Polling is Open for My Next Beauty Review…Lipstick!


Hi Gorgeous!

Last week I posted our epic mascara review. Did ya see it? You voted (hundreds of suggestions came in!), my team and I researched and tested. We looked at everything from cruelty-free certification and sneaky animal product ingredients to price and overall performance.

Because I wanted the analysis of each mascara to be as up-to-date as possible, I asked Environmental Working Group (EWG) to update their ratings for our picks. If a mascara wasn’t rated, EWG did us a huge favor by analyzing the ingredients and adding the product to their Skin Deep database. Once again, thank you EWG!

Needless to say, we were literally up to our eyeballs in mascara for months! In the end, it was a fun project that we hope you’ll benefit from–don’t miss the results. Va-va-voom!

The Lipstick Review Poll

This week it’s all about those gorgeous lips of yours. I’d love to know what lipstick you’d like me and my team to research, review and personally test. Keep in mind that my reviews are ONLY for brands that are striving to create cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Sorry Chanel, you don’t make the cut.

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Beauty can be safe, gorgeous and kind to animals. Thanks for helping us change the face of beauty one review at a time.

Your Turn: In the comments below, add your favorite lipstick brands. Also, let me know what means most to you when it comes to your lipstick. Lasting power? Moisture factor? I want to hear about your must-haves. My team and I will take it from there. It’s that easy!

Peace & pretty smooches,

Kris Carr

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634 responses to Polling is Open for My Next Beauty Review…Lipstick!
  1. Ava Anderson Nontoxic lipstick. Awesome.

  2. The Elixery is hands down the best lipstick I have ever used. Vegan, organic ingredients, awesome colors, moisturizing, even smells yummy. Sooo good.

  3. I would like to see how Red Apple Lipstick rates. I use theirs all the time and love it, just hoping it’s as good as I think they are.

  4. The most important things to me when buying a lipstick (or makeup in general) are:
    1. What it’s made from
    2. If it was tested on animals
    3. The source materials used

    And of course that the product performs as advertised, thus leading to my pick!

    The Amazonian butter lipstick from Tarte is creamy, light and all around great!! Love all the shades and it feels awesome while wearing it. It doesn’t feel heavy or chalky and doesn’t dry out your pout! Its small and compact (great for travel or to slip in your pocket) and what makes it epic is that it’s not tested on animals or have all that nasty junk that other brands fill their products with. This is a winner in my books!! Enjoy

  5. Clinique moisture and the color stays true to color on my lips.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but Clinique is tested on animals and is full of toxic ingredients.

    • z said on August 27, 2014

      i am confused .. i stopped using clinique because i thought they tested on animals. now..
      i hope if has reversed!

      • Clinique is owned by Estee Lauder and sold in mainland China. Everything they make is tested on animals.

  6. Please look at the tarte brand of lipsticks. Most important – sunscreen! I’m having a hard time finding natural lip balms or lipsticks that have sunscreen without being the traditional ‘white’ zinc oxide or tasting terrible!

    • Check out Celadon Road! SPF 18 in six gorgeous shades. Certified organic, made with olive oil and yummy peppermint oil. Carmine free!

    • How do Aveda lipsticks fare? If they make the cut, I’d like them tested.

      • Hi Lisa,

        Sadly, Aveda is not a cruelty-free brand. They used to be in the past. Aveda states on their website “Aveda does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on its behalf, except when it is required by law”. When a company uses the phrasing “except when it is required by law”, it means that they DO test on animals. Also, keep in mind that Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder which is known for testing on animals.

        The good news is that there are so many brands on the market that are cruelty-free!

        ; )

    • I second Tarte!

  7. My favorite Lipstick at this time is Emani Organic Lip Shine. I’m wearing the color blush. All around great product; from the look, feel, smell and taste. Would recommend to any lip stick fan =)

  8. Arbonne Lipstick! Vegan, long wearing, moisturizing, no parfum smells, no dangerous chemicals, no animal testing. My favorite color – Satin.

    • Arbonne all the way!!!! My fave is JAM!!!!!

    • Agreed, Arbonne! Amazing lipstick for this non-makeup-wearing girl. No harsh ingredients, all plant-based, vegan, AND no gluten fillers(this is big for me as most makeups have both animal product/testing and gluten fillers and I cannot have Gluten for health reasons)

  9. Beauticontrol – BEST lip colors and last ever

  10. Gosh I am excited for this! I have been researching natural lipstick like crazy and haven’t found one I love. I usually end up getting discourage and quitting for a while until I see a gorgeous color on someone and then I try again. I can’t wait to see your results.

  11. Lipstick brand I exclusively use now is: Beautycounter. My biggest concern is safety (no known bad chemicals like lead) followed by ethical practices of the company. Of course color, scent, feel, performance are big as well. I’d be curious your research. I hope you’ll include it.

    • I second Beautycounter! I received one of their lipsticks in my last Goodebox and i LOVE it – the texture, scent, and color are all divine. I need a product that balances safe ingredients and ethical practices with real effectiveness! I’m curious to know if they make the cut.

  12. Hi, Kris, My very favorite lipstick line is This is the most natural lipstick I have ever found (she uses vegetables to create the color!) that has booth great moisture value and staying power. Pricy, but worth the price for beauty and peace of mind! Plus, she has wonderful, uplifting names for her lipsticks like ravishing, abundance, loving and dazzling, to name a few!

    • This sounds really great. I just wish she did not use aloe which is spermicidal and probably home distrupting. I’m hoping folks catch on to the problems aloe soon–especially since I am deathly allergic to it.

  13. I love Mac, but I stopped using it after discovering the make test on animals…

  14. Beautycounter Lip Sheers! I love them so much, I became a consultant because Beautycounter’s mission rocks and we all deserve affordable, luxurious, safe products! EWG Rating 1.

  15. Arbonne’s lipsticks are wonderful!…creamy, fabulous colors and botanically based. Cruelty free all the way!

  16. Favorite lipsticks, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic! I love the complimenting lip glosses too!
    Pretty colors and they have staying power, love the plum!
    But what is most important is that I’m not putting synthetic dyes or lead on my lips!

  17. The MAC stain lipstick. I am interested the the lipstick staying on my lips so that I do not have to keep applying it all day.

    • Anita, MAC is neither crueltry free or chemical free – surprised many don’t realise this?! xx

      • Try to understand that many of us are educating ourselves today, now, with Kris. It is true I haven’t researched cosmetics cruelty specs, but I am now, and that’s what counts! Can’t wait to hear about the lipstick results.

      • Yes, it can take some digging to find out what’s in your products! That’s why I appreciate EWG for all the hard work they do to help us! I pull them up all the time when I’m wondering about something. I do wish there were more products that I could try like at department stores. I don’t mind spending a bit more on something that’s good for me but it’s hard to spend a lot when ordering online and I can’t try it or see it first. I wish more places would offer samples.

  18. MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour. I love this lipstick because I can kiss my kids a million times without any of the color coming off on their faces. Also, I am lazy and only like applying lipstick once a day!

    • I am surprised people don’t realise MAC test on animals and contain chemicals, they will never make the list – sorry guys! Education is key.

  19. Hi Kris and Co,
    I would like to see how long lipsticks last, I want to some UV protection and moisturizing happening.
    Thanks for doing this!!

  20. My favourite and only lipstick or lip gloss just has to be Arbonne, for moisuture and staying power and with the lip gloss non sticky!

    It’s got to be cruelty free, gluten free and chemical free but also work!


    Gluten free, dairy free, veggie, with a rare chronic blood cancer :) health is everything!

    • Arbonne is pretty good but unfortunately not gluten free, they do process their wheat but sometimes that’s not enough for people with sensitivities.

      • Hi Whitney…..your information about Arbonne is incorrect. Arbonne is completely gluten free and safe for people with insensitivities and celiac’s disease. Actually, some products in the US that say they are gluten free actually have a small amount of gluten, but Arbonne has absolutely no gluten. Hoe this info helps you.

  21. Hi! There’s a brand from Canada called Fit Glow and she makes cruelty free, organic and non-toxic beauty products. I don’t think she has a full on lipstick, but her lipgloss pigments are rich enough that I wear them as a lipstick. They aren’t sticky and leave your lips feeling nourished instead of dry. Definitely check out her stuff, it’s awesome! :)

  22. Beautycounter’s lipstick and gloss line! What’s important to me is my health and their products all have an EWG rating of 0-2. Twig is amazing! And it lasts!

  23. I love glosses, glazes, and creamsticks from 100 percent pure cosmetics. They are moisturizing and last a good amount of time. And the color stays in place. No tackiness or goopiness. They are virtually taste-free and scent-free which I also like.

  24. Beautycounter lip sheers- by far. The feel and the smell are amazing and completely safe. (And this is not important to safety or quality but the packaging is gorgeous!) So grateful for the EWG!

  25. I love Senegence lipcolor. I literally put it on one time daily add some of their Shea Butter gloss and I’m good to go.

  26. My favorite is Beautycounter’s lip sheer in petal, beautiful, sheer, perfect to just swipe on without looking. They have others and rose is another everyday go to, great on so many skin tones. They are well made, safe and gorgeous, not to mention the packaging is SUPER high end. Love it!

  27. I am obsessed with Beautycounter’s lipsheers! Twig and Petal are my favorite colors. They smell like vanilla, taste cake, and go on like “buttah”! Best part is they are healthy and SAFE!

    • I could not AGREE more! LOVE Beautycounter’s lip sheers and lip shine. Petal, Twig, Plum…they are all great! Last for hours, waterproof, smell like vanilla, taste like cake and are as smooth as butter (without any “stickiness”). With an amazing EWG rating, I don’t think any other company can come close to all aspects of Beautycounter’s products.

  28. Moisture and LONG lasting color. I really like a lipstick that doesn’t move, or go into the creases of your smile. I prefer matte colors as well!! I don’t have any brands i can recommend right now, because I am guilty of using Mac! It is the only lipstick that stays in place and lasts hours. Can you help me find a replacement??

    Thanks for doing this ladies! You’re saving us a lot of time and $ finding the right lipstick!

  29. Beautycounter Lip Sheers

  30. What is important to me in a lipstick…..
    * staying power
    * natural/neutral shades available
    * only healthy ingredients for myself and the Earth

    Thank you!!!!!!

  31. Hi Kris! I love MAC lipsticks… what’s important to me is the color, how long it lasts and that the color doesn’t seep between the little fine lines above my upper lip. Thanks! I switched my mascara last week to Physician’s Formula, and love it because of you!

    • Looks like I won’t be using MAC lipstick anymore. I see the other comments above and will not be purchasing from then going forward. Thank you for the information!

  32. Beautycounter Lip Sheers!!! The BEST! Fabulous shades – either one alone or layered for some extra fun! So soft, moisturizing. Apply flawlessly. Can’t say enough about these products!

  33. Ava Anderson Non Toxic lipstick!! 100% chemical free, great colors and my little 7 year old princess can use it for dress-up with no worries!!

  34. I like lipsticks from NVey Eco and would love if you could test them! :) Beauty Without Cruelty is another brand I like but their lipsticks feel a bit dryer on the lips.

    I love lipsticks but they have to be moisturizing, or it will feel uncomfortable and look “cakey” on me.

  35. Beautycounter lip sheers. Favorite colors Rose & Coral. They do double-duty as both lip & cheek color for me. Ethical company-certified B-Corp, so put people & planet before profits. Plus, their products perform, which is most important to me!

  36. Eminence lip gloss!! Love the texture and moistness!

  37. Lipstick Queen! I’m a sucker for lipstick and own way too many for a stay at home mom but I keep searching for that perfect lipstick. I have four of their shades with Saint Wine being my favorite. I love that this is a multipurpose lipstick th as t I use on my cheeks and even eyes. The color lasts and goes from almost sheer to deep color as you layer it plus it feels great on my skin. I like it so much that I bought my best friend one.

  38. Petal by beautycounter

  39. Lipstick by Jane Iredale. I love this label. And my skin (espesially my lips :) feels so beautiful and natural :)

  40. Beautycounter! Very safe—NO toxins, no gluten (celiacs love it), no animal testing. Sheer and smooth but I love it best with the Beautycounter peppermint lip balm underneath the lip sheer. My favorite color is Rose.

  41. I love my Ava Anderson lipstick! For me, it’s about healthy, moisturized lips and I get those with Ava! My favorite is the coral color…natural but shiny too.

  42. Red Apple Lipstick
    Pacifica Lip Tint

    I hate it when a lip product dries and tightens my lips, so moisture is what I look for.

  43. Have had many choices over the years but now only use SKINN products….check Dimitri’s line I think you’ll be happy with it. Hope so anyway.
    Somehow missed the mascara question… Use SKINN now but in the past use to order from Australia -Mirenesse. Navy or blue….wish SKINN did blue or navy. Sigh….

  44. Beautycounter LIP SHEERS!

  45. Hi Kris! I loved the mascara smackdown and I’m so excited to see the results of the lipstick!!!
    My absolute favorite natural lipstick brand is ZUZU! I have a rich red and purple and they are my favorite lipsticks I’ve ever had.
    Key for me in a lipstick…. rich, full bodied color! And it’s a huge bonus if it lasts.
    Looking forward to the results!

