; and I love polar carbonated waters. Blueberry is my favorite. I need a little bit of natural flavor with my h2o!

  489. I like mixing aloe vera juice and lemon in my water.

  490. drinking lots and lots of distilled water and rooibos tea 😀

  491. I love your book!!! You’re amazing!!! I sit at a desk all day so it’s easy to drink lots of water!!! I just want to make sure it’s healthy water!! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing!! You are a hero!!!!

  492. My favorite way to stay hydrated is water with a squeeze of lemon or lime! So refreshing.

  493. my favorite way to stay hydrated is with ginger juice and tea

  494. My favorite way to hydrate is with a bottle of Smartwater. When I fly to speaking gigs I have found that drinking Smartwater versus other bottled brands leaves me feeling puffier. Not sure why but it works. I also drink it at my desk. It goes down smoothly and I drink more water. I’m looking forward to trying the carafe though!

  495. Love the look of this water filtering system! I put coconut water in my smoothies/juices and always have a filtered water bottle on hand to help stay hydrated:)

  496. I’ve made the switch over to herbal teas and drink them both hot and cold. Great flavour.

  497. I always try to keep my filtration pitcher full and on the counter where I can see it so it reminds me to drink up!

  498. Like to fill a glass with water and keep it next to me when home. Don’t have a good filtration system. This looks great!

  499. Beautiful product! I add fresh lemon, cucs, berries or herbs to my water and this really helps to motivate me to drink enough every day.

  500. I stay hydrated by starting off with warm water with lemon and then drinking a whole glass before food…I’m not always successful, but I try to drink water all day long whether I’m on the move, in which case I use my water bottle in the car or using my filtered water in my fridge. I also drink at least two cups of tea each day one in the morning and one at night in addition to a green juice almost every day. Of course, this varies depending on my schedule, but I would love this Soma water filter to keep in my office or studio, so that I can always have filtered water at my fingertips! Thank you for the giveaway and for keeping us in the loop! xoxo

  501. Currently I’m loving juices and teas. In the summer I really engoy watermelon juice.

  502. WOW! Goodbye, bottled water.

  503. Bea said on March 4, 2014

    Hands down water is my #1 hydration source!! I love to spice it up with some lemon or lime sometimes especially in the summer. Since I’ve started juicing though that comes in a close 2nd but there is nothing like the clean feeling of water running through me. By the way thank you Kris!! It was your energy about juicing that finally got me to take the plunge and make an investment in my health by purchasing a great juicer. I was doing smoothies till about 3 weeks ago. OMG I’ve never felt so good! I have a host of autoimmune conditions and extremely low energy for several years now and WOW what a difference in only 3 weeks. I have renewed hope that I will heal and get back to ME!!
    Thank you for you vibrant energy!!

  504. Clean, crisp, refreshing H2O is how I stay hydrated. And with a little umbrella- because why not?

  505. J said on March 4, 2014

    I love hydrating with ginger tea!

  506. I love filtered water. I have one that makes my water alkaline and love it!!! This one looks amazing as well. So excited to learn new things from you. Thanks so much for keeping us so aware :-)


  507. I’m working on improving my water intake levels right now! But what I find helps is a 1/4 coconut water, 3/4 water mix. I like to be slightly nutty :)

  508. i love infusing water with citrus or cucumber (especially during those hot, humid summer months). best part, it requires almost zero effort. just sloppy slicing.

  509. Awesome Giveaway! and goodbye to bottled water.

  510. I drink water all day. I love it!

  511. Just plain and simply purified water

  512. Like Autumn who commented below, I’m trying to get better about hydration. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere and drink tea often, but one of my favorite ways to hydrate is taking a long bath. You can hydrate from the outside too!

  513. This is a great giveaway! Thank you!

  514. Thanks for this important reminder. One question: I’ve heard that you shouldn’t drink water just before or with your meals because it dilutes the enzymes that help digest your food. Any thoughts? (that still leaves plenty of time throughout the day to drink lots of water and stay hydrated). I have been using a tsp. of aronia berry concentrate mixed with water for a great high anti-oxidant beverage.

  515. I like to keep my stainless steel water bottle or even a big ol’ mason jar with me all day. Thanks for doing this give away!

  516. I love sliced cucumbers or lemons in my water!

  517. If I drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up in the morning, it seems like it makes it an easier choice to make the rest of the day.

  518. My Camelbak water bottle is what keeps me hydrated. I carry it with me everywhere I go!

  519. I love fresh green juice in the morning. I drink a cup of coffee afterward, but I always feel better if I start with a green juice. Then herbal tea and water throughout the rest of the day.

  520. Fresh coconut water!!! But who can beat good old fashioned agua?

  521. I always carry my water bottle around with me, it’s really become like an extension of my arm. But I really love to stay hydrated with tea, as well! Sometimes it’s just hard, especially in winter, to drink a lot of cold or even room temperature liquids, tea helps me stay hydrated and warm :)

  522. both lemon and lime help me to drink more water.

  523. Lemon water all day long….

  524. I actually just stay hydrated by filling my 32 oz. BPA fee REI red with snowflakes bottle with filtered refrigerator water twice during the day. Much harder to do when it is cold outside. I have thought about buying the reverse osmosis water at Whole Foods, but not certain about their plastic containers there. I would love to try this new filtration system.

  525. Drinking water from a pretty cup or mug keeps me hydrated, motivated and RADIANT!!

  526. Always always always starting my day with a glass of water and drinking one glass every hour. I use a Brita and bamboo charcoal !

  527. I always drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning and between every meal to keep me hydrated throughout the day, and I never drink liquid while eating to ensure proper digestion of food:)

  528. I use a Brita filter. During my morning classes, I drink herbal tea: usually Lemon Zinger or Peppermint, sometimes elderberry. I also drink home-made almond milk which has high water content. And, I love to drink water with fresh lemon juice.

  529. Sue said on March 4, 2014

    lots of alkaline water

  530. As a two time cancer survivor, I know the importance of water. Funny thing is that I used to have a difficult time drinking water, and then I saw people adding different things to water to make it taste different. I tried it for myself. Sometimes adding something like cucumbers, mint, sliced oranges and/or berries to water makes it even more refreshing! I now consider myself a water addict!

