Crazy Sexy Sunlighten Sauna Giveaway

My Crazy Sexy Sauna Giveaway!


Hi Sweet Friends,

Happy New Year! I know that many of you made a fresh commitment to your well-being as the ball dropped and 2014 began (yeah you!), which is why I’m thrilled to announce this month’s giveaway—a Sunlighten Solo Sauna! Yes, you read that correctly. We’re. Giving. Away. A. SAUNA. (And if you’d like to check out Sunlighten’s saunas directly, start here.)

I’ve been hooked on infrared saunas for almost a decade. These are not your old-school sweat boxes powered by hot rocks and steam. These saunas work by using infrared light, that’s the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum you feel as dry heat. Infrared light gently warms your body at the cellular level. It’s like lying on a warm beach soaking up sunshine, only better because there are no UVA/UVB rays to damage to your purdy skin. (In case you’re wondering, this technology is very safe; it’s what hospitals use to keep little babies warm!)

Here are just a few of the benefits Sunlighten offers:

  • Pain relief: Researchers have found therapeutic benefits to back, neck and arthritis pain from continuous use of infrared heat therapy.
  • Detoxification: Studies using a Sunlighten far infrared sauna have shown a rise in core temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where toxins reside.
  • Weight loss: Mid and far infrared wavelengths heat the muscles and produce an increase in blood flow similar to regular exercise. It’s like getting a passive cardio workout while relaxing!  Sunlighten saunas have also been shown to help lower weight and reduce waist size in a 3-month period.
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Sunlighten’s Solocarbon heaters were shown to lower blood pressure through a program of 30-minute infrared sauna sessions 3 times per week.

Your turn: What’s one thing you’ve been doing so far in 2014 to support your wellness? I’d love to know!

Peace & detox,

Kris Carr

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154 responses to My Crazy Sexy Sauna Giveaway!
  1. Kris this is just awesome! I have been dreaming of one of these for years!! Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic and generous item of health!!

  2. I’ve been doing an emotional detox, learning how to have more compassion for myself and others.

  3. Hi Kris! I am making a huge change in my life this year. I have not eaten meat for about 3 years now but I still ate other animal products like dairy. As of December 26, I have been eating a vegan diet. No more cheese. (This is a tough one!) No more sugar or white flour. (Also tough!) It is amazing how quickly I started to feel better though. Almost instantly, I felt a difference in my energy level. I had grown accustomed to taking an afternoon nap each day. Now, I find myself working through the afternoon and not even stopping to take a rest! It is amazing how one small change has made such a difference! I want to thank you for all the inspiration that you give to so many people. It was your web site that got me excited to change my life. Your zany, positive, healthy outlook on life is a wonderful thing! (I meant “zany” in a good way!) My health has improved along with my way of looking at life, and I have you to thank for it.

    Peace, Love, and Happy New Year!


    • Hi Laurie, have you tried nutritional yeast flakes? They have a cheesy flavor and are so good for you. All of the amino acids in it and look for it fortified with vit B 12. There are entire cookbooks designed for it. When I learned about the cows being kept pregnant constantly and their babies being taken away right away, I imagined how hard that must be. Giving up dairy was so easy for me, for that reason. Good luck to you!

    • And you have inspired me!

  4. I agree, this is awesome! It would be the perfect tool to help purge the nasty chemo from my body :)

  5. I’ve been using a portable infrared sauna as part of my detox program. I need a new one! I’ve really enjoyed sitting in that warm little shack….even my cat cuddles on the top around my neck.

  6. I am undertaking a new eating plan this month to help heal my thyroid. I am over letting my hypothyroid symptoms rule my life.

    P.S. ~ What a wonderful and generous gift, Kris. 😀

  7. This year, I’ve been working out and keeping active every single day. I’ve also been decreasing the amount of refined carbs I’ve been consuming and switching them out for more salads and veggies!! :) this year I’m also planning to take more action on my goals and overcome some fears that have been holding me back in reaching those goals!! :)

  8. What a wonderful and thoughtful giveaway.
    For the New Year I have embarked on the journey of self-love and devoting more time to mental awareness. Also, inspiring all in my life to do the same.

  9. Hey Kris,
    thanks for the opportunity to win the sauna.
    My awesome father inlaw got us a Vitamix for Christmas so I’ve been experimenting with some of the Crazy Sexy recipes to support my wellness. Love the Cashew Cream Cheese!

    Happy New Year!
    Love & hugs,

  10. I have been using a Mala to recite my goals to rock it, live clean 365 and choose the path of joy. I am using the Seinfeld method, that is doing something everyday, and that something is yoga. So far, so fabulous, though I don’t delude myself that it will always be smooth sailing! All the best ya’ll for living your dream in 2014!

  11. Thanks so much for an amazing giveaway opportunity! xo

  12. Saying “no” and not feelimg guilty :-) The sauna give-a-way is a wonderful treat for your readers!

  13. That’s awesome! I long for sauna to help with my health. I used to have portable ones but it was broken. :( I’d love to win one by adding to my health regiment collection!

  14. Wow! What a great opportunity and Happy New Year, Kris! Was going to sign up for infra red sauna treatments locally, but this would be the bomb to have one of my own. Started food detox yesterday to purge all those nasty things I ate over the holidays…eliminate food groups each day until one day of green juices and then start back up again! Need to get rid of chronic joint aches and lessen hypothyroid symptoms in the New Year!

  15. I’m in the midst of creating my first detox program for my clients, and my best recommendation has been to use a sauna at a gym….this looks like such a dream! What a sweet giveaway, you rock, Kris!