    • the only lipstick and gloss I ever use is Aveda, and am wondering if it’s as safe as I’m told. I hope so because they’re colors are fabulous.

      • Aveda’s ukuru lip gloss and lipstick has natural pigment. Not all of the products are gluten free, a lot contain wheat protein.

      • Hi Becky,

        Unfortunately, Aveda is not cruelty-free. Aveda states on their website “Aveda does not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on its behalf, except when it is required by law”. When a company uses the phrasing “except when it is required by law”, it means that they DO conduct tests on animals. Also, Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder which is known for testing on animals.

        The good news is that there are so many brands on the market that are cruelty-free! ; )

  46. Loved the mascara poll! Here are the lip products I use:

    Jane Iredell
    Lip Pencil Peach
    Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain Forever Pink
    Pure Gloss Lip Gloss Bellini
    Thank you, Kris!

  47. Clinique lip gloss and Niva lip care
    Lasting moisturizer conditioning and for gloss shine.

  48. BeautyCounter has some fabulous chemical and toxin free lip sheers in 6 shades. My favorite is Plum for dramatic look and Twig for everyday!

  49. My favorite lipsticks are Jane Iredale’s Puremoist Lipsticks and the Bite Beauty’s creme lipsticks. I prefer moisture factor in my lipsticks, especially because of our harsh winter’s here in Minnesota.

  50. Juice Beauty, Conditioning Lip Color in Pink! Great everyday neutral.

  51. Beautycounter lip sheers
    Ilia tinted lip conditioners and lipstick

  52. RMS Lip3Cheek in illusive! It doesn’t last quite as long as I’d like, but it feels great on, looks lovely (great colour), and I use a wee bit on my cheeks, as well. I wasn’t until I was almost 40 that I wore any makeup (it always seemed kind of icky and my skin is super sensitive), but once I found face and earth-happy products like this and a few others, I’ve been having some fun with this stuff!

  53. Love my physicians formula ph matchmaker. Great shine and long lasting. There’s a light too.

  54. Beautycounter Twig is amazing and my new fav.

  55. Hands down, Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers. The colors are amazing. They leave my lips feeling and looking great and they are completely safe. I’m so tired of companies throwing around the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. It’s just a marketing scheme, a way to get our money. At least I know exactly what goes into Beautycounter’s products and what doesn’t.

  56. Red Apple Lipstick!!

  57. Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers and Lip Shine are my new favorites. What matters to me, aside from being safe, is the feel on my lips (especially for gloss not being tacky), the nude/light shades and that they’re not drying.

    Thanks for all you do to educate people, Kris!

  58. Beautycounter’s non-toxic lip sheers in Petal and Twig! Love that they moisturize, beautiful lasting sheer colors and absolutely no lead and no harmful ingredients when I cover my kids with kisses! EWG 0-2 rating!

  59. Beautycounter!!!! Their lip sheers are AMAZING and EWG rates them super well! :)

  60. Oh, and Bite Beauty lipsticks and crayons.

  61. Beautycounter Lip Sheers!
    Safe, natural, and high performing products.
    They feel great, smell great, and look gorgeous!

  62. I love Ava Anderson Non Toxic lipstick. All of their makeup is completely free of all harmful chemicals and toxins, and they also only use minerals that are non-nano particles, unlike some other “healthy and Eco-friendly” makeup lines.

  63. I love Ava Anderson lip stick!! I love that it is made with no chemicals and is healthy for my lips and it moisturizes and lasts a long time also. I haven’t found a better one yet!

  64. Beautycounter Lip Sheers!!

  65. NOTHING compares to Beautycounter’s lip sheers…. and with the strictest ingredient screening process in the business it is as safe as it gets as well. Just check them out on the skin deep ratings scale! :)

  66. Beautycounter, hands down. They are safe, luxurious and perfect for everyone. They don’t dry your lips, they don’t test on animals, they don’t include over 1,400 toxic chemicals that are linked to awful diseases and disorders and the mission of the company is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

  67. Hi Kris,

    I love that you’re doing this! Thank you!!

    I always wear Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick since I believe, but am not sure, it is one of the least toxic that can easily be found in stores. Lasting power is most important to me. I used to wear Covergirl Outlast as I liked that I didn’t have to continuously re-apply. I stopped using it after learning it had toxic ingredients. If color makes a difference in toxicity, then I would be curious about the pinks. I also like to purchase make-up in local stores such as Ulta and was pleased that Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Lash made your mascara list.

    Peace :)

  68. I am in love with my Beautycounter lip conditioners and lip sheers! They agree completely safe since the company has banned 1500 harmful ingredients linked to any human health concerns and they are developed by a leading celebrity makeup artist so they perform well enough for the red carpet and cover shoots! As an esthetician and crazy sexy devotee, I love learning about ingredients but for those of us who do not love it, Beautycounter has done the homework for us! Best products I have ever used and the lip sheers are no exception!!! Xo

  69. Love me some Beautycounter lip sheer in Currant. It’s super smooth, hydrating and feels luscious on my lips. Best of all is knowing it’s safe from harmful chemicals.

  70. Beautycounter!!!!!

  71. I don’t have “a favorite” but there are certain qualities I look for, aside from completely EWG approved. I do like something moist, some get really dry once on. I also wish they were more afforable. I buy for my granddaughter (who is just starting to like these things!) because I want her to have the best…. but I wish they were more affordable for her and her young friends. (and she is learning that better to save for this than buy cheap and ultimately harmful) That said, this is the only way I feel I can trust the quality and safety of what she wears…. me, too…..THANK YOU, again!, Kris, for your heart that wants the very best for us all.

  72. BEAUTYCOUNTER by FAR IS THE BEST!!! Goes on smooth, not sticky, doesn’t leave that yucky corner stuff on the lips and is GORGEOUS in COLOR!!!!

  73. I have been living my new beautycounter lip sheer in twig color. I need a lipstick that doesn’t dry out after a month. This one feels moist and the color is gorgeously pretty. It’s not too sheer like a gloss or chapstick it’s more like a light lipstick. Also doubles as my cheek color.

  74. I’m not a lipstick person, I’m more of a lip gloss person. However, Arbonne, came out with a great compromise that goes with their makeup palettes….its called the Sheer Moisture Lipstick! I just add an extra layer if I want more color! Love it :)

  75. please look at the following brands: revlon, maybellene , rimmel. I have used each of these from time to time. sandra

  76. I am in love with Beautycounter lip conditioners and lip sheers! Because the company has banned 1500 ingredients linked to any human health concerns, and because they are committed to complete transparency and disclose ALL ingredients, I can rest assured that these products are safe and beautiful. And because the line is being crafted by a leading celebrity “green” makeup artist, I know that the products perform well enough for cover shoots and red carpets. I love the lip sheers because they feel like butter and taste like cake, but with no artificial fragrance! As an esthetician, I love researching ingredients, but if you don’t, Beautycounter does all of the homework for you! I can’t speak highly enough of this line!

  77. jane iredale lip glosses in all colors love them. Supposed to be chemical free would love to know your thoughts.

  78. I am in love with Beautycounter lip conditioners and lip sheers! Because the company has banned 1500 ingredients linked to any human health concerns, and because they are committed to complete transparency and disclose ALL ingredients, I can rest assured that these products are safe and beautiful. And because the line is being crafted by a leading celebrity “green” makeup artist, I know that the products perform well enough for cover shoots and red carpets. I love the lip sheers because they feel like butter and taste like cake, but with no artificial fragrance! As an esthetician, I love researching ingredients, but if you don’t, Beautycounter does all of the homework for you! I can’t speak highly enough of this line!

  79. I love Arbonne’s lipstick!
    I prefer my lipstick to not be smelly (hate that!), last a good while, & not make me worried to lick my lips. :)
    Love you Kris!

  80. EOS Organic Lip Balm

  81. agenda for lasting and moisture!

  82. Hi Kris! Please review Bobbi Brown lipstick and glosses, I layer both! I need moisture!!! Lipstick shouldn’t make my lips peel, but I’ve tried some in the past that did. And yes, they should last, and make my lips look healthy and natural.

    Thanks xxoo

  83. Jane Iredale
    Red Apple Lipstick

  84. Bobbi Brown in BlueRasberry is my absolute favorite lipstick.

  85. Ava Anderson nontoxic please

  86. 100% Pure’s Fig lip glaze (and their entire product line) is the best lipstick of all time! It is velvety smooth and super moisture rich. Feels and looks beautiful and has no synthetic colors! Every single ingredient is lovely, each tested for their purity as well as the finished product tested for any toxins. Also, none of the ingredients ever exceed 115 degrees!

  87. Obsessed with Beautycounter! The lip sheers smell wonderful thanks to natural Madagascar vanilla and they make my lips so smooth!!! Petal is one of my favorite colors. Also love the lip shine and the lip balms:)

  88. Bite lipstick. It is made out of Toronto, Ontario which means I’m supporting a fellow Canadian, but their lipstick is also healthy, moisturizing, and intense. I actually feel like I’m wearing lip balm when I wear it!

  89. Dr. Hauschka lipstick, please.

  90. Always interested in less expensive brands like the Physicians formula mascara for example. Tarte is also interesting Thanks for this I am looking to change my make up routine and i will be including these guides as I try to feel better thru natural healthy lifestyle….

  91. I’ve been wearing Red Apple Lipstick…..Vegan and gluten free!!! I would love to know if they are as good as they claim they are. What’s important to me in a lipstick is the “cleanness” of it meaning pure and toxic free. Also, the lipstick has to be moisturizing and deep pigmented as well.

  92. Stila Stay All Day is the only stain I’ve found so far that actually stays on for hours and never results in the dreaded lipliner effect. It seems to be responsibly made (hope that’s true!) It is a little drying, though. My main concerns are long wear and smudge proof.

  93. I like Cowgirl Dirt and Earth Lab Cosmetics and 100% pure I like stuff that smells good and is moisturizing/creamy. I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day if it means that it is natural/chemical free.

  94. I’d love to know about the following lipgloss, lip liners, lipsticks-
    Jane Iredale- lip liner, gloss and stick and lip plumper ( just kissed=love it!)

    Bare Minerals- lipstick, liner, lipgloss, plumping gloss( buxom)

    Prestige Cosmetics waterproof lip liner- (it’s the only one that stays in place) and lip gloss

    Neutrogena Moistureshine lip gloss- great texture, not too tacky or sticky, moisturizing, stays in place, great color options

    Dr hauscka – lip liner, lipstick
    Zuzu- liner & lipstick

    I’m interested in staying power, feel (creaminess no tackiness), Gluten free!!!, color options (neutrals), moisturizing and something that stays in place.

    Looking forward to your results!

    • You should try Beautycounter Lip Sheers. They are silky smooth. They literally feel like butter and taste like vanilla cake! They last (mine stayed on for over 4 hours on the beach and in the ocean)! Pretty amazing! Beautycounter lip sheers have an EWG rate of 1. They feel luxurious and are not “sticky or tacky”, just smooth and yummy tasting! They also double as blush! These are amazing products by an amazing company, Beautycounter.

  95. I want a lipstick that is free of lead and other toxic ingredients.
    I have been using Young Living’s lip gloss – L Brianté™ Lip Gloss – Red/Amoressence

  96. Def. the Beautycounter lip sheers!

  97. Lippy glosses from Butter London!

  98. Beauty Counter’s lip sheer is an amazing product! Love the lasting color and moisture.

  99. Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers in Twig and Petal are my favorites!

  100. My absolute new favorite??? Beautycounter of course! The 6 lip shades, lip gloss and lip balm all go on smooth, from a company that has as its mission to create luxurious products that don’t sacrifice safety in all of their products. So excited to use these products and provide them to others! My favorite shades? Plum and Currant! The lip gloss is very shiny smells like vanilla and the lip balm comes in calendula and peppermint scent. All Beautycounter lip products rate ‘1’ on EWG’s Skin Deep!!! Can’t get much safer!

  101. Love Lipstick…these brands might not rate high, but they are my favorites:

    NARS Sheer Lipstick
    Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color
    Bobbie Brown Rich Lip Color
    Jane Iredale PureGloss Lip Gloss

    • Hi Rena,

      Unfortunately, Bobbi Brown is not a cruelty-free brand. Also, keep in mind that Nars is a cruelty-free brand but their parent company is not.

  102. I think Burt’s Bees is awesome!
    Thank you dear Kris Carr for what you do. I love you so much.

  103. I think Burt’s Bees is awesome. Thank you dear Kris Carr for what you do. I love you so much.

  104. Would like your views on Gabriel, Bite Beauty, Korres, Honeybee Gardens. Moisture is key. Thanks for doing this!

  105. I love the Freedom Glow Beauty Balm by I’m always in a rush in the morning and don’t spend a lot of time on make up. The Freedom Glow Beauty Balm multi-tasks as a lipstick plus I use it on my cheeks for a nice glow. It also lasts forever! It’s very light and the colour is so natural. It’s all natural and 85% organic.

