Adrenal Fatigue: Feeling Frazzled, Fatigued and Foggy?


Hi Sweet Friends,

Are you feeling tired, fried and foggy most of the time? After years of ups and downs in my energy department, I finally pinpointed the culprit — my adrenals. You may be walking around with the same misdiagnosed or unidentified issues. That’s why I invited my trusted friend and doctor, Kenneth Bock, Integrative MD, to sit down and talk with us about this common health challenge and how anyone can jump on the road to recovery.

In this Chat & Chew episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the heck do our adrenals do?
  • Why adrenal issues are often overlooked.
  • The main signs of adrenal problems.
  • The key to healthy adrenal glands.
  • How to support your adrenals (hint: lifestyle is a major player!)

And in case you’re curious about the supplements I take to support my adrenal fatigue, here are the deets:

  • Ashwaganda (Gaia or Organic India brand)
  • Licorice Plus (Metagenics brand)
  • Adrenal Essence (Xymogen brand)

But it’s not just about supplements. As you’ll learn in this video, stress tramples our adrenals like no other. As a result, I’ve had to make a conscious and consistent effort to monitor my workload and not stretch myself too thin physically or emotionally. Once I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I knew it was time to lovingly care for those cute little glands, my adrenals. I bet some of you can relate.

Your turn: Do you have something to add to the adrenal conversation? Share! I’m always amazed by how much we all learn in the comments.

Peace & renewed energy,

Kris Carr

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115 responses to Adrenal Fatigue: Feeling Frazzled, Fatigued and Foggy?
  1. What a timely post! My acupuncturist requested I complete a saliva test to see how my adrenals are doing. I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer (surgery, radiation, Gerson Therapy, naturopothy & acupuncture). I am anxious to get results…I suspect they have been working overtime! Thanks for the info!

    • Tami,may I ask what kind of breast cancer you had? I have breast cancer and was scheduled for surgery. But a few weeks prior to that I was hospitalized with hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood) and it is a really difficult thing to get thru. My regular dr nor my surgeon would listen to me when I expressed concerns about how I was feeling. In my heart I felt that if I felt this badly what would surgery do to me? So I got a third opinion and that dr told me that to undergo surgery with the anesthestic that would be toxic to my brain wasn’t a good idea but she left it up to me. So I still haven’t had the surgery. I am now going to an ND in Colorado..I live in Nebraska and we don’t have those kind of drs here. So I am doing all alternative at the moment. I am a big believer in the Gerson Therapy…my ND is to a point but not completely. She has helped me so much in just a few short weeks. Guess I just wanted to connect with a fellow breast cancer fighter. Hope you don’t mind my asking.

      • Chris – I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic invasive ductal carcinoma (aka: breast cancer) that was triple positive (ER, PR, HER2) in December 2011. I was only 37 years old.
        It’s been a LONG road since then. I’ve consulted with a ton of different doctors, holistic practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists… Started out with conventional medicine (chemo & surgery) but as time went on I’ve become more & more convinced that holistic/alternative treatment is the way to go. So I recently stopped taking Herceptin. And I am refusing radiation as well as hormone meds (ie. Tamoxifen). And I completely changed my lifestyle. There’s been many hiccups along the way but as of my most recent scans I am now cancer free!!! I still can’t believe it.
        I talk about my journey on my blog:
        Kris was one of the first people to get me kick-started into a healthier way of being after I was diagnosed (i became vegan, and implemented tons of the recommendations from her books).
        Feel free to get in touch if you want to connect. My info is on the blog.
        All the best, – terri

      • Hi Chris-
        I was diagnosed in August with lobular invasive carcinoma. In November I had a modified mastectomy on the right and they took 16 lymph nodes and 3 of those tested positive. Having never had surgery it took awhile and a lot of debate to even have it. I believed the anesthesia was just going to be one more toxic thing for my body to deal with. I did it. I may have done it differently knowing what I know now, however we can’t go backwards, only forward. I had a PET scan in January, all clear. Went to 2 oncologists, both prescribed the standard, Chemo, Radiation and Tomoxifen. I was scheduled to start chemo the first week in February and just couldn’t do it. My guts told me NO! It didn’t make sense to me to tear down the whole body to try and build it up again so I just said no. Than I found out about the Gerson Therapy and that totally resonated with me and my way of thinking. Hang in there and remember to BREATHE! Feel free to email me if you want to chat further. Take care!

      • Teri,Chris and Tami-
        It is nice to meet all of you:) I am also a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in November of 2010. I was only 35 at the time and diagnosed stage 4 (Er and Her2 positive). The cancer had metastasized to my spine. Ever since I was diagnosed, I juice everyday, 30-60oz. I eat mainly vegan. In April of 2011 I was in remission and have been ever since. I do take tamoxifen and also herceptin. It was just nice to see other survivors on here and also someone my age!
        Good luck to all of you! Keep Fighting!…I have also started a blog, so feel free to contact me,

  2. I have recently discovered that even taking little breathing breaks and tea breaks at work really helps me manage the secondary stress of being a social worker in the addictions field!

    • Deb said on March 4, 2013

      I agree that this is very important as well! I put an appointment on my Outlook Calendar at work for a time early in the morning so a reminder pops up when I first get to the office daily. When it pops up, I click on ‘remind me in 30 mins’ and then when it pops up, I click the ‘remind me in 30 mins’ again AND take a moment to breathe, look away from the PC! and take 30 seconds to stand up and move around a bit. It has really helped me to just build these pauses in and I think it has actually improved my productivity as well.

  3. Liz said on March 4, 2013

    Look into nettle seeds for adrenal support (consult a qualified herbalist) – they taste great (nutty)

  4. Liz said on March 4, 2013

    Oh…and visceral manipulation (Barral Institute stuff) – again ensure with someone who is properly qualified.

  5. Thank you, Kris for all this information. I actually know very well what you are talking about and I have a question. I had a kidney cancer : my kidney needed to be removed as well as the attached adrenals. Since that event (7 years ago), I have the impression I get more easily tired and I am less resistant to stress. I can not figure out or find information whether this is because I am now more aware that I shall not push myself and my body too hard (like more sensitive my personal alarm sensors) or whether it is related to the fact that I have only one adrenal. When you get only one adrenal, does it impact your resistance to stress and fatigue? Thank you
    Cheers from a French fan of yours

    • hi everyone,
      i have had 4 operations to remove granulosa cell tumours and had 2x chemotherapy in my life and i feel so tired… I try to follow your green juices but sometimes i need a coffee just to feel good, i know coffee is not good and then i am craving for chocolate. God why did we make such nice things ? it is so hard sometimes to just follow a strict diet. I am hungry, i lost weight due to the diet and i do not feel a lot of energy right now. I eat every day my garlic , crushed and raw, my parsley in my juice and red onions in my dish.
      Drink lots of tea, green and herbal, lots of water, no cow milk, no meat, no alcohol.
      I wish you could encourage me to say : come on Sophie , it will be allright.
      finally about stress: i need to go back to work to earn some money but I can not handle any kind of stress, how do you manage that?
      please help

      • Sophie – you are working so hard! That’s great – you are very dedicated. I recently read a study that showed that just 15 minutes of meditation every day raises your T cells by 20%. I’m trying hard to add meditation into my life to improve my overall health and well-being. What do you think of adding that to your day?

      • Sophie Great job! you are doing awesome. Please keep up the great work and please always reach out to you support group, friends, family and internet community :) We all need encouragement from time to time.