  16. Kris & team,
    Thanks for all you do! You all are such an inspiration.
    The biggest change my family is making this year, isn’t a typical “wellness” change, however we know that it will deeply affect our wellness as individuals and as a family…. We are an american couple (with two kids, one biological & one adopted) who have lived in East Africa for the past 8 years. We’ve lived in Uganda, Rwanda and now live in Kenya. However we feel deep in our hearts that it is time to move onto the next big adventure and are listening to that stirring and preparing a big international move (to Brazil!).
    Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

  17. Oh my. We have 5 children and are in the process of trying to adopt again, possibly a sibling pair! I usually only get to get to do the infrared sauna while visiting my parents. Believe it or not, there’s not a single facility in our area with one!?!? This would bless me as, especially with a new little one(s), I won’t be driving to the big city as often. I have read that daily sauna can minimize my symptoms of hoshimotos. This morning I am starting a 21 day cleanse. Can’t wait to reap the feast! Blessings in 2014. Thank you for all you do. Jj

  18. Hi Kris,
    What an awesome give away.
    This year is all about feeling good! I have all your books and am a big believer in green juicing!!!! Thank you for being YOU!

  19. An infrared sauna would be fantastic; what a great give-away. Thank you!
    Probably the most significant wellness tool I’ve been doing is practicing daily meditation – and I made a sacred meditation spot for that – along with studying A Course In Miracles and doing the workbook. I’m really looking forward to your 1/17 event w/Gabby Bernstein!

  20. In 2014 I’m loving and accepting myself and serving others with my gifts -perhaps not pleasing them but serving. The give-away is incredible, thank you.

  21. I would love to have one of these, my bones could use warming right now and I want to lose a few pounds! I am starting the new year by being aware of what I eat! And, exercising is a must for me.

  22. I have lusted after an infrared sauna for years( after using a friend’s sauna, who moved). Was diagnosed with breast cancer before Halloween. Also had high blood sugar & cholesterol. Went mostly raw vegan/juicing, and in 2 months my labs came back with significant lowering of blood sugar, A1C test, & cholesterol. Am trying different protocols for cancer in hopes of making the same significant changes before they haul me off for surgery! I know this sauna would make a world of difference just like my dietary changes did. (Gotta save those lymph nodes!) Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

  23. I am beginning a meditation practice!

  24. What a generous giveaway, Kris! There is a sunlighten sauna at one of the local yoga studios and it is truly AMAZING! I am taking to heart your New Year’s Resolution of inviting ease into my life- as often as I can, I am going to try to take challenging situations and turn them into more easeful situations. And to simply LOVE more.

  25. This year I decided to go meatless. As of the first if January. My husband still eats meat two days a week. And our children are becoming more agreeable to vegetables and even our dogs love rice and beans! Garbanzos are their favorite!

  26. Green juice every day! :)
    I’ve been dreaming of one of these since your first post about them. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  27. WOW what a great giveaway!!

  28. I’ve left my boyfriend a couple months ago. We had been together for 10 years… (I read your blog about leaving a toxic relationship a few times…) Since then, it’s been hard and I’ve not been taking good care of myself. What I am doing so far in 2014? I’ve started reading Crazy Sexy Diet yet another time, I filled my new appartment’s fridge and pantry with organic food, and I’ve started juicing again, after months of not doing so. It makes me feel a bit better already, and I know it will get better and better as the Spring moves in, soon.
    Thanks Kris for sharing your beautiful energy with us and for inspiring us in being healthier and happier. Best wishes for 2014!

  29. Omg….I just finished reading your Crazy Sexy Diet book and I have this sauna underlined as a dream purchase! I loved the book and your documentary was awesome, too. As a matter of fact, two of my friends, Danny J from The Sweaty Betties and Gina Kirk from The Everyday Surprises, are embarking on a detox using your book starting January 13. We are so excited and we, along with all our sexy participants, will be tagging you on our posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you so much for passing on your fab knowledge that is helping to transform our lives and make us healthier. You rock and so does this giveaway xoxo

  30. Hi Kris! Funny you should ask! At the end of 2013 I got very sick. I had been taking anything and everything for pain relief (broke my neck in 2000). My body REBELLED big time. It was a wakeup call for me. I realized that I can no longer do what I want (lift things, pull things, carry things, yank things) and then just medicate the pain. I had to S.T.O.P.! It’s already better. I am asking others for help when I need it. I am waiting until help gets there instead of just doing things on my own. I am using more ice, heat, and lemongrass oil. I am resting more. I am feeling better. 2014 is the year I am going to take very good care of myself. Finding your site was a start as well. I have your cookbook and last night I had a lot of crazy, sexy veggies on my dinner plate. Yep! That’s what I’m doin’!

  31. I would love to win a sauna but I’m guessing this is for U.S. residents only.

  32. Omgosh, soooo exciting!!! Imaging the warmth & awesomeness of detoxing!

  33. I have become more mindful of my eating and during my eating. It seems I had forgotten what it was like to eat without some sort of electronic on. Between the T.V., computer or phone, I have been missing out in the actual eating. Focusing on 14 different things wasn’t allowing me to ever truly enjoy my food. I have started a sit down revolution! It’s table time!

  34. You’re a breath of fresh air and love your pep! Your super sexy spunkyness is contagious!
    I’ll be looking inward in 2014 and trying not to put so much pressure on myself-but at the same time, allow myself to stay open and receive as many opportunities life has for me- I want to achieve and learn new things everyday and I welcome this in my life:) Staying active and eating healthy simply makes me happy- period!
    I enjoy reading your blogs- I’m sure we can all relate:)
    Thank you and sending many crazy blessings your way!

