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I’m writing a new book!


Hi Sweet Friends,

I started writing again. A new book, from me to you. Ready for the title? Crazy Sexy Woman. Tingles… Truthfully, I think this will be my most personal book. New stories. Fresh teachings. And a whole lotta humor. It’s already pushing me to deepen my spiritual practice and hopefully become a better writer. But for all you creatives out there, it’s not always thrills n’ chills. I’m human and beautifully flawed. I freak out, doubt, and distract myself with sock sorting and dog bed purchases–because six beds really aren’t enough (for 2 pooches!). Pacing, procrastinating, you name it, I do it. Though I do less of it when I’m inspired.

I leaked the Crazy Sexy Woman news on Instagram last week (thanks for all your support!). So naturally, folks started asking me what the book is about. At this point it’s too early to put her in a pretty box but it’s safe to say that I will not be teaching you about your vagina (while I have one, I’m still mostly clueless). Although, there will be lots of discussion about overall self-care and resilience, which would naturally apply to your vagina as well. Sorry dudes, this one’s really for gals. However, if you want to understand us more, you should probably grab this book, or borrow it from the library if you have commitment issues :).

I’d love to share this journey with you as it unfolds. I’m sure I’ll have some ideas to run by ya! I also want to loop you in on how I’m approaching this big project. In the past, I’ve written on brain-breaking deadlines. I’d churn out the proposal, get the deal, and then put blinders on for about 8-10 hours per day, all while running my business, and doing my best to care for myself. 6 months later, it’s done (and I’m usually over cooked and in desperate need of a manicure).

This time, I’m taking a different approach. I’m giving myself time. Time to marinate. Space to explore. Permission to excavate at my own melodic tempo. Going with my grain, not against it. And celebrating along the way. Wow, I wrote one sentence, par-tay! What a concept. Know thyself, honor your needs and be kind. It helps to have a compassionate editor too!

Hourglass ApproachThe Hourglass Approach to writing

Check out this adorable hourglass (pink sands? Now THAT’S Crazy Sexy! Thank you, Corinne Bowen). The hourglass method goes something like this: Wear sweats, sit your ass down, write, don’t edit, don’t whine or be judgey, stop when the last sand drops, repeat the following day. If you have nothing to say, look at old journal entries or read inspirational text. Fill your well or excavate. If you want to drink vodka, have green juice first. You probably won’t want the vodka after that. This strategy keeps me on track and helps me avoid dragging my feet and overwhelm. Believe me, there are other writing deadlines that don’t allow for this luxury, but Crazy Sexy Woman isn’t one of them. I’m protecting her like a fierce lioness protects her cub.

So far I’m writing about a page a day and that’s enough. If this trick applies to a project you’re working on, use it. Before you know it, your masterpiece will be done and ready to birth into the world. PS. I know you’ve got something great it in you. Stop waiting. Join me.

Crazy Sexy Woman isn’t due till next December. Can you feel my shoulders relax? Can you hear my deep breaths? Ahhh. I basically have a year to write this wise lady and I know that this freedom will allow me to give you my all. I don’t have a locked outline yet, (also new for me), I’m just letting my intuition move my fingers across the keys. Naturally the Virgo in me is wondering what drugs I’m on and when the “F” I’ll get serious. She’s quite ruffled by this experiment. She prefers control, metrics, plans. She likes lofty goals and despises walking on slippery things like ice. Clearly, this approach is the medicine she needs too.

The Desire MapThe Desire Map

A big motivator in this roomy creation method is my dear friend Danielle LaPorte. Fire Starter. Visionary. Inspiring word chef. I lean on Danielle for advice and beloved friendship. Plus, I’d trust her with my passwords and my dogs. Naturally, as soon as her new book The Desire Map came out, I bought it for myself and my company. In fact, I didn’t just grab the book, I purchased the entire KABOOM or as Danielle calls it, The Jackpot. This gold mine includes The Desire Map (print & digital), a delicious workbook, an irresistible daily planner (who doesn’t love a good planner?), plus two audio experiences to guide you on your Desire Map journey.