  6. Liz said on March 4, 2013

    And third, forgot to say a good massage, perhaps with some Cranio-Sacral Therapy too…(and yes to diet).

  7. Thank you for including your supplement information. I have read a lot of blogs (and even a whole book) about adrenal fatigue. All said that once your adrenals are wiped out, they’re done. Depressing. Glad to know of supporting herbs.

    I do wonder about coffee. Everyone says to cut out caffeine, but I’m one of those people who likes a vice. And frankly, sometimes it is not only energy-inducing but totally mood-boosting – almost miraculously so. MUST I ditch it?

  8. What about the sugars in fruit? Are they ok if your adrenals are challenged?

    • Mary, my nutritionist does allow for fruit, but only if it’s eaten with some protein (almond butter, for example) or after a meal. This helps to keep your blood sugar stable and doesn’t tax your adrenals too much!

  9. Kris, what a great topic! I think the adrenals are often overlooked by doctors. I had toxic mold in my home (which I didn’t know about yet) and was losing my hair and could barely get out of bed. Many of the doctors I went to for answers thought about thyroids but not adrenals. My chiropractor suggested I take an adrenal saliva test…and yep, I had adrenal fatigue. I found a wonderful supplement that has many of the things that your doctor suggested…and everything the saliva test recommended… It is called Adreno-Plus With the help of this supplement (leaving my home because of the mold) and lots of mold detox…I have now healed to the point I no longer need the supplement — the first time in about 3 years! So be patient everyone — it usually takes a few weeks for you to feel your supplements working; and it can take awhile for the body to heal, but it can.

    Also, I’d like to throw out another idea for your readers …if you’ve battled not having enough energy up and downs for a long time (I had my whole life and thought I had low blood sugar)…it would be a good idea to look into Gluten Intolerance. There is a stool test from Enterolabs that I hear is more reliable than blood tests. When you are celiacs or gluten intolerant, eating any gluten (wheat, barley, rye) can cause an auto-immune reaction. To learn more about this, there is a great book called “The Gluten Connection: How Gluten Sensitivity May Be Sabotaging Your Health – And What You Can Do to Take Control Now” ( which helped the light bulbs really turn on in my head….since symptoms can be so varied from person to person.

    • Great suggestions. Thank you. :)

    • Janet what type of mold have you been dealing with and how did you identify it? I just moved out of my recent living arrangement due to fatigue and hair loss and still have not found a solution. Please help

  10. I have also been diagnosed with AF, several times…. I hear that it is one of those hiccups that keeps coming back if you don’t take care of yourself… I was told that exercise is good but don’t push yourself to your limits as this will also take a toll on your recovery. So things like walking or hiking are good but a gym workout for 2 hours is not. Ya godda love that internal alarm clock that keeps us in line! Most valuable lesson since AF diagnosis: listen to your body, it tells you secrets, gives you a nudge or pushes you over the edge if you don’t listen!

  11. Dr. James L. Wilson has written a fantastic book called Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress syndrome. As a young person one of the hardest things I am trying to grapple with is the fact that my relatively low stress life has left me with ptsd-like reactions to noise. I have found it helpful to honor the stress and even the weakness of my particular constitution and have been trying to not compare myself to other people. It is so easy to get discouraged if you look around and see people functioning and then think that you are the only “weak” one. Remember, you are special! When I feel like I am too fragile sometimes for the fast-paced, noisy world out there, I remind myself that people born a hundred and fifty years ago would not survive two hours in our cities without going a little batty.

    • You are not alone- thank you for this post. I often feel the same way-very sensitive to too much stimulation and often heard as a child that I am just “too sensitive”. Comforting to hear what you wrote, I really appreciate your sharing.

      • Oh thank God I’m not the only one. I am super sensitive to noise and just overly sensitive in general. I often wonder why I can’t handle what everyone around me can. I am highly functioning and successful in my endeavors, but often stressed or overwhelmed by what it takes to achieve them.

    • Have you read The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aaron?
      If not, I highly recommend it and think you would find it to be a very valuable resource.

  12. Hey Kris, I joined the B-School through your link, how do I receive the spotlight bonus? Thank you :-)

  13. I’m grateful for this vlog and the comments below. I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue. I know that it took years of stress, not sleeping well, over exercise and poor nutritional habits to get me here. In March 2012 I lost my young cousin and in December, my father. 2012 was the year that put me into a spiral of fatigue, illness, lack of motivation, and failure at the things I wanted to accomplish. Now that I am taking the steps needed to heal, I know I’m on the right path. However, it is a long road to recovery. And it’s a delicate balance. I’m still exhausted several times a day. Doing one chore can wipe me out (and I have three small kids). Sleep is still something that is hit or miss many days. I am following a protocol set up by my holistic chiropractor. I know I need to be patient and kind to my body. It’s really difficult to feel this way – being an active mom, a kickboxing instructor, a health coach…and to have to balance all that encompasses my lifestyle. Lots of changes, lots of patience. Support is KEY – finding people who can help you to slow down, lend an ear, and understand how to take time to relax in our go, go, go society…that’s what’s going to help heal as well. Connecting with others who are going through a similar healing journey is also super helpful. Adrenal fatigue is more common than we might think, in various stages. Listening to our bodies and resting, eliminating stress, moving our bodies and eating healthy foods – these are really great ways to stay healthy or get back on the road to optimal health.

    • Wow you have been through it dear! I have been on the energy rollercoaster for several years due to Lyme Disease and all the stress it created in my life on mutliple levels. What you said about support resonated with me because I have been recently trying to find it. I have been to a couple counselors and a Lyme support group but the counselors can’t seem to relate to chronic health problems and only one other person showed up for the L. support group (we did not connect unfortunately). Anyway I am wondering if you can point me in some direcions for finding support. Any suggestions, greatly apprecieated! Peace!

      • I had Lyme disease several years ago. Was hospitalized for a week, I.v. Fluids and antibiotics. And a few complications. It took a year for my joint pain to leave my elbow.

        I’m sure I was tired, having 3 children and working full time. I did not know there was a support group.

        I can only recommend stabilize your blood sugars, minimize caffeine and alcohol, and Breathe. Learn to meditate everyday, even if only for a few minutes. Can’t fit it in, wake up 5 minutes earlier or before bed. Be patient with yourself and your practice. It will work!(I’m a huge fan of yoga as well). Stress will suck the life out of you, breath, will bring it back. I too set an appointment in my outlook at work and take 1 minute of cleansing breaths each hour, I deserve it! Best to you Jess.

  14. Kris I love what you do and am always inspired by your story. I suffer from severe adrenal fatigue and it has been one of the reasons why I have become so interested in health and wellness. So pleased to see this and will definitely be taking all of this advice. Thanks !

  15. I had adrenal fatigue years ago and was able to heal it along with my digestive issues. When the adrenals crash, digestion can also crash but I was able to fix it with a year long healing program. However since starting my business of helping people heal digestive issues at I have been working way too hard and feel like my adrenals have started pooping out again. It is a sign to stop working so hard and slow down. I am listening. My health is my most previous resource.