  106. Origins lipstick, Gabriel Cosmetics lipstick, RMS lip to cheek, (I am not sure these are vegan, I use bee products personally). Hourglass lipstick.

  107. I am a lipstick addict; I have been using lipstick all my life (at least 45 years)….my go to lipsticks are L’Oreal Color Rich #762, Divine Wine and #620, Mica. At one time I saved all my used cases with the intention of making a sculpture for Burning Man….I had that many. I know they must contain nasty chemicals, but like I said, I’m addicted.
    When I was diagnosed with rectal cancer and became one of your followers, I tried other healthy lipsticks from my health food store, but the colors either bled or changed color and were so expensive….I fell back to L’Oreal.
    So, steadfast color, no bleeding, moisture….are important…and reasonable cost….just because it’s healthy, why should it cost so much more.
    thank you so much for your attention to our health…you are appreciated greatly….

  108. I love the lipsticks, gloss….pretty much everything from Afterglow Cosmetics and their sister company (facial wash and lotions etc). They are the first gluten free certified cosmetic brand ever too which is great for me! I even think they are having a special sale today and tomorrow as per an email I got!

  109. I’ve been using MAC amplified, color blankety. I don’t know how it rates but it’s probably not good. I’d love to find something healthier that’s similar in color and moisture. Thanks so much for doing this!

  110. Beautycounter lip sheers in Twig and Plum! Not only are the products nontoxic and safe, but Beautycounter is an ecofriendly B-Corp:

  111. I absolutely recommend and LOVE Nessa’s Naturals lipsticks!! Homemade/handmade makeup out of small town in Minnesota!! GOOOD STUFF with tons of amazing colors!!

  112. I have been super-happy lately with my new Arbonne lipstick! I work in film & photography, and I am a stickler for how things reflect light, and moisturize. (There’s almost nothing worse than cracked, dry lips when you’re in front of a camera!)
    Arbonne is vegan, carcinogen-free, plant-based, and all-around pretty great. I found their price point to be similar to department store brands, but I wouldn’t put most if those brands on my face. Would love to see some of the others that make the cut! Thanks Kris

  113. I love that is color stay , love shiny, matt, all kinds, but The MOST haves of my lipstiks has to be long lasting and colorful and bright colors … Even of is skin color but be a good color ….
    Hate to leave my lip colors where ever I go so color stay is a most !!!

  114. Love this! I missed the mascara smackdown, but I’ll be headed over there now to check it out. BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie and Nyx Butter lipsticks are my current faves!

  115. Flower Beauty Products

  116. Ref Apple lipstick is my absolute favorite. They have tons of beautiful colors with different sheens (like sparkly and matte), they are actually hydrating (like a lip balm), and they last. I also love love love their minty lip balm.

    • Nothing beats Beautycounter lip sheers!! Safe, effective, luxurious skin care & cosmetics. Check it out….pucker up:)

  117. Definitely Beautycounter’s lip sheers! Amazing colors and performance. Soft and moisturizing! Check them out!

  118. Are there any healthy lipsticks that are great and can be found in stores so I don’t have to order online? If I run out I’d like to be able to buy more without having to wait for it to be shipped. Thanks!!!

  119. I am currently using Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony. I have stopped buying regular lipstick at the drugstore because they all smell and taste awful. I wonder how anyone wears it. My husband won’t even come near me if I have it on and that is not cool.

  120. I love Beautycounter lip sheers!!! They feel so good going on your lips and can double as a blush! Plus, you can’t help but love the Beautycounter mission – get SAFE products into the hands of EVERYONE.

  121. Pacifica has AMAZING coconut infused, 100% vegan products. Check out their Lip Butters, Lip Gloss’ and Lip Tints – ahhh! I have switched my entire beauty product stash to this line and it’s availability is growing as you can find some items now at some Targets, Sprouts & Ultas. Also, some of their products are already in EWG’s Skin Deep Database. My fingers are crossed for Pacifica to make it into this smackdown =) Important factors: moisturizing, smoothing, SPF, staying power, smell and taste. Thanks for asking!!!

    Vegan, no gluten ingredients used but not certified GF yet, very inexpensive. Their lipsitcks work great, but I do not like the texture or performance of their lip GLOSS

    Vegan except for beeswax, no animal testing, certified GF (a favorite brand among celiacs and allergy folks), really creamy texture. Their lipsticks & lip glosses are equally good. Awesome variety of colors, but very expensive. I’ve never seen them in stores; I’ve only purchased on their website.

    ZUZU LUXE by Gabriel Cosmetics
    Vegan and gluten-free (they took out the wheat germ oil a few years ago). Fantastic variety of colors (one of the only vegan companies to really get true reds – Starlet (primary red), Vino de Amor (dark red/burgundy), and Femme Fatale (darker red/brown) are all awesome. Zuzu is pretty inexpensive (but no one is as cheap as The All Natural Face).

    Thanks for doing this Kris!!!

  123. Beautycounter Lip Sheers are my new fav based on safety, moisture, and the fact they are gluten free. My go-to color is twig for everyday use. I love that I don’t need a mirror to put it on and it goes on so silky and smooth. Highly recommend!

  124. Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers are amazing – safe, non-toxic and amazing performance. My favorite shade is Plum! Once you try these, you will be hooked!

  125. I love the Ilia lipsticks since they are free of bad things and they are moisturizing, and have great colors,
    and feel and look good on me. I have also used Mineral Fusion which I get at Whole Foods. They have lipsticks and lip tints that are awesome also.

  126. Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers (lipstick) are great! Very smooth and silky!
    Second favorite would be Arbonne’s lipsticks!

  127. Beautycounter Lipsheers!! My favorite colors are Twig (light pinkish brown) and Plum(beautiful berry). They are light, creamy, smooth and HEALTHY!!! EWG rating is 1. I LOVE these lip sheers!!!!!

  128. Dear Kris, I am co-founder & purchase manager of a Swiss-European Sustainable Online Yoga Shop ( I do my best to research things that fit your standards (cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, non-toxic products) but on top of that, I would also like the packaging to be clever (no plastic, for instance). It seems like mission impossible. I end up wearing my lips naked… so I’m very much looking forwards to the results of this new project!

  129. BEAUTYCOUNTER – hands down the best and safest!

  130. Ilia for sure. The glosses are amazing as well.

  131. I love Arbonne lipstick I Coral Reef.

  132. Arbonne is vegan, etc., and I have a lot of friends who use MAC. Can’t wait to see the results!

  133. Beautycounter lip sheers are all fabulous and non toxic. Great colors and high performing. And the mission of truth and transparency is fabulous too!

  134. Arbonne lipstick is the best. It’s mainly botanical, totally vegan, certified by PETA to be cruelty free. The colors are awesome and range from vavavoom to soft and just-like-nature but better!

  135. I love Red Apple Lipstick…….gluten free! They have an amazing assortment of colors and the lipstick stays on for hours. Also they have other outstanding products, My daughter and I only use Red Apple products.

  136. Forgot to add to my comment above – what does “May contain…blah blah blah” mean? There’s often a list of scary-sounding dyes, etc that it “may contain.” Huh?! How do you know if the product contains these things or not? Thanks!

  137. Pacifica has AMAZING coconut infused, 100% vegan beauty products and more. Check out their Lip Butters, Lip Gloss’ and Lip Tints. I swapped my entire beauty & skin care stash for this brand and my skin has never been better. Some products are already EWG Skin Deep database rated too.
    Important factors: moisturizing, smoothing, staying power, SPF, smell and taste.

    Fingers crossed for Pacifica to make it into this smackdown =) Thanks for asking and doing!!!

  138. NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita is my absolute favorite!

  139. I LOVE Red Apple Lipsticks (they seem free-of-all-things-bad, and they stay on ALL day, even in summer). Tarte is also good.

  140. Another one for Ilia!

  141. I do love the lipsticks of Sie Bella by Melaleuca. They work wonderfully, smell divine and are non-toxic as best as I can tell.

  142. Just started using Josie Maran’s lipstick [her Argan mascara is awesome too]. The high pigment colour is in the centre of the stick with her signature Argan oil surrounding it in a clear shell. I’m a diehard Eminence and Jane Iredale user too.

  143. Hi Kris would you look at max factor long stay lipstick please. im in the uk so not sure if you ar researching here.
    regards Paula

  144. Kris, you need to KNOW about Tom Mower and his mission and story as you look at cosmetics. Please see the attached video, Sisel Safe Checklist and brochure about what is in our line. As I was on my cancer and chronic Lyme disease journey, my path crossed with his and I share his commitment to keeping ALL potentially-harmful products out of my house and out of my family’s reach. They have been key in my own healing as well. Please be sure to check this out as you explore personal care items. You will not be disappointed!!

    Jean Schoenecker

  145. generally more of a ‘natural’ girl myself sticking to beautycounter’s peppermint lip conditioner….when i need a pop of color though, i go for beautycounter’s rose lip sheer! i stick within this company because they put safety first and still produce a way chic product that makes me feel glam when i wear it!

  146. Inika – ‘warm dusk’ and ‘blossom’ {certified organic, vegan lipsticks}
    All their products are terrific. NO bismuth or other nasties you often find in other so-called ‘mineral’ make-up brands…

  147. Bite Beauty! for their color options and staying power, but not for their prices (altho I happily pay it for the quality). Mineral Fusion sheer moisture lip tint: for its price, basic go-to shades, and availability (I can buy it at Whole Foods) but not its staying power, not that I should expect staying power from anything called ‘sheer lip tint’, right??
    Both taste pretty decent too.

  148. Totally in love with Beautycounter’s lip sheers, gloss and lip conditioner! Not only are they safe but they smell and perform as awesome as they look.

  149. My vote for favorite lipstick is Bobby Brown

  150. Boomstick Color

  151. Tarte LipSurgence and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tar

  152. Arbonne is my fav lipstick brand! Vegan and “cootie” free!

  153. Dr. Hauschka, Honeybee Gardens

  154. burt’s bees lip shimmer….it is hydrating, has a peppermint feel, and will stain your lips with color so even though the feel of the lipstick will go away..the color is still there.

    • I use Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer as well. I will be curious how they do on this. I’m not a fan of lip stick due to the chemicals and animal testing. I also like to be able to pick up lipstick easily and Burt’s Bees are everywhere in local pharmacies and grocery stores.

  155. I am currently using Zuzu Luxe.

  156. Red Apple ~ Gluten Free – Paraben Free & Safe

    So appreciate the tenacity and integrity of you and your team!

  157. Arbonne lipstick please! Specifically, the new formulation that was released in their summer palette.

  158. Hemp Organics! They are continually out of Garnet, which is a gorgeous, semi-sheer color. I hate the strange taste of most other lipsticks… this one feels simple and natural. The best!

  159. I love primitive!!! They are super lipsticks.

  160. Would love to see you review Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar! Most important factors to me are staying power, moisture and sun protection/SPF.

  161. I don’t like lipstick, but I love the Beautycounter lip sheers. Feels great on my lips. Coral & Twig are my favorites.

  162. I’d love to see how Josie Maran’s love your lips hydrating lipstick ranks among the others out there.

    For me, it’s most important that it feels good on my lips (not dry, stiff, etc.) and that it feels really hydrating. Of course colors are key too. It’s great if they can last too, though I don’t have a problem with reapplying as needed. And of course that’s assuming the product is safe and cruelty free which comes first.

  163. I’ve recently discovered Pacifica lipstick and gloss. Seems to have the right ingredients and I enjoy the colors and flavors It is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

  164. Tarte – lip luster. Cruelty free, very moisturizing and it stays on well. It is kind of like a crayon – easy to apply.

  165. Hey!
    I’m exited for this lipstick smackdown. The mascara smackdown was awesomesauce.
    I am curious about Bite Beauty’s products. They only make lip products and claim they are natural, high performance and healthy enough to eat.
    Looking forward to the results :-)

  166. Gabriel, please! Thanks Kris!

  167. Ava Anderson Non Toxic has my favorite lipsticks…..I especially like the Coral Rose……..natural looking and feeling is what I look for, but non toxic is my numero uno factor first. :)

  168. 100 % pure lip “glaze”. It’s amazing. Moisturizing, tastes good & smells good. Nice color selection too.

  169. The Younique glosses!!!

  170. My request for review is: Hemp Organics, Eco Bella and Vapour Organics. I look for moisturization and staying power. Thanks! Loved your mascara review!

  171. Ava Anderson lipstick! Red! My favorite!!

  172. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer.

  173. I have been using cosmetic products from 100% pure and just love them.
    They have a number of lip products from gloss, glaze to creamstick and tints.
    They are 100% natural, 100% vegan, gluten free and get this…
    colored with fruit and vegetable pigments instead of minerals or synthetic dyes!
    Also, rich avocado and cocoa butters moisturize and nourish lips.
    Hope you will check them out!