We went through The Desire Map process as a team last year and the results were pretty amazing. It brought us closer and gave our goals meaning and context. The Desire Map also helped us get clear about what we wanted to accomplish and what we didn’t. If the process of creating the content—whether it was a tweet, a blog or a program—didn’t feel good, we knew we wouldn’t give it our all and that you (my readers) wouldn’t really benefit from it either! This shift in our thinking made it easier to say no to things that zapped our creativity and yes to opportunities that would help us soar.

“You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.” – Danielle LaPorte

My Core Desire feelings (which have changed slightly since I last did the program)

  • Energy
  • Ease
  • Excitement
  • Whimsy
  • Simplicity
  • Strength

The Desire Map process matches my goals with my inner life. For the most part, I’ve been connecting how I want to feel with my how I live for some time now, at least in regards to my physical health. But I’ll admit (as I did above) that I haven’t always aligned my desired feelings and my writing process. With Crazy Sexy Woman, I want the writing, editing and launching process to give me energy rather than draining me of it. I want to feel ease, excitement and whimsy. Through simplicity (not making it so damn complicated) I want to go much deeper, wider. And in the end, I hope to be stronger as a result of sharing more of my story. I’m not as concerned with the outcome, I’m more interested in the nurturing emotional threads that weave through every aspect of my art and my life. Gotta say, the whole thing feels very refreshing!

To be continued. But for now, thanks in advance for all your support!

What are your core desired feelings? Do your goals support those feelings or are you going against your own internal grain?

Peace & keyboards,

Kris Carr

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81 responses to I’m writing a new book!
  1. Hello Kris,
    Have you seen this article in the NY Times? I would love to hear your feedback…and support and advice you have for people with hypothyroidism. I found the info about kale and lemons disturbing. I love my lemon water every morning..and certainly kale is the main ingredient in many of my daily juices.

    My nephew has recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism…and of course I am pushing him – quietly – to a vegan, gluten free diet ….but then he shows me an article like this.

    Thanks for any info you can share.

    • Sara, I also have hypothyroidism, and I was incensed by the NY Times posting that article. While I understand it’s an op-ed, people who are given a platform such as the NY Times should be responsible with the information they dispense as factual while writing their op-ed piece….and the NY Times should be more responsible on what they publish. I’ve actually published a post that debunks that NY Times piece. Best of luck to your nephew, and please check here for more info:

  2. I literally just dropped what I was doing when I saw this email come through! And after reading your title and inspiration, I am even MORE excited! I am writing my first book and can already see where my writings and feelings might start to shift in the future, thanks to just picking up a copy of the Desire Map. You blog hit home in a BIG way and I will absolutely wait patiently, with ease, to read your book 😉

  3. I love this. Your new book. Your soulful journey with it. Your generous invitation for us to experience it with you. Thank you.

    My core desired feelings: sacred, connection, creation, fullness, joy. Always struggling against my nature, but this year leaning into tribe in order to relax into my essential self. Abrazos y besos to you.

  4. Woot woot!!! So very excited about your next book – even if we do have to wait awhile (it will be well worth it). I haven’t had the pleasure of working through Desire Map yet as I am currently waist-deep in Marie Forleo’s B-School – that being said, it is the next big project on my list :)

    Both of the books I’ve written and published were done on a tight deadline too – not a fun “creative” process, so oodles of props to you for getting started now & just letting the book drip from your fingers.

  5. Hi Kris,

    I’m excited for your new book, even though I’m a little frustrated that it will only be out in 2015. (Patience is a virtue, I know ;-))

    It will be a surprise what you will reveal to us in the next few months and I am looking forward to that.