  16. Thank you so much for this! I agree adrenals are the first thing to be overlooked and I myself have fallen into this lately. It is always helpful to be reminded of the small things that can be the culprits and how individual and unique everyone really is. Balance is about finding our own because not everyone needs to be at the exact same levels. Tuning into our bodies and listening closely is the best way to diagnose. (And having a great doctor/mentor like Dr. Bock and Kris Carr! )

  17. I’ve also experienced adrenal fatigue, and one of the best things I’ve done is if I start to feel tired approaching the 8 0’clock hours, go to sleep! I’ve been working with an alternative practitioner and she said that the there is a supportive hormone released during that time, and the adrenals can do the most healing, especially if the body is asleep. So by changing my sleep schedule, I try and sleep from at least 7-11 pm, but if I’m awake at 3 am and can’t sleep, use that time to get stuff done. If I wake up at 5 am to exercise, and start to feel exhausted at 7:30am, I go back to bed for a little nap till about 9. I should include a HUGE disclaimer, I just had my 5th baby, so I am up every couple hours feeding, BUT baby’s are very intuitive to their bodies, and almost without fail the longest a baby sleeps seems to be between the 7-11 hours, when the body is working at its prime. I share this because it is a bit unconventional, and sometimes when breaking a traditional barrier, we feel more comfortable when someone gives us permission. So here you go, if you are tired, and its 7:00, you have permission (and your body will love you!) to go to sleep :). Sweet dreams and happy healing!

  18. This is such a great video, thank you for putting this together! I’m really grateful to have taken the time to watch this. I feel like you are talking about me on such a deep level. And BTW I really love your kitchen.

  19. Light Bulb! The symptoms and related info really resonated with me. Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience along with this interview with Dr Bock. Super helpful!

  20. Good morning Kris,

    As I lay in bed this morning, about to take my 1st cortisol compound pill of the day, I saw your email.
    I finished 5 grueling rounds of regretted hospitalilized chemo treatments with 6 weeks of daily radiation sandwiched in between, to be assured that no cancer cells remained after having a synovial sarcoma tumor removed from my chest wall, beginning in August 2010.
    I’ve been dealing with a growing amount of aftermath issues since then. I was thrown into menopause after the 1st chemo treatment, then after treatments were completed on May 6th, 2011, it was soon discovered my thyroid was damaged. After treating that for a while (hypothyroidism-not producing enough), I was still dizzying exhausted constantly. A few months ago, thru a blood test, it was discovered that my adrenal glands weren’t functioning well at all. Very minimally. It was getting so bad that I would wake up in the morning after sleeping 8 or 9 hours and feeling absolutely drained and exhausted as if I hadn’t slept in days…and felt just awful. Then I would struggle thru the day, feeling worse. Naps weren’t helping either. I would take 2-3 hour naps and wake feeling exactly the same way. Any small amount of stress would do me in.
    Now, I am on a cortisol compound regime, that I take 4 times a day according to my circadian rhythm and what month it is. The plan is to give my adrenals a rest and hopefully recover and function on their own soon (3 months to possibly a year). I also take supplements, SaMe (stress reducer), and Schisandra adrenal complex.
    The dosage of the cortisol compound still isn’t quite ironed out……still in the adjustment period. I am still experiencing fatigue and feel really bad if I experience any small amount of stress or don’t get enough sleep….BUT there is improvement since starting the cortisol compound.
    I have also recently discovered that my RBC, HCT, HGB, and Platelets are low….that is playing a part in how I’m feeling too. In the process of getting that figured out.
    I’m curious as to why your Dr didn’t say anything about cortisol compounds. Maybe if its not critically low, it’s not needed.
    There’s a lot of great info on adrenal fatigue in the book, Prescription for Nutrional Healing. Love that book!!

    Feel free to email me about any of this.

    Blessings and health,


  21. Wow, what a nice coincidence!! I’ve been feeling “off” lately, yet juicing my greens, embracing a new found appreciate for plant-based proteins, and really trying to live a better wholesome life. Some of my symptoms have been fatigue, which I always associated to having two kids under the age of 5 and a crappy mattress, and dizziness which would often take place in late afternoons and standing from a crouching position. But what Dr. Bock explained really hit home with me. For one, I’ve always had a tendency towards hypoglycaemia which I really haven’t spent too much time trying to manage. I never knew there was a connection with it and adrenals. Also, I’m in a job that I hate to the bottom of my core being and eats away at me on a daily basis. However, in order to get out of it, i’ve taken a few “leaps of faith” and have invested in my myself through Dr. Campbell’s eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition certification and have signed up for B-School (thanks Kris for the great advice on that!). I’m also currently working on a graduate diploma in adult education. And then there’s my new(ish) blog/site and fan page…and all that stuff that keeps me on the computer for hours, often late in the evenings. I’ve been spending so much time researching alternative medicine and health related blogs and website. I suppose I might have let it overwhelm me just a little. So stress and lifestyle managements are probably huge factors affecting my adrenal health at this time. So with all this in mind, I believe it’s time for me to make some better choices in regards to my time and schedule some “me” time where I can truly decompress, breath and relax. Thank you for the video!

  22. Great post! I see so many people with adrenal burnout these days. You hit the nail on the head…our “go, go go” lifestyles are son not in the rhythm of how we are designed to function. 2 of my favorite ways to bring it down a notch ( as well as 2 of my favorite recommendations for clients) are:
    1. Get adjusted!!!! Find an awesome local chiropractor to help clear stress from your nervous system so that you can function from a more balanced place.
    2. Biomat sessions daily. This is a biggie!!! I love my biomat and it for sure helped me to reverse years of exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. The far infrared, negative ions, and amethyst crystals are super supportive and helping to bring balance to the body, relax the nervous system, and calm down the adrenals.

    Much love and thanks for sharing!

  23. I have been taking Withania (an herb) for adrenal support after consulting with a Nutritionist. Is this a good herb to take for adrenal support.


  24. Dear Kris, thank you for the wonderful information you post, your help and your comminmet to your readers is priceless. I want to share with you and your readers the program “Spring Forst Qigong” by master Chunyi Lin. Go to you will be amazed at the testimonies, I am presently learning his techniques so I can become a healer. I am very excited about it. I purchased your books because I wanted to learn better eating habits and it has been very successful, thank you again.

  25. I have adrenal fatigue (stage 3) and am currently on a temporary leave from work in order to heal myself. It was diagnosed by my integrative doctor after my nutritionist recommended I take the Cortisol/DHEA saliva test. I feel so empowered to heal myself now that I know what’s going on with my body!

    I just had lunch with a friend who is an MD and she was very familiar with adrenal fatigue and reading the same book I’m reading: Adrenal Fatigue: a 21st Century Syndrome by Wilson. That book seems to be the go-to source for information about self-diagnosis and healing adrenal fatigue. I feel so fortunate to have found a doctor who could actually diagnose it because it still isn’t recognized that widely in the traditional medical community. What a cool, timely post, thanks Kris! I’ve been reading your blog, your books and watched your movie and it’s been very motivational to get me to make my health my full-time job.

  26. With Kris’s nutritional advice last summer (love Crazy Sexy Diet! and blog), I was able to get off antidepressants for the first time in 25 years. The only symptom I couldn’t seem to get rid of however was impatience. I was short tempered with my 5-year-old to the point that was unacceptable. I read some of the books from Kris’s functional medicine docs (Frank Lipman and Alexandro Junger) and it made me consider trying some adrenal support (Stress Take Care by New Chapter) and it helped…a lot. Next time I went to see my doc (and this time a functional medicine doc), she suggested getting tested just to see if the New Chapter support was getting me to the right level. Even though it helped, i was still really low and one of the most surprising factors to the saliva cortisol test was that it also revealed gliadin (gluten) sensitivity which is somehow related to cortisol and adrenals. What a huge eye-opener for me. I thought that gluten sensitivity was another fad and I thought it mostly affected people by stomach upset (similar to lactose intolerance–yes, I was ignorant). What was surprising to me is not only that gliadin sensitivity can cause fatigue but also that it can cause swelling in the intestine that can decrease the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Between adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity, I didn’t stand a chance against illnesses. My life is forever changed! Thanks Kris for starting me on this journey and consistently providing uplifting, relevant information. Sadly I watched B-school enrollment come and go this year despite my strong sense that I should be doing it. I’ve been seriously considering it and watching all of Marie’s videos since you posted it. Her regular posts and videos help to motivate me! Perhaps a scholarship next year will help me enroll and start a whole different journey.

