The Spotlight Crash Course launches today!


Hi Sweet Friends,

Do you have a burning message you want to share? A desire to help the world? Uplift the world? Heal the world? Can you visualize your work improving countless people’s lives and making a difference?

Tada, it’s here! The Spotlight Crash Course launches today! I’m so thrilled to share my latest passion project with you all. It’s been about a year in the making and this creative baby is definitely ready to be birthed!

The Spotlight Crash Course is an online program for rising and aspiring authors, speakers, media mavens, and creative visionaries. I designed this course to show mission-driven leaders how to get their powerful message out there–just like I have.

I’ve put together a dream team of legendary deal-makers and superstars in the speaking, branding, publicity, media, and publishing industries. Together we’ll teach you how to ignite your creativity, grow your online platform, attract book deals, self-publish, launch your speaking career, work with agents, publicists and producers, book media appearances, and overcome any fears or doubts that hold you back.

If that sounds awesome to you, check it out!

Now some of ya’ll may be wondering why I’ve launched a product that’s business oriented. People know me as a wellness activist, cancer thriver and unicorn lover.  Well, the truth is, I never could have become your trusted source of inspiration, education and giggles if I didn’t learn how to get my important message out there. And along the way, more and more readers have been asking me how I do it. They have great ideas of their own, but haven’t figured out how to bring them to a larger audience.

Plus, I’ll be honest, I love sharing business advice. I had no idea that I’d have such a fire for it when I first started out. Heck I could barely balance my checkbook! But along the way I discovered talents I didn’t know I had. I love nurturing and building my team (the people who help me bring you all this fabulous content), I love ideas, I love brainstorming with creative friends, teaching others how to launch their vision, coaching book campaigns (several of which have also made it to the New York Times best seller list like my books have), and cheerleading fellow trailblazers with messages that matter and ultimately change the world.

I won’t lie, it hasn’t always been easy as pie (and it still isn’t). But all the hard work has absolutely been worth it. Each and every day I receive countless thankful emails from folks we’ve helped. That’s my personal reward—and it’s priceless. It keeps me creating and puts a spring in my peppy step!

So my goal with this program is to teach those of you who are interested how to reach your dream faster. To show you what actually works so that you can save time, money frustration and talent. There are so many important steps along the path to success, pivotal crossroads that either catapult you to the next level or keep you spinning your wheels. Wouldn’t you rather just put all that inspired energy into your work? I sure would have! I wish I knew then, what I know now.

I want you to have every opportunity that I’ve had, to literally be able to pick my brain and learn from the experts and colleagues who’ve shaped or inspired my work. Your dreams are possible, no matter where you are today.

Again, if you’re excited and think I wrote this blog especially for YOU, check out the program here!

A prayer for all the trailblazers out there …

A Prayer for Trailblazers

Peace & groundbreaking,

Kris Carr

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14 responses to The Spotlight Crash Course launches today!
  1. Just wanted to let you know I have followed you for over three years and because of you I have regained my health and my life. For over six years my life was a constant trip to the ER with Chronic hives. I needed to have IV drugs to bring down the swelling. I was just sick all the time. Allergy testing could not prove any allergies but did discover a protein in my blood. Further testing at a cancer hospital and two bone marrow tests later it was discovered that 16 percent of my bone marrow was cancerous. I had no symptoms and so you just watch and wait. And I couldn’t comprehend that. Why would I wait to get cancer!! That’s where the real story begins. I bought your book Crazy Sexy Diet gradually started towards being a vegetarian and juicing. To make a long story short I am a vegetarian who juices everyday. I have slowed down the growth of protein in my blood by more then half and this past summer feeling healthy and strong and almost completely hive free requested another bone marrow test. My Doctor was hesitant but to say the least I pretty much demanded it and low and behold NO CANCER IN MY BONE MARROW. I asked the Doctor how this could be possible and her reply was well you are taking good care of yourself!! Not what are you doing we need to spread the word out there to others. So I now feel that is something I need to do. I want to lobby my government to mandate that cancer hospitals include nutritional chemo as part of their treatment and prevention. I received an email of a newsletter from the John Hopkins Centre stating more or less that chemo, radiation and surgery are not the big guns that everyone thinks they are. That more attention needs to be put on prevention and juicing and eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Yet on my more than five year journey no one mentioned the power of food, spices, juicing, etc just watch and wait. The word needs to get out! People need to know how to incorporate this as part of how to be healthy and cancer free. I cannot thank you enough! Keep up the great work! And stay healthy!