  531. fresh lemon, lime or any other fruit added to water….I need to do this more often!

  532. I stay hydrated by tracking my water intake with an app on my iPhone.

  533. DEE said on March 4, 2014

    My efforts to stay hydrated are hit and miss; very glad to learn about this filtration system!

  534. I stay hydrated by filling my water pitcher every morning and drinking it throughout the day. At the end of the day I know I have had the amount of healthy water I need. Yea for me! The Soma would be perfect for me to use.

  535. Drinking Carlsbad mineral water! Taking a glass of water in the shower or the tub with me to get that extra glass in daily!

  536. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to use a super fancy or super funky glass! It make drinking water seem just a little bit extra-special! :)

  537. Coconut water :) fav way to stay hydrated!!!

  538. I have found that if I leave a glass of water on the bedside table, I’m more likely to start drinking water early the next morning. I don’t mind that it’s room temperature… just so long as it gets me started! The longer I wait to start drinking water, the less I get in during the day.

  539. Deb said on March 4, 2014

    Hydrate, hydrate, so important. My special needs daughter is the one that doesn’t hydrate. I add fruit (she likes cherries the best) to water, raspberries frozen in ice cubes with lemon slices added to water, smoothies, green drinks, everything I can think of that she will at least try and maybe like. My personal favorite is home brewed organic green tea with a squeeze of kiwi.

  540. My life is good 32oz water bottle!! Its super cute!! :)

  541. I love cold pure water with a little fresh lemon juice.

  542. I stay hydrated by drinking filtered water from my refrigerator and eating lots of plant-based foods, such as huge salads and putting greens in smoothies.

  543. There is nothing better for me then a glass of plain good quality water, but if I want to kick it up a notch I add lemon and fresh mint.

  544. It’s weird. At work, I can down water without any issues. But on the weekends at home, I always forget to drink water.

    My favorite way to drink it is to carry a large, bpa free tumbler (with straw and lid) filled with water around with me. The lid is nice for home use too, as it keeps my two curious cats out of it.

    Also, flavoring it with lime wedges or frozen fruit helps as well. Frozen strawberries in water are amazing. <3

  545. I keep hydrated by carrying a 33 ounce bottle of water on me whenever I’m on the go. In addition, I keep a large water carafe out on my kitchen counter so I’m frequently reminded to hydrate. I also fill a large glass of water to keep at my bedside & sip on herbal tea throughout the day. Besides herbal tea & green juices, I make sure water is the only other beverage I drink.

  546. Putting citrus fruits and cucumbers in water. But hoping this will help me drink even more water..as it will be filtered and help me stop buying water in plastic bottles!!!!

  547. Want to stop buying cleaner water in plastic bottles!!
    Will help the earth and me…

  548. way to stay hydrated is to keep a gallon of water in my room otherwise i would forget to drink! Thanx for the giveaway!

  549. I always have either a water bottle on my desk or my night stand. I also have a cute pitcher of water on my nightstand.

  550. I stay hydrated by having 32 oz bottles filled with water in my office, car and at home. I fill them all from my PUR filter then wash them all together. That way I’m never without water nearby!

  551. I like to stay hydrated with water with lemon and sometimes ad cucumber watermelon and mint

  552. To stay hydrated I sip on water and aloe all day! I also love to add fresh fruits and veggies to my meals!..and then blog about them later :)

  553. I like to snack on miso soup. It is hydrating and provides amazing vitamins and probiotics.

  554. I find it hard to stay hydrated when it is cold outside so I try to drink more herbal hot teas.

  555. Jen said on March 4, 2014

    Favorite way to stay hydrated… I keep my glass water bottle with me at all times!! This carafe would be great for making sure I have clean, filtered water to fill it!!! Love it!!

  556. What a wonderful gift to give away. One of the most integral needs for true wellness!

  557. I drink from a glass bottle which makes the water taste so much better! To have a filtration system that includes glass rather than plastic…will make it even taste better!!!! Wow!

  558. My 28 oz mason jar and straw!

  559. I’m not a big fan of plain water so
    I add a slice of lemon or lime to make it taste better.

  560. My daughter and I love to stay hydrated by cutting up organic lemons and then adding them to spirulina and chia seeds in a pitcher of spring water.

  561. This would LOVE to own it. Pick me please!!!!

  562. I stay hydrated by keeping my Tervis cup filled with water with me at all times.

  563. I live in cold winter weather. Hot water and lemon or herbal teas.

  564. Love your blog. I’m a bit confused as I’ve heard a lot about drinking too much water and how it messes up your electrolyte levels. Especially if you are dealing with adrenal fatigue. Do you have any input on this?

  565. I love putting Mineral Life’s ReHydrate in my water! It makes me feel better and I’m able to drink a lot of water because it feels so great after I drink it! :-) Thanks for everything you do & the giveaways!

  566. I love water with organic lemons! And lots and lots of fruit!

  567. I drink 8 ounces of coconut water when working out. I keep a full water bottle with me at all times to drink throughout the day.

  568. sue said on March 4, 2014

    lemon water … all day long!!

  569. My favorite way to stay hydrated, is to make a little chart at the top of my day planner page, for today, with four water bottle outlines! Throughout the day, as I drink water, I fill them in! I almost always reach 4.

    Have you all seen this crazy before and after? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2480491/How-drinking-litres-water-day-took-years-face.html

  570. I keep a big glass full of water on my desk all day. I try to drink 3 before lunch and 3 after lunch.

  571. I keep a container of water with me all day and love adding citrusy fruits like lemons, oranges and limes!

  572. i stay hydrated by filling up each of my contigo stainless steel water bottles each evening before going to bed each evening. one for the car, one for the laptop bag to take into the office and one for the kitchen counter to sip while i’m prepping breakfast & lunches for the kiddos!

  573. To start, two big glasses of warm lemon water early every day.

  574. I am from Argentina, and my favorite way to stay hydrated is to drink mate, an amazing beverage that you share with your friends. I have a beautiful “mate” (the container) collection (can I send you a picture?) I also enjoy teas from all over the world and of course, my cold water with lemon. Most of the times, water is not a problem, the problem is to find a restroom near by! =) Saludos y abrazos. Patricia

    Note: Now on chemo, I am trying to just stick to water. Missing my mate. Thank you for your inspiration and good energy girl!