  27. oh, and I forgot to mention that my doc recommended 2 tablets of Licorice Plus (by Metagenics) in the morning and 1 midday for my adrenal fatigue. My follow up appt is this week to see whether it has helped.

  28. what are the supplements he says? I can’t understand a couple of them, esp one of the last ones he mentions .. something like rolio ?

    • i think it was rhodiola …

    • Rhodiola – Metagenics (mentioned by Kris for the Licorice Plus) also has a product with Rhodiola called Adreset. I love Metagenics brand – very high quality!

  29. Hello Sunshine!

    I must say I love the way you write Kris. Your positive nature really does reach out through the vices we all rely on so much these days, the computer!!

    Nearly four years ago at 33, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma (ACC). A very rare form of aggressive cancer. With two young daughters, you could say I was absolutely devastated. I was devastated because I knew I was unwell for about 5 years prior to that, but NO doctor (after countless visits to many different doctors) knew to look for the 7cm tumour that had been growing on my adrenal gland, causing me so many weird and now I realise, related problems. I was cross because had they known to look further into my symptoms they may have found it earlier and could have saved me (my body) and my family a lot of drama.

    I am starting to write about my journey at because I believe this is a very real subject that often gets misdiagnosed and mistreated, and with shattering results.

    Luckily, a dream believer, I listened to my dreams and a synchronising list of events lead me to find the doctor who would save my life, and, just in time!! Every one has a story, and this is all about mine.

    Now I am here, living with my beloved husband, two gorgeous girls (nearly teenagers), our dog, cat, two rabbits and countless kangaroos, happier than I can say I’ve ever been.

    So thank you GOD, my doctor, Kris Carr, and my wonderful family for all of your positive vibes. I LOVE YOUS xx

    • Marcia, I too was diagnosed with Adrenal Corticol Carcinoma, stage III. I agree there area many crazy symptoms related to this disease and doctors are not educated to diagnose this rare cancer. I am curious as to who your doctor is that you referred to as saving your life. Keep up the fight! Leesa.

  30. Deb said on March 4, 2013

    Oh Kris! Thank you so much! This post is perfect timing. My mind runs at 200 miles p/hr and my body is expected to keep up (more like I expect my body to keep up :-)) and over the last couple of years I have been finding that my body is lagging behind. I had a diet overhaul a few years ago which now does not include grain, dairy, any refined sugar and primarily Vegan (the occasional piece of chicken when my body craves it (monthly :-)). I have an active lifestyle, and an EXTREMELY physical job where fatigue is not seen as an excuse but rather, a weakness. I was going to head to get a blood test to look at my iron levels and didn’t even consider my adrenals. After seeing this post, I will ask to get that checked while I am there and look at the herb supplements (Not sure whether I can get those brands here in Australia).
    Thanks again.

  31. Yes! Adrenal Fatigue..timely post, indeed. My adrenals have been working overtime for the past decade: miscarriages, losses, financial stress, 3 heart attacks, 9 stents, open heart bypass surgery…that threw me into early menopause… I had about a year after this “shit pickle”?! where I was intensely grateful for my life, my senses were acute, I was healthy, and happening. Then everything sort of caught up with me and I was exhausted, totally! Depressed, achy, and felt older than my age. (I’m 46 by the way). (*Read: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield..he talks about this).
    Recently I found out about some vitamin deficiencies I have: iron, b-12, and vitamin D. My adrenals as well were spent. So thanks for the post!! I love how you said, “I’m lovin’ those cute little glands”! Seriously sending them some love really energetically helps to make a positive shift; and I love my cutie’s too! Cheers to Good Health! Chris

  32. hi kris, i have been watching your TV for a few weeks now and love it! I have recently made some major adjustments to my lifestyle and you are literally my new guru :)
    but what really prompted me to comment today… i love love love the party hat analogy, so spot on!
    thank you, adela

  33. Thanks for this article and video Kris! I shared it to my personal and professional pages ( and for holisitc nutrition and yoga in the ATL Ga area). So many people read about these “studies” which tout the benefits of coffee, chocolate, agave, and other “natural” and/or “organic” foods, but ultimately, if we have conditions like stress and general adrenal overload…which means ALL hormones become imbalanced ultimately…then just because something may be healthy, does NOT mean it’s healthy for YOU (or me).

  34. How were u diagnosed? And also I tried 2 of the 3 supplements you take and I noticed I’m not sleeping as good. Any advice because I figured if I don’t get the sleep I need I’m fighting a losing battle.

    • And also can a child be misdiagnosed ADHD and have adrenal fatigue?

      • Hi Lisa, sorry if I’m butting in but I think I can probably answer your question! I’m 15 years old and actually have an extremely rare type of adrenal disorder where my adrenal gland does not function at all. This is different from adrenal fatigue and can’t be cured, but it took years for me to get diagnosed and ADHD was one of the things they kept on saying I was likely to have. Also along with anxiety and other mental related issued. I knew myself this wasn’t true but went through years of being misdiagnosed with things like ADHD..very frustrating.

  35. I never thought about my adrenals, thanks for this video Kris! I’m one of those people that works on a computer until 1 AM and then wakes up at 7 AM everyday (I’m an editor like your hubby, Kris!) so I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this. Whenever I follow the CSD guidelines (with the exception of a cup of organic coffee…. I bow down to the coffee pot…) I feel the best. But it’s interesting when I avoid wheat and sugar and then eat some and instantly feel horrible.

  36. Well done Kris for highlighting the important issue of adrenal fatigue. I’m a nutritional therapist based in the UK and specialising in cancer support. In my opinion adrenal care should be one of the top priorities when recovering from chronic illness.

    One supplement that wasn’t mentioned in the video but which is key for helping the body manage stress is magnesium. I have seen this nutrient work wonders in many people with adrenal fatigue particularly when combined with the other nutrients Dr Bock mentioned.

    And yes protein is also very important as Dr Bock said but (and I know this may be controversial) I have found that people completely avoiding animal protein take much longer to recover from adrenal fatigue. Including some fish/eggs/meat (and it doesn’t have to be much) can be invaluable in speeding adrenal recovery.

    Keep up the good work Kris!

  37. Thank you for this timely topic. I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue for well over a year now – a journey that is filled with highs and lows. Apart from supplementation, I have been trying to treat my adrenal fatigue with diet. I feel I have plateaued and want to regain some energy. I would love to know some of your specific food recommendations for supporting those adrenals! Thanks

  38. Great info. I did a saliva test a couple of years ago after finishing nursing school (RN) ADN degree. My cortisol was off the charts. I started accupuncture, yoga, and a ton of supplements. 6 months later I felt great – and “accidentally” got pregnant (age 42). I believe the herbs, supplements and accupuncture healed my adrenals, as well as the whole endocrine system. I had given up on ever getting pregnant. Now have a beautiful, intellegent, super healthy 17 month old baby girl!