    Many blessings

  6. Kris – how exciting to hear about your next book!
    And thank you for your never-ending support of our goals – I felt the love and support right through my computer screen and it made me tear up. I’ve been dreaming of writing for so long…. it’s gonna happen soon. =)
    Happy writing,

  7. Oh, Kris … this was just what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW. Thank you! I too have just (like two days ago) given myself permission to take time to let my story unfold, so I can do so in a context that is spacious and nourishing rather than crushed and exhausting. Thank you. I’ll look forward to seeing Crazy Sexy Woman!

  8. Don’t usually comment but had to this time…YAY!!!! Cant wait to read it as I’m sure it will be ah-mazing :)

  9. That’s awesome Kris. Resonating with your whole process. xo

  10. Kris, this is awesome news… best of the week :-) I’m so excited already for your new book.
    And I have a writing project coming up for me… my Master’s thesis. Great advice with the hour glass because I find myself researching and reading but not writing. I need to get started and will use this methode. Thanks!

    Good luck on your book! xo

    PS: I would love to have your Crazy Sexy Diet book translated into German, so I could give it to friends and family. Is there any chance to get it published here?

  11. I Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book! I love everything that you write- Inspiration to us all!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Love you!

  12. Dear Kris – I’m immensely excited to hear about your new endeavor!

    As you mentioned in your message, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map has helped so many (including myself) begin their year with a sense of clarity, understanding and gratitude.

    I desire to feel and live from a foundation that is luminous, nourished, self-assured, whole, indomitable and humble.

    That said, typing these words is clearly just the beginning of the ride. I’ve got to live with integrity in order for these feelings to be expressed in all of the things I do. As a follower of your work, I am inspired to get my hands dirty and work continuously because, hey! my life actually does depend on it. Some of my goals don’t play so nicely with my core desired feelings, and those are the ones I have to (lovingly) wrestle with first. Thanks for reminding me in the middle of this dark, rainy day that I have some kick-a$$ work to be doing.

    What I’m really pumped about though is the prospect of starting 2015 off with your courageous insights about womanhood in Crazy Sexy Woman! Keep shinin’!


  13. So proud of you, Kris! <3 We've all got our spiritual hands holding you in support as you journey through this new piece of art. I can't wait to have the honor of reading it!

    My Core Desired Feelings are…(drumroll please!)….

    My "Goals with Soul", as Miss Danielle would say, totally support these feelings in a deep, deep way. It's so much more motivating to have the vivid clarity of my CDFs versus the silly, externally motivated, socially expected resolutions. Out with the old and lifeless…and in with the new and fulfilled!

  14. Yay! Can’t wait for your new book. I read everything you write, and recommend you often! Good luck, looking forward to reading it. Denise Pullen

  15. Thank you for being you. Your emails are always like a breath of fresh air and a reminder to get back to center. I think for the first time maybe ever my core desired feelings and goals line up with one another. I have absolutely no idea how any of it will turn out, but I took a leap of faith. I dont have a totally clear idea of what I want or want to be, but I definitely know what I dont want.

    I am 29, been on the cancer train for about 2 years now (a very rare type of oral cancer) I recently entered remission and although doctors appointments no longer run my days, this cancer thing was a life changer. I have recently quit my job and moved back in with my parents. Instead of getting back to “normal” and putting this whole thing behind me like everyone is saying, I needed to regroup and recharge my batteries. Instead of focusing on a new car or getting that job that I dont really care about, only the salary and perks to brag to my friends about I am focusing on the core…myself. Things like being more open, more thankful, more present, in the moment, focusing on forgiveness and kindness…to myself and to others. My goals are to read more, learn more, surf more, challenge myself more, drink more green juice. Cancer has taught me so much about myself, about life, its forced me to face things I’ve buried my entire life…and I love it! I want more, I crave the stories and experiences others have learned. I was going against my own personal grain until this horrible thing called cancer forced me to recognize and rethink it all, and for that I am grateful.

    So again I say thank you. You have no idea how much you being you, helps me be me. Much love!!