    Sonia Bucciarelli
    Health & Nutrition Enthusiast

  35. Thanks for an amazing opportunity. Blessings to you and your family for health and happiness in 2014.

  36. Hi Kris. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win this amazing sauna! I have been vegan for about 3 years now. My 7 year old has epilepsy and I decided we needed to get healthier so I completely jumped right in and changed our diet. Since then I have also started exercising and removing all chemicals from our home. I realized there is so much more to do than just changing our diet. Thank you for everything you do and the info you share. You are awesome!

  37. I’ve started my detox by setting an example for my 95 year old mother who only likes to eat sweets (the refined white sugary type and white bread), my 15 year old LD, ADHD, NVLD daughter who also only likes to eat the same. I wake up and walk with my Sheltie around the house 10-15x (=1 mile) where both mom and kid can hear us and see us pass by their room windows playing in the snow or trotting across the lawn. Then I come in to mix up a super protein drink (all organic seeds and nuts). Always add some cocoa and nibs to entice the two to try my “chocolate drink”. Leave a small glass for each alongside they’re white toast, butter and old fashioned smuckers. Next for me is a 3-day detox with lots of greens. I can only dream of how a solo sauna might change things for me and broaden the example that hopefully my teen will see and want to try! Anyway, love your recipes and photo tweets!

  38. Kris,
    You are so inspirational. I am a vegan and you helped me take it to the next level by starting to juice. I invested in a juicer and I love it. It is very meditative to prepare the greens and do my juicing. Thank you for being such a pioneer and for all your courage. The saunas look amazing and what a generous idea for your giveaways. I hope I get to meet you in person someday.

  39. Course of Miracles, daily Kundalini practice, and authentic presence with my son & daughter. Our family would love to add a sauna practice :) Thank you for the chance!

  40. HiYa Kriss! Wow, what a generous giveaway!
    From the moment I saw you on Oprah years ago, I was hooked and tell everyone I know about you and your mission. I want to truly thank you for all the amazing hard work and treasured information that you spread. I believe that sharing information and helping people is the most important work in the world. The day I saw that Oprah show with you and Randy Pausch, I vowed to start honoring myself and my loved ones and really start my wellness journey. I drink up all the information you send out and have found so many wonderful branches and paths. It even led me to start my own company sharing wonderful products and information to help people help themselves.
    2014 is a big one for me. I’m going to have a few surgeries & procedures and I am determined to live an amazing healthy life in body, mind and spirit. The Sauna is an incredible giveaway and the I’ve been drooling over one for a few years. Detox, detox, detox!
    You Rock! With Love and gratitude,

    PS – thank you for making me laugh with every post. Humor is the bomb.

  41. I go running on a track and keep a spreadsheet. I started at 0.25 miles and now I’m at 2.5! It’s no marathon, but at least I’m committed!

  42. This is awesome!!!

    In terms of my 2014 wellness resolution, I have been getting back to my intuitive eating roots. Intuitive eating and a plant-based diet have served me extremely well. Here’s to a great 2014!!!

  43. This is such an awesome opportunity. This is my year to work hard at healing my digestive issues.

  44. What a great giveaway! I’m not sure if they’ll deliver to Poland though… Since the New Year – actually since Christmas – I’ve been following the Womancode programme. I heard Alisa Vitti on your show last year and was inspired to give it a go. It’s great – just what I need at the moment! Thanks for all the inspiration :-)

  45. This sounds heavenly at the moment!! It is snowing like crazy outside. I hope I win!

  46. This January marks a full year that my family has been vegan, and you are a huge part of our success. I use your cookbook and words of wisdom all the time. You have helped us to make friends with our food. The holidays have been a little rough, way too much sugar and simple carbs, so we are starting the year out with a juice fast. Would love to add the sauna to the detox regimen. Happy New Year Kris!

  47. I quit sugar! Almost a week now, so far so good :)

  48. This year I want to accept and relax into what ever the moment brings me.

  49. Awesome giveaway! This year I have started saying “No” to things to prevent me from stretching myself too thin and making having the time to do the things I love.

  50. 2014, is my year to live, FEARLESS, so that I may live less anxious speak up for myself more (was previously afraid to do so) to put myself at the top of my priorty list for a change, which includes looking after my health, I have discovered juicing, which is a good place to start I say !!

    Happy 2014 to you and your team xx
    Thanks for Inspiring us all to embrace a healthier lifestyle x

  51. Oh my! As I sit here writing this from the frozen prairie grasslands of ND, the current temp is -20 (feels like -55 with wind chill!) School is actually cancelled for my kids today because of the cold and we rarely cancel school here. This giveaway is beyond amazing and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I could be the lucky duck to win!!
    Blessing to you, Kris! You rock.
    Heidi Demars

  52. I have been journaling my dreams, thoughts, and desires for 13 days (The 13 Holy Nights program by Alicia Morrow with Feels awesome! I am getting more clarity around what I want to call in for 2014. And I am getting in tune with Spirit. Love!

    Thank you for all you do to inspire me, Kris! Much Love!

  53. Sweet friends indeed! What a fabulous giveaway! Any giveaway that improves the health is fabulous, but this takes the gluten free vegan cake!!!