  174. I started making my own makeup some time ago because so much that is on the market is so toxic and the few that aren’t are ridiculously over priced. Then my friends wanted me to make it for them as well. My friends convinced me to sell it on etsy. Now I make my own “lipstick.” You can check out my tinted lip balms and much more at

  175. NVEY ECO ¡ THE BEST ORGANIC COSMETIC PRODUCTS ¡¡¡ loveeee the amazing colours .

  176. I love Beautycounter’s and Burt’s Bees. It’s all about moisture and staying put!

  177. I love Ava Anderson products. I look for products that contain natural ingredients without any toxins/chemicals.

  178. Please check out RED APPLE LIPSTICK!!!!

  179. I’d love for you to research and try the Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic lipstick and lip glosses. I’ve been using them, but would like to know someone else’s opinion. Thanks.

  180. Beautycounter Lip Sheer in Twig or Petal. They feel like butter and taste like cake! 100% Natural and Safe ingredients that make up AMAZING products!

  181. I have two favorites, Vapour Organic Beauty’s Siren Lipstick and Josie Maran’s Agran Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick. The vapour one smells amazing and the Josie one is almost like chapstick. I’m curious how they stack up to other organic or eco-friendly brands :)

  182. I love Tarte brand of lipsticks, I love lipsticks and crayons that are moisturizing, not sticky, won’t make me sick if I lick my lips or ingest the stuff, have a perfect pop of color and gloss. I also like ones that have a little plumping power to them. And of course they must be cruelty free!!

  183. Check out NYR Organic’s line-up of lipsticks (and lip gloss too!) Our lipsticks are 100% vegetarian, many products are vegan, all NYR Organic products are cruelty free, the list of positives goes on and on for this amazing company that I represent as an independent consultant. For me, a lipstick needs to nourish my lips above all.
    “Ingredients include our omega 3:6:9 essential fatty acid-rich Organic Beauty Oil, antioxidant white tea, skin-nourishing organic argan oil, pomegranate oil and shea butter, with conditioning organic beeswax and our signature tasty organic sweet orange oil for lasting colour that cares.”

  184. Ava Anderson Pink Berry Lip Stick !!

  185. Living Nature!!!!

  186. Beauty Counter!!!!! Hands down!!!

  187. I would like to see where Living Nature Lipstick – Sandstone ranks, please. It glides on smooth and feels great on the lips.

  188. So excited about this and I cannot wait to see the criteria you will use! So many natural lipsticks contain titanium dioxide, synthetic coloring and other ingredients that might score low on EWG-if there is even enough info-but don’t constitute truly natural. Good luck and thanks for doing this!

  189. BITE. Lipstick is the best
    Natural, amazing colors
    Lasts long
    Doesn’t smell bad
    Amazing textures to choose from

  190. Hi, you have to try something French as well: Couleur Caramel

  191. Lime crime’s velvetines- red velvet ❤

  192. Hands down…NYR Organic has the best lipstick! Here’s why: Certified by the Soil Association
    Sumptuous lasting organic colour that nourishes and protects. Add a stunning slick of skin-nourishing organic colour, while helping to protect and perfect your pout. Not so much a lipstick as a lip treat, this rich, lasting lipstick contains 10% natural mineral colour blended with 83% organic ingredients to moisturise, nourish and protect while adding stunning colour. Ingredients include our omega 3:6:9 essential fatty acid-rich Organic Beauty Oil, antioxidant white tea, skin-nourishing organic argan oil, pomegranate oil and shea butter, with conditioning organic beeswax and our signature tasty organic sweet orange oil for lasting colour that cares. No parabens. No silicones. No carmine*.
    We have never tested on animals, and everything we make is 100% vegetarian.

  193. Pacifica! I actually use their lip tint but they also have lipsticks (lip butter). For me it’s all about a lightweight product, I can’t stand thick heavy lipsticks, I also need moisture.

  194. Beautycounter Lip Sheer and Shine line. 100% Natural, Safe ( EWG Rate of 1-2) and the color lasts! I love Petal, Plum, Rose and Twig!

  195. Lemongrass Spa Sheer Minerals Lipstick

  196. I LOVE Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick. Safe, amazingly moisturizing and stays well!! I was never a lipstick wearer, always preferred gloss or tinted lip balm. But this lipstick is amazing!! (I also was never a red wearer but the Siren has changed that too…and my hubby loves it!)

  197. My favorite lipstick is Real Purity Clover Red. I love the color and what is most important is that I feel good about the ingredients. I’ve heard red lipsticks in particular can be especially toxic. Have a great week!

  198. I agree with the others. I LOVE Beautycounter’s lip sheers. My favorites are Plum and Petal. I saw Amanda Peet was wearing Petal last night for the Emmys : )

  199. How about Mary Kay lipsticks?

  200. ILIA is great! Just hope it’s as clean as it seems to be ….

  201. I’ve got a few lipsticks I’d love you to test! For me, I love when lipsticks feel moisturizing. I don’t like my lips getting dried out from products.

    Here are some of my faves from over the years, even though I’m sure one or two might not make the cut (good to know for in the future right?!).

    I love:
    e.l.f.’s soothing lip balm
    Clinique’s almost lipstick
    Younique’s lipsticks and glosses

  202. Buxom Full Bodied Lipsticks and Lush’s Lip Color are my all time favorites!

    I own Swinger and Two Timer from Buxom and Decisive from Lush. I rarely have to reapply, and they are very moisturizing. I typically like a bolder color, but these two brands have a range.

    I always look for staying power, moisture, and I hate when they feather around your lips.

  203. Red apple lipstick

  204. Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Poppy is my ultimate favorite non-scary lipstick. Great color + moisture = win

  205. Our amazing lipsticks by Lemongrass Spa- check me out on my website! Amaaaazing!! Hands down!

    Check out our colors!!! #lipsticksmackdown #GoLemongrassSpa

  206. I love Young Living’s new Lipstick and essential oil combo wands. They offer 3 different shades with 3 different roll-on essential oil perfume blends so you can mix and match up to 9 combinations. They all have wonderful scents and colors and are super convenient. They only use therapeutic grade oils, never any synthetics and are seed to seal and eco with their farming practices and production practices. Hands down- the best!

  207. Lemongrass Spa! Check out the colors! Amazing!!

  208. Anything from Tarte – hands-down my favourite cosmetics company!

    I especially love their Amazonian Butter Lipstick. I like the rich colour that doesn’t make my lips dry and crusty – and I avoid gloss, too goopy. It helps that it’s also minty and doesn’t leave a bad taste.

  209. My vote goes to Arbonne lipstick….vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, staying power. I love JAM, SATIN, and Rose Petal (part of the Country garden palette).

  210. You definitely should test the Ava Anderson line!

  211. My favorite lipsticks/stains are tarte, benefit and bareminerals! If you could test any of these, especially the lipsurgence line from tarte, that would be great!

  212. I really like 100% Pure’s Creamstick. It goes on smoothly, lasts, and keeps my lips soft. I don’t like that it’s a crayon that has to be sharpened though. And though only have 3 color options. There’s also some concern about their products because they use Japanese Honeysuckle in some of their products, but not in the lip creamstick!

    Funny you posted this today. I’ve been on a quest for a really good natural lipstick. Staying power is most important, followed by moisture, but I hate anything that drips off my lips.

  213. Hi Kris!
    I wanted to bring your attention to a line of lipsheers called Beautycounter. It was founded by a peer of yours with 3 kiddies that got tired of looking at ingredients. So she started a mission to get safe and effective products into the hands of every women one at a time. Not only are they safe and fabulously delicious but she partnered with EWG and the Cosmetics Safety Act and all the lip sheets are rated 1 and 2. Sans any toxic chemicals AT ALL!

  214. I vote for LGSpa Organic Creme Lipstick in Bare Champagne and Cocoa Berry!

  215. I like Mineral Fusion’s Sheer Moisture Lip Tints.

  216. I absolutely LOVE the Beautycounter Lip Sheers. The colors are beautiful and very moist when I apply! Smooth not waxy!

  217. NYR Organic is the US branch of Neal’s Yard Remedies, a UK-based company with over 30 years of award-winning CERTIFIED organic awesomeness!
    NYRO believes in safe cosmetics. All natural, NYRO does no animal testing, is Fairtrade, and our certification comes from the Soil Association and USDA.
    The lipsticks not only promote a natural look they are also nourishing with organic argan oil. My favorite color is Manzanita.

  218. I don’t use color tinted lipstick per se, but I use Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balm and a few of their other replenishing lipsticks. Some have a slight tint. I’m all about lip nourishment. If I must use lip color, I use Sisley brand lip crayon. Do you know if it has bad chemicals in its ingredient?

  219. My all time favorite lipstick:
    Yves Saint Laurent’s “Rouge Volupte Shine.
    “…extreme comfort and luminous shine. Hyaluronic acid microspheres help seal in moisture for 8 hours of hydration. Anti-oxidants and emollients help condition and soften lips.” Tried it on for fun at a local Sephora, loved it, wore several hours then back to purchase. Why the delay–it is expensive. Over time purchased in 3 colors, but the one I wear 90% of the time is #17 Rose in Tension. Extremely flattering to older fair skin. Also lips never dry out –I live in the SW desert.

  220. Hi Kris!
    I wanted to bring your attention to a line of lipsheers called Beautycounter. It was founded by a peer of yours with 3 kiddies that got tired of looking at ingredients. So she started a mission to get safe and effective products into the hands of every women one at a time. Not only are they safe and fabulously delicious but she partnered with EWG and the Cosmetics Safety Act which means 100% transparency! All the lip sheers are rated 1 and 2. Sans any toxic chemicals AT ALL!
    Please jump over to the site to see for yourself. You will love how everything is luxuriously safe and effective.

  221. Ava Anderson Non Toxic

  222. Votre Vu “French Kiss” lipsticks are handcrafted with enriched natural plant waxes, vitamin E and protect your lips with SPF 8. Each Parisian shade is long wearing and super hydrating.

  223. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick is gluten-free, vegan, cruelty free, and chemical free. Heidi Leist, the owner of Lemongrass Spa, takes a lot of time to research the ingredients that go into each of her products. But the Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick is one of my favorites because it comes in six beautiful tones and is just wonderful! They leave your lips feeling silky and moisturized. And the color also says on your lips very well.
    The latest talk of lipstick has been lead. Lemongrass Spa doesn’t have any lead in their products!

  224. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint
    Korres Lip Butter
    Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon

  225. I like Hemp Organics and JES Organics. Hemp Organics have some great reds and coral- full matte color. JES is sheer and soft, nice color as well!

  226. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Lipstick – because what I look for is a product that TRULY is non-toxic and this is the only one I’ve ever found. I also need long-lasting color and this delivers! Plus it doesn’t get all leaky and leave residue on my teeth 😉

  227. Juice Beauty! Love love love their products.

  228. My favorite lippies are from:
    -Ilia Beauty
    -Red Apple Lipstick
    -100% Pure
    -Burt’s Bees
    -Dr. Hauschka
    -Vapour Organic Beauty
    -Gabriel Cosmetics
    -Zuzu Luxe

  229. Now that I know about toxic chemicals, and how many “greenwashing” companies are out there… it’s all about AVA ANDERSON NON TOXIC!!! Safe, nourishing, fantastic colors with coordinating lip gloss!

  230. Aveda uruku color gloss and Aveda lip pigment
    bareminerals buxom, bareminerals pretty amazing and full line of lipsticks
    burts bees (lip shimmer, lip gloss and others)
    mineral fusion
    cover girl queen

  231. What about Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers?

  232. Living Nature cosmetics…….100% all natural , organic and toxic free….creamy lipstick too…….Eco cert………no animal testing ……. (Non-toxic still means toxic ). Toxic free is what you want!

  233. Bare minerals

  234. I don’t use lipstick because I can’t find one that’s vegan, all-natural, and doesn’t use candelilla wax in its base, as that particular wax gives me a bad reaction. I’d love to find one that I actually can and would want to use though!

  235. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Lipstick hands down!

  236. I love all of BeautyCounter’s cosmetics, but mostly because they carefully review and test each ingredient for safety and toxicity. Their lipsticks are moisture-rich and safe. Love my lipstick to last all day and provide moisture and sheen. Thanks Kriss!

  237. Artistry light up lip gloss

  238. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!!! I love my lipstick to be moisturizing and long lasting. Lemongrass’ Organic Lip stick does just that!

  239. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Crème Lipstick

  240. Red Apple Lipstick (gluten free & allergy friendly!):

  241. Rms beauty!

  242. I love Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!

  243. Celadon Road Lip Tints for sure! Organic Olive oil and peppermint oil, carmine free, gluten free and available in 6 gorgeous shades!

  244. another vote for Ava Anderson! Coordinating glosses and lipsticks–they are AWESOME!

  245. Brand : Bite Beauty High pigment Pencil /lipstick in Rhubarb is awesome!

  246. Lemongrass Spa products organic creme lipstick is by far the BEST lipstick I have ever purchased!! I love everything about it, its organic, cruelty free, gluten free, lactose free, soy free! The colors are awesome and I only have to apply it once a day!!

  247. Arbonne’s lipsticks have always improved the texture of my lips, with gorgeous color, and stays on. The lip gloss I like to use alone, or over lip colors. I feel good I’m putting something on my lips that is good for them !!

  248. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!!! Vegan and Organic and Gluten free!

  249. Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment is my favorite. I hope it is safe. Thanks!