    • Amy, I love you. I did everything you are doing (including living with my parents). I’m so excited for you. xo

    • Hi amy, your story really moved me tonight and I think it is FUNtastic what you are doing. I believe regroup with me mself and I is a vital part to being myself even if some regrouping sessions with my internal team takes alreadya year in which I have changed bits and pieces slowly but surely. I also believe it is important to learn from stories like yours and kris’ to pul the breaks before it is too late. Thanks soooo much fot sharing you

  16. GO-Kris-GO ! Can’t wait for your new book !

  17. Congratulations on the new book! Love your approach to writing it. How do I get an hour glass? I’m a writer too and identified with the distraction process whole-heartedly! Cool to find out you’re a kindred Virgo. No wonder I felt an affinity to you.

    Thanks for lighting the way!
    XOXO – Susan

    Love, Gratitude and GINORMOUS HUGS to the Gorgeous You! :)

  19. How exciting, Kris. I just listened to you last night on the Hay House “New You Now” series. As always…..or at least since first watching “Crazy, Sexy Cancer”… I delighted listening to you.

  20. I am loving the desire map. My core desired feelings are:
    Glowing radiance
    Worldly Goddess
    samaya (an unbreakable vow of support from the divine)

  21. Love, love, LOVE this! What a wonderful approach of ease and listening to your heart; I need to remember this next time I’m trying to wrestle the ghost of productivity. There’s so much magic in being open and letting intuition guide us. Good luck with the book and I look forward to your updates!

  22. Congrats Kris. Somehow I’m certain you’ll soar through this project with endless energy and focus as you exhibit to us weekly. I finally published a book nearly 15 years in the making last year, and one of the best bits of advice I got reading all those Internet posts on how to stop procrastinating and start writing (justifiable procrastination!) was to TURN OFF your email-mailbox – so you don’t get distracted with every ding. I feel your pain as I am ghost writing my husband’s book this year and I’m getting to that file any day now!

  23. So beautiful Kris and so inspirational. I love when I live in the state you’re in now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me return there again with you. I want to live this way. I want this to be my approach to parenting, marriage, friendship, my writing, and my life coaching – to everything. It can’t fail. I am inspired to read your book when it’s done. I know it’ll be a beautiful, divine creation – just as you are. Thank you for sharing your lovely journey.

  24. LOVE this Kris!
    Such a blessing you are to the planet!
    How refreshing to write your next masterpiece on your own terms and in your own time. Brilliant! You have a reader here for life, can’t wait (well yes I can, as it will be worth the wait!) to pre-order!
    You’ve inspired me, yet again, to just get going. I have so many projects on the go and am holding myself back from creating like I know I should be. A great tool you have given us in this post is to just put some time every day aside and CREATE. Being a single mama of two small children, it is easy (but an oh so LAME excuse) to not put myself first as it is so desperately needed for self-care purposes. Thank YOU, keep shining your light!!
    Jenn Rankin

  25. This is a beautiful article, Kris. Thank you for sharing it!

    I’m writing a book as well and find this advice to be so perfectly timed because a) I need to remember how I want to feel while working, and b) I just opted for a green juice when I really wanted one with a bit of the hard stuff :)

    I’m looking forward to following your advice on using the timer ( a pink one would make it so much more fun) and remembering that my best work will come when I’m giving myself what I need and making room for how I want to feel.

    Thank you as always for your inspiration!

  26. Hey Kris
    Wakadoodle! This is the best news. You are such an inspiration! I’ve been on the cancer train for 3 years and discovering your books (I am in New Zealand) were the best things ever to support me on my journey to crazy sexy wellness. I’ve also been procrastinating on the writing front but this is such a sign!
    xxx Charmaine

  27. Very exciting!! Look forward to reading the insights and good advice you have for us. I always feel like a better version of myself after I have finished one of your books. Kind of relieved it isn’t a cookbook because that way I won’t feel compelled to cook my through it;)

  28. Congratulations! Glad you’re taking it slow – – it will turn out just the way you expect it to…you stay relaxed and we all get a book we can’t wait to read!

