My Crazy Sexy High-Speed Blender Giveaway


Hi Sweet Friends,

With 2014 in full swing (can you believe it’s February already!?) and your healthiest year yet in the works, I could hardly wait to announce this month’s Crazy Sexy giveaway—The Designer Series Blendtec Wildside Blender!

One lucky reader will receive this top of the line machine plus a twister jar (update: this contest is now closed). She’s one of the very best high-speed blenders out there—stylish, functional and oh so powerful! (In case you want to check out Blendtec’s blenders directly, go here.)

What’s all the hype about high-speed blenders?

So many of my readers are interested in transitioning into a plant-based diet. And even if they don’t want to go all the way, they want to start ditching the junk and adding more plants to their plates. I’ve found that one of the biggest obstacles standing between health seekers and vibrant well-being is fear of the kitchen. They’re intimidated by new recipes, tools, and foods. Quite frankly, they’re overwhelmed!

One of the greatest tools in my healthy living toolkit (I use it once, if not twice daily) is a high-speed blender. Did you know that these machines can do so much more than blend up creamy, tasty, green smoothies? Once you start experimenting with plant-inspired recipes, you’ll find that a quality, high-speed blender makes everything from dressings and desserts to nut butters and crepe batter.

Is it really worth the investment?

I totally get it—these blenders aren’t cheap! In fact, they can cost a pretty penny. The upside? A quality machine will last you forever and the investment in your health is priceless. So even if you can’t afford one right now, start saving up! Please note: It’s totally possible to make countless delicious plant-based meals without a high-speed blender (I did it for a long time!), but if you’re ready to grab one now or begin your blender fund, this quality machine will become your new best friend.

So why is the Blendtec Blender so great?

  • Cleanup is a breeze with a flat, sealed touch area and sleek motor base making a wipe down easy-peasy
  • Control your blending options with an innovative slide sensor that allows you to jump to your desired speed with efficiency and precision
  • Boost your blending power with the most powerful at-home commercial grade motor available and over 1,560 watts of power

Here are just some of the delicious things you can create with a quality high-speed blender…


Chickpea Crepe Farinata (Crazy Sexy Kitchen)

clementine sorbet blender recipe

Clementine Sorbet (Crazy Sexy Kitchen)

strawberry smoothie blender recipe

Strawberry Fields Smoothie (Crazy Sexy Kitchen)

Your turn: What’s your must-have kitchen tool?

Peace & blending bliss,

Kris Carr

P.S. One thing I can’t get enough of is turning inspiration into ACTION! That’s why I’m speaking on March 12th at the Town Hall in NYC to support my treasured friend and mentor, Marianne Williamson. I’m coming together with Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte to celebrate and illuminate Marianne’s new venture. Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience. Find all of the details here.

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147 responses to My Crazy Sexy High-Speed Blender Giveaway
  1. My well-loved and well-used juicer is my favorite kitchen tool. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try to win one of your favorite tools! <3

  2. My trusty Hamilton beach juicer. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.

  3. My trusty sous-chef – my husband! Having someone to create nutrient dense food with makes being in the kitchen all that much more fun and rewarding!

  4. A ceramic knife!
    PS: I just bought your Crazy Sexy Kitchen, the blender would be the perfect companion to the book :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Great post, Kris! Thank you! I am currently in love with a simple hand- squeezed garlic press. With it I am able to press 3 large or 4 medium cloves of garlic which I mix with olive oil and put on popcorn for movie night. It’s the best way I’ve found to eat a lot of garlic fast. Now, I can’t eat popcorn without fresh garlic!

  6. I can’t live without my food processor, especially since I don’t have a good blender. I’m able to make some of my favourite healthy snack recipes, which I must always have on hand seeing as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. :-)

  7. I’m so excited for this!! Here’s hoping something great can happen!! Thanks Kris. <3

  8. My Kitchen Aid mixer, my food processor… and my many inspirational cookbooks! Love all of my kitchen goodies. :)

  9. I just bought your book Crazy Sexy Kitchen.
    Love it love it love it… Gonna be so helpful in my transition to plant based.

    Would live to win that blender to go along too

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration, love your style!!!