  250. Simple Beauty Minerals Lipsticks!

  251. Love all the shades of Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipsticks. They are chemical FREE, so that is why I use them!

  252. I nominate Lemongrass Spa’s Organic Creme Lipstick. My fave color is Moonlit Mauve. It goes on smooth and lasts and lasts. I love that it’s good for my lips and non-toxic.

  253. Take a look at Celadon Road Lip Balms… They come in 6 shades…and they are listed as Natural Tinted Lip Balms…SPF 18, gluten free, organic oils…beeswax…herbs…. sounds like something good to look into :)

  254. All of our products at are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and beautifully sustainable.

    Our top Lip picks are:

    Kjaer Weis Organic Lip Tints
    ILIA Beauty Lipsticks
    Vapour Organic Beauty
    W3LL People

    Can’t wait to see the picks!


  255. I don’t wear lipstick often, but when I do it’s Simple Beauty Minerals lip colors all the way. They’re made from natural botanical oils and waxes, natural minerals, and Vitamin E. That’s it. They last a long time, don’t smear or bleed, and don’t mess with my senses of taste or smell. Plus the owner is a super nice gal, always helpful if you aren’t sure what’s the best product for you.

  256. Got to Love My Arbonne PURE•SAFE• BENEFICIAL NO ANIMAL TESTING, VEGAN Certified, No GMO, and toxins or chemicals. Love this company I use Lip Gloss raisin color.
    Independent Consultant: Michelle MUneton

  257. I love the Celadon Road lip tintstints! I would love to see you check them out. Anxiouse to see whatyou think and the other contenders.

  258. My fave non-toxic lipstick is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. I love that it is made without Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates. They leave my lips soft and the tint is just enough to add some color without being too ‘made up’. This isn’t the most economical choice out there, so I am interested in other choices your team will share.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s hard to know about safe, natural products without spending a ton of money testing each one personally.

  259. Lemongrass spa organic cream lipstick. Natural, organic, gluten-free, cruelty free, no harsh chemicals, no parabens. Check it out, I love it! Favorite color moonlight nave however they all are great!

  260. I nominate our fabulous lipstick from Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick.
    I am a conusltant and just love all our products. You will too.

  261. BeautyCounter Twig LipSheer!

  262. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick in Siren.

  263. Love tarte’s LipSurgence skintuitive lip tint. Always a perfect pink and very moisturizing!

  264. Simple Beauty Minerals! :)

  265. Bare Minerals ‘Marvelous Moxie’ lip gloss (in Maverick), has peppermint in it so there is always a cool, refreshing feel to your lips and it lasts a long time.

  266. Check out Celadon Road! SPF 18 in six gorgeous shades. Certified organic, made with olive oil and yummy peppermint oil. Carmine free!

  267. Hi Kris– Thank you for doing this. Clearly, there is a need for information! I like Tata Harper Bee Adored. Will be so curious to see how it stacks up! Beth

  268. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia

  269. I prefer Aveda and Bobbi Brown lipsticks. I wear Kashmir Brown in Aveda and Sandwash Pink in Bobbi Brown.

  270. My favorite lipstick also happens to be the safest lipstick I have ever used. Its Beautycounter Lip Sheer and my favorite color is Plum! All I can say is WOW! The color is gorgeous, it makes my lips so soft, and it even smells good but most of all it scores 1 on the EWG Skin Deep Rating.

  271. Lemongrass Spa Products organic lipstick! Handmade in Colorado and Florida! Vegan, gluten free and NEVER tested on animals! Great staying power!

  272. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!! No toxic chemicals!

  273. My favorite lipstick is Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick! I love the feel and the fact that is safe to wear!

  274. Beautycounter lip sheers and lip shine are my favorite!

  275. Loo into Lemongrass Spa products lipstcik. it has all the requirments you are looking for anfd the colors are beautiful and my favirite

  276. Jane Iredale pure moist lipstick
    Importance-staying power, no smell/scent, and ingredients

  277. I love Celadon Road lip tints and if your looking for lip balms check out our green alligator brand with spf15 my favorite is peppermint.

  278. I love Boots No. 7’s Sheer Temptation lipstick in Caramel Kiss. It rated well on EWG’s SkinDeep website, and it looks and feels great on.

  279. For your challenge, try the lip butter lipstick, copper cutie color.

  280. I use NYR Organic! I had stopped wearing lipstick until I found this brand!

  281. Look into Lemongrass Spa products they have organic creme lipstick it meets your requirements and my favorite lipstick and lip gloss. they have beautiful colors. you’ll just fall in love as soon as you apply it to you lips!!

  282. ILIA Beauty! Can’t believe that their mascara didn’t make the mascara list. Please do consider their lipsticks, glosses and balms!

  283. Arbonne! 😉

  284. Living Libations has amazing clean beauty products, including Lip Shimmers. I love the Pink Ladyslipper color, its a beautiful pink with a wonderful taste. For a nice colorless lipbalm, the Cape Camomile is great with a nice flavor.

  285. I just starting using 100% Pure line (the mascara) as my eyes were burning so badly before, and my eye doctor suggest that i stop using eye makeup! that wont happen, so I started using this line and found that the burning has almost stopped!! Would love to hear about the lipstick. Natural is the way to go!

  286. Lemongrass Spa’s lipstick is the best!! I look for good moisture and staying power! As well as one that doesnt have a horrid taste!

  287. I love lipsticks by BITE beauty They make amazing natural lipsticks in so many amazing shades – so luxurious and pigmented! Not sure about vegan, but they might be beegan-friendly? Does that count? I hope so because these lipsticks are the cat’s pajamas.

  288. Hello all!
    I have recently become obsessed with a Mac satin lipstick called Twig. However, I am really saddened to discover they test on animals and contain a wide array of chemicals. I am interested in finding a substitute that’s comparable to mac in terms of pigmentation and lasting ability. Unfortunately I can’t really stand sheers too much, but I really like natural or neutral colors. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

  289. I love Beautycounter!!! Please include in your smack down! I love the 2 shades, Twig and Petal, mixed together for summer but use Twig as my every day color! Each of the 6 colors is very hydrating and feels amazing when you apply. It also has a pretty good shine on its own, but you can add the Lip Shine (clear) on top if you want that glossy-gloss look!

  290. I love Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Creme and Josie Maran Color stick, lip treatment and hydrating lipstick. I recently tried e.l.f Mineral lipstick it has no chemical dyes, parabens or preservatives. I really liked it and the $5 price tag is amazing! I would love to see how this lipstick rates against others.

    What means most in my lipstick: 1) What is is made of? 2) How does it wear? 3) Finding a reasonably priced version that wears well and has no chemical preservatives, parabens and dyes is an added bonus!

  291. My all time favorite is bite beauty bb for lips.
    I used to wear lip gloss until I discovered bite bb
    This is a balm and lipstick together. Moisturizing is very important. Also I like a sheer color and so I get both with this along with great taste.
    I just hope that it passes the smackdown test!!

  292. I can’t keep my lips sealed! Ava Anderson has incredible lipsticks and lip glosses that are made from all natural ingredients and plant based colorants! Loooooove them! First time in 15 years I used a product on my lips and didn’t react w inflammation/allergy!

  293. Beautycounter Lip Sheers! Worn alone or mixed, the 6 shades are fabulous! I’m a proud consultant of this company paving the way for safety in our products

  294. 100% Pure Cream Stick! Lasts a long time, doesn’t smell or taste funny, and love the colors.

  295. Beautycounter lip sheers are the best!! So smooth and hydrating, Madagascar Vanilla to smell delicious, and all good for you ingredients! Petal is my daily shade, looks good with everything!

  296. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Crème Lipstick

  297. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar

  298. Lemongrass organic lip sticks and lip glosses are the best! There are a variety of beautiful colors. Cocoa Berry is my fave shade of lipstick and Beach Babe is my fave lip gloss. I really want to try the new Red Hot gloss though.

    My favorite thing about Lemongrass products is that you don’t have to guess what you are putting on your lips, the ingredients are easy to find – listed on the product itself and on-line.

  299. Ava Anderson Non Toxic!!

  300. Favorite clean lipstick for Summer is Beautycounter Coral and Fall/Winter Beautycounter Coral. I also use it as a blush since it it so safe. The US bans 11 ingredients from cosmetics; Beautycounter bans 1500 so I know this lip sheer is by far the safest out there.

    Makeup artist and VP of Creative Design Christy Coleman designed the collection which are not only safe for you but also safe for the environment.

    The smell delicious and are flavored with Madagascar which is I love. Topped with the LipShine, win win!

  301. Check out Plum from beautycounter, goes on smooth and lasts a long time…nice scent too.
    Thanks y’all for putting this together for us!

  302. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic – organic, all natural – no lead no toxins and GREAT color. My favorite color is the Pink Berry!!

  303. i love Pangea lip balm. but continue to wear Bobbi Brown lip glosses. would love to have a healthier gloss alternative. one that doesn’t have a “flavor.” i don’t like tasting my lip gloss!

  304. Hemp Organics!

  305. Burt’s Bee’s lip shimmer in Rhubarb. Wear it on cheeks too!

  306. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic!!!

  307. Ava Anderson Non Toxic!! Amazing lipstick!!

  308. I like e.l.f. lipsticks ( and EM (Michelle Phan) lipsticks ( I prefer lip products that moisturize and that don’t taste “makeup-y” or have a strong smell.

  309. I don’t know if lip balm or lip gloss counts for your project? I never use lipstick because I don’t like the consistency.

    Anyway, you MUST try “Shree Lip Balm” made my a small company called Au Naturel Ayurveda. They have many products that I love but I cannot live without this lip balm so I thought I would share the tip. It is truly amazing.

  310. Arbonne!….Coral is the color of the season! i want lasting color and mixture-very important. are you going to test for lead content because I hear alot of lipsticks have lead in them because of the pigments used have lead in it? When women apply lipstick 3-5xper day 5 days a week….lead exposure can be huge! Also, since vegan, does that mean no animal byproducts or rendering fats?….I am a cancer survivor aand this info is huge! Thanks Kris! When I was diagnosed at age 38 with stage 3 breast cancer….your book was the first book I read. I listened to your show Hay House also!

  311. Arbonne lipstick is amazing :) my favour to colour is definitely runway rouge. It is not drying and has lovely staying power with out staining your lips :) I also actually love the lip polish in brown sugar too

  312. Beautycounter! Twig and petal are my faves!

  313. Are the Burt’s Bees lip care line of products as good as the “sound”?

  314. My favorite go-to everyday lipstick by far is Bobby Brown. I would be so dismayed to find they test on animals. I also like YSL for evening.

  315. Please review Celadon Road’s tinted lib balms. They are the bomb ! They are made in the USA with the safest ingredients. Carmine and gluten free. It’s what I use to keep my lips soft and love that it looks like lipstick without the effort or heavy feel.

  316. lipsticks! Butter for my lips and guilt free (no scary chemicals)!

  317. Beautycounter Lip Sheers, hands down (Twig is my favorite)! They are luxurious, vibrant, lightweight, non-toxic, and 100% safe! I don’t have to worry about whether or not I may be ingesting synthetic flavors, fragrances, or ingredients known to negatively impact my health.

  318. Please check out Bite. Their mission is to make lip products healthy enough to eat. So, are they succeeding?? Great pigment in their lipsticks!

  319. Red Apple Lipstick please! The most important factors when it comes to lipstick besides finding the perfect color is finding one that doesn’t dry out my lips and feels silky.

  320. Limecrime! It’s vegan!

  321. I’m curious to see how my favorite lipsticks rate. I like all 3 of these, but my everyday uses are the last 2.

    Bare Minerals Moxie (Raise the Bar)
    Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
    Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

  322. Beautycounter Lip Sheers

  323. Lemongrass Spa Products “Organic Lipstick Creme”! My favorite is Siren it is a beautiful red color that lasts and makes my lips feel smooth.

  324. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is my fave!

  325. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is my one and only for lipstick now. I like all the colors, but this summer pink berry has been my go too. Safe enough to eat. It is all about the ingredients and these are not just non toxic, they are amazing: prunis dulcis (organic sweet almond) oil, apis mellifera (organic beeswax), ricinus communis (organic castor) oil, butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) butter, theoboma cacao (organic cocoa) butter, simmondsia chinesis (organic jojoba) oil, euphorbia cerifera (organic candelilla) wax, limnanthes alba (organic meadowfoam seed) oil, vaccinium macrocarpon fruit (cranberry) powder, chenopodium quinoa (quinoa) extract, rosa gallica (rose petal) powder, nelumbo nucifera seed powder (lotus flower), persea americana (organic avocado) butter, copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, rose mosqueta (organic rosehip) oil, aloe barbensis (organic aloe vera) oil, mica, rosmaninis officinalis (organic rosemary), menthe pepirta (organic) spearmint essential oil

    Love how long it lasts, and how great it pairs up with the lip gloss. :) Can’t wait to see how Ava’s lip colors rate with you, too.

  326. I use Aveda as well…and also wonder if it’s as safe and natural as marketed. I use their lipsticks, lip definer and lip treatment. Looking forward to this Smackdown:).