    • That being said – the above story – I am suffering from adrenal fatigue again. Sleeplessness due to infant, and trying to continue school and stress of not working I guess…but now I don’t have money for the accupuncture or supplements, so the lifestyle piece needs to become my priority again – as I can barely move with fatigue…

  39. Excellent post and great way to bring attention to this! Understanding adrenal issues has been a tremendous help to me in the past several months.

    In October, I began to feel as if everything were moving very rapidly, all the time. I’ve never taken speed or any other drugs, but I thought it was how speed might feel. Cutting out all caffeine didn’t help at all, and I already juice and have a very clean diet. I tried to manage it with my attitude and see it as a mixed blessing, because I didn’t feel bad, technically, and I was incredibly creative and productive. I knew it was bad for me and abnormal, though, and it also began to affect my sleep. I would wake up countless times a night thinking of more stuff to do and I craved sugar in a way I NEVER do.

    But after three weeks, I was so tired of it. I wanted to “come down.” My massage therapist did some ART and lymphatic work on me, and said “Whoa, overactive adrenals!” as soon as she touched me. I then saw my herbalist (and if you’re in the Bay Area, and perhaps even if you’re not, she’s amazing – She laughed at how quickly I found my issue “unbearable” (apparently some people live with this for years) checked out my tongue, and gave me a custom blended tea with some skullcap (you don’t want to much of it; make sure to see a professional herbalist before you take any), some intense/concentrated mushroom liquid as a supplement, and recommended a high protein breakfast, root vegetables for natural sugar, and some water with just the tiniest bit of pink Himalayan sea salt in it – just enough to soften it without tasting salty – for key minerals, and a few other things. And it totally worked.

    But the best thing, by far, was quitting my job. I thought “If I was diagnosed with a serious illness, would I continue to do this job? No? Then I shouldn’t be doing it now.” I understand everyone can’t do this (for the majority of my working life I wouldn’t have been able to do it financially), but I can right now and so I did. And the craziest thing? All of my pain is GONE. Literally. No foot pain, no back pain – and this is from someone born with congenital spine issues like some fused vertebrae. If that’s how my stress was manifesting outwardly, I hate to think what my poor little cells looked like inside. But, they’re on the mend. :-)
    Thank you for this!

  40. Yza said on March 6, 2013

    This seems very interresting, but I’m a native French, so I sometimes encounter problems in hearing english (more difficult with various american accents) so it would be much easier for us (we are more and more europeans interresting by your lifestyle) if there was also a written article. Thanks !

  41. I couldn’t help but contact you after reading your post on adrenals! I had a very similar experience to you Kris and found this amazing product that I haven’t really shared with many people; it contains many of the herbs, vitamins and supplements that you mentioned all in one! There are over 20 ingredients in the product but below are specific to healing adrenal fatigue:

    Vitamin B3 (niacinamide; niacin)
    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5-phosphate)
    Rhodiola crenulata extract (root; 3% salidroside)
    OKG (Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate)
    Cordyceps sinensis extract

    Let me know if you would like more information!

    Love you and all that you stand for, I am a warrior for the same causes here in Vancouver, Canada!



    • Hi Brit,

      Can you share the brand of product you are talking about, and/or a website to order it from?
      That would be great. Also worth googling is MACA. I havent heard it mentioned here yet (maybe I missed it). Maca supplementation works to balance the hormones by regenerating the endocrine glands, not by stimulating them as such. (:

    • I know your post is from March but it could be so HELPFUL if you would put in the name of the product you used and the brand. Thanks so much.

  42. Several years ago when I was 28!! I went to a bio identical hormone doctor. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, weight gain, moodieness and on the verge of a mental breakdown. I will stop here and admit I was in the midst of an intense drug and alcohol addiction, running my own business-working usually 7 days a week, and raising 2 children- one under 2 years old.
    After several blood tests he told me that my blood work was similar to that of a menopausal woman in rough shape. This was the first time I had ever heard of adrenals. Mine were completely shot. He told me I had to quit drinking and start taking care of myself. He said it was like I was standing on train tracks w a train heading towards me. As I was not ready to quit my addictions at this point so I didn’t listen to him. It was the catalyst for me to change my lifestyle!! Being only 28 at the time I didn’t think the way I was living could have impacted my health as much as it had.
    I want to thank my little adrenals for giving me the wake up call I needed. A year later I checked into treatment and am proud to say I have 3.5 years clean and sober :)

  43. Amy said on March 6, 2013

    So what would be the advice for working mothers (especially of small children) where there’s a lot of stress, sleeplessness, and not a lot of ability to control the load that is put upon us (or find time for ourselves in all of it as well)?

    Amy L.

  44. I’m wondering if eating a vegan diet makes people more prone to adrenal fatigue.

    • Hmm yes I wonder too. I read that in order for the body to make hormones, it requires cholesterol. The type of cholesterol that comes from animal fat. Check out work by Dr. Cass Ingram
      I am an advocat of eating a lot more veges and fruit etc, but think we may need some meat (a small addition of grass-fed hormone-free meat).

  45. I feel like you just saved my life! The connections I just made with the ailments I’ve had over the years from watching this video are countless. Its been my adrenals this whole time!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  46. I love love LOVE Doc Bock!!!!!! and you two together… there’s something so sweet and playful about your energy. Thanks for having him on again! and i have to admit, I think I’m having a little adrenal issue myself! totally recognizing all those symptoms in myself, so great post, thanks so much Lady, xoxoxo

  47. Hi Kris! Love your newsletters, such great information! I love using nettle infusions for tired adrenals. I drink 3-4 cups a day. It’s a wonderful herb and have gotten great results with it, plus taking my supplements and eating a healthful diet and by making it healthier by adding some juicing recipes from your new book which I love! Thank you! I was diagnosed with having allergies to gluten, soy and dairy so I have to constantly monitor how I feel and my stress levels because I was very sick and very nutrient depleted when I found out about the food allergies. Keep all this wonderful information coming, love to hear from you!

  48. Hi Kris,
    I just wanted to thank you for all you do. I just started following you recently after watching Hungry for Change, and I wanted to comment about this post because I feel that this post in particular has resonated with me a LOT! I was born without a thyroid gland and although my thyroid levels (from medication) have been constantly monitored, I have fought fatigue on and off throughout my life. I feel like now that I’m starting to take steps to being more conscious of my health, I’m now seeing connections and patterns that I’ve never noticed before. I am now wondering if I may be suffering from Adrenal fatigue. I’m going to look into this further now that you’ve brought it up! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

  49. Are there some inexpensive brands of these products that you can recommend that work well?

  50. Kris!

    Thank you! I’ve always been super duper thin (5’9 – 109 pounds) and have always had super duper low blood pressure with that dizziness upon standing occasionally. I’m so glad to hear that licorice and other vitamins/herbs help with this. I’ve been searching for years! Also good to hear about the adrenals and always good to hear great news from you!

    THANK YOU for all you do!


  51. At our wellness pharmacy we see patients suffering from adrenal fatigue every day. I love your recommended nutritional supplements. We carry Ashwaganda, Licorice Plus and Adrenal Essence and recommend them all the time. I want to reinforce that not all nutritionals are created equal. It’s important to find and use pharmaceutical grade supplements. These have the highest quality ingredients and are better absorbed. Also, it’s a great idea to do saliva testing to determine your cortisol levels prior to embarking on a nutritional regimen. Your levels will determine what and how much to use. As an aside Kris, we fill compounded prescriptions for Dr. Bock at our two pharmacies here in upstate NY. He’s a terrific doctor as you know! Thanks for spreading the word on healthy living.