  10. I would LOVE this blender… the missing piece to my kitchen! Cannot live without my herbs and spices. :)

  11. I need a new juicer. My “Juice Man Juicer” is ancient and ready to retire!

  12. Hi Kris,

    Read Crazy Sexy Cancer a few years ago. My husband died of lung cancer 6 months ago. It was beyond horrible. He couldn’t stop smoking after 40 plus years even after his initial Stage 3A diagnosis in 2010, a lobectomy and grueling chemo. He lived on denial island, refused to buy life insurance or clean up his act. Left me with huge financial mess, left our 22 yr old daughter, who just moved to NYC from LA for her first job out of college, shattered. She’s an associate producer at HuffPostLive — maybe you want to be a guest? It’s the online digital broadcast of The Huffington Post. I just finished reading your fabulous book Crazy Sexy Diet and watching your film Crazy Sexy Cancer. I am easing into your recommended lifestyle as my daughter needs a parent. I’ve been juicing and blending. My old Oster blender just doesn’t cut it. Can’t afford to buy a better one. Hope I win. Thank you for all your great advice, and peace and veggies to you too. xoxoxo Karen

  13. Wow, I am impressed with this Crazy sexy High Speed Blender, and you Kris. Thanks for the chance to win your give away.

  14. Right now it’s my normal blender…which is a little forgiving lately with all the stuff I try to make in it (like cashew “mozzarella” cheese last night)…

  15. Thanks Kris. I love you and the wonderful message and love you put out for animals our health and the health of the planet. I love my blendtec but have used so much could really use a spankin new one. Got the new high speed nutra bullet that the Avocado (David Wolfe) supports (love him too) and my juicer! BTW, just saw Dr Richard Oppenlander on Marc David’s latest summit. Love his message and think it would be so powerful if the two of you got together on a project. His love for animals and saving the planet is HUGE. Also, check out Melanie Joy’s Carnism youtube if you haven’t already. Saw her a few years ago and she has a very powerful message to share too. Awareness=Love. Peace

  16. My food processor! It is so convenient! I would love a Blendtec!

  17. My juicer. It was a gift from my sister when my old juicer bit the dust. In the summer I juice daily, but during winter I tend to juice every other day. And, of course, your books! I have all of them and am looking forward to the next big seller…we love you. Keep up the good work.

  18. A juicer is definitely a must!

  19. Yay!! I love that blender!!!! It’s perfect!! See ya’ later old and trusty blender. Out with the old in with the new! <3

  20. I was given a little portable Cuisinart Smart Power Blender for Christmas (totally unexpected but much appreciated!) and I finally broke it out this morning. I made the Sexy Shamrockin’ Shake and- OH MY STARS – it’s delicious! So so so good.

    Very curious about bringing this juicing, smoothie lifestyle into my own. Thank you for the recipe and the giveaway, Kris Carr! I’m so glad to be in your community!

  21. Hi Kris,
    What a great thing to give away – and to get :) my favourite kitchen tool is absolutely my Omega Juicer, a gift from my husband. And surely it was a gift for both of us :) since I got it I am an absolute ‘adict’ on green juice 😉
    Thx for the opportunity. Have fun 😉

  22. the twister jar is an amazing idea. Too bad vitamix doesn’t have something like that.

  23. The food processor without any doubt. My 4 year old son likes to help me in the kitchen when we make a lot of raw desserts or we mix ingredients for our meals, while my 1 year old daughter watches us. Everything takes at least twice as long when preparing food with kids, but it is worth it as they are both great eaters. We would love to win the blender as we make smoothies in our food processor that does not process everything too smooth as a blender would.

    Thank you for your passion to help us!

  24. My popcorn maker. I get to make air pop my organic popcorn, toss with tea seed oil, nutritional yeast, kelp and herbamare and I’m in heaven :)

  25. Thank you for sharing your story and your love. I really resonate with what you believe and it is refreshing to have it presented in a non-salesy manner. I love my juicer and I love your recipe book and smoothie/juicer ebook. My juicer is my go to for a quick pick me up and I use my blender for green smoothies. I haven’t tried nut butters because I don’t think mine could handle that. But, it’s worth a shot.
    Do you have any good recommendations for resources for someone who is looking to go plant based and they don’t have much time to cook. When I have time I use your recipes but, I find it difficult to plan the week when I don’t have time to cook. Thanks for all that you do.