  54. Since reading about the benefits of infrared, I made my own “sun lamp.” It’s not exactly a sauna but it feels nice and warm. I bought three of the big, red infrared bulbs from Home Depot and the metal clip- on basket thingies to hold them. I pull out my dresser drawers at different heights and clip each bulb onto a drawer. Then I sit in front of it and bake for 10-15 minutes. Nice and toasty during these cold nights.

  55. Kris, I am sooooo excited about this! Saunas are wonderful and I’ve been using them for the last 3 years to detox from toxic mold. It has been such a long journey to heal physically and emotionally after being so very sick (and losing my home). Sauna has been part of a holistic treatment plan prescribed by my doctor down in SC. I can definitely tell the difference when I don’t have time to get by the gym to sit in the sauna. Crossing my fingers that I win this so I don’t have to travel to the gym for my treatments. Thanks Kris for all that you do to help people live a healthier way!!!! xoxo

  56. This year I am finally eliminating sugar from my life, including fruits for the first month. It has been rough but I am focusing on the benefits and have already felt the mental fog lift! Wish me luck!

  57. Oh Thank you for the contest. I was exposed to crop dusting when my Mom was pregnant with me and over my lifetime. Now I am very ill with autoimmune issues. It’s such a hard battle, but I keep trying with all my strength. I keep hoping something will help me.

  58. Hi Kris! Thanks for mentioning about infrared being how they keep babies warm at hospital. I never knew that. My boyfriend has been leery of my interest in getting a sauna. I’ll let him know this little tidbit. MMMMMmmm- warm sauna!

  59. Kris, I found you via a mention on Pam Grout’s blogsite and am I ever glad I did. I have ordered several copies of your books for myself and have given several copies to friends, but most notably to my stepson who has amyloidosis and multiple myeloma. He doesn’t read much, but within an hour of receiving your book, he was contacting me to say ” I love this book – I can’t put it down!” He, in turn, is ordering a copy to gift to a woman that he has met while they both were at a chemo appointment.

    Our family has begun juicing, we are following your dietary suggestions, and are taking progressive steps to improve our overall health. Thanks for sharing your personal stories and achievements with such candor and sparkling wit.

    As a person who is chronically cold, I have entered the sauna contest (with a great deal of excitement), and I am off to meditate and do my affirmations! Best wishes to you for your continued good health and success in 2014.

  60. Getting more sleep, which is such a nice thing to do. :)

  61. W said on January 6, 2014

    What a lovely & nourishing giveaway!

  62. Kris! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! This giveaway is amazing! Yes, please and thank you!

  63. So far I have been continuing my healthy eating plan BUT am going to really really concentrate on being WAAAAY more gluten/wheat free! Try to get off the medications as much as possible. I have severe fibromyalgia so when I can I keep very consistent and regular with my exercise/stretching and strengthening regime, but it’s a tough vicious cycle. In 2014 I will get more massages and book my massage therapists sauna more often (UNLESSS of course I was lucky enough to win one! 😉 ) It does feel really good and I know it would most definitely help me in getting back to somewhat more “normal” and help with the daily excruciating pains and weight gain from medications. Maybe it would even help me become a more productive person like I used to be! Going to work on boosting my self esteem too! That’s a big one and a great start!!! thank you!!! Alll the best to you in 2014 too I think its going to be a GREEEAAAAT year! Despite lots of “ugly” things coming up right away for us. Thinkin positive! :) xoxoxox

  64. After a long break, too long, I have started moving my body again. I have always loved to run and workout but for some reason I just stopped. Well, since the new year started I am refreshed and moving again. I have also stated eating better and am just starting a program with Erin Stutland and this week we are focusing on our intentions. I am also accessing Bex’s meditations to focus on my mind and well-being. This is my year and I intend to live it to the fullest and healthiest.
    Thank you, Kris, for this opportunity to add another source of wellness to my growing tools, by giving away this sauna. You have always been such an amazing inspiration and I always look forward to your emails.
    Much love to you and your family in the new year and always!

  65. WOW! I sure hope I win this!! I, too, am hooked on infrared heat therapy… I use it in my bodywrap business… last year I lost my infrared bed in a fire and sure could use this to replace so my clients can once again enjoy this addition to the service. Good luck to all!

  66. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Fantabulous!

    I’m supporting my wellness in 2014 by meditating every day. I’ve had a regular daily practice, now I’m upping it to twice a day. The clarity, peace and sense of connection meditation uncovers is powerful and palpable.

    All gratitude for your light, Gita

  67. Hi Kris

  68. I kicked off the year with a 10-day fresh juice cleanse! With a powerful mix of green juices, carrot juices and more, I wanted to give my body a much needed “digestion break”, so it could spend more energy on clearing out toxins and repairing whatever needs repairing. Having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer last Feb., 2013 was a year of learning, discovery and over-coming! Doctors can’t say I’m cancer-free yet, but there are no signs of it! The body is amazing when given the right tools! Cheers to 2014 being the best year yet :)

  69. Hi Kris!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome gift! I have been saving to get one for a long time.
    It’s a little tough being 24 and wanting all these wonderful things and not having the money for them yet!
    Haha.. all in good time.

    Did the winner of the last giveaway (the book pack) get a private e-mail letting them know they won, or is it still to be determined?

    Much love in the new year!


  70. Wow, thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Kris!
    For 2014, I am continuing my daily yoga practice that I began a few months ago. It makes me feel better physically, emotionally, mentally — a great way to help find the ease you described last week.

  71. 2014 you ask? Well…to start I’m rockin’ your Spotlight Crash Course. So SOUL quenching! THANK YOU. Plus I’m exercising daily with Jessica Smith TV. She’s great and makes me laugh while making me sweat! Great combo. Peace!