  575. I keep a BPA-free reusable water bottle at my desk and sip on it all day! I walk down to the water fountain (down and up 3 flights of stairs!) to refill it. A water filter would be a huge time saver for me!

  576. I keep my Brita water pitcher filled and in the fridge so it’s easy to pour a glass when I’m thirsty. But those filters are hard to remove. I know for sure I don’t change them often enough to get the full benefit. The Soma set looks super easy to work with.

  577. I keep a glass by the sink to remind me throughout the day. I carry water in a stainless thermos in the car.

  578. Favorite way to hydrate…water, water, water! Lemon water, lime water, coconut water yum yum yum :-) :-)

  579. I often struggle to stay hydrated when I am on the go all day. But when I am at home or in the office I put huge glasses with water on the desk and try to drink 3-4 of them throughout the day. Also hydration seems to be easier if I start the day off with a glass of water with fresh lemon juice. I have been thinking about water filters for a while and this Soma filter is new to me, but looks very stylish and inviting to drink more! :-)

  580. I stay hydrated by filling several mason jars with water, lemon, strawberries or another combination of fruit.

  581. Favorite way to hydrate is h2o.

  582. ki said on March 4, 2014

    I started following you several months ago. YOU ROCK!!! Thanks so much for all that you share! Our health is the most precious gift we have. Thank you for contributing to everyone’s health!!! :)
    Side note: Tapping Summit going on right now— heard that your results showed shrinkage!!!! That’s awesome!! :) Big, loving hugs to you!!!!

  583. I love adding cucumber slices and fresh lemon wedges to my water bottle which is usually a recycled kombucha glass bottle. Carry it around and sip throughout the day.

  584. I drink filtered water with slices of lemon, cucumber, and/or some mint leaves. Refreshing & cleansing!

  585. My family and I are missionaries in the Philippines — we work with hundreds of kids living on the city dump in Cebu. It’s hot and humid (think tropics!) here and we work hard…so drinking water is a priority for me. I feel it instantly if I don’t get my 3 liters a day. We buy bottled water in big plastic jugs and I am totally NOT sure how clean it is. But, to help me get my water quota down, I usually make a huge (and I mean huge) chili pot full of herbal tea (no caffeine, just lemon grass from outside, ginger root, and some herbs) and I add a bit of Stevia. This makes drinking so easy and delicious.

  586. I always have a water bottle with me to sip throughout the day.

  587. I drink water first thing in the morning before anything else. By noon I probably have half of my daily qty needed. We live in the desert so we all carry our own bottles of water everyday. Before I go to bed I will drink 2 8 ounces glasses of water as well.

  588. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with coconut water! It feel exotic and tastes great!

  589. Jan said on March 4, 2014

    Love to drink water, herbal teas, green drinks. Thank you for your site and this giveaway. We have well water with a filter at the pump. However, I am still under treatment for multiple myeloma so my husband feels better that we drink Ozarka delivered. But, don ‘t know if that is best option either. Oh well, I bless it and go on. Anyway, love your site

  590. Drinking water is one of the first things to put in our bodies in the morning. Especially filtered, clean water. Drinking water through the day hydrates your skin and your brain, easier to think, get things done, have energy. I carry my water everywhere. You can alkalize water by adding a tiny bit of baking soda (IMMEDIATE alkalization of all your cells).

  591. I love eating watermelon and other juicy fruits, but my all time fave is by making incredible juices with my Breville Juicer! Green juice and red juice and all other kinds of yums! Thanks to you Kris you’ve inspired me!

  592. I stay hydrated by drinking close to 3 liters of water a day plus I juice lots of veggies and fruits. I also add fresh lemon and/or lime to my water for added benefits. Thank you for the Soma Water Filter Giveaway.

  593. ki said on March 4, 2014

    Oops! So excited about finding this giveaway and news about you from Tapping Summit that I forgot to answer about my fave way to stay hydrated! Love clean, clear, cool water best, but cucumbers, mint, and/or lemon are always nice (if I don’t eat them all first lol)
    Thank you, Kris!!!!!

  594. Favorite way to stay hydrated? Green juices during the day and green tea in the evening

  595. I’ve just been diagnosed with stage IV cancer of the liver. I’ve always known how important hydration is to the body, but have found it difficult to drink as much as needed when I was always working outdoors. Of course, this recent accidental discovery of my cancer has made me a lot more diligent! Thanks Kris for sharing your story — it’s making my own journey a bit easier.

  596. chugging a large bottle of pellegrino sparkly water

  597. This is one thing I struggle with. I try to drink more water but I get so busy and forget. When I do drink it, I love it with a squeeze of lemon!

  598. I love to stay hydrated with filtered water, flavored with sliced strawberries or lemons! Then I’ll treat myself once in a while with a coconut water! Yum!

  599. I stay hydrated by drinking young coconut water and smoothies.

  600. I carry around a filtered water bottle when I’m on the go, but I’m going back to school for nursing and this filtered carafe would be perfect for those long hours when I’m hitting the books. I’m also a green tea junkie. But for me, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as clean, crisp water…it’s really the most refreshing way to stay hydrated, in my opinion.

  601. I like to stay hydrated with ice cold lemon water

  602. I bring my water bottle with me everywhere I go.

  603. I mostly drink filtered water with sliced strawberries or lemons. For a treat, I’ll buy a fresh juiced coconut. Yum!

  604. . Water has always been my beverage of choice. Nothing else really quenches my thirst and I love that it is calorie-free!!! I drink my water with a few drops of Cell Food mixed in for an extra boost of minerals. Thanks for offering a chance to win the SOMA Water Filter!

  605. Kaz said on March 4, 2014

    What a shame it the competition is open to US only :(
    We Australians love you too Kris 😀

  606. I stay hydrated by drinking a liter of lemon water first thing every morning, and at least 2 liters of filtered water everyday. Also coconut water in my smoothies! , and herbal tea. I really want a Soma! I’ve read about them!

  607. My best best way to stay hydrated is to start the day with purified water and lemon go on to green juices and then continue drinking water through out the day, I keep a bottle in sight to remind me to drink =)

  608. I stay hydrated the easy way. Water. I also enjoy juicing, tea and kombucha

  609. I drink hot water and green juice all day!

  610. Hi kriss, I am ready to drink from the fountain of youth.
    Thank you.

  611. I like to stay hydrated by including alot of water rich fruits & vegetables. Cheers!

  612. I make sure I have a water bottle or mason jar with me at all times. My car is full of them! If water is in front of me I will unconsciously drink it.