  327. Poofy Organics hands down the safest and best on the market! Certified Organic & made to order!

  328. Love it that the lipstick smackdown is underway. I used to wear lipstick, but gave it up because of all of the rotten things in most of them. These gorgeous lips are looking forward to great, long-lasting lipstick.

  329. I have to say Poofy Organics is all Toxic Free. The lipstick and lip gloss is amazing and wears fabulous.

  330. Love all the shades of Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!!

  331. Love Ilia’s lipstick. Beautiful, sophisticated natural and organic lipsticks.

  332. 100% Pure Lip Glazes!

    Cruelty-free, truly all natural ingredients, dyed with fruit pigments. Price is middle of the road, I’d say. Not too outrageous, but def not the cheapest brand out there. For the quality, I think it’s worth it. Great customer service, 100% money back guarantee and they regularly offer free shipping.

  333. I use Real Purity Lip Gloss, I love the color called “Berry Kiss”. I am chemically sensitive and this is one of the only products I can use. Also good for a little color on cheeks!

  334. Beautycounter Lip Sheers. Just about every shade too. Because I wear lipstick when I go out to eat and I inevitably ingest some. This has no toxic ingredients, no flavor and wears beautifully.

    I’ve also used RMS lip to cheek sheets too.

  335. I am looking to replace my MAC matte lipsticks. I love them because they last all day. Deep intense color, do not dry my lips. I have just recently started testing organic lipsticks, and haven’t found anything I like yet. I would like to buy directly from the line with out going through reps. I just replaced my makeup with We3ll but I don’t care for the intensity of their lip creams. Thanks so much for doing this. xo

  336. I LOVE Lemongrass Spa’s Organic Non-Toxic lip glosses and lipsticks! Such great colors, smells good and the lip gloss isn’t sticky! :) <3

  337. I love suki.
    Check it out

  338. I’m currently loving Korres lip butters, specifically the Wild Rose color.

  339. Lemongrass Spa Organic Crème Lipstick is my top choice! Organic, Cruelty free, no chemical colorants… color is WOW, moisture is WOW!

    My must haves are moisturizing (I tend to inadvertently ‘lick off’ any color if I feel like my lips are dry) and good color.

  340. My favorite lipstick is made by Jouer, actually I love all their products. My fav is the hydrating lipstick. Color is the Amelie a very sheer pink!! Just for every day!

  341. 100% pure Cabarnet

  342. I love World Organic lipsticks and glosses! Moisturising, organic ingredients, no animal testing. Such a great ethical company too <3

  343. Zuzu Luxe lipstick by Gabriel Cosmetics

  344. Beautycounter Lip sheers!! xo

  345. I look dead without lipstick. Can’t wait for the smackdown. Thank you SO much for doing these–the mascara and deodorant ones were great.

    My favorite: Merle Norman.

  346. I like Gabriel lipstick and lip liner, as well as Zuzu Luxe lip liner, but wish they came in a wider variety of colors. I want a lipstick that lasts, is moisturizing, and costs less than $15.

  347. Please check out Ere Perez LOVE. One if my favourites.

  348. You will be surprised, but Revlon has a lipstick with rating 1 on EWG database. It has some allergy risks, but if you are in general not-allergic, you can use it. I have mine and love it, though I use it very rarely. The price is lovely too. Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick, Rosy Nude,

  349. Arbonne products are the best! Vegan, cruelty-free, pure, safe and beneficial. I look for the right color and feel. I know I missed the mascara challenge but the Arbonne “it’s a long story “mascara is amazing too!

  350. My go-to 100% natural lipstick/lip colour is the Burt’s Bees Lip Care line. Particularly, Shimmer (for that shimmer/summer look and has a tingly minty sensation after the initial application), and the Tinted Lip Balm! Both feel soooo good on the lips and nourishing – great colours too!

  351. Ava Anderson Non Toxic! It is awesome!

  352. Beautycounter lip sheers are amazing- they feel wonderful and they’re not full of bad chemicals! My favorites are Twig and Rose.

  353. I used tp use Cover Giril Everlast lip stain – I oved that it lasted hours, but I decided it wasn’t worth filling my body with toxins for. Now I ues Eartlab’s Vegan Lip Stix – has pretty good lasing power & feels good.

  354. For lipstick and lip gloss I use Arbonne or Bare Minerals. Please include these two brands in your test.

  355. Lemongrass Spa’s Organic Creme Lipstick, for sure!
    -Enhanced with organic omega fatty acids and shea butter which = soft, supple and moisturized lips!
    -Long lasting
    -Lead, soy, & gluten free
    -Cruelty free
    -Made in the USA
    -Beautiful colors
    -Safe for all ages!
    -Never any harsh chemicals! for more info and to check out the gorgeous colors!

  356. World Organic Lipstick – Certified organic (BioGro) 100% against testing on animals. They support trade for aid paying 10-15% more than other companies do putting much needed funds back into small Indian communities. All there pther products are vegan certified (the lipstick xontains beeswax) AMAZING

  357. love 100% pure lip glaze

  358. Afterglow Cosmetics at
    I LOVE their lipsticks and lip soothers. Their entire line of cosmetics contains NO bismuth oxychloride, paraben preservatives, or synthetic dyes in any of their formulas. Thanks for taking on this project!

  359. Lemongrass Spa Products lipsticks are the bomb! There is a color for every skin tone and the Siren red is a TRUE red. Add one of Lemongrass’ organic lip glosses to the top for extra hydration and shine!

  360. I really like Emani’s lipstick and lip glosses. All vegan and they hold up well.

  361. Lemongrass Spa organic lipstick!! Siren is my favorite! Cruelty free & healthy!

  362. World Organic lipsticks! They are certified organic, vegan friendly, Eco friendly, non toxic they don’t test on animals and they come in an awesome range of colours. I find them very moisturizing and nourishing for my lips, they feel nicer than a lip balm

  363. Jane Iredale
    Mineral fusion
    Josie Maran

  364. I love Arbonne’s lipstick, particularly the beautiful red “Strawberry!” I love a lipstick that has lasting colour but it’s just as important that it doesn’t dry out my lips. I find that Arbonne’s lipstick fulfills both of these needs for me :)

  365. Beautycounter ‘s lip sheers are amazing. Non-toxic and totally safe. They feel unbelievable on and last on your lips for a long time. I love the shades petal and rose.

  366. I use Lemongrass Spa lipsticks and glosses! I love how they taste amazing and last soooo long while being natural! I can not wear regular makeup because of the colorings added. Their natural products have allowed me to start using makeup!

  367. Love AROMABABY natural color free Barrier Balm also great for eczema

  368. Hi,

    I love the Arbonne lipsticks and lip polishes. My favourite colours are runway rouge and coral reef.

    It is important to be free from nasties and come from an ethical company that gives back. Arbonne is pure, safe and beneficial!

    Thanks xx

  369. I use bare minerals gloss and lipsticks. Love the shades and the moisturizing. Would love to see how this one ranks.

  370. World organic lipstick is incredible. I love it.

  371. Princess Pearl Organic Creme Lipstick by Lemongrass Spa Products is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! You really should check it out:

    Happy voting! =)

  372. I love Juice Beauty’s lip gloss!! Super safe and gorgeous. Lots of moisture and shine!

  373. Lemongrass Spa Créme Lipstick. Is got great lasting power so I don’t need to worry about reapplying. Low maintenence, not tested on animals, no harmful chemicals.

  374. Suzanne Organics. Certified toxic free. Certified organic.

  375. I love Celadon Road’s new Olive Oil Lip Tints. Our lip balms are made with organic oils, beeswax and herbs – and they’re even flavored with organic peppermint oil for that cool rush you’ve come to enjoy! Best of all, these six gorgeous hues are carmine free, gluten free, and made with Certified Organic ingredients to USDA/NOP standards. The tints come in six awesome colors! I can’t get enough!!

  376. Physician’s Formula.
    Bert’s Bees.
    These appear to be the only brands I can afford that do not test on animals.
    That is my first criteria, no animal testing
    Then, moisture (because I am 55 years old)
    staying power (does the lipstick contain a stain to help it last?)
    variety of colors, especially neutrals. (I need something I can wear everyday)
    Thank you very much!

  377. First of all, I love that you are doing this. Thank you! Here are the lipstick brands I would love you to check out:

    Josie Maran
    Mac lip glass
    Urban Decay glosses and lipsticks

    Moisture and lasting power are my top choices in factors.

  378. I love Genfiore lipstick. It is a Canadian company. The colors are rich and gorgeous and last long.

  379. I love using bold colors and I found that Portland Black Lipstick Company and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (lip tar) have great colors and different packaging than the standard lipsticks.
    I saw these were cruelty free so I hope they make the cut.

  380. I never could use lipstick. It would dry my lips out. When Celadon Road released their Lip Tints it opened my eyes to something new and exciting! 6 choices to pick from. All with a cool peppermint feel and made with organic ingredients! I personally like the lighter shades on me. These are a must try and I’m proud to be a part of the company! Read more about them online or just ask. Excited to see the results!

  381. Lemongrass Spa Organic Creme Lipstick (cocoa berry) gets my vote!

    Lipstick should be creamy and have lasting power! This is great!

  382. Vapour Organics siren lipstick, RMS Beauty lipgloss, and Ilia balms, lipstick, and lipgloss are my favorites. At this point, Ilia tops my list of faves. Thanks so much for doing this!

  383. How about Josie Maran’s lipsticks? Ilia and Red Apple lipsticks are my favorites. I don’t care about long lasting lipsticks. I do care about how moisturizing they are. I’m always searching for a perfect my lips but better color.

  384. Love Au Naturale lipstick! lots of colors, gluten free, vegan, long lasting and super nourishing.

  385. Celadon road by far

  386. NYR Organic

  387. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic!

  388. Ava Anderson Non Toxic coral rose lipstick is my fave!

  389. I love Tarte and Love & Toast brands for lip color. I’m a cancer survivor and try to use only safe, non toxic products. But it can be challenging

  390. Daisy Blue 100% Lip Blushes are all I use! USA developed and made by Daisy Blue in its facility in MN. Nothing like it!

  391. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick. Awesome!!

  392. Beautycounter! The list of ingredients is transparent, but the lip sheers are not!

  393. Hourglass! Uh-mah-zing!

  394. There are so many things I want to ask, but my top priority right now is about my sweet, very lovable and undeserving 3 year old dog. His name is Dutch and he was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma. I am told he is otherwise a healthy dog and seems to still be unaware that he is sick. I love this dog as much as it is possible and don’t want him to suffer. Does your research include information relevant to his situation/condition? I’m told that starting chemo while he still appears to feel healthy may actually prevent him from from feeling sick. I think I feel sicker than he does so far.

  395. Celadon Road lip tints are amazing.

  396. Cate McNabb lipsticks are number one in my book! These lipsticks are packed with moisture & super long wearing! The color selection is also superb! My favorite shade is Cate- a beautiful blue-based pink! A must have in my arsenal of makeup!

  397. I haven’t researched how natural it is, but I LOVE Pixi by Petra. Her LipTwin is superb and I go to it again and again. What I like in a product is versatility–the LipTwin gives me the option of a nice, shiny (but not too sticky), nice-tasting gloss or a very creamy lipstick that can be layered for deeper color if needed. Sure hope it is at least in the not-too-bad category as far as health.

  398. Juice Beauty!

  399. I love the lemongrass lip stick…natural ingredients and great long lasting color

  400. Love Bare Minerals/ Bare Essentuals

  401. M said on August 26, 2014

    Would love to see how Hurraw lip balms, Tarte lip products and Juice beauty lipsticks stack up!

  402. Burts Bees

  403. Celadon Road Lip Tints are my fav!! All our products are non-toxic, non GMO, organic, all-natural… thanks Kris!

  404. I like a sheer, glossy look, and it has to have lots of moisture.

  405. Zuzu Luxe and Gabriel Cosmetics (Gabriel is the maker of the vegan Zuzu line) LOVE their lip sticks!!!! Great color and wear. Plus NOT tested on animals – A must!!!!! unlike . . . .

  406. LimeCrImE ▧♬▪❆❤❣♥☆☞

    esp the veLveTeens —-Red VeLvEt
    and WiCkEd !!!
    WeT*n WilD ChErrY boMb meGa LasT=-==▧♬▪❆❤❣♥☆☞ BaD PaCkAging bUt WoW KoLoR!!!

  407. Don’t usually wear lipstick but at times have used Burt’s Bee’s and Pacifica color quench. Would like these analyzed. Usually wear for the moisture and want to be Gaia friendly . Thanks for doing this.

  408. Bite matte cream lip pencil is amazing!

  409. Please test Lemongrass lip stain. Staying power and nice color are important to me.

  410. Karen Murrell’s lipsticks are the best. Kiwi made too. NZ proud!!

  411. My absolute favorite lipsticks are by Atomic Cosmetics, run by “Dr. Bad Jen” of Xerion Skin Science.

    Incredible staying power, soft application, unbeatable colors. Always tested on showgirls (like me!) and never tested on animals. “Atomic Cosmetics are free of the toxic chemicals that normally populate makeup products.” Dr. Jen is also a PhD who studies the aging effects of cosmetics, and has developed an amazing skin care line.