    • Wow Julie! This is amazing! Congrats! We need more stories like yours and more people like YOU teaching & spreading the message. Welcome to the wellness revolution my friend. :) xo

  2. Oh Kris…that prayer. So SO good, sister. And May the Spotlight Crash Course present opportunities for you to love and be loved. xo

  3. Hi Kris,

    I am very interested in your Spotlight Crash Course, but am wondering if there is another pay option rather than just the full amount, I sadly, cannot afford the full amount at this time, but if there is a payment plan option that I didn’t see I would LOVE that!
    Thank you for your time,

  4. The Prayer for Trailblazers is completely, utterly and absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    I’ll share it far and wide.

    As for the course, I can’t wait to get started.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  5. Every baby conceived is wanted and loved from
    The beginning
    Parents prepare mind body and spiritually before conceiving a child
    They consider why they would like to become parents

    They receive support education and resources to make parenting sacred. Because it is !

    Every community has a center devoted to conscious parenting. Pregnancy and birthing

    This is my passion


  6. Hi Kris,

    I’m at a stage where I’m seeking a structured package for all the things I do and coming across your new program makes me seriously contemplate it as an option. I stand at a corner and ask people to write what they think compassion is in a notebook as a personal endeavor to bring awareness to compassion. I spread compassion, started doing so June 3rd, 2009 without any expectations, just the heart-felt calling to be of service to a greater will. Since then, the things you will be teaching have organically manifested: I was able to self-publish a portion of the responses into a compilation book, I do presentations and interviews on compassion, been sought after for local radio and television media, been filmed for a documentary by USC film students, spearheaded the creation of a monument to compassion, and have become a “street therapist” to those seeking spiritual healing and a safe, peaceful presence. All this done while homeless until August of this year.

    I’m at the stage where the next step is putting all this together to help amplify what I’ve been doing over the past four years. I do admit, I need expert help and have been seeking local support in Davis, California. I am grateful for the way in which the process evolves organically. I will keep an eye out on your program and see what decision and resources the Universe offers.

    Thank you Kris for being a light unto this world and creating such a useful program.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

  7. The PINKSTER Manifesto: Holy Happiness! . . . .It’s The Pinkster’s story and she’s sticking to it! For as long as a dream lives inside of you, there’s a plan for its time in space.
    ~The Universe

  8. I have a message about toxins in our environment. I have found a CO. that feels as I do. Stop garbage in and have no garbage out. I feel better at 72 than I did at 64, That was a low time in my life my brain was failing and I knew it. Short term memory was gone. I forgot very important things and lost my job. Spent a lot of time looking for work but there was none for me. I began reading everything I found about brain health. Began Extra virgin coconut oil plus Medium Chain Triglycerides got some relief. My joints were getting painful, I stopped some activities found Glutathion found some relief for joints now I found Sisel. Brain is great, joints fantastic no colds or flu, got my voice back it was going, singing in 2 groups. I am younger now than when 64.. my passion is to share Sisel. P.S. must add info I just found about treating burns. Go to and hear the stories, listen to the radio shows and then you will see why you should put this number in your cell phone in case you see anyone with a burn and you will be able to help them heal and now it includes people with shingles 1-818-332-6445 Judi Duerr

  9. Thank you Kris!
    I love the trail blazers prayer! Just what I needed.
    Thank you for always shining your bright light.
    Love you!

  10. Thank you Kris!

    You have made my day, maybe my year with your new Spotlight Crash Course! This is exactly what I was looking for. I am a cancer survivor of a very rare always deadly cancer and am still here to tell the story. I have read your books, get your emails and followed a strict diet ;ole you among other things. Basically I had to take matters into my own hands.

    I said from day one that I was going to write a book one day about my experience, but I know there are a lot of cancer books out there and how the heck can I be different, unique, relevant….you know doubting myself like you say not to. Your program is just the answer. I listened to the three short clips and got instant ideas firing off like firecrackers in a bonfire.

    I am so excited! Thank you for being you and willing to give back.

    Heather – Your fan in Michigan

  11. I bought the spotlight crash course back in December, knowing that I wouldnt’ be able to do the course till summer. It was such a good price, I didn’t want to miss the sale. Now I don’t know how to access my class that I paid for. I’ve looked all over your site. Can someone on your staff help me?

  12. love this prayer