  613. I put mint chlorophylle in my water!

  614. “High quality H20”!

  615. Adding things to my water like lemon, cucumber, berries and cinnamon sticks.

  616. I stay hydrated with a PUR water filter in my office and I always carry a (glass) bottle of water with me. And generally have a 2nd bottle in my car in case I am running errands and finish my first bottle of water. Oh, and before I get out of bed, I drink 18-24 ounces of water that is sitting in a glass bottle next to my bed. I would love, love, love to try this Soma Water Filter and Carafe; sounds fabulous! Thank you, Kris, for such a great post and such a generous giveaway! You rock!

  617. I carry a thermos with me where ever I go…..always sipping H20

  618. I like to add essential oils, like lemon or grapefruit, as well as cut up fruit and mint to my water for a nice little change.

  619. I drink various liquids throughout the day to stay hydrated (water, water with lemon, hydrating teas, coconut water) and try to avoid tap water at all cost as my inner ecosystem is being rebuilt and chlorine will wreck it to oblivion! I haven’t heard of this filter system before and am intrigued! Thanks for putting together fun giveaways!

  620. I stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle (that I fill with tap or well water) with me at all times. For me, it has to be ice cold! I prefer to add some fresh lime or lemon. Sounds like I need a filter in place of the tap water. Sure hope I win! I shared & followed you on facebook & pinterest.

  621. I am very excited to stay hydrated!

  622. I pour some room temperature water into my favorite mason jar and go sit by the ocean to sip and “soak” it all in 😉


  623. I slice organic cucumbers in a pitcher full of filtered water. It is delicious!

  624. I typically carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go so I can stay hydrated all day long.

  625. We have filtered water at home and I have it at work also. I try to keep a water bottle with me. this would be so awsome

  626. I keep a container of water right next to me all day long whenever possible, at work, at home, or in the car. I have trained myself to take a sip every few minutes throughout the day, so most days (unless it’s out of the ordinary) I drink plenty of water, it has just become part of my routine :)

  627. Water water water!! It took me awhile to get used to drinking it, but now I couldn’t imagine not having it in my life. It’s been hard this winter to stay hydrated because I am used to having my water measured in a pitcher, which means cold water from the fridge. I found that heating it up and drinking tea and even broth helps me to get through the day with staying hydrated. Summer time is so much easier! All the yummy fruits like watermelon are a great addition to staying hydrated! OH! I have a great tip when you are sick: I recently was nauseated and had a UTI (one reason water is very important for me to drink, to prevent them) and I knew I needed to get some water in me but I just could not keep it down. My friend suggested putting a drop of peppermint essential oil in with the water…it worked like a charm!!! (I also tried spearmint and actually liked it better.) This helped me to be able to get some water in me until I was able to finally drink it plain again. Hope to win this beautiful carafe, love it!! :)

  628. Keeping your water bottle on you at all times is a must to keep up with hydrating, especially at work.

  629. syl said on March 4, 2014

    drink lots of H2O

  630. My favorite ways to stay hydrated are:

    -Drinking purified water out of one of my bkr water bottles. They’re super snazzy! 😉
    -Drinking coconut water from Whole Foods. The electrolytes are amazing.
    -Drinking green juice when I can get it

    It’s crazy how much of a difference water really makes to your system. I immediately notice a pick-me-up when I consume water and I’ve been dehydrated. Who needs coffee or sugar? :)

  631. I have a reusable bottle of water with me wherever I go! Water, don’t leave home without it :-)

  632. Dehydration can also promote muscle tension and headache. I am a chiropractor so this is an important patient edu point I keep water glasses every place in my treat room bed room office I drink before any other beverage and at each meal

  633. I try to drink a lot of water each day and make it more fun and taste yummy by adding a few drops of doTerra citrus essential oils to every glass.

  634. Besides adding lemon to my water, I drop a few himalayan salt crystals on my tongue as I’m heading out for a hike.

  635. Dehydration can also promote muscle tension and headache. I am a chiropractor so this is an important patient edu point I keep water glasses every room I am in. I drink before any other beverage and at each meal. This filter looks so portable and easy to use.

  636. Drinking waterfront a glass you love the shape or feel of helps. I choose wine or pilsner glasses

  637. Green juice!!!

  638. Hydrate me! xo

  639. Amy said on March 4, 2014

    I enjoy adding fruits and vegetables to my filtered water to stay hydrated.

  640. My favorite way to stay hydrated is by drinking lots of hot tea everyday. I keep a baggie of tea bags in my purse and I bring my old, dented, cracked Nightmare Before Christmas travel mug with me everywhere I go. I love trying all kinds of teas, mostly herbal, and enjoy experimenting with making my own loose-leaf tea blends from dried herbs. Rose hip and red clover tea is my current favorite!

  641. I find I actually drink more water if I use a straw! I love to add cucumber slices to my water. Thank you for the great information!

  642. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to add a slice of orange to add a bit of citrus flavor.

  643. Staying hydrated currently by packing a few bottles of water with me for my day at work…I don’t like though the impact on the environment. This would be a better option ♻️

  644. Do you happen to know whether this filters fluorid? I’m especially concerned about his for my little ones…I have considered the berkey, but they are quite pricey.

  645. I love drinking hot teas. ♡

  646. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to blend a green smoothie with coconut water. Thanks Kris!

  647. I adore your books and would love to win one of the carafes!

  648. I love drinking filtered water in this adorable glass bottle my daughter found near a river!

  649. I like to make sure I eat plenty of water-heavy fruits & veggies, and always take my big water bottle with me when I head out for the day!!

    Thanks for the chance to win :-) I’m living in the US for a few months, and if I win I’ll be giving this to my Florida-based parents-in-law :-) xx

  650. I drink water with a wedge of lemon or green tea with a wedge of lemon. The lemon seems to make everything taste good!

  651. I bought a bunch of fun glass bottles and keep one filled (with water) in each room at home so hydration is always within reach :)

  652. The problem is that I don’t drink enough water.

  653. A huge glass right when I wake up with lots of lemon and sometimes fresh ginger. Making sure I always drink a glass at least 30 minutes before my meals!