  72. I have eliminated wheat from my diet for the last 6 months and WOW, what a difference in my waist circumference. 2014 brings a new commitment to no more dairy. I’ve cut back, but realize it needs to go if I really want to achieve the healthy me I so want to be.

    And what an incredible giveaway! You are truly supporting one of the most innovative ways to detoxify the body…not to mention how good these puppies make you feel when you take advantage of their gentle warming. Thanks for doing this, Kris!

  73. Kris,

    You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey and all that you have learned along the way. I feel inspired and empowered. Thank you for also offering this awesome gift :)

  74. Oh, I would love this! Thanks for the opportunity.

    So far in 2014, the thing I’ve been doing for my wellness is trying to rest to beat this pneumonia I have. Rest is hard! :-)

  75. I am starting 2014 with a 14 day juice fast followed by juicing 3 to 4 days a week. I am strongly considering following a vegan diet on days I am not juicing, but plan to ease into it.

  76. Kris! I would cry if I won the sauna! It’s a definite health and wellness fantasy of mine to own one. Living in Michigan, it would help lift my spirits during the cold winter months. Thank you for this opportunity! Much love green sister!

  77. I am working hard thru (meditation, prayer, tapping etc) on swallowing the fact that my life is not where I expected it to be, but that I am where I’m supposed to be. So far, since Jan 1st, I finished the first book on my reading list, “The War of Art”. And Since December I have begun to cook one dinner recipe a week using Crazy Sexy Kitchen or Diet… Last week, my fav, was the Crazy Sexy Bean Chili – sans seitan). Awesomely too for freezing leftovers for later in the week! My biggest goal this year tho is to find a way to get to a great integrative doctor that can help me! $1 a day I am putting away… Hoping by mid-year I will be able to afford a visit!!

  78. Thanks Kris, this is one of the best giveaways yet! I started using one at a local salon last year and it felt like an hour of heavenly bliss…and helped get my body nice and hot during the winter. I’m so thankful how much my life has changed since I started following you after reading Crazy, Sexy Diet. You are such a powerhouse with such a sincere interest in making a difference. Happy 2014!

  79. Thank you Kris for all that you do and your generosity. What I’m doing this year to support my wellness is attend a yoga class three to four times a week.
    My old story was I didn’t have time since I worked 5 nights a week as Pediatric Hematology Oncology Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse. And sleeping during the day I felt too tired to attend a yoga class. Well I changed my story, adopted a plant based diet – thanks to you & Victoria Moran. Now I’m building my yoga practice, and what would be a plus is have a solo sauna at home.

    Thank you in advance.


  80. Saunaaaaaaaah! Wow. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m getting a slow start to the new year, but have my sights set on being authentically me this year, which will include letting go of those things that no longer serve me. Happy New Year!

  81. Hi kris, thank you for this great chance to win This fantastic sauna . I always wanted one and now I stand Chan e to win one . I have just enrolled myself on a wellness coaching course and a sauna would be so wonderful to put In my wellness clinic that I am going to open very soon . Thank you again
    Gillian Watson xxx

  82. I have started writing all of my food and purchased down in a journal so that I can keep track and use the knowledge to improve my health.

  83. I have been plotting to manifest a sauna in my life this year. They are so good for so many reasons. So far this year I”m sweating through dance and doing a 21 day meditation challenge with my partner and leaving lots of 2013 behind.

  84. Thanks so much for your website. So many treasures here. And thanks for this wonderful contest offer. Such fun, and I would LOVE to have the fabulous experience of this sauna.

    I’ve been struggling at 185 lbs ( I’m 5’2 with a small frame) for a while now. Going back to Maximized Living’s advanced plan – no sugar and only a handful of berries for carbs. My many food addictions make it a struggle, but what are my options? I certainly cannot continue in this direction. I’m concerned for my health and how I feel, so I thank you for offering SO MUCH to consider, including great recipes. BTW, I’m 62 and have a one-and-only brand new granddaughter – another good reason to guard my health.

    I’m so blessed to have very happy, personable organic farmers just a 20 minute drive from me. They have organic-grain-raised grass-fed beef, free-range chickens and turkeys and a plethora of veggies at market, or their farm, from late May through September. Mrs. Farmer starts all her veggies in her greenhouses in February, and I must say I’ve never tasted such amazing food. Others often comment on this too. And, their prices are reasonable.

    Thanks very much for your comment on nutritional yeast flakes. I’ve seen it mentioned in recipes and, in fact, I have some in my cupboard, but I really had no idea what they were all about. I will look up some recipes using it.

    Thanks again,

    – Julie

  85. This year is my year to get my happiness and love of life back – I have enrolled in yoga classes!! I am making a commitment to myself to learn this skill and get my body back – uh, no! Not ‘back’, get my body better than it has ever been!! And this is just the start to my year of growth I have planned…….
    And thank you for the opportunity to win this sauna. I had already planned on getting one (eventually) and then I come on here and read, “Hey, anyone want a Sauna??” Well, just so happens, I DO!!!

    So here is to a year of lovin’ life!! And staying on the healthy road of this journey and laughing all the way!!

    Make this the best week of the year so far and then make next weeks better! ~Brenda!

  86. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! To support my wellness this new year, I am eliminating flour and sugar from my diet, and eating lots and lots of fruit and vegetables! Plus, I am aiming to break a sweat every day! Eating well and exercising daily is the best happy pill ever!