  29. Love the permissive, supportive approach – our Inner Mothers would approve (a character you simply MUST develop further for your book! I really resonated with her, and she’s been taking excellent care of me since our introduction!) Thanks to your intro to Danielle, I’ve become a big ol’ fan of hers too. My Core Desired Feeling words are: Kind, Loved, Groovy, Authentic, and Playful. I filter all beings, places, work, and things for their ability to further my desired feelings. Blessings on your next endeavor. I know it will be another book I share with those I love.

  30. 2014 Christmas List:

    *Crazy Sexy Woman

    Can’t wait to read it! Have so much fun writing it!!!

    • Yippy!.. When I met you at Omega last year you mentioned some of the things women /girls needed to know and think about. I told my daughter and she was so excited.. Your “Crazy , Sexy Diet book inspired her to go on her health journey’ at the age of 23. I have given that book to sooo many people, with and without illnesses…
      keep inspiring..

  31. Kris – I heart you! So excited about your new book!!! I bought The Desire Map when it came out too and it is sitting on my bookshelf. Your post kicked me into gear and I will be delving into those desired feelings this week. Thanks for being you!

  32. Just did my core desire feelings after I listened to the Danielle LaPorte #newyounow interview. I must say Kris, you have a crazy sexy radio voice;) I think that could be your next calling!

    My core desire feelings: abundance, strength, hunger, commitment, surrender.

    Stay rad, sister!

  33. I love your approach to your book! Also so excited you’re writing another one!!! Can’t wait to see your progress and the result. You rock!

  34. Congrats Kris! I will be following along, can’t wait for this baby to be birthed! You continue to inspire me and align with my desires. Love and gratitude! xo

  35. thanks for sharing your core desired feelings Kris! I’ve gone through the Desire Map too, and can’t wait to get the planner now! My core desired feelings are: daring, inspired, abundant, creation.

    Feels good to put those out there! and thanks for the motivating words about writing your book… it helps me reflect on my next project :) am I going with or against my internal grain?

    xo Jenni

  36. Great job! Good luck with the next book:-)

  37. Sounds so exciting love following you !

  38. Hey beautiful ,sexy, Kris,
    Being a fellow writer, I can’t recommend “the War of Art” by Steven Pressfield to highly. He talks about the Muse that uses us as it’s vehicle for creation. He even has a prayer to the Muse that he does before he starts writing each day. Now, so do I! You’ll really love it, it’s funny and honest, and you’ll wish you wrote it, I did!
    Sending you love and list of good writing juju

  39. Sounds like the best so far. Can’t wait.

  40. Hi Kris, Congratulations on your new inspired project! By shaking up your process, you are going to uncover some amazing insights that are bound to supercharge this book. I have been challenging my own paradigms for almost six years now, and I am more aligned with my authentic self than ever! I cannot wait to read Crazy Sexy Woman, and I look forward to the sneak peeks!

    Carolyn Mycue

  41. Congratulations on your new adventure, Kris!

    As a dude, you better believe I’ll be buying your book! :

  42. So EXCITED! All I can say :-)

  43. Dear Kris, Not only did I learn I had cancer, but an autoimmune disease as well. You are my GuRu!!! Like you, I am changing up the way I do things in order to accomplish my lofty goals. I read, cook, and juice via Kris. Thank you. Keep on keeping on.

    Infinite blessings,
    Minnie Wyse

  44. Kris – I am so proud of you! I think it takes immense courage to go after your goals and dreams with this kind of attitude. Thank you for inspiring me to also move through life with self compassion and self-kindness. I have also committed to focusing on how I want to feel as I grow my business, which is forcing me to leave old paradigms of pushing hard and exhausting myself behind.

    I look forward to witnessing your journey of easy, simplicity and excitement.

    Much Love,

  45. Such great news! My copy of Crazy Sexy Diet looks like it been in a war. After lending it out twice (yup, got it back both times albeit in a ‘much read state’) coupled with the two additional rereads I made, I think I’m due to buy a replacement of what I refer to as my ‘bible’. Suffice it to say I resorted to purchasing four additional copies for the four remaining friends. Let’s not discuss Crazy Section Kitchen (that’s kept under lock and key).