  654. I fill a pitcher in the morning with 84 ounces of water. It’s a visual reminder. If I fill it in the morning, I do drink it all.

  655. I keep hydrated with a blue bottle at work but I tend to forget when I am home…go figure

  656. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water – Love it!

  657. I love to add a drop of quality lemon essential oil and benefit from the taste and the goodness of lemon oil.

  658. Adding lemon or some other tasty fruit to my water makes it easier to stay hydrated!

  659. I love infused water! Anything from grapefruit and mint to lemons and blueberries, so yummy!

  660. I love drinking and bathing in structured water. http://www.naturalactiontechnologies.com/

  661. I struggle to drink enough fluids. My latest trick is to set my Fitbit alarm to go off several times a day as a reminder to hydrate.

  662. My fave way to hydrate is to bring a mason jar with me. For me, if I have a bottle, I will not drink as much. If I have a glass and a straw, I am more conscious of how much I am drinking. May seem strange, but true. I love adding fresh fruit and berries to my water too.

  663. I like to start my day with a hot cup of lemon water. Then I drink a glass of cold water. I carry a big water bottle with me all day at work and I constantly sip on it while working out in the evening.

  664. I like to stay hydrated by drinking warm lemon water in the morning…….my smoothies…….my water with a splash of beet juice………and last but not least, my purified water at the office! :)

  665. I like to start my day with a hot cup of lemon water. Then I drink a glass of cold water. I carry a big water bottle with me all day at work and I constantly sip on it while working out in the evening. I live in a camp which is well water & undrinkable. Having a filter would be so incredible

  666. I love a green juice and coconut water with chia seeds….and of course lovely refreshing H2O….sometimes with mashed fruit or lemon/lime <3

  667. I love to stay hydrated with iced (herbal) teas. I like the extra bit of flavor – it helps me to drink more.

  668. I work for a production company in Alaska and we are always trying to stay hydrated during the shooting months because it really helps us stay focused and energizes us for the day. As we are always moving we always have water available. It’s always a tough battle to remember to drink water, but we understand that we needed to do it to ultimately be better as a team. In short we don’t do anything fancy but we always make sure to drink water. We sometimes drink water with a slice of lemon to get all elegant and such 😉

  669. Fresh coconut water!

  670. I’d love it for my cucumber water! ; )

  671. Hi Kris,
    I work in a water testing lab and have seen the problems you can have with your water. Arsenic, uranium, lead and bacteria to name just a few that have been in the news lately. I am always concerned what I am drinking and tend to avoid water lately. It would be nice to have good water available anytime! Thanks,

  672. I stay hydrated by setting a digital egg timer to remind me to sip, sip, sip throughout the day!

  673. I stay hydrated by juicing every day, drinking the juice and always keeping a water bottle with me. I have one on my night stand, my vanity, my computer desk and in the kitchen. I always take one with me in my car too. For hydration and cleansing I fill a 16 oz glass with purified water, juice 1 lemon into it, add two tablespoons of raw cider vinegar and a tiny bit of stevia and drink it first thing in the morning. Yes, it’s an acquired taste but now I am used to it, its pretty refreshing!

    • I try to drink purified water, and when I carry it around, I try to use a glass bottle. I like water with a squeeze of lemon, and the water is almost always room temperature.

  674. I love putting chunks of colorful stuff in my to-go water jug – berries, cucumbers, mint – it makes it so much more fun to drink because it tastes sooo good… except everyone at work is always asking what experiments I’m conducting.. don’t know why fresh stuff freaks some people out..?

  675. Kim said on March 4, 2014

    My favorite way to stay hydrated is water with lemon

  676. I hydrate by using my water diffuser. I love using strawberries and cucumbers!! Safe travel bottles means I always have my wonderful water:) Let us not forget coconut water too!

  677. I eat lots of veggies to keep hydrated.

  678. I put lemon and lime in my water

  679. I have a bottle of water with me all day long…just keep sipping!

  680. I keep a thermos of warm water with me and try to drink every 15 minutes. I also keep a water bottle and think about drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces. Love coconut water and start the day with a cup of warm water with lemon. Missing element is the water filter! I am so excited at the possibility of winning that!

  681. I usually drink bottled water. Preferably Aquafina.

  682. Hi Kris,

    Met you years ago in New Jersey. You are such an inspiration and it was fabulous meeting you in person! Keep up the great work as you touch SO many lives with health and hope …

    Staying hydrated is a must for everyone! Great giveaway!

  683. I drink a big glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, then follow that up with another to take probiotics. That seems to get me into the drinking mode and I can often keep it up the rest of the day. My biggest problem is at work or on business travel when I’m stuck in meetings. Often they just have coffee (not even hot water for tea!) and all I can do is find a grungy water fountain to drink from. Yuk!

  684. I like water without ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

  685. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with fresh juice, smoothies and filtered water in that order!

  686. I drink all kinds of flavored water that has zero calories and a 4 pack can be bought at your local Walmart for $1.67

  687. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to line up 8 glasses each day. I fill one with filtered water (not SOMA though!), drink it, then rinse….and then there were 7. I do this one at a time throughout the day because it’s a visual reminder having the 8 glasses lined up, then subtracting one each time I chug my 10 or so ounces. By the end of the day I should have one glass left. If I’ve forgotten or gotten off track, I have 3 or 4 glasses staring at me which is pretty daunting – so it helps to keep me on track!

  688. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to line up 8 glasses each day. I fill one with filtered water (not SOMA though!), drink it, then rinse….and then there were 7. I do this one at a time throughout the day because it’s a visual reminder having the 8 glasses lined up, then subtracting one each time I chug my 10 or so ounces. By the end of the day I should have one glass left.

  689. I add Young Living essential oils to my water to make them tasty, different and then the bonus is the benefits of the essential oils! :-)

  690. My favorite way to hydrate is by drinking a tall glass of just plain H2O…there’s nothing more refreshing, energizing, and repairing as pure filtered water!

  691. I often drink from a reusable bottle, but I tend to fill it from gallon jugs of store bought drinking water. Our tap water is awful. It even tastes weird.

  692. I love fresh juice, smoothies and then plain old filtered water. I keep the water on me all day to get the hydration I need.