  87. Drinking warm lemon water first thing every morning.

  88. This sauna would be wonderful. I am a cancer survivor and still have a lot of pain so I think something like this would be so wonderful and therapeutic. I lost my job when going through chemo and it has been difficult to find work again so something like this would be a God send. Thank you Kris.

  89. Awesome! I’ve been wanting to try one of these! I’ve been having fun, honoring myself, doing yoga, and not holding back :)

  90. How incredible! Today on my morning run I was deciding whether I should use my money for a vitamix or a sauna? And then I came home to a lovely email from you about this beautiful opportunity! Thank you Kris.

    Being that I have already began implementing these things in 2013 it is even more of a driving force for me to continue them in 2014. So what’s ONE thing I have begun doing in 2014 to support my wellness?


    I am a newly certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and after graduating from my class I noticed I began a bit sad. Why? I wasn’t sure either. Then I realized it was because I was away from most of my classmates and our precious chanting that we did on a regular basis. However, ever since I started incorporating my own routine of chanting in the morning for an hour my since of bliss has returned in ways I cannot possibly describe. It is also allowing me to discover, explore, and learn to love my voice rather than hide it. I hope others begin to learn the power of chants, mantras, and singing as I have!

  91. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you Kris!!
    I’m trying to incorporate small steps in my life, once I have one habit down I’m moving on to the next. First up, lemon water every morning when I wake. We already eat a mostly vegetarian diet but I’m constantly trying to improve. Thanks for all your tips, on your website and in your books. (I had 3 out from the library last week!)

  92. Hi Kris. In order to get rid of Lyme disease and all of the baggage associated with chronic illness, I went back to school to learn as much as I could about nutrition ( IIN) several years ago. I also became have a certified yoga and meditation teacher, in order to help myself and others learn to be present in their bodies, and stay connected with their heart. I studied with an energy healer and practice my own form of energy healing most days. Too often, we live in our minds, especially when we feel our bodies have betrayed us. So I work closely with clients and regularly on myself, in order to stay connected. Giving back to those in need is very healing for me, so sharing tools and techniques to heal from the inside out has been a gift for me as well as for my clients. I recently starting using an infrared sauna at a gym, but it is quite expensive and I still have a long road ahead of me. Owning a sauna would allow me to use it regularly to help heal from Lyme disease, remove toxins from mold as well as be able to offer it to my health and nutrition clients. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a sauna! Warmly,

  93. Thanks, Kris, for this terrific opportunity! You are always so generous – with your wisdom, cheer, encouragement, AND giveaways!
    You Rock!
    Nancy V

  94. Holy cow! I have been wanting one of these way-out-of-my-price-range saunas for ages!!! I am crossing everything that I can possible cross *and I look crazy* until the winner is announced. This would make my LIFE! Best of luck to everyone though. Love, Love, Love to you all this 2014!!!

  95. I’ve been meditating regularly and it’s enabled me to hit the pause button, so to speak, before the unsavory/undesired behavior comes out. Yey me, yey new beginnings!

  96. Your generosity is immense Kris!! Your commitment to ever improve your life and the lives of your peeps never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for all the inspiration you bring to my lifestyle and well-being. I can’t keep myself from passing it onto others in my circle. Big virtual hugs!

  97. Kris, This is such a wonderful way to warm our body and soul this winter! I love the idea that it would be a pocket of warmth and personal time for whomever wins it!

  98. Hi Kris, what a disappointment that only US residents get the chance to win this amazing sauna…
    Love and Happy New Year from Denmark :)

  99. Hello Kris,

    I’m taking time for myself this year! Doesn’t sound like a big deal but when your busy raising children and a grandchild, time alone is precious.

    I’ll use it to mediate and be grateful.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this sauna. The nearest one (like this) is three hours away – it would be pretty amazing!

    Health and happiness to you in the New Year!

  100. Over the Holidays and into the New Year, I’ve enjoyed making fresh juices for family and friends. Just as you have inspired me in your books –to eat better, to be more positive, to try (you have a great can-do spirit), and to enjoy the moment that is here. I’d like to share what I’ve been learning about nutrition with others. If I eat more vegetables and juice, I feel better. Do others keep the fortunes out of their fortune cookies? Here are a couple that I want to keep in mind this year: “Your dream must be bigger than your fear. Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble.”

  101. I have been getting clear on what I really want in life. Im looking deeper at whats conditioning and what from my heart :). Happy New Year!

  102. I’ve been using a habit tracker app called Life List to support my wellness daily. It seems to be a helpful way to keep me on track for my healthy routines. 😉

  103. Since the start of this year, I eat 75%of my meals vegan. I have been cutting back on coffee by adding roasted chickorey root, and feel great:)

  104. HI Kris,

    You asked what’s one thing we’ve been doing so far in the New Year to rededicate ourselves to a healthier way of life? I’ve been keeping track of how much water I drink each day attempting to drink half of my weight in ounces each day. Wow! That’s a lot of water but my skin feels so soft. I’ve also stopped drinking coffee. My cupboard is full of herbal tea and it’s all so delicious.

    Love you, love you, love you! Rock on Kris!

  105. What a super generous giveaway! I’ve been rocking out on my new mini trampoline – it’s so much fun (and good for me, too)

  106. What a generous gift – you give every day already though. Thank you!


  107. Thank you, Kris, for this fun and exciting way to brighten our health horizons. The healthier I get, the more fun it is to do the things that are health enhancing. A positive, upward spiral!