    I’m due for a new read from you Kris and can’t wait. Know (not Hope) you’re doing well and will look forward to updates on the progress of your writing.

    Much metta!

    Cathi in Canada

  46. I’m so thrilled for you and excited for all of us that will benefit from your journey and wisdom! Thank you in advance for birthing this creation.

  47. Hi Kris,

    Could you include more information about exercise in your new book please? Tips about how to fit it into your day, the benefits you’ll feel, what different types of exercise do for you etc. I really struggle to motivate myself to move more.

    Also a vlog on exercise would be great, I use your healthy eating vlogs as motivation already.



  48. Hi Kris!

    I can’t write my Core Desired Feelings yet because …. the The Desire Map, Journal and PLanner just showed up yesterday. I AM SO EXCITED. I know “surrender” is one of them.

    Also, my juicer arrived yesterday. It was the best mailbox day ever.

    OK, and your blogs. Every. Time. So good. Every. TIME!

    Ummm…if I could ask if you can talk about hypothyroidism? But can you talk about what to do after they removed it / nuked it? I was very young and knew NOTHING about changing my diet. I would have juiced my way out of this. But at 21, they said I had Graves Disease and gave me a radioactive pill. Which destroyed my thyriod and now I take medicine everyday.


    Anyone able to talk about what you do after doctors have zapped you, given you the meds, etc?

    Thank you Kris. I am PUMPED about your new book.


  49. Hi Kris –

    I actually can feel your shoulders relax and hear your deep breaths! Is that weird? haha Your pictures on Instagram are telling of where you are right now and that seems to be a very good place. I’m glad to hear of this approach to your book and life. It’s a lesson I need to re-visit. I am usually the one who gets in my own way. When I get too close to the dream, I self sabotage. Therefore, my core desired feelings are: confidence, peace, calm, wellness and spontaneity. I’m super excited to see you in San Jose! Here’s to 2014, may it illuminate the areas each of us need to spotlight!

    Susie :)

  50. I met you in the summer during a weekend workshop with Gabby hosted by Hay House. You were and are awesome! As a woman in my mid 50’s I am happy to hear that you will be writing a book for Crazy Sexy Women and I am hoping that it will be for women of all ages! Thanks for putting yourself out there and for giving yourself (and therefore your readers) permission to be human. Should you ever want to get an opinion or insight from an elder member of your tribe please feel free to contact me! I’d love to help you with this project in anyway that I can!

  51. Kris- I’m excited to know there is a new Kris Carr book coming. They have all been treasures to read and savor and digest. I remember your welcoming response at the Omega workshop a couple of years ago, your joy at seeing me, a guy, there. There were a couple other guys there with their female friends/companions/spouses but I was a solitary man, glad to be recognized with warmth.

    You still make me smile and bring a happy feeling to me as I read your postings. I look forward to your new book and will read it with interest because you are you, and somehow speak to my core. The information may not be for me but I will use it to understand my wife, my daughter and my female friends.

    I am still looking for that voice that speaks to male portion of my being. Maybe in a future writing you can write about your preceptions on men, if not on men then maybe on dogs. I believe they share some common traits.

    In any event looking forward to your next book, sending much love and a big hug and blessing!-Lee

  52. Kris,

    I’m so excited about your next book! It would be awesome to meet you like so many others have. This may sound ” crazy”, no pun intended, but you are the Oprah whose couch I want to sit on. Your picture is on my visualization board. Before you write me off as a whacko, let me explain. I don’t have cancer. I am a 300lb woman with uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health concerns I won’ t go into for the sake of your time. I’ve gone through life feeling like I’m only….existing. However, since reading your books, as well as others and doing countless hours of research of my own, I sincerely believe I can and will takeover the reins of my life. While I am in bad health now, I intend to use my new found knowledge to turn my health around. As far as the feeling of only just existing, I feel like a fire has been lit under my a** and I know exactly what I want to do with my life. Thank you for sharing your story, for sharing your knowledge, for being you, and providing a wonderful list of resources in your books. Again, looking forward to your next book!