  693. Hey Kris,

    I stay hydrated by juicing, adding lemon or lime to my water or just plain old Brita filtered water. I also eat some form of citrus each day and a salad. Would love to win a Soma for work! Keep up all your wonderful work, you’re an inspiration.

  694. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to have my water close at hand each day – all day – and when I take a drink, to not just sip, but take at least 5 swallows each time I lift a glass.

  695. I stay hydrated with coconut water! Our city water here in Miami scares me, but I have no idea what type of filter will actually do the job. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  696. I love starting my morning with some warm lemon water with a little aloe vera juice. Then, in addition to my 8 glasses of water per day, I love making 3 or 4 herbal teas through out the day. I start with hot tea, but when it cools down, if I have not finished it, I add some ice and make iced herbal tea. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  697. I stay hydrated with green smoothies, and water with lemon, basil leaves and sea salt, which is also good to detox your liver.

  698. I like to add different fruits like lemons or cucumbers with basil or mint

  699. I love to drink water from thick glass bottles or mason jars. something about how cool and heavy it is in those special containers…ahhhh refreshing

  700. Nalgene’s!

  701. I like to bring my own water bottle everywhere with me. It’s like my purse or cellphone! Also, I LOVE Crazy Water from Mineral Wells, TX… it’s magic!

  702. I always keep a refillable water bottle with me and see how many refills I can get in during the day!

  703. Good, clean water and plenty of it!

  704. There is nothing better to stay hydrated than water! In fact water gets my first vote everyday for fulfilling my thirst for life!!

  705. I love having water with just a bit of lime in it. Simple but oh so good.

  706. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to have a glass water bottle handy at all times. I also drink coconut water after a workout.

  707. This is God sent! I so hope and pray I win. I need a good reliable water filter but I have been having so many expenses lately that I have been postponing it. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and hopefully win! :) Much love and awesomeness! XO

  708. My favorite way to hydrated is good old plain water. I now have a drink bottle with a straw, which makes it so easy to drink up. If I could always make it filtered water – wow that’d be perfect!

  709. I stay hydrated with a mixture of smoothies, water, veggies, and 100% juices on occasion!

  710. Bottle is best. It is more pure with no chemicals. I drink filter water every day and this would be so handy to have to filter water.

  711. I drink filter water ever day. This would be so handy to have to filter pure water with no chemicals at all. I hope I win!!!

  712. I add fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, and a dandelion tea bag to 60 ounces of water to stay hydrated and enjoy the antioxidant effect, too. I sip this all day.

  713. Love to hydrate

  714. My fave way to hydrate is with fresh juice! =)

  715. My favorite way to stay hydrated is eating organic cucumbers!!

  716. I am WAY more hydrated when I put lemon slices in my water bottle in the morning. The taste keeps me coming back for more all day.

  717. Love your inspiring recipes and healthy tipsfor loving life

  718. I use a straw to drink lots and lots of water — I swear it just slurps down so much quicker!!

  719. Love drinking super cold water during hot yoga!

  720. I try to keep a liter bottle of water on my desk. I find the large size easier when I’m working than refilling a single glass! Currently I’m having a hard time as my schedule has changed.

  721. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to start every morning with a mug of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and then continue to keep refilling my mug with water throughout the day. I just recently acquired a “Drink Water” app that helps me keep track of my water intake.

  722. I stay hydrated by adding fresh cut lemons to my water!

  723. My favorite way to hydrate is good clean water for myself and children. It is the drink of choice in our home but sometimes it’s tap:( and sometimes it’s plastic bottles. I would love to change that. Young Thai Coconuts are my second choice and I’m still trying to get my hands on Harmless Harvest coconut water. Small town living :)

  724. My favorite way to stay hydrated is to put frozen berries and mint leaves in my water glass.

  725. Definitely lemon water! Simple, tasty and refreshing :)
    Thanks for being awesome!

  726. I hav one glass of water every hour, I set my timer on my watch

  727. Kim said on March 4, 2014

    room temp water with lemon juice! Yum

  728. I don’t understand how some people never drink water, it’s the only thing I drink! A few years ago I started carrying a basic water bottle, then I switched to a BPA free Nalgene, and finally stepped up my game to a Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle (I highly recommend!). I’ve even been teased by friends and coworkers because I never go anywhere without it. I currently use a Brita filter at home and even my dog only gets filtered water. Refilling the Brita and my water bottle isn’t even something I have to think about anymore, it’s just part of who I am. It’s hard to not lecture others when I seem them drinking out of disposable water bottles, but I try to just lead by example :)

  729. My favorite way to stay hydrated is staight up lukewarm with a straw!

  730. I put four elastic bands on my water bottle. Each time I drink a full bottle of water, I move one down the water bottle. That way I keep track of how much I’m drinking and how far I have to go to reach my daily goal!

  731. The best way for to me stay hydrated is through glasses of water. I’m currently drinking tap water, but was just inspired to go out and purchase a water filter (and crossing my fingers to win!).

  732. I love drinking water throughout the day and carry a large BPA free jug with me. I spice it up by adding a lemon wedge every now and again.

  733. Water with a slice of lemon or lime!! Plus a yummy green juice in the am!#

  734. I love to stay hydrated with lemon water.

  735. I have found that I drink a lot more water if I add fresh squeezed lemon juice and stevia. I find this lemon aid extremely refreshing day or night!

  736. I love coconut water! It helps me to stay hydrated!

  737. I love to stay hydrated by finding new and exciting ways to enjoy drinking water. Like adding lemon and cayenne, cucumbers even aloe. Of course my favourite beverages to sip on are smoothies and juices with my new juicer! Also since I am still in school (grade 8) I like to pack an extra water bottle so I can fill the recommended amount of water needed to obtain a well being. I like to hold my water in glass water bottles as they taste better and are better for the environment. Somedays I like to treat my self with a warm herbal tea with honey to end my night. :)

  738. Deb said on March 5, 2014

    I drink lots of water at restaurants but I don’t like the taste of my water at home, even after it’s filtered through a pitcher filter I regularly purchase.

  739. I try to carry my own water with me wherever I go. That way, if I don’t have access to good water, I can still keep drinking!