  26. I love my Omega juicer! I never thought I’d like kale juice but it has definitely opened my mind to so many delish juice combinations!

  27. My oven! I live to roast veggies and blend into soup or toss on pasta.

  28. MY old blender is getting a workout now with all the green healthy smoothies I make now to keep my health on track after a few years of health issues. I’m also using the blender for many of my healthy desserts, etc. So do need a new stronger blender and glad you offered this Blender Giveaway!!

  29. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for this opportunity! Your timing couldn’t be better – after a series of health scares, my crazy, sexy, stuck-in-his-ways 85-year-old father just agreed to replace (or at least, augment) some of his meals with juices.

    I just bought him a Breville juicer – coincidentally, MY favorite and indispensable kitchen aid – and am going to see him tomorrow, armed with enough fresh, organic veggies to show him how easy it is to juice (and clean up) nowadays, as well as flood him with nectar that will make him forget the boring, toxic animal (blech) products he eats now.

    I wish I could get him a blender, too, (mine is a Vitamix – my other trusted kitchen love) but, well, these puppies don’t grow on trees! Love those avocado smoothies. The juicer is certainly enough to start with and I don’t want to overwhelm him, but I wish he would adopt all of the plant-based ways that I know would help him. (BTW, I merely share my info and model my commitment without any pressure – did I mention that he is very stubborn?!)

    Anyway, thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement, and for sharing your own info, wisdom, and recipes. You are a great role model and blessing in our troubled world.


  30. I’m a total convert to Kriss’s smoothies soooo delicious. I was so skeptical at first but it was love at first taste yum! As a newbie I don’t have a juicer so it’s smoothies all the way. I have them 3 times a day and my fridge is now packed with gorgeous greens and some fruit. I have an allergy to raw kale and as suggested by the very helpful community around here, just substituted it for spinach, bok choy and many other different greens which helped a lot. Struggling at the moment with an ancient blender which belonged to my mother as it is just about to give up the ghost lol. Don’t own many other helpful kitchen gadgets and I would be honoured and subliminally happy to win this fantastic wonder machine which I know would help me to create speedy and nutritional meals and smoothies. Thanks Kris and all on the site for their help and support. I can see all of your wings!! xxx

  31. A blender! On day last summer my feline friend and boundless climber decided the high pantry shelves were the best place to be. I returned home in the evening to find spice jars strew about, and the trusty Hamilton Beach blender’s glass jar cracked bad enough to leak. When I check out Kei Ki for wounds or bruising, she seemed fine albeit a bit indifferent about the whole matter. After looking for a replacement on Craig’s list I found an old but peppy Waring Pro. Now it’s stored on a handy, low shelf ready for making delicious green smoothies and various addictive hummus concoctions.

  32. The family juicer is my best bud right now. Getting ready to move in a few months and it would be great to have a high speed blender.

  33. I love your blog, your books, you and I would love to win a Blendtec blender. I have been admiring th from afar… Would love to add one to my kitchen

  34. Although my blender is not this super-duper maverick, I must say that it is essential in my kitchen. One of my meals is a smoothie every day and it’s just not the same with a potato masher…

    In lovingkindness,

  35. The piece of kitchen equipment I just can’t do without is my masticating juicer. I make a wonderful, refreshing, health-giving green juice each day. I LOVE IT! :) . I’d also love a Blentec Blender with Twister Jar though 😉 Thanks for the opportunity. <3

  36. Blender! I use one almost everyday, with most meals – unless I’m making juice for breakfast. It is such a timesaver and makes cooking/baking/mixing so much more fun!

  37. Hope I win the blendtec. One of my fav tools is the cuisinart smart stick for soups and little jobs

  38. I can’t live without my 8″ chef’s knife and the nifty little hand held sharpener that keeps it in tip top shape.

  39. My friend has a Blendtec and it is simply amazing! Oh the things it can do! I would LOVE to add one to my kitchen. Mostly for the kiddos that hang out at our house! My 12 yr old son’s friends! Thanks to my friend giving me a copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen, I have been following Kris for a couple years now. My family and I have maintained at least an 80% plant based diet. My big decision during this transformation was which should l invest in… A high quality juicer or blender! We went with the juicer! We LOVE our juice, yes even my 12 yr old son! However his friends are not to keen on a glass of beautiful green liquid love! Since our house seems to be the hangout, which I love, I use every opportunity to share healthy options for these soda guzzling, junk food junkie preteens! My most successful attempts have been smoothies! They all love a smoothie especially when I set up a fruit bar and let them pick their ingredients! They are even ok with a little spinach now! I love showing them how delicious natural ingredients are with out …. Refined S.U.G.A.R….. ! If I had the Blendtec it sure would make it easier to share the love not to mention to be able to make my own almond milk with out messy cheesecloth would be a blessing!