  52. Acupuncture calms the sympathetic nervous system, which is what is triggered when one is stressed. This makes your adrenals work overtime. Acupuncture helps to stimulate the calming parasympathetic nervous system. I have had good results .

    • Hi Deanna
      That is a good tip. The funny thing is that the only way now I have been able to get conventional medicine to recognise I have a problem was through a lifestyle assessment I did with my gym where they tested the balanec between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Found that the recovery system is really out of whack, not working properly to bring my ‘fight and flight’ back down. Will look into acupuncture in addition to meditiation which I plan to try soon… it is the fight to just get out of bed that I need to get over first!!

  53. Adrenals frazzled, yes, for ages, this has been the case. My biggest problem has been that I have been told my adrenals were frazzled by a knowledgeable homeopath long before anyone was believing that this was a serious medical illness. Still it is a contentious issue but the lifestyle and sport community have started to be vocal in the fact that they have recognised this particular ailment for years and the affect it can have on your body, on weight gain and on overall strength–it affects your insulin levels and the amount of fat you store around your mid section as a result and it can also have an affect on your androgen levels–for women this means symptoms similar to PCOS. I have struggled and fought with it, being a buzzy person taught that mind should rule over matter and that your will should be iron-like over your body and your life etc. All important, but when it comes to treating your body with respect, when it comes to making sure you are pacing yourself in line with your weakest part, be it your emotional well being, your low level of sleep, your body..whatever, an iron-will is needed to stop in your tracks and give these poor little guys a chance to recover!! Finally, finally, having done a test as part of a lifestyle assessment at my gym (!) which looks at my sympathetic and peri-sympathetic systems–that’s your fight and flight and recovery systems which should be in balance to complement and assist each other in a reciprocal way, the results are indisputable. Finally someone has seen sense and realised that I am now showing the outward signs of clapped out adrenals–my recovery system is majorly out of whack with my fight and flight. It is such a vicious cycle though. My resolution is to get the help of a nutritionist/naturopath (?)–I am scheduling a GP visit this week on the back of the physical test with the intention of getting a referral to a nutritionist and I have found online, guided meditation–which I have not started yet but plan to, this week. It has been a long journey to realise the over-critical side of myself and release a lot of baggage that was contributing to the overall load on my stress, but I am still not there yet, still exhausted and cooking (which I love) is suffering and feeding yourself right is a huge part of the battle, the one I am now struggling with!!

  54. I had all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and found a wonderful acupressure exercise along with raw organic foods. After the first acupressure session I could barely make it home I was so wiped out! But after the third treatment I felt like a different person!
    Thanks for the into to Dr. Bock and this handy video I can pass along to my clients :)

  55. There are certainly loads of details like that to take into consideration. Which is a terrific point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you’ll find questions like the 1 you bring up where the most significant thing are going to be working in honest fine faith. I don?t know if top practices have emerged around items like that, but I’m certain that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Both boys and girls really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

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  56. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and as luck would have it, chronic digestive issues too (the subject of your post today!) and have struggled to get it recognised as a proper ailment. I have heard mixed messages about how ashwanganda assists, some say that it is not great for adrenals but I know the reason for using ashwahganda is that it is an adaptogen. I have heard that Tulsi-holy basil is a very good adaptogen alternative and that vitamin C and magnesium are both vital for adrenals.

    Do you think there is a link between digestive health and adrenal fatigue? I suspect there may be a hormonal link between clapped out adrenals, insulin, serotonin and potentially also candida–i.e. that it is a vicious cycle between a weak digestive system, then sucuumbing to candida potentially as a result of the external environmental and stress factors which your adrenals are fighting. Any experience of this?

    Currently I am trying an alternative route to getting this ailment recognised and really trying to focus on healthy eating–not easy with the snow falling again in London! I am hoping a course in guided mediation will also tackle the stress successfully too..anyone found meditation useful?

  57. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about it is also the number one problem i found when i was working as a Doctors assistant at an alternative health clinic in Atlanta. These tiny little glands get hit the hardest and suffer the most. The adrenals are 2 small glands located above the kidneys. They weigh about 3 to 5 grams and produce three main adrenal stress hormones:

    These hormones are released in a cycle with the highest value in the morning and the lowest value at night. When this cycle is interrupted it can influence energy production, bone health, immune system health, sleep quality, thyroid function, muscle and joint function as well as skin regeneration.

    You can always ask your integrative practitioner for an ASI test which stands for Adrenal Stress Index. What is awesome about this test is that it can help determine stress adaptation, identify grain intolerance, investigate blood sugar control and determine adrenal reserve. Your practitioner can than use the results to recommend a customized treatment and preventive measures that include diet, lifestyle and supplements.

    The herbal supplements like licorice and ashwaganda don’t work very well with my body. I seem to prefer whole food supplements from standard process like Drenamin, Drenatrophin PMG, Cataplex B and Cataplex C. I also really love Adrenatran from Energetics. My adrenals have also told me on occasion that they love these supplements very much. Make sure to ask your practitioner what your body prefers. Not all supplements work the same for everyone.

    Thank you Kris this is an awesome topic i wish more people spoke about it.

  58. Thank you Kris! :) This topic is sooo importaint. I had Adranal fatigue for years, and no doctors found out of it. Instead I found out my self when I studied Biological Medicine. I did the changes you and Dr. Bock are listing in the video, and it was like getting a second try at life! Wow! I had forgotten how awsome life could be when I have energy and are healthy. :)
    Love you Kris!

  59. Wondering how DHEA is connected I was told I am low

  60. hello! I’ve been hearing a lot about vitamin B lately. Dr B mentions B6 (i think?) – i’ve also heard B12 is good for adrenals, and others just ref “B” in general. Whats the diff btw all these Bs?

  61. Zoe said on April 6, 2013

    I loved this post Kris!

    I’m a 22year old university student in the UK who has been recovering from acute adrenal fatigue for the last 2 years. It took 9 months (about 18 regular blood tests and being referred to the Hospital for Tropical Disease which ran their own tests for everything under the sun and then told me the wanted me to have a full body CT scan to rule out cancer!) for me to be diagnosed, and it was my wonderful alternative therapist who first discovered what it was.
    Adrenal Fatigue isn’t recognized by the medical profession here in the UK, until it’s Addison’s Disease (at which point you’re likely to be on steroids for the rest of your life….GREAT.) So my therapist told me to get a book by James L. Wilson called ‘Adrenal Fatigue; The 21st Century Stress Syndrome’. I’m sure in the USA you guys probably have more sources on adrenal fatigue, but i can highly recommend this book. It became my health bible, and through changes in my lifestyle and massive changes to my diet (i’m currently intolerant to gluten, dairy, SUGAR and COOKED oil and therefore basically have to make all my own meals!) the difference in my energy levels and health in general is outstanding.

    I still have good days and bad days, and i’m certainly not full recovered, but from not being able to walk whilst holding my boyfriend’s hand at the same time (i needed all the power from both arms just to keep me going) to being able to go on short runs now, the difference is HUGE.

    It’s a hard syndrome to deal with, as it goes so un-noticed, and i found that many people thought i was making a massive fuss over nothing, and couldn’t understand why i didn’t want to go out and party all the time. Lost a lot of friends in the process, but i feel so much better and have discovered what i want to do in the future.

    The book my James Wilson really is great- for anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue….persist with the right solutions and you WILL recover.

    Zoe xxxxx

  62. Once I learned about adrenal fatigue, I realized what a huge roll it plays. And then realized it can be such a habit to continue adding to the load just being freaking out over “my adrenals are compromised”. I switched it around to help me make most of my decisions now and the amazing thing when it pertains to my life with dogs…. I noticed it changed the calm factor in our home as well.