  740. I carry a water bottle that holds eight glasses of water. I play a game now during my daily commute. it’s 30 minutes of stop and go and it feels so…unproductive….accept for getting to work :) Now, I watch the car in front of me and take a drink of water every time I see their tail lights come on. By the time I get to work, I have a strong start on my eight glasses and I feel like I’ve done something else besides drive that helps my health! Keeps me attentive too!

  741. Hands down ; ) drinking filtered water !!

  742. I keep it simple – green tea, water, green juices and herbal tea all day long! I always have a drink nearby. It’s my constant prop!

    • Thanks so much for this opportunity. I love adding lemon to my filtered water and add mint on occasion.

  743. I love water.. I stay hydrated by drinking nothing but!! :)

  744. A hot pink metal thermos filled with steamy ginger tea or cool cucumber water, keeps me hydrated throughout the day…it’s like finding a friend in the middle of the day…

  745. I enjoy water at room temperature. I guess I’m just a plain jane .

  746. I Stay hydrated by drinking water from the time I wake up till I goto bed. I even take my own water with me to refill my cup when I go places.

  747. I stay hydrated by keeping several bottles of water at my desk so I drink them while working. I fill them all up when I get to work and then drink them through out the day. :)

  748. By starting first thing in the am with a glass of water infused with cucumber, mint and lemon.

  749. I drink one to two bottles of tonic water every day plus at least 2-3 cups of green tea–helps with restless legs.

  750. Pity I can’t enter this giveaway,but I do have a great water filter that takes out all the nasties even flouride and makes it alkaline water,but this soma one is a great idea for away from home.

  751. wen said on March 5, 2014


  752. I love drinking warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. And then green juice throughout the day. Before bed, a nice herbal tea is bliss!

  753. Two glasses of lemon water first thing in the morning then water and juices for breakfast and lunch…plus more water and green or ginger tea.

  754. To stay hydrated I love to drink filtered water (at room temp.) infused with lemon and blueberries :)

  755. Is this filter alkaline? I currently use an alkaline filter but would love to have one on the go instead of taking a big gallon jug to work each day :) Thank you for all I’ve learned and helping me through a lifestyle change to better my health!!

  756. Is this filter alkaline? I currently use an alkaline filter but it would be great to have on one the go and not take a big gallon jug to work each day! Thank you for helping me through a lifestyle change to better my health!!

  757. I like to stay hydrated by adding a little lemon to my water. Makes it more interesting!

  758. I stay hydrated by drinking green juice and ice water with lemon or lime or just plain. I used to drink 2 to 3 cokes everyday, a six pack when I taught school. I hated water! My last coke was November 7, 2013. I now only drink water and green juice and orange or grapefruit juice that I juice myself. I carry a Lifefactory glass bottle filled with water with me at all times. I love water! It is very refreshing!!

  759. I seriously just Love plain ol’ water..
    between my smoothies in the morning and herbal teas and drinking water non-stop all day plus lots of veggies and fruit I’m pretty sure I’m always well hydrated. Wine helps too right? .. joooking.
    have a lovely day everyone~ <3

  760. Raw coconut water is my favorite and alkaline water.

  761. I carry a liter bottle of water with me everywhere I go. Only down fall is when I empty it, I usually refill it with water wherever I happen to be at the moment and sometimes that is not good. Thanks for offering the giveaway and introducing us to the Soma Filter and Carafe.

  762. I like to start my day with a green juice.

    I carry around two water bottles to ensure I have enough H20 to last me. Being on the road all day doesn’t always provide me with access to filtered water!!

    I love my 64 oz. Kanteen! Can’t go wrong with it!

  763. I have recently found out that I am pregnant so staying hydrated has been key for me. Not only has water helped with symptoms such as the dreadful morning sickness, but it has also helped to regulate everything going on! Due to all the ultrasound sand doctors visits keeping water at hand is a must. I make sure I have water with me everywhere, even if I am running to the grocery store! I have checked our tap water through EWG and it states the city has not been in compliance the last couple years. We have resorted to bottled water, but the possible BPA exposure to the baby worries me!

  764. Hi! I stay hydrated by having little to no caffeine, eating a mostly raw whole food plant based diet and drink loads of filtered water with my own water bottle all day long.

  765. Room temp lemon water

  766. I go through these stages where all I do is drink water water… and then sometimes not so much.

  767. I LOVE to drink water with lemon, sometimes I add cucumbers and ginger too…it’s so refreshing and it helps to take away the urge to grab a soda! since adding lemon to my water, I haven’t had a soda in 6 months!!

  768. I like to stay hydrated drinking my green juices!

  769. I drink lemon water all day, including with my meals.

  770. I enjoy adding cucumber and mint to my water. Clean and refreshing–YUM!!!

  771. I like to stay hydrated with filtered water….with cucumber is even better!

  772. I drink more water when it’s room temperature rather than cold.

  773. I enjoy plain and simple filtered water, iced or at room temperature, all day long. Once in a while a squeeze of lemon or lime juice is added. I start off my day with 1 liter of plain water before anything else. It’s a great early morning refreshment!

  774. My favorite way to stay hydrated is room temperature water with lemon, cucumber, or mint. So refreshing and it feels like a day at the spa. Decadent!!

  775. I hydrate all the time. I drink water and teas all day long. I can always tell when I need fluids in my body. I feel sluggish and out of it when I haven’t been drinking enough water. So I make sure I do.

  776. I love to stay hydrated by keeping a bpa free water bottle with me at all times. I use an app on my phone to track my intake and remind me to get enough water in. Awesome giveaway

  777. I stay hydrated by always having a 20-24 oz container of water filled and within arms reach.

  778. I rotate drinking water with coconut water about every hour.

  779. I don’t go anywhere without a (reusable) bottle of water and drink it all day long. Would love to win this giveaway to make sure I’m drinking the healthiest water!

  780. I like to drink my water with fresh lemon in it. It looks inviting and tastes better than the well water we have at home. I’d love to try this filtration system though! Maybe I would drink more water!

  781. Liz said on March 5, 2014

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. I actually stay hydrated with warm lemon water in the morning, and always drinking water during water during and after workouts about 3 x a week and always about half hour after a meal. I guess you can say juicing 2-3 times a week always helps, too. Drinking water is always top of mind for me, and I always squeeze my 8 cups in when I can.

