Huge news: Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes are here!


Hi Guys!

The pre-sales buzz for Crazy Sexy Kitchen has busted through the roof. We’ve cracked the top 100 on Amazon twice in the last two weeks! Thank you so much for your love and support.

As with all of my Crazy Sexy projects, my success sprouts from grassroots efforts. I am so grateful that you continue to help me change fates/plates all over the planet. We, the plant-inspired people, move mountains when we work together!

To show my appreciation for your awesomeness, I’ve created a line-up of fist-pumpin’, smile-inducing, health-enhancing, mouth-watering gifts for cherished readers who purchase Crazy Sexy Kitchen over the coming weeks and months.

The premier prezzie is ready for you TODAY.

Introducing Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes with yours truly and the talented Chef Chad Sarno! And they’re FREE!

I know there are a lot of cookbooks to choose from. So as a “thank you” for ordering Crazy Sexy Kitchen, I’ve created a collection of FREE online cooking videos just for YOU!

Say what? This series will knock your oven mitts off! Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes include easy-to-digest tips, tricks, and skills that will make your meals a pleasure to create and devour. It’s the perfect complement to the Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook.

You’ll get 12 videos and over an hour and a half of footage with me and my cheffy-in-crime, Chad Sarno, filmed at Whole Foods Market Culinary Center in New York City. My goal with these classes is simple: to help you feel more comfortable, confident and successful in your kitchen.

Here’s a tempting little bite of what’s in store for you in my digital classroom:

  • Gain must-have skills that’ll take you from timid to top chef–get comfortable with a knife, the stove, the oven, the blender and of course, the juicer!
  • Master base recipes that can be adapted to meet your tastes, needs, and whatever’s hanging out in your fridge any day of the week. You’ll always be able to cook up something special with this know-how.
  • Learn how to choose, use and integrate fresh herbs and other must-have staples into any meal. These tips will take your food from so-so to SO spectacular.
  • Learn to navigate the grocery store like a well-seasoned shopper and choose produce and other foods that will enhance your meals and your well-being.
  • De-mystify the kitchen with me and Chef Chad’s fun, adventurous, straightforward approach to cooking. With Crazy Sexy Kitchen and these classes by your side, you’ll be a plant-inspired, joyful cook in no time.
  • And sooo much more. This just touches upon the fabulous foodie knowledge awaiting you!

For all the juicy details on how to access Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes in the comfort of your home, click here.

I truly hope you enjoy this gift! Come on back to let me know what ya think.

P.S.S. More gifts to come!

Peace & super sexy schoolmarms,

Kris Carr

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28 responses to Huge news: Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes are here!
  1. Can’t wait to sign up!

  2. I’m so excited for everyone to experience Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes and start having fun in the kitchen! Crazy Sexy Kitchen and these classes have transformed my life–every day is tastier and healthier for me and my family. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. Enjoy, friends!

  3. Hope you enjoy! They were lots of fun to make. :) xo

  4. Great news!!!
    But is it only for who pre-order in those 4 stores? Amazon in UK is not eligible for this special premier?
    (Eligible or not, I will buy one, of course!!)

  5. Looks like you guys have so much fun! Looking forward to the classes :)

  6. Thanks Kris and Chad…can’t wait to pre-order book and bring these cooking classes into my repertoire. xoxo

  7. Done!

  8. So love your cooking classes, thanks so much to you both Kris and Chad xoxo So can’t wait for your book to arrive!

  9. OOHH my its free… I love you kriiiisss xoxo

  10. This is fantastic, Kris (and Chad)!!! I learned so much and celebrated by immediately juicing some Baby Bok Choy – DELISH :-). Great tips in “pittin and peelin” that I will definitely use. Will watch the grocery store segment a few more times for sure. Thanks for being a continued source of inspiration for me and SO many on this planet! Just love ya!

    P.S. – so great to have met you at Hay House Conf in DC recently.

  11. Very excited for this!! Thank you and blessings!

  12. Love all of your information!

    Thank You.

    Diana in Maine

  13. I totally LOVE these videos! I have learned so much but mostly learned how simple things can be.. things that I used to think were complicated. Awesome job! If you’re on the fence about buying the cookbook or if these videos are worth preordering… I say yes, yes, a million times yes!

  14. I have been watching the cooking classes videos. Thank you for this information. I am learning some things and can not wait to get the cookbook! The videos are informative and interesting. Excellent combination!

  15. These videos are wonderful. I’ve watched them all twice and have them bookmarked so I can cook along once I’ve gathered my ingredients! I can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive so I can dive into the deep end!

    Thanks again, Kris & Chad!

    Love and high-fives,

  16. Dear Kris,

    I am a great vegan fan of yours in Germany. Thank you for everything!
    I bought your Crazy Sexy Diet and your e-book and I pre-ordered your new book Crazy Sexy Kitchen via And here is my question. Can I sign up for your 12 online-cooking classes too? Because I live in Germany I pre-ordered your new book through and not through your website, so that is why I am wondering whether I am eligible nevertheless. Of course I would love to be.

    Much love


  17. I preordered your book before your cooking class offer on Amazom. How do I still sign up?

    thank you

  18. Hi Kris, I’ve tried twice to sign up for the cooking classes but i haven’t received an email with the information? Not sure if i’m doing something wrong. I provided my Amazon Order number both times.



    Thank you!

  19. Hi, I pre-ordered the book at the end of Sept. Trying to access the cooking classes and when I get to Step 2 to fill out the form the form is blank – i.e. it doesn’t tell me what info it is looking for in the form – there a just 5 blank lines. Can you help me out please? Thanks!

  20. I cant seem to get the cooking classes I have done all the steps, but nothing else happened ,what should I do to get the classes, I have the code thats where it ends please help.

  21. I learned sooo much from these classes, they are amazing!!

  22. This sounds truly exciting and amazing. I just love your attitude on your video it made me smile ear to ear. Love you. Can’t wait for more.