  412. I absolutely love NYR Organic lipsticks…they are super-moisturizing with organic argan oil and the colors have these rich sumptuous shade of nature. Oh did I mention they are Certified Organic!! Oooh la la!!

  413. Bare Minerals and Tarte make some pretty great lipsticks and stains.

    Being natural (not toxic or harmful) is really important, but I think staying power is the other most important quality of a lipstick.

  414. I love Celadon Road’s lip tints. Fabulous colors as well as a peppermint tingle. Cruelty free, gluten free, organic from an eco-friendly company. My little girl loves to sit alog side me and try on my lipstick and with these lip tints i can let her do that with out worrying about what she is licking off her lips.

  415. Not a lipstick but yes Hurraw lip balms are fab.

    Love my Jane ire dale lip pies. Very moisturising, non-toxic. Heaps of great colours.

  416. Beautycounter lip sheers are my fave! Twig by day and plum by night:) They keep my lips moist and have a great vanilla scent!

  417. Red Apple Lipsticks. I love their Rallye Balm ,I need moisturizer for my lips.

  418. I want something that looks good and feels good to have in my home. I’m doing better things for the environment and it’s safe for my kids! Celadon Road for me!

  419. Cover girl outlast lip stain
    Cover girl outlast all day lip color

  420. Lemongrass Spa Products Organic Creme Lipstick!!

  421. I would like to research on Dolce and Gabbana Classic Cream Red 620

  422. World organic lipstick is amazing. No chemicals no animal testing and certified organic. The lipstick does contain beeswax.

  423. Beautycounter…Twig and Rose. Our lipsheers are amazing!!

  424. I NEVER leave the house without lipstick. Coastal Creations has some beautiful moisturizing lip tints and longer lasting lip colors in a variety of beautiful colors. All the products the company offers are cruelty free, vegan and non-toxic. Check out

  425. My favourite lipstick is from jane iredale and aveda! Moisture is a must have in my lipsticks and lipgloss! My favourite lipgloss is pure and simple Hollywood and Santa Monica! I hope that these rands are non toxic and free from the dirty dozen chemicals!

  426. Beautycounter Lip Sheers. My favorite color is Plum.

    • Dont be afraid – Poison Ivy Lip Embellishment is a richly nourishing and restorative balm for your lips. A blend of essential oils from herbs and leaves creates a soothing, deep green flavor in a base I designed from scratch. This balm is full of thick, creamy butters, plant oils, vitamin E, and fragrant beeswax to create a long lasting, protective coat with the perfect consistency.

      *Does not actually contain poison ivy!

      • Packaged in biodegradable/compostable push-tube made in USA from 100% PCW recycled paper, printed with soy ink, and assembled with organic adhesive.
      • .21 oz (compared to .15oz in regular lip balm tubes)
      • Sweetened with stevia leaf and flavored with natural essential oils.
      • Tubes are very sturdy so they can be carried conveniently in purses and pockets. To use, pinch tube from bottom to push lip balm to top of tube.
      • After 1-2 years the tube will become softer, and after 3 years it will begin breaking down. Shelf life is at least 3 years.

      Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.

      My lip balm is 100% natural- NO synthetic flavors, colors, preservatives, or fragrances are used. The tubes are also 100% natural- printed with soy inks and assembled with organic adhesive. I source very stable natural ingredients to ensure a shelf life of more than 2 years when stored away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

  427. Tarte

  428. I don’t wear lipstick, I use tinted lip balm. Terra tints in Blaze.

  429. Beautycounter Lip Sheers. . . Twig is my favorite!!!

  430. Would you please show a rating for MAC lipstick. I have no idea how it compares. Is it EWG rating of 3 versus a 1…or even worse???

    • MAC lipsticks are not cruelty free, and from what I’ve heard some of them contains LED. Please look out before buying any of those!

  431. I am using Bite Beauty lip glosses- great colour and say they are toxic-free (but they can prob say whatever they want, right?). Lasting lipsticks are important- don’t want to re apply 20 times a day!

  432. Red Apple Lipstick

  433. Lemongrass Spa’s Organic Creme Lipatick is a long lasting creamy lip color that offers full pigment coverage and nourishing moisture. Enhanced with organic omega fatty acids and shea butter, this lipstick leaves lips supple and smooth.

  434. I like glossy and long lasting in red and peach

  435. Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers! Guaranteed amazingness, not to mention super safe!

  436. Love, love, love Ava Anderson Non-Toxic! Company started to provide truly safe alternatives. Their lipsticks and lip balms make my lips feel hydrated and healthy – and the colors are great too.

  437. Nothing in the world compares to my old tubes of YSL Rouge Volupte, but they are dirty and toxic. I can’t bring myself to throw them out, but at least I’m adding natural lipsticks to the mix. So far, my favorites are 100% Pure lip glaze in Raspberry and Ilia’s tinted lip conditioner in Jump. Bite is a decent brand too.

    • I love Bite too! They have that lanolin product which is like a winter shield for your lips when they are in serious need of protection.

  438. Can you please review ZuZu luxe and Ecco Bella?

  439. NYX Matte lipstick- cruelty-free and has awesome staying power!

  440. Beautycounter Lip Sheers, please!

  441. My favorite brands for lipstick are:

    – Lime crime (more specifically the shades retrofuturist and centrifusia, the texture varies a lot from colour to colour)
    – OCC (or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) for their lip tars. These aren’t really classic lipsticks but they are just amazing.

    I wear lipstick daily so the most important for me is that they last all day long AND that they are 100% vegan. No animals were hurt in the making of my pretty face!

  442. Simple Beauty Minerals lipstick. I Looove the moisture factor, lots of healthy oils. Non-toxic, vegan (and gluten-free, if you’re gluten intolerant like I am). Check it out.

  443. MAC lip glosses; cultured

  444. Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Novum – the best lipstick.
    Also love their Lip Care Stick and their lip Gloss.
    This brand seems to make an effort in all parts of their production.

  445. Hi Kris and her buddies,

    I love ilia lipsticks and that’s the only brand that I keep now. There are many benefits to their products but downside is that they are hard to come by. I need to order them online with hefty amount of international shipping fee!

    I used to own many lipsticks from different brands, because I only looked at the colors of lipsticks, but nowadays, I prefer not to wear lipsticks at all unless they feel good on my lips. so I guess I go for lip conditioner/lip cream instead of lipsticks. I don’t care the last power of lipsticks as I can reapply them easily and they don’t smudge like poor quality mascaras do. (yes, the quality I care most about mascaras are staying power and the easiness to clean when I want to take it off)

    I’d like to know more about natural feeling lip coloring items which doesn’t necessary have to be lipsticks. (Does it make sense?)

  446. Wow, love this! Thanks for all the recommendations! :)

    Right now, I’m using Natio, an Australian brand. The colors are great but it doesn’t stay on long though. I still love it though 😀

  447. Apothpecary Fairy lipgloss all natural, handmade, no chemicals, preservatives, no animal testing, very moisturizing, has a hint of color that lasts for 4-5 hours. Love, love it! Very natural looking.

  448. I love Burt’s bees lip shimmers lip sticks.

  449. L’Occitane

  450. I love the colors and super creamy formula of Bite Beauty. I’d also be curious to hear about Ilia as I’ve been wanting to try that brand.

  451. I love to wear lipstick and lipgloss. I look for products that are non-toxic, go on creamy and stay on and have a good selection of colors. My favorite brands are: RMS Beauty, Irene Iredale, Dr. Hauschka, 100% Pure, Josie Maran and Fresh.

  452. Bite is my favorite brand. I want staying power!

  453. I love Beautycounter lip sheers! They’re toxin free, rated a 1 on the EWG’s skin deep app, and they smell, feel and look great on! What more can you ask for?

  454. World Organic lipsticks are just lovely soft and beautiful tones and when matched with their organic lipgloss you double your colours oh and repair lips not just moisturise love love love

  455. I use Aromi it is vegan and all natural no garbage in it
    It is not glossy at all but does last longer than the others
    that I have used. I just wish they made lighter colors
    the color I have is Jacqueminot

  456. Tarte lipsticks are by far the best lipsticks I have ever tried (and I wear lipstick pretty much everyday and own a ridiculous amount of many lipstick brands and colours). The colours are amazing and long-lasting and it’s completely natural!

  457. Love my NYR Organic lipsticks and glosses! I use to get dry lips and breakout around my lip line every time I wore any lip product, so I wore it on occassion only. I found NYRO and can wear it all the time now! Beautiful colors, super nourishing, Certified Organic, Leaping Bunny Company. 1st cosmetic company to be awarded a 100% ethical grade!

  458. RED APPLE!

  459. I can’t wear lipsticks and most lip balms, I think my lips are allergic to the ingredients and get SERIOUSLY chapped. The only lip product I’ve been able to wear is the SUGAR brand which came out with a line of colored chapsticks (hooray!). Totally my favorite and keep my lips sane in the winter. Even brands like Burts Bees, Badger, and even certain oils will crack my lips. I think SUGAR uses actual sugar to draw moisture to your lips (or so the Sephora woman says). It would be interesting to see how those $26 dollar tubes fare!

  460. I love the lip sheers from Beautycounter! The are safe and beautiful and perform!

  461. Arbonne – moisturizing is very high on my list! Thanks!

  462. I love BITE lipstick, but have read so many conflicting articles. I am new to the organic/natural (or at least not-as-toxic) world, and would love to learn more about this brand as it is not in the EWG Skin Deep website. I’m open to other lipstick brands, and usually wear bright reds :)

  463. I only use Burts Bees tinted lip balm and hope they come out positive in your test!

  464. I would love to see how Dr. Hauschka’s lipstick tests. I use this all the time.

  465. Lemongrass Spa organic lipstick!

  466. My favourite is Burt’s bees lip shimmer in fig. I have also been using vapour lipstick.

  467. My very favorite of all time is : Aveda Uruku Lip Pigment, it is moist, has a slight “minty” feel, and doesn’t bleed. This is one your should definitely put on the team’s list to try.

  468. I love Burt’s Bees lipsticks because I know they are HEALTHY, and luckily they have different shades to accomodate a range of skin colors, since I am African American, some of the paler shades don’t “pop” for me. Can’t wait to look at your mascara review!

  469. My favorite lipstick is “MyChelle Little Kisses”, particularly the Garnet color!

  470. Check out the lip shears at Beautycounter! BC tests ALL ingredients for safety and does not test on animals.

  471. I really love Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor lipstick:

  472. Beautycounter’s non-toxic lip sheers in Twig! I love the moisturize and beautiful long lasting sheer color. Since I am allergic to base metals, I LOVE that they are absolutely lead free and no harmful ingredients. EWG 0-2 rating! Please include it in your study. Thank you! :)

  473. Red Apple Lipstick is Awesome! Tons of great colors and it is gluten free, vegan, paraben free, allergen free, cruelty free, and no GMO. The have fantastic customer service, and monthly coupons for newsletter subscribers.

  474. Beautycounter Lip Sheers and Lip Shine. No contest! Safe, beautiful and chic!

  475. Au Naturale Cosmetics has the best organic, gluten free, professional, GREEN, Made in the USA, vegan lipstick :) Check It Out:

    All of their lipsticks are made Fresh every day- and you can tell :)


  476. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (introduced in April, 2014). Beautiful colors and really moisturizing.

  477. The best BY FAR (this coming from a complete beauty product junkie!) is AuNaturale Cosmetics. Organic, vegan, all the good things you want in a lipstick!!!! Very cool line….

  478. I was gifted a Beach Bombshell collection by Au Naturale Cosmetics which contained both a lipstick and lip gloss. I simply adore the products! This line is super clean, all organic and super lovely to wear. They feel like nothing on your lips and stay put!

  479. I love lipstick from Benecos! Its natural, sold in large health stores, made in Germany and vegan. Of course, never tested on animals! I love the creamy, lush texture, colours and it stays on awesome!

  480. Au Naturale is the best organic, fresh lipstick out there. So many colors to choose from and the color lasts and it is super moisturizing.

  481. Love the Coral Rose lipstick from Ava Anderson Non Toxic lipstick – Safe for me and all natural. My 11 y.o daughter is begging me for her own…she gets the Coral Rose lip gloss. No fear here!!!

  482. My vote is for Au Naturale!! Spanish Rose is my fav!!! Love that their whole line is organic, vegan and gluten free. That is a must for my products.

  483. Ava Anderson non toxic

  484. Great information in these comments – I’ll check out some of the brands that are new to me! What I look for is one that is moisturizing and definitely has sun protection (live in Arizona, so SPF is a must) and staying power. Was using a Fresh lip balm that I got as a present. Feels great, but migrates. It would also be nice to have a more reasonable price point.

  485. Beautycounter lip sheers are my favorite hands down. What’s important to me…is it safe? Staying power? Does it moisturize my lips? How does it smell? How is it sourced? Ethical company? Beautycounter gets an A is every category!