    • Tracey,
      I will save a spot for you on my sofa. Let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to celebrate your journey with you! Let that fire/passion/awakening spread. One step. One day at a time. You can do this! PS. Have you tried emotional freedom technique (EFT/tapping)? You may want to look into it. xo kc

  53. Hi Kris, I’ve met you over the last week through the amazing Hay House Webinar and I am so looking forward to your online session with Gabrielle. I can’t wait to read your new book and in the interim will go about getting your others to read. Thank you for your inspiration xxx

  54. I can not wait to read your new book , wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

  55. Hey Kris! Yay for the new book! May you be blessed on this journey! I really think the world needs your unique voice and story. I cannot wait for a copy! Peace, Love, Breathe, Write:) REPEAT:)

    Xoxo Patti

  56. Dear Kris.

    just purchased your book “Crazy Sexy Diet” and enjoying the wealth of wisdom. I just had had Stem Cells Transplant and i would like to start a new way of eating healthy.

    I can’t wait to read your new book that your are in the process of writing. We need more of your positive way of thinking and sexy life.

    I wish you success!

    Julia Gibbs

  57. Kris, how fantastic, really excited for your new book! Thankyou for the article, helped me get on with my assignment! My Virgo listened :0) xxx

  58. Fantastic you are so inspiring and wonderful I met you in New York and now thanks to you me too I am writing a book! I have cured myself of MS which i was diagnosed with 18 years ago and now trying to help with other people’s healings. Ive worked with people with cancer, depression, nervous breakdowns, bereavement and my own kids Asthma using Reiki, nutrition, stress management , self love etc etc . I have just read an awesomely amazing book called ‘proof of heaven’ by Dr Eben Alexander I recommend everyone should read it. Also studying the Course in Miracles needless to say. Keep going with your amazing energy Kris and we look forward to reading the new book. PS my husband and I love the green juices each morning!

  59. Cannot wait to read your new book! Thank you for being such an inspiration! You are Crazy, Sexy, REAL! Caitlin

  60. I’m a newbie to your site. Wow! Your core desire feelings are right in line with mine. Mine are: Energy, Health, Fitness, Love, Adrenaline pump, laughter and simplicity. I work with active seniors and I can’t thing of better feelings to share, either mine or yours. Keep up the good work.

  61. Hi Kris, I recently participated in a professional development workshop and one of the topics that we talked about the myth of the “Strong Woman.” I hope that you will talk about this in your book…. the idea that women in the “helping professions” such as nursing, social work, etc and maybe caregivers are expected to be these strong women. Maybe they are strong women, but they need to be taken care of too!

  62. Hi, I check your new stuff on a regular basis.
    Your humoristic style is awesome, keep it up!

  63. Hey, Kris!
    Just came across your site and this post caught my eye because I am in the process of writing a book, as well! Realized that you posted this back in October 2013, so it’s probably coming out soon!?! Hope so!
    All the best to you as your pursue crazy sexy wellness!

    P.S. I just started my Chispa Health Coaching business and hope to “spark” (that’s the meaning of “chispa”) wellness everywhere I go! Glad we’re on this mission together!!

  64. Is there a release date set for Crazy Sexy Woman. I am so looking forward to it. It would be a great way to ring in 2015.


  65. Wonderful! Can`´t wait to read it and be inspired// with much love from Sweden-Jejja

  66. Hi Kris

    I’m so excited that you will be blogging about the writing of your new book Crazy Sexy Woman.

    You mentioned this on the Hay House Writers Workshop Online Course, and I’m wondering if I’m too late to join in on your journey? Or where can we find more about the next chapters please?

    With gratitude and kindness

    Grace ox

  67. Can’t wait to read it!!!!!