  108. 2014 is my year to learn to meditate and practice yoga. These are two things that I have struggled with for a long time. I am using guided meditations from Jon Gabriel and they really are great. I joined a yoga studio. My first class is on Saturday. I am over killing myself with running and intense cardio. Every cell in my body tells me that yoga is my answer.
    An infrared sauna sounds like Heaven!!!! What a great gift to ones health and well being!!
    Kris, I don’t remember what led me to you and your book “Crazy Sexy Cancer” but i am so grateful to have found you. I have learned so much. You are such an inspiration to all Wellness Warriors!!!
    Thank you for your affirmations!! I print them and tape them to my mirror/fridge/dash/desk etc……
    I love passing them on. They can really make someones day:)

  109. I’m following my intentions for 2014 – mediate and take mindful action. So far that has allowed me to take more time to pause in the day and be more present. It’s also helping me see some big changes I’m ready to make and fears I’m ready to face. What an amazing give-away!! And thanks Kris, for all you do. Such an inspiration. xo

  110. Hi Kris,
    Love your newsletters. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. I am continuing on with my new 80% raw food venture, omitting grains and gluten. – lots of greens! And, I will continue with a major dental overhaul with a wonder biologic, holistic dentist. Both have made significant improvements in my overall health. My word for this new year is balance.
    Thanks again. :-)

  111. Hi Kris! The one thing I’ve been focussing on for 2014 is getting what I call “dangling incompletions” of my list and OFF OF MY MIND!! Incomplete tasks that are hanging around my house and in the corners of my mind are sucking up valuable energy and weighing me down! I am persistently completing a few every day and feeling lighter and more ALIVE-lier as I go. Happy 2014!

  112. I’ve been daydreaming about having a Sunlighten sauna for a year! How blissful to come home to your very own piece of peace after a taxing day :).
    This year I’m giving up alcohol (a big step!) and I’ve made the decision to sell my house – trading in the constant stress of a mortgage for (hopefully) a move to Far North Queensland. The freedom and emotional relief will be so worth it!
    Wishing everyone else the best of luck with their goals – I’m sure we’ll all get there!

  113. Our doctor has recommended infrared sauna therapy for my husbands lowering white blood cells ( hopefully he won’t ever get to leukemia). Can this be true? Can it really help raise his white blood cell count?
    We have detoxified our house from chemicals and cleaned up our diet over the last few years. I am sceptical but hope that she is right. Any proof that you know of?
    I would love to prove the oncologist wrong as he told us there is nothing we can do.

  114. What a fabulously awesome give away !!!
    I have been adding more raw vegan dishes and green smoothies into my daily life and routine.

  115. Thank you, Kris for this amazing Sauna giveaway offer. You have been an inspiration as I have experienced my own cancer journey the past 2 1/2 years. I have laughed and cried through your books, enjoyed the smoothies and been uplifted through the newsletter. You are a blessing and source of hope to many woman (and men) of all ages who find little hope in the modern cancer industry. Thanks again for your generosity and caring spirit.

  116. Last year, I was on a huge purge and declutter adventure, so that my home supported my health and well-being as much as my eating and activities. This year, I will continue that, along with moving toward a more plant based diet. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Sunlighten Sauna, a pic of one has been on my Vision Board for a while :-)

  117. Happy 2014, Kris and everyone!
    Thank you, Kris for continued inspiration!
    This year I am focusing on balance, between starting an entrepreneurial creative biz, volunteering at a wildlife rescue and rehab, doing more yoga, and shifting into vegetarianism. Plus the other stuff I have already been doing, like energy work, organic gardening, loving my hubby, pooch, family/friends and well, me!

  118. What a wonderful think to offer! I have been practicing balance and gratitude. Also, making a year goal list with dates of completion to keep myself on track! I can’t wait to take control of my health. :) Happy New Year, and many blessings

  119. Kris,
    Which type of infrared sauna do you have/recommend?

  120. This is an amazing giveaway! I’m having dental work done soon to replace my amalgam fillings with a better option. I’d love to further that detox with a sauna! Thanks for all you do!

  121. Howdy! This year I am commiting to sitting my keister on the meditation mat! Also, over the holidays I came to re-appreciate the art of saying ‘grace’ before a meal. Though I am single and in the sticks, saying a grace out loud before each wholesome meal is doubly filling me up on gratitude! To a wild & steamy New Year!

  122. Kris, this is so awesome that you are giving away a free sauna. I have been in contact with Sunlighten for several months, but just cannot afford to purchase a sauna at this time. My husband and I just retired from our jobs and moved to Georgia where our daughter, son-in-law and one-year granddaughter live. This is our first granddaughter, and we wanted to be close to her. This is one of the things that we have been doing for the new year. We are currently unpacking and trying to simplify our life and our surroundings. We have juiced daily for several years, but we have been a little lax the past few months. So, we are picking up the pace now. I am also trying to be more consistent with meditation and tai chi or qi gong. It is very difficult to fit everything in, but I know it is all important. Prior to moving, I went to a spa for the infared sauna, but since retiring, we are not able to pay for that luxury. My husband had prostate cancer surgery 3 years ago, and I am trying to get him on board for a healing journey. I have been having some physical problems that are currently undiagnosed. I really, really would love to win the sauna. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  123. I have been taking time each morning for devotional reading, meditation and journaling. Thanks for your encouragement and great info Kris!

  124. Kris, You Are Awesome!

  125. The comments have been awesome so far! It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many like minded & positive people! So far in 2014 I’ve been moving my boo-tay! Just very gentle movements like walking for 20 minutes on the treadmill, taking the doggie out for a walk when we’re not buried in snow or frozen, etc.