  782. Lemon is my daily go-to for jazzing up my water. Would love an at home filtration system to do away with bottled water.

  783. I keep my water bottle with me every where I go through out the day. I love to make infused water with fruit, mint and cucumber. Tasty hydration treat!

  784. I live where it’s warm and dry practically all year round and I must stay hydrated. My favorite way to keep hydrated is to drink green juices and smoothies. I eat a lot of veggies and soup and fruit. It keeps me going for whole day. I also drink lots of lemon water.

  785. I like to enjoy my water in a fun glass- it makes the act of drinking fun and I like looking at it around the house– cuz thats what I am doing, cruising and drinking around the house!
    Blessings– Crazy Sexy Hydrator!

  786. I love to stay hydrated by drinking tea or warm lemon water. But I also love room temperature water, so this would be so great!!!! I’d live to have this for my office.

  787. I fill a giant glass with water and lemon, lime & cucumber slices and just keep refilling it throughout the day.

  788. I drink a lot of different things to keep myself hydrated throughout the day. My favorite go-to is lemon water. I drink that all the time. I also make fresh carrot juice in the mornings and bring it to work with me. I enjoy drinking green teas too. Thanks!

  789. Unfortunately, I’m drinking bottled water…I have a filter system in my house, but our water out here in farm country is pretty bad. I don’t trust it even with a filter, there is a lot of arsenic, and tons of fertilizer are dumped here all summer long. I wonder if filtering the filtered water again would make it better? I would love to try if I win this carafe, it is really beautiful!

  790. My favorite way to stay hydrated is with my husband. We keep track of how many ounces of water we drink during the day while we’re apart and at the end of the day we see who drank more.

  791. I am kind of boring, I like room temperature plain water. Sometimes I’ll go crazy and put a lemon in it. Ask any of my friends or family and they will tell you I am a serial water drinker. I bring water with me wherever I go. But they don’t see me when I am working during the day sitting at the desk, I often get wrapped up with work or in the zone and forget to refill my water glass. Your idea of having this carafe at your desk to refill your glass is genius.

  792. I like to add a drop of lemon essential oil to my water!

  793. I stay hydrated with coffee…no bueno! And I just started juicing several times a week. I need this giveaway to make some changes! LOL

  794. Amy said on March 5, 2014

    I stay hydrated by trying to drink a glass every hour so I can get my 64oz in!

  795. I eat a small piece of chocolate which makes me incredibly thirsty so I’ll drink a 16 ounce bottle of water :)

  796. I love drinking water and my favorite way to stay hydrated is to keep 2 pitchers full or water in the fridge at ALL times. I usually have lemon water in one pitcher to mix things up a bit and further help to cleanse my body.

  797. The way I stay hydrated is through drinking copious amounts of water, but it is getting so expensive for me to keep up getting the filter for my sink faucet. I would love to win this filter to help aid in my other filter, by being able to keep this one near me. I had thyroid cancer, and have check ups from my Oncologist every six months now, I have been cancer free for a year and a half now. Yay!! But because of the radiation treatment, I get painful swelling in my salivary glands quite often, and one of the treatments is hot compresses with plenty of WATER!! So, I go through a lot of water anyways. Love your testimony Kris, and thank you for being so generous to give people chances like this to have fun and possibly win something. Christina

  798. I sip herbal teas all day long. Recently I have been adding drops of flower essences as well. Lovely, gentle, and uplifting!

  799. I like to infuse my water with fresh fruit!

  800. I have a lemon tree and always add one to my water. I am consciously making an attempt to drink more.

  801. I love coconut water to stay hydrated!

  802. It’s so hard to pick just one! I always have an organic tea nearby and a big glass bottle of cold water — it keeps me feeling healthy! When I’m home I love drinking green smoothies made with organic coconut water, kale and anything else, including beets, pineapple and green apples. It’s really hard to pick just one.

  803. I’ll be honest with you, staying hydrated is a big time struggle of mine. But I’ve been working towards improving that! But I do love throwing some mint and cucumber or lemon into water, or have it in the form of tea or a fresh juice!

  804. Filtered water with a pinch of air-dried sea salt is how I roll 😉 and my daily aim is half my body weight in oz. Considering that is currently 120oz and even when I don’t hit it, I come close, so not too shabby.

  805. Lots of green and medicinal herbal teas, juicing and smoothies. I tend to add lemon a lot… YUM! <3

  806. We start off the day with hot lemon water and drink plain – although delicious – water throughout the day. For a treat we like ‘fuzzy’ water from Trader Joes. I’d love to try the cool looking Soma Water Filter and Carafe!!!

  807. Water, water, water. When I’m finished I will have more water lol! Thank you for your generosity!

  808. Water is definitely my favorite way to stay hydrated. It wasn’t always that way….I hated water. I know, that’s a strong word – but it wasn’t ever something I wanted. Now I can’t get enough! I can’t have water at my desk at work so that makes it difficult at times, but I really try to get in as much as I can. Let’s go H2O!!! :)

  809. A tall glass of filtered water is the first step in my daily regiment of my “CREATIVE HABIT”. Yeppers, I’m an artist+graphic designer+brand marketer, and “being creative” means razor-sharp focus (even if I don’t feel like it). Staying hydrated helps those creative juices to keep flowing, no matter what!
    Keeping that water flowing is my ‘go-to’…betcha haven’t heard that one today!!!


  810. I stay hydrated by sipping lemon water throughout the day.

  811. Always keep a glass of cool water and cup of hot tea at hands reach during my work hours, wich covers half my week the rest of the time, I’m a David’s Tea drinker so I always have my thermos tea bottle attached to my hand!

  812. Always keep a glass of cool water and cup of hot tea at hands reach!

  813. I add liquid chlorophyll to my water & make sure I have glass bottles filled with my green water in my office at work & in. every room of my house, especially next to my bed!

  814. To be honest, I am chronically dehydrated. I am horrible at drinking water if it is not within reach. I do love Zico chocolate coconut water and I try to drink bottled water on a daily basis but cannot get committed. I have over the past week, starting my day off with a bottle of water before I leave the house for work. I know that seems minor, but it is a start. My co-worker (bless her heart) asks me every day if I need water and she is the one who turned me onto your page. Thank you for the advice and support.

  815. Angelia said on