    Interestingly enough I teach dogs are reflecting our behavior. I think they are picking up our adrenal problems as well by the way we stay wound up all the time. It was huge to see how much a change in my reaction to stress level could really change even how my dogs are appear and act. :)

  63. check out and the book by the same name “Stop The Thyroid Madness” ; there is most probably more going on than just adrenal fatigue and these resourses really go into all aspects of the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, hypothalmus – they all produce hormones and all must communicate w/ea other in order to produce… if one is not working (or working minimally) then all others are not working as designed. A good ND can help w/testing and supplementation.

  64. Hi Kris,
    Love your book and like you am fighting cancer. I had one adrenal gland taken out because of of a tumor and then it spread to my kidney and some of my intestines, so that had to come out as well. Because of all the drugs I take the other adrenal gland does not work and never will. Do you know if any of those herbs mentioned would help me? I cannot take the licorice because of high blood pressure. Any help would be welcome. Thank you


  65. So glad Dr Bock talked about this issue. Years ago I read a book “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis. She advocated adrenal health by taking Vitamins B2, B6, B5 and C. She helpfully listed topics such as this alphabetically in the back of the book, so the reader could quickly look it up and figure out what to do. Thanks Kris.

  66. I really enjoyed the video. I am interested in your opinion on treatment for Lyme disease. i was tested 1 1/2 years ago and my dr found my Tyder count was 7 out of 10. I have been taking drops (Samento microbial defense – 5 drops in water 3 times a day since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease). This medication seems to be working well…is there anything else I could be doing? thanks

  67. Good info. I struggled with adrenal insufficiency for quite awhile. Stacking this on top of low testosterone and Hashimotos had me feeling like a zombi. I thought I had mono. I was also getting very close to being diabetic, despite and otherwise healthy lifestyle.

    May 2012 Cortisol Test
    Time Value Range
    Morning – 1.5 ng/dl (3.7 – 9.5)
    Noon – .4 ng/dl (1.2 – 3)
    Evening – .2 ng.dl (.6 – 1.9)
    Night – .3 ng/dl (.4 – 1)

    This was not when I was feeling my worst, but still pretty bad results. I read this article and implemented some of the recommendations
    I chose Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Licorice Root and Huperzine A. I was already taking a good multi, extra B, pregnenolone and DHEA.

    Sept 2012 Cortisol Test
    Time Value Range
    Morning – 5.7 ng/dl (3.7 – 9.5)
    Noon – 1.3 ng/dl (1.2 – 3)
    Evening 2.5 ng.dl (.6 – 1.9)
    Night – .5 ng/dl (.4 – 1)

    A bit higher in the morning would probably be better, but a pretty significant improvement.

  68. Fuq this shit! I came to crazysexylife just now to get some inspiration as I am feeling like death and my health insurance ran out. I am done. Done with three cups of coffee and occasional adderall. I just give up. I will sleep until I am better and not feel guilt for needing to rest. I am going to beat this thing. This is my life and I’m not giving up.

  69. I have suffered from low energy for many years. It’s difficult because I have so much drive and a lot of goals but it’s difficult to find the energy to accomplish everything. I will definitely be giving the supplements you recommended a try. Coffee makes me too jittery and seems to create more issues than it helps. Caffeine gives me anxiety and increases stress so I’m looking for something natural. Thanks for the ideas.

  70. But it’s not just about supplements. As you’ll learn in this video, stress tramples our adrenals like no other. As a result, I’ve had to make a conscious and consistent effort to monitor my workload and not stretch myself too thin physically or emotionally. Once I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I knew it was time to lovingly care for those cute little glands, my adrenals. I bet some of you can relate.

  71. The most common complaint patients make to their doctor is of excess tiredness or fatigue. There are many possible causes, such as anaemia, poor nutrition, lung disease, infections, depression and insomnia.

  72. I am deeply touched by your positive uplifting attitude especially surviving the road blocks thrown at you receiving a diagnosis of cancer. My beloved dog Mama Key whom I rescued when my mother was dying of multiple myeloma has been diagnosed with hemangiopericytoma. I used IP6 as an adunctive therapy for my mother who when diagnosed with stage 4 was told she had 6 months, she lived almost 4 years. i am trying to use for Ms Key (dog) best when taken on empty stomach in liquid she is non receptive at best to my natural therapies. I ran across a newer version of this product with increased immune enhancement of natural killer cell activity. I wanted to share with you in that you may have heard of it & if so your thoughts. The product is a modified arabinoxylan rice bran called MGN-3/Biobran I believe a comparable product less expensive is Peakimmune 4. I have no financial interest in either product I read a study where a man having hemangiopericytoma used this product his tumors had spread to the lung & lymph system he opted for no more additional conventional interventions. Instead research led him to use MGN -3 with amazing results at 34 months out it was noted on his ct scan no visible tumors found. I wanted to share with you giving you an opportunity to investigate further accessing potential application in your supplemental therapies. Additionally further research info from Memorial Sloan-Kettering has been published with small studies treating HIV & leukemia. Original article can be obtained if you or your readers have any interest (baylor college of medicine. I enjoy the wonderful resources presented by you & look forward to putting them to use. While caring for mother eating junk food my gallbladder failed necessitating removal. During which I sustained extensive damage that after 8 procedures I suffered acute pancreatitis ending any further attempts to try & correct. I suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, gastroparesis & additional complications. You give me hope in finding my way as after 13 years I am finally learning of the damage I sustained at the hands of a new surgeon. My prayers are with you thank you & your readers for sharing your journeys. Sincerely Jeanne

  73. This was very helpful to me. As a busy single mom I felt like I was struggling to stay awake and have that healthy happy energy that we all want so bad.. Thank you for this Chris!!

  74. Dr. Bock mentioned rhodiola. I can’t find anything online about dosage. Any tips? Thanks :)

  75. Hello Kris,
    I need a new start!! New diet, new body, new life!! I have yet to combine mind, body and spirit! It seems something is always in the way, and that something is TIME. I have noticed a number of muscoskeletal changes as well as energy decrease and poor nutrition…I am working full time, going to school for nursing, a full time single mom and I WANT to be HEALTHY!! I don’t know where to start! I have the vitamix blender and that’s it! I really don’t like or desire any one particular food, but I know I CRAVE candy and junk food! Can you please help or provide some insight on what direction to go…I have the Crazy sexy Diet book and it is just about worn out. I keep reading it, but that’s it! I plan to purchase the smoothie book and kitchen recipes book, but I need to work them into by budget first. Hope you can help. You are always inspirational and uplifting, thank you for being you :)


  76. Kriss, every hair analysis I have had since 2006 showed adrenal issues. I am also a Type 1 Diab on an insulin pump(40 yrs Diabetic), have serious digestive issues(chewing is difficult as I had a serious accident which left my teeth, jaws out of line and too costly to fix. Dentist not sure it would repair it anyway), and also chronic, longterm thyroid issues since 8th grade(am 61 now). The last hair analysis I had done showed almost total adrenal failure and I was so weak, tired. I did a 90 day juice fast last yr(live raw veggie juices) and did well during that time. Also did Gerson to heal numerous health issues. However, the past yr, has been rough trying to find a food plan, something that works. I have been told to cut out all carbs, even healthy ones and eat low fat , clean, organic meats, chicken, fish etc, and lots of veggies. But, I don’t digest them, nor do I feel like it’s healthy to do this. I keep being told that to heal, I need to get off the vegan plan I use as it’s carbs(albeit healthy carbs like legumes, sweet potato, etc) and I will never heal this way. My ND(who’s fantastic) put me on an adrenal supplement that all of her patients, like me, have taken and it healed theirs. But, with me, it shot my TSH off the charts, my heart raced, I got severly depressed, jittery and felt horrible and my MD was very upset(she’s normally supportive of all my natural methods of healing). So, since my TSH was unbelievably high, within 2 wks of being on the supplement, I stopped it What is your take on vegan diets and healing adrenals with it? Also, what are your thoughts on Garden of Life Raw Meal, Raw Protein? I have been using that in my smoothies. I can’t eat salads, and even blend them as I don’t digest them so need to mk smoothies and also juice alot(Green Star Elite). Thanks so much!