    Thank Kris for inspiring a movement!

    • Correction: my first book was Crazy Sexy Diet! I pre ordered Crazy Sexy Kitchen and it’s dog eared pages are always open on my counter!

  40. My Breville Juicer is my favorite kitchen tool. I use it daily & It is has defintely been well worth the money I spent!

  41. Thank you so much for this giveaway, I truly appreciate this opportunity to win this blender. It would be a great help as i am transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

  42. My “must-have kitchen tool” is my Ninja! I can make an individual smoothie every morning for on the go. My body gets so many nutrients and so much hydration that I am satisfied and stay satisfied throughout my morning. When it comes to lunches and dinners, I can mix up my hummus, tabbouleh, salsas, soups, etc. in a breeze! Other than my refrigerator, it is the best kitchen appliance I have every had. My Hurom slow juicer is right up there with it!

  43. My 1950s Hamilton Beach mixer with original bowls I got at a garage sale for $5! I treasure it.

  44. I love my coconut scooper we call it..goes inside and scrapes all of the meat super easy :)

  45. We use our blender every day to make smoothies with kale, red lettuce, beet greens, parsley, papaya, guava, whatever we can pick from the garden. This one sounds great!

  46. i need one of these in my life!

  47. I have to agree with Theresa B. My Breville juicer is an essential tool in our kitchen. Can’t get enough of that green stuff!
    p.s. THANK YOU SO MUCH KRIS for this amazing contest! I’ve wanted a high-speed blender ever since I started following you 3 years ago! Fingers crossed 😉

  48. Love your blog, as a mother of 4 I needed more energy and green tea instead of coffee and 2 green smoothie a day seem to be helping me keep up the energy:) I have been using the Bullet and just moved up to the Hamilton Beach Blender….will upgrade in time:) Thank you for your blog…love it:)

  49. A great blender makes a world of a difference! It’s definitely a great investement if you like cooking and playing with recipes :)

  50. My Omega Juicer!

  51. I LOVE my well-seasoned cast iron trio: Dutch oven, skillet, and wok! Thanks, Kris, for the awesome opportunity to win a powerhouse blender! :)

  52. My mandolin slicer! So quick and easy when it comes to slicing veggies and fruits. I can whip up a gourmet salad in minutes!

  53. So excited about this giveaway! And on Cancer Awareness Day!

  54. I am lov’in my immersion blender these days. Can’t image what I could create w/ all that power!

  55. I love my food processor and my garlic peeler, I just have to put one garlic in the inside roll it and is peeled. I just love it.

    Thank you Kris for your wonderful blog you are such an inspiration and your healthy habits have had a big impact in my life for the good.

  56. At this point in time my most prized kitchen tool is my nutribullet it was ask I could afford at the time. My health with my chronic illness made a huge turnabout since I have gone plant based. I even make my own energy foods to enable me to run marathons more efficiently. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and inspirations. Would love to win this blender so that I could actually drink my smoothies instead of chewing .

  57. Coolest giveaway ever!!!!!!! How often may I enter? contest rules?

  58. I have a dream… that every kitchen has a place dedicated to a high power blender like the kitchens of the 90’s had a home for a microwave – front and center!

  59. I can’t imagine functioning in the kitchen without my beautiful Wusthof 6″ chef’s blade. It’s been one of my go-to tools since it was gifted to me in – gasp! – 1996!

  60. My current blender has served me well. However, to create a better and a wider variety of plant based recipes, it’s time to upgrade! So, I am excited for the opportunity to win the give-away high-speed designer blender! And in the spirit of giving, if I were to win the give-away, in turn I would give my current blender to someone who has no blender at all, and would be delighted to have one. Health, joy, and win-win for all. Thank you, Kris.