  126. Hi Kris,
    What a thoughtful gift for your readers, so many people could really benefit from the sauna! Happy New Year! I have decided to get rid of toxic relationships in my life and people who take take take! I found myself drained. I also have observed with others around me that these type of relationships is why we end up ill! So time to heal and sore! 😉

  127. I am in Day 15 of my Crazy, Sexy Cleanse! I will go 28 days before returning to breads, glorious breads!

    {Who knew I could think about bread THAT much?} I will continue to juice everyday. I will continue to rollerskate 2 Fridays a month and I will get down, get down 1 Friday a month at Hipshakers in Minneapolis.
    I will go for a walk with my friend at work at least once a week or more.
    I am trying to add great ideas gradually , so they really stay in my life long term.

  128. Wow! What an awesome giveaway. No more refined flour and sugar for me…gotta start somewhere, right?! Thanks so much for showing how fun it is to live healthy

  129. Sunlighten far infrared saunas have helped my teenage daughter with her health issues. Having one in home would be a dream come true!

  130. Kris you inspire me daily to keep stepping forward into my light …. Now I could be basking in infra red sauna goodness. So awesome, thank you!

  131. Love and light! I didn’t know Sunlighten Saunas held so many benefits! I should have asked Santa for one of my own…but maybe I’ll be the lucky winner! Fingers crossed :)

  132. I’m intrigued…this sounds awesome!

  133. I have been doing raw vegan for over 10 years and have been taking a few supplements like vitamin C, D-3, B-12, and ect. and have wondering if that is a good
    idea? Can you tell me if Kris Carr takes any supplements and if so what are they?

    Thank you,

    John Koenigshof

  134. I would love to be able to detox my body.

  135. My 2014 commitment: doing self-care as I do my weekly outdoor hike!

  136. I am 33 and have Crohn’s Disease. I am tired of doing things the way my doctors want me to (pills, shots, surgeries). A friend introduced me to your website. I have just purchased your book Crazy Sexy Diet! I won’t lie all of the information is a bit overwhelming. I am hoping to make small changes a little at a time for me and my family. Thank you for your inspiration!

  137. I love this Crazy Sexy Giveaway! I’m a skin cancer survivor and devote much of my time to educating people about harmful UV rays and sun protective clothing. Tanning beds are my #1 NEVER item. Wouldn’t it be great if it people were detoxing in an infrared sauna instead of frying in a tanning bed!? LOVE IT and I love your site. Thanks!

  138. When will you be announcing the winner? Is the contest open to Canadian residents as well?

  139. Looked over this great site and bought a steam shower and never looked back, amazing
    information on this website can not say thanks enough

  140. I love reading your posts and newsletters. Have been in the SLOW process of cleaner eating and living, and would LOVE a chance at owning an infrared sauna! Gosh, how nice it would have been these last coupla cold weeks… Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to enter. Aloha

  141. Thank you Kris so much for this amazing opportunity!!! What a wonderful giveaway! This year I am saying ‘yes’ more…I am giving anything I give myself to -fully….I am being truly present with myself and others…and I am focusing on understanding my mind as the amazing tool it is to support me in honoring myself. I appreciate all that you do so so so so much. Very grateful in my heart that you exist in the world. Peace and ease to you!

  142. Hi there! Was a winner chosen yet? I’ve been following!

  143. Hi Kris, I will turn 50 on April 20 and will also celebrate 10 years cancer free (liposarcoma, stage iv 4/04).
    I am so thankful for simply being here today and being able to celebrate these 2 milestones in my life. My wonderful daughter (Catherine) is throwing me a huge party w/family and friends, because this deserves a celebration! Though I am thankful to be here & be cancer free, I was left w/severe, chronic pain due to radiation damage in my back @ the site of the of the cancer, which wraps around my left rib cage & into my chest wall. I also had brain surgery in 10/2000 due to a rare birth defect and have migraines and short term memory loss. I am doing well, considering. I know I can be so much worse and so many people are, I have a strong family network and do my very best. I am on disability due to the pain and struggle with severe clinical depression, I have always said that depression controls you, you do not control it. However, I know that I can always learn so much more and your words have given me inspiration that I can do more for my mind and body and what better place to start than at Sunlighten Solo Sauna! I hope you will consider me when you make your decision.

  144. I started the year with a raw food challenge. I felt wonderful within a couple of days. I believe I have found the lifestyle meant for me. I’m also nearing my 2year anniversary of juicing, which I can’t imagine living without. You have been so inspiring to me, thank you.

  145. Eating a predominately greens diet with pseudograins ( quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth), some fruit and drinking a lot of water….Whew…it is a big change….

  146. Thank you so much Kris for posting this giveaway. This has been on my wishlist for a while, since trying to heal my body from childhood exposure to pesticide/insecticide/toxin exposure. This would help sooo much.

  147. I’ve eliminated refined sugar from my diet, have been scheduling monthly massages, and have made self-care a priority!

  148. Aid worth Pain relief? Oh I would love you forever!

  149. I am working out at the gym, and enjoying a green smoothie every day.

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    incredible website, so happy I did really want one right away and finances
    letting will likely be getting one pretty soon

  151. Never ever heard of a steam shower enclosure until finally
    I ran into this incredible website, so pleased I did really
    want one now and finance permitting will probably be owning one before

  152. I was wondering how this technology compares to a far-infrared blanket I’ve seen? The blanket is offered by Take Shape for Life.