  486. Would love to hear reviews about Ere Perez cosmetics!

  487. Au Naturale Lipstick!
    Its the Best Organic, Clean & Fresh, Lipstick. Adore the Primrose!

  488. Ava Anderson non toxic -love the cinnamon red! Smells great and nice texture

  489. LOVE lipstick! I really like MAC lipsticks but I’m guessing they are not good. :0( I really would like to find some more options that are less toxic. It’s on your lips so not only is it absorbing in your skin but you pretty much eat it. So It’s important to me to use something that has a low score on the EWG site. I have tried and kinda like Gabriel. I have used MyChelle tinted lip balm in flirt but there is only a few colors to choose from. I love lip gloss too. It would be fun to know of some good options there as well!

  490. I am not normally a lip stick girl (can’t go an hour without lip balm and love me some lip gloss). However!!!!….the new Ava Anderson lip sticks have been a game changer! I love that the color still looks natural and it is moisturizing. Good array of colors to choose from too, depending on skin tone or mood 😉

  491. Youngblood. I love the gloss the most. They have a beautiful natural shine and they stay on pretty well. I use their cosmetics too which are mineral based.

  492. Karen Murrell do really pure, ethical lipstick. I like the Bite crayons so would be interested to know how ‘clean’ they are.

  493. Origins – Flower Fusion in the color Poppy- my favorite color!

  494. NZ brand Antipodes is the most delicious, rich coloured, nourishing, organic, high end, classy brand I swear by. No nasties – you could eat it, if you wanted too ha! Xx

  495. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is my favorite lipstick and moisture and taste is most important to me. I can’t stand when lipstick has a chemical taste!

  496. I really like this lipstick crayon by Ilia:

    Thanks! These smackdowns are very informative.

  497. Naturally Lela is an amazing company as well. Her lip balms are creamy and shiny and taste amazing!

  498. 2 things that are important – what is it made from and does it look amazing on me?

    World Organic have an amazing range of colours that are organic and cruelty free :)

    Love, love, love them, and recommend them to anyone that asks

  499. Burt’s Bees lip shimmer!

  500. 100% Pure lip products, please! And Hurraw!

  501. Hurraw, burts bee’s and hemp organics

  502. Tarte® Lipsurgence, Tarte® vitamin infused lip gloss, Bare Minerals® Buxom© lip color, Sugar® regular & tinted lip treatment.

  503. Lovely Lips by Naturally LeLa has been my best seller since 2005. Organic ingredients, pure essential oils, moisturizing with the perfect lasting shine.

  504. I barely wear lipstick nowadays as I am still trying to find one that is made from raw and or natural ingredients. If I need something to cover my lips I either use pawpaw ointment as a base and maybe some clinque lipstick.

  505. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic all the way!!! Most other lipsticks make my lips swell, a reaction to a chemical ingredient I’m sure! When I use my Ava I can know I look good and am not hurting my body (or my daughter’s when she steals it and puts it on!).

  506. I would like to know how Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Gloss fares in the tests. I love it. The colors are great, provides moisture, isn’t perfumed (hate that!).
    Thanks for this good work!

  507. Red Apple Lipstick.

  508. Glo Minerals, Burt’s Bees lip shimmer, ZuZu
    I stock up when make up is on sale at Whole Foods.
    A rare treat :) !

  509. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for doing this… can you add NYR Organic to your list!

  510. Primitive lipstick love morocco shade and mali
    peacekeeper lipstick
    Now wish I could find organic liquid foundation!

  511. I LOVE Lime Crime lipsticks. They are vegan and absolutely wonderful!

  512. I’m hoping that Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss by Intelligent Nutrients can be checked out! The colors look gorgeous and appear to be made with yummy ingredients, but staying power… can this one be looked into?

  513. I have a lip sheer (lipstick) from Beautycounter- TOTALLY safe, VERY creamy and the colors are gorgeous!

  514. Primitive lipstick and peacekeeper lipstick.

  515. Tough call but my faves are probably Honeybee Gardens (in Paradise), Silk Naturals, and really enjoying Lauren Brooke in Cinabre lately. For crazy color saturation (but not as moisturizing) check out Real Purity. If you’re interested I have swatches on my blog.

    Lipstick is such an easy switch, I hope people make the leap! Cheers.

  516. The only makeup I use is Alima. It is the best mineral makeup, in my opinion; 100% better than that commercial brand with the initials B.M. Alima does not make lipsticks, but tinted lip balms. They don’t stay on all day, but they feel so luxurious and keep my lips soft and moisturized. I prefer the simplicity of a lip balm. By the way, they just came out with a fabulous mascara.

  517. Arbonne’s Sheer Moisture Lipstick – It’s a Balm, Lipstick and Gloss ALL-IN-ONE! So freakin’ awesome! No more dry lips from lipstick and no more carrying gloss to constantly layer on top! Simple, smells great, gorgeous colors and vegan, botanically-based, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

  518. Arbonne lipsticks! All the way.

  519. I’m in love with all of the vegan Arbonnr lipsticks. Creamy smooth!

  520. ARBONNE Lipstick has Incredible Color that is NOT Harmful for your body and holds great Moisture!!!

  521. The lipsticks by BITE Beauty are amazing. The colours are really vibrant, and they claim that they’re healthy enough to eat!

  522. I just bought Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme lipstick from Sephora. I love the texture and the color is rich and vibrant. The lipstick can be blotted as a stain or applied full on for a dramatic look.

    These are the pluses according to the description on Sephora’s website:

    What it is:
    A lush, long-lasting, moisture-rich lip color.

    What it does:
    This lip color delivers super antioxidant resveratrol, which fights free radicals with potent long-term antiaging benefits. Each lipstick contains the amount of resveratrol found in five glasses of red wine.

    What it is formulated WITHOUT:
    – Parabens
    – Sulfates
    – Phthalates

    What else you need to know:
    This product is free of synthetics, polybutenes, and petroleum byproducts and made exclusively with lip nurturing food-grade ingredients that are healthy enough to eat.

  523. Honeybee Gardens in , “Soft Kiss,” is my favorite!

  524. Primitive, bite, jane iredale, tarte

  525. Before dealing with a health issue, I used Bobbi Brown and Lotus. It’s important that any lipstick from now until the rest of my life is toxic free, no chemicals.

  526. found this list online, for natural makeup


    Primal Life Organics Beauty Products Organic “Caveman” makeup and Paleo Skin Care made from ingredients like Clay, Hicbiscus, Beet Root, cocoa, spiraling, flowers and herbs

    100Percent Pure

    Jenulence “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!”

    Lavera Organic Mascara

    Aubrey Organics


    Mychelle “From nature to You”

    LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics note: not all Lush products are 100% natural, read the ingredients to make sure they are free of parabens, fragrance, phthalaytes etc

  527. LIP CARE

    Egyptian Magic

    Herbal Choice Mari Hair repair oil & skin care products very inexpensive Vegan, Organic

    Aubrey Organics

    100Percent Pure


    Jenulence “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!”


    Bella Organics

  528. I like Mary Kay and Clinique.. anything sheer and natural looking!

  529. Celadon Road Lip Tints!!!

  530. Sally B’s Skin Yummies B Glossy Lip Gloss in Ruby’s Red & Vapor Organics Lip Plumping Gloss in Beguile are my vote. Thank you for all these awesome smack downs!!

  531. I use Burts Bees tinted lip gloss. Watermelon is my favorite shade.

  532. Please look into Living Nature

    • Burts’ Bees rock! And they are easy to find, unlike the other natural ones. Dr. Hauschka’s lipsticks are supposed to be chemical-free (don’t know about cruelty-free), and my friends swear by them. BUT they are kinda pricey. Sooo, Burt’s Bees it is for me

  533. I love the Tarte lipsticks that look like a crayon. Feel great on and have lasting power. The Bare Minerals moxie lipstick (combo lipstick and gloss)is smooth and looks good.

  534. Love this! Please do a moisturizer/skin care smack down!! I need to change it up for the better. Turns out my so-called natural line is not so natural. :(

  535. Arbonne – no artificial colors, or fragrances. Vegan (so no animal testing) Actually nourishes your lips.
    Favorite color:copper

  536. Try “Bite” lipstick from Sephora…no harmful chems!! Think how much lipstick we girls eat in our life!! ugh!

  537. This year I have stopped using lipstick because it burns my lips and even tears them up. (Causes them to peel painfully). Can you check out Clinique for me. Have used their lipstick for long time but not anymore. Perhaps they changed their formula. Love your website and your healthy message!! yay!!! Life and health!!

  538. Red Apple Gluten Free Lipstick gets my vote!

    When my lips were severely chapped and nothing would help, Red Apple’s exfoliator/rallye balm duo came to the rescue. Their products work!

    Not only are the lipsticks and glosses gluten free and paraben free, but the owners of this company, Jay and Andrea Harper, put their heart and soul into the manufacturing process. They even explain how to properly apply lipstick for maximum staying power… something that is important to me.

    You can only order Red Apple online currently. While some people may find it hard to choose a lipstick color online, the company’s sampling and customer service process assures your ultimate satisfaction.

  539. Peacekeepers lipstick — I’ve used it for years and it is beautiful and supposedly non-toxic!

  540. I vote for Beautycounter’s Currant Lip Sheer! I love double-duty products and their Lip Sheers also double as a beautiful cream blusher. Beautycounter has a YouTube channel with tutorials put together by Christy Coleman, a makeup artist that is a leader in green beauty. What I most love about Beautycounter is the importance placed on safety and performance. Sourcing the ingredients is as important and the final product.

  541. I love Givenchy coral for moist, all-day staying power. I have no knowledge of its toxicity however. It is a beautiful color, and the only one at Sephora that is so long lasting, so said my helper. She gave me a sample to take on a trip as they were out of the lipstick in that color. Where do you find “Ava Anderson”?

  542. I really like afterglow cosmetics lipsticks. They are very moisturizing. Next I like Vapour

  543. I love Beautycounter’s lipsticks and unparalleled dedication to safety. I look for a lipstick that is first safe, moisturizes, is free of odors and heavy metals and of course beautiful colors!

  544. Its not my first time to pay a quick visit this website, i
    am visiting this web page dailly and take fastidious information from here
    every day.

  545. I’m so glad you’re doing this! I have been searching for nontoxic, cruelty free cosmetics that actually work & last for several years. I love Physicians Formula organic mascara but they don’t have an organic lipstick or eyeliner. I’m anxious to see which one wins, as I’ve tried a couple of lip glosses, lipsticks & lip balms & haven’t found any I really like very much, or that don’t cost a small fortune!

  546. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is the best organic, natural lip gloss and lipstick I’ve ever used. I feel great knowing that the ingredients are safe in these and all their other products. Definitely a one stop shop for all my beauty and household products.

  547. Josie Maran! I really am enjoying her products but haven’t tried any of the lipsticks, only the lip stains/sticks which wear well. My lips are chapped if I don’t use something that has some moisture in it, so I would be interested to see the range of colorful lipsticks that include moisutre with the shade. Thank you for you for what you do! I ‘ve learned so much from reading your work in just the past few months.

  548. I love Arbonne lipstick – it’s vegan and botancially based so no mineral oils, parabens etc. To me the moisture factor is the most important thing as we all want luscious, moist lips!

  549. Tarte!!!

  550. Ava Anderson lipstick without question!! Ava’s lipstick does not contain lead or any other harmful, toxic chemical!!

  551. Vapour beauty

    Can you do a toothpaste (soy/gluten/dairy free/cruelty free?) so hard to find one without GLYCERIN FROM SOY :/

  552. Beautycounter is transparent with their ingredients and when it comes to cosmetics it’s the only company I trust:

  553. Luk Beautifood! Their Lip Nourishes are amazing!

  554. Luk Beautifood! Full of pure + natural, cruelty free, nourishing ingredients, I love them!

  555. Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish, Australian made, free from any toxins or nasties, 100% cruelty free, eco friendly packaging, 7 gorgeous colours that smell amazing & feel beautiful on your lips.

  556. Lük beautifood lip nourish! :) all natural ingredients and smells amazing!

  557. Please try Nudus! These lipsticks are so amazing!! Handcrafted in Australia and certified organic. The pigment is out of this world! Their just a new brand, but so divine! please, please check them out. I’ve bought 4 lipsticks from them and I’m so in love!

  558. I don’t normal wear makeup, but would like to know what are the to wears for when I want to or need to I have check on Flower Drew Barrymore and E.L.F brand I would like to get your help, and know what you think Thank you :)

  559. I am curious about Beautycounter… everyone is raving about it but they use synthetic dyes. Here is an example of some ingredients they list for TWIG lip sheer: Diisotearyl Malate, Jojoba Esters, Octyldodecyl Ricinoleate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Calcium Sodium Borosilcate, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnuba) Wax, Tin Oxide. May Contain Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Yellow 5 Lake, Red 5 Lake, Red 7 Lake, Red 27 Lake, Blue 1 Lake.

    My concern is that food dye contributes to ADD and cancer. Are these the same types of dye?


    • And these synthetic dyes have petroleum (found in fuel, detergents, rubber, etc) in them… they are also listed in Arbonne products.

  560. bobbi brown and YSL i like
    are they safe