  61. I get the most use out of my food processor. I have been eyeing high speed blenders for too long <3

  62. Love my knife. It’s not a fancy chef knife or anything, but it’s sharp enough and it’s the most valuable tool I think I own. Love you too, Kris. Thanks for all the inspiration! xo

  63. My cheapo blender and my mason jars! Winning combo :)

  64. Besides my obvious must haves (pressure cooker, nabe pots, juicer, blender, etc.), the tool I really can’t do without is my wide mouth FUNNEL!

  65. Love my lemon squeezer! Gotta stay alkaline and put lemon juice on everything. I hate squeezing lemons. I can never get all the juice out by hand. I’ve avoided all the different high tech equipment and am holding out for a high speed blender to do everything. Fingers crossed. :-)

  66. I would be thrilled to win! Several months ago I started juicing and making smoothies after I did my first detox with a local holistic coach! Never felt better, but could really use the right tools! Thanks for the chance.

  67. my magic bullet is the most frequently used in my kitchen! i fear that it’ll die on me any minute now though… :(

  68. I use my mini blender all the time and it is one of my favorite tools. Not that these are tools but I love my mason jars and often use them to display my herbs and flowers.

  69. My garlic press…I love it and my killer ninja vegetable peeler my 17 year old daughter bought me for Xmas when she was like 12… Thank you for the contest and love your blog :))

  70. C’mon Kris – no brainer! Crazy Sexy Kitchen is the most important, must-have tool in my kitchen!!

  71. I just moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand — on a whim with no plan — and while I NEVER blended hardly anything when I lived in the U.S., there has been a voice inside saying, “splurge — get a blender!” It must be all of the open-air vegetable and fruit markets (Dragonfruit smoothies & beetroot, celery and lemon-lime are calling out to me:)

    Thanks for this cool opportunity!

  72. I thank you for the opportunity to win this blender! I have been following your blog for some time now and I enjoy all of your recipes! I’m 19 and I did all of my research in order to approach Veganism the right way! I am going to be transitioning from the SAD to Veganism July 1, 2014 because I will be on summer vacation and I can put in a routine for myself before I attend college! I thank you so much for your beautiful Soul!
    Monee Broadnax

    • It would be great to have the blender as my Tower Garden is right outside my door and the greens just keep growing and cry to be blended.
      Thank you for all your wonderful help in avoiding or controlling cancer. I had a melanoma last year and feel that the best way to avoid any others is a plant based diet, stay out of the sun,Juice Plus+ and healthy Complete shakes with greens.
      Keep up the good work for all as you are a inspiration!

  73. “Must-have kitchen tool?” Well … a new blender, actually. My venerable Osterizer (which looks like it would be at home on the set of Mad Men) started groaning this morning and giving off a burning smell when I added part of an extra frozen banana to the hemp milk I use as a base for my morning smoothie. The good news: since that was the last of the hemp milk, I ended up using organic green tea with ginger (Eden Sencha Ginger) for extra liquid and it added a nice zip to the smoothie and my pre-breakfast meditation. Another happy accident!

  74. My trusty Ninja…great smoothies, pretty perfect almond butter! Echo Theresa B. ~ thanks for giving us this awesome opportunity! Don’t know quite where I’d be without you these last few years…you’re an absolute hero to me!

  75. I love my Hamilton Beach blender. It makes good smoothies!

  76. I look forward to your emails Kris !! You are inspirational and positive. My daughter who is 8 years old loves to make your recipes, with a little help from mom. Being a vegan family of 4 has brought us closer in so many ways. Thank you for the opportunity to win an amazing kitchen tool !!

  77. I have been rocking a normal blender/ food processor but about a week ago I just purchased my first high speed blender, and I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I can’t wait…. ooohhhh the smoothies and cashew cream I’m going to make….

  78. Thanks, Kris, for all that you do and with such joy, lightness of spirit, creativity and humor (plus posting sweet adoptable pups & kitties). My dinosaur Waring blender was my favorite gadget–started making smoothies and green drinks a little while ago, inspired by you. Shortly after, the motor began smoking and sparks came flying out. Gave it a week’s rest . Smoke and sparks again. Miss it and those yummy drinks.
    Celebrating 7 yrs in March. What a beautiful tribute to health and vitality this blender represents. Feeling lucky with much gratitude…. each day.