  77. This IS very timely. I have known that I had an adrenal issue for about 12 years now, as various natural practitioners have pointed it out to me. I have tried to deal with it on my own, and was successful for sometime; however because no one else around me was taking it seriously, I don’t think I took it as seriously as I should have in the beginning. What was happening? Well, after my first child was born, it was simply my ribs continually going out of place, then my wrist. My chiropractor was the first to suggest adrenals, because they support the ligaments. I went on a product with pantothenic acid for awhile and felt better. I stayed busy with a little girl and directing choirs, and decided to have another baby. After her birth, I had severe depression, dizzy spells whenever I stood up, hypoglycemia and more problems with my ligaments. Again I dealt with things naturally and thought I had made a full recovery. My third and fourth pregnancies, however revealed a different story. Although I was told this was normal, my systolic blood pressure would drop 20 points whenever I would sit up. During the first three months of each pregnancy, I could barely get out of bed, and was so nauseous, I could keep nothing down. I miscarried my third one, but miraculously carried the fourth to term. By that time, I knew my adrenals were shot, and wondered how I was going to survive the birth. A practitioner in town put me on an Ondamed machine (something I had used in recovery after a Triathlon kept me from getting out of bed for three days). I credit the Lord, Ondamed, and hypnobirthing in helping me survive the natural childbirth. After this time, things really started going downhill. I would faint over things as simple as having a disagreement with my husband, or having an argument with one of my children. When my 4 yr-old had a “potty” accident in a restaurant, I was so overcome, I had to go to bed for several hours. I was trying to deal with it on my own. How? I am a very conscientious eater, was completely vegan for many years, and maintain a daily juice regimen. I have been on many fresh juice fasts. I would go on adrenal terrain (a life saver) whenever I was too tired to get out of bed, and it would get me up and going again–right back to my hectic lifestyle. I started taking Celtic sea salt in every glass of water that I drank, and this helped with the low blood pressure. I also added iodine and B12 to my diet, both of which helped my energy level and nightly chills.

    Two weeks ago, I went to an integrated health clinic in town. The MD there said three different times that he is “very concerned” about me. He ordered 6 different labs, including a full adrenal panel. In a way, it has relieved my stress to finally put this in someone else’s hands, someone who is not only caring for me physically, but praying for me as well (I love doctors that do this). My follow-up appointment is in two weeks. Thanks for the helpful post! So many people need this.

  78. G’day,
    Great concise video, thank you. I’m working with my own probable adrenal fatigue at present. I went into early menopause at 42. Yikes ! and then struggled with all the symptoms you have described.
    What is helping me :-
    Rest !
    Altering my work and lifestyle (not easy being a single working Mum, but it’s possible)
    Deep, belly breathing several times a day to quiet the sympathetic fight/flight nervous system.
    Meditation and contemplative practices.
    Detoxing the Liver ! I use charcoal patches and mud packing several times a week.
    Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugar (hard because I love chocolate)
    Drinking home made chicken stock especially after exercise or when fatigued.
    Drinking salt water twice a day.
    Juicing and lots of fresh local greens and veges.
    Avoiding too much fruit particularly in the morning.
    Reframing my perspective on life from somewhat stressful/frightening to supportive and fun.
    Removing all people and things from my world which were not supportive and wonderful. This was hard but the best thing I could have done.
    Working with Dr Lam and his supplements which includes ALOT of vitamin C and several other supportive nutrients.
    I am currently developing a program which will include some of these practices. Website will be up Oct 2013.
    Feel free to contact me if you need any help.
    Love Sonia

    • This is a new phenomena for me. I’m an older lady, but I’ve always had a lot of energy until a few weeks ago. All of a sudden I felt like I ran out of energy and now live in a fog. I had blood tests and they showed nothing wrong. I am stumped and don’t know what to do. I will say I lived with a very stressful situation for years and have a difficult job as a caregiver with little or no support, so I think my adrenals are shot. I am in good health except for high blood pressure. I have read a lot of the commentary and need to sort it all out, but my fatigue and confusion isn’t helping me do that. Please help me find a plan that will restore my go. Thank you.

  79. You could try Holy Basil (Tulsi) for overworked adrenals and maybe the thyroid, but i’m not a GP.

  80. I feel like this may be my answer to my constant fatigue these past few months. This past year I have been following more of a plant based diet and have cut out meat to maybe once a week. The only problem is that I am fairly active ( I run sand dunes and do sprints on Ocean Beach San Francisco and lift weights occasionally from Crossfit workout) and have recently been getting too skinny! I felt like I am losing alot of muscle mass and I do not feel strong. I have not replaced my meat with any Plant Based Protein because I do not know HOW MUCH or WHAT to eat instead of meat. HELP!

    Do you have any advise on how to get my protein intake up without having to eat meat after a workout or in general?? And not look like a skinny toothpick. I constantly crave sugar (and recently been eating tons of fruit and chocolate in order to try and avoid brownies and desserts), get dizzy when working out or when in a stressful situation, low blood pressure and always irritable (not a coffee drinker).

    Kris do you have any advice for an active person who needs to step their Protein intake and does not want to eat tons of meat to help my muscles repair after a Crossfit workout or good long run??

  81. This is such a great resource – I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well. I run a small business and this past year has truly messed with my body as a result of the stress, I gained 15 pound while dieting and exercising? What?! I couldn’t believe it and have just this summer taken steps to work on my adrenal issues. I am trying to cut back on work and focus on myself this year – thanks for your post, I look forward to reading more.
    All the best,

  82. First, Kris – you look STUNNING in that blue!

    Second, this video is just perfect. I definitely think that I’ve experienced undiagnosed adrenal fatigue before – I’ve exhibited almost all of the symptoms, but my ‘levels’ tested within the normal range. I’ve since majorly modified my lifestyle (several times over) and added in some of the herbs/supplements you mention above (mostly ashwaganda) and have seen major improvements.

  83. I am being treated for anxiety and stress. I feel I have severe adrenaline fatigue. My doctor is not accepting that I have adrenaline fatigue. I am completely exhausted and always feel sleepy but after sleep also I do not get refreshed. There are no specialist doctors or facility to test and treat condition in india. Looking forward for a treatment plan from specialist doctor or advise from those who recovered .
    I had tried adrenal cortex and other herbal supplement but not working anymore


  84. Can you take these supplements while on birth control?

  85. Hi, I love your work and your amazing ability to bring fab health tips to so many. As you do have such a powerful reach and influence, I worry when you put the specific supplements out there that it is more than likely that people go out and get them without any awarness of side effects. Licorice Plus for example should not be used if someone has high blood pressure. Wondrrig if you might be able to add a Wed of caution to consult with your health practitioner be for starting on these? Dr.Vivienne Guy, ND. Ottawa, ON