  79. I love to make these smoothies with a weet grass machine, to make delicate veggies juice, so we dont loose the vitamins becouse of the high speed blending and the heat of ordinary machine,
    what did you use. chris???

    Love you!!!!!

  80. I use a blender for so many things and would love to win this one to replace my old Kitchen Aid!

  81. Luv your work Kris , big hi 5 all the way from Australia ! I love my cold press juicer had to save up for it :) Australia whack on a lot of $$$ , I don’t have a blender though lol :) :) :)

  82. I have not jumped on the blender bandwagon yet, as I am looking into the slow speed juicers & blenders. The ones that are high speed destroy a good portion of the enzymes and some vitamins, and that is one point why I want a blender. The heat from the high speed destroys some food values. There is a good one from Korea that I lean to. Until then, I will eat my food raw, or steam it. Favorite kitchen tool is the electric steamer, I use it fro hot cereals to veggies, and breads. Can’t live without it.

  83. I don’t a blender and I’m always stuck to go further in my path to health and because of the priceI other priorities comes up and I am back waiting again. That woul make a great 45ft birthday gift!

  84. Dear Kris,
    thanks for opportunity to win this cool thing. My favorite kitchen tool is my oldy Magic Bullet, which still helps me with all that blending, mashing, grinding and mixing. If I win this Blendtec Blender I would give it my Mom, who is the greatest fighter and a winner and now she really really needs lots of healing power and energy, so I hope that green smoothies and other plant based foods could really be the way for her to get it.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration!
    Best wishes,

  85. I totally agree – I always prefer blending to juicing – and I have many appliances in my under size kitchen – I would not survive without my blender, I have one brand called a Semak – which I guess is the equivalent to the vitamix
    I love how powerful it is – I don’t care how much they are 😉 I need it and love it x
    I also bought one for work – my camp room as I work away on a week on week off roster I had to lash out and buy 2….
    I could give up the juicer and cooking – I could never give up my blender 😉

  86. I got into a more plant based diet through you and ypur books. Thanks a lot for all you do. And best loved kitchen tool is my little tribest blender (but it is too small for all of us). 😉

    Love & pleasure to you


  87. My go-to kitchen knife for chopping all the herbs & veggies I love!
    Thanks Kris, my fingers are crossed!

  88. My dishwasher! Sounds silly but I can improvise different jobs with different kitchen tools or appliances, but I can’t live without a dishwasher, and a cookbook lol!

  89. Oh!! I really need a good blender!! Mine is broken :( and I really want to make smoothies again , so, I’m excited for this!! I wish I could win :) But, is only for USA? I’m from South America! Thanks!

  90. My peeler…for when organic produce isn’t in my budget!
    Shine on Kris!

  91. My Vita Mix, hands down! I use it everyday. My family is much healthier because of it and it is easy to use AND easy clean up. Just doesn’t get much better than that!:)

  92. I love your site, I have 2 other juicing sites I am also following due to I on a big learning curve right now and want to read as much as I can about eating and juicing. I love the fact that others out there want be healthier with all the tragic things happening health wise out there. America needs change and this is a great step in the right direction for making America healthy again.

    Thank you,


  93. My favorite kitchen tool is a old blender, it has made me ice cream from fruits because it could not make it into a smoothie. Now, I have discovered that I can ice cream or sorbet type.

  94. I would love the Blendec blender! It is better from many accounts than the vitamix.

  95. Greetings from Belgium
    We also grow our own organic veggies and fruits ,its very handy to eat larger amounts of real food.
    I like the juice and the idea of my slowjuicer,but I truly need an extention of my RAW food jaws.

    The blender opportunity to win comes in as a surprise after reading so much on the internet about better yield and absorption for all of us,for a better world

    and dear people, I can feel in my whole body this crazy sexy free energy revolution exists ,
    We just need to take care of each other and educate and illuminate ourselves .
    You may ,also look in your search again and collect amazing discoveries into the work and intensive search for a part of truth and freedom
    Here is another crazy woman
    Where did the towers go by dr. Judy.wood …See you in summer…Love to meet you,
    Keep on loving and digesting…

  96. Pinterest keeps the ideas coming. We use it for inspiration and planning.

  97. My food processor! I can make so many delicious things in there that I couldn’t make without it.

  98. My swiss army peeler and my beautifully worn wooden spoons.

  99. I have a blender from AEG which is not so powerful (I was a bit disappointed when I bought it) but for smoothies is ok and I use it daily, especially in summer. Would be really geat to win your powerful tool! Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  100. Currently my most used tool is my hand held cuisinart blender but I’m dying for something better to make my smoothies and things! Thanks for doing such a lovely give-away!

  101. I cannot live without my ‘slap chop’. That gadget, although loud, has saved me lots of prep time, especially when I need to finely chop some veggies. I am not sure how I cooked without it. :)

  102. simple- my stock pot with the veggie steamer insert. sits on the stove always ready.

  103. We invested in a Vitamix blender about six months ago. One of the best purchases we’ve ever made for our health (along with our Omega juicer!). We use it every morning to make green smoothies, but I’ve also used it for soups, sauces, dressings and nut butters. We were unsure whether it would be worth the cost, but it definitely is. And it gets things so much creamier than our old Ninja blender.

  104. I have a few! My juicer, which does more than just juice. I put a couple of zuchinis through and use the leftover pulp to make raw vegan “hummus” – just add tahini!

    I also love my slowcooker, which allows me to throw some ingredients in a pot and either wake up to breakfast or come home to dinner.

  105. I need a new blender! I used mine to its death.

  106. Definitely would put this Blendtec to good use. I love to make smoothies, vegan nut cheeses and my own plant based milks. I was always taught that cooks need to have good instruments to work with.

  107. This lil’ diddy has been on my wish list! Buena Suerte to us all!

  108. Wonderful giveaway! Currently my must have in the kitchen is the vegetable spiraled, I love making zucchini noodles. Kitchen gadgets make cooking so much fun.

  109. Mason Jars are my hands down favorite kitchen tool. Need I explain why? OMG, they’re good for storing everything (nuts, seeds, tea’s, juices, smoothies and some of everythang) They’re just the bomb diggity!,

  110. Hi Kris,

    Loved my Blentec till I loaned it to a friend and it came back dead! Love my Green Star juicer but must admit I pine for the much easier to clean Breville. I currently live in Uzbekistan where I cannot get my hands on any of the kitchen tools plant based eaters love, but the produce is amazing!

    Thanks for all you do. I love the cook book and blog so much.

  111. My green star juicer! I’m on the road right now and I miss it so much!!!
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win a Blendtec!

  112. Thank you Kris for your inspirations!
    Recently I’ve been transitioned into a plant-based diet, but i’ve never tried juicing or blending. The blender has been always my obstacle for trying many delicous recipes.
    I hope this blender will be my first step in my journey of juicing 😀

    Thank you Kris and keep shining :*

  113. Thank you so much for pushing me to start eating live. I to have cancer. I have stage 4 Lymphoma. I have undergone 4 rounds of chemo and then a stem cell transplant that nearly killed me. It was a long road back but I did it and am now in my 3rd year of remission. I too am not curable but I hope I have a long remission time. I have started juicing and love it. I bought your cook book and have started making things. I don’t know if I’ll make it to totally raw but I am going to try. I can’t believe how much better I feel. Thank you so much for all that you do to keep us going.

  114. My favorite kitchen tool was my blender. Until it died. Now I love my mother’s immersion blender for my green smoothies – even though it leaves lumps and isn’t just as smooth.. :)

  115. My favorite kitchen tools are my two little helpers who love to help mommy make juices and fun snacks :-)

  116. I cherish my grandmother’s grapefruit spoons. I remember her using them (with vigor) while I stayed with her every Summer as a child. Now I have them in my kitchen and use them for more than grapefruit – they’re a pretty great kitchen tool!

  117. Thank you for this chance to win a Blendtec Blender. My current must-have kitchen tool is probably my Omega juicer. When I win the Blendtec blender, then IT will be my must-have (and my $25 Oster is going for a ride). Lol.

  118. Hello to the Lovely Kris Carr! I have been following you since I saw your original documentary! Thank you for the work you do and YEE-HA for your thriving life! I have been a survivor since undergoing surgery for to eradicate breast cancer 4/3/02. I haven’t quite got to the thriving stage yet, and I’m looking to break out and THRIVE! Why not start with a new blender too?!

  119. I love my nutribullet and use it daily!

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